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									                              CSA Christmas Craft Fair
                                    Sun. Dec. 5, 2010
                                 Now open for general reservation

      AFTER Sept. 15 table fees and regular table rates will apply at a first
       come first serve basis to those without pre-April 30 reservations
      Sellers from Bowen Island will get priority placement, but off-island
       vendors are always welcome
      A number of tables in the gym are always held for new, local, crafters
      Non-profit organization tables and the free youth tables are upstairs

                Table fees: no increase in fees for 2010!
           $50 gym, $40 upstairs, $30 non profit -upstairs only
             desk-sized youth tables Free (limited numbers)

Your Name                      your business name:________________
Telephone             home ____________            work/cell       -    -
E-mail                         your website (optional)______________

I am requesting _______ # of table(s) in _________________________
(specify location). My second choice: _________________

(please note, there is a maximum of 2 tables per vendor in the gym and 3 table
max. upstairs.)
Items for sale/display:
(optional: attach a picture of yourself/your product for promotional use) Please
email images to: shaxby@sd45.bc.ca

Payment by: Cheque made out to the BICS CSA, or cash.

Please mail to: Sarah Haxby Bowen Island Community School Coordinator
P.O. Box 220, 1041 Mt. Gardner Road Bowen Island, BC V0N 1G0
http://www.sd45.bc.ca/bowen/ (website) 604-947-9337 (phone)
                              25th Annual CSA (Community
                              School Association) Christmas
                              Craft Fair at Bowen Island
                              Community School
                              General unloading and set up begins at 8:30am Sun. Dec. 5,
                              special early bird unloading options for those who really need it
                              *by request* talk to me about your needs
                              Parking after you unload please move your car to the parking
                              down the road on the shoulder of the road (towards the recycling
                              depot) to allow the main parking lot to be used by the customers!
                              There will be limited on-site special spots for vendors with
                              disabilities/extremely heavy items –by request only, subject to
Raffle Baskets/silent auction basket Vendor-Donations One of the traditions of the Craft Fair
is that vendors are asked to donate an item to the Craft Fair Baskets. Vendors are encouraged to
include their contact information with the donation in order to advertise their products. Everyone
who donates has the chance to WIN A FREE TABLE for 2011! Congratulations to Melody,
winner of the free table for this year!
Tradition of Community Fundraising: this is the 25th annual Community School
Association’s Fundraising Christmas Craft Fair. You are part of a fantastic community tradition
by participating in this event. Please keep in mind that all funds raised by this event are
returned to the community through grants and programs and services. We appreciate your
participation in this event!

Changes from past year’s suggestions include being open one hour later, the free table draw for
crafters who donate to the raffle baskets and MORE FOOD (especially sandwiches and baked
goods.) There will be no pre-ordering, but ELVES will be making the rounds and taking orders
and delivering food on the day of the Craft Fair to aid those who can’t leave their tables.

Everyone –except for the coordinator- working at the Craft Fair are volunteers and may not be
able to answer all your questions - if you need further assistance or have complaints, please seek
me out, or wait for my next circuit of the event as I will be roving on site all day. I am happy to
take complaints/requests as possible. Every year we seek to create a balance between
maintaining the tradition and making it a bit better each year!

Thank you! You help to make this event a success!
                                              Sarah Haxby, BICS Community School Coordinator
                                                               & CSA Craft Fair event coordinator

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