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Tel.: 82+32+565+0960/62
Fax: 82+32+565+0955
E-mail: suntachi@kita.net
Our company has been established in 1996 with many craftsmen for more than 30years
We are manufacturing outstanding hand-made Japanese scissors and superior digital
ceramic hair irons.
And our brand «Suntachi» and we have been trying to constantly develop new trends
of professional hair tools and pioneering epochal technology and design.
To make optimum condition for professional hair designers, our every scissors are used
“Hitachi steel 440C, VG-10, ATS-314 from Japan” and the hardness of this material is
from 59.5 to 60.5 degrees.
Now, we are dealing with all of Europe, Asia, America and Australia and the quality has
been recognized.
And our company was certified “ISO 14001” of environmental management system by
“Korea international standards certification” on March 9, 2006.
We are confident that you will satisfy our products and will be essential item for your
Please refer our website “www. Suntachi.com” you can be able to see our various and
competing products.
And if you need any other sample or support, please feel free to contact us without

107031, Petrovsky Lane 5, bldg 1, Moscow, Russia
Tel./fax: (495) 230-6828
E-mail: info@academie.ru
ACADEMIE SCIENTIFIQUE OF BEAUTY is a reliable partner in organizing the work of
modern beauty centres on the turn-key basis, comprising a comprehensive range of
services from the development of a business plan to warranty and maintenance
services. More than 4500 beauty and healthcare salons have been the Academy`s
regular clients for 13 years.
Academy of Scientific Beauty presents:
ACADEMIE SCIENTIFIQUE de BEAUTE (France) has performed professional research in
the field of cosmetology since 1926. On offer is a wide range of treatment programmes.
International patents and prizes. Hypoallergenic products. Visible results right after the
first procedure. Over 20 novelties annually.
VIVAX (Russia) is a line of NANO-based cosmetics featuring preset characteristics. Dent
– NANO - offers dental products for therapeutic treatment providing a haemostatic and
healing, as well as a pronounced whitening effect. VIVAX Sport provides fast overall
recovery of an organism after intense exercise, injuries or general weariness; offers
effective preparation for intense physical activity. VIVAX Biologic – NANO -represents a
series of highly professional cosmetology featuring hi-tech anti-age products for
supreme beauty and youth of your skin.
SORISA (Spain) offers complete equipment for beauty salons providing face and body
care. On offer are professional equipment, furniture and accessories from the best
manufactures. We perform the most optimal form of cooperation with our clients: turn-
key fitting out of beauty salons with further staff training. Available is face care
equipment both as independent and complex devices; body care equipment in various
modifications for pressing therapy, vacuum and ultrasound treatment, miostimulation
and IR therapy, including compound systems. Sterilizing equipment. A wide variety of
stands, tables, chairs, couches and supports.
PALOMAR (USA) is a worldwide leader in the field of laser technologies. The company’s
laser systems feature the highest permissible capacities making it possible to solve
problems unattainable earlier. StarLux®500 features unprecedented technical data
providing matchless results. By means of various nozzles a single multifunctional laser
system provides solution to all known problems.
THERMAFINE S.L. (Spain) offers equipment for radiowave lifting. The safe and
comfortable radiowave influence boosts the production of collagen and elasticity fibres,
smoothing out wrinkles and toning the skin. The result is a durable lifting effect lasting
up to 1-1,5 years. On offer is a new model line.
IVEA TECHNOLOGIE (France) – Ultra BF36 — liposuction effect with no surgery! A new
generation ultrasonic body treatment system providing a fast and safe solution for
fibrous and chronic cellulite, compatible with vacuum treatment systems of the
Skintonic (Le skin V6) and LPG type. Le Skin V6 is a vacuum massage device combining
ergonomic design, super light nozzles, an anti-clip system. The system features the
unique patented Dermatonia technique. Le Skin V6 embraces an extensive range of
aesthetic problems allowing to extend your salon’s service list and attract new clientele,
thus gaining a considerable surplus in your business profitability.
LE DERMO V4 is a moderately priced multipurpose device with a full range of Skintonic
functions: silhouette modelling, cellulite treatment, face lift treatment, lymphatic
drainage, scar and stretch mark treatment, antistress therapy, postsurgery and injury
SPORTARREDO (Italy) offers professional solaria featuring high profitability, durability,
energy-efficient technologies, a guaranteed safety system (exclusive cobalt filters) to
ensure a quality golden-bronze tan. It includes an independent lampcooling system,
and an audiosystem to play your favourite music.
MY SUN (Sportarredo, Italy) offers ideal products for both indoor and outdoor tanning.
All My Sun creams, emulsions and gels are rich in valuable active substances which help
to keep your skin healthy and beautiful, do not cause allergic reactions.
INNOXA (France) offers natural eyeskin care products and a multivitamin-based nailcare
line. The Gouttes Bleues series offers high quality products for daily care containing
exclusively medicinal plants and herbs as active ingredients. The gem of the line is
Gouttes Bleues herbal lotion for the eyes.
PERRON RIGOT (France) is a professional depilation line featuring the newest
technologies and unique products containing the best natural ingredients. This diverse
product range will enable you to achieve the maximum of aesthetic appeal and comfort
in depilation treatment.
GREAT LENGTHS represents a new era in the field of hair extension: simplicity in
application, no need for frequent correction procedures, no restrictions in hair dying,
everyday hair wash. Great Lengths hair extension products are presented in the best
beauty salons worldwide. Top quality raw materials, high-end technologies, exclusive
products ensure the best results in maintaining and emphasizing the glory of your hair
We offer to our clients:
- equipment warranty servicing
- basic training, expert classes, out-of-house work-shops, staff training abroad
- business organization consultations, advertising, PR and marketing support.

ADJUPEX                        D19
125171, Pervy Novopodmoskovny Lane 4, room 29, Moscow, Russia
Tel./fax: (495) 156-2456
E-mail: info@taishi.ru
The Japanese laboratory Adjupex represents luxurious natural cosmetics. We offer new-
generation face care products formulated with exclusively natural ingredients, valuable
vegetal oils and crystal water. Also available are professional treatment programmes for
health care centres and beauty salons, as well as home care lines. We offer cosmetics
developed to address the needs of various skin types, including hypersensitive,
pigmented, dry, and allergy-prone skin. Our products feature excellent compatibility
with apparative cosmetology treatments. The products contain no alcohol, fragrances or
synthetic preservatives.

ADMIRAL                       N81
Engels Ave 33/1, St.Petersburg, Russia
Tel./fax: (812) 326-3836
Elite costume jewellery, accessories, headwear featuring Swarovski crystals.

AFFINA.RU                         H08
117218, Kedrov Str 14, bldg 1, Moscow, Russia
Tel./fax: (495) 230-6892, 230-6893
Е-mail: affina.ru@mail.ru
Therapeutic cosmetology.
Hyaluronic acid - biorevitalization and contouring treatments.
Embryonic extracts. (Germany)
Oxiprolin – most advanced formulations addressed to activate the utilization of old
collagen and the production of new one. (France)
Affina lift – a lipolytic system for the face and neck treatment. (France)
Bio touch treatment and preventive therapy of pigmentation lesions of any etiology.
Neo Selenium – a formula designed to battle stress conditions. (France)
Revitalizing Ozon-Omega 3-6 +Ozonides.
Luxury-New: Chrono-cosmetics Clytia (France).

AKADEMY NAIL LABO               N80
124284, Pravda Str 2, Begovaya Str 13, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495)933-4559, 946-1250, 614-3254, 656-0570, 656-0582
Fax: (495)614-3254, 946-1250
E-mail: info@nailllabo.ru, office@lorealcenter.ru
Akademy Nail Labo, the only Nail Art Academy in Russia accredited by Japanese Nail
Labo Beauty University, represents Nail De Dance nail sculpturing technique from
Available are over 15 programmes of basic vocational training:
Nail De Dance acryl nail sculpturing – the first and the sole line of new-generation
Japanese-made acrylics available in Russia. Ecologically safe and sound acryl nail
Gel. Amore Ultima – a perfect single- and triple- phase hypoallergenic system. The
minimum shrinking (4%) due to the polymerization of the material ensures excellent
Manicure-Pedicure. All kinds of modern manicure and pedicure treatments with Duri
Design. Available are 3 exclusive programmes developed by the champions of multiple
Design Contests.
Advanced Staff Training. A perfection course for professionals admitting no but
excellence criteria for the quality of their work.
Our tutors – Moscow’s leading technologist-technicians, winners and prize-holders of
various competitions, having passed qualification in Japan and awarded with Nail labo
diplomas entitling them to the academic work.
Our training system provides an individual approach to your education.

ALESSANDRO NAILS               N69
Sosnovaya Str bldg 4, 5, BA Dubrovka, Leninsky district, Moscow region, Russia
Tel./fax: (495) 660-1430
E-mail: info@alessandronails.ru
German stands for qualitative. For over 15 years Alessandro brand has been retaining
the position of the world’s leader in the field of nail sculpture and nail extensions. The
name of this trade mark means the same as Charles Lagerfeld’s in the fashion industry,
or Mercedes-Benz in the motor industry. Therefore it is no wonder, that French
«Vogue» should name Sylvia Troska, the foundress of Alessandro Empire, the queen of
nails. The Alessandro brand features a valuable combination of high quality, state-of-
the-art technologies and an extensive product range.

ALFA BC                          A24
117198, Leninskiy Ave 113/1, room В-801, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 956-5781
Fax: (495) 229-4533
E-mail: Alfa@alfa-bc.ru
Alfa BC LLC presents on the Russian market unique massage devices and massage
armchairs from Casada, a well-known German brand. Our equipment contributes to fast
recovery and rehabilitation, increases vital energy, help relax and relieve muscle
tension. You are sure to be impressed by the comfortableness, multi-purpose
applicability and durability of our massage equipment.
Massage armchairs developed at a high professional level prove to be very comfortable
and functional.
The Casada brand offers a wide selection of massage armchairs ranging from compact
design chairs to luxury models to your taste.
We offer reasonably priced high quality equipment supported by a 3-year warranty.

109240, Moskvoretskaya Emb. 2A, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 775-2650
Fax: (495) 937-8895
E-mail: alfaspa@alfaspa.com
We offer a comprehensive range of services to support your business at any stage of its
development, comprising project elaboration and launching Spa and Wellness
enterprises of any complexity.
Examination of the customer’s technical project; concept designing; the specification of
supplies and materials; process plan development; management scheme drafting,
drawing up of a service list and elaboration of the client servicing model; warranty and
post warranty service; consulting;
Exclusive distribution in Russia and the CIS:
The equipment:
- Spa capsules; Sybaritic Inc. (USA)
- Nanno Light photo therapy equipment, Sybaritic Inc. (USA)
- Laser Peel multi-purpose erbium laser device, Sybaritic Inc. (USA)
- DermaMax PDTTM cosmetic combine; Biorem s.r.l. (Italy)
- hydromassage baths, shower facilities; Unbescheiden Gmbh (Germany)
- vacuum massage and press therapy equipment; Starvac Group (France)
- Hammam bath health complexes; modular steam rooms from Beauty Starpool s.r.l.
Professional cosmetics:
- Newera ТM Spa line, Starpool s.r.l. (Italy)
- Oxygen Botanicals ТM cosmeceutical line (Canada)
Our training and methodology center offers: seminars and training courses for
technicians. Available is a service center.

ALIAGE                         G11
125315, Chasovaya Str. 24, room 201, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 41183-75
Fax: (495) 41174-54
E-mail: e.sergeeva@aliage.ru, igoncharova@aliage.ru
ALIAGE Sarl, officially represented in Russia by TeoMaks LLC, is a French distributor of
luxury cosmetics. Backed up by a more than ten year experience in the field of
launching and promoting cosmetics brands, the company holds sound positions on the
Russian selective market. Currently the company holds exclusive distribution rights for a
number of French and Swiss manufacturers, among which the Ella Bache brand plays in
important role. ALIAGE is constantly expanding its presence in Russia and willing to
cooperate with new parts concerned.

ALINA ZANSKAR                  E17
Kitaigorodsky Lane 2, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 698-4768
Fax: (495) 698-4769
E-mail: info@alinazanskar.ru
Brands represented: Alina Zanskar, UMO Int.
ALINA ZANSKAR is a professional cosmetics trade mark on the basis of natural
components, including algae, cosmetic clay, spices, oils containing algae concentrate.
Also on offer are exotic spa-programs from South-Eastern Asia featuring scrubs, masks,
bath milks, vegetal massage oils with extracts of medicinal plants and fruit.
UMO INTERNATIONAL. (Japan) presents the Golden Mask professional programme on
the basis of 24 karate gold and super moisturizing γ-PGA component, featuring cutting-
edge nanotechnologies implemented in a special device. Also available are hand care
spa programmes.

ALPIKA                          H10
355006, Karl Marx Ave 72/1, Stavropoulos, Russia
Tel.: (8652) 263-855, 264-855
Fax: (8652) 263-855, 271-271
E-mail: puls@alpika.ru
Brands represented: Alpika
Since 1991 the Alpika LLC, Scientific-Production Association, has been manufacturing
Alpika liposome-based cosmetics for both professional (Profi line) and home use. Our
cosmetics are developed on the basis of recent findings in the field of biotechnology
including our own patented technique of liposome construction on the basis of the
biological model of a living cell with given pharmacotherapeutic properties. The
scientific value and efficacy of the cosmetics have been acknowledged by the award of
gold medals at three International Innovation Salons and confirmed by 11 Patents of
the Russian Federation. Our system of liposome serums formulated with embryonic
phytocells was awarded the Grand prix at the seventh International Innovation and
Investment Salon in 2005. The company’s product range comprises 15 professional
programs: anti-cellulite, anti-acne, anti-age, body correction, a series of apparative gels
with phytoplacenta, the Alpine velvet (Alpiysky Barkhat) for hand treatment, the Alpine
silk (Alpiysky Sholk) for foot care, as well as 9 home care programs.
The company has a network of regional branches throughout Russia and abroad.

ALTERRA-MED                   G50
117393, Profsoyuznaya Str. 66, bldg. 1, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 506-1258, 506-4758
Fax: (495) 128-5613
E-mail: alterramail@list.ru
Brands represented: Lojer Rainer Rajala Oy, Fysra Oy, Skinbod, Vagnerplast Slovenko,
Te-Pa Medical Oy, FTK-cosmetics.
Alterra-Med is a leading supplier and an official distributor for the largest western and
domestic manufacturers of health care and cosmetology equipment. Available are such
world known brands as Lojer Rainer Rajala Oy, Fysra Oy, Skinbod, Vagnerplast
Slovenko, Te-Pa Medical Oy, FTK cosmetics. We offer a huge choice of massage and
beauty care tables, solaria, hydromassage and cosmetology equipment, infra-red
booths and cedar barrels – anything that could be needed for fitting out a high-end
beauty salon, Spa centre or a health care establishment.
A wide price bracket of the equipment enables to provide for salons ranging from the
economy up to VIP-class.

AMADORIS                    A03
121248, Kutuzovsky Prospekt 13, room 3, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495), 741-2561
Fax: (495) 243-1751
E-mail: amadoris@amadoris.ru
Swiss-made cosmetics AmaDoris have been successfully operating on the Russian
market since 2004. AmaDoris professional and home care lines offer a range of
luxurious cell cosmetics featuring cutting-edge phyto biocosmeceutical technologies.
The cosmeceuticals stimulate natural cell metabolism thus enabling to maintain perfect
skin condition at any age. The assortment is updated for every exhibition. We offer
training for beauticians, on accomplishing the course trainees are awarded with a
certificate and provided with methodological materials.
Regional dealers are welcome.

AMEDIS                        C20
115093, Partiyny Lane 1, Moscow, Russia
Tel./fax: (495) 644-2093/94
E-mail: info@amedis.ru
AMEDIS Company exclusively represents the following brands:
GIGI Cosmetic Laboratories (Israel) – a worldwide recognized leader in the field of
aesthetic medicine offers a wide selection of chemical peels, a comprehensive range of
professional paramedicinal cosmeceuticals, therapeutic make-up featuring unique
AQUATONALE (France) represents therapeutic thalassic cosmetics encompassing a full
range of professional spa body care products (peels, wrap and siluette modeling
programmes, cellulite treatments), face care programmes for various skin types and
conditions, as well as Wellness programmes including thalassotherapy and

ANNA LOTAN                       E04
117186, Nagorny Blvd 22, Moscow, Russia
Tel. (499) 122-1347, (495)662-4842
Fax: (499) 789-1660
Israeli professional cosmeceutical products by ANNA LOTAN are successfully used in
beauty salons and medical centers to perform quality care for problem facial skin, acne
treatment, couperose, seborrhea, hyperpigmentation and age-related skin changes. The
unique proprietary Cool Hydration technique allows to prepare the facial skin for deep
cleansing avoiding the use of a vaporizer. Extra attention is drawn to new cosmetic
lines developed by Anna Lotan Ltd laboratory formulated for withering skin care and
wrinkle treatment. The Golden line is based on the extract of sea-buckthorn berries.
The Green line perfectly combines natural active ingredients with the latest discoveries
and high-end technologies.
A wide range of compatible cosmetic products gives an excellent opportunity to devise
individual treatment programs and to select the right products corresponding to the
client`s skin type.
Fixed prices in roubles, the complete product range available from a warehouse,
training possibilities and a flexible discount system will allow you to set up a successful
business of a cosmetician`s studio.

VEA   E04
ProfCosm Company exclusively represents on the Russian market unique Italy made
therapeutic cosmetics line VEA formulated on the basis of highly concentrated pure oil
vitamin Е (alfa tocopheryl acetate). The original patented VEA formulations developed
in the company’s in-house laboratory have been created on the basis of cutting-edge
scientific research using natural active ingredients which gives our products certain
undeniable advantages of being safe, comfortable, and allergy free. VEA cosmetics
prove to be exclusively secure and effective for the treatment of certain skin and
mucosa diseases, and demonstrate exclusive cosmetic properties.
The products are clinically checked and tested for nickel and gluten, free from SLS/SLES
in accordance with quality standard certification ISO 9001:2000.

Depil`OK      E04
Spanish company DepilOK offers a comprehensive range of wax depilation and paraffin
therapy products. DepilOK waxes make it possible to perform depilation treatment even
with the people suffering varicose veins. The use of exclusively high quality raw
materials (Brazilian colophonium, bee wax) makes the depilation procedure highly
efficient and cost effective. A see-through cartridge case provides additional evidence
for the purity and quality of the employed substances. We also offer high-end cosmetics
for pre- and post depilation treatment: acquamouses, lotions and hair retarding

ANTA-Med Group Company G02, G04
115114, Derbenyovskaya Emb 11, business centre POLLARS, bldg. Б, room 1Б
Marshal Zhukov Ave.2, bldg 2
Tel.: (495) 972-9009, 507-90-09, (499) 191-8279
Fax: (495) 981-2947
E-mail: antamed@antamed.ru, cosmetics@antamed.ru
Internet: www.antamed.ru, www.fleurmarine.ru
Our offer:
- creation of Spa and Wellness centres, projecting and design services, a full package of
consulting services;
- comprehensive equipment of cosmetology and physiotherapy centers, turn-key
outfitting of surgery units and departments;
- cosmetology and dermatology diagnostic devices: a new method of ultrasonic
diagnostic scanning of the skin, diagnostics of functional skin parameters, such as
humidity, oilness, рН level, melanin content, elasticity, temperature; cellulite diagnostics
by means of infra-red skin scanning, impedance measurement;
- therapeutic cosmetology equipment and integrative techniques, a new noninvasive
mesotherapy technique (electroporesis), lymphatic drainage, miolifting, galvanic
thermophoresis, ridupuncture (wrinkle correction), vacuum therapy, myoneural
stimulation, press therapy, microcoagulation treatment of telangiectasia,
- portable body correction systems (equipment, furniture);
- thalassotherapy, a professional algae cosmetics line, SPA-therapy equipment for
prophylaxis and treatment of multiple face and body cosmetic defects, various algae

ANTARES                      E24
105077, 11 Parkovaya Str 24, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 965-6166, 965-6174
Fax:(495) 461-1610
E-mail: info@antares.bz
Brands represented: Thalaspa (France); Aroma-Spa (Lemongrass) Thailand; Spa-
Delight (Spain); Tessiltaglio (Italy).
ANTARES LLC is the official distributor of professional cosmetics brands as follows:
THALASPA (France) thalassotherapy products (algae wraps, body correction programs);
AROMA-SPA (Thailand) 100 % natural face and body care massage oils, SPA cosmetics;
SPA-DELIGHT (Spain) Spa and chocolate therapy products. Also on offer are high-
quality depilation waxes, strips, wax heaters and paraffin therapy products from
TESSILTAGLIO (Italy), Russian-made thermal blankets and spunbond products.

ANTIS                         N60
195271, Bestuzhevskaya Str 10, St. Petersburg, Russia
Tel.: (812) 380-3949
Fax: (812) 380-3948
E-mail: manager@antiscom.ru
Antis LLC manufactures and supplies on the Russian market disposable linen and
accessories (towels, napkins, collars, foil etc.) under the brand name of White Line for
beauty salons and hairdressing shops.
Automated production of bedsheets, towels and napkins ensures stable high quality,
low prices and European package design solutions.

ANTURAZH                        G16
Kutuzovsky Ave 4/2, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: +7 (926) 535-3545, +7 (916) 713-8120
E-mail: 2430318@mail.ru
Anturazh Company is engaged in the complex outfitting of beauty and Spa centres with
equipment and furniture. We make elite beauty care technologies available to wide
public, promoting high quality advanced cosmetology equipment at reasonable prices.
High professional skills and a creative approach enable us to exceed the needs of most
exacting clients. We offer all the necessary expendables for beauticians, hairdressers,
make-up stylists, permanent makeup technicians and art tattoo artists, manicure and
pedicure technicians, as well as products for eyelash extension and perming, face and
body acre cosmetology equipment. The company’s other line of business activity covers
organization of workshops for aesthetic beauticians, training of beauty technicians.

ANUBIS BARCELONA              N68
111033, Zolotorozhsky Val Str 32, bldg 4, room 107, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 620-4832
Fax: (495) 620-4831
E-mail: Intermed_moscow@mail.ru
ANUBIS Barcelona (Spain) has been for 25 years engaged in developing and
manufacturing a wide range of professional cosmetics numbering over 200 items,
including integrated skin care programmes, body modeling techniques, face and body
SPA treatments, as well as a wide selection of home care products.
Anubis Barcelona is a perfect combination of traditional European quality and state-of-
the-art technologies.
The exclusive representative of ANUBIS Barcelona in Russia is the Intermed Company.

196084, Zastavskaya Str 25, room 29, St.Petersburg, Russia
Volzhsky Bld 114а, bldg. 4, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: Moscow (495) 783-8117, 995-4256
St.Petersburg (812) 380-0829
Fax: (812) 380-0829
E-mail: info@futura1.ru
Beauty salon design services. Beauty salon equipment. Face care equipment:systems
for brushing, vacuum facial massage, spraying, microcurrent lifting, lymphatic drainage,
ultrasonic peeling, phototherapy, microdermabrasion, vaporizers, magnifying lamps.
Body correction equipment: systems for lymphatic drainage equipment, electrolipolysis,
miostimulation, galvanization, electrophoresis, ultrasound therapy, phonophoresis,
vacuum massage, press therapy. Apparative pedicure. Staff training, equipment.
Professional medical pedicure cosmetics PEDIBAEHR.

199155, Morskaya Emb 31, St.Petersburg, Russia
Tel.: (812) 449-0435, 449-0437
Fax: (812) 449-0436
E-mail: sale@arkadia.spb.ru
Luxury skin care products. Unique vehicles based on membrane lipids, impact on the
cell level, a high concentration of active ingredients. A wide range of professional
cosmetics supplemented by home care lines. Products for chemical peel treatments on
the basis of AHA-acids, a lifting-program, Botox-Effect cream for the correction of
hyperkinetic lines, Botox-Long cream for treating deep lines, a series of professional
masks on the basis of the Terra kaolin, a line of cosmetics for young skin, salon face
care systems, a skin lightening line.
Novelties of the season: a series of eyelid creams, a cream mask for couperose skin.
New regional dealers are welcome.

ARKOS                          N24
123007, Khoroshevskoye Shosse 22, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495)941-52-10,645-07-69
Fax: (495)941-08-63
E-mail: krasotavos@mail.ru
A professional hair extension system from the German company ARKOS.
Fast – hair extension procedure takes no more than 30 minutes!
Easy – our strand application technique requires no equipment!
Simply Ingenious – instant removal and repeated usage with no harm to your natural
Training, Supply sales, Hair Extension.
Beneficial cooperation terms for regional representatives.
ARKOS Ltd officially represents the German Company ARCOS in Russia and the CIS.
ARMONY GROUPE                 E07
123242, Zoologicheskaya Str 1, room 610, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 254-1116, 254-0815
Fax: (495) 254-9455
E-mail: armony@bk.ru
The ARMONY group (France) company represents: MULTIwell (elite apparative face and
body care cosmetology), GENIN medical (versatile high-quality massage couches),
LAGON (apparative cosmetology), Face System Biologique (apparative non-surgery
facelift technique) etc.
An individual approach to every beauty center.

AROMAJAZZ                      F10
140180, Myasishyev Str. 16 А, Zhukovsky, Moscow region, Russia
Tel.: (496)482-37-11, 778-66-82, 8(901) 524-1528, 8(901)534-3211
Fax: 8 (496) 482-3711
E-mail: aromajazz@yandex.ru
Aroma Jazz presents a range of over 100 products comprising 45 kinds of oils for face,
body and décolleté treatment; a series of nail and hair care products; oils containing
argan serum; cocktails from 100 % natural extracts, oily massage bags, phytobaths,
phytomattresses and pillows, bath and body balms, plasticizing masks. Shortly come
into market massage oils formulated with mountain honey, scrubs, creams, and many
more for body and hair care.
All products provide a powerful and effective effect due to the extracts acquiered by the
means allowing to extract the maximum of biologically active substances from a fruit,
vegetable or a plant, being afterwards carefully transplanted into Aroma Jazz products.
AromaJazz products grant you a fresh-looking skin, a slim body and lots of vital energy.
We wish you a sound health, prosperity and well-being.

AROMA-PHYTS                   E22
117218, Krzhyzhanovsky Str 23 bldg 5, room 24, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 510-8022, (499) 724-1221
Fax: (499) 724-2112
E-mail: phyts@netbynet.ru, phyts@yandex.ru
PHYT‘S Laboratory (France) offers a wide gamut of 100 % natural BIO preparations
approved by OSMEBIO. All the plants used in the cosmetics are grown on ecologically
sound plantations under ECOCERT’s close supervision. PHYT'S guarantees the absolute
safety of its professional products coming in individual ampoules to provide hygienic
and highly convenient personal care! The products contain no chemically synthesized
ingredients, no conserving agents, or dyes.

Aroma-Style                A51
193148, Zheleznodorozhny Lane 40, bldg 25, room 421, St.Petersburg, Russia
Tel.: 8-921-951-1260
Tel./fax: (812) 560-4391
E-mail: aromastyle@mail.ru
Aroma-Style presents an assortment of over 70 items for aroma therapy treatments in
beauty salons: 100% essential oils from leading European manufacturers, massage oils,
SPA treatment compositions. Also on offer are over 30 items of ALGOMASK alginate
masks and algae wraps from Setalg (France). ChocoLady chocolate line - the company’s
in-house development - comprises massage masks, peels, wraps, creams. The products
contain up to 85% cocoa oil, grated chocolate, cocoa extracts, as well as red palm and
avocado oils.
Chocolate treatments improve the skin texture, nourish and moisture it, while a
delicious fragrance evokes a sensation of joy.

AROMATECA                      N51
107996, Gilyarovsky Str 31, bldg 1, Moscow, Russia
Tel./fax: (495) 684-8585
Fax: (495) 684-8585
E-mail: info@aromateca.ru
Aromateca Company presents on the Russian market original hand-made candles,
candlesticks and decorative accessories from leading European brands, such as Pernici
(Italy), Lemani (Italy), Ashleigh and Burwood (England). Our product range offers a
vast selection of out-of-the-ordinary decorative candles as well as candle collections for
aromatherapy and SPA treatment. Their delicate and exclusively natural fragrances will
help you relax and endow you with a sense of inner comfort and peace of mind.
Together we’ll be able to make our life cozier!

ARTEFACT SPA, LTD.             C26
105066, Nizhnyaya Krasnoselskaya Str 28, Moscow, Russia
Tel./Fax: (495) 632-1554, 632-1489, 281-7083
E-mail: artefact-spa@mail.ru
Our company provides consulting and distribution services in the field of launching spa-
and wellness-zones of various categories (day spa, hotel, spa-center, etc.) offering a
possibility to design a spa-zone in a short term.
Our service package includes:
-      consulting services;
-      equipment delivery, assembly and launching services;
-      expendable supplies;
-      development of technical protocols and spa-menus;
-      personnel training;
-      technical support in the launching of the establishment.
We cooperate with the leading European companies operating on the market of spa -
and wellness- technologies – GERMAINE de CAPUCCINI, L’Esagono, CARISMA, THUYA.

Art-Line NV                   A08
127055, Novoslobodskaya Str 62, bldg 20, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (499) 973-3101, 978-2691
Fax: (499) 978-3643
E-mail: artline@nvartline.ru
Art-Line NB Company manufactures designer medical wear. Regularly updated
collection currently comprises over 100 items in 60 colours and shades. The ArtLine
brand is more than simply comfortable garments. It is mood expressed in colour.
Available are disposable clothes, hosiery, medical footwear, souvenirs. Our store is open
seven days a week.

ASTARTA                      A22
196084, Moskovsky Lane 103, bldg 3, St.Petersburg, Russia
107023, Bolshaya Semyonovskaya Str 40, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (812) 718-5480, 373-3088, (495) 781-6398, 781-6399
Fax: (812) 718-5480, (495) 781-6399
E-mail: astarta_spb@mail.ru, astarta_msk@mail.ru
Brands represented: ELDAN Cosmetics, Charmelle, Astarte. Paris.
Astarte LLC presents on the Russian market exclusive premium quality products:
- ELDAN professional cosmeceuticals (Switzerland/Italy), featuring over 120
modern pluripotential preparations covering all domains of professional
face and body care. The products are presented in both salon and individual packaging;
- Charmelle elite jewellery manufactured after the designs of the most celebrated
European designers with the use of gold or rhodic coating, Svarovsky crystals and
natural pearls;
- Luxurious French-made make up from “Astarte. Paris”.
Astarta Company holds regular presentations, seminars and professional workshops.
Regular assortment updatings. Direct supplies. Reasonable prices. A flexible discount
system. Delivery.

ASTRAEA LTD                      E05
125171, Pyaty Voykovsky Lane 28, floor 7, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 105-5162
Fax: (495) 150-5263
E-mail: astraea1@mtu-net.ru
Internet: www.astraea.ru
MEDIDERMA / SESDERMA / SESVALIA / DIETSES – surface and medium chemical peels
(over 35 items), Nomelan Fenol Peels (new), Histoses – cryotherapy device; chemical
peel additives; pre-and post-peel care products; Fillderma New – injection free wrinkle
filling; biocellulose masks; a line of products with retinol.
KEENWELL: face and body care products, HuinaLomi SPA-line (new).
ALTAMARINE: algae and mud wraps; alginate masks.
ZIMBERLAND: professional hair care cosmetics.

123995, Str of the year 1905, 7, Moscow, Russia
Tel./fax: (495) 781-4733
E-mail: blazheevskaya@mk.ru
Brands represented: magazines Atmosfera Krasoty and Atmosfera
 “Atmosphere of Beauty: professionals advise” - a glossy periodical of a convenient
pocket format, covering issues related to the beauty industry and aesthetic medicine.
Aesthetic medicine professionals (famed surgeons, well-known dermacosmetologists
and major distributors of professional cosmetics) report on most interesting novelties
and the most effective beauty care treatments in an accessible popular-scientific
language. The articles are intended both for the high readership (as the end customers
of professional aesthetic services) and experts of this area.
ATTIRANCE                     A19
Leningradsky Ave 37, bldg 6, room 124, Moscow, Russia
Tel./fax: (495) 950-2200
E-mail: Fabrika.06@list.ru
Attirance Ltd is a branch of the Latvian company Attirance in Russia. The company
engages in the manufacture of bath cosmetics – soap, bath balls, bath salt and milk –
only high quality hand crafted products from natural ingredients. The company’s
product range comprises over 70 kinds of soap, some of them featuring fragrances
from the world’s leading brands. New partners are welcome.

AURIEGE-PARIS                  G15
125252, Tretya Peschanaya Str 5, bldg.2, Moscow, Russia
Tel./fax: (499) 157-9904, (499) 157-9905
E-mail: mail@auriege.ru
AURIEGE-Paris - a professional French brand specializing in ANTI-AGE &
We have developed a unique anti-ageing treatment concept to meet the needs of the
skin irrespective of age and year season. We have an in-house laboratory to
manufacture preparations using the state-of-the-art biotechnologies.
A wide range of professional and home care products, as well as make-up cosmetics
featuring a true French quality and refinement.

123557, Sredny Tishynsky Lane 28, bldg. 1, room 303, Moscow, Russia
Tel./fax: (495) 228-30-19
E-mail: info@skindoctors.ru
The company acts as the exclusive distributor for Skin Doctors Cosmeceuticals тм,
Australia. We offer a home care line of cosmeceuticals ranking in-between traditional
face and body care products and salon treatment.

AYNA                           A49
191040, Ligovsky Ave 56 Г, room 306, St.Petersburg, Russia
Tel.: (812) 915-3418
Fax: (812) 764-4335
E-mail: ayna1@yandex.ru
AYNA – manufacturing and marketing of honey PHYTO Resin for depilation treatment
and bikini-design. Available are several sorts of phytoresin for both manual application
and heating; post depilation skin care products: hair growth inhibitors, anti-
inflammatory gel. Provided are instruction videos and DVD-aids, bikini-design stencils,
as well as practice seminars. Beauty care devices for miostimulation (MIORITM-040-
16), microcurrent therapy (ELFOR-K), iontophoresis, ionic mesotherapy, galvanic
cleansing, BAROLASER lymphatic drainage.

119415, Vernadsky Ave 37, bldg 2, room 213, Moscow, Russia
Tel./fax: (495) 938-9393
E-mail: info@janssen-beauty.ru
PAYOT-Professional (France) is a manufacturer of professional VIP-class cosmeceuticals
featuring a beneficial combination of state-of-the-art biotechnological achievements
with century-long herbal treatment traditions.
PAYOT is not simply a wide choice of refined products designed to address individual
face and body skin problems, personalized VIP treatments and SPA-programs, as well
as elaborate application techniques, it represents an integral vision of a harmonious
world of beauty and health.
RENEVE (Monaco) – a professional brand standing for luxurious apparative and
cosmeceutical products. Princely last generation cosmetics, meticulous programs
designed to solve any kind of face and body skin problems, an innovative line for
muscular relaxation, unique programs for décolleté area care, exclusive apparative
techniques for cryomesotherapy and the treatment of cellulite at any stage. RENEVE
products feature immediate results, a long-lasting effect, luxurious textures and
JANSSEN Cosmeceutical (Germany) – a recognized leader in manufacturing professional
cosmeceuticals. JANSSEN products feature supreme efficacy demonstrating genuine
German quality. Available is an impressive range of SPA-and Wellness-therapy products.
Active ingredients (vegetal and sea extracts) work in synergy and provide a mild but an
effective impact on the skin, able to solve most complicated aesthetic problems, such as
untimely ageing, acne, couperose, extreme skin sensibility.

117997, Profsoyuznaya Str. 84/32, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 333-5323, 429-9788
Fax: (495) 429-9788, 333-5011
E-mail: info@betma.ru
ВCS – Beatriche Creative Studio – exclusively represents the following professional
brands: Magiray (Israel) - multipurpose natural cosmetics formulated for therapeutic
and prophylactic application; Vincent Davianny (Spain) – innovative hi-tech premium
quality cosmeseuticals based of the patented systems and liposome-based fillers;
PHYRIS (Germany) – premium SPA cosmeceuticals featuring a three-phase treatment
concept leading to the activation of skin functions depending on its condition.
Proprietary massage techniques.

BEATON                        A42
125493, Avangardnaya Str 3, Moscow, Russia
Tel./fax: (495) 223-3803
E-mail: info@biosel.ru
BEATON Ltd is an official distributor of professional cosmetics of a joint Italian-French
brand BIOSEL. BIOSEL is the only brand featuring a unique combination of the oriental
concept of complementary bioenergetic bases Yin and Yang together with Western
body care techniques defined by the 5 skin functions, i.e.: protective, tactile, vascular,
lymphatic and structural. All cosmetic products are developed on the basis of the
unique energetic formula «Bioséquentielle» (biological sequence). Every Biosel product
has its own energetic identity able to transmit active principles that restore the
energetic balance of Yin and Yang energies that calibrate universal and individual
harmony. Cosmetic formulas comprise over 100 multiple vegetal and algae extracts,
microelements, vitamins and 10 regulatory and regenerating complexes. BIOSEL
exclusive face and body care programmes combine oriental and latter-day western
techniques of energetic punctual massage.
BIOSEL offers you a unique proposition - Beauté à la Carte – a laboratory of products
for individual cosmetic treatment. Personalised Gommage Beauté à la Carte includes 12
new generation microelements known as Phytoligo Salin (cobalt, copper, iodine,
potassium, lithium, magnesium, manganese, phosphor, sulphur, selenium, silicon and
zinc), 2 energetic regulators Oligo Yin and Oligo Yang, Hydr’actif products regulating
the performance of the 5 skin functions and 3 vitamins – Vita A, Vita E and Vita C. Both
BIOSEL salon treatments and home face and body care products applied in combination
with the above stated preparations ensure a custom-made approach to the solution of
the client’s specific problems.

Beauty & Care (Krasota I Zabota)        A39
115088, Yuzhnoportovaya Str 32, bldg 11, floor 3, Moscow, Russia
Tel./fax: (495) 632-0122
E-mail: info@krasotaizabota.ru
Beauty & Care is a Russian manufacturer of disposable expendables for health and
beauty care salons, hairdressers’, bathhouses and saunas, fitness centres. The company
acts as the exclusive importer of the Dead Sea cosmetics under the brand name of
Dead Sea Treasures and Italian-made cosmetics by Laura Lolli.

BEAUTY LAND                   N70
107241, Shyolkovskoye Shosse 23а, room 414, Moscow, Russia
Tel./fax: (495) 780-5878 (multi-line)
E-mail: shop@beauty-land.ru
Our company holds a leading position in the sales of costume jewellery being a direct
importer of products from Italy, France, Greece and S. Korea. Our assortment numbers
over 30,000 items. Products feature insets of Czech-made srtasses and Swarovsky
crystals. Available is a wide range of hairpins and clips, elastic hair bands, rings,
earrings, pendants, bracelets, brooches, belts, bags, piercing accessories, fashion-
We guarantee a high level of service. We offer a flexible discount system, regular
assortment updating, delivery. All the goods are certified.

BEAUTY SHOP                    N93
I.V.-1009, Mines Str 1, Riga, Latvia
Tel.: +371 6 7566144
Fax: +381 6 7816266
E-mail: parfumbalt@apollo.ru
Beauty Shop stores offer natural threaded soap with essential oils. Also available are
fragranced bath bombs and natural-based body care products.

BEAUTY SPRING INC             A06
115230, Elektrolitny Lane 3, bldg. 2, Moscow, Russia
Tel./fax: (495) 661-3062
E-mail: info@beautyspring.ru
Beauty Spring Inc. acts as the exclusive Russian distributor of professional Italian
cosmetics under the brand name ISCHIA COSMETICI NATURALI.
The company was founded in 2006. The base for the creation of our company rested
upon the love of its founders to a qualitative personal care and their eagerness to
provide Russian people with an opportunity to enjoy the best cosmetic samples to be
found on the global market.
We are staunchly pursuing the policy of supplying only the best natural products for
home and professional care. We are in a constant search for new exclusive products
which are to be presented to you with no delay in the nearest future. Our products
meet the two obligatory criteria: premium quality and a composition of the best natural

129337, Yaroslavskoye Shosse 3, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 755-1812, 8-903-788-35-31
Tel./fax: (495) 183-3820
E-mail: 24beauty@mail.ru
Dear partners! We are glad to offer you our services of a reliable supplier of equipment
and accessories for your beauty salon.
The goods on offer feature up-to-date ergonomic design, supreme quality and vast
functional capacities.
A spacious show-room, a comprehensive range of equipment from the world’s leading
manufacturers as well as in-house production facilities are at your disposal aimed to
help you create a unique atmosphere of your beauty salon.
All the equipment is certified and subject to warranty and after-sales servicing.

125319, Chernyakhovskiy Str 4, room 15, Moscow, Russia
Tel./fax: (495) 151 15 89 +7(495) 152 15 70
E-mail: Kla-Mar@list.ru info@solariumsworld-profi.ru
www.That-So.ru www.solariumsworld-profi.ru
Beauty World – Company Kla-Mar engages in professional distribution for Quadra
medical SRL, Italy.
A huge selection of high-tech equipment for tanning studios.
A enormous range of That’ so cosmetics (Luxury and Premium quality cosmetics and
beauty care equipment).
Instant tan equipment and supplies.
We also supply solarium lamps and compounds.
We distribute tanning cosmetics by Jamaica Touch, Germany;
scalp regenerating cosmetics and products stimulating hair growth by Thymuskin,
Turn-key equipment of tanning studios.

BEAUTYMED                    A47
105077, 11 Parkovaya Str 24, Moscow, Russia
Tel./fax: (495) 739-5240
E-mail: info@aq-cosmetics.ru
We represent BeautyMed S.A.S. (France)
BeautyMed Company specializes in supplying innovative professional products for
beauty care and SPA industry both under the client’s trade mark and the BeautyMed
brand. The major goal of the company is developing and creating premium quality
cosmetics able to meet up-to-date tendencies and requirements of today’s cosmetology.

BEAUTYPROF                    N43
127322, Ogorodny Lane 20, bldg 4, room 46, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 649-0189
Fax: (495) 79-79-366
E-mail: info-beautyprof@mail.ru
Do you wish for healthy and beautiful nails?
We offer a wide range of nail strengthening enamels, capillary pencils and crystal files!
What about a pattern available in no longer than 5 sec?
For our nail patterning machine it’s just a child’s play! In no time at all your nails will
acquire perfect looks. Over 400 patterns available!!! Over 10 colors!!! All in one
miniature device! Fast, Simple, Stylish!

BES-PROFESSIONALE               G17
125130 Vyborgskaya Str 22, room 60, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 742-5259
Fax: (495) 450-0102
E-mail: besrussia@mail.ru
COREME –– a new professional cosmetics brand represented on the Russian market by
BES-professionale - originates from the south Mediterranean region of France,
manufactured by the world-wide known GELDOC laboratory. In Russia the brand
presents its 3 main lines: products with phytoplankton, natural ingredients, fruit; algae
masks, thermal masks for specific problems; as well as a wide range of serums and
concentrates, creams and gels, tonics and massage products. Our cosmetics set no
limits to the aesthetician’s creativity yielding invariably high treatment results.

121069, Skatertny Lane 8, bldg 1, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 290-36-77
Tel./fax: (495) 290-11-17
E-mail: bkcosmetic@bk.ru
Biologique Concept is the official distributor of luxurious professional cosmetics under
the French brand of Biologique Recherche and worldwide recognized brand
L’Ambassade de la Beaute – Embassy of Beauty which define successful work of elite
beauty salons.
Biologique Recherche, designed as an alternative to plastic surgery, represents an
elaborate line of well balanced high-end products able to solve any cosmetic skin
The line numbers over 100 face, body and hair care preparations featuring highest
concentrations of active ingredients (40-70%): extracts from rare plants, algae,
plankton, silk cocoons, as well as vitamins, fruit acids and other highly active
Not to be overlooked are BR mesotherapy cocktails (face&body). The action of cosmetic
products is reinforced and prolonged via the application of the unrivalled Remodeling
Face device targeting deeper skin layers. A 10 treatment course enables to achieve
results highly competitive with those of plastic surgery.

BIOMEDICINA                     G14
129090, Bolshaya Maryinskaya 2, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 741-2583, 778-5090, 609-9491
E-mail: biomedmo@rambler.ru
The BIOMEDITSINA International Society represents on the Russian market LEOREX™
(Israel), an original cosmetic brand featuring essentially new not yet replicated cosmetic
care possibilities.
The main distinction of the LEOREX brand from other cosmetic trade marks is that the
products are formulated with silex nanoparticles (SiO2 - 10¯9) as the basic active
ingredient. The LEOREX remarkable action mechanism is explained by the silex
nanoparticle properties yielding tremendous results in the correction of age-related skin
changes and acne treatment.

BiOrganic pharmalaboratories C30
127410, Pomorskaya Str 33, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 540-4867
Fax: (495) 903-7075
E-mail: mail@leovit.ru
www.nutricosmetika.ru, www.leovit.ru
A high-end line of phyto active complexes from BiOrganic Pharmalaboratories
developed on the basis of exclusive herbal treatment recipes, state-of-the-art global
medicine tendencies and cutting-edge technologies has found ample application in the
best Spa clinics of Switzerland. Each preparation features a meticulously selected
ingredient composition providing a powerful synergetic effect.
The exclusive efficiency of elite nutricosmetics from BiOrganic Pharmalaboratories is
ensured through the so called PPP-systemTM – a mechanism of Phyto Point Protection –
which uses active phyto components, aside from their customary role, as particles to
transport vitally important vitamins and micro elements directly into the skin structures.
Phyto active complexes Biorganic Pharmalaboratories are an innovative beauty and
health formula of the modern woman.

BORISOVA O.N.                  A07
105062, Pokrovka Str 33/22, bldg 2, app 14, Moscow, Russia
Tel./fax: (495) 917-0294
E-mail: sergi@inbox.ru
Piercing tools and accessories. Earrings and ear piercing guns from Studex.
Downtown located office in Moscow.
Tel.: (495) 917-0294, handy: 8 916 634-3352
Discounts for wholesale customers.

BRONZA.BIZ                   A26
129626, Mira Ave 102, bldg 2, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 223-4831
Fax: (495) 617-4958
E-mail: info@bonza.biz
Bronza.biz Company is the official representative in Russia of SUNFLOWER solaria and
professional tanning cosmetics from ONYX and FIJI Blend (USA).
Successful development of several business lines, as well as collaboration with the
world’s leading manufacturers let us know all about the needs of our clients and enable
us to offer them most advantageous and convenient forms of cooperation.
In our show room you can see popular solarium models from SUNFLOWER and
MegaSun. Also on offer are German-made professional solarium lamps COSMEDICO,
professional cosmetics for indoor tanning CALIFORNIA TAN (USA), ONYX (USA), FIJI
Blend, accessories and sanitary products.
Novelty 2008! –the Fiji isles energy! An exclusive FIJI Blend lotion assortment is able to
meet the needs of tan fans all over the world. The products are formulated to provide
you with an inimitable tan and ensure an ideal care for your skin.
To estimate the quality and design of the equipment and cosmetics on offer you are
welcome to visit tanning studio «Zagoraem» – the first Russian network of tanning
studios in shopping centres.
We are looking forward to meeting you in TRK (Shopping and Entertainment Centre)
«Krasny Kit» (Mytischi), TRK «Evropeysky» (underground station Kievskaya), TRTs
«Serebryany Dom» (underground station Electrozavodskaya).
The highest level of service at any stage of our cooperation, as well as an extensive
product range guarantee supreme quality of our services and a customer tailored
approach to meet our clients’ specific needs!

Leninsky Ave 146, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 798-9303
Fax: (495) 438-1700
E-mail: 5@fabrikabiz.ru
The Business Factory provides a comprehensive range of services in launching a
business of your own, be it: a beauty salon, a Spa centre, a restaurant, a fitness club, a
travel agency, a drugstore or a clinic. We’ll see you through the initial period ridding
you of making mistakes.
The Business Factory is an association of independent consulters designed to render
assistance to those trying to determine what kind of business to enter. At your service
are several independent expert groups knowing in-and-out every stage of business
development – beginning with a search of premises, business-plan designing and
engineering and ending with the equipment and advertising promotion. Our experts are
ready to share their knowledge and skills will beginners to clarify particularities and
predicaments of certain business domains, to help choose a business to your liking, to
acquaint with recommendations on business launching thus providing you with all the
necessary tools to pass the thorny starting period without mistakes and to excel in your

CABINES                      N25
125319, Krasnoarmeyskaya Str 23, room 37, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 151-2509, 151-4936
Fax: (495) 151-2509
E-mail: info@cabines.ru
The CABINES Russie Magazine is an international edition for those employed in the
beauty industry.
CABINES Russie offers assistance in setting up a successful beauty business.
Cosmeticians are provided with comprehensive information covering beauty market
novelties, face and body care techniques. You can get consultations on ways of
attracting and retaining your clients through tailor-made recipes on the basis of
aromatherapy, phytotherapy, naturetherapy, bio-energetics. Directors of beauty
enterprises find on our pages assistance in setting up and running a business. Beauty
salon managers can find issues related to the analysis of the client psychology,
techniques of successful merchandising, selection of a salon concept, analysis of beauty
markets in Russia and abroad.

CAFLON LTD.                   B09
125239, Koptevskaya Str 67, bldg 1, room 209, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 729-7534
Fax: (495) 627-5796
E-mail: сaflon@mail.ru
Caflon Ltd. (England) is one of the best-known manufacturers of ear piercing
Caflon offers a piercing gun allowing to perform instant bloodless piercing; medical
needle earrings for fast healing of the puncture spot; as well as disinfectants and
Caflon – your professional choice!

CBS                            N108
119049, Leninsky Ave 1, floor 14, room 1526, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495)984-7007
Fax: (495)238-7560
E-mail: cbs-beauty@mail.ru
JESSICA SYSTEM – a unique nail care technique - was invented by Jessica Vartoughian
– the foundress and the president of the Californian Company JESSICA Cosmetics
International, Inc.
JESSICA Nail Clinic services celebrities from all over the world. First ladies, movie stars,
models are regular visitor to the clinic.
Available is a profuse selection of varnishes, therapeutic products, creams, as well as
pedicure aromatherapy products. We’ve got all you might need for a perfect natural nail
care system.

Center Anna+                 B03
107023, Zhuravlyov Squre 1, bldg 1, room 70, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 963-9587
Fax: (495) 963-5424
E-mail: info@centeranna.ru
Brands represented: Ridolce, Dr.Kern, Metalplast
Outfitting services for beauty salons, hairdressing and Spa centres . A wide range of
equipment for haidressing salons, manicure and pedicure studios, beauty care and
massage salons, tanning studios. An extensive selection of up-to-date equipment for
performing the following treatments:ultrasonic peelings, microdermabrasion, vacuum
body modeling. Also on offer are multipurpose stands, beauty care machines, electric
depilators, vaporzones, magnifying lamps and much more. Solaria from the largest
German manufacturers. Pedicure and manicure Spa systems. The equipment is
available from a warehouse and to order.

CENTRE-ESTHETIC                A18
117218, Nakhimovsky Ave 32, room 625, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 125-00-33
Fax: (495) 129-54-04
E-mail: info@estcentre.ru
Centre-esthetic exclusively represents in Russia the following French brands:
A full range of Thalassotherapy supplies.
Thalac: professional cosmetics formulated with thermal water, algae and medicinal
clays, developed by kinesitherapeutist Dr. Jo Dagniac.
Algoane: a new line of thalassotherapy products from SCIENCE ET MER, the largest
laboratory in France manufacturing 90% of all algae available in France.
The French BIO standard, under ECOCERT supervision
No preservatives, dyes, fragrances
GamARde: a new development by the Gamarde Scientific Laboratory. Standard BIO.
The two major components are Argan oil and Gamarde Thermal water.
HALIA: targets masseur audience. 100% pure natural oils.
AR457 (France): VIP face and body care products. The world’s sole range of products
formulated entirely of Argan oil (oil content ranging from 20 up to 98%).
Café-minceur (France): slimming coffee, tea and chocolate.
Moscow: (495) 125-00-33
Tel./fax: (495) 129-54-04
E-mail: info@estcentre.ru, www.esthet.ru
St.Petersburg: (812) 579-65-00, E-mail: thalac@mail.wplus.net

105066, Staraya Basmannaya Str 25, bldg 5, Moscow, Russia
Tel./fax: (495) 267-5556
E-mail: Alize-cosmetics@mail.ru
Alize Ltd acts as the exclusive distributor for the CHABRERIE COSMETICS brand
The brand presents both professional and home care lines. State-of-the-art
technologies employed in the production of our cosmetics ensure perfect lifting,
regeneration, revitalization and miorelaxation results. Our cosmetics are formulated to
target multiple age-related skin changes.
Cholley Methode      G27
123022, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 258-6833
Fax: (495) 258-6834
E-mail: cholley@mail.ru
Methode Cholley – a professional Swiss-made line of face and body care
phytocosmetics. Methode Cholley cosmetics have been known since the 70s of the last
century having gained recognition in the salon industry in England, France, Italy.
All exclusive Cholley products are manufactured in Switzerland in limited quantities and
have been awarded with the Swiss Quality Sign.
Unique contents, strict adherence to cosmetic formulations and exclusive techniques
yield outstanding clinical results. Methode Cholley is your key tool in anti-age therapy.

CIENTIFIC COMPANY               F09
123001, Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya Str 20, Moscow, Russia
Tel./fax: (495) 202-5748
E-mail: cientific@mail.ru
The company Cientific (representative of the Argentinean company Cientific) presents a
range of contour plastics preparations based on hyaluronic acid. Available are both face
modeling (Hуaluronic Facial Implant 18, Hуaluronic Facial Implant 30) and body
sculpturing preparations (ESTRIANON Hyaluronic Implant18, ESTRIANON Hyaluronic
Implant 30) with the maximum concentration factor 30 mg/ml, featuring
an innovative technology of hyaluronic acid stabilization – high temperature reticulation
in an acid medium. Also on offer are preparations containing hydroxiapatite formulated
for attaining and securing the volume (microgranulometria - 30 micro micron particle
size, high resilience characteristics).
Available are preparations for scars, stretch marks, striae, swollenness, hematomae and
post surgery rehabilitation.

CLOVERMED                      E12
121099, Novy Arbat Str 34, bldg 1, room 501, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 787-1772 (multi-line)
Fax: 605-7665
E-mail: Info@clovermed.ru
Clovermed, acting as the exclusive distributor for the Mentor Company (USA), is a
recognized leader in the field of aesthetic medicine supplies, an inventor of Hyalite and
PREVELLE dermal fillers on the basis of double cross-linked hyaluronic acid.
Clovermed is the exclusive Russian representative of professional cosmeceutical lines,
as follows:
- New Youth (USA) - cosmeceutical products based on nano preparations;
-Jalupro-Proglyme (Italy) – high-end biorevitalization products;
-SCI WEGHEN (Switzerland) - masks containing 5-10 % retinoic acid;
-Cosmedix (USA) - hi-tech techniques from Hollywood based on chirally correct
-LENDAN (Spain) - a professional face and body care line;
NeoStrata (USA) - a new line featuring a wide range of unique high-tech skin care
115191, Malaya Tulskaya Str 2/1, bldg 24, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 411-9071
Fax: (495) 954-3901
E-mail: Novikovad@yandex.ru
The Taste and Health Club Company has been operating for more than 7 years on the
Russian market.
The company engages in supplying S.Korean-made lymphodrainage equipment under
the brand names of Mark, Doctor Life, Limphatron and Japan-made massage devices
Marutaka. Our equipment combines supreme fuctionality, applealing design solutions
and reasonable pricing.
The Taste and Health Club acts as the exclusive dealer of all above-stated devices on
the territory of the Russian Federation and provides delivery throughout the country.
The company provides delivery throughout the country.
The company is engaged in fitting out hospitals, clinics and beauty salons with
specialized equipment for regenerative treatment and rehabilitation.

COIFFURE DE PARIS              N31
109202, Orekhovo-Zuevsky Lane 18/8, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 171-8078
Fax: (495) 171-8079
E-mail: dsadovnikov@coiffuredeparis.ru
Brands represented: Coiffure de Paris, Russian edition
Coiffure de Paris periodical is a professional journal for hairdressers, available through
subscription, as well as distributed at professionally-oriented exhibitions, through
specialized stores and training centres for hairdressers.
Subscription index in the Pressa Rossii catalogue - 45043; subscription index in the
Rospechat Agency catalogue of Newspapers and magazines - 82399.

CONSTANTA MED                  F12, F14
140180, Latskov Str 1, Zhukovsky, Moscow region, Russia
Tel.: (495) 223-2627, 556-6910
Fax: (495) 223-2627
E-mail: info@constanta-zhuk.com
Constanta Med has been for over 10 years providing its services in comprehensive
outfitting of beauty care centres, manicure and pedicure salons, SPA ares with premium
quality cosmetology equipment and tailor-made SPA complexes.
Brands represented: Panda (Poland), Cesare Cuaranta (Italy), Essetica (Italy), TavTech
(Israel), Aesthera (USA), Biomak (Poland), Decomedical (Italy), Esthetic Diffusion

CORNEAL                       B23
115093, Shipok Str 4, bldg. 1, room 115, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 981-4485 Fax: +7(495) 981-4487
The Corneal company, an exclusive distributor in Russia and the CIS for SEVENTY BG
(Italy), CAREGEN (S.Korea), UTRILOG (France), presents:
- SKINPROjECT®NaNoPEEL- innovative chemical nanosomal peels, complex new-
generation biorevitalization preparation featuring RUGANTIL+ COMB HYAL
hyaluronidase inhibitor. Post peel rehabilitation treatment. Home care.
- a line of DERMAHEAL preparations with growth factors and progress peptides proving
efficient in anti-age treatment.
- OSMOLIPOCEL – ultrasound osmolipolisis system. The first and the only non-invasive
technique of getting rid of excess kilos and centimetres.

COSMACTIVE                      G23
121151, Mozhaysky Val Str 10, SC “Dorogomilovsky”, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (499) 249-8537
Fax: (495) 937-3013
E-mail: mabur@cosmactive.ru
Cosmactive LLC is the exclusive representative in Russia of the professional cosmetic
brands belonging to the international perfumery-cosmetic concern SELECTIVE BEAUTY
COSMACTIVE presents high-quality professional cosmetics comprising 10 face care and
9 body care programmes.
HANORAH is a line of luxury home care products. HANORAH for Men is a series of
home care products designed to address the needs of the man’s skin.
MARBERT presents new-generation premium quality cosmetics based on nanoparticles,
phyto cells, hex- and tri-peptides for home use.
Held on a weekly basis are free hands-on seminars for specialists. On accomplishing 5
seminars, trainees are awarded with a diploma of the international pattern.

COSMEDINC                      G07
125080, Volokolamskoye Shosse 1, room 803, Moscow, Russia
Tel./ fax: (495)787-2539
E-mail: mail@cosmederm.ru
Brands represented: BRUNO VASSARI, COSMEDIUM, CosmeTech, Neoglis
The CosmedInc Company acts as a distributor for professional cosmetics brands, such
BRUNO VASSARI (Spain) – a full range of face and body care SPA treatments, including
wine therapy treatments based Chianti wine extracts; COSMEDIUM, CosmeTech (USA)
– superficial glycolic and ТСА mid-deep peels; Neoglis (Italy)- a new dermaceutical line
of face and body care products.

CosmEl                       A30
119041, Rossolimo Str 17, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 971-1043
Fax: (495) 245-2075
E-mail: sales@cosmel.ru
Brands represented: Renew (professional line), Vita Activa (home care line).
Renew and Vita Activa products are an outstanding pattern of exceptionally efficient
natural cosmetics developed in conformance with classic cosmetology canons with the
use of latter-day biotechnological achievements. The two brands have been developed
by the O.S.A. Cosmetics Laboratory (Israel) and are manufactured at the company’s in-
house works. All the products are certified.
Competitive advantages:
- guaranteed durable results;
- a variety of care programmes designed to address multiple problems;
- natural ingredients;
- moderate pricing.

COSMETIC EXITO LTD             A12
105318, Semyonovskaya Square 7, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: +7(495) 540-4344
E-mail: Casmara@casmara.su
Cosmetic Exito Ltd. acts as the exclusive distributor for the Сasmara brand in Russia.
CASMARA Cosmetics has been known for over 30 years on the international market,
having also become available to the Russian customer 6 years ago. The brand has
gained popularity due to its Peel off alginate masks. The masks, featuring a unique
composition and enjoying an exceptional means of action and administration, prove
unrivalled in the world. Casmara cosmetics are also distinguished for their care systems
coming in a series of single-use measured doses. The laboratory acts as a guarantor of
the products’ quality. The company’s motto «Efficacy comes prior good looks» gives an
absolutely clear notion of the brand’s concept of development.

Cosmetic Expo Media,Ltd.
Office 409, 45, Uritskogo St., Kiev, 03035, Ukraine
Тel./fax: +38 (044) 594-2812/15/18
E-mail: expo@intercharm.kiev.ua
You are looking for some original ways of business development?
Crave for clients’ base enlargement?
We organize InterCHARM-Ukraine. It is the largest exhibition of perfumery and
cosmetics in Ukraine that will help you to solve the abovementioned problems.
Want to know everything about the last tendencies in the world of hair style fashion?
We issue fashionable international magazine for hairdressers and barbers YOU
Professional and organize annual master-classes YOU Professional Show.
Need high-quality market overviews for taking strategic decisions? Want to run a low-
cost but effective advertising campaign?
We publish information & analytical bulletin «Cosmetic Market Today, Ukrainian
Want to subscribe specialised editions of beauty industry? Interested in novelties of
perfumery and cosmetics?
We distribute Publishing House Cosmopress editions («Cosmetic Market Today» and
«Aesthetic Medicine») on the territory of Ukraine.
Looking for actual news? Want to inform about new product or activity? Wish to boost
the number of your web-site visitors?
We inform market players about your achievements. Web-portal InterCHARM
(www.intercharm.kiev.ua) and our direct mail technologies are the fastest ways to your
Beautiful solutions to beautiful business! Cosmetic Expo Media, Ltd.
117218, Profsoyuznaya Str 17/3, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 128-8060
Fax: (495) 125-1006
E-mail: info@cmjournal.ru
The «Cosmetics and Medicine» Publishing House, founded in 1997, publishes and
distributes professional literature on cosmetics and cosmetology in Russia. Our
periodicals are widely known among professionals and enjoy the well deserved respect
as competent and objective sources of valuable information concerning various
perspectives of cosmetics manufacturing and use:
“Cosmetics and Medicine” is a research and practice almanac covering issues
concerning skin biology and physiology, as well as tackles questions of practical
cosmetology and medicine. This magazine is about HOW COSMETICS WORK.
Circulation of 5000 copies, periodicity - 6 issues a year.
SÖFW-Journal is the Russian version of the world’s leading research and practice
journal dealing with the cosmetic industry, household and professional chemistry. This
journal is about HOW TO MAKE COSMETICS. Circulation of 1000 copies, periodicity - 6
issues a year.

Mathias-Brueggen-Str. 91, D- 50829 Cologne
Tel.: 0049 221 9564990
Fax: 0049 221 9564991
E-mail: info@courage-khazaka.de
Courage + Khazaka electronic has been the world market leader in producing skin
testing equipment for many years. The devices measure the whole range of parameters
and the scientific instruments have become standard in objective clinical diagnosis for
dermatology (in clinical research and for the practical dermatologist) and in the R&D
departments of the cosmetic/pharmaceutical/raw material companies and the
independent testing laboratories doing efficacy testing and claim support. Due to their
ease of use and their economical prices the instruments are not only used by the large
international companies but also by smaller and medium sized cosmetic companies to
test their products at each state of the development. Of course this is only a selection
of the user groups. There are many others interested in the skin (e.g. occupational
medicine has found measuring the skin is very important in their field to prevent skin
diseases among workers), food industry etc.

DALILA STYLE                    N20
109012, Bolshoy Cherkassky Lane 2/10, entrance 1, room 425, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 628-8055, 500-9226, 778-0360
Fax: (495) 628-8055
E-mail: shop@pariki.ru
We are engaged in wholesale and retail sale of hair extension supplies from
So.Cap.Original (Italy) and Rueber (Spain). The company offers hair extension services
and provides training in all hair extension techniques.
We also sell and manufacture tailor-made products from human (Slavic and Asian) and
artificial hair - wigs, chignons, clip-in strands.
Most beneficial terms are offered to wholesalers and regional dealers!

DANCE LEGEND                    N64
107076, Bogorodsky Val 3, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 964-9863
Fax: (495) 963-7450
E-mail: mail@dances.ru
Brands represented: DANCE LEGEND
We offer DANCE LEGEND professional SHEENY nail polishes developed by OLBO
Company. Our exclusive lines: Shining French, Shining Silver, PolishClassic, multiSTAR,
PearL’Amour; Siyayushaya Raduga (Shining rainbow) holographic varnishes, a series of
pedicure varnishes with tea tree oil. Nail-art supplies: varnishes nail art glitters, gel and
acryl pigments.
The OLBO nail products company offers its services to beauty salons and nail studios in
contract manufacturing of professional varnishes under the client’s brand. The minimum
order quantity is 50 vials, a colour range of 400 tints. All the products are certified.

DANNE                         D21
190031, Sennaya Square 13, St.Petersburg, Russia
Tel.: (812) 310-5345, 438-1211
Fax: (812) 310-3092
E-mail: professional_ali@mail.ru
We exclusively represent in Russia and the CIS professional therapeutic cosmetics from
DANNE (USA) and apparative microdermabrasion and isodermal treatment systems
The Danne professional skin care system offers an integral approach to the issues of
anti-ageing maintenance and treatment of face and body skin problems. The Danne
concept of treating the skin is as follows: to eliminate the pathology - to restore the
normal state – to consolidate and prolong the acquired result to the limit. To give to the
skin what it recognizes and accepts is our motto!

DA-STUDIO                     G25
121471, Marshal Nedelin Str. 40, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495)-443-09-94
Fax: (495)440-81-37
E-mail: info@klafs.su
www.klafs.su; www.hamam.su
Projecting and construction of Wellness and SPA establishments.
Hammam, Rome Thermas, Saunas, Baths, Snow rooms, Ice Fountains, Rest areas,
advertising support.

DE KLIE                      N07
Tel.: (495) 799-25-29, 148-42-55
 De Klie Company is engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of professional
makeup, holding a leading position on the Russian market. De Klie collections are
developed with the assistance of leading Russian makeup artists. The De Klie training
centre provides qualifications in professional make-up design. Training is conducted
with the use of De Klie cosmetics.

DE LAURIER                    A43
140180, Gagarin Str 67, CC Ocean, «Confetti», Zhukovsky, Russia
Tel./fax: (495) 981-0360
E-mail: info@delaurier.ru
We offer natural hand-made products with an aromatherapy effect: soap blocks and
bars, bath bombs, scrubs, gels, lotions, shower gels, etc..
The produce is manufactured in Belgium and the SAR. The minimum batch volume is
10,000 rubles. Delivery within Moscow.

DELL’ARTE GROUP               B01
117105, Varshavskoye Shosse 26, bldg.11, room 223, Moscow, Russia
Tel: (495) 506-2810, 981-0585
Fax: (495) 981-0585
E-mail: dell-arte@mtu-net.ru
Dell’Arte Group presents on the Russian market:
• Professional cosmetics by HISTOMER, AROSHA (Italy); MED-BEAUTY (Switzerland),
• solaria (I.SO Italia),
• beauty salon equipment (Italy).

DERMAQUEST                      F30
119121, Pervy Neopalimovsky Lane 10, Moscow, Russia
Tel./Fax: (495) 244-0039
E-mail: info@logiclink.ru
DermaQuest skin therapy represents USA-made premium quality cosmetics:
personalized professional face care programmes, professional home care programmes,
a wide selection of peels, including ones unparalleled on the Russian cosmetics market.
Our cosmetics, produced with the use of high-end ingredients in coalecsence with state-
of-the-art technologies, prove to yield marvellous results. Our up-to-date technologies
comply with all the current GMP standards and meet the highest requirements of the
American beauty market. Products are free from parabens, and contain exclusively safe
preservatives allowed in food and perfume industries.
The Logic Link Company acts as the exclusive distributor in Russia and the CIS.

DERMIKA                     B26
UE, Polska, 02-222 Warszawa, Aleje Jerozolimskie 195B
Tel: (+4822) 340 3012/21
Fax: (+4822) 340 3068
E-mail: oweber@dermika.pl; ipekala@dermika.pl
Our Russian branches:
Moscow: +495 719 0829, 646 6930; dermika-rus@mail.ru
Rostov-on-Don: +7 863 219 2701/02/03/04; dermika-rus@mail.ru
Ekaterinburg: +7 343 2615504; sveko@sky.ru
Chelyabinsk: + 351 270 1078; diana-salon@mail.ru
DERMIKA – SALON & SPA represents a comprehensive range of professional face and
body care cosmetics formulated according to state-of-the-art technological
developments. Available are products intended for use in beauty salons, clinics for
aesthetic dermatology and plastic surgery, as well as cosmeceuticals for home use
- anti-ageing programmes;
- lifting treatments;
- therapeutic products for seborrhea and acne treatment;
- chemical peels;
- cosmeceutical sets for skin rehabilitation.

DES BY VITALY POL             A29, N100
Sikeyros Str 19-64, St.Petersburg, Russia
Tel.: (812) 594-0900
E-mail: vitalypol@mail.ru
Design and manufacturing of genuine leather accessories. Proprietary models.

B. Tolmachyovsky Lane 5, room 1108, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 239-9165, 239-9988, 980-8307
Fax: (495)239-9720
E-mail: mesodeval@mail.ru
We officially represent the following French Laboratories in Russia: ABR Development,
- Aesthetic medicine. Contour plastics. Dermatology.
- A new filler based on calcium phosphate microparticles and hyaluronic acid.
- Products by Atléan ßTCP, ABR Development
- Laboratory JALDES (France) presents a dermatological line of highly efficient natural
products for external application and food additives; as well as skin, hair and nail care
- PRO-HEALTH Laboratory (France) presents unique embryonic and phytoembryonic
- Phytofrance laboratory (France) presents aromatherapy, phytotherapy products; BIO
products, fresh plant extracts, massage oils.

DiNonA Inc.                   N15
341-4, 2F, Yuseong-Gu, Jangdae-Dong, Daejeon, Korea
Tel.: +82-42-824-9515
Fax: +82-42-824-9516
E-mail: Sondeawe74@hotmail.com
www.sellas.kr / www.dinona-inc.com
DiNonA inc. is a Korean biotech and medical laser company founded in 1999 to
capitalize emerging opportunities and needs in the diagnostic, immunotherapeutic and
aesthetic, skin rejuvenation market worldwide.
The aim of DiNonA is to improve human well-being through the application of high
quality monoclonal antibody-based technologies and laser treatment systems. Hence,
we will play an important role as a profitable model in the long run. Now we get ready
to vault into the world-wide Bio-company.

DIV, Publishing House        N37
1-ya Tverskaya – Yamskaya st. 25, Moscow, Russia.
Ph. +7 (495) 250-9998/81, fax +7 (495) 250-1193
DIV Publishing House presents Beauty Guide, a magazine that deals with the industry of
beauty and health. The publication is aimed at the owners, leaders and top-managers
of cosmetic, healthcare and hairdressing businesses.
Beauty Guide the topics:
Creation and expansion of the Health Care market
Economic parameters of the market
Analysis of consumer’s demand and forecast of further tendencies
Development of cross marketing practices

DR.TRAVEL                      N27
109004, Teterinsky Lane 16, Moscow, Russia
Tel./fax(495) 223 86 54
Doctor Travel is the first magazine to take you on a journey in search of beauty and
Doctor Travel, a travel expert and your personal guide about the world of beauty, offers
you the most fashionable, exotic and unexplored routes.
Doctor Travel is an idea generator for a modern woman who cares about her health
and looks, a reliable source of information on the best cosmetic and medical products,
unique technologies, beauty treatments, techniques and clinics, wellness, SPA and
Doctor Travel — Take care of your body so that your soul should feel happy and comfy
in it!

ECOCOSMETIC                   F01
121353, Skolkovskoye Shosse 31, bldg 2, room 501, Moscow, Russia
Tel./fax: (495) 564-8703
E-mail: info@ecocosmetic.ru
Brands represented: GUAM, SAMAR (Italy)
GUAM (home care line) and SAMAR (professional line) cosmetics are developed by
Schote Lacote Study and Research Institute (Italy) on the basis of sea algae and
natural-based ingredients as a highly effective anti-cellulite system.
The GUAM Cosmetics line comprises body, face and hair care products.
Our training centre offers courses for both professionals and all those willing to take
good care of their body while staying at home. On accomplishing the course trainees
are awarded with a certificate.

EKZOTIKA                     G28
Pervaya Dubrovskaya Str 12, room 25, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 999-3226
Leather goods from exotic animal skin, men’s and women’s accessories.

EL CORAZON®                     N21
125130, Z. and A. Kosmodemyanskiye Str 7, bldg 7, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495)722-9983
Fax: (495)150-1649
E-mail: Scarlet21vek@mail.ru
The El Corazon Company is one of the leading manufacturers of mass-market makeup
in Russia and the CIS. The company presents three trade marks: El Corazon®,
Serdechko and Jordana. El Corazon® products were developed relying on the latest
scientific achievements and current trends in the field of make-up. The slightest
changes in fashion are closely followed by our designers and reflected in our collections.
Uniquely diverse colour palette of El Corazon® cosmetics (just nail enamels come in
more than 500 shades) will satisfy the needs of even the most exacting customer. El
Corazon® guarantees perfection in any circumstances!
El Corazon® representatives in Ukraine – tel.: (048) 788-15-13,
Serdechko is a rapidly developing brand. Apart from nail varnishes and eyeliners, of
particular interest are the long pencils which have already become the best-selling
product in many regions.
A regional dealer network is under development.
Jordana is a USA trade mark, exclusively represented by our company in the CIS. The
brand offers a wide colour range of lipsticks, nail varnishes and pencils. The products
feature excellent quality and moderate pricing.

ELAN ESTETIC                    B05
115172, Pervy Goncharny Lane 4, bldg 3, room 3, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (985) 773-8298
Fax: (495) 785-1592
E-mail: urbanspirit@mail.ru
www.joyona.com, www.elanestetic.ru
Elan Estetic exclusively distributes on the territory of Russia high-tech-wellness
cosmetics, and brings to your attention an entirely new SPA line of natural cosmetics
under the brand name of MICRO SILK® formulated on the basis of hydrolyzed silk
together with silver and gold nano particles. Ancient mysterious secrets of silk
coalesced with innovative nanotechnologies of the future and got incorporated in our
products of a true German quality.

ELERON COMPANY               G24
107113, Sokolnicheskaya Square 4А, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 268-1509
Fax: (495) 608-9960
E-mail: Smile_dt@eleroncompany.ru
The Eleron Company Ltd presents unique apparative cosmetology and massage
devices: Charm-4L - for biomechanical stimulation of face, neck, head and décolleté
muscles, microdermabrasion and magnitotherapy treatments and Charm-1T for the
mechanical dermatone body treatment. We provide training in innovative apparative
massage techniques, free seminars. We welcome new partners and offer reliable

ELIA GRAZIA                   E13
117418, Novocheryomushkinskaya Str 44, bldg 2, room 1, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 974-2264
Fax: (495)332-1111
E-mail: PR@eliagrazia.ru
Elia Grazia Company presents on the Russian market ALGODERMIA, Italian professional
cosmetics based on sea algae. The Algodermia Laboratory, founded in 1974, is
nowadays one of the leading professional brands in Italy.
Within two years the brand has succeeded to gain recognition and trust of the Russian
Algodermia cosmetics are presented at spa-centres and beauty salons of Moscow,
St.Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Krasnodar region and cities of the Far East.

Empire of Beauty and Health N28
109652, Luyblinskaya Str 165/2, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 347-2339
Empire of Beauty and Health is the first and the only Russian project represented in two
versions to match spheres of customer demand and corresponding service providers.
The client’s version is addressed to experienced consumers of services offered by
beauty salons, Spa centres, Fitness clubs and medical clinics. It provides an extensive
covering of the latest Health care tendencies, gives professional but attention-grabbing
information on beauty care products and services designed to improve your quality of
The Business Guidebook is dedicated to the beauty industry specialists – owners,
directors and the managing staff of beauty salons, Spa centres and fitness clubs. It
covers topics dealing with legislative issues, statutory acts and regulations, provides
reviews of the market trends and analytical articles, and offers comprehensive
information on beauty care preparations and equipment; for those who are sound on
their feet and are looking forward to attaining new levels in their business our magazine
offers information on viable management models existing in today’s beauty and health
care industry.
Periodicity of the magazine:
Empire of Beauty and Health (consumer issue) – every second month
Empire of Beauty and Health. Business Guidebook – every second month.

ERFOLG                         N59
420037, Aidarov Str 18, room 106, Kazan, Russia
Tel.: (843) 570-7002, 89047 603-607
Fax: (843) 570-7002
E-mail: info@erfolg-c.ru, erfolgkazan@yandex.ru
The Erfolg Company offers professional manicure and pedicure devices, nail sculpturing
equipment. Available is an assortment of 15 models from Promed (Germany), Strong
(S. Korea). The warranty period is one year.
 - A selection of replaceable nozzles from hard-alloy material, diamantine, ceramic,
emery. Production of tailor-made nozzles is also possible.
 - beauty salon equipment and appliances: UV lamps (12 models), recirculators, paraffin
therapy tubs, sterilizers, dry heat ovens, desk top vacuum cleaners, wax depilation
devices. Made in: Germany, Italy, S. Korea.
– a vast selection of nail design supplies.
– nodule and sable eyelash extension supplies.

ERUDIT TPS                    N97
03194, Pyatidesyatiletiya Oktyabrya Ave 9B, Kiev, Ukraine
Tel.: (38 044) 276-9057, 405-9766
Fax: (38 044) 405-2400, 276-9057
E-mail: stdiya@q.com.ua
Manufacturing of professional tools: manicure and pedicure scissors, clippers, files;
cosmetology scoops, skimmers, needles, lances, snares, micro hooks; custom-made
working wear (gowns, aprons, tool cases); manicure and pedicure appliances.

ESTETICA RUSSIA                N38
129085, Zvyozdny Blvd 21, bldg 3, room 604, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 615-5047
Fax: (495) 615-6210
E-mail: ps@astrel.ru
Brands represented: ESTETICA RUSSIA, MAKE UP
ESTETICA RUSSIA is the Russian version of the internationally renowned and most
authoritative edition covering latter-day hairstyling trends, published in 10 languages in
65 countries worldwide, by 17 international editorial boards all over the world. Every
issue contains reporting on championships, competitions, shows; seasonal collections
developed by the world’s leading companies and implemented by the most famed
masters; latest trends in beauty salon designing and many more.
ESTETICA is the founder and the oldest AIPP member (the International Association of
Professional Press).
Periodicity – 4 issues per year, with a total page number – 240 p.

Estetista Make-up & style studio N82
191124, Tverskaya Str 23, St.Petersburg, Russia
Тел.: (812)577-3526
Tel./fax: (812)577-3523
E-mail: Estetista@gmail.com
Estetista is the first make-up & style studio school. It offers qualifications in makeup
design, beauty making, image making. Estetista provides the most comprehensive
range of courses, seminars and workshops (also available is training in regions) for both
beginners and advanced. Estetista acts as an exclusive partner in Russia of the ЕVA
GARDEN brand by Paolo Guatelli (Italy) offering professional makeup cosmetics, as well
as Academia dell EsserreBell (Italy). Provided on a regular basis are training
possibilities in Italy.

ESTETMEDPRODUCT               H05
121069, Povarskaya Str 32-36, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 585-6057
Fax: (495) 291-6568
E-mail: info@estetmedproduct.com
The ESTETMEDPRODUCT Company exclusively represents FISIODERMA and RIPAR
COVER CAMOUFLAGE professional lines for plastic surgeons and cosmetologists.
FISIODERMA is a cosmeceutical line providing solution for specific aesthetic problems.
This post-manipulation line is intended for application after peeling treatments,
surgeries and injections.
FISIOGLICODERM is a line of professional superficial and medium peels on the basis of
70 % glycolic acid (рН 1.0, рН 2.0, рН 3.2) with buffer additives.
RIPAR COVER CAMOUFLAGE is professional medical make-up designed to address the
needs of patients with various skin defects.

ETRE BELLE                      E14
121170, Kutuzovsky Ave 41, Moscow, Russia
Tel./fax: (495) 755-59-09/10
E-mail: info@ etre-belle.ru
www. etre-belle.ru
Brands represented: Etre-belle.ru, Holiday Depilazione Professionale, Dr.med.Christine
ETRE-BELLE (Germany) – a professional cosmetics line, face and body care SPA
Holiday Depilatori (Italy) - over 35 kinds of depilation waxes, a wide range of products
for pre- and post- depilation treatment.
Dr.med.Christine Schrammek – new trends in global cosmetology. The GREEN PEEL
system, based on vegetal ingredients, promotes deep scaling of the skin. The effect is
achieved solely through a combination of vegetal components, with no acids or
synthetic abrasives.

EUROPA STUDIO                   N11, N52
121552, Yartsevskaya Str 22, bldg.2, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 661-2838 (multi-line), (495) 743-4793
Fax: (499) 726-3916
E-mail: info@europahair.ru
Europa Studio is the first training center for hair extension and afro braiding in Russia.
Founded in 1999, since 2002 Europa Studio has been engaged in supplying and
marketing professional hair extension equipment and concomitant materials. The studio
also houses a specialty shop offering the widest selection of natural hair available in
Russia. The latest Europa Studio launch is a collection of premium quality Slavic hair -
Exclusive Hair. Every Thursday the Studio holds free presentation workshops. Europa
Studio has branches in all the major cities of Russia.

EUROPEAN TOUCH              N72
107014, Dtromynka Str 13а, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 268-5577
Fax: (495) 603-0711
EUROPEAN TOUCH offers manicure and pedicure supplies:
- equipment for VIP-salons: SOLACE and PLATINO hydromassage systems, PETITE
movable hydromassage baths, original chairs designed in the shape of a hand;
- nail sculpturing supplies: acryl and gel;
- nail repair products
- therapeutic cosmetics
- manicure and pedicure SPA-system;
- manicure and pedicure tools and devices;
- nail design accessories;
The company provides training in nail sculpturing and design, manicure and pedicure
both for beginners and professional technicians.
Regional dealers are welcome.

EUROSALON                      N58
119261, Leninsky Ave 82/2., Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 580-1592
Fax: (499) 424-0244
E-mail: eurosalon@yandex.ru
EuroSalon offers:
- Natural Slavic, European and Indian hair extensions for all techniques;
- canecolon Amina, Braid, Zizi, Gofre, pony, hair ornaments with Swarovski crystals;
- hair extension tools and accessories;
- care products for hair extensions;
- hair extension and afro braiding services;
- training.
Prices attractive to all!

EVA-NAIL                       N66
Nizhnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya Str 5/7, bldg 4, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 916-7659, 585-4743
Fax: (495) 916-76-59
E-mail: info@verlen.ru
www.eva-nail.ru, www.verlen.ru
The Eva-nail Company is engaged in marketing nail extension and nail design supplies
and equipment. Our company introduces onto the nail services market an immense
selection of nail design and nail sculpture supplies under the brand of EVA-NAIL.
Another business direction of the company covers training services provided by the
EVA-Nail ART training centre. We offer qualifications in all nail sculpture and nail design

EXPO PRESTIGE                    G34
Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (985)765-19-04; (925)542-76-61
The company is an official distributor for the STUDEX Company:
- professional ear piercing tools - a piercing gun and a full range of medical earring
- healing gels and lotions;
- piercing accessories - clips, a full assortment of bars for all kinds of piercing;
- a wide collection of piercing ornaments;
-disposable linen for beauty salons and medical centres;
- wholesale and retail supplies.
- piercing instruction;
- eyelash extension accessories.

FAMILY HEALTH                  B02
115093, B. Serpukhovskaya Str 60, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 236-0228, 236-1765, 236-4596
Fax: (495) 236-3256
E-mail: market@botox.ru
After an alliance in 2006 of the world’s largest manufacturers ALLERGAN (the USA),
INAMED and Corneal, ALLERGAN Inc (USA) has become the world’s sole manufacturer
of worldwide renowned brands of BOTOX, McGhan and CUI implants, as well as
Juvederm and Surgiderm hyaluronic fillers. Since 1995 Family Health CJSC has been
acting as the official and exclusive distributor for ALLERGAN (USA), having gained a
reputation of a reliable partner in the field of aesthetic medicine.

FarmDentM                    H03
625048, Respublika Str 92, Tyumen, Russia
Tel.: (3452) 406-401, 342-252, 342-251
Fax: (3452) 406 401
E-mail: farmadentmedical@tyumen.ru, farmdentm@yandex.ru.
We offer fashionable medical wear from HIZA (Germany), and therapeutic orthopedic
footwear ABEBA (Germany).

Moscow Branch: 119019, Novy Arbat Str 7
Tel.: (495) 737-36-95
Fax: (495) 7373696
E-mail: info@ferrosan.ru
Ferrosan International A/S was a pioneer in the field of nutricosmetics – a category of
special beauty and youth care products taken orally. The appearance of the IMEDEEN®
brand on the international market over 10 years ago started an era of new-generation
products gaining ground globally as a viable long-term alternative to cosmetic surgery,
having become one of the most dynamically developing and promising fields on both
the Russian and international markets nowadays.
IMEDEEN® Biologically Active Additives are a source of natural extracts, vitamins and
aminoacids which take care not only of your face and problem zones but cater for the
well-being of your entire body.

FIJIE                          B10
119034 Ostozhenka Str 7, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 695-2534, 695-2532
Fax: (495) 695-2534
E-mail: institute_beauty@fijie.ru
We exclusively distribute professional cosmetics, developed and manufactured in-house,
featuring innovative anti-age technologies. RENOPHASE glycolic peels (France)
formulated with partially neutralized glycolic acid, phytoestrogens and DHEA vegetal
precursor (17 programs), BIO peels with free glycolic acid. ATACHE antioxidant
protection products (Spain), face and body care programmes, anti-age shock therapy.
Anti-age programmes from MAURANE (France) offer exclusive massage techniques to
be applied on the face, neck and the décolleté area, used for intensive skin moisturizing
and yielding perfect results in biodetoxication, immunocorrection, miorelaxation
Herbal peel for deep skin detoxication from MAJA (Australia).
Training. Cooperation experience with regional representatives. Reliable and beneficial
CELL FUSION (South Korea) nanotechnologies, cell therapy. DERMACODE (USA)
regulatory peptides and glycolic peel for an extremely sensitive dehydrated skin
Available is free and paid training. We have experience in working with regional
representatives. We offer a reliable and mutually beneficial partnership.

FILORGA RU                      D08
107031, Petrovsky Lane 5, bldg 5-6, Moscow, Russia
Tel./fax: (495) 502-92-85
E-mail: info@filorga.ru
Laboratoires Filorga
FILORGA RU is the exclusive distributor in Russia, the CIS and the Baltics for
Laboratoires Filorga SAS (France).
Laboratoires Filorga is the unique research and production laboratory manufacturing
preparations employed in aesthetic medicine, presents preparations designed for
professional anti-age treatment:
- mesotherapy - Embryoblaste, NCTF 135, NCTF 135 HA 25, AcHyal
- NEW – the new exclusive NCTF®135 HA formula – cell polirevitalization cocktails
featuring unprecedented content of hyaluronic acid - 5 mg/g
- cryotherapy on the Cryolift device
- GlyKoPeel 20%, 50%, 70% glycolic peels
- Filorga cell cosmetics line
- unique post-peel care programme
- biological complexes and concentrates
- Nutra Sante concept of scientific nutrition
- cryolift skin rejuvenation technique on the CryoPro device
- Evolence and Evolence Brezze – a range of new-generation collagen fillers for the
modeling treatment of soft facial tissues.

FOLTENE PHARMA                G08
Sivtsev Vrazhek Str 26/28, bldg 3, room 595, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 248-9403
Fax: (495) 248-9375
E-mail: Info@foltene.ru
Internet: www.foltene.ru
We exclusively represent the Italian company Foltene Pharma. The company offers hair
and scalp treatment products. On offer is hair diagnostics equipment; as well as Israeli-
and USA-made equipment for the treatment of various dermal diseases.

FORMULA KRASOTY, instruction and information centre         N48
Novomaryinskaya Str 15, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 347-2511, (919) 728-8851, cell phone number: (926) 827-8956
The company is engaged in outfitting beauty salons with cosmetology equipment. A
unique blend of high quality equipment and the lowest prices enabled our company to
occupy a well-deserved position on the market in a very brief space of time.
We also supply equipment and expendables for permanent makeup design. The
company holds a leading position in this domain as well offering the most favorable
combination of quality and price.

GALATEYA NPF                   E11
121170, Pobeda Square 2, bldg 2, p.o. 67, Moscow, Russia
Tel./fax: (495) 148-9396, 680-19-25
E-mail: galatea@awax.ru
The latest developments and manufacturing solutions in the fields of medicine and
Galatea NPF (Research and Production Factory), a leading domestic manufacturer of
medical and cosmetology equipment, offers the following goods and services for fitting
out beauty care and spa establishments:
- up-to-date professional equipment for apparative cosmetology: ultrasonic and
microcurrent therapy, electromioneurostimulation, epilation and coagulation treatments;
- portable electromiostimulators for domestic use;
- spare parts, supplies and accessories;
- ionized cosmetics based on natural ingredients;
- professional consultations and training;
- educational and methodological video aids on apparative cosmetology.

GALSER                        N04
127015, Vyatskaya Str 27, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 787-7147
Fax: (495) 787-7235
E-mail: galser@verybest.ru
GALSER company represents on the Russian market products under the Italian brand of
Professional hair coloring cosmetics, hair care and regeneration products, as well as
hair styling products have been developed specifically for hair stylists and color
designers having embodied all latter-day hairstyling trends from all around the world.
ALFAPARF Milano cosmetics formulated with plant and blossom extracts lend you a
head of healthy and gorgeous looking hair.
Discover the world of Haute Couture hairstyling together with ALFAPARF Milano

GELTEK – MEDICA               H17
117246, Nauchny Lane 10, room 309, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 232-01-69, (495) 128-48-38
Fax: (495) 334-43-23
E-mail: info@geltek-medica.ru
Manufacture and sale of gels and lotions for ultrasonic phonophoresis, microcurrent
therapy, and combined physiotherapy methods. Our gels and lotions, formulated for
various skin types, contain dihydroquercetin phospholipide complex, hyaluronic acid,
elastin, collagen hydrolyzate, aloe vera, herb extracts, vitamins A, Е, C etc.
Also on offer is a series of gels containing mud lake salts from Western Siberia for
electric miostimulation, lymphatic drainage and anti-cellulite treatment programs.

GENETHIA PHRIMA RUS            B22, B23
115093, Shipok Str 4, bldg. 1, room 115, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 981-4485
Fax: (495) 981-4487
www. corneal.ru
www. genethia.ru
PHORMAE and PHORMAE PLUS – new fillers with a guarantee from their Swiss
manufacturer GENETHIA PHRIMA featuring highly stabilized and purified hyaluronic
acid. The optimum syringe volume is 1 ml. A durable effect. Correction of deep and
minor lines, folds, face contouring, lip outline and volume modeling.

109028, Maly Tryokhsvyatitelsky Lane 3а, bldg.1, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 980-7199
Fax: (495) 935-8563
E-mail: office@cnc-cosmetic.ru
GM System Ltd acts as the exclusive distributor of GNC (Germany) professional
cosmetics featuring high quality and efficacy. Available are the following lines: anti-age
series; oily and problem skin care programmes; a whitening system. Also on offer is the
Aesthetic Pharm dermatological line, the Natur line formulated with natural
components, the Q10 anti-oxidant line, a line of phytoestrogen products, hydro gel
technologies. Our new launches: preparations with oyster and black caviar extracts,
ALPHASOM® system, a therapeutic line for problem skin.

101000, Pervaya Bukhvostov Str 12/11, bldg 17, room 243, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 223-6219
Fax: (495) 962-1013
E-mail: Lena@stanford.ru
HAIR’S How is a magazine intended to an equal extent for professionals and a broad
readership. Most of the best works of the world’s leading stylists and hairstyling brands
featuring the latter-day trends make their first appearance in Russia on the pages of
our Magazine! Professionals can find description of technologies, salon procedures,
techniques, professional products, as well as instruction systems and articles covering
beauty business management issues.
The high readership will have the benefit of the topics on fashion, beauty and health

HITEK-GROUP                 B12, B15
107076, Elektrozavodskaya Str 29, room 300, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 995-995-9
Fax: (495) 995-995-9
E-mail: info@group-hitek.ru
Hitek Company is a leading Russian trader of beauty salon equipment, tools and
accessories from leading European manufacturers, as well as tanning equipment and
indoor tanning cosmetics. We provide delivery throughout Russia and the near abroad.
An individual approach, an efficient advertising and marketing service, a constant
commodity stock are the keys to the stable future of the company and our regional

HOLY LAND COSMETICS              C03
121170, Kutuzovsky Lane 8, Moscow, Russia
Tel./fax: (495) 995-25-09
E-mail: info@holy-land.ru
The company is represented in Russia, the CIS and the Baltics by the OPTIMED
Aesthetic Medicine Corporation Ltd.
In the years of its manufacturing activity HOLY LAND Cosmetics has created a wide
range of skin care lines. The company’s product range numbers 23 lines of cosmetic
preparations comprising over 350 items.
Preparation formulas and treatment procedures follow some very precise principles
designed to address the most complicated problems at the level of pathogenetic
processes, and eliminate the cause of aesthetic defects.
Problem skin treatment and protection, dry and fading skin care and regeneration,
effective ageing prevention, rehabilitation after chemical peel treatments and plastic
surgery – here is just a brief list of areas where HOLY LAND Cosmetics preparations are
successfully applied.
OPTIMED AMC Ltd has an in-house basic and advanced training system. It is only after
being awarded with a special certificate a specialist is entitled to work with HOLY LAND

HYMN Mc                      B18
5F Poong Lim B/D, 97 Yangpyungdong-4Ga, Youngdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel: (822) 2043-4900
Fax: (822) 2043-4905
E-mail: hymnmc2@naver.com / hymn2@mail.ru
Company profile
HYMN Mc is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of beauty equipments such
as RF, Iontophoresis, Slimming Exercise, Ultra sound, Diamond Dermabrasion and Body
Fat Analyzer.
We are looking for a long-term business relationship with potential business partner in
your country.
Main products
- RF-SOYA (Hyperthermia equipment): Body care / Facial care / Scalp care
- Skin-SOYA (Ultrasonic Scrubber & Iontophoresis): Cleansing/Scaling/Lifting Ion (-,+)
- Body Fat Analyzer (Body Composition measuring scale) : Fat Mass/ Muscle Mass/ Body
Water/ Protein/ Mineral
- Body Action (Whole Body Exercise): Cellulite Reduction/Heighten Muscular
Endurance/Increase Bone Density

Ideal-Profi SV                C01
115191, Kholodilny Lane 3, SC “Roll Hall”, room 312, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 799-5527
Tel./fax: (495) 645-7899, 795-3947
E-mail: ideal-profi@mail.ru, www. Ideal-profi.ru, www.biolineJATO.ru
We offer supplies for beauty salons; professional Italian-made face and body care
cosmetics by BIOLINE Jato including a Wellness line;
a range of waxes and paraffins from the Italian company XANITALIA (I.DE.MA);
Ahlsrom depilation paper from France; disposable products.
New dealers are offered beneficial terms. Also provided are free seminars.

IERA                            G36
123007, Chetvyortaya Magistralnaya Str 5, bldg 2, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 972-7830
Fax: (495) 649-7049
E-mail: nilo-beauty@yandex.ru, iera@inbox.ru
The Iera Company, acting as an official representative of the NILO Company (Maletti
group) and the exclusive representative of the PALLADIUM Company, provides all-
inclusive outfitting of Spa studios, beauty salons and fitness centers featuring exclusive
equipment and accessories from leading Italian designers. We also provide complete
outfitting of AYURVEDA salons, as well as centers for THAI MASSAGE and other Oriental
treatment procedures.
We deliver assistance in conceptual designing of SPA and Beauty salons, drafting,
business concept work-out; provide training services.

IgRo                           A27
Lyublinskaya Str 1, room 306, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 177-0355, 173-0514, 784-8592
Fax: (495) 173-0514,
E-mail: Igro2005@yandex.ru
The company provides a comprehensive service package to beauty salons, tanning
studios, aesthetic centres:
- Manufacture and sales of hairdressing expendables by Green-Line, White Line
- Manufacture and sales of expendables and accessories for beauticians: Green-Line,
White Line
- Sales of depilation and paraffin therapy products by Depilflax 100 Maystar S.L.
- Sales of eyelash and eyebrow colors and accessories by Refectocil, Berrywell, Igora
- indoor tanning cosmetics from Soleo and Emerald Bay
- pedicure cosmetics and accessories by Camillen 60 and Interped

IMAGE MASTER                    A25
109088, Ugreshskaya Str 2, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 221-6272, 620-4818, 8-901-512-63-36
Fax: (495)620-4818
E-mail: info@image-master.ru
IMAGE MASTER is the largest Russian manufacturer of hairdressing and beauty salon
equipment. As a manufacturer we provide you with an exclusive opportunity to have
your equipment tailor-made for you, implementing your visions of a beauty salon. We
will ensure a proper realization of any model of your choice.
Trust us! You’ll be satisfied!

INFOMEDMARKET                   N95
109651, Donetskaya Str 2, room 86, Moscow, Russia
Tel./fax: (495) 349-7414
E-mail: aldoroff@mtu-net.ru, aldoroff@mail.ru
INFOMEDMARKET, Ltd. is the exclusive Russian distributor of state-of-the-art beauty
care equipment manufactured in the USA, Italy and Sweden for centres of aesthetic
medicine, beauty parlours, cosmetological clinics and beauty care salons:
– PhotoNova (Sweden) offers laser and phototherapy equipment designed for
photoepilation and photorejuvenation treatments. PLS3, PhotoMatrix, ILS systems
feature most advanced technologies combining power, multifunctionality and cost-
efficiency. Our equipment implements revolutionary technologies of non-invasive skin
lift techniques via fractional microcoagulation through IR laser and impulse light.
-Aesthetic Technologies Inc. (the USA) presents Parisian Peel – a hi-tech, economic
medical microdermabrasion treatment performed on devices Prestige, Duette and Esprit
featuring a full range of capacity, high accuracy, quality and safety of the skin
– Cobble San Francisco (USA). The Marvel-6 device employs unique photorejuvenation
technologies LED and high-frequency microcurrents. Also available are Marvel-Mini
multipurpose photocosmetic appliances for the treatment of acne, vascular and
pigmentation lesions, as well as photorejuvenation for home users.
– BIOTEC ITALIA (Italy) offers a wide range of equipment for aesthetic medicine.

INTERMEDSERVICE                C06
119071, Malaya Kaluzhskaya Str 15, bldg 16, room 602, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 544-4044
Fax: (495) 544-4041
Our offer:
- non-surgical thermolift systems Titan, Xeo - Cutera (USA)
- therapeutic lasers CoolGlide - Cutera (USA)
- pneumatic compression massage equipment BOSL (Germany)
- vacuum role massage system Aerofat (S.Korea)
- body composition analyzer InBody (S.Korea)
- hand care device SkinFive (S.Korea)
- innovative tooth whitening system iWhite (Belgium).

191002, Bolshaya Moskovskaya Str 14/1, St.Petersburg, Russia
Tel./fax: (812) 337-5257 (multi-line)
E-mail: sale@ionto.ru
ICG company (till August 2007 known under the name of IONTO-COMED) provides
complex outfitting solutions for beauty salons, health care and SPA-centres:
- ICG body modeling equipment (France)
- IONTO-COMED – professional beauty salon and equipment and accessories
- SUDA–FOOT – pedicure cosmetics and equipment (Germany)
- My Style – permanent makeup devices and expendables (Germany)
- Bernard Cassiere – professional cosmetics (France)
- Ergoline – tanning equipment and cosmetics (Germany)
- CORPORA – instant tan equipment and expendables (Spain)
- Hialurox – rejuvenation equipment and cosmetics.

IRIS, Aromatherapy Center E26
117420, Novocheryomushkinskaya Str 60, bldg 2, Moscow, Russia
Tel./fax: (495) 331-6466
E-mail: iris_aroma@mail.ru
IRIS aromatherapy center is a leader in the field of professional aromatherapy. For 11
years the center’s experts have been collecting natural components from the world’s
best manufacturers and developing unique technologies for dermatologists and
cosmeticians of beauty salons, medical cosmetology and spa centers. We offer the
following programs: anti-stress, anti-age, body modeling, slimming, as well as a
physiotherapy and apparative cosmetology program, post plastic surgery rehabilitation
treatment, acne treatment, antidemodex, trychology, spa-manicure, pedicure etc.
Our professional products consist mainly of pharmacy-quality 100 % natural essential
oils, cold-pressed vegetable oils, sea algae and medicinal herb extracts, silk amino
acids, lacto proteins, mud and clay.
Our professional aromatherapy school has existed for 7 years by now. Among its
graduates are physicians and beauty therapists from France, Germany, Austria, the
USA, Israel, and Great Britain.

ITALFARMACIA                   A38
191002, Dostoevsky Str 1, St.Petersburg, Russia
Tel.: (812) 572-7468
Fax: (812) 713-2214
E-mail: medmelis@yandex.ru
Melis Ltd. brings to your attention new injection preparations for biorevitalization
treatment under the brand name SKIN B. SKIN R based on hyaluronic acid and amino
acids formulated for face and body lift treatments. Training services are provided.
121609, Rublyovskoye Shosse 36, bldg. 2, room 274, Moscow, Russia
Tel./fax: (495) 415-43-62
E-mail: info@janelaurence.ru
Jane Laurence Parfums is the name for premium quality toilet water. Our brand
compositions include oils of exclusively natural origin. Day perfumes from Jane
Laurence Parfums contain 16 % of aromatic substances which makes our fragrances so
long-lasting. Natural oils are purchased at the Argeville Factory in France. An extensive
range of our toilet waters will satisfy the taste of the most exacting perfume
connoisseur. Our collection comprises 62 women’s and 34 men’s fragrances. All the
products come packed in colorful bags branded with the company’s logo. Jane Laurence
Parfums products enjoy all the required credentials in accordance with the RF
certification system. The TME Cosmetics Company as the owner of the brand offers
mutually advantageous cooperation to businessmen, beauty salon owners and other
parts concerned.

198264, Moscow, St.Petersburg;
Moscow office: Leninsky Ave 32А, room 512;
St.Petersburg branch: B Ligovsky Lane 10, room 3094
Tel: +7(495)938-64-99,+7(812)710-33-35,8-901-522-25-52
Fax: (495) 938-64-98, (812)710-33-35
E-mail: info@japan-cosmetics.ru
The company exclusively represents anti-ageing therapy complexes «Sakura», «EJI»,
«EJI extra» for non-invasive express face and body lifting treatment (an alternative to
contour plastics).
Mesotherapy, mesoinjectors, fillers.
EJI Exclusive revitalizing nano cosmetics.
Invisidle Touch cream promotes instant skin tissue regeneration after peel treatments,
burns or wounds.
Wellness products. Hair care and oral care products.
All proprietary rights are reserved by international patents. Training. Regional dealers
are welcome.

JASMIN LTD.                    G46
109012, Teatralny Lane 5, bldg.1, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (910) 455-0002, (910) 420-00-39
E-mail: seaoflife@mail.ru
Jasmin Ltd. represents Israeli cosmetics brand Sea of Life.
Creams, gels, scrubs and shampoos containing 26 minerals, natural vegetal oils of
avocado, apricot and almond, as well as pomegranate, fig and date, flower and fruit
extracts, will make your skin healthy, resilient, fresh and radiant. High-end
nanotechnologies have made these cosmetics ever more efficient.
Available are two lines: for home and professional care. Beauty store Jasmin welcomes
you! The store is located in Detsky Mir - Central Children’s Ware Department Store, 3d
floor, Entrance from the Pushechnaya line.
JESSIKA – NAIL                  N14
620075, Pushkin Str. 7l, room 101, Ekaterinburg, Russia
Tel.: (343) 377-1909, 8 902 8752523
Fax: (343) 377-1908
E-mail: jessnail@novator.ru
The company presents on the nail market a new brand of JessNail.
Professional supplies for nail extension and design. Equipment (UV lamps, paraffin
baths, manicure and pedicure appliances). An assortment of European quality human
hair extensions on capsules and in tresses. Human hair up to 1,5 m long. Also available
is JessNail V6 nail patterning machine. High quality. Low prices. A flexible discount
system. Partners are welcome!

JINHA FILE Mfg., Inc.            B21
166-11, Gajwa-Dong, Seo-Gu, Incheon 404-811, S. Korea
Tel. (code): +82-32-576-2784
Fax (code): +82-32-577-6711
E-mail: Jinhafile2paran.com
We, JINHA FILE Mfg., Inc. are a manufacturer and exporter of Nail File extended to
Sapphire File, Acrylic File, Cuticle Trimmer and pedicure Tools.
We have well organized factory as owns in Korea and we are ready to cater for our
customer with
High quality, reasonable price and on time delivery.

KALINKIN HILL                 N98
141202, Pervomayskaya Str 12, а/я 130, Pushkino-6, Moscow region, Russia
Tel.: (496)580-7444
Fax: (495)780-6857
E-mail: Kalinkinhill@yandex.ru
www. Kalinkinhill.ru
Manufacture and sales of accessories.

KANEVSKIY                    N99
119334, Leninsky Ave 39 288, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: 8-(926) 221-8200
Fax: (499) 135-5750
E-mail: Cat1985@mail.ru
Our company is a Russian manufacturer of 925 silver and 585 gold articles. We have a
proprietary model line developed by our own designers, members of the Artists Union
of Russia. Our products are manufactured from exclusively natural stones, particular
attention paid to rare stones. The price range of our produce is attractive to both
medium level incomes and VIP persons.

Keune Haircosmetics         N06
117647, Academician Kapitsa Str 32А, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495)420-8500, 420-0200
Fax: (495)420-8500
Keune Haircosmetics Company has been retaining positions of the world’s leading
manufacturer for over 85 years. The company’s hair cosmetics are successfully
presented in 70 countries worldwide and have been successfully operating on the
Russian market for more than 7 years. Among professionals Keune products stand for
quality and revolutionary technologies featuring a comprehensive range of various types
of dyes, dyed hair care systems, therapeutic and care lines. Unique in the world of
HAIR industry, a comprehensive professional hair care SPA series “So Pure Natural
Balance” will allow to offer your salon’s clients an exclusive service package
distinguishing your beauty salon among others.

125315, Chasovaya Str 23 А, Moscow, Russia
Tel./fax: (495) 933-3653
E-mail: klapp-cosmetics@yandex.ru, klapp@mail.ru
For more than 28 years already the German company KLAPP has been the leader on
the market of professional cosmetology and SPA-WELLNESS industry. KLAPP products
are trusted and successfully employed by over 20 thousand beauticians in 23 countries
worldwide. Today KLAPP stands for cutting-edge face and body care concepts,
invariably excellent results, the German quality guarantee and safety. A vast range of
product formulated to address practically all skin problems is sure to meet the needs of
even the most exacting clients. All KLAPP produce is certified on the territory of the
Russian Federation according to the GOST system («Gosudarstvenny standard»).
Our instruction center provides instant advisory support to cosmeticians, holds group
and individual hands-on seminars, provides guest seminars, offers training in face and
body spa massage techniques.

KLERADERM                     H11
107045, Lukov Lane 10, room 18, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 608-3011, 608-2887
Fax: (495) 608-28-87
E-mail: kleraderm@mail.ru
The Кleraderm company started its history in 1981 in the city of Bologna, having gained
a reputation of a high quality professional cosmetics manufacturer. Кleraderm’s
highlight is the face and body care lines, the so called “Sensitive Line” SPA programme
based on natural ingredients of the vegetal origin. Kleraderm cosmetics is a key to the
solution of multiple problems. As a compliment to steam baths, hydromassage,
massage, wraps and a variety of other treatments, including apparative, our products
provide a detoxication effect and endow you with health, help you get rid of cellulite
signs granting you convenience and a sense of comfort.

KOKO GMBH & CO.KG             F18
Darimed Ltd – exclusive distributor for KOKO GmbH & Co.KG (Germany) in Russia and
the CIS
107014, Bolshaya Ostroumovskaya Str 10, bldg.2, room 1, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: +7 (495) 964-9502, 964-9508, 507-9158
E-mail: darimed@ostroumovo.ru
Dermatological cosmetics KOKO dermaviduals® have been developed in conformity
with corneotherapy concepts, an innovative direction in the field of
dermatocosmetology, designed to stimulate regenerative processes and restore the skin
barrier functions.
 КОКО`s know-how – Derma Membrane Sructures (DMS®) –identical in their
composition and properties to epidermal lipids. Besides general skin care programs
KOKO offers targeted skin care programs for dry and sensitive skin treatment, a
rehabilitation program to be used after plastic surgery, peeling and photorejuvenation
treatments; a preventive therapy program for atopic eczema, psoriasis, cheilitis
conditions. KOKO products are free of emulsifiers, fragrance components, preservatives.
Dermaviduals®-modular, a unique individual formulation system, enables to combine
active components thus creating ex tempore personalized preparations tailored to the
specific needs of the patient’s skin.
In 2007 г. the dermaviduals®-modular system was supplemented by a line of specific
active concentrates for individual anti-age-corneotherapy.
КОКО Dermaviduals®-deco makeup line features a possibility to select individual
foundation compositions based on corneotherapy principles. Dermaviduals®-deco
preparations can be used for daily make-up in the patients with sensitive skin, as well
as to correct certain skin lesions in cases of couperose, acne rosacea and pigmentation
problems of various origin.
New launches 2008: PlutioDerm®-Plus gel for irritated dehydrated skin care, DMS®-
sunscreens with a high sun protection factor SPF 30, DMS®-Deocreme deodorizing
cream for extremely sensitive skin, Ultrasschallgel basic gel for ultrasonic introduction of
individual compositions of active substances.

KORA COMPANY                    A32
107150, Marshal Rokossovsky Blvd 16, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 641-2808, 641-2810
Fax: (495) 641-2809
E-mail: kora@dol.ru
The New Line professional cosmetics series has become today Kora Company’s priority
research domain. Available is an intensive care line comprising a range of preparations
intended for salon treatment, as well as an extensive assortment of home care
We offer 7 professional face and body care lines: care products for oily skin prone to
acne; mature skin care; sensitive skin care; dry and dehydrated skin care; eye area skin
care; Spa programmes.
New Line professional cosmetics feature a marvelous concord of scientifically developed
and proven formulations, high efficiency and flawless quality. The professional
cosmetics line meets all the current tendencies of today’s beauty market and provides
solution for multiple aesthetic problems.

KOSMETIK CENTR               F04
125130, Staropetrovsky Lane 7А, bldg 7, room 2, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495)980-1160, 518-8272, 644-6484
Fax: (495) 980-1160
E-mail: info@placentamask.ru
www.dizao.ru, www. shanshan.ru
The DIZAО brand, known to be a leading manufacturer of facial cosmetic masks,
presents its new line of body care masks.
New launches in the field of body modeling treatments: new patented LIPOmasks!
Through the action of transdermal technologies the mask’s active ingredients are easily
absorbed by the skin providing a durable impact on the problem zone. As a result you
gain a slim body, and your skin acquires resilience and good looks.
We bring to your attention our new launch – the BOTOline including 2 masks and
BOTOserums – which could be an alternative to injection techniques.
The DIZAO product range comprises over 50 mask types: face and neck care masks,
eyeskin masks, masks for lips, décolleté area, tummy and hips masks, among which are
DIZAO masks with biogold and ceramides coming in a pack with a natural pierced pearl
for ornamental work.
The package has been innovated to contain several face care preparations, i.e. a mask
+ ceramides with biogold to secure the achieved result.
The assortment includes also over 20 ShanShan hair care masks: miscellaneous target
hair care masks + ceramides with biogold, shampoo masks + balsam masks, wash-off
coloring masks “ShanShan precious locks”.
All ShanShan products come in a set with a natural pearl as a gift.
We welcome new partnership.
Commercial chains, drug stores, beauty salons, perfumery and cosmetics stores are
welcome as partners.

KOSMETIK international            N39
105064, Nizhny Susalny Lane 5, bldg.10., Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 775-45-76, 510-65-02/04/05/06/07/08/09
E-mail: expo@ki-expo.ru, reklama@ki-online.ru
www.ki-expo.ru, www.ki-online.ru, www.nailexpo.ru
KOSMETIK international, founded in 1995, is the first Russian magazine reporting on
cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. The periodical is distributed throughout most of
the Russian regions and has subscribers abroad.
Vestnik Esteticheskoy Meditsiny (Aesthetic Medicine Bulletin) is a research and practice
magazine for aesthetic medicine specialists. Founded in 2002, the magazine acts as an
official organ of the Russian Society of Aesthetic Medicine.
The International Congress on Aesthetic Medicine after Eugene Laputin is the focal
event in the life of the Russian aesthetic medicine. The event is held in cooperation with
the Russian Society of Aesthetic Medicine. KOSMETIK EXPO, an international exhibition
for beauty industry professionals, is one of the major beauty business events held
annually in Gostiny Dvor in Moscow. KOSMETIK EXPO regional exhibitions are held also
in three federal districts: Sibirsky, Privolzhsky, Uralsky.
NAILEXPO is an international exhibition for nail industry professionals held together with
the Publishing House “Contrast Media” annually in Central Exhibition Hall “Manezh” in
Affiliated with KOSMETIK international is a Training Centre which offers courses for
cosmeticians and provides advanced training for medical personnel.

KOSMOTEROS GROUP             C09
125124, Raskova Str 24, bldg 4, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 225-2610
Fax: (495) 612-4682
E-mail: info@kosmoteros.ru
Brands represented: Kosmoteros, Kosmoteros professional, Charovnitsa (Enchantress)
ELGON professional.
Cosmetic – pharmaceutical Holding «KOSMOTEROS Research and Production Group»,
founded in 2002, incorporates:
– Industrial companies manufacturing active substances for cosmetic and wellness
products, ingredients for medicinal preparations, as well as cosmetics and preparations
as they are.
– companies engaged in the promotion on the market of medicinal preparations,
nutriceutical bioproof-readers, as well as cosmetic brands Kosmoteros, Kosmoteros
Professional, Charovnitsa (“Enchantress”) and ELGON professional.
– Companies rendering health and beauty care services.
The company is the first and only one in Russia to develop and receive pharmaceutical
sodium hyalurate particle. We have also developed and put into practice technologies of
obtaining other mucopolysaccharides and albuminous connections (collagen, fibrogen,
chondroitin sulfate, placenta, lactoserum enzyme etc.)
In creating cosmetic preparations the company follows the major principles of being
innovative, safe, effective and natural.

121609, Osenny Blvd 21, floor 2, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 775-9255
Fax: (495) 412-0918
E-mail: info@krasivo.biz
The first Russian magazine highlighting marketing and management issues in the
beauty industry – Krasivy Biznes – is a specialized periodical meant for top and
executive officials – owners, administrators and managers of hairdressing, beauty and
health care enterprises. Krasivy Biznes provides comprehensive information on
equipment and products, as well as the latest scientific developments, acquaints the
readers with educational establishments, introduces unorthodox and thriving salons,
presents articles by leading marketing experts and psychologists, provides instruction
materials on accounting, analyzes statutory acts.
Periodicity - 6 issues a year. We write about how to become successful in the Beauty

KRASOTA & ZDOROVIE           N85
123007, Khoroshevskoye Shosse 32а, Moscow, Russia
Tel. (495) 980-5360
Fax (495) 980-5361
E-mail: book@d-mir.ru
Krasota I Zdoroviye is a magazine about beautiful and healthy life. The periodical
represents kind of a guidebook about the market of beauty services, addressed to the
broad audience of women readers. Here you are to find monthly over 1 500
advertisements, as well as feature stories, competent specialists’ comments, helpful
hints and suggestions.
A circulation of 65.000 copies, distribution through our own distributor network, a set
wholesale and retail framework providing alternative distribution possibilities enable to
achieve the maximum of advertising efficiency.

KRYOLAN                        B25
103055 Butyrsky Val Str 28, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495)984-66-15
KRYOLAN CITY is the FIRST Russian center for professional make-up design.
The Kryolan Company (Germany) is the world’s leading manufacturer of professional
cosmetics and make-up products to be used in beauty salons, on TV and podium, in
film-making and on stage. The products are also appropriate for individual daily use.
The Kryolan product range comprises:
- body and face art supplies to be used in show makeup design, aquatic makeup and
tools for air brush technique and contact free make-up design;
- a state-of-the-art line of make-up products designed to meet the exact standards
required by High Definition cameras;
- DERMACOLOR CAMOUFLAGE SYSTEM features a series of make-up products intended
to disguise serious face and body skin lesions;
- the KRYOLAN PRIVAT CARE line of premium quality face and body care products;
professional brushes, sponges, cases;
The Kryolan City centre also represents hair care and hair styling products, hairdressing
tools and accessories, manicure, pedicure and nail design supplies from the world’s
leading brands, as well as concomitant tools and supplies for widely specialized
KRYOLAN CITY offers instruction seminars and workshops.
New dealers are welcome.

LA SANTE                        F20
121609, Rublyovskoye Shosse 36, bldg 2, room 290, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 415-43-06, 415-43-16
Fax: (495)415-43-06
E-mail: lasante2005@yandex.ru
La Sante LLC exclusively represents on the Russian market:
SWISSDERMYL (Geneva, Switzerland) — highly efficient professional face and body
care products. SWISSDERMYL is a unique skin regeneration and rejuvenation system
based on the first vegetal biotechnological complex - Dermolectine® displaying
outstanding biological activity similar to that of growth factors. Acting on the cell level,
Dermolectine® increases fibroblast proliferation, stimulates the production of the main
structural skin proteins, and activates cell respiration. SWISSDERMYL treatments, by
virtue of the synergetic impact of Dermolectine® combined with sturgeon milt DNA,
black caviar extract, hyaluronic acid, vegetal extracts and essential oils, fruit acids,
vitamins, hydrolyzed sea collagen and elastin, and modern biotechnological complexes
make it possible to attain outstanding and fast results in solving aesthetic problems for
patients of all ages and skin types, in particular within anti-age programs.
MOLKE WELLNESS PROGRAMME represents a line of lactoserum-based products
formulated for a programme of anti-cellulite and slimming body wrap treatments
(Hügler Kosmetik, Germany). The joint impact of lactoserum and microcirculation
activator makes it possible to achieve a unique anti-cellulite and lypolytic effect, with
results visible already after the first treatment. The administration of the full course will
ensure the best and most stable effect.

107031, Petrovsky Lane 5, bldg 6, Moscow, Russia
Tel./fax: (495) 543-3143
E-mail: Derlain2004@mail.ru
The company represents exclusive Spain-made products addressed to beauty salons,
medical centres and professional beauticians.
We offer our services in developing custom-made creams, diagnostic cameras for skin
and hair examination with 100x zoom capacity.
Also available are professional skin care lines – Skin-Lifting, Supreme, Marina Clorella,
as well as the Or Gold hair care line and a line of breast care products.
Our products feature hypo allergic ingredients, high efficiency, an individual approach.
The products’ active components (sea algae, sea acids) provide a powerful synergistic
impact on the skin.

LAIMA-LUX RUS                  C16
121099, Novy Arbat Str. 34, bldg 1, room 602, Moscow, Russia
Tel.:(495) 545-0110
Fax: (495) 605-7010
Laima-Lux Rus exclusively represents in Russia:
- Goldwell hair care cosmetics (Germany-Japan).
Goldwell offers a comprehensive range of professional hair colors including Elumen
products featuring a principally new approach in hair coloring, a wide selection of
perms, a system for durable permanent hair straightening, an extensive assortment of
hair care and hair regeneration products, styling supplies. The quality of our products is
ensured through a combination of Japanese technologies and German quality.
- KMS California (USA) hair care and hair regeneration cosmetics.
All KMS products feature a beneficial blend of state-of-the-art technological
developments and valuable natural ingredients.
- Olymp (Germany) professional hairdressing equipment for beauty salons featuring a
vast selection of adjustable positions, guaranteed German quality and exclusive design
- programmes of servicing support for beauty salons: hands-on seminars on product
administration technologies, works-hops in new hairdressing and coloring techniques,
instruction seminars in salon management for efficient administration and successful

LANIX                      C28
125438, Lihkoborskaya Emb 18, bldg 1, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 788-1592
Fax: (495)153-7641, 154-2321
E-mail: health@lanix.ru
Therapeutic cosmetics from South Korea.
Available is a line of cosmetics formulated with five kinds of Osec Hwangto clay,
ATOPALM regenerating products for dry and sensitive skin care, Medicare nourishing
cloth masks, a unique series of MLE Gowoonsesang rejuvenating products.

LASERS MEDICA                 A05
115230, Varshavskoye Shosse 46, room 612, Moscow, Russia
Tel./fax: (495) 967-7871
E-mail: info@ asclepion-lasers.ru
LASERS MEDICA is the exclusive supplier of cosmetological and surgical lasers from the
German manufacturer Asclepion Laser Technologies GmbH in Russia and a number of
CIS countries.
LASERS MEDICA stands for quality and reliability, introducing exclusive multi-functional
equipment onto the swiftly developing Russian market of laser dermatology and
Selecting the world’s best manufacturers of cosmetology and medical laser equipment,
and providing our partners with a comprehensive package of services including training,
equipment installation and maintenance services, we are pursuing our main goal – to
improve the efficiency and competitiveness of our partners’ businesses.

LCN-CLUB                       N01
101000, Pokrovsky Blvd 4/17, bldg.1, room 4, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 937-7050, 937-7052 multi-channel
Fax: (495) 937-7051
E-mail: mikhail@lcn.ru
The LCN brand stands for the leading European manufacturer of professional nail
cosmetics. We offer professional supplies, equipment and accessories for nail sculpture
& design, manicure and pedicure, wax depilation treatment, permanent and art make-
up design. Available are eyelash extension supplies (Everlash), eyelash and eyebrow
coloring products (ProfiLINE), eyelash perming products (WimpernWelle). We also offer
training and consultation services. Brands represented: LCN, Yoida, PMC and Monteil.
Designer working garments by LS-Design.
LCN is your reliable partner! LCN is a formula of successful hands!

LeoSun                          A01, A02
Altufyevskoye Shosse 56, Moscow, Russia
Tel./Fax: (495) 220-93-77, 921-63-04
E-mail: info@leosun.ru
www.leosun.ru and www.zagar-shop.ru
The LeoSun Company offers miscellaneous tanning supplies: solaria, solarium lamps,
tanning cosmetics and accessories for tanning studios. The produce is available both in
bulk and by retail. Delivery in 1 day.

LEVITASION                   G38
127238, Dmitrovskoye Shosse 85, room 408, Moscow, Russia
Tel./fax: (495) 777-7547 доб. 107
E-mail: info@levitasion.ru
The Russian company Sante LLC was founded in 2006, but the history of the French
company ALTIM, known as the creator of the Levitasion brand, has been lasting for
more than 15 years by now.
Sante Company is the manufacturer of unique in its kind produce. The Levitasion
Factory, located in China, specializes in producing placenta-collagen cosmetics based on
the unique patented technology developed in France.
Levitasion masks are high-end skin care products yielding perfect results in face and
neck skin treatment.

LIEN KOREA                   B19
#96-3, Samjung-Dong, Ojeong-Gu, Buchon-Si, Kyeonggi-Do, Korea
Tel.: 82-32-671-2102~3
Fax: 82-32-671-2104 / 82-32-681-0537
E-mail: kkbrush@kornet.net
LIEN KOREA is a leading cosmetic brush company specializing in cosmetic brushes and
related beauty properties. We consist of skillful specializes with practical experience and
practical knowledge at beauty industrials.
LIEN KOREA has tried to produce a new style of pencil eyeliner and other cosmetics.
Our products are widely used for worldwide women, and wide holding the various fields
of beauty. We have been the best leading company in the beauty industrials of KOREA,
continuously seeking new overseas market all over the world.

H-2120 Dunakeszi, Hegyrejaro u.1, Hungary
Tel.: (+36-27) 541 800
Fax: (+36-27)329 099
E-mail: info@lighttech.hu
Lighttech is the leading tanning lamp manufacturer in Europe and produces tanning
lamps for almost all sunbed manufacturers.
Among the standard lamp types you can find the very popular newly produced NE/Ar
lamp, which gives a stable operation even at drop of the net voltage, the collagen
lamp to eliminate wrinkles, the three colours (Trisun) lamps, and the most powerful
light source in the solarium business, the SolGlass lamps.

LINLINE GMBH                 B07
121170, Kutuzovsky Ave 36, bldg 3, room 217, Moscow, Russia
Tel./fax: (495) 504-3445
E-mail: evgeniya-linline@yandex.ru
LINLINE GmbH (Germany) presents MULTILINE, a multipurpose laser system to be
used in cosmetology and aesthetic medicine; the system comes in set with several
removable emitters.
Application: dark and light hair removal, blood vessel coagulation, skin photo
rejuvenation, hyperpigmentation treatment, photodestruction of tattoos, scar
treatment, dermabrasion, etc. The LINLINE techniques are unique (patented).

LORELEYA                       N05
142450, Dorozhnaya Str 4, bldg 13, p.b 12, Staraya Kupavna, Noginsky district, Moscow
region, Russia
Tel./fax: (495) 780-68-06
E-mail: Lorelei22@yandex.ru
The Loreleya Company has been for 10 years engaged in the manufacturing of single
use expendables for beauty salons and medical centres (peignoirs, capes, sheets,
slippers, caps etc.). The products are available in a variety of models, colour and
texture options. An individual approach to every client. General distribution rights for
the Spanish brand Alissi Bronte. High-end premium quality cosmetics for face and body
care, as well as products for medicinal and professional makeup design.

LUXURY GLASS                   N71
Vtoroy Silikatny Lane 9, bldg 3, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 969-0085, 778-0982
E-mail: pavel@juravski.ru
We offer designer costume jewellery from Murano glass and natural stones. All items
have been sketched by PJ Murano factory and realized by the best Italian and Russian
artists. Our assortment: beads and necklaces, pendants and bracelets, earrings and
trinkets. We cooperate with beauty salons under the security scheme. All the produce is

MADISON                       G20
390006, EseninStr 9, room 59, Ryazan, Russia
Tel./fax: (4912) 24-67-38, 24-67-39, 24-67-23
E-mail: office@madison.ru
Manufacture and sale of equipment for beauty salons. Available is the TAN-ELITE
instant tanning booth. Also on offer is softwear for beauty salon management
“Uspeshny Ziryulnik” (Successful barber).
Our representative office in Moscow: Tikhoretsky Blvd1, bldg.5, room.24, (behind SC
“Moscow”, UG station “Lyublino”)
Tel.: (495) 730-2913, handy: (926) 330-0136, e-mail:office_mos@madison.ru
Office in St.Petersburg: Shestaya Sovetskaya Str 22/22 А, (10min on foot from UG
station “Ploshyad Vosstaniya”)
Tel.: (812) 448-0874, 271-4409, handy:(911) 702-77-81

MAGIA VOLOS                    N47
Bolshaya Lubyanka Str 13/16, room 4, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 506-3750, 628-9029
Fax: (495) 628-7821
www magiavolos.ru
Our studio offers human hair wigs, hair pieces and chignons.
Individual orders. Tailor-made production.
We provide training in all current hair extension techniques.
Micro hair extensions and Extend Magic hair extension equipment.
Novelty of the season: hairwear for party and wedding occasions, Swarovski crystals on
Professional hair extension and afro-braiding supplies and equipment.

MAGIC BEAUTY SYSTEMS            A16, A23, B08
107370, Otkrytoye Shosse 48а, Moscow, Russia
Tel./fax: (495) 777-1036
E-mail: info@magicsun.ru
Magic Beauty Systems offers equipment systems for beauty salons, Spa centres and
The MBS Holding comprises the following companies:
Magic Sun - the sale of solaria, lamps, indoor and outdoor tanning cosmetics, instant
tan installations and cosmetics;
Magic Profi - the sale of hairdressing and cosmetology equipment and expendables;
Magic Wellness - the sale of spa equipment, spa cosmetics, apparative cosmetology
devices, infra-red booths;
Magic Fitness offers professional equipment for fitness-clubs, exercise rooms and
rehabilitation centres;
Magic Business provides consulting services.
A showroom. After-sales service. Delivery throughout Russia. A network of regional

107370, Otkrytoye Shosse 48а, Moscow, Russia
Tel./fax: (495) 777-1036
E-mail: info@magicsun.ru
Magic Beauty Systems acts as a representative of the Soleo company in Russia. Soleo
offers a wide range of professional indoor tanning cosmetics featuring state-of-the-art
technologies and most up-to-the-minute trends. Soleo presents 7 outstanding and
versatile collections, plus specific products designed to take care of your skin and lend it
a pleasant tan shade in a short period of time.
Showroom. Warranty service. Delivery throughout Russia. Regional branches.

117437, Akademik Volgin Str 25, bldg 1, Moscow, Russia
Tel./Fax: (495) 336-92-34
E-mail: marina@marina-sk.ru
Marina-SK Company Ltd. is an official distributor for Viora (Israel) on the Russian
New on the Russian market – Pristine device (“Diamond Peeling”) – state-of-the-art
system for Crystal-Free face and body microdermabrasion treatment requiring no
expendables. Pristine system uses natural laser-faceted diamonds with 10 removable
DiamondTipТМ nozzles providing nonpareil precision and efficacy of the peeling

MARTIN’EX                   C10
127473, Krasnoproletarskaya Str 16, bldg 11, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 234-2902
Fax: (495) 304-0747
E-mail: alo@martinex.ru
MARTIN’EX, one of the major players in the field of aesthetic medicine, offers 80% of
all the necessary supplies required for a successful operation of your BEAUTY CENTRE.
The company offers training services for beauty specialists on the basis of its in-house
training centre, and provides its services in setting up and running the salon business.

MARTINES IMAGE              D14, D16
115093 Lyusinovskaya 53, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 223-5515
Fax: (495) 237-6317
E-mail: info@martines.ru
Martines Image is engaged in the promotion of the best achievements in the field of
global cosmetology and aesthetic medicine onto the Russian market. Ericson
Laboratoire (France), Amenity (Japan), La Mente (Japan), Esthetic Skin Care ES 301
(Japan), Beauty Image (Spain), O.T.I. (Spain), Lucia Rapetti (France), Methode Brigitte
Kettner (Germany), YOU NAILS (Switzerland).

MARUGA                          D20
117630, Starokaluzhskoye Shosse 62, bldg.1 section7, Moscow, Russia
Tel./fax: (495) 933-41-70
E-mail: Maruga@inbox.ru
Maruga Company exclusively represents:
VISCODERM(8mg/ml; 16mg/ml; 20mg/ml) – the first preparation designed for adapted
multi stage skin biorevitalization, based on non-modified hyaluronic acid and available
in three concentration options. Gelfipharma, Italy
FILLAST – a new patented non-invasive revitalization technique allowing to control
fermentation and oxidative depolymerization of hyaluronic acid. General Topics’, Italy
Injectional poli bioimplants of the Matri group: Matridex, Martidur, Matrigel, Matridex
DX, Matrisoft bio revitalization preparation. BioPolymer, Germany
BELOTERO – a new generation filler formulated with stabilized hyaluronic acid received
through the CPM-technology (cohesive polycondensed matrix). Merz Farma, Germany.
DECLARE was a pioneer brand in the field of developing care products for sensitive skin
treatment. The product range comprises face and body care products and a specially
developed professional line. Troll Cosmetics, Switzerland.
Extreme Caviar is a luxury hair care line. The formulations are developed on the basis
of state-of-the-art technologies with a high percentage of caviar extract content.
Miriamquevedo, Spain

MARY COHR                      E07
123242, Zoologicheskaya Str 1, room 610, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 25410-49, 25416-50
Fax: (495) 25494-55
E-mail: info@mary-cohr.ru, reklama@mary-cohr.ru
MARY COHR (France) is an elite professional cosmetics brand, worldwide renowned
leader in the field of cosmetology and SPA-industry. Each MARY COHR programme and
product is a masterly symphony of Science and Nature.
125047, Pervaya Brestskaya Str 15, Moscow, Russia
Tel./fax: (495) 234-3784, 978-9180
E-mail: id@con-med.ru
“Massage. Body Aesthetics“, a research and practice methodological magazine, is a
unique periodical containing information for massage and body aesthetics specialists.
The magazine serves both as an instruction-methodological manual and a guidebook
through the extensive commodity and service market of the massage industry including
information on special-purpose furniture, equipment, appliances and cosmetics.
Periodicity – 4 issues a year.
Circulation – 10000 copies.
Official information;
Personal Contribution;
Topic of the issue;
Reviews and Rating charts;
Theory and Practice;
Events and Facts;
Exhibitions, Conferences, Congresses;
Instruction Materials.
The magazine is currently distributed throughout Russia, starting from the second
halfyear also available in the Ukraine through Rospechat catalogue.

MASTERITSA                     G33
190020, Kurlyandskaya Str 35, St.Petersburg, Russia
Tel.: (812) 575-4270, 251-99-64
Fax: (812) 575-4270, 251-99-67
E-mail: info@masterica.spb.ru, sales@masterica.spb.ru, zakaz@masterica.spb.ru
125315, Chasovaya Str. 16, room 208, Moscow, Russia
Tel./fax: (495) 995-4939
Masteritsa Factory specializes in the manufacturing and sale of high quality articles from
FIBRELLA non-woven viscose fabric:
- a complete range of disposable items for the beauty care industry (over 200 items for
beauty and hairdressing salons, solaria)
- unique single-use medical articles (sets for all kinds of surgeries)
- sanitary and household items (wet wipes, sachets, cleaning cloths).
The company also acts as a distributor of Berner Oy professional cleaning supplies

MAX-PHARMA                   A21
107031, Nizhny Kiselny lane 5/23, bldg 1, Moscow, Russia
Tel.:(495) 625-2538, 628-1996
Fax: (495) 628-2288
E-mail: maxpharmaolga@list.ru
The company offers disinfectants for tools, surfaces, skin antiseptics, disinfection and
sterilization equipment, gloves, disposable linen, containers, log-books, UV-lamps,
MBG BEAUTY                     E16
121205, Novy Arbat Str 36/9, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495)290-7810, (495) 290-7669
Fax: (495) 290-8386
E-mail: сosmetics@mbgbeauty.ru
MGB Beauty Ltd exclusively distributes on the Russian market for worldwide renowned
brands, such as: THALGO (France), VALMONT (Switzerland), NICKEL (France),CINQ
MONDES(France), REN (GB), Terrake (France), EVIAN(France), Dr.Sebagh (France),
ETRO (Italy), Austin Reed (GB), Nicole Farhi(Italy),BY TERRY(France), Yes To Carrots
We offer our clients supreme quality high-end cosmetic and perfumery products, as well
as staff training services, topical seminars, progressive discounts, PR and advertising

MEDEXFOL                     E09
119180, Krymskaya Emb 10, motorship V. Bryusov
Tel.: (495) 517-0055, 517-6077, 505-0055, 230-0665
Fax: (495) 238-6670
E-mail: medexfol@mail.ru, medexfol@medexfol.ru
The Medexfol Laboratories offer:
based on hyaluronic acid.
- DCL, EXFOLDERM, CELLBIANCA, RATIODERM chemical peels and skin care products.
- CORECO Japanese-made anti-age cosmetics.
- DACOS Swiss-made cell cosmetics.
- JANSON BECKETT anti-aging preparations with peptides, DMAE, collagen and elastin.
- SIMILDIET mesotherapy preparations and BAA.
- АNTI-AGEING systems for Express-therapy – SAKURA, EJI, EJI-extra.
- Workshops in above-stated techniques with a certificate awarded.

MEDEXFOL LAB.                 A45
115162, Khavskaya 1, bldg 1, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 237-3519
Fax: (495) 237-4132
E-mail: info@metagenics.ru
Brands represented:
Les Soins de Marie Madeleine (Marie Madeleine) – a luxury French brand of Bioorganic
cosmetics designed for professional skin care. The products are manufactured from
valuable ecologically sound ingredients of natural origin.
EXFOLDERM (Exfolderm) – a French cosmeceutical line, offers glycolic acid preparations
and chemical peel acids.
Metagenics Inc.(Metajenix) – pharmacy quality nutrients: vitamin and mineral
complexes, Omega-3 fat acids, preparations for ANTI-AGE therapy, etc.

680054, Prof. Danilovsky Str 20, Khabarovsk, Russia
Tel./fax: (4212) 41-55-23, 41-55-24, 41-55-26
E-mail: office@medpharm.ru
Medfarm Import Co., Ltd. specializes in supplying beauty care equipment and furniture,
as well as medical expendables (disposable clothing, personal protection items,
syringes, medical articles). Direct cooperation with manufacturer-works in China
ensures stable supplies and high quality of the produce, and guarantees most
favourable prices.

MEDIUM PLUS                  C14
125367, Ivankovskoye Shosse 7, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 490-6198, 507-8782, 228-0501, 228-0502
Fax: (495) 490-5590
E-mail: office@mediumplus.ru
Medium Plus supplies equipment for fitting out Spa- and Wellness salons, as well as
healthcare centres: non-contact hydro massage baths, cedar mini-saunas, equipment
for monitored intestine cleansing, professional massage systems, portable and
stationary massage and cosmetology tables, wellness capsules, training machines. Also
provided are expendables, assembly and after-sales services.

MegaSPA                       F28, N57
117335, Architect Vlasov Str 3, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495)737-7505
Fax: (495) 737-7502
E-mail: info@megaspa.ru
MegaSPA exclusively distributes for elite professional cosmetic brands designed for
beauty salons, SPA and fitness centres.
Non-commercial Educational Establishment “International School for stone therapy and
exotic massage techniques MEGASPA”.
License № 250452 issued by the Department of Education of Moscow.
- YON-KA®PARIS professional elite spa cosmetics.
- EVE TAYLOR (London) professional aromatherapy products.
- ESSIE (USA) professional therapeutic nail care products and varnishes.
- JAMU (USA) natural cosmetics for tropical SPA- Rituals.
- Keyano Aromatics (USA) professional Spa treatment products (wine- and chocolate
therapy product, cranberry, mango).
- Thai massage and stone therapy accessories.

METAcosmetics                 F03
119048, Efremov Str 8, room 1311, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 723-7603
Metacosmetics acts as the exclusive distributor for GOES and ALBANEVOSA companies
in Russia.
GOES (Italy) presents state-of-the-art technologies for superficial and mid-deep anti-
oxidant chemical peel treatments RED PEEL with a regulated penetration depth;
 HLI – 1тм line of creams based on dermomembrane emulsions beneficial for acne,
dischromia and age-related skin changes. ALBANEVOSA (Italy) presents a line of SPA
treatments OpsiDerm, Depilcera Natura depilation series and Dance Color hair coloring
system formulated with over 70 natural components according to unique patented

METZGER                          N54
105318, Semyonovskaya Square, 7, room 410, Moscow, Russia
Tel: (495) 637-9131, 366-4609
Fax: (495) 366-4609
E-mail: info@metzger.ru, metzger70@inbox.ru
The Metzger Company, having entered the market in 2002, is nowadays a large
manufacturing company holding leading selling positions. The company offers
manicure, pedicure, beauty care, hairdressing and piercing tools. The company’s main
line of activity is wholesale-retail sales of Metzger tools manufactured from high-alloyed
stainless steel meeting the international quality standard 9901-2000. The tools undergo
a high quality hand-made sharpening. We are the first company to tackle the question
of maintaining the sharpening quality employing in its production process silicone caps,
especially produced for this purpose. Our major objective is to satisfy the needs of the
most exacting customer.
METZGER tools feature a rare combination of reasonable pricing and reliability, which
distinguishes our brand among others and enables us to retain a leading position on the

MIDIS                           N16
115054, Vavilov Str 91, bldg 1, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (499) 134-3091
Fax: (499) 134-3081
E-mail: gma@idep.ru
The MIDIS Medical Cosmetology Center offers a wide range of professional beauty care
and hairdressing equipment for outfitting beauty salons of various levels. Cooperating
primarily with leading south-east Asian suppliers, our center has an opportunity to offer
its clients qualitative up-to-date equipment at moderate prices. The assortment range
of supplied goods includes over 200 equipment and furniture items featuring:
cosmetology, hairdresser's and massage armchairs, tables, chairs, multipurpose beauty
care systems, as well as equipment for ultrasonic peeling and ultra phoresis treatments,
microprocessor devices for microcurrent therapy, miostimulation, press therapy etc.,
vaporizers, magnifying lamps, SPA salon equipment. We offer flexible discount systems.
Available are trainings on the purchased equipment. The center’s managers are always
glad to provide you with qualified assistance and consultations in selecting equipment.
All goods are certified. We are looking forward to meeting you in our show room!

MILA NOTA                     C07
119121, Plyushikha Str 22, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495)248-6662, 248-8807
Fax: (495)248-6669
E-mail: mdo@milanota.ru
Mila Nota is the exclusive distributor Swiss-made professional face and body care
cosmetics by Mila d'Opiz. We offer a wide range of creams, masks, collagen sheets,
aromatic oils, concentrates for apparative and manual treatment. The cosmeceuticals
contain coenzyme Q10, ATP, retinol, A.H.A., vitamins C and Е, rejuvenating peptides
matrixil, rigin, argireline, phytoestrogens, caviar and algae extracts, glacial water,
Alpine herbs. The company’s latest developments: Derma Science 30-70% glycolic
peels and treatMENt cosmetics for men.
We also offer Therakos anti-inflammatory healing gel manufactured by J. C.
Fochtenberger GMBH (Germany).

MS WESTFALIA GMBH             A34
123100, Mantulinskaya Str7, bldg 3, Moscow, Russia
Tel.:(495) 648-99-96
Fax: (495) 648-99-95
E-mail: info@7spa.ru
MS Westfalia GmbH engages in the comprehensive outfitting of SPA, Wellness,
cosmetology centres and beauty salons. Equipment on offer: IPLsystems for photo
depilation and rejuvenation treatments; microdermabrasion systems; cryotherapy
equipment; cosmetology chairs; beauty care systems, massage appliances; shock wave
therapy devices; integrative action systems; integral rehabilitation systems;
thalassotherapy equipment; SPA treatment equipment; equipment for thermotherapy;
hydrocolontherapy systems, solaria.

MT-COMED                      N86
115280, Leninskaya Sloboda 26, room 21, Moscow, Russia
Tel./fax: (495) 982-5060
E-mail: info@mt-komed.ru
MT-CoMed Ltd is the exclusive representative of Alma Lasers (apparative cosmetology)
in Russia and the CIS. We offer state-of-the-art equipment designed to address a wide
spectrum of cosmetic problems (cellulite treatment, vascular defects, skin rejuvenation,
wrinkle and scar correction, deep peeling, treatment of psoriasis, fungal diseases, etc.)
MT-CoMed is interested in setting up a distribution chain.

MTUSI                         N42
111024, Aviamotornaya Str 8, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 105-1061
Fax: (495) 957-7897
E-mail: Support@mtucimed.ru
MTUCI develops and manufactures epilator and coagulator appliances used in
cosmetology, dermatology and plastic surgery. The equipment capacity ranges from 12
up to 400 W.
Among new launches are radio-frequency devices.
High quality, up-to-date design solutions, simplicity of operation, reasonable prices,
warranty and after-sales service make our equipment highly competitive on the market
of iatrotechnics.

N.B.R. CO., LTD              F16
109012, Varvarka Str 14, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 698-4694, 698-4652, 698-3903, 928-0463, (985) 108-0463
Fax: (495) 956-1643
E-mail: nbrtakara@comail.ru
www.nbrtakara.ru, www.takarabelmont.ru
N.B.R. Co., Ltd. is a representative of the Japanese corporations Takara Belmont &
Nabocul, manufacturing professional hairdressing and cosmetology equipment, electro
conductive hairdressing and beauty care chairs, hair wash and scalp massage
machines, infra-red and ultrasonic devices designed to optimize hairdressing operations.
Nabocul and Wave manufacture unique hair care cell preparations proven to completely
restore the hair structure; face and body care formulations employ pharmacological
methods of extracting active ingredients and exclusive techniques of their effective

121433, Malaya Filyovskaya Str 4, bldg. 2, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 144-0669
Fax: (495) 144-0659
E-mail: info@nailcreation.ru
The Nail Creation Company is the exclusive Russian representative of Nail Creation
Professional (Netherlands).
- Various acrylic systems
- Photosensitive sculpturing gels allowing options for 3-phase, 2-phase and 1-phase
- Camouflage gels
- Hand and foot care spa products
- Professional manicure supplies
- Fashionable shades of colour varnishes
- Materials for ornamental nail design
- Professional tools
Direct shipments from Holland. All products are certified.
A retraining center for operating technicians.

NAILSHOP                       H07, N55
119526, Vernadsky Ave 105, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 434-0180, 434-0453
Fax: (495) 434-0180
E-mail: sales@nailshop.ru
Nailshop Ltd exclusively represents on the Russian market the following brands:
Andrea – state-of-the-art eyelash extension supplies. Assortment:
- over 50 kinds of human eyelash extensions in a variety of models
- 6 kinds of nodular eyelash bunches
- ANDREA’s patented technology of non-nodular bunches
- 5 kinds of glue for eyelash nodules, eyelash extensions and body decorations.
Ardell offers a line of eyebrow design supplies developed specifically for professional
makeup artists and designers.
INM (International Nail Manufacturer) offers professional nail extension and nail care
- top coat drier with holographic particles, the sales leader in the USA.
- a line of advanced products for classical manicure
Top quality nail extension systems:
- fast drying acrylics in a variety of shades, powder containing holographic particles.
- latter-day odorless acrylics have no fragrance and not subject to yellowing
- single phase gels – easy to use, reliable and available in a variety of colours.
Be Natural – classical SPA pedicure supplies. The products have been developed in
assistance with experienced podologists and professional nail technicians.
Respectable periodicals Nail and Nailpro (USA) have acknowledged Be Natural products
to be the best in the nail service industry in 2005-2006.

107078, Novoryazanskaya Str 16/11, entrance 1, room 401, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 265-6236, 265-6253, 265-6280
Fax: (495) 265-62-26, (27)
E-mail: Nbc1@bk.ru, okinawa1@mail.ru
www.nbcdevelopment.ru www.phytosintesi.ru www.okinawaprof.com
National Beauty Company is the exclusive distributor for the professional brands of
Phyto Sintesi (Italy) and Okinawa (Spain). We also offer beauty salon equipment.
The lines on offer comprise a complete range of professional products for face and
body treatment and care by means of spa-procedures. We offer assistance in
comprehensive outfitting of beauty salons and creation of salons specializing in care
treatments and spa-rituals.
We offer instruction seminars. New partners are welcome. We offer reliable partnership,
provide advertising support.

NATRIA                         FB31
127015, Novodmitrovskaya Str 5А, bldg 1, room 15, Moscow, Russia
Tel./fax: (495) 995-96-76
E-mail: krasota@natria.ru
Skin and hair diagnostics equipment.
Our equipment offers comprehensive possibilities for testing the skin and hair condition,
such as:
- monitoring deep skin layers via polarized lenses;
- wrinkle analyses device;
- skin resilience analyzer;
- skin type definition by measuring the amount of skin oil secretion;
- skin humidity measurement.
High definition cameras enable to receive high precision images. Digital cameras come
in a set with lenses of various zoom capacities: 10, 60, 200, 1000 fold image expansion
and supplied with software. Provided is a possibility of software and equipment
branding. Stylish and compact design solutions give it an extra advantage of being
commercially attractive.

192284, Dimitrov Str 3, bldg 4, St.Petersburg, Russia
101000, Krivorozhskaya Str 31 а, Moscow, Russia
Tel in Moscow: (495) 783-8117
Tel in St.Petersburg: (812) 772-3077, (901) 300-6173
Fax: (812) 772-30-77
E-mail: ant@krasota.spb.ru
The Bikini Design Studio School offers: training in bikini hair styling, catalogues,
expendables, henna bio-tattoos.
The Medical Piercing School and sales Centre: training with a state-type certificate
awarded, an exclusive costume jewellery collection.
Trichology : state training program for physicians.
Professional hair treatments designed for the use in beauty salons. Training courses for
Also provided is training for beauty business managers and executives.
Complication free permanent make-up: training, equipment, pigments

NAVEUS IN RUSSIA               D18
STYX - Austria
127030, Sushyovskaya Str 23, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 787-3535, 787-3636
Fax: (495) 232-9623
E-mail: info@styx-cosmetics.ru
The basis for the STYX Aromaderm professional line (Austria) rests on the clinically
proven formulas of entirely natural-based preparations providing solutions to all kinds of
aesthetic problems due to their etiotropic properties. The efficacy of body correction
programs is ensured by Cello-Gel thermal wraps, Aromaderm-Wickel wet swaddles as
well as “corset cosmetics”. Also available are products for lifting and rejuvenation
Chocolate, Spirulina, ampouled cytokine, modelling masks, products for the treatment
of various skin types: defective (Green Tea), mature (Anti-age), oily (Asiatica) and
problem (Moor) skin. We offer a rapid beauty treatment system. Provided is
professional literature and workshops.

NEOESTHETIC                     F05
107370, Otkrytoye Shosse 14, room 2/3, Moscow, Russia
Tel./fax: (495) 380-1124/28/29
E-mail: neo@neoesthetic.ru
NEOESTHETIC offers equipment and disposable products for cosmeticians and
hairdressers. NEOESTHETIC apparative cosmetology range stocks: cosmetic stands,
body correction devices, face and body care equipment. NEOESTHETIC equipment
stands out for its high efficiency, high quality and fast recoupment. Qualified doctors of
NEOESTHETIC provide professional consultations in proficient running of the
equipment, and service center engineers ensure a secure and trouble-free equipment

NET LINE XXI VEK             D15
119333, Leninsky Ave 60/2, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 137-5610; 137-7690
Fax: (495) 137-7580
E-mail: info@podolog.ru; info@netlinexxi.ru
The Net Line XXI vek Company exclusively represents in Russia:
- professional pedicure equipment, furniture and expendables from Hellmut Ruck
- Peclavus professional cosmetics line for medical, apparative, classic and Spa pedicure
from Hellmut Ruck GmbH (Germany);
- professional salon cosmetics Rosa Graf (Germany);
- An extensive selection of state-of-the-art equipment and furniture for cosmetology
and Spa salons from leading German manufacturers;
- Skin System wax depilation and paraffin therapy products (Italy);
The Net Line XXI Vek School of podology provides the following courses:
- a 6-day course in apparative and medical pedicure;
- topical seminars and how-to workshops on application of Peclavus professional
products in medical, apparative, classical and Spa- pedicure techniques;
- advanced staff training in orthonyxy, ortheses, nail sculpture and prosthesis, minor

125040, Skakovaya Str 9, room 302, Moscow, Russia
Tel./fax: (495) 945-3410
E-mail: nlccentr@nlccosm.ru, newlinecentr@mail.ru
The International Company NEW LINE COSMETOLOGY has been created for the
purpose of selecting and promoting the state-of-the-art products and technologies in
modern cosmetology and aesthetic medicine on the Russian and Ukrainian markets.
The company holds exclusive rights for the distribution of the products presented in its
Radiesse™ (manufactured in the USA) - an injectable implant for soft tissue
augmentation on the basis of calcium hydroxylapatite. The preparation is safe,
providing a durable effect lasting up to 15- 20 months, biocompatible, requiring no
allergy testing.
VIT mesotherapy products from PromoItalia (Italy): JAL Revitalizing Mix, Revital Tonic,
Revital Celluform, IDEBae.
Skin Medica™ (USA) therapeutic-rehabilitation line.
Juvederm - an injectable dermal filler on the basis of hyaluronic acid. We hold exclusive
distributory rights in the Ukraine.
Surgiderm - an injectable dermal filler on the basis of hyaluronic acid. We hold exclusive
distributory rights in the Ukraine.

NGHIA NIPPERS CORP               N79
Tel.: +84-8-9740651
Fax: +84-8-9740653
E-mail: tuyen.marketing@nghianippers.com
Nghia Nippers Corp is a leading professional manufacturer and exporter in Vietnam,
specializing in stainless steel and hard steel high quality manicure implements such as:
cuticle nippers, nail nippers, tweezers, pusher, toe-separator, paper nail file and so on...
Nghia Nippers Corp has more than 2,000 workers and a total production area of 20,000
Each month 300,000 products with the brand name of Nghia are sold to the markets.
Our quality management system has received ISO 9001:2000 certification
Many manicure implements are sold to USA, Europe, China, Korea, Asia and so on...
Your orders or your own requirements are welcomed. Please do not hesitate to visit our
website: www.nghianippers.com

NICKOL                         B04
125284, Pervy Khoroshevsky Lane 16, bldg.2, entrance 6, door phone button 2,
Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 780-2932, 649-9086
Tel./fax: (495) 945-5889,946-1110
E-mail: info@nickol.ru
NickOl exclusively represents the following companies the CIS, EU and Baltic countries:
CHRISTINA (Israel), Mei-Cha International and 3D Beauty International (USA).
Cosmetic masterpieces from CHRISTINA supported by instruction seminars and
methodological recommendations have proved beneficial for multiple face and body
aesthetic problems, having earned recognition with beauticians all over the world.
Mei-Cha International offers micropigmentation technicians only the best: digital
equipment and accessories, being the standard of hygiene and safety; a wide color
palette allowing to obtain up to 300 various shades; educational programmes.
3D - Lashes Perfect Bonding System – an innovative eyelash extension technology
featuring unique glue formulations; flexible sun/water/tear-proof eyelashes; single
eyelash attachment technique, a durable effect .

NIKA NAGEL                       N107
300027, Metallurgov Str 46-А, Tula, Russia
Tel./fax: (4872) 45-7961, 40-2983, 45-1381, (903) 658-48-17
Fax: (4872) 45-7961
E-mail: nika-nagel@tula.net
Brands represented: Nika Nagel Professional nail cosmetics (Germany).
We present a series of Nika Nagel professional nail sculpture materials from the best
German manufacturer. Our educational center provides basic and advanced training
courses in: artificial nail sculpturing (gel and acryl, silk, fiberglass); nail-art techniques
(plane and volumetric, gel and acryl). Delivery of supplies and training are provided in
any city throughout Russia. Regional representatives are offered exceptional terms.

NIKA TRADE, company       G13
197183, Savushkin Str 15. room 85, St.Petersburg, Russia
Tel.: (812) 430-5609, (495) 797-7947 (Moscow)
Fax: (812) 337-1703
E-mail: spb@nikatrade.ru
The NIKA TRADE COMPANY acts as the exclusive distributor of unique medical
cosmetology equipment.
Beautytek (Germany) – a complex device used for non-surgery soft tissue lift and body
modeling treatment based on the microcurrent technique with biocybernetic feedback.
Water-Beam (France) – a unique acquarejuvenation technique! The method allows to
perform pain-free deep skin cleansing, ensuring profound nourishing and moisturizing
at the same time through transepidermal therapy.

119261, Parfyonov Str 11, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (499) 783-5582, (499) 783-5581, (499) 783-5583
Fax: (499) 132-8732, (499) 132-4351, (499) 132-8730.
E-mail: info@nike-med.ru
The Nike-Med Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine enjoying a more than decade long experience
on the Russian beauty market, acts as an official distributor for the following European
МARIN, Humаn med, Adoderm. Beauty therapists are offered contouring plastics
preparations: Varioderm – 100% hyaluronic acid of prolonged action, Lantox – new
botuloxin preparation for aesthetic medicine, Auriga – innovative nanotechnologies for
hematoma and scar treatment, Magik Lift – non-surgical face lift; soluble and non-
soluble threads. Surgeons are offered the new Body-jet system for liposuction
treatment performed under local anesthesia. Also available are mammal gland implants
for reconstructive surgery, compression underwear.

NNN                           G48
125147, Chyayanov Str 3, room 710, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 722-2281
E-mail: noadada@mail.ru
Japanese nanocosmetics Noadada represent a series of basic cosmetic products, ideally
formulated to match your physiology. The products were designed to protect your skin
and stimulate the cell activity, thus retrieving the skin’s fresh looks and luminosity
providing an exceptional rejuvenating effect. The products of this series contain a large
percentage of Kyoto Solution, a patented preparation developed by the scientists of
Kyoto University. ET-Kyoto Solution exceeds all the known similar products used in
medicine and finding their way into today’s cosmetology as well.

NORGIL R                         A17
117218, Nakhimovsky Ave 32, room 500, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: 8(495)741-1694
Fax: 8(499)724-1439
E-mail: info@norgil.ru
Norgil R is the exclusive representative of the French brand Norgil. Therapeutic hair and
scalp care cosmetics. Skin and hair diagnostics equipment and software. A state-of-the-
art non-surgical alopecia treatment technique – hair integration. Integration hair is
individually matched according to the client’s natural hair color and texture, and then
get fixed to the scalp by means of special adhesives. A French model of a trichology
centre within a beauty salon.
Available is training with participation of French experts. On accomplishing the course,
trainees are awarded a diploma of the French company Norgil.

NOVIK-PRIM, LTD                D04
Malaya Ordynka 19, Moscow, Russia
Tel./fax: (495) 953-01-40
E-mail: Novik_prim@rambler.ru
Novik-Prim, Ltd exclusively distributes luxury professional brands, as follows:
SELVERT THERMAL (Switzerland) – professional hypoallergenic cosmetics based on
thermal water; 14 main lines, a wide range of face care treatments; special body care
programmes – L'Ocean, Supreme Chocolate, Selvert Delicatessen – feature most
innovative Spa formulas.
ALQVIMIA (Spain) – professional aromatherapy; natural premium quality essential oils,
lines of face and body care aromacosmetics, professional balneotherapy, alchemic
perfumery. An extensive selection of SPA-treatments for face and body care, as well as
hand, foot and hair care.
The company presents its unique project - ALQVIMIA Spa Salon – a SPA-concept within
one cabinet.
STAS DOYER (France) – SPA-equipment: Lydo floating system, Thalaxion system for
cryopresstherapy, Chromotherm SPA-capsule, Niagara and Jamaika collections of
hydromassage baths, Capry bath for two, tubs equipped with manual underwater
massage system, Phlebotone hydromassage foot bath, Vishi shower, the Charko
Douche. Comprehensive equipment of SPA-centres.

OBERON                        A33
111024, Entuziastov Shosse 23, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495)545-5370
Fax: (495)673-3459
E-mail: npp-oberon@mail.ru
The OBERON Joint-Stock Company, a Research-and-Production enterprise, is the
manufacturer of the first domestic hydrogel applicator masks Athena (Аfinа) formulated
to address the specific needs of the skin after the administration of certain cosmetic
procedures involving integument abrasion. The masks aim to moisturize and nourish
the skin and are issued with various ingredients: colloidal silver, sea-buckthorn oil,
white grapes extract etc. Our company also offers a new universal cosmetic product
entitled “Skin armour” formulated to reduce swelliness and stimulate regenerative
processes after agrassive treatments: chemical and physical peelings, dermabrasion and
mesotherapy treatments, contouring plastics, ear piercing, permanent make-up, etc.

ONE TOUCH                      A20, N63
142403, Sovetskoy Konstitutsii Str 3(ПНФ-1), Noginsk, Russia
Tel.: (495) 518-64-13, (49651) 9-55-03
Fax: (49651) 9-5503
E-mail: 5186413@mail.ru
Manufacture of ecologically sound and hypoallegenic disposable products: sheets,
towels, napkins, slippers, bath robes, overshoes, peignoirs, aprons etc. A SPECIAL
OFFER beauty salons, healthcare and fitness centres, hotels and hotel complexes – sets
for pedicure, solarium, bath and sauna etc. Advantageous terms for wholesalers!

OPTION                       N61
125252, Kuusinen Str 19А, room 206, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495)9406173
Fax: (495)9406173
E-mail: comfonail@rambler.ru
Internet: www.comfonail.ru
OPTION Company offers:
- high-speed and high-power professional devices for pedicure, manicure, nail sculpture
and artificial nail correction;
- drills, cutters, grinders and polishers in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials;
- devices for the cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of tools and nozzles;
- desktop vacuum cleaners for manicure and artificial nail correction as well as vacuum
foot rests for pedicure treatment; manicure tables equipped with a vacuum cleaner
- UV lamps and baths for paraffin therapy;
- Manicure and pedicure tools;
- professional hand and foot care cosmetics by Camillen 60 (Germany), Remmele´s
Propolis (Germany);
- warranty on equipment and maintenance support available at our service centre;
- a cumulative discount system.
We provide advanced staff training on apparative technologies.
Also provided is advertising support to the firm’s representatives in Russian regions.

PARADOX                         N53
109147, Marksistskaya Str. 34, bldg 34, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 911-6111, (495) 781-4343, (495) 778-5687
Fax: (495) 911-6111, (495) 781-4343
E-mail: moscow@paradox.spb.ru
Paradox Company brings to your attention professional powered tools for hardware
manicure, pedicure and artificial nail correction, manufactured by the worldwide known
company XENOX (Germany), and the most powerful MICROSPEED device with vacuum
cleaner functions. Also on offer are Korean-made appliances by STRONG, MARATHON
and ESCORT. Available on a permanent basis is a wide range of replaceable nozzles
(diamond, ceramic, abrasive) capable to meet the requirements of the most highly
qualified technicians.
We are glad to offer you UV-lamps, desktop vacuum cleaners, manicure tables,
magnifying lamps, disinfectants and sterilizers, spa and paraffin therapy supplies. Our
prices will be of a pleasant surprise to you.

PASTELLI                       H04
109028, Serebryanichesky Lane 2/5, bldg.4, room 106, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 917-7481
Fax: (495) 917-2665
E-mail: info@pastelli.ru
We offer Italian – made high quality medical clothing and footwear from natural
materials. Products are available in a variety of models and colors. All garment and
footwear items are manufactured by the renowned Italian company PASTELLI. Today
doctors wish their garments to meet both professional and aesthetic requirements.
Moreover medical wear needs to be comfortable, good and up-to-date looking.
PASTELLI products are a symbol of premium quality in medical wear not only in Europe,
but all over the world. The brand of Pastelli stands for innovations, style and quality.

PHITOGEN                     F24
115054, Dubininskaya Str 35, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 237-7012, 235-3066, 235-7398
Fax: (495) 235-3066
E-mail: phitogen@bk.ru
PHITOGEN Ltd presents aesthetic medicine and cosmetology products:
- IAL-SYSTEM AND IAL-SYSTEM ACP® - hyaluronic acid preparations for biorevitalization
- SWEET SKIN SYSTEM – chemical peels based on glycolic acid and chytosan.
- PROANTOX® – medium level ТСА gel peel.
- SCULPTURA® – two-stage chemical peels based on a complex of αβ hydroxiacids.
- NEOVA®THERAPY – a therapeutic line of cosmeceuticals enhanced with copper
- COMPLEX CU3® - intensive tissue repair cream based on copper peptide.

PLANET NAILS                   N78
125212, Admiral Makarov Str. 8, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 797-8971, 787-2067
Fax: (495) 797-8971
E-mail: info@planetnails.ru
Planet Nails Company is the exclusive distributor for the German company Planet Nails,
and an official representative of Promed and Sixtus brands in Russia.
Planet Nails offers a wide range of supplies and equipment for manicure and pedicure,
gel and acryl nail extensions, paraffin therapy and depilation treatments.
Top quality service is a must in our relationship with clients. All products meet the
highest quality standards and are certain to satisfy the needs of the most exacting
technician and his customers.

PLASTEK                       E20
197198, Zverinskaya Str. 33, St.Petersburg, Russia
Tel.: (812) 600-1577
Training centre: (812) 600-1574
Commercial dep: (812) 600-1570
E-mail: plastek@plastek.spb.ru
113054, Luzhnetskaya Emb 2/4, bldg. 29, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 540-2798
Training Centre: (495) 647-10-68
E-mail: info@plastek-msk.ru
630099, Voksalnaya Magistral 18, Novosibirsk, Russia
Tel.: (383) 222-6945, 222-2356 292-2803, 292-2804
E-mail: plastek@plasteksib.ru
620142, Vosmoye Marta Str 194, bldg G, room 2,
Tel./fax: (343) 228-3950, 228-3960
e-mail: info@plastek.ur.ru
01034, Malopodvalnaya Str.12/10, 27, Kiev, Ukraine
Tel.: (044) 234-3020, 278-3265, 278-32-76, 235-56-75
E-mail: plastek@ plastek.kiev.ua
www.plastekcosmetic.ru www.gehwol.net
Plastek provides comprehensive outfitting services for beauty salons.
The company is an exclusive representative of leading European brands of professional
cosmetics, equipment and accessories.
Gehwol professional foot care products, TL Design nail varnishes, Teotema hair care
cosmetics, Toni&Guy hair care and styling products by label.m, professional face and
body care cosmetics “Biotechnological complexes M120” and Plastek Club, elite SPA-line
by Ondevie.
Also available is a vast selection of professional equipment, tools and accessories
ranging from economy up to VIP class products.
The Plastek Training center provides advanced training for technicians of all

Professional Tool Sharpening Kulikov’s Sharpening Studio N88
Tsvetnoy Blvd 26, room 5, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: 8 (901) 542-1044, 8(916) 044-9535
E-mail: mck7@mail.ru
Our company provides professional services in sharpening manicure and hairdressing
tools. We also manufacture handcrafted tools in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet
specific needs of individual craftsmen. Instant sharpening in your presence! You can
test your tools and go straight to work. Our clients are provided with an opportunity to
have their tools sharpened for free, on the favour-for-favour basis! Currently at your
disposal are two branches: Mira Ave 61 and Tsvetnoy Blvd 26. Give us a call and get an
immediate first aid for your tools!

PROFUS                        G09
127473, Krasnoproletarskaya Str 16, bldg 1, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: 925 51-71-327
Fax: (499) 978-5035
E-mail: profusnat@gmail.com
Profus Company is an exclusive distributor of preparations for contour plastics, plastic
surgery and anti-age preparations.
TEOSYAL (Switzerland) - a full line of fillers based on hyaluronic acid of non-animal
origin used in face volume restoration treatments, lip volumetric surgery, skin
depression treatments.
PERTHESE (France) – mammal gland implants with a cohesive silicone filler, available
both with smooth and textured surfaces.
mesoACTIVE (France) - a line of products encompassing four main aesthetic domains:
face and body liposculpture, mesoGLOW, anti-ageing treatment and hair care.

PROTON M LTD.                H02
125424, Skhodnensky Tupik 4, room 329, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (901) 538-3849, 518-4974
Fax: (901) 538-3849
E-mail: shmel@epilator.ru
Manufacture and marketing of coagulator epilators and Flash-epilators «Shmel-1000».

REFERENCE                  B13
117218, Nakhimovsky Ave 32, room 900, Moscow, Russia
Tel./fax: (495)609-69-40
E-mail: reference-den@mail.ru
Depilation treatments with vegetal waxes. Available are about 50 items of products for
both salon and home use, cosmetics formulated with vegetal extracts and essential oils
for pre- and post- depilation treatment, retarding hair growth, and beneficial for in-
grown hairs.
Our face care programme demonstrates superb efficacy in treating dehydrated and
ageing skin. Our products are suitable for all skin types self tuning to its specific needs
providing a custom-tailored effect.

RELAX                           N10
117293, Ivan Babushkin Str 11/2, room 2, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495)129-7910, (495)649-2980
Fax: (495)129-7910
E-mail: relax-78@mail.ru
Brand represented: RELAX
The Relax Company offers both bulk and retail supplies of high quality nail design
goods (acryl and gel systems).
An extensive selection of accessories and electric appliances (paraffin therapy baths,
depilation devices, opil appliances).
We welcome further growth of our distribution network. New regional representatives
are also welcome.

115114, Shluzovaya Emb 6, bldg. 4, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 959-7372
Fax: (495) 238-1528
E-mail: rms@newmail.ru
The company manufactures exclusive hydrotherapeutic systems; a variety of
hydromassage baths including Jumbo size items. Also available are shower halls,
complexes and systems meeting the requirements of latter-day Spa centres, sanatoria,
fitness clubs, rehabilitation centres etc. We also offer a wide selection of Spa tables.
Direct supplies from the USA, sales through distributors; maintenance service.

REVECEN                      H13
630049, Galushak Str 5, room 201, Novosibirsk, Russia
Tel./fax: (383) 216-17-73
E-mail: coreana@coreana.ru
Legends of the Morning Calm Ltd is the exclusive Russian importer and distributor of
professional makeup cosmetics by REVECEN, professional face and body care
cosmeceuticals from Aesthetic Hydration Cosmetics - A.H.C, professional hair care lines
by ERBA CLASSICO, natural hand-made face care soap Beauty Soap (S. Korea).
Regional dealers are welcome. Training.

REVITA-TON                     D02
Official Representative in Russia of the French cosmetics company GATINEAU (Paris)
Tel/fax (495) 612-3482
E-mail: gatineau@gatineau.ru
GATINEAU cosmetics company (Paris), was founded in 1937 by Jeanne Gatineau and
started its history as small beauty salon in Paris. Nowadays the company is the
undeniable leader on the French beauty market in the field of rejuvenating and anti-
ageing face care products, including both professional and home care lines.
Our products are distinguished by a high content and variety of active components
which ensures an instant visible result right after the first treatment.
GATINEAU – an innovations-oriented company, #1 in France by a quantity of new
launches and creations of innovative and high-efficiency exclusive products and
Our offer:
- Free training of beauticians in GATINEAU techniques with a further international-type
diploma awarded;
- Cooperation options include franchising and exclusive dealership contract schemes
valid for your region;
- A special basic set of professional GATINEAU cosmetics calculated on the basis of
profitability and net pricing accounts;
- A powerful advertising support according to your contract type (all ad materials are
provided free of charge);
- Held on a regular basis are free seminars on new launches and professional
- A flexible discount and accumulation system respective of order volumes and the
contract type;
- Guest seminars and trainings conducted by our specialists in your region.

RHANA, сorporation             D11
Distribution of Laennec:
Tel.: (499) 766-2251
Distribution of ВВ LABORATORIES and GHC cosmetics:
Tel.: (495).254-2152
The Clinic’s branches: Michurinsky Ave 6 (FGU OBP (United Polyclinic Hospital) of the
RF Presidential Affairs Department.)
Tel.: (495) 147-1560, 724-7372
Zhukovka -2
(The Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Rublyovo-Uspensky LOK” of the RF Presidential
Affairs Department.)
Tel.: (495)635-5038, 971-5551
Zoologicheskaya Str 22, Moscow, Russia
Tel.(495) 252-5933, 252-4111
Elite RHANA cosmetics Boutique
Kutuzovsky Ave 27/1, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 782-3955, (499) 766-10-03
RHANA Corporation is the official and exclusive distributor of the Japanese-made
medicinal preparation for injection “Laennec” - human placenta hydrolysate
(Pharmaceutical Registration Certificate 013851/01-2002 awarded by the RF Health
Ministry) and Japanese-made cosmetics from ВВ LABORATORIES and GHC on the
territory of Russia and the Baltic States.
The key domains of the corporation’s business activity are a network of RHANA clinics
and the elite RHANA cosmetics boutique.
The RHANA Clinic, a member of the international Аnti-Ageing Medicine Association,
presents an entirely new approach to beauty treatment based on the regulation of the
ageing process by means of injections of “Laennec” human placenta hydrolysate.
Placenta therapy supplemented by exclusive RHANA cosmetics provides essential
solutions for multiple age-related skin problems. The elite RHANA cosmetics boutique
offers a variety of lines of the most efficient cosmetic preparations, professional
consultations, state-of-the-art equipment for facial skin diagnostics, as well as an
agreeable friendly atmosphere.

ROSSLYN MEDICAL               C12
Representative office in Moscow
123610, Krasnopresnenskaya Emb 12, ЦМТ, entrance3, room 1708, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 268 1509
Fax: (495) 258 24 38
E-mail: info@rosslynmedical.com
ROSSLYN MEDICAL (UK) exclusively represents in Russia Aluma (Lumenis, USA/Israel)
system for non-invasive line and skin lift treatments. The system combines bipolar radio
frequencies and vacuum functions. Quantum and Lumenis One (Lumenis USA/Israel)
systems represent the golden standards in laser and photo technologies employed in
cosmetology. UltraShape Contour I (Israel) – a unique non-invasive liposuction system
offering local removal of minor fat deposits, body modeling treatment.

ROTANA LTD                     E15
117420, Namyotkina Str 11, room 6, Moscow, Russia
Tel./fax: (495) 718-60-21, (495) 718-60-23
E-mail: firrsoff@rambler.ru, nastia@medilink.ru, mb.rotana@rambler.ru
Rotana Ltd offers 100% natural pure golden Jojoba oil, as well as a series of Jojoba oil
- hair regenerating and strengthening shampoos;
- anti-dandruff shampoos;
- conditioners;
- hair care nourishing cream;
- liquid soap;
- personal hygiene foam.

RUNAIL                         N84
394030, Kukolkin Str 32, Voronezh, Russia
Tel.: (4732) 61-01-01 (multi-line)
E-mail: info@runail.ru
Spektr Ltd presents supreme quality nail extension and sculpturing supplies for
professional acryl system Runail, a wide range of concomitant goods – UV lamps 9 and
36WT, professional brushes and files, nail tips, tip trimmers, UV gels, paraffin baths,
drillers, vacuum cleaners, assistant preparations for gel techniques and many more (
over 500 items).
The company welcomes extension of its distribution network throughout Russia and the
CIS. We provide advertising and technological support in promoting our products on the
nail service market.
All products are completed with instructions in Russian and enjoy RF conformant

121353,Skolkovskoye Shosse 21, Moscow, Russia
Tel: (495) 585-60-08, 446-10-45
E-mail: salon_krasotj@mail.ru
RUS-CinderellaHair, the exclusive distributor for the company-manufacturer of the
American hair extension system, offers:
- A state-of-the-art hair extension technique in Russia
- The protein-based capsule which causes no damage to your own hair
- 100% natural premium quality hair
- a huge selection of hair texture and colour
- Training.
Regional dealers are welcome.

RusLaser                       G19
119421, Novatory Str 40, bldg 1, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495)740-4323, 517-6880
Fax: (495)740-43-23
E-mail: ruslaser@yandex.ru
RUSLASER exclusively distributes in Russia and the CIS for the HONKON company, a
worldwide renowned manufacturer of beauty care equipment.
The Company specializes in supplying IPL systems (photo therapeutic devices for photo
rejuvenation and photo depilation treatments, as well as for the treatment of vascular
and pigment lesions, acne), lasers, latter-day liquid gas peel systems, equipment for
breast plastics, multifunctional beauty care systems at most favorable prices available in
Russia. All equipment has passed certification and clinical tests in the RF Health
Ministry. Warranty and training services are provided.

119991, Trubetskaya Str 8, bldg. 2, Moscow, Russia
Tel./fax: (499) 766-07-57, 248-51-26
E-mail rvrach@mmascience.ru
www. rusvrach.ru
Russian Doctor Publishing House Ltd. issues:
“Doctor” - a research and practice publicistic medical magazine addressed to doctors of
various qualifications, clinical doctors, specialists willing to upgrade their after diploma
qualification, as well as researchers and professors of institutions for higher medical
education. This edition has been included in the list of magazines recommended by VAK
(Higher Attestation Commission).
Subscription by mail: through the Rospechat cataloque - 71425; Pressa Rossii - 44461;
Pochta Rossii - 73289.
“Nurse” - a research and practice publicistic magazine intended for the top managing
personnel of health care establishments – head physicians, their assistants in charge of
the nursing staff, senior nurses.
Subscription by mail: through the Rospechat catalogue - 47989; Pressa Rossii - 44463;
Pochta Rossii - 73257.
“Pharmacy” – a research and practice magazine for pharmaceutists and chemists,
heads of pharmaceutical enterprises, pharmacy personnel and students of higher
pharmaceutical institutions. The edition has been included in the list of magazines and
journals recommended by VAK (Higher Attestation Commission). Available through mail
subscription: Rospechat - 71477; Pressa Rossii - 44772; Pochta Rossii - 73175.
“Experimental and Clinical Dermatocosmetology” – a research and practice medical
magazine for the personnel employed in the field of medical and aesthetic medicine.
Available through mail subscription: Rospechat - 82021; Pressa Rossii - 12148; Pochta
Rossii - 73187.
Detailed information on subscription for all the magazines is available on the website.

SAGITTA, LTD                  N12
109451, Bratislavskaya Str 5, room 12, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 658-4940, 658-4951, 729-1501
Fax: 8-495-658-49-40
E-mail: sagitta-cosm@mail.ru
SAGITTA Ltd is engaged in supplying the best professional makeup cosmetics, nail
varnishes, manicure tools, nail extension and design supplies, nail care products from
domestic and foreign manufacturers. Our company exclusively represents the first
professional Russian makeup cosmetics under the brand name of Queenshine.

SALON COSMETICS                 C05
119121, Smolenskaya-Sennaya Square 23/25, room 120, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 244-7274, 102-0526
Fax: (495) 244-7284
E-mail: info@cosmetika.ru
Salon Cosmetics, created on the basis of Moscow Beauty Institute, is a leading Russian
manufacturer of professional cosmetics in Russia. The Company offers a full line of
PREMIUM Professional cosmetics, updated in accordance to latter-day beauty
tendencies; a series of glycolic peels, the PREMIUM Homework home care line; unique
solid-phase products; a line of cosmetics for apparative treatment, an anti-cellulite
aromatherapy programme, a line of bioepilation products. Among the new launches is a
line of high-end preparations for a non-invasive treatment of mimic line.

Salon Krasoty                N33
103016, Neglinnaya Str 18/1, bldg 2, Moscow, Russia
Tel. (495) 625-3096, 625-3097
Tel./fax: (495) 625-3034
Salon Krasoty is an illustrated magazine for women, a unique periodical covering
services offered by beauty centers. Every issue contains specialists` recommendations,
information on techniques and technologies applied in professional cosmetology,
fashion trends in hairdressing and make-up.
The obligatory appendix provides monthly updated price-lists of over 200 Moscow
beauty salons, healthcare centres and fitness clubs.
The magazine is issued monthly with a circulation of 57,000 copies.
Our special project:
“Salon Profi”, issued twice a year.
An illustrated reference edition meant for top management personnel and experts of
beauty and healthcare centers providing services in the field of cosmetology and
aesthetic medicine. Available in every issue: information on manufacturing companies
and trade representatives, market novelties, preparations and techniques, equipment
and training programs.
The obligatory insert contains price-lists on cosmetics, equipment and expendables, as
well as companies` requisites.

SANOS                          A04
109052, Nizhegorodskaya Str 29-33, bldg 4, room 500, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 643-9612, 678-9270
Fax: (495) 231-3998
E-mail: sanos@ooosanos.ru
SANOS Ltd deals with sanitary safety of employees of hairdressing shops, beauty
salons, medical personnel and their patients.
The company specializing in ensuring epidemiological wellbeing in medical and
therapeutic institutions, beauty care establishments, offers state-of-the-art equipment
and expendables from leading foreign and domestic manufacturers, aiming to ensure
absolute safety and comfort of any performed treatment procedure, as well as to
complete the interior aesthetic design of any medical institution or beauty salon.

SAVONRY CO.LTD                 H09
193230, Telmann Atr 16, St.Petersburg, Russia
Tel.: (812) 448-9914, (812) 922-6744
Fax: (812) 448-9914
E-mail: savonry@mail.ru
The company engages in the manufacturing and marketing of natural bath and shower
cosmetics. All the products are hand-crafted and contain exclusively natural vegetal
components: essential and vegetable oils, herbal and fruit extracts, plant and petal
particles and much more. Our product range comprises over 60 sorts of natural soap,
about 20 kinds of fizzy bath balls, sea salts and bath milks, salt and sugar scrubs, bath
foams, massage plates.
Savonry – felicity of body and spirit.

SEASON OF BEAUTY             N30
197198, Zverinskaya Str 33, St.Petersburg, Russia
Tel. (812) 600-1578
Moscow Office:
119270, Luzhnetskaya Emb 2/4, bldg 29, Moscow, Russia
Tel. (495) 540-2798
e-mail: msk@allseason.ru
Season of Beauty is a nationwide periodical highlighting and promoting a healthy way of
life, salon treatments, fashion and beauty news. The magazine provides information
dealing with the service and entertainment industry, beauty salon facilities, seasonal
aesthetic problems and professional methods of their solution, color and style trends in
hairdressing, garments and accessories.
Season of Beauty has gained a solid reputation of a highly professional fashionable
beauty periodical, operating on the beauty information market since 2002.
The magazine is issued in full colour in the А-4 format, with a total page number of 124
type pages.
Periodicity - once in two months (6 issues per year).
Circulation - 54 000 copies.
Besides retail distribution through commercial networks, at exhibitions and through
subscription, the magazine is supplied FREE-of-charge to ALL BEAUTY SALONS
throughout Russia and the Ukraine.

SEKRET KRASOTY M                A31
129301, Mir Ave 186, bldg 1, room 6, Moscow, Russia
Tel. office: (495) 686-1567
Tel. info: (495) 507-4705
Tel. wholesales department: (495) 504-80-69.
Sekret Krasoty M Trade Company exclusively distributes BioBeauty dry powder
cosmetics for face and body care and PhytoNika hair care products. The products,
developed by the scientists of Novosibirsk Akademgorodok, consist exclusively of
medicinal herbs and natural minerals. The company was honored with an award of the
Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. Our products are formulated in such a way that
they never submit to the skin what is not supposed to be there, e.g. preservatives or
fragrances, but on the contrary – remove what is not wanted there – toxins and
radiation. The company develops multiple business lines, namely: retail sales (a
network of stores in Moscow, St.Petersburg and Nizhniy Novgorod), wholesales, private
delivery and exhibition activity.

SEWHA P&C (S. KOREA)          N08
Samseon Bldg. 5f, Samseon-Dong, Seongbuk-Gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel.: 822-915-1600 ext. 123
Fax: 822-916-5601
E-mail: Elena@sewha.co.kr
www.sewha.co.kr, www.richenna.com
Since established in 1965, we have specialized in hair color products. SEWHA P&C INC.,
has been doing the business in domestic market and overseas as a leading exporter
and manufacturer of (semi) permanent hair color, bleaching and hair/skin cosmetic
products in Korea.
We cover full range of hair dye products from economical powder type to cream-cream
type and from for home use to for professional use and also produce some other hair
care items.
Specially we have launched “RICHENNA” brand that are made of HENNA with new
technology in 2004. We are looking forward to have successful reaction in various parts
of the world like in korea.
SILVER STAR                    N17
125167, Viktorenko Str 16, room 23, Moscow, Russia
Tel./fax: (495) 645-4440
E-mail: info@silverstar.ru
Silver Star features the first Russian line of hand-sharpened manicure tools. We also
manufacture cosmetological and hairdressing tools. The excellent hand sharpening and
high-quality alloy steel meet the highest professional demands.
Our company operates in all types of commodity markets: gross and minor wholesales,
retail outlets.
We care for our clients! We offer reasonable prices, discount systems, provide delivery
in Moscow and to regions, advertising support.

SIM SENSITIVE (Omega)          G22, N13
105082, Bolshaya Pochtovaya Str 7, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495)755-9408
Fax: (495)265-5609
Omega Ltd represents a well-known Scandinavian brand for professionals SIM
SENSITIVE. The product range includes most advanced hair care products, hair
regeneration cosmetics, as well as hair coloring products, perming and hair
straightening supplies. Also presented at our exhibition stand are products from the
Swiss company VALERA, as well as hair and scalp diagnostics equipment by ARAM. Not
to be overlooked is the unique Laser Comb device by HAIR MAX (USA), the only
medical device that has been clinically proven to promote hair growth.

SIMPLELINE                      H12
105484, Shestnadtsataya Parkovaya Str. 37/141, Moscow, Russia
Tel./fax: (495) 464-4482
E-mail: 4644482@mail.ru
The SimpleLine Company represents on the Russian market a nail care line by Вohema,
and acts as an official distributor of the unique nail design set by DIY NAIL MAGIC on
the territory of Russia. Unlike its expensive electronic counterparts our set doesn’t
require any professional knowledge and can be used in household conditions. Our
supplies will make your nail care routine easy and simple. The company provides only
proven premium quality products supported by comprehensive expert consultations.
Regional representatives are welcome.

SI-ULTRA                         H16
117105, Nagatinskaya Str. 1, Moscow, Russia
Tel./fax: (495)252-78-99
E-mail: si-ultra@si-ultra.ru
Si-Ultra offers state-of-the-art developments in the field of organic silicon with the
purpose of creating high-end cosmetics and cosmeceuticals. It is universally known that
the lack of silicon in tissues and metabolism failure bring about general body ageing
leading consequently to the loss of good looks. Filling a want for silicon is your way to
rejuvenation and wellness. We manufacture high-end silicon-based cosmetics united in
lines for both professional and domestic use.

SKIN CEUTICALS, INC.            F03a
119180, Chetvyorty Golutvinsky Lane 1/8, bldg. 1–2, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 258-3191 (доб. 469)
Fax: (495) 725-6333
E-mail: www.skinceuticals.com
SKINCEUTICALS is the leading* professional dermatological skin care line.
Founded in 1997 by famous American scientists and dermatologists, SkinCeuticals
helped pioneer the advent of cosmeceuticals having introduced a number of
outstanding technological developments. The trade mark stands for high-end skin care
products representing a perfect pattern of cosmetics and up-to-date research in the
field of pharmacy sciences.
Backed up by the scientific research of Dr.Sheldon Pinnel, believed to be the father of
topical anti-oxidants and the first to have patented the technology of stabilizing pure
vitamin C for local application, the brand’s creators were the first to break new ground
in the field of anti-age preparations featuring anti-oxidants and active photoprotection
Currently the SkinCeuticals brand is presented in the USA, Canada, Europe, as well as in
Asia and Central America.
* according to the data presented in 2005 by the Securities and Exchange Commission
in the field of skin care preparations available without prescription at medical offices.

SKIN LIGHT GROUP              D30
119034, M.Levshinskiy Lane 14/9, bldg 1, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 202-6162, 637-4686
Fax: (492) 637-4723, 202-1891
E-mail: info@skinlight.ru
Skin Light group exclusively represents the following leading cosmetics brands in
Garraud Paris – aesthetic salon cosmetics, retail lines for home care, medicated make-
up products. The products are based on natural active complexes and innovative
technological formulas.
Pandhy’s – depilation sugar paste for natural painless hair removal, causes no irritation
or allergic reactions.
Only Yours – medicated cosmetics line for salon use, tropical surface peels, acne
treatment, care products containing fruit acids.
Skin Light professional – special algae face and body care programs, body wraps and
masks, collagen sheets.

SMART BUY                    C04
129281, Olonetsky Lane 4, bldg 2, ground floor, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 101-2161
Fax: (495) 101-2163
E-mail: smartbuy@info.ru
Brands represented: Gezatone, Depelieve, St.Tropez, Algologie, Anesi, Credo,
Decomedical, Neo Qi
The Smart Buy company offers cosmetology and spa equipment: NeoQi (USA),
Gezatone (France); Depileve (Spain)– paraffin therapy and depilation products;
Rica (Italy)-depilation and body care products; Anesi (Spain)–professional face care
cosmetics, Anesi Parafango (Spain)–anti-cellulite wraps; Beauty Style (USA)-collagen
and alginate masks; Algologie (France)– thalassotherapy face and body care products;
Sea Bronze (Spain)- indoor tanning cosmetics; St. Tropez (USA)- an instant tanning
system; Belfeet (Spain) a pedicure line.

SODIN BEAUTY                  D20
117630, Starokaluzhskoye Shosse 62, bldg.1, section7, Moscow, Russia
Tel,/fax: (495) 784-71-91
E-mail: sodinbeauty@gmail.com
Sodin Beauty exclusively represents the Bellefontaine brand.
Original Bellefontaine formulas are created on the basis of rare plants coming from the
unique nature of the Swiss Alps, transparent glacial water, supplemented by state-of-
the-art technologies and techniques.
Every product of the Bellefontaine professional line is a piece of perfection and
exclusiveness. Swissbellefontaine Int. SARL, Switzerland.

SOFIA                         N15a
127018, Sushyovsky Val Str 5 (underground station “Savyolovskaya”, SC “Savyolovsky”
pavilions А 2-3 and А 28-29)
Tel.: + 7 (926) 294-2618, + 7 (926) 294-2619
Fax: (495) 907-2131
E-mail: 7sofia@rambler.ru
We offer professionally sharpened manicure and pedicure tools from miscellaneous
manufacturers: Solingen, Zinger, Viper, Mertz, Metzger and others. The company owns
an in-house workshop and provides sharpening services. Also available are Jina gels,
nail extension and design supplies.

SOLANA ENERGY                   B20
119049, Koroviy Val Str 7, bldg 1, room 11а, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 980-7193, 980-7194
Fax: (495) 980-7195
E-mail: sales@solana.ru
Solana Energy, founded in 1993, is the exclusive distributor of Alisun solaria and an
official representative of the Ergoline brand (Germany).
Available are all types of solaria, professional solarium cosmetics, all kinds of lamps,
spare parts, and accessories. We present a novelty on the Russian market – a
revolutionary slimming technology by BodySculptor (French).
Qualitative warranty and after-sales service. Exclusive instruction seminars. An integral
client support programme. Favorable cooperation terms: credit, leasing, installment
We have got branches in 8 major Russian cities and over 40 regional representatives.

SOLARIA                      C18
191002, Bolshaya Moskovskaya Str 14/1, St.Petersburg, Russia
Tel./fax: (812) 337-5257 (multi-line)
E-mail: sale@ionto.ru
Main office:
MOSCOW: (495) 661-3167
Official dealers:
MOSCOW “ MFitness” (495) 974-1234
ST.PETERSBURG “ICG”: (812) 337-5257
EKATERINBURG “ICG”: (343) 369-8438
KRASNOYARSK “Exclusive”: (3912) 78-4080
E-mail: info@solaria.ru
The Solaria company, an official dealer for the Ergoline company, offers equipment and
and cosmetics for tanning studios (Germany).
For over 6 years by now the company has been retaining the position of the largest and
most reliable supplier of Ergoline solaria. Our major principle is to meet our clients’
needs, therefore SOLARIA is the sole Ergoline’s representative offering free design
projects of a tanning studio, available on your first visit. A flexible pricing policy makes
it possible to supply professional equipment for both luxury and business class salons.
New comers will get assistance and professional consultations from our experts; you
will get information concerning tanning equipment market, new launches and trends.

SolarysCosmoTrade               C22a
121614, Krylatskiye Kholmy Str 30, bldg 9, room 7, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 740-9239
Fax: (499)726-6086
E-mail: info@solarys.ru
SolarysCosmoTrade Company is a leading expert in the field of SPA, Thalasso and
Wellness technologies.
As representatives of leading European manufacturers of cosmetology, pedicure,
hydromassage equipment and solaria in Russia and the CIS we offer our clients the
international level of service in implementing their ideas of beauty salons, SPA centres
and tanning studios.
We have accumulated rich experience from our international partners in conceptual
project designing, consulting and implementing projects of any complexity.
We offer a comprehensive range of necessary equipment provided with professional
technical supported.

SOLING                        C24, D24
109044, Vorontsovsky Lane 2, room 208, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 925-3313
Fax: (495) 911-3983
E-mail: info@solingcosmetics.ru
Brands represented: Amalian (Sweden), Step Peel (Belgium), Biogenie Beaute Concept
(France), Maya Beauty Engineering (Italy), Biorem (Italy), Tilauspiiste (Finland),
ProEllixe Vibration (PromoItalia, Italy), Medium-Tech (Germany), MN-63B (N. Korea),
Rognoni (Italy), Medical Trex (Italy), Ellipse (DDD, Denmark), Re-Cell (GB), MedArt
(Denmark), LICA (Italy), Biostase (France), Green Light (Italy), Cantoni (Italy), Paris
Berlin (France), Jean Schramm VP (Germany), M.Micallef (France), La Maison de la
Vanille (France), Fragonard (France), Cristiano Fissore (Italy), Isseo (France), LongCils
Boncza (France), Stilly (Italy), Martinato Mariela (Italy), Couleur Caramel (France), Body
Coffee (USA), Ice Mask (Switzerland), Tibetian Tea (Israel), Nerox (Russia), Oxy (Italy),
F3 (Belgium), Aqua Slim, Aqua Body (Italy).
The Soling Company has been successfully operating on the Russian market of
professional cosmetology and aesthetic medicine since 1998, implementing dreams and
concepts of a beauty business. Being a stable and reliable partner, the Soling Company
has become also a good friend for many beauty salon owners. The foundation for our
flawless reputation rests on up-to-date competitive beauty salon and clinic concepts
designed to yield fast profit return. Our experience is a guarantee of your profitable
business and successful development.
Aesthetic Cosmetology
Amalian (Sweden) – a new line of preparations for contour plastics based on stabilized
hyaluronic acid.
Step Peel (Belgium) – a line of TCA and AHA chemical peels opening up new vistas in
non-invasive correction of age-related skin changes.
Apparative Cosmetology
Biogenie Beaute Concept (France)
Unique cell electroaesthetic treatments on the following devices: Biogenie Visage et
buste, CB 3000 and Biogenie Capillaire plus a line of sensory cosmetics; exclusive Spa-
Maya Beauty Engineering (Italy)
Therma-Skin and Therma-Shape radiowave, ultrasound and phototherapy equipment. A
unique microdermabrasion and oxymesotherapy technique performed on the devices:
Oxy Megastation, Oxy Life Synchro and Oxy Life Plus; Maya Twice device for
electrolipolisis and miostimulation treatments; Synergica device; oxygen bars.
Biorem (Italy)
Skin Master Plus – a multifunctional beauty care system: ultrasonic cleansing, laser and
microcurrent treatments; Luna – a magnetotherapy device; Alice – an alternative to
liposuction treatment via IR radiation + Kots currents.
Tilauspiiste (Finland)
Equipment for physiotherapy and Caretech LAF vacuum treatments, Formostar infra-red
ProEllixe Vibration (PromoItalia, Italy)
A training device on the basis of mechanical low- and medium-frequency vibrations
used for body modeling, anti-cellulite treatment and active lymphatic drainage.
Medium-Tech (Germany)
Professional equipment for permanent make-up and tatoo design, a wide assortment of
dense gel pigments on a mineral basis (a palette of 90 tints).
MN-63B (North Korea) – a fundamentally new high-frequency coagulator for
cauterization and elimination of good-quality excrescences.
Rognoni (Italy)
Exclusive beauty care and Spa-furniture. A wide price range of the presented
assortment makes it possible to equip salons from economy class up to the most
luxurious ones.
Medical Trex (Italy)
Ultrasonic sterilizers for tools and equipment for treating large surfaces and premises.
Medical equipment.
Ellipse (DDD, Denmark)
Exclusive photorejuvenation and photoepilation systems, treatment of pigmentation
lesions and vascular problems.
Ellipse Flex PPT – a patented technology of a programmed impulse.
New launch 2007! A line of Ellipse unique photocosmetics.
Re-Cell (England)
A system for gathering autologous cells intended to accelerate the process of wound
healing, as well as to improve functional and aesthetic skin characteristics.
LICA (Italy)
Soft Lipomodel T – a liposuction device based on the method of lipomembrane
destruction by means of a high-frequency bipolar electric field. A safe technology
causing no by-effect.
Professional cosmetics
Biostase (France)
Innovative Thalassocosmetics for elite Spa-centres. Unique authentic serums
formulated with sea DNA, collagen and hyaluronic acid. A variety of Thalassofactors.
Green Light (Italy)
A professional hair styling line. The concept of a third millenium bio-salon.
Cantoni (Italy)
Modern equipment for makeup artists and hairstylists: professional portable studios,
make up tables, cases and other accessories.
Paris Berlin (France)
A professional make up line. A wide colour palette. Accessories for creative make-up
Jean Schramm VP (Germany) – professional brushes.
A selection of elite boutique brands:
M. Micallef (France) - a selective perfume line; a unique perfume bar.
Nobel 1942 (Italy) – a niche perfumery line
Linary (Germany) – niche household and office perfumery
Pantelleria (Italy) – a niche perfumery line
Lorenzo Villoresi (Italy) – a niche perfumery line
La Maison de la Vanille (France) – a perfume line on the basis of vanilla fragrances.
Fragonard (France) – classical fragrances from Europe’s oldest perfumery house.
Cristiano Fissore (Italy) – a selective men's perfumery line.
Laura Tonnato (Italy) – a niche perfume line
Bois (Italy) – a line of niche perfumery
Eau de Italy (Italy) – niche perfumery with an «Italian» character.
Parfum D´Empire (Italy) – a line of niche perfumery
Rosine (France) – a line of niche perfumery based on rose fragrances
Couleur Caramel (France) – a line of natural makeup cosmetics
Martinato Mariela (Italy) – a line of luxury accessories
Cosmetic brands:
Isseo (France) – a line of men`s cosmetics.
Body Coffee (USA) - an elite coffee-based SPA-line.
LongCils Boncza (France) – eye make up cosmetics.
Health Care Supplies:
Tibetian Tea (Arava LTD, Israel) – natural slimming green tea
Ice Mask (Switzerland) – instant lift express mask
F3 (Bernard Biscontini, Belgium) – foot care foam
Oxy (Italy) – thermoactive mud foam for slimming treatment.
Nerox (Russia) – water filters
Aqua Slim, Aqua Body (Italy) –slimming drainage drinks
We offer a flexible discount system, special package offers, individual installment
schemes, leasing and credit equipment sales. Warranty and after-sales service. The
training center located in the main office of the Soling Company provides training
courses and workshops in apparative cosmetology.

SOLINGER                      N02
125412, Admiral Makarov Ave 8, entrance 3, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 785-71-95
Fax: (495)785-71-95
The Solinger Exhibition Stand welcomes you!
Every craftsman will find himself a reliable and appealing tool for successful creative
work. Nowadays people are pleased to look neat and stylish. Both craftsmen and their
clients are sure to appreciate the assortment of our professional products at their true
value. Presented to your attention are novelties from world renowned brands, such as
Jaguar, Hairway, Panasonic and others.
A premium quality tool by Solinger in the hands of a skilled craftsman is a way to
success. It highlights individuality commanding respect and trust of colleagues and
Best hands choose Solinger.

SOLNECHNY MIR, magazine N35
117246, Khersonskaya Str 41А, Moscow, Russia
Tel./Fax: (495) 331-5333
Tel.: (495) 778-1151, 995-4481
Е-mail: info@banbas.ru, sw@banbas.ru
Solnechny Mir is the first Russian professional magazine covering issues related to the
tanning industry. Each issue contains information on: spa, wellness, tanning studios,
equipment, cosmetics, tan market highlights and other topics. Periodicity - 3 issues per
year. The magazine’s volume - 80 pages. Solnechny Mir is available through
subscription by the Rospechat catalogue (subscription index 80882), through the APR
(the Russian Press Agency) catalogue (subscription index 41801), or through the editing

SOMETECH INC.                  N50
2F, ByuckSan Digital Valley III, 212-13, Guro-Dong, Guro-Gu, Seoul 152-050 Korea
Tel.: +82-2-2025-2514
Fax: +82-2-2025-1009
E-mail: cosmetic-e@sometech.com
We have 18 years business history and manufacturing experience in medical, cosmetic,
dental and Industrial microscope business fields, and have proved its technical ability in
diagnostic cameras and electro surgery equipment fields and RF.
We are displaying RF Diathermy Device Lavatron which has unique auto temperature
control function for most optimized effect on body and face, scientific analysis software
Skin & Hair analysis system guaranty the best image quality, Skin and Hair home care
device Skinbelle & Hairbelle and multi application low level laser therapy machine

SOVER-M                      N03
119021, Bolshoy Chudov Lane 8, bldg. 1, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 246-0767, 246-2005
Fax: (495) 245-7387
E-mail: info@sover-m.ru
The Company SOVER-M offers sunglasses and spectacle frames from leading European
manufacturers available from a warehouse in Moscow:
Wholesale prices range from 15 up to 375 c.u. Partners are welcome!

SPA COSULTANT                  N19
129090, Meshyanskaya Str.2, room 2, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 234-4455
Fax: (495) 688-2256
E-mail: info@spa-online.ru
SPA Consultant Ltd exclusively distributes natural Spa-cosmetics from Thailand
representing the lines of Sabai Arom and SenSpa.
Sabai Arom is a line of luxury cosmetics for home Spa treatment including face, body,
hand and foot care products.
The SenSpa collection was designed specifically for professional Spa salons and
comprises over 15 kinds of massage oils, a variety of salt, cream and sugar scrubs, milk
baths, hand and foot care baths.

Geroi Panfilovtsy Str 7, bldg 6, Nizhnyaya Str 6, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (499) 762-2808, 979-8705, 257-7221
Fax: 762-2808
E-mail: info@spaschool.ru
SPA SCHOOL International is a spa expert, an official representative of the traditional
Thai medicine school Wat Po (Thailand).
- Staff training and advanced training for spa -, fitness – and wellness- technicians.
- Spa consulting: individual consultations on the issues of business launching;
comprehensive maintenance support; financial improvement measures.
- Franchising (useful model) CITYSPA.
- A unique Spa- personnel agency.
- A collection of natural Spa cosmetics from KHAOKHO TALAYPU Co., Ltd. (Thailand).

SPA TECHNOLOGY               D13, N75
115093, Pavlovskaya Str 27/29, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 741 7504
Fax: (495) 741 7504
E-mail: info@spatechnology.ru
www.spatechnology.ru, www.algotherm.ru, www.senscience.ru
We provide turn-key solutions for Spa and Wellness establishments outfitted with best
equipment from leading European manufacturers.
Spa Technology LLC acts as the exclusive Russian and CIS distributor for the following
- Algotherm (France) - professional spa-cosmetics, apparative cosmetology;
- Senscience (Shiseido lab.) – hair care cosmetics;
- Charme d’Orient and Traditions d’Orient (France) – oriental treatment programmes,
Hammam cosmetis.
- Trautwein (Germany) - hydromassage equipment (baths, showers); couches, massage
- Eurosun (England) - professional solaria, high pressure lamps.

SPA-concept                   N 01a
119034, Korobeinikov Lane 22, room 3, Moscow, Russia
Tel/fax: (495) 637 35 02, 637 40 03, 695 13 32, 695 13 29
The Spa-Concept company has been over 12 years successfully operating on the
Russian market of Spa services and currently acts as the exclusive distributor of
professional face and body care cosmetic lines. The company is also one of the largest
suppliers of beauty care and Spa equipment.
Presented by the company at the exhibition are Italian cosmetic brands Beauty SPA , IL
TEMPIO della Salute и Principi Attivi, as well as Belgian-made nanomolecular cosmetics
under the brand name Yoake .
Spa-Concept has a successful experience in providing consulting services concerning
the issues of SPA-salon organization.

SPORTMEDIMPORT               D05, D07, D09, D10, D12
119517, Nezhinskaya Str 8, bldg 1, Moscow, Russia
Tel: (495) 901-9977
Fax: (499) 726-0525
E-mail: smimos@smimos.ru
197022, Chetvyortaya Liniya 13, Vasilyevsky Island, St. Petersburg, Russia
Tel.: (812) 320-9909
Fax: (812) 320-9908
E-mail: smi@mail.wplus.net
02147, Vvedenskaya Str 1, bldg 1, Kiev, Ukraine
Tel/fax: (044) 463-6430
Turn-key equipment of aesthetic medicine centres, beauty salons and cosmetology
cabinets. The company is an exclusive supplier of LPG Systems (France), Natura Bisse
professional cosmetics (Spain), FitWell-ProteiFine polyfunctional nutrition system
(France). The company also acts as an official distributor for the Radiancy company
(Israel). We offer the most comprehensive selection of professional cosmetics,
cosmetology equipment, expendables and furniture from 27 of the world’s leading

Staraya Krepost EMG         E01, N67
Domains of our business activity: exhibitions, publishing, organization of professional
educational events.
123060, Pervy Volokolamsky Lane 10, bldg 1, Moscow, Russia
Tel./fax: (495) 981-9491/90
E-mail: distrib@cosmopress.ru
www.intercharm.net , www.cosmopress.com
Exhibitory Activity
Farma+Beauty, specialized exhibition and professional forum.
Farma+Beauty represents an exhibition of beauty and health care products.
Within the realm of the exhibition organized are multiple events for pharmacies and
drugstore chains - Professional Forum Farma+Beauty (a Conference for the top
managing personnel, a Conference of Pharmacy Sale Assistants, Cessions of the Round
Table, a Novelty Marathon), as well as an Anti-age Conference of doctors,
pharmaceutical chemists and pharmacologists “Medicine of Longevity and Life Quality”.
The Beauty and health subject attracts to our exhibition site specialists from over 50
regions of Russia and abroad. From year to year the event gains more and more
amplitude, and the related agenda becomes ever more diversified.
Exhibition sections:
- Therapeutic cosmetics
- Vitamins
- Concentrated and dietary nutrients
- Products for children
- Hygiene supplies
- Medical equipment
- Anti-age medicine
Publishing Activity
Les Nouvelles Esthetiques (Russian edition) is the leading international magazine for
professionals in the field of cosmetology and applied aesthetics. Les Nouvelles
Esthetiques’s objective is to assist in spreading theoretic knowledge and share practical
experience with cosmeticians and aesthetists, to acquaint specialists with new
technologies, preparations, and techniques, offer recommendations in setting up and
running a business, promote products and services, highlight professionally oriented
events. Every issue contains a section titled “Topical Report” devoted to the current
problems of today’s cosmetology. Les Nouvelles Esthetiques is issued 6 times a year
with a total page number of 248 up to 380 type pages, several issues per year come in
two volumes. LNE Russian edition acts as the organizer of the International Congress
on Applied Aesthetics in Russia, as well as the International summit of Spa
professionals - Spa Institute. The magazine is available through subscription, via
regional representatives and distributors. Subscription Index in the Rospechat catalogue
of newspapers and magazines - 29907, Pochta Rossii catalogue index - 99020.
LNE plus is a new educational project undertaken by the editorial staff of Les Nouvelles
Esthetiques magazine. Information for the issues is prepared in assistance with sub-
faculties, training centres, public organizations and companies that have proved their
indubitable leadership in the field of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. Every issue
contains topical information on a particular cosmetic problem and ways of its solution,
presents new concepts and state-of-the-art aesthetic technologies. LNE plus offers an
all-round view of the subject.
The LNE Plus project is addressed to aesthetic medicine professionals and
cosmetologists. The provided materials can be used as an educational aid for training
courses. LNE Plus is distributed together with Les Nouvelles Esthetiques (Russian
Aesthetic Medicine is a research and practice magazine meant for plastic surgeons and
dermacosmetologists. The magazine highlights the latest achievements and practical
developments in the field of aesthetic medicine. The articles are compound by leading
Russian and foreign experts. The “Consilium” section provides plastic surgeons and
dermacosmetologists with an opportunity to discuss a specific clinical task. The
Aesthetic Medicine Union bulletin publishes some express information on forthcoming
events in this domain both in Russia and abroad, training programmes and some other
current news. Issued 4 times a year with a total page number of 100 up to 120 type
pages with a through page numeration. The magazine is available through subscription
and via regional representatives and distributors. Rospechat subscription index - 81171,
Pressa Rossii Joint catalogue index - 10904.
Nail Service is a manual magazine for manicure and pedicure technicians, nail extension
and sculpturing technicians, as well as for the top managing staff of beauty salons and
nail studios. The magazine’s main goal is to promote a continuous professional
improvement of specialists. Nail Service provides information on miscellaneous medical
nail problems and means of their solution, acquaints professionals with various nail
sculpturing techniques, hand ornamentation, manicure and pedicure techniques,
provides recommendations on business running, and highlights the latest nail service
launches. Every issue includes color inserts presenting designer collections from the
leading authorities on the industry. The magazine is issued 6 times a year with a total
page number of 132–166 type pages. The subscription index in the Rospechat
catalogue of newspapers and magazines - 80505, the joint catalogue Pressa Rossii -
Cosmetics Market Today is a magazine dealing with the issues concerning marketing of
perfumery and cosmetic products. The magazine offers its readers market news and
analytical reviews, outlooks and expert opinions, business solutions, marketing
strategies and communications and much more. Our edition is a trustworthy partner
with manufacturers of ready product, packaging and raw materials, as well as
distributors, exporters, importers, contract manufacturers and marketologists. In 2007
Cosmetic Market Today launched a series of topical seminars paying special attention to
the current problems and perspectives of the global perfumery and cosmetics market,
as well as the imminent changes bound to take place in the industry. The magazine is
designed to address multiple subjects being focal for the professionals of this industry
all over the globe: creativeness, development of new products, innovations, branding,
consumer preferences, new markets, trends, unorthodox marketing patterns, package
solutions. Cosmetics Market Today is the organizer of the annual Moscow cosmetic
forum - Cosmetique News Forum. The magazine is issued 20 times per year and
distributed through subscription. The subscription index in the Rospechat catalogue of
newspapers and magazines - 35870, the joint catalogue Pressa Rossii – 10921.
Beauty Industry Professional is a business specialty newspaper. It is the unique monthly
periodical of a glossy newspaper format dealing with the latest events, state-of-the-art
technologies, market development trends and dedicated to the biggest and the most
advanced and dynamic association of beauty industry professionals. The edition is of
interest to all involved in the business – beauty salon top managing staff and
employees, as well as manufacturers, distributors and experts in cosmetics and
equipment marketing.
The newspaper is published by the National Association of Beauty Business Enterprises
and acts as an informational partner of the industry’s public organizations; renders
support to major educational projects and              events (conferences, seminars,
championships, exhibitions, etc.). The synergetic effect is achieved through cooperation
of the club of beauty industry professionals (club conferences, round tables, actions).
Free distribution.
Annual events by EMG “STARAYA KREPOST”:
- International Symposium on Aesthetic Medicine
- International Congress on Applied Aesthetics in Russia
- International Conference of Spa Professionals “SPA-INSTITUTE”
- Farma+Beauty specialized exhibition and professional forum
- International Anti-ageing Conference “Medicine of Longevity and Life Quality”
- Conference on Beauty Salon Management
- Nail Service School
- Moscow Cosmetics Forum

STORMOFF                      F02
125040, Raskova Str 11А, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 780-0798
Fax: (495) 956-0557
E-mail: info@stormoff.com
www.hcd.ru, www.stormoff.com
Brands represented: Teсnology (Italy), Vital O2 (Canada), NeoQi (Estonia)
Comprehensive equipment of beauty salons, Spa-centres, rehabilitation and wellness-
centres. Stormoff is the exclusive distributor for: Teсnology (Italy) –face care and body
correction devices, TSEM (Italy) – face and body diagnostics equipment, Vital O2
(Canada) –an oxygen mesotherapy and microdermabrasive system, NeoQi (Estonia) –
spa capsules, as well as German- and French-made equipment for hydro- and
thalassotherapy and non-contact massage.

STUDEX RUSSIA                  G01
127247, Dmitrovskoye Shosse 107, room 238, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 485-5922
Fax: (495) 485-5745
E-mail: studexrus@studex.ru
Brand represented: STUDEX
STUDEX RUSSIA is the sole authorized representative of STUDEX Co USA offering
professional ear piercing equipment and accessories.
The company presents on the Russian market multiple ear piercing tools, a wide
selection of needle earrings and after-care products.
SYSTEM – 75 is the company’s most perfect development having proven to be the
safest ear piercing system. It enjoys a number of essential advantages: noiseless tool,
entirely disposable parts, and a regularly updated needle earring lineup.
Studex Russia holds regular seminars on the topic of professional ear piercing.

STYLEMAKS LLC                N49
105484, Shestnadtsataya Parkovaya Str 30, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 544-7408
Fax: (495) 988-7699
E-mail: stylemaks@stylemaks.ru
Polaroid – the leader brand among sunglasses manufacturers in Russia. Polaroid
sunshades are an indispensable utility and a stylish accessory at the same time. Among
mid-priced counterparts Polaroid sunglasses are unrivalled in terms of their lens optical
characteristics, polarization efficiency, UV protection, as well as durability and design
solutions. We offer the most extensive assortment: over 500 items of men’s, women’s,
unisex and children’s sunshades. An additional collection of glasses designed for sports,
fishing and driving. The STYLEMAKS Company is an official distributor of Polaroid
Eyewear products.

SUCCESS                       N83
119331, Vernadsky Ave 25/1, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 783-9684
Fax: (499) 792-8714
E-mail: success.s@bk.ru
The SUCCESS Company, founded in 2005, represents the American brand IRIS’K
Professional on the Russian market. The company provides a complete range of
supplies for manicure, pedicure, nail sculpture and design, Spa treatment, paraffin
therapy. Our company is not confined to the nail industry but continues to evolve and
expand its activity into new beauty market domains. We also offer eyelash extension
supplies, depilation products, as well as tools for makeup stylists – brushes, sponges
and many more.
Our Training Centre provides qualifications in modern nail sculpture techniques, nail art
design, eyelash extension. Individual training sessions, on accomplishing the course
trainees are awarded with a certificate. We also offer training addressed to the
managing staff of wholesale companies aiming to optimize the company’s sales
New partners are welcome! “SUCCESS” stands for reasonable prices and high quality.
Since 2006 we’ve been regular participants of InterCHARM exhibitions, having gained
general recognition. We never rest in our movement to new achievements. Open up
new vistas with Success!

SÜDA-FOOT                      B11
191002, Bolshaya Moskovskaya Str 14/1, St.Petersburg, Russia
Tel./fax: (812) 337-5257 (multi-line)
E-mail: sale@ionto.ru
Internet: www.ionto.ru
Main office:
ST. PETERSBURG, Bolshaya Moskovskaya Str 14/1
Tel./fax: (812) 337-5257 (milti-line)
Branches: MOSCOW, Vtoraya Zvenigorodskaya Str 12, bldg. 10
Tel./fax: (495) 229-3770 (multi-line)
EKATERINBURG, Blucher Str 45
Tel./fax: (343) 369-8438
E-mail: spb@sueda.ru
All you might need for exceptional foot care.
Let us introduce the SÜDA company - Europe’s leader in the field of pedicure supplies.
- Comprehensive equipment of hardware pedicure salons ranging
from economy up to de Lux class.
- Suda professional cosmetic line (Germany).
- Minor orthopedics products.
- A wide selection of tools and expendables.
Basic training, seminars, workshops.

SUN PLANET                     C02
127018, Sovetskaya Armiya Str 7., Moscow, Russia
Tel: (495) 921-38-66
Fax: (495) 925-88-01
E-mail: info@sun-planet.ru
The pioneer Russian mega store of solaria, accessories, tanning cosmetics, Sun-Planet
is a leading expert on the tanning market. We offer the most comprehensive selection
of professional tanning equipment in Russia. Available are the universally recognized
brands, such as: Ergoline, Hapro, Q-med, EcoSun, Mega Sun. A sensational last
generation solarium Smart Sun. The company provides trade-in services, i.e. purchase
of second-hand equipment. We offer a unique programme “Try and Appreciate” giving
you an opportunity to test one solarium in your salon and get it substituted with
another one. The company’s servicing team provides complete technical support for all
solarium models.
We have branches in all the major cities of Russia.

SUNMAXX                       A13, G44
127006, Dolgorukovskaya Str 36, bldg 3, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 517-4884
E-mail: info@sunmaxx-cosmetic.ru
SunMaxx - professional indoor tanning cosmetics, №1in Europe!
SunMaxx cosmetics stand out for their composition featuring a blend of premium quality
skin care ingredients and high-performance tan accelerators containing no bronzers.
Available are unique face tanning ampoule concentrates.
We provide free delivery. A German training course in sales management! Professional
consultations and an individual approach to every customer.

SUNOGRAPH CO LTD.              A14
600000, Bolshaya Nizhegorodskaya Str 79, Vladimir, Russia
Tel.: (901) 538-3322, (926)198-6637
Fax: (4922) 30-5716
E-mail: sunograph@mail.ru
Our company is the world’s sole manufacturer of patented professional vertical solaria
with the connection to household electric systems of 220 V. Unique performance
specifications of MIRO devices allow to create tanning studios in any premises,
irrespective of power capacities and ability to install systems of heated air removal. The
rated power of 2.5-3 kW with a 4-12 min session duration allows to successfully exploit
MIRO sun decks even in household conditions.

SUPRE                       A13, G44
127006, Dolgorukovskaya Str 36, bldg 3, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 517-4884
E-mail: info@supre.ru
Indoor tanning cosmetics and every day care products. Products by SUPRE, a
worldwide renowned brand, combine high-end tanning technologies and most elaborate
formulations, realized in bright stylish design solutions. Supre professional tanning and
skin care cosmetics implement the latest achievements in the field of cosmetic
pharmacy lending you an exceptional bronze tan.
Welcome to the fairy tan land of Supre!

SYNERON                        F08
107078, Basmannaya Str 14, bldg 4, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 262-2925, 262-5343
Fax: (495) 262-3775
E-mail: world@syneron.ru
Syneron Medical, Ltd., Israel, holds a leading position on the world’s market of
apparative cosmetology due to its unique patented technology elōs.
Elōs features a combination of electric and optical energy providing a selective impact
on the target cells, contact cooling, automatic monitoring, top efficacy and safety as
well as high treatment comfort. The family of last-generation devices, such as E-light,
E-laser, Vela, E-style, Е-max employ the elōs technology for depilation treatment,
various skin defects treatment, as well as rejuvenation and body correction. Leading
dermatologists all over the globe have acknowledged the efficacy of Syneron devices
providing impeccable stable results exceeding those obtained with the previous
generation conventional devices limited to light, electro and laser technologies.
A combination of capabilities creates advantages!

TAMARI BEAUTE                  F07
119034, Maly Levshinsky Lane 14/9, bldg 2, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 637-5374
Fax: (495) 637-5424
E-mail: info@tamaribeaute.ru
Tamari Beaute Company Group made its first steps into the beauty business in 1996.
The company, founded by a beautiful and intelligent woman Tamara Umakhanova,
engages in distributing professional cosmetic brands from France, Switzerland and
others. We offer face and body care cosmetics intended for luxury beauty salons,
formulated to address the multiple needs of both women and men. Each brand on offer
features some exclusive properties able to meet the needs of the most exacting client.
Nowadays The Tamara Beaute company group acts as the exclusive distributor for a
number of French brands, such as K-Hyle, Ingrid Millet and the unique “High Lux”
brand of IMAGO (Switzerland). IMAGO offers exceptional cosmetics developed in
accordance with the woman’s biological cycles. K-Hyle is a brand based on
Lignocosmetolgy research featuring the latest achievements in this field. Ingrid Millet
offers cosmetics formulated with black caviar and pearls as active ingredients.
Beauticians are offered free hands-on seminars in all the brands.
In our training centre cosmeticians can not only acquire certain skills and experience in
the use of professional premium quality cosmetics, but improve her or his level of
expertise. On accomplishing the course trainees are awarded with a diploma. For
participation in the seminars get subscribed on the company’s phone number.

TAN MASTER                    A35
125015, B.Novodmitrovskaya Str 23, bldg 1, Moscow, Russia
Tel./fax: (495) 661-1544 multi-line
E-mail: press@tan-master.ru
Tan Master manufactures indoor tanning cosmetics under the company’s registered
brand, and supplies tanning equipment.
Tan Master cosmetics feature exceptional quality ensured through state-of-the-art
production technologies, unique patented formulations and natural ingredients.
Formulations have been developed with the assistance of Russian, French and Italian
Our cosmetics endow your skin with a durable, smooth and natural looking tan,
moistures and nourishes it; regenerates skin tissue structure.

109341, Pererva Str 31, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 644-04-16 multi-channel, (903) 961-47-22, (495) 347-97-60
Fax: (495) 644-04-16
E-mail: info@bodyvibe.ru, info@tattooage.ru
www.bodyvibe.ru, www.tattooage.ru, www.nawella.ru
Sale of equipment for art tattooing, permanent make-up, ornaments as well as piercing
tools and fashionable costume jewellery. We offer the most comprehensive assortment
from the world’s best manufacturers. The company provides qualifications in art tattoo,
permanent makeup design, piercing. New regional dealers are offered extra beneficial
terms. Studio for art tattoo, permanent makeup design and piercing.
Beauty salon.

TEREZA AESTHETIC              F32
109341, Luyblinskaya Str 151, room 408, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 661-0188, 411-4781
Fax: (499)722-1350
E-mail: info@tereza-aesthetic.ru
TEREZA AESTHETIC has been engaged in providing direct supplies of beauty care and
aesthetic medicine equipment since 1998.
Our partners: Espansione Group, Eufoton (Italy)- photoepilation and photorejuvenation
systems; Sharp&Botanika (Italy)- RF-lift systems, microdermabrasion equipment,
Oxy2Spa system for oxygen mesotherapy treatment, Zohonice (China)- IPL and laser
systems for tattoo destruction; OctoLine (Korea) system for liquid and gas skin
treatment. Regional dealers are welcome.

TERMASPA                        C22
129343, Serebryakov Lane 14, bldg 6, room 104, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: +7(495) 961-00-28
Fax: +7(495) 961-00-28
E-mail: massor@mail.ru, oligospa@mail.ru
 www.mtu-net.ru/massor-ts, www.mtu-net.ru/oligospa
Professional hydromassage equipment from MASSOR for outfitting Spa salons, fitness
and health care centres, sanatoria, sea and Spa resorts. Hydromassage baths are
available in three categories: Luxury class, Premium class, Business class.
Automatically programmed Vishi shower, massage couch for water treatments, wet
zone equipment.
New launches from OligoSpa! A new body care philosophy based on active oceanic and
vegetal components and essential oils.
New on the SPA market! Body care cosmetics by mélodie Océan

TERME DI SATURNIA             G29
123557, Bolshoy Tishinsky lane 43, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 799-2070
Fax: (901) 532-23 87
E-mail: office@termedisaturnia.ru
Terme di Saturnia is a Spa area with a 3000 year long history, the national Italian
landmark, a luxury European resort ranking among the10 Most Luxurious SPAs in the
World. Face and body care SPA cosmetics Terme di Saturnia are formulated with
precious Spa components (developed since 1956 by the Institute of Spa Medicine and
Scientific Cosmetology). Terme di Saturnia possesses proprietary know-how techniques
in creating luxurious SPA areas within boundaries of a beauty salon. Our company
cooperates only with the world’s best Spa Centres and has a chain of its own Spa salons
in Europe. Terme di Saturnia offers beauty experts both salon and home care lines,
revitalizing programmes, cosmetic treatments, and proprietary aromatherapy and
massage techniques. With Terme di Saturnia your beauty salon will acquire an
inimitable atmosphere of antique Rome Spas. All products have been certified in Russia.

THALASSO BRETAGNE               G15
123242, Volkov Lane 7/9, bldg 2, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 730-5897, 252-3392
Fax: (495) 252-1864
E-mail: Thalassobretagne@mail.ru
Thalasso Bretagne is a dynamically developing brand designed specifically for Spa
centres, beauty salons, fitness clubs, sanatoria, clinics, plastic surgery centres. Alga and
thalassic water medicinal properties form a beneficial alliance with state-of-the-art
technologies in Thalasso Bretagne treatment programs (France) enabling to obtain the
most attractive results in revitalizing and body correction treatments, as well as overall
rejuvenation. Being successfully applied in the spheres of thalasso-, alga- and
fangotherapy, Thalasso Bretagne care products could beneficially compliment the
treatment services provided by your beauty salon.

TM-PROFI                        A10
125459, Pokhodny Lane 23, room 8/3, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: /495/ 949-5251, 948-0134
Fax: /495/ 949-5251
E-mail: info@tm-profi.ru
TM-Profi offers beauty salon equipment and furniture from the best European
collections featuring a unique combination of style, quality and reasonable prices. Also
available is a full range of apparative cosmetology from the world’s leading
manufacturers. Wholesale and retail supplies.
Delivery to regions.
TRIHOLOG.RU                    G22, N13
105082, Bolshaya Pochtovaya Str 7, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495)755-9408
Fax: (495)265-5609
Internet: www.triholog.ru
TRIHOLOG.RU – a centre providing supplies for trichology salons (Omega Ltd).
We offer our clients package supplies of trichology equipment and materials. The
company offers products from well-known brands in the field of trichology - SYSTEM 4,
available is diagnostics equipment. Our training centre offers training courses and
seminars. You are welcome to place your order by phone or on-line. Provided is free
delivery throughout Moscow and Moscow region.

TRILOGIC                       F26
141400, Repin Str 36, Khimki, Russia
Tel.: (495) 510-0172
Fax: (495) 760-8518
E-mail: opt@tricholog.ru
www.eucapil.ru, www.tricholog.ru, www.simone.su
TRILOGIC CG is the exclusive distributor of Eucapil hair and scalp treatment products
from INTERHARMA PRAHA (the Czech Republic) and Simone cosmetics from
Preparations prove efficient in treating all types of hair loss with both men and women
completely eliminating clinical symptoms of seborrhea and dandruff. We provide
training on the Trichology cycle. Also on offer is a Lazer Comb device from Hair Max for
treating alopecia in men and women; professional equipment and the TRICHOSCIENCE
diagnostic program; turn-key outfitting of a trichology salon.

TRIMM – MEDICAL LTD.             N76
107113, Lobachik Str 15,Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 228-7936
Fax: (495) 661-4141
E-mail: reab@trimm.ru; info@trimm.ru
TRIMM – Medical Ltd. is an international holding type structure comprising a medical
trade and servicing company, an engineer bureau, consulting company specializing in
healthcare business. And for permanent partners the company provides also services as
an investor of large leasing contracts.
The company engages also in complex construction projects, reconstruction and
outfitting of medical institutions on the “turn-key” basis, provides supplies of medical
and beauty care equipment for health care institutions, sanatoria, rehabilitation and
cosmetology centers.

TRIUM TRADE                   G12
109147, Marksistsjaya Str 20, bldg 8, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 684-8879, 792-8739
Fax: (495) 684-8897
E-mail: mezo@mezo.ru
TRIUM TRADE Company acts as the exclusive supplier of Japan-made cosmetics by
Esthe GAGA featuring exclusively natural compositions.
Also available are new 100 mm mesodesolution needles by BIOTEKNE s.r.l. (Italy), as
well as 40 and 25mm long needles for contour plastics, mesotherapy and sclerotherapy
New preparations on offer: Lipolise – lipolitic based on phosphatidilholin; Amino-Jal – a
unique complex consisting of hyaluronic acid and amino acids used for biorevitalization
treatment of facial and décolleté skin.

TROSANI                        N56
170000, Novotorzhskaya Str 1, Tver, Russia
Tel./fax: (4822) 35-5941
E-mail: karpolina@mail.ru
The company acts as the exclusive representative of the TROSANI Cosmetics GmbH
Russia and the CIS.
We offer a wide range of products featuring traditional German quality:
high-quality economic modeling gels (single-phase, biphase and three-phase systems),
over 50 kinds of colour gels, acryl, professional supplies, tools and equipment, a variety
of hand and nail care products. Paraffin therapy. We have developed a high-grade
program of free-of-charge vocational training.

ULTRA TATTOO                  N41
Avtozavodskaya Str 21, Moscow, Russia
Tel./fax: (495) 677 20 80
E-mail: ultratattoo@rambler.ru
ULTRA TATTOO is a salon-store operating on the Russian market since 1995. We
represent worldwide renowned brands of MLW Intermed (Germany); ULTRA (Russia); Li
pigments, Derma Medical Int., Time Machine, Unimax, Papillon (USA); Bella (Taiwan);
Adshi Trade (China). We offer equipment for permanent make-up and tattoo design.
Piercing tools and ornaments. Individual training (a 35 % discount provided on kit

142784, Moscow region, Leninsky district, block 29 Ulyanovsky Lesopark, GU
Experimental Forestry Moskvoretsky
Tel.: (495) 771-6001
Fax: (095) 771-6009
E-mail: Chuprakova.v@united-europe.ru, Kleymenova.m@united-europe.ru
[COMFORT ZONE] is an innovative Italian brand representing Spa skin care systems
designed for SPA beauty institutes: impeccable design, elegance and Italian style, a
mingle of nature and oriental techniques. The brand is presented in more than 30
countries worldwide in aesthetic centres, international SPA centres, luxury hotels and
MATIS is a French luxury brand enjoying a 25-year long experience in the field of
producing cosmetics for both professional and domestic use. MATIS offers a wide range
of products featuring a perfect blend of unique components and last generation
technologies! The products enjoy well deserved respect and love with professional
beauticians, as well as with their women clients in more than 65 countries worldwide.

129110, Trifonovskaya Str 56, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 684-3728, 684-3274
Fax: (495) 684-3728
E-mail: marketing@unibeauty.ru
The Universe of Beauty Company, operating on the beauty market since 1993, acts as
the exclusive representative of the following companies:
- RÖS`S (Spain), Med in Beaute (France), CyDen (GB) offering a comprehensive range
of equipment for health care centres, beauty salons and Spa-centers.
- GTE Europe (Italy) offers beauty care and Ayurveda furniture.
- BELNATUR (Spain) presents clever cosmetics for face and body care.
- Atma Ayurveda and Rasayana (Spain) European-made Ayurveda cosmetics requiring
no specific training!
- Lothantique and Amelie et Melanie (France) offer gift items, interior design pieces,
Health and beauty care establishments, Spa centres, beauty salons and stores are
welcome as partners.

UNIVERSE-SOFT                  A15
127411, Dmitrovskoye Shosse 157, Moscow, Russia
Tel./fax: (495) 540-47-43
E-mail: manager@universe-soft.ru
The Universe-Soft Company is engaged in the development of software for the
management of beauty salons, medical centres, fitness-clubs etc.
The software we offer provides vast possibilities to cope with a wide scope of functions
related both to the current functioning of the enterprise, business activity analysis and
long-term planning. It will guide you in order to meet your customers`s real needs. It
will help you to be a reliable and advantageous partner and never to stop on your way
to perfection.

VALERI-D                      H15
630108, p.o. 144, Stantsionnaya Str. 60/1, Novosibirsk, Russia
Tel./fax: (383) 350-86-71, 350-84-57
E-mail: valeri-d@kisti.nsk.su
Valeri-D Co., Ltd is a leading Russian manufacturer of professional brushes for make-
up, cosmetology, nail sculpture and design. Make-up application assortment includes
powder and blusher brushes, eye-shadow and lipstick brushes, brushes for eyebrow
and eyelash painting, fan brushes; brushes for body art and bikini-design, for mask and
peeling application, kolonok (red sable) and nylon brushes for acrylic and gel nail
sculpture, manicure and pedicure, as well as nail design brushes.
Our brushes are highly competitive with their counterparts produced abroad.
Express delivery within Russia is provided.
VALLEX M                        E08, E10
117630, Starokaluzhskoye Shosse 62, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 784-7121
Fax: (495) 784-7120
E-mail: vallexm@vallexm.ru
Vallex M company represents on the Russian market the interests of globally renowned
manufacturers of professional cosmetics, apparative cosmetology products and
equipment, as well as aesthetic medicine appliances and preparations, being the
exclusive distributor for such celebrated brands as: CELLCOSMET&CELLMEN
(Italy), MESOFLUX (Italy), J.F.LAZARTIGUE (France), DANIELE DE WINTER (Monaco),

VELIA COSMETICS                  N96
117519, Kirovogradskaya Str 22, Moscow, Russia
Tel./fax: (495) 315-47-00
E-mail: Lafame@comtv.ru; Velia-nail@mail.ru
Brands represented: VELIA, LAFAME. VGK Ltd. and LAFAME cosmetic as the exclusive
representative in Germany offer professional nail service products. The assortment
includes a vast range of gel and acryl based produce, as well as all the necessary
supplies for artificial nail modeling, nail sculpturing and design. Also available is a wide
selection of tools and equipment. Our school provides professional training in acryl and
gel techniques. While taking a course as well as on accomplishing it trainees are offered
discounts for all supplies. VGK Ltd welcomes regional dealers for cooperation. Opening
hours: Mo-Fr, from 10.00 till18.00.

VELORD                       A11
109428, Ryazansky Ave 30/15, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 728-4188
Fax: (495) 371-0362
E-mail: velord@velord.ru
VELORD Ltd. is an official representative of the FIAB Company (Italy). The FIAB
Company is a leading European manufacturer of expendables for physiotherapy and
apparative cosmetology. The FIAB product range comprises: single-use and reusable
electrodes for myostimulation, lymphatic drainage, physiotherapy and massage, single-
use coagulators; gloves and probes (maniples) for microcurrent therapy, fixing and
conductive straps, iontophoresis masks, electroconductive gel, connecting cables,
disposable clothing and much more.

VIA TECHNOLOGIJA              D23
123308, Marshal Zhukov Ave 2, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: 8 (916) 433-1580
Fax: 8 (499) 1917560
E-mail: viatechnologija@mail.ru
The JanJan cosmetics line combines centuries-old traditions of Chinese medicine with
state-of-the-art achievements in the field of bio- and nano- technologies. The specialists
of the scientific and technological company created unique preparations based on sea
pearls, well-known medicinal herbs and biologically active compounds. The technology
of the controlled release of nanomolecules has solved the problem of transdermal
delivery of active ingredients directly into the skin. Our preparations prove to be
efficient in solving various dermatological problems, such as: correction of age-related
skin changes, depigmentation, treatment of acne and post acne conditions. Also
available are the basic and home care lines, a men’s line and a SPA-line.

VIP CLINIK, COMPANY             D17, D28
109147, Marksistskaya Str 3, room 505, Moscow, Russia
Tel./fax: (495)911-7102, 911-9799, 911-9301
E-mail: tech@vipclinik.ru
The VIP Clinic company pioneered in the field of beauty care industry being today one
of the leading Russian suppliers of beauty care equipment and professional cosmetics
and mesotherapy preparations. Our close cooperation with leading European
manufacturers enables us to provide unique equipment solutions featuring outstanding
technical data and properties. We supply equipment for body modeling, lymphatic
drainage, fast and efficient face, breast and body muscles toning, devices for needleless
mesotherapy treatment, as well as new technologies designed to substitute surgical
liposuction treatment, efficient radiowave rejuvenation treatment, as well as
programmes for the treatment of cellulite and other aesthetic problems.
VIP Clinic offers cosmetic lines and mesotherapy products created on the basis of state-
of-the-art technologies implementing the results of many-yeared research work, which
ensures high treatment efficacy.
For a 17 year-long existence VIP Clinics Company has helped launch more than 800
beauty salons in the Russian Federation, as well as in the CIS and Eastern European
countries. The company’s in-house Training center has qualified hundreds of beauty

VITA SPA                       G40
123308, Marshal Zhukov Ave 2, room 248, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (499) 195-0132, (499) 191-0556
Fax: (499) 191-0467
E-mail: Elena@vitaspa.ru
Brands represented: Mediterranean SPA, ANGEL’S SPA, CIGNO NERO, MARTINI SPA,
Mediterranean SPA, as well as Angel Spa body care lines rich in medicinal essential and
vegetal oils. The product range comprises miscellaneous body creams and milks, face
care creams, facial waxes, face and body care balsams, shower gels, vegetal-based
soaps, lip balsams and hand creams, Mediterranean salt scrubs and non-refined sugar
scrubs, massage oils. MARTINI SPA offers bath accessories manufactured with the use
of aroma additives. Available are four lines: Sport Line, Bamboo, Aromatherapy, Scent
and Sensitivity. The products are available at Spa salons, pharmacies, sauna areas, and
sports clubs.

VITRUM MEDIKA               G03
101000, Myasnitskaya Str 30/2, room 4, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 623-1477, 502-6531, 502-6586
Fax: (495) 623-1477
E-mail: vitrummedika@mail.ru, vitruma@mail.ru
www.dekalaser.ru, www.dekalase.com
VITRUM MEDIKA is an exclusive distributor for the Italian Company DEKA MELA,
European leader engaged in the development and manufacture of medical laser
systems to be used in cosmetology, dermatology, surgery and dentistry.
Novelties 2008:
- laser fat destructor SmartLipo
- fractional laser system SmartXide DOT
- multipurpose photosystem Minisilk FT
- laser unit Synchro.

VITTER                         B17
115487, Andropov Ave 38, bldg 3, room 317, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 913-56-87, 913-35-82
Fax: (495) 913-56-87, 913-35-82
E-mail: office@status-fast.ru
Vitter Company acts as a distributor for the following brands: Helenere (Switzerland),
Exсlusif (Switzerland), DeBon (South Korea).
Helenere (Switzerland) – professional De Luxe cosmetics for face and body care.
Exсlusif (Switzerland) –face and body care cosmetics for men.
DeBon (South Korea) – makeup products, face and body care cosmetics.

WELLNESS SPA                    B24
Elektrozavodskaya Str 31, bldg 3, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: +7(495) 223-6026, 744-7550, (812) 945-3208
Fax: +7(495) 223-6026
E-mail: wellness-spa@yandex.ru
www.wellness-spa.ru www.wellness-school.ru
The company’s basic activity domains:
Wellness Service: consultations on launching and reorganizing business enterprises,
setting up business routine, running in-house documentation.
Wellness SPA: equipment for beauty care and body correction salons and Spa zones;
makeup; permanent makeup; eyelash extension.
Wellness School provides qualifications in permanent make-up design (tattoo), eyelash
extension, Make Up (commercial styling), image design, as well as training courses for
cosmeticians, aestheticians and image consultants.
Our company acts as the exclusive distributor for the following Italian brands:
«EXTETICA» S.r.l. – complex systems for state-of-the-art beauty salons;
«LED SPA» S.r.l: - the latest innovations in the field of cosmetology;
«ERIKA Damiani»S.r.l - ANTROS STEAM CONTROL couch with a steam bed, RF devices
and cosmetics lines;
«ЕVA Garden» S.r.l – makeup cosmetics (the central region dealer);
The company’s extra activities: personnel selection services for beauty salons,
construction and promotion of Internet sites.
Wellness Spa is your personal guide in beauty business.
Xian Ltd. - participation in absentian
634012, the Elizarovs Str 17/3, floor 3, room 1, Tomsk, Russia
Tel./fax: (3822) 41-23-37
E-mail: xian@ug.tomsk.ru
Xenon-based cosmetics! Xian Ltd. Research and Production Company presents on the
Russian market the results of the innovative international project dealing with the
development of cosmetics based on the unique technology of introducing the inert gas
xenon into the product formula. We also manufacture face, body and scalp care

Yantarnaya (Amber)         N45
129090, Olimpiysky Ave 16, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495) 518-4974
Yantarnaya depilation line. Hydrofil resin for manual application. Exclusive treatment
technique. Training. Workshops.

YOU Professional, magazine G46 a
109012, Vetoshny Lane 9, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: +7 (495) 740 08 87
e-mail: marina@beautytime.ru
YOU Professional is an international fashion magazine for hairstylists. Having made its
first appearance in Italy in 1992 nowadays the magazine is issued in Brasil, Argentina,
France, Libanon and Arabian countries, as well as in Russia and the Ukraine. The
russian version contains five sections: a review of designer collections from all over the
world, hair industry news and product novelties, new launches in the field of
equipment, haircutting and styling technologies, exclusive interviews. The magazine is
issued 4 times per year, with a total page number of 160–184 type pages. The russian
edition YOU Professional is available through subscription and via regional
representatives and distributors. Subscription index through the Rospechat catalogue of
newspapers and magazines – 84766; subscription index through the joint catalogue
Pressa Rossii – 99037.

ZINGER                         N09
Mira Ave 69, room 805, Moscow, Russia
Tel/fax:208-03-33, 631-64-32 prof@zinger.ru
Ryazansky Ave 86/1,room 809, Moscow, Russia
Tel/fax:748-37-37,742-64-60 stroniks@mail.ru
The ZINGER Company Group acts as the exclusive distributor of well-known brands,
such as ZINGER, VIPER Solingen, V.V. M. Belgium - INFINITY.
The principal line of the company’s activity is the wholesale of manicure, pedicure,
hairdressing tools and expendables: styling hairdryers, trimmers, tongs and curlers, hair
straighteners by ZINGER-professional, Babyliss, Oster, Moser, GaMa, Coifin, Parlux,
Sibel, Exclusive. Also on offer are professional cosmetics by Londa, Schwarzkopf, Estel,
Indola; as well as varnishes and nail care products from ZINGER.
We welcome beauty salons and hairdressers as partners and are always ready to offer
our partners the most favourable and advantageous operating terms.
The brand name of ZINGER stands for reliable partnership, long-term cooperation, high

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