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Spring Fling 2009 (PDF)

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									 Spring Fling 2009
Saturday, March 28th, 2009 
     7:00‐11:00 p.m. 
    City Club in River Ranch 
                               March 28, 2009

Welcome to Episcopal School of Acadiana’s 4th annual Spring Fling!
           What an exciting evening! Tonight you will have a chance to bid on
some fabulous items, and at the end of the evening someone will become the
owner of the most collected car in the nation – a classic 1965 Ford Mustang
convertible! The donation of this wonderful car by one of our ESA families has
made this a truly incredible event. Many thanks to our anonymous donors for
their generosity and support. Additional thanks to all of our auction donors
and our parents and friends who worked tirelessly to secure such outstanding
items for tonight’s auction.
           Tonight we come together to have fun, visit with old friends and
meet new ones, but we are also here because we share a common goal – provid-
ing the best possible education for our students and upholding the rich tradition
of excellence for which ESA has become known. Each of you should be com-
mended for your commitment to the education of children and to building a
strong community. ESA strives to provide opportunities and resources that
challenge and support students in their educational journey. Tonight’s event
will help us obtain innovative and creative equipment, make classroom updates,
and maintain a safe and healthy environment. Your support directly improves
our school and the overall ESA experience.
          Thank you so much for joining us tonight. Special thanks to the
Spring Fling committee: Elizabeth Bernard, chair, and her committee heads,
Lara Warren, Amy Chaumont, Elise Frantzen, Beth Trotter, Misty Herpin,
Amelie Storment, Missy Allen and the many volunteers, sponsors and the ESA
Development Office who made tonight’s event a reality. Have a wonderful


Chris Taylor
ESA Headmaster
                 Spring Fling 2009
               Schedule of Events

                 VIP Sponsor Party
 For Sponsors & their Guests, Patrons, and Board Members
                      6:30 to 7:00 pm
Includes VIP champagne party, private concert, early check-in
                 and early auction preview.

                     Begins at 7:00 pm

         Teacher Treats, Class Projects
                   & Silent Auction
                     Begins at 7:00 pm

                   Sign-Up Parties
                     Begins at 7:30 pm

                      Live Auction
                     Begins at 8:30 pm

           Teacher Door Prize Drawing
            At the beginning of the Live Auction

                 Car Raffle Drawing
                  At the end of the night

                  Acadiana’s Party Machine
        Starts after the Live Auction until 11:00 pm
                  Map of Event

                  SMALL BALLROOM

Silent Auction

                                 Teacher Treats &
                                  Class Projects

                     LOBBY                    Check-In

     Bar         Sign-Up
                                         Silent Auction

                    MAIN BALLROOM


                    Live Auction Items
    Thanks to Our Sponsors
Platinum Falcon Sponsors-$3,000

         Dave & Debbie Rinaldi
         Lara & Monty Warren
         Court & Kylie Ramsay

 Gold Falcon Sponsors—$1,500

         Amy Harris Chaumont
         Y. Jeffrey Chen MD
          Ben & Dawn Adams
     Falcon Patrons—$500

          Dwayne & Lauren Brown
           Linda & Darvin Hales
        Prent & Molly Kallenberger
         Andrew & Cecile Shenkan
       Dr. & Mrs. Matthew Williams
            The Gambel Family
             Daryl & Ann Doise
Southwest Windows & Doors, LLC.- Greg Cline

          Special Thanks
         Mr. Fred Mills, Auctioneer
           Missy Allen, Graphics
  Dwight Prudhomme, Champagne Sponsor
       Brenda Stelly, Poster Printing
   Richard & Crystall Young, Event Rental
John & Amelie Storment, Teacher Door Prize
          Spring Fling 2009
        Auction Committee
       Elizabeth Bernard, Event Chair
Katie Kennedy, ESA Special Events Coordinator
  Theresa Smith, ESA Development Director
Angie Broussard, ESA Communications Director

                Live Auction
             Lara Warren, Chair
               Gwen Guillotte
                Judi Lejeune
                Paige Bullock
                Dolly Brandt

               Silent Auction
               Amy Chaumont
               Elise Frantzen
               Beth Trotter
               Brenda Stelly

             Misty Herpin, Chair
                Jill Gabourel
             Melissa Dominique
              Christy Withers
                  Ann Chen
               Christy Harson

             Event Coordinators
          Richard & Crystall Young
                Event Rental

        Invitations & Graphic Design
                 Missy Allen

             Email Newsletters
              Amelie Storment

              Public Relations
               Kris Wartelle

             Auction Database
             Amelie Storment
 Advertising & Ad Sales               Check-In
    Amelie Storment                 Nahla Malek
       Missy Allen                Elizabeth Picard
                                  Sylvie Goudeau
 Posters & Party Boards
                                     Katie Flash
      Katie Kennedy
                                     Missy Allen
     Angie Broussard
                                  Christy Withers
      Brenda Stelly
                                     Erin Beyer
    Auction Program
    Amelie Storment
                                     Jenny Cole
    Angie Broussard
                                  Maria Gutierrez
      Annie Bates
                                  Sylvie Goudeau
       Car Raffle                   Dolly Brandt
     Katie Kennedy               Stephanie Gaspard
     Virginia Stokes              Kathy Randazzo
     Beverly Matte
                               Live Auction Spotters
Raffle Ticket Event Sales           Jon Berthelot
      Katie Kennedy                Brian McIntyre
      Theresa Smith                  William Kyle
    The Ramsay Family              Brian Rhoades
   The Bernard Family
   The Frantzen Family
                                   Jon Berthelot
  The Storment Family
    The Stokes Family               Check-Out
   The Withers Family             Christy Harson
    The Malek Family              Mark Broussard
     The Beyer Family             Angie Broussard
       Karen Pears               Andrea Hernandez
    The Gambel Family               Jill Stoute
       Lara Warren
       Judi Lejeune
      Beverly Matte
       Sandy Knox
The Mark Broussard Family

     Teacher Treats
      Brenda Stelly

      Class Projects        Our sincere apologies to any-
         Liz Faul           one who volunteered past our
Lower School Room Parents         printing deadline.
  and Parent Volunteers
                          Auction Guidelines
1.   As you enter and sign in, you will be given a bid number. You will bid by
     number only. Please do not put your name on any bid sheet, only your
     auction number.
2.   Express checkout—You may give us your credit card number at check-
     in and avoid the cashier. To check-out, you will need to stop at the In-
     voice station to receive receipts for your items. You may then skip the
     Cashier station and proceed to Item Pickup to collect your items. If
     you decide you would like to pay a different way, please stop at the
     Cashier station with your invoices.
3.   We accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard and American Express. At
     the end of the evening, you will receive receipts for the items reflect-
     ing how much you will be charged. If you did not give us a credit card
     at check-in, please stop at the Invoice station first and then you may
     proceed to the Cashier. Don’t forget to pick up your items at Item
     Pickup on your way out.
4.   All sales are final. No exchanges or refunds. Everything is auctioned
     “as is.” Please read any specifications and/or restrictions carefully. If
     purchased item or service cannot be used (due to any reason), the bur-
     den is on the purchaser.
5.   By your purchase, the buyer waives any claims for liability against Epis-
     copal School of Acadiana or the donor of the item or service. Neither
     the school, nor the donor is responsible for personal injury or damage
     to property that may result from the use of the item or service sold.
6.   Unless otherwise stated, vacations, dinners, parties, sporting events,
     etc. must be mutually arranged between the purchaser and donor. It is
     the purchaser’s responsibility to contact donors regarding purchased
     events or items within the prescribed deadlines.
7.   Unless otherwise stated, auction item gift certificates are redeemable
     for up to one year after the auction.
8.   Please pick up your winning auction items on your way out. We cannot
     be responsible for any unclaimed auction items.
                       Auction Terminology
Bid Number—Use only this number when bidding on items. Please do not
use your name.

Express Check Out—Give us your credit card number upon check-in. At the
end of the evening, items purchased with your bid number will be charged
to your card and you may choose to skip check-out. A detailed invoice will
be mailed to you. If you choose to check out, the detailed invoice will be
provided auction night.

Bid Increments—You must raise a bid over the previous amount by at least
the amount that is listed at the top of the bid sheet.

Split Bids—If you are purchasing an item as a group (for example, a din-
ner), use only one bid number on the bid sheet. At check-out, inform the
check-out table that this item will be split by the appropriate number of
people in your party.

Closing—Once it has been announced that Silent Auction I And Silent Auc-
tion II have closed, there will be absolutely no bidding on that item. Please
do not attempt to bid again after the closing announcement has been made.

Closing Bid—The closing bid certified by an auction official will constitute
a winning bid. Only an authorized auction official may nullify a bid.

Absentee Bids—If you are unable to be present at the auction and would
like to bid on an item in the live auction, please notify the auction commit-
tee in advance. You may bid via phone with an approved auction committee
                        Teacher Door Prize
One lucky ESA teacher, faculty or staff person will win this incredible door
prize…a vacation to Panama City Beach, Florida! Enjoy one week this sum-
mer in this beautifully decorated 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo right on
the Gulf of Mexico. Swimming, snorkeling, parasailing, jet skiing, shopping,
eating and entertainment is right at your doorstep! Drawing will be held at
the beginning of the Live Auction. You must be present to win, so don’t go
home early!

                             Live Auction
101.     Blessed Old Chapel Cross "Crucifixion & Resurrection"
Nestled in between the live oaks of a former sugar cane plantation, ESA's
Cade campus is steeped in history. Many of the buildings that now house
our administrative offices and the Old Chapel were once the company
store, warehouses and homes of the Oasis Plantation. Ruins of the old sugar
cane mill, which burned a half century ago, can still be seen at the back of
the campus. Own a piece of ESA history when you are the lucky winner of
this wooden cross made from cypress from the Old Chapel. Entitled
"Crucifixion & Resurrection," the cross includes a hand-carved image of a
dove. Hand-carved by Coach Brian Rhoades and blessed, it is sure to bring
its owner serenity and peace.
Coach Brian Rhoades

102.     I Wanna Be a Rock Star!
Have you always secretly wanted to be a rock star? Then get yourself into
the studio for some recording time at Dockside Studios. Record in the
same studio that has witnessed the likes of BB King, Michael Doucet &
Beausoleil, Irma Thomas and Tab Benoit. Lay down some hot tracks just for
fun or, better yet, to send to American Idol. Or record your child playing
their instrument or singing to keep for all time. Dockside Studios, located
on the banks of the Vermilion River in Maurice, has recorded bands from all
over the world on its vintage Neve Console recording gear. And this pack-
age includes a signed guitar from rock group 3 Doors Down!
Package includes 10 hours recording time with a professional engineer.
Cezanne & Steve Nails, Dockside Studios, Penny & Jim McGehee

103.  Cajun Crawfish Boil
Whether you suck the heads or just pinch the tails, everyone loves a good
crawfish boil! Invite your favorite folks to your favorite location and we'll
bring les escrevisses! Package includes approximately 125 pounds of graded
crawfish along with potatoes, corn and beverages to feed your crew at the
place of your choosing, boiled hot and served on the spot! This party would
be perfect for your graduating senior or an end-of-the-schoolyear party.
Event to be mutually scheduled with donor. Expires May 31, 2009.
Crawdaddy's Onsite Catering, Seth Citron, Monty Warren

104.    Russell Whiting Tree Sculpture
Russell Whiting first began experimenting with carved steel after working
on offshore platforms in the Gulf of Mexico as a welder hired to demolish
abandoned rigs by cutting them up with a torch. Long days of operating the
torch gave his mind plenty of time to wander and explore the reaction be-
tween heat and metal. Today, Russell's metal sculptures incorporate many
surface textures unique to the torch, smooth, rippled, jagged and even pit-
ted and embedded with slag. This beautiful metal tree sculpture is sure to
bring new dimensionality to your art collection.
Russell Whiting

105.     Oasis Playset
Your kids will love this new addition to the backyard that includes a 26 sq
ft deck, climbing wall, 10 ft wave slide, ladder with handles, 2 belt
swings and a trapeze, a telescope, steering wheel and built-in sandbox. The
Oasis Playset is constructed of solid cedar and designed with ease of as-
sembly in mind with most side panels, walls, and decking partially preassem-
bled. Along with step-by-step installation instructions, the Oasis claim of
"Build and Play in the Same Day" is truly a reality. Safety is foremost with
the Oasis with all edges rounded and sanded making surfaces smooth to
touch while brackets and hardware are coated, rust resistant and opti-
mized for strength, safety, and longevity. Comes with a 12-year limited
warranty on the wood and hardware and 2-year limited warranty on vinyl
and plastic components.
This item will need to be picked up by the winning bidder and does not in-
clude assembly.
All States Building Systems, Inc.

106.     Stamford Secretaire Desk from Stoma's
A fine Georgian style Satinwood finished marquetry secretaire from
Drexel Heritage. Features a large pull out drawer with concave interior of
small drawers and pigeon holes. Below lies a two-drawer cupboard with an
adjustable shelf. Absolutely stunning! W38, D20, H40.
Simon & Cathy Eid, Stoma's Furniture & Interiors
107.    Original Painting by Bryan Lafaye
“Cardinal Direction,” 2005, pigment on arches, 46x51.
Lafayette artist and ESA parent Bryan Lafaye, a former director of the
University Art Museum at ULL, left museum work in 1999 to pursue his
painting career. Today, Lafaye's paintings can be found in numerous pub-
lic and private collections throughout the United States, including the
Ogden Museum of Southern Art, New Orleans. His most recent large
scale exhibition, Bones Come Home, with Elemore Morgan, Jr., was shown
at the Acadiana Center for the Arts in 2007. His works reflect the spirit
of the natural world found in his native Louisiana, and also upon the his-
tory and soul of the American South. Lafaye’s paintings demonstrate the
use of representational imagery, primarily imagery taken from nature, to
speak to the collective experiences, and the unique similarities and dif-
ferences between living things and their histories; the humor and ration-
ale which can be realized through the observation of nature, and the
great leaps and stumbles which entertain us as sentient beings.
Bryan Lafaye

108.      Good Boy! Sit! Stay! Bid!
Are your kids spending too much time in front of the TV or computer?
Get 'em a dog! There are few unadulterated pleasures in this world, and
having a puppy to love is high on the list. Sure, having a puppy is work, but
as your child's constant companion, playmate and protector, "Falcon" can
teach the family valuable lessons about responsibility, nurturing and just
plain fun. Welcome home your newest family member, an eight-week-old
Golden/Laborador Retriever mix, and we'll send along with him a year's
worth of vet treatment from Dr. Loftin and a 150 lb. supply of Purina
ProPlan Selects Diets pet food to get him off to a good start. He's had
all his shots and is pre-loaded with more than a million giggles, puppy
kisses and some fabulous stories. Keep in mind, he'll need lots of room to
play and a well-fenced yard to keep him safe!
David & Tristan Larraga, Mark & Jennifer Cascio, Sara & William

109.     Custom Portrait by Mary Morvant
Mary Morvant's portraits have been described as remarkably lifelike, so
much so that her subjects on the canvas seem to breathe. Her masterful
use of light and shadow is especially effective in capturing the personal-
ity of her subject. She maintains freshness and a wonderful spontaneity
in her work, which makes each portrait appear to have just happened.
This great talent enables Mary to personalize your portrait, with consid-
eration of your ideas and tastes, so that the finished work of art is how
you - her valued client - envision your treasured heirloom portrait. Mary
will preserve your child's likeness with this three-quarter custom oil por-
trait classically capturing him or her on canvas in a timeless work of art.
Custom portrait donated is a three quarter length, single subject portrait,
finished size not to exceed 30” X 40”. The portrait must be completed and
delivered by April, 2010. This portrait donation cannot be used toward a
previously commissioned portrait. Photography is not included.
Mary Morvant Portraits & Oils

110.     Life's a Beach!
You and your family will have a great time at this second floor condo at the
Beach House Condominiums in Destin. Enjoy seven nights in this second
floor unit on the beach with its large balcony facing the Gulf of Mexico.
Resort includes pool, exercise facility, shuffle board, clubhouse, ping pong
table, tennis courts, you name it! Great for families, this two-bedroom,
two-bath unit with sleeper sofa and trundle sleeps 7.
Date of travel to be mutually arranged with donor. Travel must occur be-
fore December 31, 2009.
Michael and Brenda Stelly

111.    Tiger Football Package
There are sure to be some cat fights over this awesome Tiger Fan Package!
You and your lucky companion will experience the excitement of Tiger Sta-
dium from the luxury of your two (2) Stadium Club seats to the LSU vs.
Auburn matchup on October 24, 2009. You'll also get a parking pass for
this game.
Tyron and Elizabeth Picard

112.     Duck Hunt for Four
Grab three of your buddies and head down to this rustic hunting camp in
Grand Chenier for a two-day duck hunt with your hunting guides extraordi-
naire Lance Crappell and Pat Stokes. Also includes "gourmet" meals a la
Crappell and Stokes. (Psst! Ladies, this would be an awesome gift to your
husband for a birthday or anniversary!)
Once duck hunting season is announced, the donors will provide four prede-
termined weekends from which the winning bidder may choose.
Lance Crappell, Patrick Stokes
113.     Colonoscopy
It takes courage, preparation and a tiny flexible camera to really look deep
inside yourself... and it's a great idea to do it every now and then. Let the
good doctors get you ready for a bit of introspection of the most literal
kind with an expert colonoscopy. They'll provide the procedures and every-
thing you need to make the process as gentle and thorough as possible.
Dr. Stephen Abshire, Dr. James Arterburn, Dr. Jacque Noel

114.    Ramsey Gardes Ayers Artwork
"Early Risers," 2009, mixed media acrylic collage on canvas, 24" x30"
Lafayette artist Ramsey Gardes Ayers is known for adding unconventional
and whimsical elements to her canvases. Items such as fabric, beads, sticks
and even debris find a home in her artwork depicting the make-believe
world of Juniper Island. Each work exhibits a vibrancy and dimensionality
that is uniquely her own. Let Ramsey's artwork take you to her magical
Ramsey Gardes Ayers

115.     Custom Sport Coat by Rudy Martinez
Gentlemen, are you tired of your coats not fitting just right? Pamper your-
self with a custom-made sport jacket by Martinez Custom Clothiers of Ba-
ton Rouge. Featured in Robb Report as one of the top custom tailors in the
country, the Brothers Martinez will give you a new sense of style.
Consultations and fittings in either Lafayette or Baton Rouge.
Martinez Custom Clothiers

117.     Sonoma Wine Excursion
A wine connoisseurs dream come true!!! Oenophiles will love this extraordi-
nary tour of California’s Sonoma Valley wine country. Enjoy a three-night
stay in a Junior Suite, including daily breakfast in the dining room, at the
4-star Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa, located in the heart of Califor-
nia Wine Country. The lucky winner will enjoy private VIP tasting tours at
two of Sonoma Valley's most esteemed wineries, Chateau St. Jean and
Benzinger Family Winery, including a luxury car rental to get you there.
And to top off this fantastic experience, you get round-trip coach class
airfare for two on American Airlines!
Travel must occur within 12 months of event (expires March 28, 2010).
Airline blackout dates include Nov 20-25, 28-30; Dec 19-23, 26-30. Must
include a Saturday night stay.
Anonymous Donor

118.    Original Artwork by Melissa Bonin
"Bijou Creole," 2009, oil on canvas, 18x18
Melissa's work is a personal, poetic, and symbolic interpretation of her na-
tive landscape of South Louisiana. It possesses a unique language of color,
light, and spatial relationships. In an effort to capture the essence of the
Bayou Teche flowing through her birthplace and home, she uses oil and
various media in a wet-on-wet application, the effect resonating a shimmer-
ing calm surface above, while holding a powerful evocative energy below.
Melissa Bonin

119.      Falcon VIP Package
Your child can be the VIP Falcon for the 2009-10 school year with this
awesome package that includes lots of kids' perks. As the winner, your
child can pick the best locker on campus prior to the start of the year as
well as enjoy the best reserved parking spot next to the headmaster’s of-
fice (for parents to use too!). Plus, we’ve thrown in half a year of hot lunch
courtesy of the Petroleum Club. And to top it off, your child can pick their
own day to be "Headmaster for the Day" and call all the shots (well, maybe
just some of them!). Want to have free dress on your day? You got it! Your
child will also get to dine with the Headmaster for lunch when it’s his or
her special day.
Good for the 2009-2010 school year.

                              The Hot List
150.     Charles Krypell Necklace
You'll definitely be "Pretty in Pink" this spring when you are wearing this
gorgeous pink topaz necklace designed by jewelry designer Charles Kry-
pell. The huge center pink topaz is surrounded by .25 carats of diamonds
and set in a sterling silver and 14K gold pendant. On a sterling silver rope
Paul's Jewelry

151.      George Rodrigue Signed Print and Book
You'll love this signed and framed George Rodrigue "We Will Rise
Again" print from the private collection of Rhonda and David Egan. Also
comes with a signed copy of George's new book "Blue Dog Speaks."
David and Rhonda Egan

152.    Destin Townhome
Get ready for some fun in the sun with this Destin Beach Getaway. Enjoy
four (4) nights in this beautifully decorated 3 bedroom/3 bath Townhome
in the Shoreline Towers Development in Destin, Florida. Located poolside
and a short walk to beach.
Ms. Rebecca M. Patterson

153.     Cajundome Suite Package to the Circus
Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus presents BOOM A RING, an ac-
tion-packed circus spectacular where the energy bursts out of the ring,
into the audience and bounces back to electrify the Ringling Bros. perform-
ers. Circus-goers will enjoy an up-close and personal experience
with beautiful white tigers, majestic Asian elephants and thrilling acrobats
from around the world. Package includes a Cajundome Suite for 16 people
plus food & drink to the Saturday, May 2nd, 7pm circus performance.
Jim & Penny McGehee

154.     Cross Jewelry
You'll love these three Sterling Silver Cross Necklaces. Wear them seper-
ately or all three at once.
Ms Charmaine T. Hotard

155.     Kent Desormeaux Signed Lithograph
Signed lithograph print of Kent Desormeaux on Big Brown after winning the
Kentucky Derby and the Preakness. Jockey Kent Desormeaux, a Lafayette
native, holds the U.S. record for most races won in a single year with 598
victories in 1989. Big Brown was favored to win the triple crown in 2008,
but had to be put down after being injured in the Belmont Stakes. Includes
picture framing from Rick's Gallery & Framing.
Tyron and Elizabeth Picard, Rick's Gallery & Framing

156.    Will Hinds Signed Print of Old Chapel
Signed print of the Old ESA Chapel and other buildings still in existence
from the original Oasis Plantation. Artists Proof sketched in corner by the
artist Will Hinds.
Will Hinds

157.    Original Artwork by Kelly Guidry
Chainsaw carved cedar heart with plasma cut metal wings.
Lafayette native Kelly Guidry uses a combination of both subtractive and
constructive sculpture in his work. He uses the chainsaw and other power
tools to cut and burn wood, and welding equipment to bend and weld metal.
Mr. Kelly Guidry
158.    Erica Courtney Jewelry
You'll love this gorgeous necklace and matching earrings by designer Erica
Courtney, jeweler to the stars. The necklace features a smokey quartz with
a sterling silver cross pendant and a garnet center. The earrings are ster-
ling silver with garnet centers.
Erica Courtney Jewelry

159.    "The Sheryl" Tahitian Pearl Necklace by Barbara Conner
Exclusive design by jewelry designer and ESA parent Barbara Conner for
singer/songwriter Sheryl Crow, "The Sheryl" is set with a gorgeous, hand-
picked Tahitian pearl with a religious medal on leather. This necklace can be
worn long or wrapped around twice for a shorter look.
Barbara Conner

                            Sign-Up Parties
201.     Wine Tasting "Enrichment Cluster"
And you thought the Enrichment Clusters were just for kids! Let wine en-
thusiast John Tetnowski enrich your understanding of fine wines and food
pairings at this wine tasting evening. Enjoy tastings of some of John's fa-
vorites from his personal cellar which have been stored in near-perfect con-
ditions and aged so that they will be near their peak. Each wine will be de-
scribed and paired with appropriate appetizers. A limo will pick you up from
your home and take you to this fabulous event at John and Jennifer's
lovely home and then bring you back taste all you want!
COST: $150 per person
DATE: Saturday, May 9, 2009
Limited to 10 people (or 5 couples).
Jennifer and John Tetnowski

202.    Disco Extravaganza
Peace, Love and Rock & Roll,
let's see if you still have that boogie fever in your soul.
Hop on the magic Disco Bus,
and shake your groove thing for us.
Break out your platforms and bell bottoms you groovy dude,
We will provide the Night Fever to put you in the mood!
Nine lucky hip couples will meet at the home of Elizabeth & Bart Bernard
for hors d'oeuvres and cocktails then set out aboard the Boogie Bus for a
night on the town. First stop is LaFonda's for margaritas, then groove on
over to Zea's for frozen cosmos. Then get your dancin' shoes ready for
the Disco Dance Off. The bus will return you to the Bernard's when the
night is over for a late night snack. Don your "Disco Duds." Prizes will be
awarded for the best costume and smoothest moves.
COST: $200 per couple - only 9 couples spaces available
DATE: May 16, 2009, 6:00 pm
LOCATION: Meet at the home of Elizabeth & Bart Bernard
Bart & Elizabeth Bernard, Misty & Mark Herpin, Lara & Monty Warren

203.     KRAS Run
The Krewe Royale of Athletic Supporters invites you to join us for the
third annual "KRAS Hash" in support of ESA athletics! Join us Sunday, Oc-
tober 25th at 2pm at Debbie and Dave Rinaldi's house in Le Triomphe and
get ready to chase that rabbit here, there and everywhere in order to find
the beer garden at the end of your 3 mile adventure. $75 gets you more
songs you can sing, brats you can scarf down and best of all, beer you can
chug in an afternoon (burp!) a shirt to remember the day by. See you
at the starting line!
COST: $75 per person
DATE: Sunday, October 25, 2009
Must be 21 years or older to participate.
Unlimited number of participants.
James and Jenny Cole, Dave and Debbie Rinaldi, John and Amelie Storment

204.     Cocktails & Hors D'Oeuvres at the Gossen's
Join some of your friends for a delightful evening with Kevin & Ann Gossen
at their lovely home. While most of you know Kevin as the Lower School
architect, what you may not know is that he is also a fabulous cook and just
a lot of fun to be around. This fun evening will include cocktails and hors
d’oeuvres and a tour of their gorgeous home. Plus a special VIP guest will
also be there!
COST: $200/couple or $100/person
DATE: Saturday, November 7, 2009
LOCATION: Home of Kevin & Ann Gossen
Limited to 30 people.
Kevin & Ann Gossen
205.     ESA Musicians Rock the Blues, ESA Parents Rock Your Palate
Twenty (20) lucky guests will arrive at the beautiful home of Drs. Bina &
George Mampilly on Saturday, August 29, 2009, and be transported to an
exotic Indian destination created by Crystal & Richard Young of Event
Rental. Upon arrival, enjoy the musical rock and blues offerings of some of
ESA’s most talented musicians during the pre-dinner festivities. Local ESA
talent featured includes: Chris Beyer, Matt Cole, Guneez Ibrahim, Emma
May and Saul Pickett, to be led by local music legend, Walter, Jr., singer/
songwriter/guitarist, and his bandmates, Micah Blouin on drums, Chalan
Thibodeaux on bass guitar and guest appearance by Bret Beyer, also on bass
guitar. Allow the Wait Staff to serve you wine, beer or a beverage from the
Margarita Bar. The live musical performance will be followed by a sumptuous,
6 course Southern Indian feast, including Apricot Lamb and Chilean Sea Bass,
prepared by the talented Bina Mampilly. A night of lavish musical and culi-
nary experiences will be had by all.
COST: $100/person or $200/couple
DATE: Saturday, August 29, 2009
Limited to 20 people (or 10 couples)
Drs. Bina & George Mampilly, Crystall & Richard Young of Event Rental, and
Bret & Erin Beyer.

206.     Last Day of School Pool Party
A splashing good time is guaranteed for your child when you sign up for this
cool Last Day of School Swim Party at the City Club of River Ranch pool. Life-
guards included as well as catered snacks and drinks.
COST: $50 per child
DATE: Thursday, May 28, 2009 from 12-3 pm
LOCATION: City Club of River Ranch pool
Unlimited number of participants
Mary-Hannah Chaumont, Arden Frantzen, Ella Frantzen, Story Frantzen,
Tolson Frantzen, Christina Poole, Madison Stelly

                          Make Me Beautiful!
301.        Turquoise Jewelry
Turquoise and crystal earrings and necklace set
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Brenda Stelly
302.     Inspirations Hair Salon
A gift certificate for a shampoo, cut, and style from Inspirations By Shalin
Hair Salon. Also includes a CHI go green hair kit.
Inspirations Hair Salon

303.     Zoom Teeth Whitening
Show us those pearly whites! Dr. Ann Laurent will whiten your teeth in a
jiffy with the state-of-the-art Zoom Teeth Whitening technique.
Dr. Ann Laurent-LeJeune and Mr. Sterling LeJeune

304.     Jogging Outift from Tri-Running
Pick out your own jogging outfit from Tri Running (up to a $75 value)
Tri Running

305.    Handmade Leather & Ribbon Jewelry
Hot pink handmade bracelet and necklace set
Made from leather, ribbon and beads
Girls World of New Orleans

306.     Beach Cover-Up from La Femme
You'll look "hot" on the beach in this hot pink beach cover up. Size Medium
La Femme

307.    Year's Worth of Manicures from BathHaus
Receive a year's worth of manicures from the BathHaus in River Ranch.
Bath Haus

308.  Handmade Ribbon & Bead Jewelry
Handmade purple ribbon and beaded bracelet and necklace
Girls World of New Orleans

309.    Necklace & Bracelet
Golden bracelet and necklace

310.    Headbands from Alicia's Fine Clothier
Set of 5 adorable and sassy headbands in various colors and patterns. Per-
fect for mom or daughter!
Alicia's Fine Clothier

311.    Golden Costume Jewelry
Golden necklace and earring set
Pilette Antiques & Gifts
312.     Skincare Package from Dr. Ken Odinet
You'll face the world with new confidence after using the products in this
skincare package. Wipe away the years with a $100 gift certificate to-
wards a skincare consultation or procedure performed at Dr. Kenneth Odi-
net's office. Then pamper your skin with a unique selection of Obaji, Revale
and La Roche Posay skincare items.
Kenneth and Michelle Odinet

313.    Gift Basket of Hair Products
$100 gift basket of hair products
Beauties & Beaus Salon

314.    Accupuncture Treatments
Includes initial evaluation and 2 accupuncture treatments by Adam Hoover,
M.Ac.O.M., of Hoover Accupuncture & Oriental Medicine.
Hoover Accupuncture & Oriental Medicine

315.    Vera Bradley Large Quilted Tote Bag
Vera Bradley large quilted Tote Bag
Caroline & Co.

316.     Silver Costume Jewelry
Silver necklace and bracelet set
Pilette Antiques & Gifts

317.    Bath Items from Koi
A tote bag, which includes bath items and aroma rocks

318.    More Headbands from Alicia's Fine Clotheir
Another set of 5 cute and sassy headbands in a variety of colors and pat-
terns. Great for mom or daughter!
Alicia's Fine Clothier

319.    Teeth Whitening Kit
Smile! Now you can with this in-home teeth bleaching kit from Dr. Natalie
Natalie Brasseaux DDS

320.   Dragon Necklace
Necklace with dragon
Pilette Antiques & Gifts
321.    Peace Earrings
Earrings in the shape of peace signs
Beth's Unique Gifts

322.    Beauty Control Basket
Basket full of Beauty Control cosmetic items
Sacha Garber

323.   Mary Kay
Mary Kay Satin Hands kit
Aimee Barber

324.    Earrings
Turquoise and mother-of-pearl guitar pick earrings
Stacy Hardy

325      "The Full Classic" Freshwater Pearl Necklace by Barbara Conner
Jewelry designer and ESA parent Barbara Conner's signature style is evi-
dent in this beautiful freshwater pearl necklace. Hand-picked freshwater
pearls are tied in intervals on a light leather cord to encircle your neck in
Barbara Conner

                              Just for Men
901.          It's Good To Be a Man Package
Take care of your Inner Real Man: You don't need to be pampered, plucked
or powdered. What you need is a little time to think and be in the woods,
enjoy good company and a little nature, away from the stresses of the life
of a 21st century guy. So kick back in the deer stand and enjoy time away
from the phones and the demands (we'll supply three 5 lb. bags of deer
feed, a half-dozen assorted Flextone deer calls and a 32oz. bottle of Buck
Fuel). Then join the guys back at the camp for a little brewski (four cases
of quality beer), some trash-talk over Poker (with a new set of chips) and a
good, satisfying meal (with a gift certificate for a Turducken from
Hebert's in Maurice). Once you're feeling human again, you can take care
of your "other" baby (get her oil changed, her tires rotated & balanced and
a full alignment) and head home to your family (with dinner of a Honey
Ham) refreshed and ready to be everybody's favorite nice guy once again.
Amy Harris Chaumont, Firestone Complete Auto Care, Logan Farms,
Brenda and Michael Stelly, Wild Game Innovations, Zea Rotisserie & Grill
902.     Signed New Orleans Hornets Basketball
A local sports masterpiece. Regulation size NBA basketball signed by every
member of the 2008-09 New Orleans Hornets - including All Stars Chris
Paul and David West. Grab this piece of sports history now as the Louisiana
NBA franchise enters the 2009 playoff season!
New Orleans Hornets

903.    Signed Chicago Cubs Photo
Own this signed picture of local baseball greats, Mike Fontenot and Ryan
Theriot, who now both play for the Chicago Cubs.
Gwen and Dustin Guillotte

904.    Cajun Injector Smoker
What man doesn't like to grill? You'll be the envy of your friends with this
Cajun Injector Smoker. Plus enjoy a great selection of sausages and meats
from The Meat Counter in St. Martinville to toss on your new pit, as well as
a Turducken from Hebert's in Maurice.
Cajun Injector, The Meat Counter, Michael and Brenda Stelly

905.    Signed Jake Delhomme Football
Signed football by Breaux Bridge native and UL alumnus Jake Del-
homme, the quarterback for the Carolina Panthers
Jake Delhomme

906.    Men's Black Polo - Size L
Men's black long sleeve polo by Saltaire, size large. Silk/wool
F. Camalo

907.    Men's Black Polo - Size M
Men's black long sleeve pique polo by Saltaire, size medium. Silk/cotton
F. Camalo

908.   Men's Wallet
Men's Kenneth Cole black wallet
Beth's Unique Gifts

909.   Silk Tie
Henry Jacobson blue silk tie
Beth's Unique Gifts
910.   Tiger Paw Tie from Hemline
Men's NOLA Couture tiger paw tie.

                           Feather Your Nest
401.      Original Painting by Lue Svendson
"White Sails," oil on canvas, 11"x14"
Instead of designing landscapes, Lafayette artist and former landscape
designer Lue Svendson is now painting them! This lovely oil painting comes
ready to hang in a beautiful gold frame.
Lue Svendson

402.    Digital Oil Painting
Photographer Roger Broussard and his expert staff will transform your
family portrait into a beautiful 20x24 digital oil portrait on canvas.
Roger Broussard Photography

403.    Home Decor from W. Home Furnishings
"Let's Get Comfortable" book, from home furnishings and lifestyle experts,
Mitchell Gold+Bob Williams. Also includes a set of elegant red lacquer
decorative trays, and one hour in-home design consultation with Nina Ward,
owner of W. Home Furnishings.
W. Home Furnishings

404.      Original Painting by Elizabeth Bernard
"Southern Day," acrylic on canvas, 16x12, framed
By ESA parent Elizabeth Bernard, this landscape of her grandparent's
backyard will warm your home's decor. Comes beautifully framed.
Bart and Elizabeth Bernard

405.     Capo-Di-Monte Vase
Capo-di-Monte porcelain was first made in Naples, Italy, from 1743 to
1759. The factory moved near Madrid, Spain, reopened in 1771, and worked
to 1834. Since that time, the Doccia factory of Italy acquired the molds
and is using the crown and N mark. Societe Richard Ceramica is a modern-
day firm often referred to as Ginori or Capo-di-Monte. This company also
uses the crown and N mark.
Anne and Edgar Baronne
406.    Adrian Fulton Original Painting
Adrian Fulton is most known for his bold use of color and movement
throughout his mixed media paintings. This 12x24 painting of a bird will
complement any decor.
Adrian Fulton

407.    Glass Artwork
This beautiful glass sculpture will add spice to your décor.
Michael and Brenda Stelly

408.    Original Artwork by Candace Greer
"Albacore Tuna," acrylic on canvas, 12x24
Candace Greer

409.    Fleur-de-Lis Charger & Stand
A beautiful fleur-de-lis charger set on a lovely wrought iron stand.
The Royal Standard

410.    Nouvelle Candle Gift Basket
An assortment of Nouvelle candles.
Nouvelle Candles

411.    Framed Original Photo by Joni Orazio
"Windmill,"Original Photograph by Joni Orazio, 25x13 framed.
Joni Orazio and Charles Bramlet

                               Entertain Me!
501.   Rok Haus Family Membership
One month family of four membership to the Rok Haus.
Rok Haus

502.     Symphony Season Tickets & Dinner
Enjoy three relaxing evenings of dinner and music! Two season tickets to
the Acadiana Symphony Orchestra's 2009-10 Pops Series. Includes three
fabulous concerts: Christmas Concert with Terrance Simien and Choral
Acadienne in December; The Music of Elton John in January, and; The Best
of Broadway in March featuring 3 local winners of the Acadiana Symphony
Idol competition to be held this summer. Also includes restaurant gift cer-
tificates to Cafe Vermilionville, Boulevard Grille and Jolie's Louisiana Bistro.
Acadiana Symphony Orchestra, Boulevard Grille, Cafe Vermilionville,
Jolie's Louisiana Bistro
503.     Private Tour of Tabasco Pepper Plant on Avery Island
Enjoy an exclusive private tour of the Tabasco Pepper Plant on Avery Is-
land for 4 to 6 people.
Barbara McIlhenney Fitz-Hugh

504.     Holistic Cooking Demonstration
Interested in learning more about organic foods and how to prepare them?
Holistic cooking demonstration with Chef Betsey Mitchell at the Carriage
House Hotel in River Ranch for 4 people.
City Club of River Ranch

505.     Bed & Breakfast Getaway in Donaldsonville
Enjoy this getaway set along Louisiana's historic Mississippi River Road,
located just minutes from many of our area’s most famous plantation homes
such as Nottoway and Madewood Plantations and Houmas House, Oak Alley
and Laura Plantation. This one-night stay at Cabahanosse Bed and Break-
fast - Antiques & Gifts is centrally located right in the heart of Plantation
Country. Cabahanosse is a peaceful getaway set amid 100 year-old live oak
trees, just a short walk from many fine restaurants, historic sites,
churches and museums. Includes dinner for two at the Grapevine Cafe &
Cabahanosse Bed & Breakfast, The Grapevine Cafe & Gallery

506.    Carriage House Suites & Dinner in River Ranch
Gift certificate good for one-night stay at the Carriage House in River
Ranch. Includes a $50 gift certificate to Bonefish Grill.
City Club of River Ranch

507.    Dinner + a Movie
You deserve a night out! Enjoy dinner at Catahoula's Restaurant in Grand
Coteau with this $50 gift certificate and movie passes for 2 to any of the
three Grand Theater locations.
Catahoula's Restaurant, The Grand Theater

508.    Sushi + a Movie
Enjoy sushi from Tsunami in downtown Lafayette then off to a movie at any
of the Grand Theaters in Lafayette or New Iberia. Includes a $25 gift
card to Tsunami and 2 movie passes.
Grand Theater, Tsunami Sushi
509.     Super Lunch Package
Is this recession putting a cramp in your lunch out plans? Then you need
this Super Lunch Package to some of Lafayette’s great lunch establish-
ments. Includes two (2) $10 gift certificates to Zoe's Kitchen, two (2) $25
gift certificates to Pat's Downtown and three (3) "lunch for 2" gift certifi-
cates to Logan's Farms.
Logan Farms, Pat's Downtown, Zoe's Kitchen

601.     Child's Picnic Table
Child's Picnic Table built by Hank Chaumont, made out of unfinished wood
Big Hank's Bail Bonds LLC

602.     Handmade Dress
The perfect outfit for that special princess! Hand-smocked girl's day gown
made from Swiss lawn with lace insertion. Handmade by Virginia Stokes,
size 12 months.
Virginia and Patrick Stokes

603.   Stationary Assortment
Assortment of stationary from The Paper Trail in River Ranch
Paper Trail

604.     Lowry's Photo Enlargement
Bring in your snapshot to Lowry's Printing and they will print it out poster
size 24" x 36"
Lowry's Printing

605.    $150 Gift Certificates to Roger Broussard Photography
Donate $50 to ESA and receive a $150 gift certificate to Roger Broussard
Photography. No limit to how many can be sold.
Roger Broussard Photography

606.     Ashton Drake Doll
Your little princess will love this pretty Ashton Drake porcelain baby doll.
Gwen and Dustin Guillotte
607.    City Club of River Ranch Membership
Enjoy a 3-month membership to the City Club of River Ranch.
New, non-member of City Club only.
City Club of River Ranch

608.      Tutoring
Parents, are you frustrated trying to help your child with homework, study-
ing, organization? Take a break and let Mrs. Sue Cooper, a retired and ex-
perienced teacher, give your child some extra support. Sue Cooper has
over 30 years of experience as a teacher in public and private schools spe-
cializing in learning differences and Language Arts. Four one-hour sessions
of tutoring/study skills.
Michael and Sue Cooper

609.     Life Coaching
Do you need some direction in your life? Let Priscilla Feinberg help you out
with her unique skills in Life Coaching. The winner of this package will re-
ceive 4 hours of life coaching, a personality assessment and support-
ing materials.
Priscilla Feinberg

610.     Parade Pack with a Gift Certificate
Thinking ahead to next year's Mardi Gras season? This Parade Pack comes
with a Gift Certificate and will get you about $250 worth of throws.
Beads for Less

611.    Prejean's
Great Prejean’s Gift Basket includes a Prejean's cookbook, funny crawfish
bumper sticker, cap, Koozie, pot holder, and $50 restaurant gift certificate.
Prejean's Restaurant

612.    Mailing Services Gift Certificate
$40 Gift Certificate for mailing services at Madd Mail Plus.
Madd Mail Plus

613.   Mathnasium Gift Certificate
$500 Gift Certificate for tutoring at Mathnasium.

                           Teacher Treats
701.     Dinner & Games Night
Sign up your child to join Lower School hosts for an evening of fun and
games. This old-fashioned, fun evening will be packed with dinner and a
movie, popcorn and some interesting board games. Parents, this would be a
good time to plan your own date night!
COST: $50 per child
DATE: Friday, April 24, 2009 6:00-8:00 pm
Maximum of 15 children. Open to Kindergarten thru 4th grade 
Deb Cochran, Anne Johnson, Cindy Lassalle, Julie Miller, Jamila Prejean,
Tammy Rito, Sheree Wilder

702.     Bowling Party
Are you ready for some fun? Get on the ball and reserve your lane with Ms.
Nicole, Ms. Tasha, and Ms. Jesse. Only 12 spots available! Meet us at Aca-
diana Lanes for an exciting time of bowling, pizza, and more!
COST: $50 per child
DATE: Saturday, April 25, 2009 2:00-4:00 pm
Only 12 spots are available
Nicole Choate, Jesse Daire, Natasha George

703.     Mystery Dinner Theatre
Who Stole the Cookies? Cookie crumb clues lead to suspicious storybook
characters! Guests come dressed as their assigned character to dine while
collecting information to solve the mystery: Who ate the missing cookies?
It could be Alice, Peter Pan, Goldilocks, or even the Queen of Hearts.
Teachers may not attend this event! Taking the place of Mrs. Coty Eastin,
Mrs. Anne Johnson, Ms. Ann Tobola, Ms. Cindy Lassalle, Ms. Deb Cochran,
Ms. Nicole Choate and Ms. Jamila Prejean will be seven of our most beloved
friends from literature.
COST: $50 per child
DATE: Friday May 1, 2009 6:00-8:00 pm
Only 16 spots are available.
Nicole Choate, Deb Cochran, Coty Eastin, Anne Johnson, Cindy Lassalle,
Jamila Prejean, Ann Tobola

704.          Dancing With The Stars
Join us for a fun evening of "Dancing With The Stars"! Your little ones will
jitter-bug the night away with some of their favorite teachers in Ramsay
Hall for an old-fashioned 50's Sock Hop! Let them step out on the floor (in
their socks) and dance with the stars of ESA to use those dance moves
they have been learning in Movement Class. A Hula-Hoop contest and Photo
Op is also included!
COST: $50 per child.
DATE: Friday April 24, 2009 6:30-8:00 pm
Only 25 spots are available.
Aimee Barber, Amber Barfield, Jesse Daire, Coty Eastin, Twila Hernandez,
Mary Frances LeBlanc, Tammy Rito, Matthew Shumaker, Sandra Thompson

705.     Glamour Girls
Sign up your budding diva for an afternoon of glamour with some of her
favorite teachers. Girls will enjoy makeovers, manicures, girl games, glam-
our shots and more!
COST: $50 per child
DATE: Friday, May 1, 2009 3:15-5:15 pm
Only 12 spots are available. Open to PK3 thru Grade 2 girls
Aimee Barber, Amber Barfield, Kelly Johnson, Kristi Landry, Leigh Landry,
Natasha George

706.     Pet Photo Op!
Face it, your pet is one of your children too, so why not display its portrait
on the fireplace mantel along with those of your human children? Now you
can with this unique opportunity for a pet photo portrait. Ms. Twyla and Ms.
Kristy will take a photo of your child and pet (any pet!) for a lasting mem-
COST: $50 per child
DATE: Saturday, April 4, 2009, 9 am - noon.
Only Eight (8) 30 minute slots are available.
Twila Hernandez, Kristi Landry

707.    ESA Board of Directors BBQ for the Lower School
Let the ESA board of directors barbeque hamburgers for your Lower
School child's class.
ESA Board of Directors

708.    ESA Board of Directors BBQ for the Middle School
Let the ESA board of directors barbeque hamburgers for your Middle
School child's class
ESA Board of Directors

709.    ESA Board of Directors BBQ for the Upper School
Let the ESA board of directors barbeque hamburgers for your Upper
School child's class.
ESA Board of Directors
710.    Begnaud Beans and Burgers on Field Day
Join Mr. Begnaud on the deck on Field Day and enjoy his homemade
"Begnaud Beans and Burgers" for 4 Students. Mr. Begnaud will provide
everything including drinks and food.
Jeff Begnaud

711.     Guatemalan Cooking Lesson by Spanish Teacher Carolyn Oertel
Spanish Teacher Carolyn Oertel will show you how to cook a delicious Gua-
temalan meal from scratch. Learn about Guatemalan culture and how food
brings family together. For up to 4 people. Can be students or adults.
Carolyn Oertel

712.    Eat at Guamas with Spanish Teacher Yoly Mayeaux
Spanish Teacher Yoly Mayeaux will bring 4 students to Guama's for au-
thentic Latin cuisine.
Yoly Mayeaux

713.     Mother & Daughter Art Lesson by Art Teacher Cathy Mills
ESA Art Teacher Cathy Mills will host an "Altered Books" art project
for five (5) mother and daughter teams. Five lucky girls and their moms (or
dads or other chosen adult) will join Ms. Mills in an art project that com-
bines painting, collage work and found poetry. An “Altered book" has been
defined as any book, old or new that has been recycled by creative means
into a work of art. In this creative project, books will be used as
your canvas-- to create altered books, reliquaries, or book sculptures that
are personally meaningful and that spring from your imagination or emanate
from the spirit and words of the book's original author. Creating altered
books is something anyone can do because there are no rules and your only
limitation is your own imagination.
COST: $50 per child/parent
DATE: 9:00-12:00 Summer Morning in June TBA
Only 5 student spots available.
Cathy Mills

714.    Dinner and ULL Baseball Game
Ten (10) lucky students will join Dr. Tate, Mr. Broussard, and Mr. Melton
for dinner at Buffallo Wild Wings and then for a ULL Baseball Game.
COST: $50 per student
For 10 students
Mark Broussard, Alex Melton, David Tate
715.     Cultural Event with ESA English & Drama Teacher Kat Movassaghi
Four lucky ESA students will enjoy dinner at Zoe’s Kitchen in River Ranch
and a cultural event in the Fall with teacher Kat Movassaghi. Specific event
and date to be announced at a later date.
COST: $50 per student
DATE: TBA in the Fall
For 4 students
Kat Movassaghi, Zoe's Kitchen

716.     One Year of Falcon Feast at Lower School
Your lower school child will receive a year's worth of Friday Falcon
Amy Harris Chaumont, Valerie Poole

717.    "Sisters" Hand-carved Crosses
Cut from the same stock.
Sharing the same roots and grain.
Alike… yet so different.
Even when apart,
Their bond holds true.

One to keep and one to share, or two to give to a special pair. These hand-
made crosses were mirror cut, carved and finished from the same plank by
Coach Brian Rhoades.
Coach Brian Rhoades

718.   "Brothers" Hand-carved Crosses
Cut from the same stock,
They shared the same roots and grain.
While often competing for the light,
They unite when the strong winds blow.
Their strengths, though different,
Are drawn from the same source.

One to keep and one to share, or two to give to a special pair. These hand-
made crosses were mirror cut, carved and finished from the same beam by
Coach Brian Rhoades. This particular piece of pine is a remnant from a
beam cut to size in ESA’s new Chapel.
Coach Brian Rhoades
719.     A Week’s Worth of REACH
A week’s worth of REACH childcare services. Can be used during the school
year or during the summer.
Johanna Cole-Pham

720.     Butterfly Garden
What could be more exciting than a butterfly garden in your own backyard?
Imagine your child’s excitement as they watch caterpillars emerge into
beautiful butterflies. Give your child this hands on educational experience
by bidding on this fun teacher treat offered by Mrs. Kristy who will help
your child create this amazing garden. This package includes a design
sketch based on the dimensions of your bed and amount of sunlight re-
ceived, a list of plants that attract area butterflies and their larva and
even some hummingbird attractors, a special caterpillar observation net for
watching the caterpillars change into butterflies, an identification manual
with photos of area butterflies and their larva, a monarch caterpillar,
and plants and milkweed seeds.
You must already have the bed prepared and ready for planting. Parent
must be present and responsible for their child. Teacher will stay at your
home for a maximum of 2 hours.
Kristy Robin Landry

721.    Dinner & A Movie with Ms. Cunningham
Three lucky students will enjoy dinner and a movie with Math Teacher
Daisy Cunningham. The children will meet Ms. Cunningham for a fun dinner
at Zoe's Kitchen in River Ranch and then off to a movie at Celebrity Thea-
ters. Date and time to be determined.
Daisy Cunningham, Celebrity Theaters, Zoe's Kitchen

722.   Handmade Necklace
Beaded handmade necklace by PreK-3 assistant Ms. Natasha
Natasha George
                           Class Projects
801.    PreK-3 Class Project
Abstract Art Project
"Abstract art dispenses with real life objects and the representation of
them. It creates the very shapes of expression." Wassily Kandinsky
In Mrs. Kristy's and Ms. Natasha's PreK-3 class the students study color,
shapes, and art. Inspired by Kandinsky, the whole class created a piece of
abstract art using an array of colorful circles amongst evenly spaced

802.    PreK-4 Class Project - Ann Tobola's Class
Handpainted Cookie Jar
Ann Tobola's Pre K-4 class has created a precious class cookie jar. The
cookie jar is hand painted with cookies created from the fingerprints of all
the children in the class. Each child's name is painted on the jar to com-
memorate all the fun that was had together as a class this year.

803.    PreK-4 Class Project - Julie Miller's Class
Handpainted Cookie Jar
Ms. Julie's PreK-4 Class has created a precious class cookie jar. The cookie
jar is hand painted with cookies. The cookies are created from the finger
prints of all the children in the class. Each child's name is painted on the
jar to commemorate all the fun that was had together as a class this year.

804.    Kindergarten Class Project
Cypress Grotto
Ms. Sandy's Kindergarten class created a cypress grotto backed in a color-
ful tile mosaic. What a beautiful addition to your garden!

805.    1st Grade Class Project - Girl Swing
Wooden Swing for a Girl
Ms. Aimee's and Ms. Amber's First Grade classes have created a beautiful
wooden swing especially for a girl. Special thanks go to Jill Tauzin Brous-
sard, artist for her assistance with this project.

806.    1st Grade Class Project - Boy Swing
Children's Wooden Swing for a Boy
Personalized by Ms. Aimee's and Ms. Amber's First Grade classes, this
handpainted wooden children's swing is decorated especially for a boy.
Special thanks go to Jill Tauzin Broussard, artist for her assistance with
this project.

807.    2nd Grade Class Project
Painted Critter Bench
Ms. Kelly's 3rd Grade Class has personalized a bench with their finger
prints, which were used to make animal critter creations. The painted
bench with fingerprint critters will be a cute addition to your home and a
fun memento of this precious year in your child's life.

808.    3rd Grade Class Project - Quilt #1
Patchwork Quilt
The children in Ms. Sheree's 3rd Grade Class made quilt squares
from their own impressions of Marc Chagall's artwork that they viewed on
a recent field trip. The squares now make up a beautiful patchwork quilt.
Creative artists for this quilt includes: Isabelle Buttaci, Katelin Cooper,
Bailey Davies, Makenzie Davis, Kimble Hallcy, Victoria Kinsland, Mary
Mallavarapu, Drew Picard and Eric Stevenson.Special thanks to The
Borne Quilter located on Kaliste Saloom Road for the help they pro-
vided the class to complete these quilts.

809.    3rd Grade Class Project - Quilt #2
Patchwork Quilt
The children in Ms. Sheree's 3rd Grade Class made quilt squares from
their own impressions of Marc Chagall's artwork that they viewed on a re-
cent field trip. The squares now make up a beautiful patchwork quilt. Crea-
tive artists for this quilt includes: Juliana Barton, Ellis Hernandez, Fran-
cisco Kellman, Emma Lafaye, Thomas Lagroue, Ann Marie Lahasky, Je-
sus Saenz, Chloe Stagg and Leigh Stokes.Special thanks to The Borne
Quilter located on Kaliste Saloom Road for the help they provided the class
to complete these quilts.

810.    3rd Grade Class Project - Ms. Jamila's Class
Chagall Inspired Painting
Marc Chagall-inspired artwork on two canvases done by Ms. Jamila's 3rd
Grade Class. The artwork can be hung together or displayed separately.
Either way it will be a wonderful reminder of the children's first exposure
to this master impressionist’s work, and its impact on their third grade
811.    4th Grade Class Project
Pysanky Eggs
What says Spring more than decorated eggs? In the spirit of Spring, Ms.
Coty's 4th Grade Class has made decorated Pysanky eggs for their class
project. A pysanka is a Ukrainian Easter egg, decorated using a wax-resist
(batik) method. The word comes from the verb pysaty, "to write," as the
designs are not painted on, but written with beeswax. The eggs are ele-
gantly displayed in an egg basket.

812.    5th Grade Class Project
Origami Wreaths
Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding, the name deriving from two
Japanese words, “ori” meaning to fold, and “kami” meaning paper. Ms. Deb's
5th Graders are treated to this art form as an added enrichment to their
curriculum. Not only are students learning about three-dimensional shapes
in terms of numbers of faces, edges and vertices, but they are also learn-
ing how to “stay in the struggle” as they construct these intricate three-
dimensional designs. Each wreath in this art piece is made with eighteen
pieces of paper, carefully folded with “crispy creases,” and then put to-
gether like pieces of a puzzle. These wreaths were each made by one of
the seventeen 5th grade students, with the eighteenth made by their
teacher, Ms. Deb. The wreaths have been beautifully framed in a shadow-
box and ready to hang on your 5th grader's wall. The framing of the ori-
gami was done by Darren Brammell at Watercolors.

813.    6th Grade Class Picture
Take home this awesome group photograph of the 6th Grade Class of 2015
posing with ESA's infamous Outing Club Bus.

814.    7th Grade Class Picture
Take home this awesome group photograph of the 7th Grade Class of 2014
posing with ESA's infamous Outing Club Bus.

815.    8th Grade Class Picture
Take home this awesome group photograph of the 8th Grade Class of 2013
posing with ESA's infamous Outing Club Bus.

816.    9th Grade Class Picture
Take home this awesome group photograph of the 9th Grade Class of 2012
posing with ESA's infamous Outing Club Bus.
817.    10th Grade Class Picture
Take home this awesome group photograph of the 10th Grade Class of 2011
posing with ESA's infamous Outing Club Bus.

818.    11th Grade Class Picture
Take home this awesome group photograph of the 11th Grade Class of 2010
posing with ESA's infamous Outing Club Bus.

819.   12th Grade Class Picture
Take home this awesome group photograph of the 12th Grade Class of
2009 posing with ESA's infamous Outing Club Bus.
   Sanjiv Jindia, MD
  Scott Gammel, MD
   John Martin, MD
 Michael Jennings, MD
Matthew Mitchell, MD
 Reginald Ardoin, MD
Amarendar Kasarla, MD
                 John Storment, M.D.
                William Pelletier, M.D.
                 James Zehnder, M.D.
   Infertility • Reproductive Surgery • In Vitro Fertilization
    General Gynecology • Menopause • Endometriosis
Repeated Miscarriage • Pelvic Pain • Tubal Ligation Reversal

        Fertility & Women’s
 H E A L T H      C E N T E R      O F    L O U I S I A N A

               Helping couples build families.

  337/989-8795 or 888/467-BABY
Mary Morvant is proud to support the
  Episcopal School of Acadiana!
      Portraits and Fine Art in Oil

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