Shunting Locomotive by gdf57j


									                                 Shunting Locomotive
                                                       Diesel electric

                                                                                                         Locomotive type:
                                                                                                         Diesel-Electric Locomotive
                                                                                                         Total weight:
                                                                                                         52 t
                                                                                                         Axle arrangement:
                                                                                                         BO’ BO’
                                                                                                         Track gauge:
For special operation cases the Schalker Eisenhütte developed                                            1435 mm
diesel-electric shunting locomotives, which are used as labour                                           Length over coupling:
locomotives or for the rescue of broke down trains in public                                             13000 mm
transport and underground areas.                                                                         Width:
                                                                                                         3000 mm
These different operation conditions require that a locomotive is variable with regard                   Height:
to its axle load, clearance and brake force so that it can be adjusted to the most different             4520 mm
conditions. This special shunting locomotive is a bogie locomotive equipped with four                    Maximum speed:
axles that are driven independent of each other.                                                         70 km/h
The traction converter controlled travel motors allow the individual torque control of
each drive axis.                                                                                         Power transmission:
A highly efficient slip and slide protection system guarantees the optimum use of the                    electric AC
available traction forces depending on the friction coefficient wheel-rail. Due to                       Brake:
our worldwide operating teleservice system a high availability is guaranteed. Once                       electro dynamic, pneumatic
connected to the vehicle the data connection allows the service engineer in our
                                                                                                         Tractive effort:
Gelsenkirchen office the same insight into the control as if being at site.
                                                                                                         170 kN

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                       Shunting Locomotive
                            Diesel electric
tractive effort - kN

                                 speed - km/h

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