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									                                                            SCHOOL BOARD
                                                         REGULAR MEETING MINUTES
                               A regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Camas School District was held on June 28,
                               2010, beginning with an executive session at Liberty Middle School, 1612 NE Garfield Street,
                               followed by the regular meeting at the district’s Transportation Center, 1125 NE 22 Avenue,
                               Camas. Board members present were Casey O’Dell, Doug Quinn, Julie Rotz, and Mary Tipton.
                               Connie Hennessey was excused.



     A. Flag Salute: Doug Quinn led the pledge of allegiance.
     B. Public Comments: None


5.   ITEMS ADDED TO THE AGENDA: A few human resources items, a request to declare items as surplus, a travel
     approval request, and a request to renew ESD 112 contracts were added to the consent agenda.

     Doug Quinn excused himself from taking part in any decision and/or acting upon any items under the Consent Agenda
     due to a personal conflict of interest.
     A. Board Meeting Minutes: Approval of the public hearing and regular meeting minutes of June 14, 2010.
     B. Accounts Payable: Approval of figures for the June 28, 2010, accounts payable run as follows: General Fund
        (Employee Reimbursements-direct deposit), $15,876.10; General Fund (Vendors), $235,714.39; A.S.B. Fund,
        $70,795.42; Capital Projects Fund, $170,038.28; and Capital Projects Fund (special run – permit fees), $10,000.00.
        Additionally, due to the summer schedule, approval of “not-to-exceed” figures for the July 15, 2010, accounts payable
        run are as follows: General Fund, $300,000.00; A.S.B. Fund, $25,000.00; and Capital Projects Fund, $2,225,000.00;
     C. Human Resources:
        • New Hiring Recommendations for 2010-11: Certificated – Alexis Bell, Liberty Middle School; Bridget Buckley,
           Skyridge Middle School; Mandy Busby, Grass Valley Elementary School; Jeffrey Causey, Grass Valley Elementary
           School; Heather Dahl, district-wide (rehire of employee on temporary contract for 2009-10 to regular assignment in
           2010-11); Lindsay Fletcher, Camas High School; Lynn Helms, Hayes Freedom High School; Dustin Hunley, Dorothy
           Fox Elementary School; Blake Hunter, Liberty Middle School; Cory Marshall, Camas High School, (rehire of
           employee on temporary contract for 2009-10 to regular assignment in 2010-11); Curtiss Mooney, Carissa Richards
           and Jon Stutz, Camas High School.
        • Resignations: Henry Midles, effective 6/17/10; Conrad Tornow, effective 6/17/10; and Ronald Wright, from 1.0 FTE
           to .7 FTE for 2010-11 school year.
        • Revised Letter of Resignation: Jerry Moss, revised resignation date from 6/30/10 to 7/31/10.
        • Certificated Staff Special Work Assignments: Approval of special work assignments, dates of work, and pay rates
           for specified staff members.
     D. Travel Approval Requests: Approval of travel requests as submitted.
     E. 2010-11 Educational Service District 112 Contracts: Approval of the 2010-11 Educational Service District 112
        contracts as submitted.
     F. Approval of Highly Capable Grant Application: Approval of the 2010-11 Highly Capable Grant application in the
        amount of $51,041.00.
     G. Approval to Declare Items as Surplus: Approval to declare items identified under the Operations Department’s 2010
        inventory list as surplus, in accordance with Policy 6881.
     H. Agreement with Educational Service District No. 112: Approval of Agreement for Participation in the Clark County
        Schools Student Threat Assessment Program between the ESD 112 and the district. The term of the Agreement being
        September 1, 2010 – August 31, 2011, at a cost of $6,598.00.
     Motion made by Mary Tipton and seconded by Julie Rotz, approving the consent agenda as listed. Motion
     carried unanimously.

     A. Superintendent’s Report: Mike Nerland confirmed the Board’s interest in attending the Washington State School
        Directors’ Association annual conference in November, and indicated information for the event will be forthcoming. He
        reported bid opening for the Camas High School addition/remodel project will occur on June 29, at 2:30 PM, in the
        Helen Baller library. He also shared of he and a few of the administrators’ recent attendance at the Washington
        Leadership Academy workshop where numerous school district leadership teams presented highlights of their work
        over the last year.

     A. Monthly Budget Status Report: Business Services Director Donna Gregg provided a copy of a cash flow chart noting
        the year-end budget remains on target and projected at $2,853,307. She also provided the monthly financial summary
         report, sharing the May 2010 monthly ending fund balances as follows: General Fund, $1,740,739; Capital Projects
         Fund, $39,514,489; Debt Service Fund, $4,837,745; A.S.B. Fund, $714,700; and Transportation Vehicle Fund,
       B. Policy Development, First Reading: Policy 6210, Purchasing: Authorization and Control: Mike Nerland requested
          Board approval to increase the authorization amount to issue warrants from $10,000 to $25,000 under Policy 6210:
          Purchasing - Authorization and Control. This revision would grant authority to the Superintendent to authorize
          purchases without advance Board approval when necessary to protect the interests of the district or the health and
          safety of the staff or students. He added that due to the number of capital projects going on throughout the district,
          and timing delays posed by waiting for the next available board meeting, the increase in warrant amount will help
          alleviate unnecessary delays on capital projects.
       Motion was made by Casey O’Dell and seconded by Mary Tipton, moving Policy 6210, Purchasing: Authorization
       and Control to second reading and adoption, as submitted. Motion carried unanimously.
       C. Request for Approval of Change Order No. 008, Hayes Freedom High School Construction Project: Capital Programs
          Director Heidi Rosenberg reported the Hayes Freedom High School (HFHS) construction project is substantially
          complete, with TEAM Construction working on final punch list items and initial move-in having already begun. She
          requested approval of Change Order No. 008 for the project, in the sum of $14,194.59, noting some of the change
          order proposals include: additional carpentry work in the library; installation of WeatherBug station; adjusting locations
          of three rain drains; minor door modifications; added landscape work; added irrigation controller sleeve; and also
          includes a few credits. She indicated total change orders for this project equal $151,140.62, representing 3.9% of the
          total contract and well within the budgeted amount of 6%.
       Motion made by Mary Tipton and seconded by Casey O’Dell, approving Change Order No. 008, submitted by
       Mahlum Architects, dated June 21, 2010, for Change Order Proposal Nos. 058, 060, 061, 062, 064, 065, 066, 067,
       068, 069, 070, 071, 072, and 073, in the amount of $14,194.59, for the new Hayes Freedom High School
       construction project. Motion carried unanimously.
       D. Request for Approval of Contract for Architect Services for New East Elementary School: Heidi Rosenberg reported
          the preliminary design phase for the new east elementary school has been completed by Dull, Olson, Weekes
          Architects (DOWA), which included meetings with principal Jan Strohmaier and her team prior to the end of the school
          year. She requested the Board’s approval to move forward with the project by approving the fee proposal for
          architectural services submitted by DOWA and introduced DOWA representatives Steve Olson and Keith Johnson,
          who were in attendance to answer any questions about the proposal. Heidi Rosenberg said the contract amount of
          $1,494,982 includes the design, construction documents, and construction oversight for the project and represents
          9.6% of the 15.5 million dollar project budget, within the budgeted amount for this service. Keith Johnson and Steve
          Olson responded to questions posed by the Board, followed by the Board’s unanimous approval of the architectural
          fee proposal as submitted.
       Motion made by Casey O’Dell, seconded by Julie Rotz, and carried unanimously, approving Dull, Olson, Weekes
       Architect’s New East Elementary School Fee Proposal for Architectural Services, in the sum of $1,494,982,
       dated May 25, 2010, revised June 2 and June 17, 2010, as submitted.
       E. Request for Approval of Change Order No. 7, Doc Harris Stadium Remodel Project: Heidi Rosenberg said the Doc
          Harris Stadium remodel project is well underway and nearly 60% complete. She requested the Board’s approval of
          Change Order No. 7, in the sum of $29,231.87, for the renovation of the ticket booth at the stadium. She indicated the
          cost will cover changes to the lighting, heating, doors and the overall functionality of the booth. Change orders to date
          represent 3.7% of the project total and are within budget.
       Motion made by Julie Rotz and seconded by Casey O’Dell, approving Change Order No. 7, in the sum of
       $29,231.87, for Doc Harris Stadium ticket booth remodel, as submitted. Motion carried unanimously.

 9.    ADJOURNMENT – 6:08 PM
Meeting Minutes Prepared by Lynette Marshall

Secretary                                                                  President

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