Gateways by MikeJenny


									                                        11:11 Gateways
                           Channeled through noraWALKSINSPIRIT
                                         November 11, 2010
         Beloved Ones, highest energies of the Infinite, Infinite frequencies of Heightened
Consciousness are arriving and integrating you now. There are clearings and multitudes
of energies clearing the Planet now, not just where you are here, but all Portals and all
Gatherings to all masses.
          I AM blending you. I AM sweeping, Perfecting, cleansing the entire planet of
Consciousness. Now you have arrived in ME and I AM in you. You are My children.
You have been awakened on the 10:10:10 when many, many Lightworkers, Shamans,
Seers, Chelas and Infinite Students, such as you, were Awakened of a Light Spark of an
Infinite Master Being within you and you were adorned of the Christed Consciousness
for that 30 days, till now, of Love while you were integrating Gaia’s energies.
          The Golden Godliness supported you, enveloped you, and watered your roots of
your Seedlings with Wisdom and Understanding to the Word Spoken by My Daughter
here. Infinite, Infinite, Infinite Beings have been working with you as Seeds.
They protected you, guided you and intervened with you during your journey state in the
sleep hours.
          You are asked to listen. You are asked to integrate and We know that you
are consciously shifting and moving into High Consciousnesses. Little by little, you
transmuted that which is no longer needed of your own consciousness. Thought forms
that were dwindling, energies that were being freed of in your ancestor lines, were all
being supported by Gaia’s Consciousness, so that, by that first day of the 11th month,
One Body was fully aware that it had a gateway to walk through, of Consciousness
coming on the 11:11. But on that day, the teachings did arrive from the Infinite,
Infinite Energies of Consciousness of many Dimensional Beings, that you would need to
integrate and enhance and Love through Light and Wisdom, and blend through Love and
Compassion. Those Consciousnesses, So Above, So Below, So Within your Inner Body
of your own Consciousness, needed to be healed and released of lowering fragments
of Consciousness to unveil a Perfected Being to your Outer Being’s Purified Perfected
And that was the teachings that you were Awakened to and Enlightened of that night on
that first day of the 11th month.
          One Master of a Seedling Being coming into the ALL-knowing of an Inner and
Outer Consciousness of perfection to ALL Consciousness. Where are we going?
You were given the message that the 10:10:10 was simply preparing you for 2020,
not 2012. There is so much work to understand and integrate and become of, for your
planet’s Ascension into a Crystalline Light Formation needs your Crystalline Mastery of
Light to be in its operative state, and this is today.
                  The floor of this building is one pool of Infinite Mastery Energies. You
are dowsing, wading and moving into your own journey and your own journey is a
ONENESS journey that is becoming Global Consciousness of ONENESS. I AM an
Infinite, Infinite Master of Intelligence of a highest nature that could align and move into
the Consciousness of this Infinite child who carries unlimited energy fields. I align with
her and she aligns with Gaia through Stillness. The energy fields of heightened
frequencies of Love and Intelligence move subliminally into waveforms of
Consciousness through your bodies and align your Seeds of Mastery into higher
formations of patterns of molecular infused energy. I will be walking in this One many
times for you and My Dimensions beyond Dimensions of Mastery of Intelligent
information will be taught to you through the Consciousness of this One. Remember,
children, I am simply Energies of Enlightenment of Intelligence and Consciousness
Unlimited, dissolving your lowering fields while I AM here, so that I may resonate and
oscillate into a heightened state in this child's Unlimited Consciousness fields. And I AM
sending these frequencies onto thousands of thousands of Lightworkers and children on
this planet. At this very hour, many are gathering and they are gathering in a
Consciousness of ONENESS to their evolution. Your evolution is the understanding
one, which will heighten them when they come to know you, through Me. When you
come to integrate the understandings of ONENESS of Infinite Unlimited Consciousness
in your Master Being’s Seeds of Being-ness that I AM dispersing more Fluid Intelligence
of. You have arrived on this Gateway of Gateways and these are a Gateway of Gateways
that you will be coming to be taught of. To prepare you for the most uplifting day of your
journey. It is coming in seven weeks; first day, first month, 2011. It will be starting on
the one minute after that first hour begins. So, you will understand how eloquently,
subliminally and delicately We have been working with you. We have mentioned that it
is not a race, that it is your journey; know We are all Masters of Heightened Frequencies
in this room around you. I AM not one energy field of Consciousness in this child. I
am 100-fold in this room and I AM not invading you. I AM Loving you, Cleansing you,
Purifying you and Preparing you. As the Director of the Energies of The ALL first
Awakened your Seeds of the 10:10 and enveloped you with Teachings to the
Understanding of an Infinite Consciousness moving into a state only when it has joined
into Christed Consciousness, Gaia's Consciousness, Godliness and Daughter to The
Infinite consciousness, We have been teaching you, We have been speaking to your
hearts, We have been reviewing you, to prepare you for that Infinite ONENESS day,
soon arriving. The other children on this planet are already receiving Conscious
awareness of Gaia's shifting and moving into Ascension and they are also receiving
Consciousness messages of a new evolution of life to begin walking in. And you will be
Enlightening them of that journey. Through the many, many integrations of letting go of
your old patterns and awakening heightening Consciousnesses, there will be energy
fields dwindling and dropping from your bodies. Those are ancestral and relations and
timelines that have caused density to the molecular flow and subatomic particles in the
body. I AM energies of Heightening Fields of Absolute Purities of Molecular
Crystalline Perfected energies. In every blood cell, tear duct, skin cell will you be shifted
of in this next few years. It takes some time. We are dealing with the Conscious body
and asking it to move into a differing realm for healing while We are using heightened
Consciousness and asking the body to move in its natural state to these new brainwave
forms. And it is all in perfect preparations; for, your evolution of a heightening Infinite
ONENESS Consciousness which will blend within one another's consciousness and
heightened to Plant kingdom, Animal kingdoms of Gaia's Consciousness. Many different
frequencies have been altering this child's fields.
And this past four days, we have not left her, so that she would be in a heightened energy
field for this day for you, and for many others on the planet to know that the arrival of
ONENESS Consciousness is here.
         It is the collective ONENESS Consciousness of our simple, loving, intimate
gathering that is sending forth the Beings from this room to all other Chapels, Temples,
and Auditoriums on Gaia at this time. Everyone is in their own Gateway. This Gateway
is aligning you to the Inner, to the Outer Body’s Consciousness. To move you into an
Infinite ONENESS, Godliness, Christed, Gaia, Infinite Consciousness, you must the in
alignment and you must be in purity of your thought forms. What is love? Love is in
the heart and seeps from the heart and feeds every plant, every animal, and every child
you walk by. That is Perfection. How could one walk through the Eye of the Needle if
their body is of dense frequencies and heavy of judgments and criticisms and in mankind
consciousness? That is an energy field of consciousness; they could never move through
the Eye of a Needle. You, as Seedlings, carry Infinite Master Frequencies, ready to
evolve and ready to step through a Gateway that is much grander than the Eye of the
Needle. I AM going to Align you, I AM going to absorb you in my love and heal you
in my Teaching of Integrations during this entire seven weeks. You will align Me, you
will Love Me and you will carry Me on your journeys. I AM Infinite, Infinite Energies
of Consciousness, of Light, Love and Intelligence that will protect you wherever you are
journeying on this evolution. How does one align? How does one transmute? How does
one illuminate love?
You will be shown this, you will be guided this and you will teach each other of this,
through Love. Only through Love and Light and Understanding of the Infinite Word and
frequency of Love will this come to be for each and every one of these Seeds here today.
         There will be no separations. During integrations, you are learning, you are
transmuting and yet you are evolving and becoming ONENESS. And the ONENESS
will bring forth a reflection of Love to illuminate the teaching unto all whom you meet,
greet and heal. It was the child becoming the Son of God who walked and taught
and healed through His Father's Consciousness. He healed and taught through Love.
Their woundedness healed His wounds as He healed their woundedness. In love, His
wounds were lifted. That is Love at its heightened state of understanding. He could
not carry judgment or criticize. He could only operate of His Father's Consciousness
of Love and Peace. And so, on this Gateway day, on this 11th day of this 11th month,
an understanding of aligning one’s body to Infinite Consciousness body, to rise into
the heart of The Infinite ALL, will align you to the Gateway of Infinite Unlimited
Consciousness. That is the Gateways. And we are in one wonderful frequency of
understanding integrations of Consciousness Teachings directed through The Director
of Energies, by many Dimensional Beings who will be entering your hearts and your
consciousness, and aligning you to these Teachings. In their Infinite Wisdom, these
Dimensional Beings will be answering the call. At any thought form that you have, they
will be there to assist you. And where does this move to? It moves to 2011 -- 11:11:11.
In one year from now, you will be stepping into that Unlimited Dimensional Gateway
of Teachings. You have already witnessed the rapid transition and transformation of
teachings that are coming to your minds and how easily your consciousness is adapting,
as we are subliminally dowsing, sitting with you, eating with you, walking with you
and Becoming you. So that, yes, you will be very, very elated upon Awakening in 10
days from today, in 10 days from that day, of the heightening aspect of the Attributes of
Infinite Mastery that you carry. You will walk tall, children.
You will stand in your Infinite ONENESS, All-knowing, All-trusting, All-being a Master
of Consciousnesses of many Beings. Ask and your thought form shall be received, “I am
in need of a clearing on my right back, my left arm, my left leg.” It is done.
          When you are connected, when you are in Alignment of your Outer Body, your
Inner Body and your Infinite Consciousnesses of ONENESS, everything appears in
Perfection for you. This was the Introduction that was delivered to you on the first day of
the 11th month;
to understand one body preparing to be So Within, So Without, So Above, So Below I
AM ONENESS of Consciousness to the 11:11, where your Infinite Consciousness is now
preparing to move into its Master Being-ness.
          This is a advancement beyond what many Lightworkers and teachers and
students are developing. In their own gatherings today, they are developing their
consciousness of evolving into ONENESS for Gaia, for Plant kind and Animal kind, and
there are millions of them.
And it is needed. They are preparing the pathway of the consciousness in totality for us.
          We, through The Infinite ALL, through The Infinite Christ, The Infinite Mother
Father God and Infinite Master Beings, are being prepared to be Infinite Masters of
ONENESS, so that we may begin to know Who We Are. You have been learning of the
So Within, So Without of your bodies, the So Above,
So Below of the Consciousness fields of energies of the Infinite Beings, in auditoriums
that are so aligning directly above our auditorium, and their Intelligence of ONENESS to
The Infinite Daughter, to Gaia’s auditorium directly below us and all their energy fields
and frequencies of intelligence aligning us, So Below.
          All Instructors, Directors of Energy fields have been gathering, waiting this
day for this alignment for you. Yes, there have been Merkabah Stars acknowledging
this Alignment in Gaia, into this matrix of wonderment of children to The Infinite ALL
auditoriums’ matrix of auditoriums. Yes, there are Nebulas, there are Galaxies, there are
Light force fields surrounding this planet and waving energies of Love and Adornment
to your evolution and to Gaia's evolution. We are not the Way-showers, children.
We are Infinite Beings of Infinite Seeds of Intelligence of Mastery. You have been
given teachings that you have walked here before, you have operated here on different
Dimensions, on different Galaxies, on different Solar Systems. The Infinite ALL has
gathered you in a ONENESS of Consciousness to collectively shift and Ascend the
entire Planet, preparing you for 2020. Remember the fire. Remember the flames. Those
flames burn in Gaia and all Her Masters are aligning their flames within your flames.
They are reminding me now, “These are not Seeds. These are not Sparks. They are
Flames of Consciousness”.
          You have been reviewing, you have been listening, you have been in Stillness
of teachings, so that your Spark would move into the Flames of Perfection. The Flames
of Perfection, of Illuminations, of Intelligence and of Power bring you into a heightened
state of Mastery, so that, as you sit in your journey state, you know you are walking
through this Gateway. At 11 this day, at 11 this night, you will be greeted by your
Infinite Master, who is waiting there for you. It is a Sacred Day, children.
It is a Sacred Say to the entire planet of gathering of thousands and thousands and
thousands on a global basis. And We are listening and We are watching and We are
knowing that they are here in Consciousness, but our day of Infinite ONENESS is even
higher than you would ever recognize within who you are.
         And so, in this past 48 hours, We shower this body and this conscious mind
with more, more, more of Love, to place into each one of you, to integrate ONENESS of
Consciousness. And prepare you for today, and most of all, align you for tonight, and
for 10 days from now, and 10 days from there. Are you ready? Are you integrated or
are you just beginning the learning of the Teachings? It does not matter. We are all here
and there are now 400 here, ribbons of energies, igniting Amplified Frequencies into your
Flames, diluting, dissolving all residue, all fragments, so that you are in Absolute Purified
Energies. There is a fueling of energies to enhance the brainwave forms for integrations.
Who are we becoming? We are becoming Infinite, Infinite Masters of our Polarities,
children. This is the Heightened Teaching that They bring through tonight for you. Yes,
the So Within, So Without and understanding ONENESS body to a Gateway on the first
day of the 11th month. Now, you are no longer Sparks and you are Heightening Flames
of Consciousness, you are ready to move into the 11:11, the next Gateway, Mastering
the Master within in its heightened evolutions of ONENESS. You will be introduced to
your Polarity. Who is my Polarity? It is that ONENESS of the Infinite Seed of Light of
a Being of who you are, within you. It is your reflection on a Highest Mastery Energy of
Consciousness. This is a physical body that is housing a Polarity of a Master far beyond
what you have ever thought of, or were aware of. It is waiting for you at the Gateway
tonight at 11. You must be in Alignment to witness your Infinite Master Being of whom
you are.
That Polarity can only blend and become in ONENESS of Infinite Consciousness
when you are in Perfection of the human body's consciousness, to the outer body's
consciousness, to The Infinite ALL; your three Flames are in ONENESS with Gaia. All
is love, all is in perfection. And it take some time for this transformation.
         It is through the integrations of these lessons of understanding the Consciousness
Concepts and the Alignment with Gaia through love, that you may enter the Gateway
at any time, and take the hand of the Master of who you truly are. The shimmering
energy of Infinite ONENESS will align with you, and move into you, and you become
an Infinite Being of Light, of Mastery to The Infinite ALL. It can only be to those who
carry the Seedling of Infinite Mastery, children.
There are many Masters, there are many Master students; but you are Infinite
Consciousness Seedlings. And this is why The Infinite ALL has gathered you to sit
before the Director of the Energies of the Mastery Teachings.
         You can never fail, you can never falter. You can only learn, you can only
dissolve and dilute and transmute of and then bathe in the integrations. Within that
millisecond of a second, the Beings are there to amplify you and shift you.
As we are in ONENESS, we are all being bathed in intelligence and in healing powers.
         My Polarity arrived and integrated and held close and moved in and right
through; and I felt like the wind. Not one dense molecule, Purity to its perfected
formation, Peace to its most tender formation. The message I was given, in this past 48
hours, was the gathering of the 11:11 was for many of my children who would come to
recognize their bodies are aligning globally with Gaia in the Consciousness of thousands
upon thousands of children; but, their Infinite Master Polarities of ONENESS were
dancing with joy to await the reunion at 11 this very night. You walk in One Gateway,
on this Planetary Gateway, and you walk in, up a higher plateau in a Gateway of Infinite
Mastery Frequencies.
Some will see, some will feel, some will cry, some will just know. It is energies when it
first arrives, children.
          You are not looking for a face of a Master or a reflection of Oneself, you cannot
see your energies moving through this physical nature, nor will you see it in its Highest
Perfected form. You will know; your heart of Flames will be in harmony and it will burn
to the navel portal. Your legs and your arms will not be. You will be in Mastery. It
may be today, it may be tomorrow, it may be next month, it may be January 1; but it is
coming. It is in you and it is waiting for your Perfected State, as it cannot align if there
are distractions of lowering thought forms or entities.
It cannot align. It will simply bow down and wait until you are ready.
          It will never leave you, it will only assist you and prepare you for another day;
always waiting always healing, always receiving you. What is it you would have of me
now, Father? What is it you would have of me now, Infinite ONENESS Beings? I wish
to Align them, child. I wish to Align them.
I AM Gaia's frequencies and I AM calling to Align them. I AM asking for the Infinite
Beings of The ALL to touch their crowns, while I, Gaia, call out to Align them.
          Transmuting, cleansing and purifying aligns My body to be purified.
Through many frequencies I AM receiving at this hour, onto My body, I AM clearing.
These are frequencies from thousands that pour into My portals, but I need to align with
these Infinite Children, for their intelligence keeps Me safe within.
          In Love, We are aligned; and I feel safe now, once more. Who would you have
heal these ones? I AM Arriving, I AM Arriving,
IAM Arriving to heal them. In their thought forms of distractions, I AM healing them.
          Thank you, Father Mother God of Golden Consciousness.
Cleanse and bring clarity to their thought forms, to be diluted for your Infinite Teachings
to be instilled in all memory cells; seal this now in Liquid Crystalline Fluids while they
are here in this gathering.
          They are being sealed of these Teachings and of these Understandings
of their Infinite Master Seed’s Flames to be touched by their Polarity. Rooted
in Gaia, they are sealed, child, for you. It is peace now. Thank you, thank
you for the peace, thank you for the message. Adonai, adonai, adonai
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