China leads Asia in gaining global leadership in scientific

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					   China leads Asia in gaining global
leadership in scientific research, UN says
                                    half days of labour, it notes.
  W ith         science      and       The difference lies in the
technology now the driving          scientific knowledge that went
forces behind socioeconomic         into developing better fertilize
progress, China is leading a        rs, machinery, seed and crop
small number of emerging            varieties, crop rotation schemes
Asian economies whose               and so on.
remarkable progress in research        Capitalizing on the added
and development is challenging      value of science-based knowle
the leadership of North             dge in virtually all areas of
America, Europe and Japan, a        human activity means working
United Nations scient ific report   to create knowledge societies,
says.                               the report says.
   According to the UN                 The phenomenon of brain         report.
Educational, Scientific and         drain still affects many              In addition, the duplication
Cultural Organization’s new         countries, however, it says.       of work in Europe’s many
UNESCO Science Report 2005             Even India, with its            national research institutions is
written by an international team    remarkable achievements in         mentioned as a handicap compa
of independent experts, China       software development and           red to the situation in the United
had 810,000 researchers in          space, bio technology and          States.On the other hand,
2002, compared to Japan’s           pharmaceutical research, still     Sweden ranks first in research
646,500.                            loses many of its highly trained   innovat ion, ahead of Japan and
   With China in the lead,          university graduates, mainly to    the United States, and Finland
Asia’s gross expenditure on         the United States.                 is fourth in this line-up,
research and development               Greater development at          followed by Switzerland, the
(R&D) grew to 31.5 per cent of      home constitutes the single        United Kingdom and Denmark.
the world’s expenditure of $830     most effective magnet for             Germany, the Netherlands
billion in 2002 from 27.9 per       attracting researchers back to     and France have been losing
cent of the total in 1997, while    their countries of birth.          momentum, while Romania,
the figure for North America           In 2001 in the United States,   Portugal and Turkey are mov
slipped to 37 per cent in 2002      the private sector provided 66     ing forward and narrowing the
from 38.2 per cent in 1997 and      per cent of R&D funding and in     gap. Turning to African, Arab
declined in Europe to 27.3 per      Japan, 69 per cent.                and Latin American and
cent from 28.8 per cent in the         The relative weakness of        Caribbean countries, the report
same years, the report says.        European private sector            notes the importance of
   Half a hectare of land and       involvement, providing 56 per      developing a national vision
one year of labour were req         cent of R&D funding in the         and stressing capacity building,
uired to feed one person in         same period, is one of the         rather than relying on
1900, whereas that same half-       reasons why European R&D           international donors, aid
hectare now feeds 10 persons        now lags behind that of the        programmes and multina tional
on the basis of just one and a      United States, according to the    corporations.

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             Why People Have Mixed
              Feelings about Islam
   Like in any other religion,         Koran reveals for the Holy               In spite of what we hear to the
Islam may be viewed like a coin:       Family of Nazareth that included      contrary, Islamic people in
one element with two different         Jesus and His Blessed Mother          general tend to adapt themselves
sides. It represents the positive      Mary is quite impressive to say       to the various cultures where they
and constructive on one hand           the least. Islamic families tend to   happen to be with relative ease.
while on the other hand it             love their children dearly and           Even though in recent times
represents the negative and            they try to raise them responsibly    small bands of generally young
destructive. This sounds to be a       the best they can.                    Islamic men have performed
natural phenomenon.                       In addition, the name of God,      actions that were classified as
   The concept of prayer, fast,        commonly known as Allah, is           negative and destructive, Islam as
and self-sacrifice is to be            often invoked with great respect      a religion that is built on the
commended. Women s long garb           in the open by all people from        Koran remains a good and holy
along with the covering of their       every walk of life and profession.    instrument to bring people close
head instills in many that same           The Islamic mosques are very       to God in a number of ways.
respect that nuns in a convent         beautiful and they do serve as an        In general, Islamic people may
have enjoyed for a long time.          inspiration for many who bow on       be described as quiet and humble
                                       their knees and even prostrate on     and they tend to be somewhat
                                       the ground as a sign of great         altruistic.
                                       respect to the creator of everyt         Everything that has been
   Besides, Islam s genuine            hing that exists.                     stated here about Islam is quite
belief in the God of Abraham,             Those who had the opportu          positive and constructive.
Isaac and Jacob and of all the         nity to deal with Islamic people         However, there is another side
prophets of the Old Testament          can testify how nice, helpful, and    of Islam, as judged from actions
cannot be taken lightly.               altruistic these children of God      of responsible Islamic authorities,
   In addition, the respect that the   happen to be eventually.              which seems to be quite negative

and destructive. We may here           God is a loving Father who            woman who becomes pregnant to
summarize briefly these                would not want to see any of his      be stoned to death is outrageous
unpleasant elements that have          children suffer even if they were     to say the least and an outright
incurred the anger and condem          not good and pleasing to Him.         misinterpretation and even
nation of millions of people from         If one were to analyze the         desecration of the Holy Script
across every continent. Among          concept of jihad within its           ures to say the most.
these millions we find also            context one will soon realize that       When the woman that
scholars from very walk of life,       such a holy war is to be waged        committed adultery was brought
culture and religion.                  against our passions.                 to Jesus for condemnation, Jesus
   What puzzles the minds of              For example, if my neighbor        said: Let the one who is without
many lies in the fact that             were to offend me and acts ugly       sin among you throw the first
responsible Islamic governments        toward me, it would be natural on     stone. They all left away.
remain deaf or totally silent when     my part to react negatively and          It was obvious that Jesus did
confronted with such problems.         destructively toward him.             not approve of such a barbaric
                                          Instead, here I would have the     act.
                                       opportunity to wage a holy war, a
                                       jihad, against my own ugly               3. The Concept of Religion:
                                       instincts that I am harboring            The New Webster Dictionary
   These negative and destructive      against my neighbor.                  of the English Language descri
elements deal with the way some           This could be demonstrated on      bes religion as the feeling of
Islamic authorities interpret and      my part by showing acts of love       reverence which men entertain
handle the concept of jihad, the       and mercy toward the one that         toward a Supreme Being; the
concept of adultery, the concept       hurt me or offended me.               recognition of God as an object
of religion and the concept of            This is all what jihad is all      of worship, love and obedience;
punishment.                            about, nothing more and nothing       and any system of faith and
   Like with the case of               less.                                 worship.
Christianity, it looks obvious that                                             This would include Jews,
fundamentalist Moslems have                2. The concept of Adultery:       Hindus, Buddhists, Christians
done a very poor job in port               The Moslems, like the Jews        and Moslems among others.
raying a good image of the             and the Christians, firmly believe       In spite of the fact that religion
Islamic faith in the world at large.   in the Ten Commandments that          is a supernatural entity, human
                                       God gave to Moses.                    beings in history have succeeded
   1. The Concept of Jihad:                When the disciples asked          to distort this original holy
   The word jihad refers to the        Jesus of Nazareth to teach them       concept of religion as God
waging of a holy war in the name       how to pray, He taught them the       always viewed it.
of God! The question that needs         Our Father who art in heaven            Hence, we have today what is
to be raised here is this: When we     prayer. In this Jesus taught us to    termed as Established Religion,
proceed to wage this holy war,         tell God the Father explicitly:       which the same dictionary
we are waging such a war against        Forgive us our trespasses as we      describes as that form of religion
whom and against what?                 forgive those that trespass against   in a country which is recognized
   A holy war waged in the name        us.                                   and supported by the state.
of God cannot be holy and far              Our appeal to God to have            We also have what is termed
less having the approval of God,       mercy on us and to forgive us is      as Natural Religion, which is
when such a war is deliberately        based primarily on our ability to     viewed as the knowledge of God
waged against the other children       have mercy on other people and        and of our duty which is derived
of God! We know even from the          to forgive them.                      from the light of nature.
wise teachings of the Master               The idea that the Islamic            In addition, we find as well
Teacher, Jesus of Nazareth, that       Sharia law allows an unwed            Revelation Religion, which

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consists of the knowledge of God      Mother of God Church Derjev           point of letting you striking Him
and of our duty from positive         naya of Moscow, the Blessed           on the other check.
revelation.                           Mother remarked: I wish to see           We have witnessed in Libya,
   Religion in itself remains a       my Christian children learning        Iran and other Moslem nations
holy spiritual element whose          from my Buddhist children             that when someone is caught
ultimate purpose is to elevate our    detachment from the material          steeling, for example, the
mind to God and to enable us to       things of this world.                 government would amputate one
live closely to Him.                     According to several ascetical     of the hands of such a thief, no
   The problem with religion          writers, the Blessed Mother,          matter how minor the item may
comes when we shift from the          known in Christianity also as the     be. Again, this is viewed as
practice of religion as instituted    Mother of God, knows more             barbaric and vicious to say the
by God, that is, revelation           about God s mind and God s            least and as crazy and satanic to
religion, to the practice of          feelings than all the people that     say the most.
established religion, which           ever existed and all the angels          These Moslem leaders who
consists of merely its outward        combined.                             are responsible for such atrocious
practice as advocated or expected        Whereas in the sphere of           amputations are shaming the holy
by a government or fanatical          religion, human beings judge          religion of Islam by inflicting on
groups.                               each other by their affiliation to    it a very dark spot that millions
   Jesus rebuked the Pharisees as     established or organized religion,    around the world find very
hypocrites for making religion        God, the Allah of Islam, judges       difficult to erase.
consisting merely of exterior         people by their kind and loving          Some psychologists have
behavior and nothing more.            heart.                                remarked saying that such
   How does God view Jews,                                                  punishments inflicted by Islamic
Hindus, Buddhists, Christians             4. The Concept of Punishme        leaders reveal a dosage of cruelty
and Moslems in addition to            nt: It is viewed all over the world   that stems basically from sadistic
others?                               as totally barbaric to witness        tendencies.
   The one that can best give us      Islamic governments using the            Going back to religion, to
this answer would certainly be         eye for an eye and the tooth for     when one wishes to change the
the Blessed Virgin Mary who           a tooth type of punishment to         mode of approaching God by
over the centuries has won love       deal with their people.               changing one s affiliation to
and respect from people of every          The Master Teacher of Na          religion from Islam, say, to
walk of life, religion and culture.   zareth who is highly revered in       Christian, the Islamic govern
   She professed to the six           the Koran by all good Moslems,        ment in a number of countries
children in Medjugorje during the     told the people of his time: The      intervenes and proceeds to inflict
decade of the eighties saying         God you preach is not the God I       severe punishments on the person
clearly: I am the mother of all       know.                                 who wanted to become a
people; I am the mother of those          You preach a God who              Christian.
who love me and of those who do       advocates the eye for an eye and         Such punishments do not
not love me; I am the mother of       the tooth for a tooth.                usually consist of any amput
those who accept me and of those          The God I know is a God of        ations but rather they would
who reject me; I am the mother        love and mercy and not a God of       involve physical torture and even
of those who know me and of           revenge.                              death. Again, the world at large
those who do not know me; all of          He is a God that when you         views this as inhuman and
these are me children and I love      strike Him on one check not only      barbaric to say the least and as a
them dearly and infinitely.           he does not retaliate and strike      direct meddling with God s
   In a revelation that was           back, but, on the contrary.           inspiration to say the most. Such
received by Archbishop John               He would react toward you         governmental interference with
Bereslavsky, Patriarch of the         with love and mercy even to the       people s choice of dealing with

God in the spiritual sphere has
been referred by some spiritual
experts as blasphemy.
   Of course, none of this is
brought into the news media, nor
written in a nation s constitution.
   The ‘fear’ element of expres
sing one’s opinion or of changing
religious beliefs is deeply causing
people to suffer anguish from
their suppression of freedom in
spiritual choices.
   Although in some Islamic
countries economy is bringing
them money and luxury,
however, it is not freeing the
hearts and souls of Islamic people
from governmental ruthless
domination. Islam is a great
religion and every single person
needs to read the Koran at least

                                         She was then in exile living in     and fanatical Islamic groups
                                      England. She said: It is a pity that   relative to the concept of jihad,
                                      Islam which is such a good             adultery, religion and punishment
   Religion of any kind, be it        religion has been desecrated by        have created in countless millions
Jewish, Christian, Islam you          Islamic governments and small          around the world many negative
name it, cannot be enforced on        groups of fanatics. She added:         feelings that have generated
anyone, like we observe in some       While in the Koran women               considerable lack of trust.
Islamic countries.                    occupy an equal place with men,           Throughout history, Islam, for
   There seems to be nothing          Islamic governments always             one reason or another, has
wrong in having a nation making       tended to treat women as second        developed a reputation of being a
a certain faith the established       class citizens. Hence, I plan to       rather violent religion due mostly
religion of the country in the        return to Pakistan and run to          to the four concepts outlined
sense that laws would not be          become the first Islamic woman         above.
enacted that would violate the        Prime Minister.                           The time is ripe when we need
spirit of that religion. But it is       The rest is history. She did        to eliminate these negative and
abusive and offending to the          become later the Prime Minister        destructive aspects of Islam as to
Divine Spirit to prevent people       of this Moslem nation.                 have the entire world concentrate
from changing their spiritual            In view of what has been            on this religion s positive and
style of worship in their dealing     stated, we may realize why             constructive aspects, the sooner
with God, the Allah of Moslems.       people have mixed feelings about       the better.
   In 1984, Benzir Bhutto,            Islam. On one hand, it is obvious         This way, Islam, may in due
daughter of former Pakistani          that it is a wonderful and great       time prove itself to be one of the
Prime Minister Ali Bhutto who         religion.                              best instruments in the promotion
was hanged for political motives,        On the other hand, systematic       of international understanding
gave a talk at Harvard University.    abuses by Islamic governments          and world peace.

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  South Korea’ Top Economic Policymaker
  Remains Upbeat over Economy in 2006
                                     Duck-Soo adding that the macro       from last year’s estimated 3.8-
                                     data is in place. There is no        percent gain.
                                     reason to fear an economic              His optimistic economic
   South Korea’s economy is          downturn this year.                  policy blueprint for 2006 is based
expected to make a strong                                                 on expectations of an economic
comeback in 2006 to end its two-                                          recovery on the back of resilient
year slump, helped by a steady                                            exports and improving domestic
improvement in private spending         Meeting with a group of           consumption.
and resilient exports.               reporters, he went on to say that       “Private spending is expected
   The overriding forecast for the   compared with last year, this year   to recover and exports to remain
Korean economy in 2006 is an         will not be bad...and overall        robust this year, while capital
auspicious one with growth           economic conditions will             investment is also expected to
accelerating to 5 percent, a sharp   improve. Han added that Asia’s       recover next year,” Han said.
turnaround from the previous two     fourth-largest economy will grow     Overseas institutions’ forecasts
years, said Finance Minister Han     5 percent next year, accelerating    are in line with Korea, with the

Organization for Economic            Korea to delay raising the            Institute recently said it slashed
Cooperation and Development          benchmark interest rate for a         forecasts on facility investment
expecting a 5.1 percent growth       third time in four months.            growth to 6.9 percent on-year
rate.                                   On Dec. 8, the central bank        from an earlier 8.5 percent.
   The International Monetary        tightened the rate to 3.75 percent,       The Bank of Korea and Korea
Fund predicts 5 percent.             up a quarter of a basis point.        Development Institute say that
   Consumption and exports will         However, dragging on Asia’s        without eliminating nonviable
be the main agents driving up        fourth-largest economy are            small and mid-sized companies
Asia’s fourth-largest economy        factors like sluggish corporate       the chances of faltering corporate
this year, the government said,      investment and the construction       investment picking up are slim.
forecasting a 4 percent growth for   sector. Despite the budding signs         “The fragile SMEs sector is
consumer spending. Exports are       of a recovery that characterized      one of the softest spots of the
expected to maintain its double-     the economy last year, companies      economy. Reforms can no longer
digit growth to reach $300           remain reluctant to invest in         be delayed,” the central bank
billion.                             plants and facilities.                said.
   Based on this growth scenario,                                              The IMF had also cited SMEs
the Finance Ministry said it hopes                                         as a major factor preventing a
to create 370,000 new jobs, up                                             full-blown economic recovery
from the 300,000 jobs it added in       The growth rate of corporate       during its recent visit to Korea.
2005. Wider tax benefits will also   investment in facilities slowed to        Meanwhile, the sector
be provided for research and         4.6 percent in the third quarter of   expected to be the worst perform
development activities, while        last year. “The optimism for next     er this year is construction, which
service sectors will be more open    year’s economic performance is        has been rapidly losing steam.
to attract local consumers.          helping fuel rosier prospects             “The construction sector is
   To provide the envisioned         about facility investment by          where economic recovery should
economic stimulus, the Finance       companies,” said Bae Sang-geun,       begin. Unless we see some
Ministry has pledged to front-       economist at Korea Economic           progress soon, the weakness in
load up to 52 percent of its         Research Institute.                   this single sector could mean a
annual budget during the first six      The previously weak corporate      general downturn,” said Oh Suk-
months.                              investment stemmed mostly from        tae, an economist at Citibank
   Further propelling the growth     structural problems such as           Korea.
will be an expected recovery in      soaring manufacturing costs and           The industry’s decline was
the global economy centering on      a lack of value-added industries      triggered by the stepped up anti-
the United States, Japan and         that can attract fixed investments,   speculation real estate law slated
China.                               according to the LG Economic          to go into effect this year.
   The ministry predicted that oil   Research Institute.                       The economy grew 1.9 percent
costs may keep rising but would         “Domestic manufacturers            in the third quarter from the
stabilize, along with major          appear to be searching for value-     previous quarter, the highest gain
currencies. Crude oil prices         added industries to invest in, but    in almost two years, due largely
surged 40 percent last year, while   it is difficult to find ideal         to a pickup in domestic consumpt
the U.S. dollar was among the        products,” said Oh Moon-suk,          ion and strong exports.
worst performers last year. But      one of the think tank’s chief             “However, a broad-based
concerns of a weak performance       economists. Citing ballooning         recovery in the economy has yet
linger, the government added.        operations costs, local companies     to move into full swing and there
   Back at home, consumer            have been increasingly moving         are still risks to growth such as
prices should stabilize by           outside the country. Noting the       high oil prices and global
growing at an annualized 3           risk-averse attitude, state-run       imbalances,” he pointed out. The
percent, allowing the Bank of        think tank Korea Development          minister said the government will

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                     ease regulations in businesses         electronics and mobile phones.
                     related to small- and medium-             Shipments account for about 40
                     sized companies, the service           percent of the economy.
                     industry, foreign investment and          In the meantime, South Korea’s
                     next-generation projects, as part of   exports gained 12.2 percent from a
                     its efforts to help encourage          year earlier to a record US$284.7
                     companies to increase their            billion in 2005 to mark the third
                     spending.                              straight year of a double-digit
                        The recent upward trend of the      growth.
                     local stock market is helped by           The preliminary tally released
                     eased risks associated with North      by the Ministry of Commerce,
                     Korea’s nuclear weapons program,       Industry and Energy also said the
                     according to the minister. “The        country’s imports rose 16.3
                     local stock market is in the middle    percent to $261.2 billion on a
                     of     being      re-rated,     and    customs clearance basis, resulting
                     environments have drastically          in a trade surplus of $23.5 billion.
                     changed,” said Han.                       In 2004, exports grew 31.0
                        The country’s benchmark             percent, compared with the year
                     KOSPI surged more than 50              before, to reach $253.8 billion.
                     percent last year, while the              “Last year’s growth signifies
                     secondary, tech-heavy KOSDAQ           that the quality of South Korean-
                     gained more than 80 percent.           made products, particularly in
                        Concerning the currency             semiconductors and ship-making,
                     market, Han said the government        is now world-class,” said Shin
                     will let the market determine the      Dong-shik, head of the ministry’s
                     currency rate, but will take action    trade bureau. South Korean
                     if necessary, an indication that any   exports fared well in 2005, despite
                     sharp rise in the Korean won could     higher crude oil prices and the
                     lead        to      dollar-buying      U.S. dollar’s depreciation against
                     interventionism.                       the Korean won that eroded the
                        The local currency has              price      competitiveness         of
                     appreciated more than 15 percent       domestically-made goods in the
                     over the past two years against the    global market, he added.
                     U.S. dollar, in contrast to falls in      South Korean exports were led
                     both to the Japanese yen over the      by autos, semiconductors, general
                     same period. The won gained 2.2        machinery, petrochemicals, ships
                     percent against the greenback this     and steel, the official said.
                     year alone. “The currency                 Semiconductors and autos were
                     authorities would undertake            the top two export items, each
                     ‘smoothing operations’ should the      accounting for more than 10
                     won rise or fall drastically due to    percent of the country’s total
                     abnormal factors such as               exports.
                     speculation,” Han said.                   Shin said the total export
                        A strengthening currency            volume slightly fell short of the
                     makes it harder for South Korean       projected $285 billion at the start
                     exporters to cut prices abroad in a    of the year, but noted that South
                     region where companies compete         Korea was able to export more
                     for buyers of such products as         than $1 billion worth of goods

every day last year, compared to       $290 billion. It also projects a      billion, up 11.2 percent from a
$910 million the year before.          trade surplus of about $25 billion.   year ago, while imports rose 15.6
   In 2005, the official said that        The state-funded Korea             percent year-on-year to $24.22
demands for South Korean-made          Development Institute forecast        billion. December’s trade surplus
goods were diversified with more       that exports would reach $321         stood at $1.56 billion, down from
products shipped to Europe,            billion, up 11.4 percent, with        $2.10 billion from a year before,
China, Association of Southeast        imports reaching in excess of         the ministry said.
Asian Nations (ASEAN) member           $293 billion this year, up 15.1          The ministry also observed
countries and South America.           percent. The nation’s largest         that every South Korean home is
   “The proportion of exports          private research institute, the       expected to own at least one
going to Europe rose to 18.6           Samsung Economic Research             vehicle this year. South Korea’s
percent last year from 17.6            Institute, was more conservative      auto registration totaled 14.35
percent the year before,” Shin         in its estimates. It said South       million as of the end of
said, citing sharp increases in        Korea’s exports would likely post     November, which compared with
autos and mobile telecommun            growth of 9.2 percent from a year     15.53 households in the country
ication shipments.                     ago to $313 billion with imports      in 2004. Given that the number of
                                       rising 12.1 percent to $294           registered vehicles increases by
                                       billion.                              an average 350,000 or more a
                                          South Korea’s overall trade in     year, the country will most likely
   China absorbed 21.9 percent         2005 came to $545.9 billion,          enter into an era of one vehicle
of the South Korean exports,           making it the world’s 12th            for every household this year, it
while shipment to the United           country to surpass the $500           said.
States fell as South Korean            billion mark. The Netherlands            As of November last year, the
companies opened subsidiary            passed the mark in 2003, and          number of passenger cars
production facilities in that          Canada, Belgium and Hong Kong         registered totaled 11.07 million,
country. A ministry official, who      the year after. In December, the      which means one passenger car
declined to be identified by           country’s exports reached $25.79      for 1.4 households.
name, said South Korea is
expected to post a double digit
growth in exports, too, in 2006.
   The ministry is set to release
its annual trade forecast on
   “Exports are likely to exceed
$300 billion this year, with the
country’s entire trade volume
forecast to top $600 billion,” the
official said. “In spite of high oil
prices and the local currency’s
appreciation against the dollar,
exports will retain their brisk
momentum based on the
heightened competitiveness of
South Korean products.” The
Bank of Korea expected this
year’s exports and imports to rise
10.8 percent and 15.1 percent,
respectively, to $315 billion and

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                     SPECIAL FEATURE: Philippine Tourism

                      Luxurious Indulgence at Hotel Philippine Plaza
                                                                drudgery. The sea is calm with        around the world with its top-
                                                                silver sparkles created only by       class facilities and quality
                        This is the first part of a series of   tiny waves while yachts, docked       services. Located on the
                     articles      featuring        favored     at a distance, are yet to set sail.   reclaimed Manila Bay within the
                     destinations in the Philippines in         The eternal breeze gently blows       Cultural Center of the Philippine
                     line with the current tourism slogan       as the palm trees around dance        Complex, 6 km away from the
Philippine Tourism

                     “More than the Usual Warmth: Feel          away.                                 Ninoy Aquino International
                     the Philippines.” About half a                For whoever wants to take a        Airport, the scenic location alone
                     million Korean tourists visited the        break from the troubled world         is unbeatable by any other deluxe
                     Philippines last year accounting for       and seeks for total relaxation of     hotels that can be found in the
                     about 18 percent of the total              body and mind, think again of         metropolis.
                     inbound market share making                this place.                              Witness your day culminated
                     Koreans the second largest visitors           Guests have come in droves--b      by the sunset at Manila Bay
                     flocking to this archipelago in the        usinessmen, honeymooners and          famed as the “world’s most
                     Pacific region.                            ordinary couples, groups,             beautiful,” for example. This
                                                                families, the old, and the young;     spectacle, which can be glimpsed
                        Sitting on sun-tanning wooden           people of all ages are sights to      upon even when you’re inside
                     bed facing Manila Bay, take a              see basking in the sun.               your room facing the bay, is sure
                     deep breath and begin to empty                Whatever is the reason for         to inspire your memorable stay.
                     your mind. You’re in paradise--a           coming here, Hotel Philippine            Not only that the natural
                     place that inspires oblivion to a          Plaza continuous to capture the       setting can lift your spirit up.
                     world beset by chaos and                   hearts of many guests from               Turn around to the other side

where the lagoon-inspired                 There’s a place for sports         compelled to go for soul
swimming pool encircling an            enthusiasts. For golf buffs, the      searching. It only takes a moment
open grill bar is located. The         Golf Aqua Range-- a mini aqua         to glimpse on the setting sun
wooden bridge forms an arc on          driving range--offers an              before it disappears from the
the water; then, there is a            opportunity to swing and tee off      horizon.
waterfall nearby. You can splash       the ball to as far as 200m on the        Only the lens of a camera can
and swim in the pool all day, but      magnificent bay.                      retain the picturesque scene, if
at dusk, the poolside provides a          It’s one-of-a-kind where one       not etched in the memory. And
more magnificent dining                can drive the ball into the waters.   soon silhouettes-- of lovers, palm
ambience. Here is the place to         Boats are used to fish out back       trees, or playful children--would
take guests to a gastronomic treat     the balls. And right beside this      be painted against the backdrop
under the glow of moonlight.           aqua driving range, why not           of a purple-colored sky.
   When you made Hotel                 consider to stop by the 18-hole          A sumptuous buffet, featuring
Philippine Plaza a choice, you’re      putting green.                        barbecue and seafood grill by the
not only checking in at one of            When you’re traveling with         poolside would be next in the
Manila’s most luxurious and            children, fret not where to put       agenda. “Fresh Off The Grill”
comfortable accommodations,            your kids if you opt for a separate   menu at the Poolside Barbecue
but more so, you have picked a         itinerary. The hotel is family-       offers a wide selection of
host that welcomes you with a          friendly.                             seafood-- king scallops, tiger
myriad of activities to fill your         The Plaza Kids Camp,               prawns, sea bass, and oysters.
day-- from sunrise to sundown.         supervised by well-trained Plaza         There are choices of meat--
   That’s why Ms. Rose H.              Team, is a place where children       beef, pork, and venison. Beef
Libongco, the hotel’s director for     below 12 can enjoy the day.           lovers have a selection of US
sales and marketing, is quite             The first in the hotel industry,   Angus beef with choice cuts such
proud to admit that local and          the Plaza Kids Camp is equipped       as sirloin, rib eye, tenderloin
international guests, including the    with an audio visual room where       steak, T-bone, and Japanese Kobe
famous        and       important      kids can watch the latest Disney      beef rib eye.
personalities, have come to            movie, for example. There’s also         The buffet features a seafood,
choose Hotel Philippine Plaza.         an Internet and play stations.        chicken and beef kebabs, tuna
   Here are some of the reasons:          Various activities await           belly, mussels, squid, steak and
As soon as you get your morning        children with so much fun, from       salmon balanced off by fresh
call, you can get ready with your      face paintings and other creative     vegetables, fruits, grilled corn,

                                                                                                                   Philippine Tourism
fitness and exercise. There’s a        crafts to baking cookies in           potatoes and rice.
Jogging Track & Circuit                cooperation with Nestle Food             Feast with the all-time Filipino
Challenge that can take you to a       Services. On weekends, kids can       favorite, Halo-Halo and endless
500m winding path. Check your          go swimming or do karate and          heavenly desserts. For the grilled
heart rate after that. See the test    taekwondo. For kids who are           stuff, just pick your choice and
chart under a coconut tree. Next       more artistic, there are art          give to the chef for grilling. It
thing to do would be probably to       activities like egg decoration,       will be soon delivered to your
take your breakfast at the Cafe        mug painting, and cooking             dining table.
Plaza. It sounds like you would        classes. The Kids Camp opens at          Traditional beats and rhythm
get indulged on food, but no;          6 am to 10 pm, so you have all        compliment fine dining. A dance
there’s an array of healthy food       the time to enjoy your day while      troupe will entertain diners with
selection: cereals, oat meals, nuts,   somebody takes care of your kid.      folk dances flaunting the rich and
fresh fruits, fruit juices, and           At dusk, the sunset commands       diverse Filipino traditions. Here’s
dairies although there’s a whole       an awe-inspiring view which           an event that showcases folk
lot more for those who want a          speaks well of nature’s               dances from the Cordillera
sumptuous breakfast.                   workmanship where one is              region, the lowland barrios,

                         Diplomacy Journal

                                                                Professionally       trained         World-class celebrities have
                                                            masseuses and therapists have        come to indulge themselves at the
                                                            specialized in all types of          Hotel Philippine Plaza. Name it,
                                                            massage methods either at the        and you have it.
                                                            massage rooms, at the scenic             The hotel specifically boasts
                                                            poolside, or in the comfort of       its Imperial Suite, among the 611
                                                            guest’s hotel room.                  guestrooms comprising the hotel,
                                                                The Sports Club & Spa, has       which has become a choice of
                                                            actually, put Hotel Philippine       world’s famous personalities,
                                                            Plaza as one of the “wellness        including the oldies legend Frank
                                                            destinations” among the many         Sinatra, Luciano Pavarotti, Janet
                                                            resorts throughout the nation        Jackson, former US Vice Pres.
                                                            which are now being positioned       Dan Quayle, former US Sec. of
                                                            by the Department of Tourism         State George Schultz, and James
                                                            (DOT) for foreign guests. Choose     Ferragamo.
                                                            massage techniques ranging from          Not only its Imperial Suite has
                                                            Shiatsu, Swedish, Combination,       drawn world’s Who’s Who.
                     Muslim Mindanao as well dances         Reflexology, Aromatherapy, or        Others include Brooke Shields,
                     with Spanish influence.                the indigenous “Hilot” therapeu      Franco Nero, Van Cliburn
                        Hence, you don’t need to look       tic massage. The spa also offers a   (concert pianist), Jeremy Irons,
                     for another place to see a Filipino    variety of facial and body           Priscilla Presley, Dame Margot
                     indigenous performance. It’s all       treatments as well as doctor-        Fonteyn (prima ballerina), Tina
                     there at the poolside.                 supervised weight management         Turner, Pia Zadora, Kenny
                        If you’re fatigued by your          program.                             Loggins, and more.
                     daytime appointments, feel free            The spa is not only for              Located on the topmost floor,
                     to rejuvenate and pamper               wellness, but for beauty as well,    you can be on top of the world
                     yourself at the 24-hour Sports         stressed Ms. Libongco. For           lording over the panoramic view
                     Club & Spa. At the spa, natural        middle-aged women, for               of Metro Manila. A place that
                     sound soothes your mind and            example, who are conscious           provided access with a helipad,
                     spirit as soon as you enter the        about the way they look, she         the Imperial Suite has a spacious
                     Thai-inspired ambience.                endorses the “Diamond Peel--” a      receptions room highlighted by
                        Sounds of waterfalls, wind,         special treatment designed to        elegant interior design combining
Philippine Tourism

                     sea titillate your ears as you wait    make women look younger.             East and West with centuries-old
                     for your turn for total pampering.         In fact, while undergoing the    Venetian chandeliers, antique
                     Here, the place offers a plethora      facial treatment, a reflexologist    furniture and contemporary art
                     of wellness and beauty programs.       can, at the same time, massage       pieces by local masters.
                     State-of-the-art spa facilities are    the soles and heels of your feet,        There are eight rooms with a
                     equipped in both-- steam room,         legs, arms and hands. And the        living room and a kitchen. Two
                     sauna, cold plunge pool, and hot       experience can be perfected with     of them are exclusively for use of
                     whirlpool, massage room, and           finishing touches of manicure        “the master and lady of the
                     treatment clinic.                      and pedicure, for instance. You      house” with separate room for
                        Managed by Dr. Joel Mendez,         are sure to rise up seeing your      guests and children.
                     a diplomate of the Philippine          face cleansed, glowing with
                     Board of Bariatric Medicine and        supple and youthful look and
                     president of the Anti-Aging            totally refreshed!
                     Society of the Philippines, he is                                              Things have been cooking up.
                     well-known health and fitness                                               With the management takeover of
                     consultant to stars and celebrities.                                        the prestigious Accor Group of

hotel chains, Hotel Philippine         Exhibition”
Plaza is poised to take a              (MICE) venue. It
continuous blast. A multi-million      boasts its Grand
renovation project has been            Ballroom with
undertaken to build Asia’s largest     1,500         pax
indoor and outdoor restaurant          capacity and 12
costing a whopping $2.5 million.       meeting rooms.
   Artistically designed by Spin       The hotel’s lush
Design Studio of Japan and             tropical gardens
Creative Kitchen Planners              and sprawling
International of Malaysia, the         grounds are also
restaurant will be transformed         home to the
into a major dining outlet             Harbor Garden
featuring a wide array of the          Tent with 2,800
world’s greatest cuisines--            pax capacity and
Western and Mediterranean,             the        Sunset
Indian, Italian, Chinese, and          Pavilion Tent with
Japanese including grills,             700 pax capacity.
seafood, and an extensive dessert      These are function
station. Creative Kitchen              rooms offering
Planners has designed various          meeting planners
hotel projects in Asia- from           unique and truly flexible venue      becoming more evident for
Shanghai, Bali, and Phuket. A          options.                             various reasons why they come to
480-seat capacity, each food                                                the Philippines.
section will have different                                                    Ms. Libongco is optimistic
environments, which will be                                                 that Koreans will keep coming to
achieved through the installation         Hotel Philippine Plaza was        the hotel in the years to come.
of dramatic lighting so that           one of the 21 representatives who       She says that the hotel
dining patrons could dine at           participated in the Fourth Hotel     management has developed a
different times of the day and         and Resort Road Show led by          good relationship with travel
experience a new ambience each         Philippine DOT Secretary Joseph      operators and airlines to give
time. Ms. Libongco echoes what         Durano in Seoul and Busan in         priority to Korean guests. She

                                                                                                                    Philippine Tourism
the planners say: “one needs to        early November last year.            said the hotel has an integrated
visit the restaurant 10 times to          Ms. Libongco enthused that        services and facilities that cater to
determine a favorite seat and to       her participation was inspired by    the Korean market, and the
judge a favorite food.” The            Korean arrivals in the Philippines   management is constantly
restaurant is expected to open in      in general and Korean guests’        developing new ideas to improve
March this year.                       impressive hotel room occupancy      services to ensure that Koreans
   Renovation of 280 rooms on          at Philippine Plaza in particular.   are satisfied at Philippine Plaza.
five floors this year has to be           In fact, the hotel has been          “We are happy to have the
undertaken as well to improve          tagged as “Koreans most favored      Koreans as our guests and we
quality of existing facilities. “But   hotel” in Manila. Statistics can     find many of them to be ideal
it will be business as usual while     prove it. Currently, Koreans now     guests who are interested in
the renovation is ongoing,” Ms.        occupy an impressive 77 percent      Manila and the Philippines and
Libongco continues.                    of the total hotel accommodation     the destinations we have to
   Already, Hotel Philippine           rate-- outnumbering any other        offer,” she concludes.
Plaza is noted as a top “Meeting,      foreign guests at the hotel.
Incentive, Convention, and                The ubiquitous Korean is

    Diplomacy Journal

           North Korea Stresses Importance
          of Military and Agriculture in 2006
   North Korea has vowed to          founding leader, Kim Il-sung,        revolutionary surge,” said the
continue to uphold its military-     died. His son, Kim Jong-il, took     joint editorial, carried by the
first policy in 2006 while trying    over in communism’s first            North’s official Korean Central
to rebuild its dilapidated           hereditary power succession.         News Agency. Songun, or the
economy with emphasis on its            The editorial, run by the         military-first policy, is North
backward agriculture, according      North’s ruling party newspaper       Korea’s ruling guidelines.
to Yonhap News.                      Rodong Sinmun, the country’s            The country’s 1.1-million
   In a new year joint editorial     military paper Josoninmingun         military, the world’s fifth largest,
by its official press, North Korea   and its daily for youth militia      is believed to be armed with
said it will expand cooperative      force Chognyonjonwi, also made       nuclear weapons.
ties with South Korea in the new     no mention of the ongoing               North Korea, one of the
year in its fight against U.S.       tension over the communist           poorest countries in the world, is
attempts to topple its socialist     country’s nuclear weapons            in confrontation with the U.S.
system. There were no big            program, Yonhap said.                and other major world powers
surprises in the editorial which        “We should confidently build      over its nuclear program.
has replaced the North’s             an economic power in the 21st           It is believed to have already
traditional New Year’s message       century through a high-pitched       developed several nuclear
since 1995, a year after its         drive for affecting a great Songun   weapons and possess enough

fissile material to make several     message.                              should be put forward as the
more. Since 2003, South Korea,                                             main front of the economic
the U.S., China, Japan and Russia                                          construction this year, too, and all
have been unsuccessfully trying                                            the forces be mobilized and
to persuade North Korea to give         “North Korea’s omission of         concentrated on farming once
up its nuclear ambitions in          the nuclear issue from the            again,” the editorial said. North
exchange for economic and            editorial was unexpected,” said       Korea’s economy is in shambles
political benefits.                  Park Jong-chul, a senior              after losing most of its traditional
   When their fifth and latest       researcher at Seoul’s state-funded    socialist trading partners after the
round of talks ended in Beijing in   Korean Institute for National         collapse of global communism in
November without progress, the       Unification. “North Korea may         the early 1990s.
six countries agreed to meet         have not yet decided on the
again but no date has been set.      six-way talks.”
   The North has openly                 As indicated in the editorial,
threatened not to rejoin the talks   North Korea is likely to
in a new dispute over U.S.           maintain its policy for close
financial sanctions against it. In   ties with South Korea in an
September, the U.S. blacklisted a    effort to counter economic and
Macau-based bank accused of          political pressure from the
circulating fake US $100 bills       U.S., he added.
allegedly made in North Korea           While softening its usual
and laundering money raised by       harsh criticism of the U.S., the
the communist country through        North’s editorial, titled “Make
drug trafficking.                    a higher leap full of great
    A month later, the U.S. froze    ambition and confidence,”
U.S.-based assets of eight North     urged the country’s 23 million
Korean entities suspected of         people to remain alert against a
proliferating weapons of mass        possible U.S.-led nuclear war on         But citing its 2005 harvest,
destruction. North Korea has         the Korean Peninsula.                 which is the largest in 10 years,
denied any wrongdoing and               “The entire nation should          North Korea has said it no longer
vowed to stay away from the six-     firmly defend peace and security      needs emergency aid. It is asking
party talks unless the U.S.          on the Korean Peninsula by            the U.N. Food Program and other
sanctions are lifted. The U.S.       turning out in the struggle to        international agencies to shift
says its law-enforcement action is   resolutely foil the U.S. attempt to   their direct aid shipment to
non-negotiable. “This year ’s        launch another war,” it said. “We     development assistance. South
editorial means that there will be   must remove the root cause of         Korea is the largest aid provider
no big changes in the North’s        war completely from this land by      to North Korea. It began helping
policy this year,” a South Korean    launching a nationwide campaign       the North with 150,000 tons of
government official said.            for driving out the U.S. troops.”     rice in 1995. It sent 400,000 tons
   “On the basis of some             About 32,000 U.S. troops are          in 2003 and 500,000 tons more in
improvement achieved last year,      currently stationed in South          2004.
the North is expected to try to      Korea, a legacy of the 1950-53           Nearly 6,700 North Koreans
make further improvement in          Korean War.                           have defected to the South since
economic and other fields.”             The North, which has been          the end of the Korean War,
Independent analysts noted that      relying on outside food aid since     including 1,894 in 2004 and
North Korea, as of last year,        1995, also said it will exert its     about 700 in 2005, to escape
failed to make any comments on       efforts to develop the ineffective    hunger and political suppression
the nuclear tension in this year’s   farm industry.” Agriculture           in their communist homeland

    Diplomacy Journal

     Visionary leader who transforms Dubai
   from a tiny city to a cosmopolitan emirate
      Sheikh Maktoum Laid to Rest on Jan, 5 in State Funeral

   DUBAI-In a solemn funeral,       countries                            establishing the UAE and
the United Arab Emirates bade          The death of Sheikh               enhancing its federal march and
farewell to Sheikh Maktoum bin      Maktoum, who had been in office      other areas of national activity
Rashid Al Maktoum, the              since 1990, was announced on         will remain engraved in the
country's former Vice President     January 4 by the UAE Ministry        memory of the nation and its
and Prime Minister and the Ruler    of Presidential Affairs. In a        people, the statement said.
of Dubai. He died on January 4      statement, it said that: “The UAE       A forty day period of official
while on a private visit to         today lost a historic leader who     mourning was announced, during
Australia and was laid to rest on   contributed throughout his life to   which flags will fly at half mast.
January 5 at Dubai's Umm Hurair     establishing the UAE and                Ministries       and       other
cemetery.                           enhancing its structure and the      government institutions and
   President H.H. Sheikh Khalifa    welfare of its people.”              departments will remain closed
bin Zayed Al Nahyan performed          It added that The late Sheikh     for seven days starting from Jan.
funeral prayers for the soul of     Maktoum was an example of the        4.
Sheikh Maktoum. Also taking         sincere national commitment.            The role played by the late
part in the prayers were Their         He placed his country’s           Sheikh Maktoum in the
Highnesses the Supreme Council      interest over any other              development of the United Arab
Members and Rulers of the           considerations. He was a model       Emirates has been widely
Emirates, Crown Princes, Deputy     of good behaviour. The excellent     acknowledged in messages of
Rulers and other sheikhs and        record and legacy of the late        condolences sent to President
officials, as well as heads of      Sheikh Maktoum in serving his        H.H. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed
states and delegations from a       country cannot be counted.           Al Nahyan and the Al Maktoum
number of other Arab and Islamic       His constructive role in          family by other leaders from

throughout the Arab world and
    Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah
bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud said in a
message that It was a great
shock to learn about the sad
demise of Sheikh Maktoum bin
Rashid Al Maktoum. The GCC
countries and the Arab and
Islamic nations have lost one of
their prominent leaders while
Dubai has lost the man who led
its progress.
    In another statement, Sheikh
Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, the
Emir of Qatar, said: It is with
shock that we heard about the sad
demise of Sheikh Maktoum bin
Rashid Al Maktoum who                Dubai.                              by the spokesman for Iran’s
dedicated his entire life in the        “On this sad occasion, on        Foreign Ministry, Hamid Reza
service of his country. May Allah    behalf of the government and        Asefi,      also        expressed
(SWT) grant him eternal peace in     people of Pakistan, I convey to     condolences to the UAE
paradise.                            Your Excellency and the             Government and people.
    In another message to            brotherly people of UAE our            In an editorial, the Dubai-
President HH Sheikh Khalifa and      most profound and sincere           based Gulf News said that with
to HH Sheikh Mohammed bin            condolences. We will always         the death of Sheikh Maktoum,
Rashid Al Maktoum, who               cherish the memory of H.H.          the UAE had lost one of its
succeeded his brother as Ruler of    Sheikh Maktoum Bin Rashid Al        founders. He was, it added, a
Dubai and was chosen Jan. 5 as       Maktoum as a wise leader of         unique leader whose vision
the UAE’s new Vice President         UAE who dedicated himself to        contributed to the prosperity and
and Prime Minister, Algerian         the service of his countrymen and   development of a nation that has
President Abdelaziz Bouteflika       follow Muslims in different parts   become a model of stability,
wrote: “Please accept my             of the world, he added.             progress and tolerance.
heartfelt condolences on this           Other        messages       of      “History will also remember
tragic loss, he said. The Arab       condolences came from Abdul         Sheikh Maktoum as the leader
Nation has lost a noble, dedicated   Qadir Ba Jamal, Prime Minister      who oversaw the transformation
and resourceful leader, he           of Yemen, from Paul Martin, the     of Dubai from a tiny city to a
added.                               Prime Minister of Canada, and       cosmopolitan emirate that has
    Pakistan’s President Pervez      from Tony Blair, the British        become an attractive destination
Musharraf also cabled President      Prime Minister, while Britain’s     for investors, tourists and highly
HH Sheikh Khalifa, saying: It is     Queen Elizabeth II sent her         skilled workers. Today, Dubai is
with deep sadness and a sense of     cousin, HRH the Duke of             a model of growth and cited as
shock that we learned about the      Gloucester, to pay condolences to   one of the most successful
sudden and untimely passing          President HH Sheikh Khalifa and     economic experiments of all
away of H.H. Sheikh Maktoum          Vice President and Prime            time,      noted the English
Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice          Minister HH Sheikh Mohammed         language daily.
President and Prime Minister of      bin Rashid.                            The paper went on to say that
the UAE and the Ruler of                A statement issued in Tahran     the manner in which the smooth

    Diplomacy Journal

transfer of power had taken place   about this progress. “But this        his father’s right hand.
in Dubai would surely serve as      long march to the future and             Due to the efforts made in the
reassurance to both citizens and    excellence will continue. And         late 1950s and 1960s by both
residents of the emirate.           this enduring legacy will be          Sheikh Rashid and Sheikh
   “With the succession of His      carried forward, for the UAE is       Maktoum, a number of
Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin        the ultimate testament and tribute    development projects in the
Rashid Al Maktoum as Ruler of       to its great and visionary            growing emirate, such as Dubai
Dubai, the emirate of Dubai can     leaders.”                             International Airport, power
be reassured of continued growth                                          generation plants, the first hotel
and stability, both areas it has                                          in Dubai and schools and new
enjoyed in considerable measure                                           housing quarters saw the light of
since the formation of the United      Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid          day.
Arab Emirates,, said the paper.     Al Maktoum was born in 1943 in           In the early 1960s, Sheikh
   With Sheikh Mohammed now         the Shindagha neighbourhood,          Maktoum completed his studies
at the helm, it can be expected     close to the entrance to Dubai        locally before he was sent by his
the tradition of the Maktoum        Creek (Khor Dubai).                   father for further education in one
family will be nobly carried           In his youth, he studied           of the leading universities in
forward with equal endeavour        mathematics, English and Arabic       Britain. There he mingled with
and vigour for the benefit of all   and religious studies.                students of various nationalities,
those, of whatever nationality or      On 4th October 1958, his           many of them were the sons of
creed, who decide to live and       father, Sheikh Rashid assumed         world leaders and other
work in the emirate, it said.       power as Ruler of Dubai in an         politicians from around the
   Another English language         official inauguration ceremony,       world. The experience he gained
publication, Khaleej Times,         the first of its kind to have taken   proved to be of great benefit,
echoed the tribute. “Few            place..                               particularly during the political
countries in modern history,” it       As a precursor of the              events that took place in what
noted, “have witnessed such         prominent role he was to play in      were then known as the Trucial
breathtaking progress in such a     the future, Sheikh Maktoum was        States in the latter part of the
short period of time.” Sheikh       entrusted by Sheikh Rashid to         1960s.
Maktoum, it added, will always      deliver a speech on his behalf at        Records from the time show
be remembered for his praisewo-     the accession ceremony.               that Sheikh Maktoum used to
rthy contributions in bringing         From then onwards, he was          accompany his father on a regular
                                                                          basis in the early 1960s to the
                                                                          meetings of the Trucial States
                                                                          Council, a body that brought
                                                                          together the Rulers of all of the
                                                                             In 1966, Sheikh Zayed bin
                                                                          Sultan Al Nahyan took office as
                                                                          Ruler of Abu Dhabi, and the
                                                                          Council then began seriously to
                                                                          discuss the idea of a future
                                                                          formation of a federation.
                                                                             Two years later, on 16 January
                                                                          1968, Britain declared its
                                                                          intention to close its bases in the
                                                                          Arabian Gulf by the end of 1971
                                                                          and the Rulers of of Abu Dhabi

and Dubai opted to embark on
practical measures to push
forward the idea of federation.
   As a first step, six weeks of
discussion took place between
them to resolve all outstanding
issues, prior to setting out the
framework for the proposed
federal state.
   Sheikh Maktoum, then only
25, joined his father in talks with
Sheikh Zayed and other senior
officials. Over the six week
period, he was able to promote a
spirit of consensus with the
Government of Abu Dhabi on
many issues.
   His efforts paid off when, on      he stepped down for his father.      the sudden and untimely passing
18th February 1968, he and his           In May 1981, Sheikh Rashid        of Sheikh Maktoum,” Minister
father travelled to a desert point    fell sick and the onus fell on his   Ban said..
in Abu Dhabi emirate near the         sons.Although he recovered,             He went on to say that Korean
Dubai border to take part in one      Sheikh Rashid opted to take rest     people know how much he meant
of the major events that preceded     and hence to allow Sheikh            to the people of the United Arab
the declaration of the federation.    Maktoum to be at the helm of the     Emirates as a visionary leader
   On 10th July 1971, both            emirate.                             behind what is popularly known
Sheikh Rashid and Sheikh                                                   here as “Dubai Miracle.”
Maktoum hosted in Dubai                                                       Hundreds of Koreans and
delegations from the other six                                             foreign expatriates residing in
Trucial Sheikhdoms to attend a                                             Korea have thus far visited UAE
Council meeting.                         South Korean Foreign              Embassy to express their
   Sheikh Maktoum’s skill as a        Minister Ban Ki-moon Friday          condolences.
statesman played a major part in      extended condolences to the             Among them were high
the formation, several months         people of the UAE over the death     ranking South Korean governm
later, of the federation.             of UAE Prime Minister Sheikh         ent officials, members of the
   In a special ceremony held in      Maktoum bin Rashid al                Korean National Assembly and
Dubai on 2nd December 1971,           Maktoum.                             CEOs of Korea’s leading busin
the Rulers of the Emirates signed        On behalf of the Korean           ess groups including Samsung
an accord establishing the State      government, I extend sincere         and LG groups. Members of the
of the United Arab Emirates.          condolences to the people of the     foreign diplomatic corps in Seoul
   Sheikh Zayed was elected as        UAE, Dubai and the al Maktoum        including chiefs of diplomatic
President and Sheikh Rashid as        family on the death of Sheikh        missions from Arab countries
Vice President, while Sheikh          Maktoum bin Rashid al                also visited the UAE Embassy to
Maktoum was appointed as              Maktoum, Minister Ban told           express their condolence.
Prime Minister, presiding over        Amb.Abdulla Mohammed Al-                Minister Ban added that
the first meeting of the UAE          Ma’ainah when he visited UAE         Sheikh Maktoum will be
Cabinet on 2nd April 1972.            Embassy in Seoul.                    remembered in the hearts of
   Sheikh Maktoum remained               “It is with great sorrow that     Korean people as a man of vision
Prime Minister until 1979 when        we have received the sad news of     and generosity.

    Diplomacy Journal

Media opinion varies about GCC Summit resolutions
   The 26th GCC Summit known         the Summit’s resolutions were a      which would be implemented on
as “Fahad Summit,” held in Abu       mere repetition of previous ones     the ground, adding that economic
Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates      and that they did not come forth     resolutions were the basic criteria
December 18-19, 2005 was             with anything new at both the        for the real success of the Abu
marked by difference in opinions     economic and political spectra.      Dhabi Summit because “At
among regional and international        Regarding the closing             previous summits, since the
journalists and mass media           Statement, they said that            establishment of the GCC, there
personnel who covered the event,     recommendations in the area of       was no concentration on the
as to how far it has succeeded in    economic distinguished the           economic issues as such”, he said,
the light of its resolutions,        Summit from previous summits.        “ Only during the few past years,
recommendations, closing state       15 percent said that the Summit      the summits concentrated on
ment and the Abu Dhabi Dec           was undistinguished and was not      issues which were of interest to the
laration.                            up to the aspiration of the GCC      citizens and expatriates alike”, he
                                     peoples, who were expecting          added.
                                     drastic and final solutions to           He emphasized that it was the
                                     matters connected to the joint       first time ever that a GCC Summit
   About 50 per cent of the total    GCC Market, the Single Currency,     considered human resources vital
media personnel interviewed by       the Smartcard, the Railway Project   elements in development and
the Emirates News Agency,            and others.                          educational operations. The 26th
WAM, at the end of the summit           Abdul Samad Al Mahmoud ,          GCC summit hosted by Abu
said that Summit was successful      representing the GCC General         Dhabi?deliberated on a number of
because of its transparency and      Secretariat, hoped that the next     key economic and trade issues that
clarity in dealing with sensitive    summits would include clear-cut      would push forward the GCC
issues. But 25 percent stated that   articles decided upon beforehand     march towards more progress and

prosperity.                             or referring the case to the           upheavals.
    Abdulrahman bin Hamad Al            International Court of Justice.             The declaration also said that
Attiya, GCC Secretary General              ‘’The GCC countries always          this coincides with the UN’s
said that insight and achiev ements     affirm their commitment to the         launching of the program of
of the 26th Abu Dhabi summit of         principles of good neighborhood,       education for sustainable
the GCC have added to the               Islamic fraternity and hope that       development (2005-2014), aimed
council’s              outstanding      Iran would respond to the UAE          at elevating the status of human
accomplishments march as it             and GCC countries peaceful             societies.
enters its 25th year.                   initiatives to spare the region           It added that the GCC was
    In an exclusive statement to the    additional tensions and instability    aware of the international
Emirates News Agency, WAM, Al           and to move forward towards            challenges that can be confronted
Attiya added the time is ripe to        development for better future for      only through the core development
motivate the GCC march ahead to         peoples in the region’’ Al Attiyah     of the educational system,
the maximum level of                    said. The Leaders of the Arab Gulf     stressing the importance of
coordination possible among its         Cooperation Council (GCC)              nationalization of human resources
members in order to achieve the         highlighted the Council’s blessed      in the field of education so as to
required integration defined by the     start 25 years ago under the           maintain traditions and culture
council’s charter to attain its         patronage of Late Sheikh Zayed         while keeping up with modern
citizens’ aspiration and hopes.         bin Sultan Al-Nahayan, and             developments.
                                        lauded the achievements
                                        accomplished by it in the service
                                        of the GCC states as well as for the
    Al Attiya further stated that the   Arab and Muslim causes.
agenda of the summit covered also          These remarks were contained            Furthermore the summit
the political aspects, including the    in the final communiqu? issued at      underlined the importance of
latest developments in Iraq in line     the end of the two-day 26th            boosting        scientific     and
with the importance the GCC             session of the GCC Supreme             technological research, and
countries’ attaches to Iraq’s           Council held in Abu Dhabi Dec.         supporting research institutions.
stability, security, unity of its       18-19,2005.                            The declaration called for
territories and non- interference          ‘’Abu Dhabi Declaration’’ said      implementing strategies and
into its internal affairs.              due to the political, economic,        development plans, as well as
    ‘’The Palestinian cause had a       social, and cultural changes taking    developing education, training,
priority on the GCC summit              place in the region, and in            and future planning for interest of
agenda as a result of the Israeli       accordance with decisions and          all members of the society, and to
continuation of its barbaric            statements during previous             accord special attention to women,
aggression against the Palestinian      summits, the 26th summit looked        youths, children, those with
people,’’ Al Attiya added. Al           into all issues that were of concern   special needs, and the family.
Attiya underlined that the summit       to the GCC member states and               It also encouraged boosting
agenda? covered the GCC-Iran            people.                                efforts for addressing modern
relations issue and continuation of        It added, humans are the pivotal    social challenges, commending
Iran’s occupation to the UAE three      elements for advancement and for       efforts made for reviewing and
islands of Abu Musa, Greater and        this reason they should be             advancing the educational
lesser Tunbs, in line with the          accorded care and interest, adding     curricula in line with development
Council firm principles, which          that the international challenges      plans and goals. The declaration
support the UAE right to regain         made it imperative that                concluded by noting that Islam
sovereignty over its islands and the    educational systems should be          highlighted the role of knowledge
resolve of this issue peacefully,       upgraded to conform to the current     and social development, based on
either through direct negotiations      information and technology             mutual respect, moderation, and

     Diplomacy Journal

dialogue that is distant from               However, the GCC Secretary         soon as possible.
extremism.                              General stressed that the moves to         In a response to a message sent
   The Gulf Cooperation Council         introduce reforms in the field of      by Arab League Secretary-General
(GCC) ended its 26th summit as it       education,            particularly     Amre Mousa to the GCC
confirmed the necessity to support      development of curricula, was not      Secretary-General in which he
Yemen. The GCC assigned its             in response to any external            underestimated dangers posed by
supreme council to hold a               pressure. He added that as part of     Iran’s nuclear programme, the
conference in order to study            economic integration, the GCC          UAE foreign minister said: “We
investment opportunities in             central bank would be established      understand the worries of the Arab
Yemen. The Council studied              which would have its base in Abu       League’s chief regarding the
president Saleh letters to the Gulf     Dhabi. According to analysts, the      dangers posed by Israeli nuclear
leaders over projects availabilities    GCC states (Oman, Qatar,               programme but we, too, in the
in Yemen, which could be                Bahrain, Kuwait, the UAE, and the      Gulf have our own worries and
established in ten years to             Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) have          concerns,” he said, indicating to
reinforce the infrastructure,           all taken steps during the past few    the danger posed by Iranian
according to GCC Secretary-             years, albeit difference in nature     nuclear programme.
General Abdul Rahman Hamad Al           and strength, on the path towards          “We are in a region so close to
Attiyah.                                political reform.                      the Bu Shahr facility and we have
   Al Attiyah also confirmed that           As part of these reforms, the      no guarantees on our safety.
the summit announced holding a          GCC states have adopted a unified          There is no protection against
joint conference including Gulf         trade policy with the rest of the      any leakage from this reactor,” he
foreign ministries and the Yemeni       world, which analysts believe          stated. On the proposed joint
foreign ministry to study projects      comes in line with the tendency to     defense force, Attiyah said
illustrated in president Saleh          sign multilateral FTA’s, rather than   Supreme Council had reviewed
letters. All the GCC states were        the current unilateral agreements      suggestions in this regard and
surging ahead with political and        by individual member states. The       referred the issue to the joint
democratic reforms with particular      adopted policy was disclosed by        defense council. As he confirmed
focus on women’s participation in       the head of the GCC at a Press         earlier, the GCC chief said the
political life as well as education,    conference he held jointly with        proposal on limiting stay of
GCC Secretary-General Abdul             UAE Foreign Minister, Rashid           expatriate workers in member
Rahman Hamad Al Attiyah                 Abdullah, after the closing            states to a maximum of six years
asserted.                               ceremony of the summit.                had been referred to labor
   “We are well on our way in                                                  ministers for further study.
pushing reforms and this can be                                                    On the issue of Yemen’s entry
seen in the steps taken by us in this                                          to the GCC, Attiyah said the
regard,” Attiyah said, answering a         On the unified ID card, which       summit reviewed a message sent
question, after the two-day GCC         will allow GCC citizens to travel      by Yemeni President Ali Abdullah
summit, which concluded in the          between member states without          Saleh to GCC leaders. But he did
capital. “We’ve already started         passports, Attiyah said all member     not give a clear reply, adding that
with reforms in the field of            states, except one, had finalised      the bloc promised financial
women’s participation in political      their schemes, denying to name         assistance to Yemen to look after
life as well as in the field of         the country, which he said was         its development.
education. Our meeting here also        facing some difficulties.                  UAE Foreign Minister Rashid
referred a proposal by the              Responding to a question on the        Abdullah Al Nuaimi reiterated his
Consultative Authority of the           joint GCC market, he said there        country’s stance on its three
Council for review of the               were only three steps to be taken,     islands occupied by Iran. “UAE’s
Council’s progress in this regard,”     saying efforts were being made to      stand on that issue is clear, the
he added.                               launch this important project as       UAE’s three islands are occupied

territories in reality. The UAE is a     Iran is not a member of the            Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, said
peaceful country that believes in        Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty       the UAE was honored to be the
right, justice and law and also          (NPT). It is a legitimate concern,”    birthplace of the GCC 25 years
expects others to believe in these       he said. “It is up to Mousa if he is   ago. “As we celebrate this great
principles, Islamic values and           not sharing us that concern but we     achievement, the GCC, we must
good neighborliness and that there       concur with his over Israeli           remember to pay tribute to the
is always a solution through             programme. When the Secretary          founding fathers of this formidable
peaceful means either through            General of Arab League talks           organization, whose enduring
direct negotiations, international       about threats posed to the region,     contribution continue to guide the
community or arbitration, Al             he should take into consideration      march for cooperation and
Nuaimi said in a joint press             that Arab security order also          solidarity among the GCC
conference he held with Abdul            covers the six Gulf Arab               countries and people,” Shaikh
Rahman Ibn Hamad Al Attiyah,             countries.” Al Attiyah said that the   Khalifa said.
the GCC Secretary General, in the        topic of setting up a single central       He said the achievements of the
wake of the GCC 26th Summit              bank for GCC countries was not         GCC in a quarter century were
concluded in Abu Dhabi.                  among the summit’s agenda.             indeed a source of pride for all.
   He added that the UAE is a               “The UAE has shown interest         “We all share similar conviction
civilized country that seeks             in establishing such an authority.     that the homogeneity of our people
stability, prosperity and calm           This will be discussed when the        and the ability of our countries to
regional atmosphere. Al Nuaimi           part relating to financial authority   cooperate is sufficient to cement
referred to H.H. Sheikh Khalifa          and the governors committee is         inter-GCC ties,” he said.
bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s statement          finalized,” he said. In a reply to a       All the GCC leaders, except the
that the council has, thus far, fallen   question on why no reference was       Amir of Kuwait, took part in the
short of meeting peoples’                made in the summit’s final             meeting, dubbed “Fahd Summit”
aspirations. “We look forward to         communiqu? to Iran’s nuclear           after late King Fahd Ibn Abdul
making greater achievements in           programme, Al Attiyah said the         Aziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia. The
the future,” he said.                    leaders did discuss that. “The GCC     summit came up with several
                                         summits and ministerial councils       recommendations aimed at
                                         always stress the need to maintain     ensuring regional security and
                                         the region free from weapons of        stability. Calling for greater
   Al Nuaimi revealed that the           mass destruction.                      cooperation, Sheikh Khalifa said
leaders discussed a letter from             WMD is an international issue       despite        the      remarkable
Amre Mousa, the Arab League’s            and it is everyone’s demand to rid     achievements of the GCC, they
Secretary General. “We appreciate        the region of its evils.” On the       still fall short of the expectations
Amre Mousa’s concern as an               situation in Lebanon, he said the      and aspirations of the people, who
Egyptian citizen about the Israeli       summit         condemned         the   yearn for speedy realization of the
nuclear programme. In fact, we           assassinations and stressed on the     noble objectives for which the
share that concern with him,” he         necessity to provide support to        organization was founded 25 years
said. “However,” he continued,           Lebanon’s stability. The 26th          ago.
“talking about threats to Arab           Summit of the Gulf Cooperation
national security, Mousa should          Council (GCC) had started in Abu
have raised concerns about the           Dhabi with the leaders pledging to
Iranian programme.” Al Nuaimi            ensure regional security and               He urged the ministerial
argued that the GCC countries are        stability and live up to the           committees of the GCC to finalize
in proximity to the Iranian nuclear      expectations of their people in        all these pending issues as soon as
reactor in Bu Shahr.                     terms of prosperity and welfare.       possible. Stressing that those who
   “We do not have any protection           In his opening speech, the          act unilaterally would never
in case of a leakage; especially that    President, His Highness Shaikh         succeed at this junction of time,

    Diplomacy Journal

Sheikh Khalifa said: “We should       the King included Prince Saud Al-      economic bloc,” he said King
not forget that the magnitude and     Faisal, the Foreign Minister;          Hamad.
type of challenges have changed, a    Prince Bandar Ibn Sultan Ibn              On his part, the Kuwaiti Prime
matter which calls for more efforts   Abdul Aziz, the Secretary General      Minister said in a statement on his
so as to prepare our people and       of National Security Council; a        arrival that the Abu Dhabi Summit
countries to confront these           number of princes; ministers and       “is convened amid various
challenges.”                          senior officials.                      regional and international
   “The paramount objective is to        Sultan Qaboos bin Saeed of          developments that attach much
build an enlightened, educated        Oman, said on arrival: “I hope the     significance to our meeting and
GCC citizen, to provide security      GCC Summits would accomplish           require us to carry on with our
and prosperity and reinforce          the aspirations of our people. We      hard work to push our joint Gulf
stability and cooperation amongst     express our happiness in joining       action forward.”
GCC countries,” he added. He said     our brethren leaders of the GCC           Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al
the achievements would bring          countries in the 26th Summit           Thani, Emir of Qatar, on his
about security, stability and         headed by the President, His           arrival at the GCC Summit, called
prosperity to all countries and       Highness Shaikh Khalifa bin            for the consolidation of joint
people of the GCC.                    Zayed Al Nahyan.” The Bahraini         efforts among GCC countries in
   Earlier, before they began their   Monarch underlined, in a               various aspects, in order to ensure
meeting, GCC leaders pledged to       statement upon his arrival, the        security and stability in the Gulf
put their hands together to           need for GCC member states to          region, in the light of the
confront the serious challenges       work closely together to cement        challenges         they       were
facing the region. The Custodian      what he called their “lofty            encountering.
of the Two Holy Mosques King          structure in this vital part of the       On what the outcome of the
Abdullah Ibn Abdul Aziz arrived       Arab world.”                           summit would be, sources said the
in Abu Dhabi to head the                 “The regional and international     Gulf Arab leaders would call on
delegation of the Kingdom of          turn of events, which influence our    Iran to respond to their repeated
Saudi Arabia to the 26th Summit       countries, require from all of us to   calls to accept negotiations over
of Arab Gulf Cooperation Council      put in efforts and carry on with our   the three disputed UAE islands of
(GCC) ‘’King Fahd Summit’’.           collective endeavours. In an era of    Abu Musa and Greater and Lesser
   At Abu Dhabi Airport, King         accelerated developments and           Tunbs. GCC Secretary-General
Abdullah Ibn Abdul Aziz was           major challenges, the GCC has no       Abdul Rahman Al Attiyah had
received by Sheikh Khalifa bin        other choice but to work hard          already ruled out any tough
Zayid Al Nahayan, the President       towards cementing this lofty           position on Teheran’s nuclear
of United Arab Emirates, GCC’s        structure in this vital part of the    weapons programme, which he
Secretary General Abdul Rahman        Arab world,” he stressed.              said earlier, was “no more
Ibn Hamad Al-Atiyyah, a number                                               worrisome as long as it’s designed
of Emirate’s officials. Earlier in                                           for peaceful purposes.”
the day, King Abdullah left Riyadh                                              Before the summit sources
for the United Arab Emirates. At         “The economy is our best and        expected that the Gulf leaders may
King Khalid International Airport,    most appropriate option to             urge Syria to cooperate with a UN
King Abdullah was seen off by         strengthen ties among the region’s     probe into the killing of a former
Prince Mishaal Ibn Abdul Aziz;        people. All have to take up their      Lebanese Prime Minister. A Gulf
Crown Prince Sultan Ibn Abdul         economic responsibilities to           official was earlier quoted as
Aziz, Deputy Prime Minister,          achieve more integration that is       saying that the summit was likely
Minister of Defense and Aviation      solid and deep-rooted, bringing        to issue a strongly worded
and Inspector General; a number       benefits to all the region’s people,   statement on Syria. On the
of princes and senior officials.      and enabling member-states to          economic front, according to
   The delegation accompanied         preserve their interests as a single   Attiyah, the summit discussed

steps towards launching a                 prosperity of the region. The           educational system would in no
monetary union.                           summit discussed hot issues,            way adversely affect the Arab and
   The talks covered a GCC-               particularly educational and            Islamic identity of the GCC
European Union trade agreement            economic matters, including the         citizens. “The new systems will
under negotiation for 15 years            monetary union that is expected to      strengthen the citizen’s sense of
which, Attiyah said the bloc hoped        be a reality by 2010.                   belonging and heritage,” he added.
to finalize early next year.                 “The summit will endorse the         Other officials stressed that the
Delegates said the summit would           outcome of GCC-level meetings           changes in the educational system
also call on GCC members to turn          that took place recently and            will focus on “moderation” and
any bilateral free trade agreements       resolved a number of issues,            “reason”, helping to avoid the
into multilateral deals. The rich         including the bilateral Free Trade      dangers of extremism that threaten
agenda of the 26th GCC summit             Agreements (FTA) between                the stability of society. They said
was an indication of the leaders’         individual states and the United        the modernization of educational
stress on the relevance of the six-       States,” said a highly-placed           curricula was not dictated by
member bloc, despite the view of          official on the opening day of the      foreign agenda, but necessitated by
many that progress was slow on a          summit.                                 the “real needs of Gulf societies”.
number of issues that relate,                Officials said improvement in            Environmental issues were not
directly or indirectly, to the lives of   the education system in member-         at the top of the leaders’ agenda,
the region’s people.                      states was a top issue, as it impacts   but represent an important element
   There was an overriding view           on the behavior of people and           of the discussions. On the other
among top officials and analysts at       enables them to perform their roles     hand Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al
the two venues of the summit that         in society in a responsible way,        Attiyah, GCC Secretary-General,
internal issues were taking centre        enhancing security and stability.       has said that the Council was no
stage in the discussions, but not at         “To upgrade the educational          longer worried about Teheran’s
the expense of regional and               system in a way that catches up         programme. “We in the Gulf
international issues. Education and       with scientific and technical           region are not worried about Iran’s
economic issues appeared to be            advancement made by the                 nuclear programme,” he told
central issues necessary for the          industrialized world, and in a way      reporters after the GCC Ministerial
progress of the six-member bloc.          that also preserves the traditions      Council’s meeting late in the night
Top officials emphasized that the         and Arab and Islamic identity of        at the Emirate Palace, the venue of
proposed changes to educational           the region,” said the official. He      the 26th GCC Summit.
curricula are not dictated by             said the efforts made in the
‘foreign agenda’.                         education sector were necessary to
                                          enable the GCC countries to catch
                                          up with world’s technological               However, Attiyah set a
                                          developments.                           condition that their position would
   “The GCC has survived many                “The educational curricula to be     continue to be supportive as long
political and security problems in        developed will bridge the gaps and      as Teheran’s programme is
the last 25 years, and sustained the      use education as a means to             designed for peaceful purposes.
principles of its existence. But the      eradicate unemployment as               “It’s not worrisome as long as it is
current challenges require more           thousands of university graduates       restricted to peaceful use,” he
action than reactions, and the            in majors like history and              stated, warning that if it is proved
current developments are                  geography are now jobless and           otherwise, it wouldn’t be
exceptional,” said an official.           cannot find jobs because the stress     justifiable and the issue wouldn’t
   Statements given by GCC                is on technical and professional        be ignored. Al Attiyah unveiled a
leaders arriving in Abu Dhabi             qualifications,” he said.               new initiative involving GCC
showed that the council is relevant          The GCC official underlined          member states, Iran, Iraq and
and important for the security and        that the development of the             Yemen, aimed at ensuring a

    Diplomacy Journal

Middle East region, including the     and Lesser Tunbs remains alive          GCC summits to the international
Gulf, free of any weapons of mass     and called on Teheran to continue       community to pressurize Israel to
destruction.                          peace negotiations with the UAE         give up its nuclear programme,
   “We will be announcing very        and refer the matter to the             according to analysts, do not seem
soon an agreement among the           International Court of Justice to       to hold water. Critics say that all
GCC states, Iran, Iraq, when it       reach a solution.                       such calls to international
becomes stable, and Yemen, to            Returning to the issue of Iran’s     community to pressurize Israel or
ensure a Middle East region free      nuclear programme, Attiyah said:        for Israel to give up its nuclear
of nuclear weapons and weapons        “We don’t want to see Iran’s            programmes usually go in vain.
of mass destruction. Our move is      nuclear reactor which is closer to         “As far as I remember, all such
to further interact positively with   our Gulf coast than to Teheran          calls are just a waste of time. Israel
the international community which     posing a threat to us.” On the          is not listening to such calls and
fights        against         WMD     GCC’s position towards Israel’s         actually doesn’t care about us.
proliferation,” Attiyah stated.       nuclear programme, Attiyah said         Enjoying full support of the US
   He said the GCC leaders’           the super powers in the                 which deals with us on the basis of
meeting would discuss relations       (international) Security Council        the “declared” double standard
with Iran from the Islamic            should pressurize Israel to open its    policy, Israel doesn’t seem to care
brotherhood perspective and the       nuclear facilities for inspection so    about what we say or do,” a Gulf
basis of friendly-neighbors. He,      that it does not continue to threaten   political analyst said on the
however, said the issue of Iran’s     the security and stability of the       sidelines of the summit.
occupation of the three UAE           region.
Islands of Abu Musa and Greater          But the repeated calls of the

                                                                              finalists will be picked up before
  “Good Mark” system eyed for                                                 the end of March this year.
                                                                                  The authorization to use
 budget hotels for foreign tourists                                           "Good Mark" means service and
                                                                              quality of service at these
    The Ministry of Culture and          Once designated as "Good             accommodations are recognized
 Tourism (MCT), in coordination       Mark" hotels and inns, they will        by the government if not
 with the Korea National Tourism      be subjected to constant                guaranteed.
 Organization (KNTO) will             government supervision to                  For the successful operation
 introduce "Good Mark" system         improve quality of service and          of the quality mark system, the
 for budget hotels as part of its     facilities. They will also be           ministry will make a push for
 ongoing efforts to improve           entitled to various incentive           standardization of service and
 quality of low and middle -          measures given by the                   quality at budget hotels and inns
 priced accommodations for            government.                             through training and educational
 foreign tourists.                       In this connection, the              programs to keep hotel services
    "Good Mark" or kind of            ministry has thus selected 75           at low and middle -priced hotels
 certificate trust issued by the      accommodations from among               and inns at higher levels.
 government is primarily aimed        115 hotels and inns, which                 Watch-dog teams will make
 at improving quality of low and      applied for "Good Mark" status.         regular check-up at these
 middle -priced hotels and inns          Through further inspections          accommodations to see whether
 while offering varying kinds of      and on the spot check-up by a           their services and facilities are in
 hotels and inns for budget           group of hotel experts, public          par with Good Mark standards
 conscious foreign tourists to        officials, consumer groups and          as requested by the government,
 choose from.                         university professors, about 50

               UN report asks governments to improve
                data collection to better women’s lives
   Statistics on women not only help
to track their status but can also
directly improve their circumstances,
a United Nations report released ar
gues, recommending that governments
gather and publicize more gender-
disaggregated data.
   “Statistics are unsung yet essential
ingredients for economic and social
progress,” said Jose Antonio Ocampo,
the Under-Secretary-General for
Economic and Social Affairs,
launching The World’s Women 2005:
Progress in Statistics at a press
conference in New York.
   The absence of data to analyze issues such as sex
discrimination poses a serious problem.
   “One of the most pronounced shortcomings in
this area, with the most damaging effects, appears in
the collection of data disaggregated by sex and of
data focusing on gender issue,” he said.
   Mary Chamie, Chief of the Demographic and
Social Statistics Branch of the UN Statistics
Division, agreed that States need help with
gathering and reporting data. “Commitment to the
Millennium Development Goals has been a prod to
improved statistical collection,” she said, referring
to the internationally agreed anti-poverty targets
adopted at a 2000 UN summit meeting.
   “But big gaps in reporting remain, and we want
to assist governments and donors to close them,”
she added.
   The report, prepared by the UN’s Statistical
Division, provides a blueprint for improv ing the
availability of data in demographics, health,
education, work, violence against women, poverty,       Statistical Commission.
human rights and decision-making.                          Among its recommendations, the 165-page report
   The UN plays a key role within the global            suggests that governments carry out a census every
statistical community by collecting, compiling,         10 years and to improve gender statistics, ensure the
reporting and analyzing data.                           viability of an integrated national survey
   UN recommendations, for example, will be taken       programme, and share information with policy
up by intergovernmental bodies such as the              makers and the public in a timely manner so it can
Commission on the Status of Women, the                  be used to good effect.
Commission on Social Development and the

     Diplomacy Journal

    Bishop Theodosy of Russia visits
 Korea at invitation of Diplomacy Journal
                                             “It is my understanding that        problems through an ecumenical
                                         Rev.Master Seo is viewed by many        dialogue and adoration of the Virgin,”
                                         as the angel of peace,” he said         he told the Diplomacy Journal.
    One of distinguished Russian         pointing out that he wrote more than         The Church worships sublime
religious leader Bishop Theodosy         2,000 books in order to have his        apparitions and revelations of the
visited Seoul on Jan.7 for a two-day     messages reach tens of thousands of     Virgin and the Lord in Russia and
trip on his way to Japan.                people all over the world during his    throughout the world (in Fatima,
     Father Theodosy is Bishop of the    life time.                              Montichiari, Garabandal, Akita and
Mother of God Church Derjevnaya              He then proposed to increase        in many other plaices).
in Russia which is taking the lead for   exchange of people between his               The Revelation of the Virgin to
the Marian movement in Russia’s          church in Russia and Korean             Archbishop John in Russia began in
Orthodox Church of Mother of God         Buddhist temples here to better         the autumn of 1984 in city Smolensk.
Derzhavnaya While here, Father           understand each other’s religions,      This great revelation of Our Lady is
Theodosy paid a visit to the World       thus paving the way for the world       still continuing. It gave birth to the
Buddhist Supreme Tathagata               peace through religions when the        Marian movement in Russia.
Followers Peace Foundation headed        world is now under contaminated             The Orthodox Church of Our
by Lee Jon-young who is                  with hatred and terrorism in            Lady (Orthodox Church of Mother of
concurrently president-publisher of      connection with differing religious     God Derzhavnaya) follows the Holy
the Diplomacy Journal.                   views, among others.                    Scripture and the Church Tradition. It
    In an interview with the                 “Our Church sees the future         professes patristic holiness and ardent
Diplomacy Journal, Bishop                Russia, and all other countries, as     piety.
Theodosy expressed his respect for       temples of radiant peace. The Church        Our Church offers to Christian
Master Seo Kyung-Bo describing the       is working for interconfessional        sister churches, especially Marian
late Korean Buddhist leader as “Great    contacts and fruitful teamwork. It      communities and organisations, and
promoter of world peace.”                seeks to settle Russian and universal   to other confessions, a dialogue of

peace and Divine love, while             reject her and she loves all of her          On June 13, 1997 the Blessed
retaining liturgical and ritual          children dearly, he explained.           Mother made the following statement
traditions which took shape over the        Her requests are very simple.         in Hiroshima relative to the kind of
centuries.                                  In order for us to secure happiness   priests we need to have in the third
    The Orthodox Church of Mother        and prosperity we need to resort to      millennium and beyond. She said: It
of God Derzhavnaya took root in the      repentance, prayer, conversion,          is not enough for priest s to be
godless years of cruel persecution of    fasting, and reconciliation, he added.   fathers of people. They need to be
believers in Russia. It is lawful           Although the Blessed Virgin has       mothers as well. Without the exercise
successor to the confessor hierarchs     been claimed to have appeared            of such a motherhood the priestly life
of the Russian Orthodox Church           thousands of times in many countries     is defective.
banished to Solovki and Gulag            during the 20th century alone, those          On this same day, the Blessed
convict camps. Member unit of the        that have been verified to be            Mother talked to us about the kind of
International Council of Community       thoroughly genuine are enlisted as       concept we should develop of God.
Churches (I.C.C.C.), it was registered   follows: Fatima in Portugal,             God is pure love and mercy. He loves
in Russia, 1992, in honour of the        Garabandal in Spain, Medjugorje in       us infinitely not only when we love
great miracle-working icon of Our        former Yugoslavia, Betania in Vene       Him but also when we ignore Him or
Lady Derzhavnaya, Queen of               zuela, Grushevo in former Soviet         turn against Him. He wants to see us
Heaven and Earth, which the Lord         Ukraine, Zeitun in Egypt, Banneau        always happy even when we do not
sent to Russia in its grim years.        and Beauraing in Belgium, Akita in       deserve it. He wants to give us
     During the past 150 years there     Japan, Kibeho in central Africa, and     everything we need both in this life
seems to have been more apparitions      Naju in South Korea. Those who           and in the next, he concluded.
of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the        may be interested in having a clear          In the meantime, Bishop
world than the previous eighteen         understanding of the meaning and         Theodosy disclosed that Father John
hundred years or so. As narrated by      purpose of Marian Appar itions may       of his church plans to visit Korea
Ricardo Montalban in the videotape:      write                                    sometime in April or June for a five-
Marian Apparitions of the 20th              According to him, there has never     day visit to take the first-hand look at
Century, there is a message of           been one case in the history of the      Korean religious situation and to
urgency which God wants to               entire human race where a nation had     promote exchange programs with
communicate to us and He chose the       a king, an emperor, a president or a     Korean religious organizations
Blessed Mother for this mission.         prime minister who was expected to       inclduing Korean Buddhists.
   “This means that we cannot take       do everything conceivable himself.             He also suggested Lee Jon-
Mary’s messages lightly,” he said.          “On the contrary, each one of         young, president-publisher of the
   He went on to say that such           them was surrounded by ministers or      Diplomacy Journal to organize
Marian messages affect our lives very    secretaries or counselors all of whom    seminars or conferences on topics of
deeply. They are meant to enlighten      were assigned a specific job to help     religions and others sometime in the
us to enable us avoid catastrophes       the head of state run the nation         near future. He also took extreme
that await us and, thereby, to put       smoothly,” he said.                      interest in the InternationaL Arts
ourselves on the right track in moving      God wants to guide us through         Exhibition for World Peace, annual
forward toward a hopeful future.         His priests who need to be a living      arts exhibition being organized by the
     The Blessed Virgin Mary has         example to the faithful in prayer and    Diplomacy Journal in coordination
been designated by God to be the         meditation as well as in fasting and     with the IAEWP. This year’s event is
spiritual mother of all human beings     complete dedication to God s             scheduled for July 1-6..
without exception. Like she stated in    service.                                      We expect some of prominent
Medjugorje in former Yugoslavia,            The Blessed Mother expects the        Russian artists will join the event
she is the mother of all those who       priests to reach a certain height of     starting this year,” he said.
know her and of all those who do not     spirituality through the practice of         Academy of Art Andrei Tatunov
know her. She is the mother of those     such virtues as humility, meekness,      will likely participate in this
who accept her and of those who          patience, and perseverance.              exhibition.

    Diplomacy Journal

   Disasters of 2005 not completely
   ‘natural,’ UN health agency says
   The high death toll in 2005     behavior, socioeconomic factors     explaining that these events
from tsunamis, hurricanes,         causing poorer people to live in    would not have such a
typhoons, mudslides, earthqua      risky areas, and inadequate         devastating effect on people’s
kes, volcanoes, locusts and        disaster preparedness and           lives without other factors at
pandemics can not necessarily be   education on the part of            play.
blamed on natural disaster,        governments as well as the             The year 2005 did see the
according to the United Nations    general population were part of     aftermath of the 26 December
health agency which today          that mix.                           2004 earthquake and tsunami
pointed to a complex mix of             I don't like to use the term   waves in Asia, as well as
human and natural factors that     ‘natural disasters,’ said Ciro      hurricanes in central and north
led to tragedy in those events.    Ugarte, Regional Advisor for        America, notably Katrina, which
   The UN World Health             Emergency Preparedness and          triggered flooding in the United
Organization (WHO) said that       Disaster Relief with the Pan        States city of New Orleans, and
routine climate change, global     American Health Organization        the 8 October earthquake in
warming influenced by human        (PAHO) in Washington DC,            Pakistan and India. The year also

saw famine after crops were          according to Marko Kokic,              accounts for about 20 percent of
destroyed by locusts in Niger and    spokesperson for WHO’s Health          the world’s earthquakes of
a volcano in El Salvador that was    Action in Crisis Department, who       magnitude 6 or greater. A 6.8
followed by Hurricane Stan.          said natural events in Caribbean       magnitude quake that struck the
   From January to October           and Indian Ocean lands were            northern Niigata region in 2004
2005, over 97,000 people were        amplified because of defores           killed more than 40 people.
killed in disasters globally, with   tation and stripping of vegetation        According to the study, which
some 88,000 of those deaths          from coastlines.                       centred on the Tohoku region of
resulting from so-called natural         Disasters are also a consequen     northeastern Japan as well as the
disasters, according to the Center   ce of development and industriali      east coast of the northernmost
for      Research       on     the   zation, he said.                       island of Hokkaido, around 2,700
Epidemiology of Disasters                In Europe, experts believe that    people would be killed and some
(CRED), a WHO institution that       countries such as France and           9,400 buildings destroyed in a
operates a global disaster           Germany are more adversely             worst-case scenario, Kyodo
database in Belgium. Such deaths     affected by floods today because       quoted the report as saying.
have been increasing since 1975.     major rivers, such as the Rhine,          The same scenario would
   However, natural phenomena        have been straightened to ease         result in 1.3 trillion yen ($11.25
do not always generate human         commercial traffic.                    billion) in damages.
disasters. Dr. Ugarte of PAHO            Global warming as well as             No estimated magnitudes were
noted that in 2005, several          routine, cyclical climate changes      given by Kyodo, but the area
earthquakes that struck in South     are causing a higher number of         surrounding the city of Sendai,
America were of a higher             strong hurricanes in the               around 450 km (280 miles) north
magnitude than the one that          Caribbean, meteorologists say.         of Tokyo and at the center of the
devastated northern Pakistan and         Add to that the increasing         region in the study, is hit by
parts of India in October, but       number of people living in             powerful -- and deadly --
these hit sparsely populated areas   substandard housing and on             earthquakes every 30 to 40 years.
and therefore caused less            coastlines, as well as the             The last such quake struck in
damage. The same goes for            destruction in a crisis of hospitals   1978, killing 28 people.
several tsunamis in 2005 which       and other essential infrastructure        Last August, the Sendai area
were not deemed disasters            and you have the potential for         was rocked by a 7.2 magnitude
because they didn’t endanger         more devastating disasters than a      quake. Some 59 people were
anyone, Dr. Ugarte said.             few decades ago, WHO                   injured and 200 houses damaged.
   Natural phenomena are likely      concludes.                                Northeastern Japan would get
to affect more people because the        In the meantime, a major           off comparatively lightly,
global population has increased      quake striking northeastern Japan      however.
to about 6.5 billion people and is   could set off a 22-meter tsunami,         Last year, the Tokyo
projected to reach 9.1 billion       kill nearly 3,000 people and           metropolitan government said
people in 2050, according to UN      cause more than a trillion yen in      that an earthquake in Tokyo of
figures.                             damage, according to a worst-          around 7.3 in magnitude would
   One of the earliest recorded      case government scenario, Kyodo        probably kill 11,000 people and
disasters, the eruption of           news agency of Japan said.             cause more than $1 trillion in
Vesuvius in 79 AD, buried the            The scenario was one of eight      economic damage.
ancient Roman city of Pompeii        pulled together by the                    Japan’s worst recent quake
killing about 10 000 people.         government’s Central Disaster          was in 1995, when the western
Today, 2 million people live         Prevention Council in a report         port city of Kobe was stuck by a
within its possible range.           released recently.                     7.3 magnitude quake that killed
   Another important factor is           Japan is one of the world’s        more than 6,400.
environmental degradation,           most seismically active areas and

    Diplomacy Journal

  What Gifts Women Bring To Peacemaking
                                                            Motivated by a noble cause to fight for their own
                                                         country or other countries, many soldiers, men or
                                                         women, have sacrificed their lives in the battle field
                                                         for little achievement.
                                                            Many hot-blooded young soldiers are like young
                                                         trees, which are felled before they have a chance to
                                                         mature into strong, big trees.
                                                            Many of them are deprived of opportunities of
                                                         making contributions to the well-being of all
                                                         humanity. It hurts me when I stop to think how
                                                         much painstaking effort we have expanded to see
                                                         our children grow old enough to make their
                                                            War doesn’t solve the root cause of the problem.
                                                         To build a harmonious world, we have to start from
                                                         education at home and schools. Since children are
                                                         like young plants.
                                                            They are susceptible to their family and people
                                                         around them,. Hence, they are easily influenced.
                                                         Their behavior usually reflects their parents’
                                                         examples and their teacher’s teachings. As mother
                                                         and teachers stay with the children longer and closer
                                                         at home and at school, they have overwhelming
                                                         influence, positive or negative, on their children.
                                                            Mothers and teachers can instill the children with
                                                         peace education when the children are young
   Born and raised in the twentieth century, many        enough for their minds to be molded.
women have experienced war as an event                      Nowadays, children, through video games, learn
principally led by men. In recent years, women,          how to score high by killing. Should mothers pay
however, have joined the military to fight for peace     attention to how the results of such games would
and justice. Such spirit sounds noble. However, war      influence their young and susceptible minds?
doesn’t bring peace. It creates a vicious cycle          Should they choose games with more constructive
instead because killing only breeds killing. The Iraqi   programs for their children?
war may be taken as a vivid example.                        Should mothers and teachers provide for children
                                                         some good TV programs, and encourage them to
                                                         watch and discuss them at home or at school?
                                                         Shouldn’t mothers and teachers pay attention to the
   In order for us all to comprehe nd this reality, I    language children use?
would like to draw an analogy between the fighting
war in Iraq and the killing of a poisonous mother
spider by stepping on it.
   The poisonous mother spider was killed but little        Children are not born to use foul language;
venomous spiders crawled all over the place and          instead, they learn it at home and at school and build
they multiply faster.                                    up a habit of using it. Improper language often
   The number of insurgents is growing alarmingly        sparks strife, conflict and even an unwanted fight.
double, triple or greater.                                  In July 2005, I happened to have a chance to

attend the Compassionate             existed, their conduct improved       looked at me and said, “Excuse
Listening Gathering in Seattle.      tremendously.                         me,” and then passed. This is also
   Two young teachers coming            These students act as seeds of     part of peace education.
from St. Francis Catholic School     peace. These saplings will soon           To bring peace to the world,
at Louisville, Kentucky, shared      grow into strong and solid trees,     we must have peace and love in
with us their experience of          and become the backbone of our        our hearts; then we can bring
teaching peace education at          country.                              peace and love to our families, to
school. They teach the third            Last Sunday, my husband and        our communities and then to the
graders what hunger is, the fourth   I were waiting for our seat at a      world. Women, either mothers, or
graders what justice is, the fifth   Bob Evans Restaurant. A child         teachers at school or day-care
graders what compassion is, the      squeezed his way between me           workers, are ideal persons to
eighth graders how to listen to      and another person. His mother        initiate peace education and
others compassionately and put       immediately said to the boy, “No,     enlighten children. This is the
peace education to practice. We      no, come back here. What should       perfect tool of peacemaking that
were told that although some of      you do while passing in front of      women can bring to our world of
the students’ problems still         another person?” The child            strife.

  BSP Korea appeals for e-ticketing to address shortage of paper tickets
    BSP Korea, which is              satisfaction of air travelers after      As of Dec. 17 last year, all the
 responsible for e-ticketing         a successful trial operation of its   BSP Korea ticketing agents in
 business in Korea, has asked the    BSP e-ticketing system in June        Korea were made to handle e-
 Korea Association of Travel         last year.                            ticketing without flaws.
 Agents (KATA) not to increase          In Japan, BSP E-ticketing is          “If and when local travel
 ratio of paper air ticketing        responsible for more than 30%         trade industries cooperate with
 market share to more than 50 %      of airline ticketing business         e-ticketing system as suggested
 following widespread report that    whereas the comparable ratio in       by IATA, we will be able to
 stockpiles of paper air tickets     Korea stands at a mere 3.8 % as       overcome the difficult situation
 available for immediate use have    of December last year.                facing local ticketing agents
 recently been drying up rapidly.       Indications are that e-            owing to lack of paper tickets in
    As of now, only 200,000          ticketing in Korea would              stock,” said a spokesman for
 paper tickets are in stock which    overtake paper ticketing market       BSP Korea which is authorized
 is good for only one week use if    share sooner or later.                to handle e-ticketing under
 the current demand for paper           Paper ticketing market share       contract with IATA representing
 tickets continues, a spokesman      in Korea still remain high due to     265 airlines comprising 94% of
 for BSP Korea told the Korea        lack of participation in e-           international air traffic.
 Travel Times. Travel industry       ticketing system by local travel         Indications are that e-
 worldwide is taking rapid strides   agents against the backdrop of        ticketing would overtake paper
 in electronic ticketing, or e-      ever increasing number of             ticketing market share sooner or
 ticketing as a means of slashing    outgoing Korean tourists.             later worldwide.
 costs on the back of soaring fuel      IATA headquarters took steps          IATA said e-ticketing can
 costs.                              to order about one million blank      generate US$3 billion in savings
    International Air Transport      paper air tickets for use in Korea    for the aviation industry each
 Association (IATA) Korea has        but when these paper tickets          year.
 recently taken steps to fix flaws   would be delivered is yet to be
 in e-ticketing system to the        known.

    Diplomacy Journal

Booming Energy Markets Drive Gulf States Development
                                    industry.”                               “This      exhibition       and
                                                                          conference is a way for electricity
   ABU DHABI--Under the                                                   generation , transmission, and
patronage of Sheikh Diyab bin                                             distribution professionals to meet
Zayed Al Nahyan, Chairman of           He reiterated that “booking of     the market,” said Nick Ornstien,
the Abu Dhabi Water and             the total area of the exhibition is   Group Publisher and General
Electricity Authority, Power-       a clear evidence of the success of    Manager         of     PennWell
GEN Middle East was held from       the plans designed to achieve         Corporation’s UK-based Global
January 30 to February 1, 2006 at   excellence in the organizing of       Energy Group, who along with
the Abu Dhabi International         specialized exhibitions to meet       their partner the General
Exhibition Centre. Expert           the needs of the UAE and the          Exhibitions Corporation (GEC)
estimations for the next decade     region in obtaining state-of-the-     based in Abu Dhabi, UAE, are
indicate that the GCC               art technologies to expand in         producing Power-GEN Middle
investments in the field of power   power generation projects.” Al        East 2006.
generation could reach US $ 50      Mazrouie went on to say “Power-          With the need to almost
billion by 2020. Ahmed Humaid       GEN Middle East 2006 is the           double current electricity
Al Mazrouie Managing Director       biggest event of its kind held in     production by 2010 and a target
of Abu Dhabi National               the region, with over 100             to add 6,000 MW of installed
Exhibitions Company said            exhibitors participation. We are      capacity, from the present level
“hosting of this exhibition and     expecting the event to have over      of 12,811 MW, electricity and
conference reflects the high        200 international and regional        water authorities throughout the
status acquired by Abu Dhabi        companies from the power -            UAE are undertaking sizable
emirate in the field of             transmission, distribution and        projects, many of which will
international        exhibitions    desalination sectors.”                involve private investment.

Strong demand growth coupled           sustainable power and water          $280 billion in 2005. But the
with significant structural            infrastructure development in the    revenues are only nominal and
changes within the electricity         region,’ said Nigel Blackaby,        are, in fact, far lower in real
sector ensure the UAE will             Conference Chairman.                 terms than those earned during
remain a key market in the                                                  the oil boom more than two
Middle East for years to come.                                              decades ago, taking account of
Further in the field, the entire                                            inflation and the weaker dollar.
Middle East & North Africa                Power-GEN Middle East             However, “the era of abundant,
(MENA) region will require             offers a forum to present such       cheap oil is well passed,”
more than 74 GW of additional          ideas in engineering, regulation     declares Nicholas Sarkis,
capacity by 2010.                      and finance affecting the region’s   Director of the Paris-based Arab
   Power-GEN Middle East               power industry. Established in       Petroleum Research Centre
exhibition and conference is now       1910, Penn-Well Corporation has      (APRC), which provides
in its 4th year. If past success and   developed into a leading             consultancy services to key
current interest are any               international multimedia provider    producing countries and oil and
indication, next year’s event will     of business intelligence. With its   gas companies worldwide.
offer even more opportunities for      headquarters in Tulsa, USA,             In an interview with Pipeline
international equipment and            Penn-Well has offices throughout     magazine, Sarkis said he believes
service vendors to identify            the world, providing its partners    $60 a barrel is a reasonable price
profitable opportunities in the        with a truly global service.         for oil and stressed that future
marketplace and meet decision-            The company is active in a        prices hinged on investment in
makers. A host of large-scale          diverse range of markets, and has    capacity expansion. Everyone is
projects are already underway or       established undisputed market        asking why oil prices are so high
currently coming up for bid in the     leadership in the fields covered     and there have been many
UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran and            by its Global Energy Group.          explanations and scenarios. Give
elsewhere in the region.               Market leading international         us the real reasons and tell us
   Major industry players like         journals including, The Oil &        whether prices will stay high in
Black and Veach, GE Energy and         Gas Journal, Offshore Magazine,      the short and medium term. The
Hitachi amongst other world-           Power Engineering International      sharp rise in oil prices, which has
renowned equipment suppliers           (PEI) and Water and Wastewater       taken the average value of the
will be exhibiting alongside Abu       International are complemented       OPEC crude basket up from
Dhabi Water & Electricity              by a large number of highly          $24.36 per barrel in 2002 to
Authority (ADWEA), at Power-           respected           international    $50.12 per barrel in the first 10
GEN Middle East. With many of          conferences and exhibitions.         months of 2005, is attributable to
the regional power and water           POWER-GEN Exhibitions and            two sets of factors. The first is
suppliers,            engineering      Conferences are the world’s          essentially political in nature -
companies, government and              business-to-business power           tensions in Iraq and the Middle
finance authorities also present,      generation events and stage in the   East, ethnic conflicts or strikes in
many opportunities will be             USA, Europe, Latin America,          Nigeria and Venezuela, and so
available to conduct business at       Asia, India & Central Asia and       on. The second set of factors is of
the event. Over 100 industry           the Middle East. The era of          a structural kind and hence more
experts wishing to present papers      abundant, cheap oil is well          lasting.
at the associated conference have      passed                                  These factors include in
already submitted their ideas in          In the meantime, Arab states      particular the more rapid than
advance of the event. ‘We              netted one of their highest oil      expected growth in world oil
recognize that innovation and          incomes in 2004 and the revenues     demand, which rose by 1.95 per
advanced technology are                are projected to climb by a          cent in 2003 and 3.66 per cent in
essential       ingredients       in   staggering $78 billion to peak at    2004. In the space of only two

    Diplomacy Journal

years, world needs increased by       and alternative energy sources.        constant 1973 dollars, the
4.4 million barrels per day,          What is your advice for OPEC in        nominal value of the OPEC crude
reaching 82.1 million barrels per     the coming period? Do you think        basket in 2004 - $36.05 per barrel
day in 2004. This led to a rapid      it should adopt a strategy that        - corresponded to no more than
increase in output, the virtual       takes into consideration new           $7.58 per barrel in 1973 dollars,
disappearance        of     spare     market fundamentals? It is clear       as against, for comparison
production capacity and fears         that OPEC member countries are         purposes, an all-time high of
about a supply shortage. Lastly,      fully aware of the fact that the oil   $15.93 per barrel in 1982. Taking
the upward movement in prices         industry has entered a new phase       account of inflation and
has fueled speculation, which has     characterized by an explosion of       fluctuations in the value of the
in turn amplified the rise in         demand, by major question-             dollar relative to the other major
prices. What is the acceptable or     marks surrounding the date of          currencies, Arab countries’ oil
reasonable price for both             Peak Oil, and by the fact that         revenues of $202 billion in 2004
producers and consumers at            efforts to prepare for the post-oil    corresponded in reality to only
present?        Taking       into     era need to be speeded up.             about one-third of their 1982
consideration that too low a price       Oil production has already          revenues in real terms.
harms the economies of                begun to decline in several               Lastly, to put things into
producers and too high can stifle     producing countries and the            perspective, one has to point out
demand and spark global               others will follow sooner or later.    that in 2004 crude oil prices rose
inflation?                            It has to be hoped that these          to an average of $36.05 per
                                      countries will take advantage of       barrel, whereas the prices paid by
                                      the high level of oil prices and       the final consumer for refined
                                      revenues to diversify their            products that year averaged
   All forecasts indicate that        economies, develop other               $66.20 per barrel in the United
world oil demand will continue to     productive sectors and leave           States, $95.30 per barrel in Japan
increase at a sustained rate in the   future generations with other          and $116.60 per barrel in the
coming years and will be up to        sources of revenue besides oil.        European Union, with the highest
around 120 million barrels per           Do you have any figures about       prices of all being paid by United
day by 2030. To meet these            the approximate oil revenues of        Kingdom consumers - $157.40
needs, huge investments will be       Arab producers in 2005 and an          per barrel
required in the development of        outlook for such
oil resources that are becoming       revenues in 2006?
increasingly       scarce      and    Will they be the
increasingly costly. This is the      highest revenues in
reality that will be the driving      current prices? As a
force in the future development       result of the increase
of prices, not the choices made       in both prices and
by producing and consuming            production, Arab
countries.                            countries’         oil
   A “reasonable” price for oil is    revenues soared from
increasingly the price that has to    $151.6 billion (in
be     paid     to    encourage       current dollars) in
international oil companies and       2002 to $202.1
producing companies to invest.        billion in 2004 and
The era of abundant, cheap oil is     are expected to reach
well passed. A price of $60 a         around $280 billion
barrel or more is needed for the      in 2005.
development of new oil fields            Nevertheless, in

       Diplomacy Journal publisher makes
       Diplomacy Journal publisher makes
        a courtesy call on Algerian envoy
        a courtesy call on Algerian envoy
   Lee Jon-young, president-           hope that forthcoming state visit to   public       projects,       mainly
publisher of the Diplomacy             Algeria by South Korean President      construction ones as part of its
Journal paid a courtesy call on HE     Roh Moo-hyun scheduled during          five-year economic program.
Amb.Rabah Hadid of Algeria on          the first half of this year would         Through 2009, the Algerian
Jan. 26 to exchange views on           further strengthen the friendly ties   government plans to build one
issues pending between Korea and       between the countries. Trade           million houses, 1,500 kilometers
Algeria.                               between the two nations stood at       of highway, dams, railway
   South Korea forged diplomatic       $594 million as of 2004, with          systems, tap water systems, and
ties with Algeria in 1990.             Korean exports to Algeria marking      gas pipelines from Algeria to
   Since after Algerian President      $354 million, and Algerian exports     Spain and Italy.
Abdelaziz Bouteflika’s first ever      to Korea posting $240 million.            In a lengthy struggle to combat
visit to Korea in December 2003,          Algeria is now more open and        terrorism, Algeria paid a high price
the quality of the relationship        readier than ever for active           for peace and security in the
between two countries have been        exchanges with Korea.                  Mediterranean region and the
upgraded in many areas of mutual          In 2000, Algeria’s gross            world. Thanks to more than 10
interests including economy and        domestic product (GDP) was $54         years of its own peacekeeping
culture,                               billion, and within four years by      efforts. security in Algeria has now
   Algerian President Abdelaziz        2004, the figure had jumped to         come back to the Algerian people.
Bouteflika’s friendly visit to Korea   $84 billion. Algeria has the second       Millions of people lost family
in 2003 reflected the nature of        largest economy in Africa next to      members or close friends during
South Korea’s relationship with        South Africa.                          this turbulent period of modern
Algeria, despite their relatively         Algerian government is              Algerian history, however.
short history together expressing      currently undertaking major

Diplomacy Journal
   The Diplomacy Journal, which
replaced the former UN News,
effective January 2006, had
instituted the Artist of the Month
Award. This time the one chosen was
Kim Hwan - Kyung who is well
versed in the Chae-hwa and Ka-sik
technique in painting with dried
lacquer color. This consists of
spreading on the painting the
powered dry lacquer or gold. As a
result, one may notice striking
differences in expression and
molding. The following is comment
made by Dr. Charles Mercieca,
president of IAEWP and chairman of
the screening board of the Artist of
the Month of the Diplomacy Journal.
-Ed.                                                      toward the end     unique artwork overnight. He has
   Mr. Kim Hwan-Kyung has              of the Bronze Age during              spent the last 40 years of his life
been inspired from an era that         excavations that took place in        working constantly in the
goes before the Koryo dynasty          Namjong-ri,         Asan,      and    production and improvement of
was in power in the Korean             Choongnam.                            artwork. During the decade of
peninsula. His artistic work is           During the first century B. C.,    the sixties, he devoted himself
crystallized by harmonization in       some 20 lacquered artistic items      mostly to wooden artwork. In the
plastic arts in particular. His        were discovered in mokkwan            following decade, he established
unique artistic technique has been     tomb in Dahori, Euichang, and         the Chae-Hwa-Chil-Gi Research
especially revealed in the             Kyoungnam. Hence, the Korean          Center and he established an
harmonization of function and          people produced lacquered wares       exchange exhibition program
beauty of furniture. His               well before the coming of Christ.     between artists in Korea, Japan
masterpieces are revealed in his       Mr. Kim s dedication to these         and Taiwan.
ability of keeping perfect             lacquered items has contributed
mastership spirit and traditional      to the revival of such a beautiful
consciousness alive and well.          and delightful art work. Of
   By nature, Mr. Kim is pensive       course, there have been a variety        During the decade of the
and he is very much appreciated        of styles or techniques in the use    eighties, he conducted a series of
by his well elaborate creative         of lacquer. For example, the          exhibitions which became quite
works that still preserve the          Chae-Hwa-Chil-Gi            wares     popular. He started with his first
distinct characteristics of            demonstrate a compound style          exhibition of Chae-Hwa-Chil-Gi
traditional Korean artwork. What       produced by a combination of          at the Gallery Hyundai and
this great Korean artist is trying     lacquer and color.                    continued with other similar
to do is not primarily to create a        As professional artists fully      exhibitions. In 1989 he was
new type of artwork but to             well realize, the usage of color in   selected for the First Prize with
preserve, the best he can, the         processing remains quite difficult    Chae-Hwa-Chil-Gi Vase in
utilization of the lacquer as crafts   and challenging, which require        Modern Artists Festival and he
materials the way they appeared        experience and mastership             received a variety of awards. His
some 2,300 year earlier.               capability. Needless to say, Kim      highlights came during the
Lacquered relics were discovered       Hwan-Kyung did not develop his        decade of the nineties that

    Diplomacy Journal

                                                                           variety of sources. It would be
                                                                           appropriate to mention that he
                                                                           has been professor in the
                                                                           Traditional Religion and Art
                                                                           Department of Inchon Catholic
                                                                           University, where he was
                                                                           considered by everyone that
                                                                           knew him to be a great asset and
                                                                           inspiration. In 1999, he presented
                                                                           a     designed        work      in
                                                                           Chrysanthemum to Queen
                                                                           Elizabeth II of Great Britain on
                                                                           the occasion of her birthday.
                                                                              He started the 21st century
                                                                           with a Spring Special Exhibition
                                                                           at the Main Gallery of Lotte. He
                                                                           continued to do similar things in
                                                                           the years that followed. In 2003,
initiated with his selection in the   International Prize in the Isagawa   he presented several of his
Seoul Craftwork Contest. He           Lacquer Design Contest. He also      artwork for exhibitions that took
later became a Jury Member of         received recognitions from the       place in both Southeast Asia and
the 4th Korea Lacquer World           Production Technology Council        Europe. In 2004, Kim Hwan-
Concourse and was awarded with        of the Ministry of Trade and         Kyung has received numerous
the Silver Prize of Japan.            Industry. Besides, his works were    honors that included his
   In the middle nineties, he         honored by the National              appointment of member of the
presented his Solo Exhibition of      Association of Culture and           advisory board of the Korea
Painting on Lacquered ware at         Sports.                              Applied Fine Artists Association,
Lotte Arts Hal in Seoul. Later he        Toward the end of the 20th        and the list goes on and on. All
participated in similar exhibitions   century, Kim Hwan-Kyung              this explains why this great man
in both Daegu and Busan. In           continued to receive several         has been selected as the artist of
1996 he was awarded the Special       awards and recognitions from a       the month.


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