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Western New Mexico

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					       Western New Mexico         WNMU-Gallup Graduate Studies               •   The MAIS may or may not prepare           degree from an accredited institution
           University             Center invites you to join the Masters         students for certification or             recognized by CHEA (Council of Higher
                                  of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies           licensure. See an advisor.                Education Accreditation).

      Gallup Graduate             •   The MAIS is designed for licensed      •   The MAIS may include a                •   If you have a 3.0 GPA for the last 64
                                      teachers & other professionals who         combination of face-to-face               hours of credit of undergraduate and/or
       Studies Center                 want to grow in their chosen fields.       courses (f2f) taught in Gallup with       graduate work, the GRE is not required.
                                                                                 on-line courses.
                                  •   Licensed teachers can earn the                                                   •   If your GPA for the last 64 hours of
   Masters of Arts in                 MAIS degree as part of the             •   In some concentrations, the MAIS          academic work is between a 2.75 and
                                      qualifications for a Tier III New          includes a capstone action research
Interdisciplinary Studies             Mexico Teaching license.
                                                                                                                           2.99, you must take the GRE.
                                                                                 course and project.
                                                                                                                       •   In addition to admission to the
                                  •   36 graduate credit hours plus          •   F2F courses in Gallup are offered         WNMU Graduate Division, there may
   Masters degree option              exit criteria for each concentration       at night or on weekends in the Fall       be additional application requirements
   for licensed teachers &                                                       and Spring semester; as well as           for each concentration. See an advisor.
     other professionals          •   You can customize a Masters of             four week Summer sessions in
                                      Arts degree by selecting coursework        June or July.                         •   Take courses at your own pace. Students
                                      from 2 to 3 concentrations.
      Earn a masters                                                         •   Tuition & fees are affordable.
                                                                                                                           have 7 years in which to complete all
   degree as part of the                                                                                                   course work and exit requirements
                                  •   At least 18 credit hours in one
                                                                             •                                             for the MAIS degree.
    qualifications for a              concentration with an additional 18        You become part of an engaging
   Tier III New Mexico                hours taken in another concentration       community of learners committed
                                                                                 to professional growth.               •   Call (505) 722-3389 to schedule
    Teaching License                  OR split between no more than 2
                                                                                                                           an appointment with an advisor to
                                      additional concentration areas.
                                          Sample Concentration Areas         •   Courses are taught by talented            discuss concentration options most
                                      - Special Education                        faculty with cutting edge                 appropriate to your professional
              WNMU                                                               knowledge and research in their           goals and learning preferences.
 Gallup Graduate Studies Center       - Elementary Education
                                      - Secondary Education                      areas of expertise.
       2055 State Road 602
                                      - Reading Education                                                              •   Start today on a masters degree!
   Gallup, New Mexico 87301           - Educational Leadership                    Admission Requirements
                                      - Bilingual or TESOL                   •   Complete the WNMU online
        (505) 722-3389                - Counseling or Psychology                 Graduate Application @              - Combination for entry to       
                                          School Psychology track
                                      - English                              •   Provide the Admissions Office
                                      - History or Political Science             with official transcripts showing
                                                                                 the award of at least a Bachelors
Sample Concentration Area Courses              PSY 520 Diagnostics & Evaluation (3)      EDUC 580 Workshop: Teachers as                  Relations & Exceptional Child (3)
Additional Courses Available                   PSY 580 Psychology Workshop-Topics (3)    Leaders (3)                              SPED 554 Eval & Assessment of Excp Ch. (3)
f2f = Face to Face Course                                                                EDUC 503 Action Research (3)             SPED 556 Culturally Diverse Exceptional
OnL = all on-line, web-based course                                                                                                         Children (3)
                                                                                         Educational Leadership                   SPED 576 Persons w/Emo & Beh Disorders(3)
Special Education                                                                                                                 COUN 505 Multicultural Counseling (3)
Combination of f2f & OnL courses                                                         EDL 524 Characteristics Effective        COUN 531 Theories & Techniques - Coun. (3)
                                                                                         Leadership                               COUN 587 Seminar in Group Processes (3)
SPED 508* Intro to Exceptional Children (3)                                              EDL 523 Curr, Instr, & Program           PSY 512 Psychopathology
        *Required entry course                                                           Leadership                               PSY 520 Diagnostics and Evaluation
SPED 551 Behavior Mgt Approaches with                                                    EDL 525 Education in a Pluralistic       PSY 506 Social Psychology
         Exceptional Children (3)                                                        Society
SPED 552 Families, School, and Community                                                 EDL 526 Ed Leadership in the Public      Bilingual and TESOL Education
      Relations & Exceptional Child (3)                                                  Domain                                   All Courses are OnLine (OnL)
SPED 554 Evaluation and Assessment of          Elementary Education                      EDL 560 Legal Aspects of Education
         Exceptional Children (3)              Combination of f2f & OnL courses          EDL 562 School Finance & Budgeting       BLED 501 Current Issues- Language Minority
SPED 556 Culturally Diverse Exceptional                                                                                                    Education (3)
         Children (3)                          EDUC 505 Elementary Field Experience      Counseling                               BLED 514 Multicultural Education (3)
SPED 570 Persons w/Learning Disabilities (3)   (3)                                                                                BLED 516 Indo-Chicano Cul. & Pedagogy (3)
SPED 580 Action Research for Special                *Required entry course               COUN 501*The Counseling Profession       BLED 527 Linguistics 1 for L2Teachers (3)
      Education (3)                            EDUC 506 History & Phil. of Education             * Required entry course          BLED 528 Linguistics 2 for L2 Teachers (3)
                                               (3)                                       COUN 500 Methods of Research             BLED 541 Eng. Lang. Acquisition & Dev. (3)
Reading Education                              EDUC 570 Elem Curriculum & Instruction    COUN 523 Psychopathology
Combination of f2f & OnL courses               (6)                                       COUN 534 Life Themes & Stages            Political Science
                                               EDUC 574 Classroom Assessment (3)         COUN 531 Theories & Techniques of        All courses are OnLine (OnL)
RDG 510 Teaching of Reading (3)                EDUC 503 Action Research (3)              Coun.
RDG 511 Corrective Reading (3)                 EDUC 580 Workshop: Teachers as Leaders    COUN 525 Child & Adol. Development       POLS 505 Amer. Constitutional Develop.
RDG 512 Diagnosis & Prescription of Reading    (3)                                       COUN 587 Seminar in Group Process        POLS 516 Border Issues US-Mexico Relations
        For Diverse Learners (3)                                                                                                  POLS 513 Central America
RDG 553 Children’s Literature (3)                                                        Combine SPED, COUN, & PSYCH              POLS 504 North Amer. Relations Persp.
RDG 560 Readings Skills in Secondary           Secondary Education                       to begin School Psychology Licensure     POLS 520 Economic Dev of Latin America
        Education (3)                          Combination of f2f & OnL courses                                                   POLS 508 World Politics
RDG 579 Reading Seminar – Topical Issues (3)                                             SPED 508*Intro to Exceptional Children
                                               EDUC 507 Secondary Field Experience (3)   (3)
Psychology                                             *Required entry course                    *Required entry course           History
Combination of f2f & OnL courses               EDUC 506 History & Phil. of Education     SPED 551 Behavior Mgt Approaches         All courses are OnLine (OnL)
                                               (3)                                       with
PSY 505 Psychology of Learning (3)             EDUC 571 Sec. Curriculum & Instruction             Exceptional Children (3)        HIST 512   Inter-American Relations
PSY 506 Social Psychology (3)                  (3)                                       SPED 552 Families, School, and           HIST 513   Central America
PSY 512 Psychopathology (3)                    EDUC 574 Classroom Assessment (3)         Community                                HIST 516   Border Issues US-Mexico Relations
PSY 525 Theories of Personality (3)
                                                                                                                                  HIST 517   Frontier Law Enforcement
HIST 580 Workshop: Cowboys & Presidents
HIST 578 Topics: US Constitution

All Courses are OnLine (OnL)

ENG 550 Secondary English Methods (3)
ENG 506 Chicano Lit/Critical Theory (3)
ENG 515 Life & Literature of New Mex (3)
ENG 520 Studies in American Lit (3)
ENG 525 Studies in the Short Story (3)
ENG 511 The American Novel (3)

Please note: The MAIS may or may not
prepare students for certification or licensure.
Please see an advisor.

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