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QuestWGT07-08 Revd


									                        EUROPEAN COMMISSION

                                                                      Brussels, October 2007

                   Questionnaire for all members of IAMLADP - Mandate 2007-2008

               Call for volunteers to join subgroups of the Working Group on Training

              Please tick the boxes you are interested in and contact the WGT Chair at
                                 and the relevant Task Force leader

          N.B. Please identify yourself clearly as focal point or contact person in your IO

Name (and title) of contact persons:

Name of Organisation:





In which of these subgroups/task forces of the WORKING GROUP ON TRAINING are you
willing to participate ACTIVELY?
(We are only interested in having active volunteers: we will feel free to remove non-active ones,
politely, from the mailing list after 6 months).

Chaired by: Brian Fox, DG Interpretation (DG SCIC)

Commission européenne, B-1049 Bruxelles / Europese Commissie, B-1049 Brussel - Belgium. Telephone: (32-2) 299 11 11.
Office: CCAB 06/09. Telephone: direct line (32-2) 2961545. Fax: (32-2) 2967083.

                                 Universities’ Contact Group
                              Chairs: Helen Campbell DG SCIC
                             Svetlana Carsten University of Leeds

     Mandate 2007-2008:
        to seek volunteer university members to run courses for several IO staff on
           topics of interest : e.g. on legal translation and (other subjects according to
           interest) in close co-operation with the TF JTV;
        to facilitate an exchange of competencies whereby language professionals can
           enhance a B or C language and at the same time offer training to student
           translators or interpreters ("Herzen model");
        to encourage students undertaking research to study subjects of interest to IOs
           (though the UCG) in close cooperation with the TF on "Status" ;
        to participate actively in an awareness campaign to promote language careers;
        i) to follow developments in the ESCWA initiative to set up a Centre for the
           Arabic language and to have a member from an Arabic speaking country in the
           CG and ii) follow and support projects to offset the shortage of languages in
           shortage (English in particular).

        We are hoping to keep our current members for a three year term but if
        anyone is keen to join, we can take on a few more enthusiasts. Our aim is to
        keep to about 36 (50% IO 50% University members) as at present

                             Task force on Joint Training Ventures
                                    Chair: Anthony Pitt ITU

     Mandate 2007-2008:
        to replicate seminars on managing quality in translation services;
        to run interpretation-related seminars on demand;
        to endeavour to expand the range of joint training ventures to cover other
           subjects of interest to IAMLADP members on which expertise may be

3                        Training aspects of Conference Organisation

                                            Chair: Gabriela Murino ICC
              Mandate 2007-2008:
                 to maintain contacts with those universities running courses;
                 to facilitate pilot internships;
                 to look at in-house training of non-conference services staff to fill conference
                 to draft a first training module for training of non conference staff drawing on
                    the ILO model.
                             Task Force on the Status of the Language Professions
                                           Chair: Ruth Griffiths (ICRC)

              Mandate 2007-2008:
                 to continue working on the relationship between training and the status of the
                    language professions in consultation with the Universities Contact Group, in
                    particular by encouraging universities to conduct relevant research;
       4         to look into ways in which language services in international organizations can
                    "market" their services particularly internally but also to external
                    constituencies in such a way as to raise awareness of the language professions
                    and the value they provide . This would involve close cooperation with the
                    Universities Contact Group, which will undertake an external awareness-raising
                    campaign, mainly in universities.

                                     BY OCTOBER 26 2007

 Thank you for your readiness to contribute to fulfilling the mandate issued by IAMLADP 2007.
We look forward to fruitful and active participation from all of you who care about the future of the
                          language and conference services we represent.

                          Brian Fox, Chair, Working Group on Training


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