Silk'n Hair Removal Device by yaofenjin


									     Silk’n Hair Removal Device
     Receives Strong Support in Home-Use Market
     By Bob Kronemyer, Associate Editor

       Increased awareness and interest                    women, more than men, are attuned             Popular areas to treat with the
     in the Silk’n system for home-use hair                to home device therapy, whether it is      Silk’n are the underarms, legs and
     reduction from Home Skinovations                      shavers, hair straighteners or blow        the bikini region. Treatment is recom-
     (Yokneam, Israel) was vastly evident                  dryers,” he said. After completing a       mended once every two weeks, and
     at THE Aesthetic Show (TAS) 2008                      five treatment package in-office, Dr.      is ongoing. “It takes me about two
     in Las Vegas. Nearly 200 units were                   Mulholland presents the patient with       pulses to do one underarm, which is
     sold from the floor during the three                  a complimentary Silk’n and demon-          probably less than ten seconds,” said
     day event.                                            strates its use.                           Ms. Jeffrey, who participated in the
                                                                                                      same workshop as Dr. Mulholland.
        “Patients are looking for hair                                                                “There is absolutely no discomfort
     removal solutions that are flexible                                                              whatsoever during or after treatment,
     and convenient,” noted Stephen
                                                           “After five sessions usually               nor is there any redness.”
     Mulholland, M.D., a cosmetic plastic                  about 25% to 30% of the
     surgeon in private practice in                                                                     Recent media exposure of home-use
     Toronto, Canada and Los Angeles,
                                                           hair remains and needs to                  devices has included Allure magazine,
     Calif. Dr. Mulholland conducted a                     be managed. The Silk’n is                  the Today Show and the Wall Street
     TAS workshop demonstrating Home                                                                  Journal. “Media interest in Silk’n is
     Skinovation’s patented Home Pulsed
                                                           an easy home solution for                  huge,” observed Deborah Sarnoff,
     Light (HPL) technology, which uses                       perhaps slightly more                   M.D., director of Dermatologic Surgery
     low pulse energy and is FDA cleared                                                              at Cosmetique in Greenvale, N.Y. “For
     for physician directed home-use.
                                                             reduction, but also for                  some reason, this is the year of the
     “Patients are also looking for solu-                   some maintenance and                      home device overall. Women value
     tions that are cost-effective and that                                                           both the privacy of their own home and
     they are able to control,” Dr.
                                                                 management.”                         being able to perform procedures at
     Mulholland stated.                                                                               their own convenience. Often, laser
                                                                                                      hair removal centers are not open late
                           Stephen Mulholland, M.D.           Silk’n is also ideal for patients who   at night or when you are in the mood.”
                           Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon        cannot afford expensive in-office
                           Toronto, Canada                 treatment. “By using Silk’n these
                           Los Angeles, CA
                                                                                                                     Deborah Sarnoff, M.D.
                                                           patients achieve about 50% of the                         Director of Dermatologic Surgery
                                                           permanent reduction of in-office ther-                    Cosmetique
                                                                                                                     Greenvale, NY
       Many patients are willing to try                    apy,” Dr. Mulholland reported.
     Silk’n after completing a series of in-
     office procedures. “Regardless of                        Patricia Jeffrey, R.N., a clinical        Moreover, beauty editors them-
     which wavelength or big-box system                    nurse specialist in occupational med-      selves “are looking for a cure,” Dr.
     we use, after five sessions usually                   icine in Toronto, uses Silk’n on her-      Sarnoff said. “Many of these people
     about 25% to 30% of the hair                          self. At the show’s Silk’n booth, Ms.      have been a slave to waxing and
     remains and needs to be man-                          Jeffrey conveyed the ease-of-use, the      shaving. Silk’n is something that many
     aged,” Dr. Mulholland explained.                      privacy advantage and conven-              of them can absolutely relate to
     “The Silk’n is an easy home solution                  ience. “I don’t need to call anyone        because they are, by and large,
     for perhaps slightly more reduction,                  to make an appointment. I do it on         young and women.”
     but also for some maintenance and                     my time,” she stressed. “There is
     management.”                                          nothing worse than calling up some-
                                                           one for an appointment and finding
       Dr. Mulholland noted that the                       out there is no availability. There are
     women in the workshop were not                        also certain areas of one’s body that
     intimidated by the device. “I think                   are personal for removing hair.”

2   THE Aesthetic Guide July/August 2008

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