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					                                   Approved Minutes
                           of the meeting of the Faculty Senate
                                    December 6, 2006

The meeting was convened by the Chair, Tom Lesko, at 2:45P.M.

Professor Beth Anne Cooke-Cornell was an invited guest.

Present and Voting were; Mike Greene, Siben Dasgupta, Chris Gleason, Garrick
Goldenberg, Tom Lesko, David Brothers, Len Anderson, Herb Fremin, Tom Taddeo,
Mike Carter, Ann Pitt, Jonathan Ripley, Magdy Ellabidy, Ali Khabari, Georges Chedid,
Joe Santacroce, Peter Rourke, Amanda Hattaway.

Item One: The minutes of the previous meeting, November 7, were approved.

Item Two: A report from the Teaching Resources Management Committee was
combined with a report from the Senate Executive Committee, which met previously
with Dr. Tsai, Mike Feller, Deb Ciccolo, and John Heinstadt to discuss problems with
OIT services. The combined reports were positive, pointing out that all parties were eager
to work together to improve classroom and IS environments all over the campus. It was
suggested that the Senate create several sub-committees including a Facilities Sub-
Committee and a Web Site Sub-Committee to analyze complaints to prioritize problem
issues. OIT will report on WebCt issues during the January WAA meeting.

Item Three: There was an extensive discussion of the Colloquium planning process.
Several potential speakers were unable to clear their schedules for the January 10 date
favored by the Provost’s Office. A number of senators maintained that the “best”
colloquia have occurred when Wentworth faculty shared their teaching practices with
each other, but the discussion did not reach any resolution. It was agreed that the
Colloquium Planning Committee would continue to work with the Provost’s Office.

Item Four: Tom Lesko will invite the President to a Spring meeting at her convenience.
Senators were enthusiastic about the annual tradition of meeting with the President and
will send items to Tom for an agenda.

Item Five: A motion was made “that the Senate form a Committee which would develop
definitive charge for the issues of academic freedom and ethics which would concern the
Senate and faculty.” This was unanimously approved.

Item Six: Chairperson Tom Lesko brought an earlier (2003) draft memorandum of a
hiring process for new faculty and suggested that it be reviewed and considered at a
subsequent meeting. He agreed to update the language and discuss with the Provost the
draft language.
Item Seven: A draft document on departmental governance was distributed to the
Senators and after much discussion the Senators agreed to evaluate the document and
bring it to the next meeting.

The Senate adjourned at 5:10.

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