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									                       Woodland Mounds
   http://su653.grgsc.org/                                                                             February, 2007

Our                      Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence,
Mission:                 and character, who make the world a better place.

A note from our Service Unit Managers –
Débora McCarty and Diane O’Connor
First of all, we would like to congratulate our leaders for putting together a lot of events these
past few weeks. We couldn’t have done it without you!!!

We started with the Skating Party run by Janet Whitten’s troop, which brought over 200 people (180 girls!!!) to Skatetown
USA. Then, leaders had a great opportunity to learn from other leaders at the Leader’s Retreat organized by Ann Copple
and Julie Koebel. They introduced us to some science experiments and great craft ideas. We even had a chance to visit
the new Friendship Lodge at Butterworth, which gave us the encouragement to bring our girl there whenever possible!

We had our first Brownie Overnight held at Faith Community Church. All comments were so favorable and all kudos goes
to the older girls who planned the activities and were there that night running them!!! We would like to extend our THANK
YOU to the older girls’ leaders, Lynne Martini, Ann Copple, Julie Koebel, Diane O’Connor and Elizabeth Wilson. We had
70 brownies in attendance plus older girls and adults (close to 130 total). As a community service project, the girls made
over 400 catnip socks going to the Scratching Post in Blue Ash. Our Service Unit also donated $200 to Faith Community
for their support to the girl scouts in Woodland Mounds as a token of appreciation.
February 2 was the snow tubing event with over 84 scouts and family members attending. Despite the bitter cold,
everyone had a great time!!!

Last Friday was the Leader/Daughter Bunco event. Everyone had a great time. The event was run by Claudia VanDixon
and Jill Jewell.
Furthermore, we have the Mardi Gras night on the Feb 23 at Hopewell. Since there was very little response to the older
girl overnight for Feb 24 , we have switched it to a Brownie and Junior overnight lodge camping. Details are still being
worked out.

As we head into February, we are looking at the Family Giving Campaign. Our goal this year is $1,850.00, which is slightly
higher than last year. We need to put our efforts together to be able to reach our goal. We will talk more about activities
we can do in order to help our Service Unit reach the goal.

We are officially running for the President’s Award. Pam Palmer from Council came to our meeting in January and talked
about the requirements. We will need every one of you to help us achieve that award. But most importantly we need you
to do what you do best -- be a leader!
Cookies will be coming soon after the 15 of February and then we have all the cookie shops coming up. Happy selling!
Don’t forget March 11-17 is Girl Scout week. Do all you can to promote Girl Scouts. There will be a mass on March 11 at
                                                                th                                       th
St. John’s at 11: 30am. Also in March is Thinking Day on the 10 and the Gals N Pals Dance is on the 30 at the First
Church of God.

Have a great February!! Débora & Diane

Things to do:
Heritage Village over at Sharon Woods Park, has come across some volunteer opportunities that may interest scouts. They
have a new director who is really shaking things up and gung-ho. It’s an exciting place to be just now.

In general, the village is a collection of houses, including a print shop, train station and barn from the 1800s. They are trying
to be a ―living village‖ and bring the time period to life by having costumed (and un-costumed) interpreters, craft
demonstrators and tour guides. Scout troops go there to do badges – some troops may be interested in this aspect of the
village. Older girls may be interested in the Jr. Volunteer program there. Jr. Volunteers can learn period crafts and activities
such as hearth cooking, spinning weaving, print shop, gardening, etc (even beekeeping!) then spend time at the village
practicing what they’ve learned while visitors have a chance to see history in action. LOTS of opportunities for girls to do
badge work, have fun volunteering with others, and even create their own projects (gold or silver awards anyone?).

The Village has a BIG event coming up for which they could use all the help they can get. It’s an egg hunt, Saturday, April 7
from 9 – 5:00. WARM 97 will be promoting it, and 3,000 visitors are anticipated. They are looking for volunteers for
everything from interpretation of houses; face painting, to crowd direction and control. There’ll be lots of prizes and lots of
eggs over the whole site.

                         Anyone, kid or adult, male or female who would like to help or find out more about the village or this
                         one event may call 563-9484to get plugged in. There should be some great opportunities!

                                                                                  Girl Scout Sunday
              Day Camp 2007
                                                                    Come Celebrate Girls Scout Sunday On March 11 at St
                                                                    Johns at 11:30am.
        Let's Go Wild in the Jungle
                                                                    If any girl--or leader--would like to sing in our GS choir,
                                                                    please contact me.
Please mark your calendars for Let’s Go Wild in
the Jungle on June 11 – 15th. Day Camp will be                      I'll have more information regarding rehearsals soon.
held at Camp Butterworth.                                           Also, if you would just like to join us--in uniform--we'll
                                                                    have a flag ceremony processional and recessional.

This is not listed in the Horizons                                  Judy Horne 755-8710 jhorne1@cinci.rr.com
Booklet you received last month.

Please let your girls know some time in March
they will be getting a flyer from our service unit
describing the event. Last year there was some
confusion and we had girls sign up for resident
camp instead. We will let you know when the
flyers will be delivered.

If you would like to volunteer
to help, please contact
Diane O’Connor.

    Service Team at your fingertips
                                                                  Notes from Service Team
               Service Unit Managers
 Diane O’Connor dianeoconnor75@aol.com           886-6642
                                                                  Training Liaison – Julie Koebel
Débora McCarty      rdmccarty@mindsprings.com      755-6124
                                                                  It is very important to complete your 3 required trainings
                                                                  by the end of February. If you are missing your training
                            Adena                                 you will receive a reminder card in your troops file. Please
     Sarah Sturgeon      sturgeon@fuse.net    759-0401            call council to schedule your training(s). We have 13
                                                                  leaders that need to complete the training. Both the
                          Shawnee                                 Orientation to the Organization and Age Level trainings is
   Lisa McAfee     lisamcafee30@hotmail.com     777-4231          available in a home study packet. You can either call
                                                                  council to request a packet or you can download it from
                          Hopewell                                their website. You can also pick up the home study guide
                                                                  in my box on my porch.
      Pam Dooley      idooley@cinci.rr.com    777-3386

                           St. Johns                              For the experience leaders…Did you know that you are
      Judy Horne      jhorne1@cinci.rr.com   755-8710             not allowed to be meeting if you do not have a fully trained
                                                                  leader present? This also applies to events your troop is
          Registrar, Training Liaison, Newsletter                 doing. You need to have a fully trained leader at all
      Julie Koebel jkoebel123@aol.com 777-3697                    meetings and events.

                    Program Consultant                            If you have any questions about training, please give me a
                                                                  call or you may contact Council directly.
      Margaret Popp     popp.ma@pg.com        755-2759
                                                                  Registrar – Julie Koebel
Elizabeth Wilson    dwandea.wilson@netzero.net     779-6923                        st
                                                                  As of February 1 we have 439 girls registered. Our goal
                           Junior                                 is 451. We are in great shape. Please remember if you
     Laura Byrd     laura_byrd@cinfin.com     779-4108            are adding girls to your troop, please drop off the
                                                                  registration forms to me. Please do not mail them to
                     Cadette and Senior                           council. Also please complete the Due Summary sheet
       Sonya Hall    ebd@sonyahall.com       779-8803             with the registration. We are so close in making our 2006-
                                                                  2007 goal.
   Jackie Decker      cityfolks5@yahoo.com      779-8821

                     Financial Advisor                            Cookies – Ann Copple
   Sally Bartlow    GARYBARTLO@aol.com          777-7033
                                                                  Way to go!!!! We are 300 cases away
                  Events Coordinator
       Martha Era emartha1@fuse.net          755-3289             from meeting our goal. You should
                                                                  have received confirmation on your
            Cookies and Camp Coordinator                          pick up times. If you need additional forms, they are in a
      Ann Copple scopple@cinci.rr.com 779-8502                    box on my porch. If you have any questions, please give
                                                                  me a call at 779-8502. Thanks
                     Family Partnership
                                                                  Newsletter Deadline– Julie Koebel
 Mary Ann Ramhap       maryann@ramhap.com        759-0880

               Community Service Liaison
    Lynne Martini Lynne.Martini@fuse.net       779-7501           If you wish to submit an article to our
                                                                  newsletter, the deadline is the 28 of
             Girl Planning Committee Chair                        each month. Please email Julie Koebel
                      Need Someone                                with the details.
                       Publicity Chair
      Suzanne Linder     jparmr@aol.com      777-8645

                    Girl Scout Web Site

Need training?

Here is a list of upcoming trainings. Please call council to schedule your next training.

                    Location                          Date                Time              Location
    Standard First Aid w/ CPR                    3/24/07            9:00am – 6:00pm     Girl Scout Center
    CPR Review                                   3/19/07            6:00 - 10:00pm      Girl Scout Center
    CPR Review                                   4/12/07            9:00am - 1:00pm     Girl Scout Center
    Brownie Age Level                            3/10/07            9:00am – Noon       Church of the Savior
    Junior Age Level                             3/8/07             7:00 - 10:00pm      Girl Scout Center
    Junior Age Level                             3/8/07             7:00 - 10:00pm      Girl Scout Center
    Junior Age Level                             3/10/07            9:00am - Noon       Church of the Savior
    Leader/Advisor Training                      3/10/07            9:00am - Noon       Church of the Savior
    Valuing Differences                          2/15/07            9:00am - Noon       Girl Scout Center
    Valuing Differences                          3/1/07             7:00 - 10:00pm      Girl Scout Center
    Valuing Differences                          3/10/07            1:30 - 4:30pm       Church of the Savior
    Valuing Differences                          3/29/07            9:00am - Noon       Girl Scout Center
    Basic Camp Certification                     4/10/07            6:00 - 10:00pm      Girl Scout Center
    Lodge Camp                                   2/24/07            9:00am - noon       Camp Stonybrook
    Songs & Games                                3/10/07            12:30 - 1:30pm      Church of the Savior
    Basic Camp Certification                     4/10/07            6:00 - 10:00pm      Girl Scout Center

Creating An Inclusive Culture (formerly called Valuing Differences )
Of the three required trainings as a Girl Scout leader or co-leader, Creating an Inclusive Culture
is the only course not available online or through a home study option. Creating an Inclusive
Culture is an invaluable training and upholds the basic Girl Scout philosophy of respecting and
valuing all people for who they are. The upcoming Creating an Inclusive Culture courses in the
New Year are:
          February 15th, 9:00am-12:00pm, at the Girl Scout Center in Blue Ash
          February 17th, 1:00-4:00pm, at West Chester Presbyterian Church
          February 22nd, 7:00-10:00pm, at St. Timothy’ s Episcopal Church in Anderson Township
          February 24th, 1:30-4:30pm, at Hilltop United Methodist Church in Mt. Healthy
          March 1st, 7:00-10:00pm, at the Girl Scout Center in Blue Ash
          March 10th, 12:30-3:30pm, at the Indiana Service Center in Aurora, IN
          March 10th, 1:30-4:30pm, at Church of the Savior in Montgomery
         March 13th, 7:00-10:00pm, at Grace United Methodist Church in Hamilton
Some volunteers are able to opt out of Creating an Inclusive Culture, go to council’s web site for more details.
Remember- Creating an Inclusive Culture is required to be a Girl Scout leader or co-leader, sign up to complete yours
as soon as possible!

First Aid and CPR Certification
Are you taking your girls camping or on a field trip soon? Remember, Safety-Wise requires that in order to take your
troop on trips anywhere outside of your normal meeting place there must be at least one adult attending who is certified
in First Aid and CPR. Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be Red Cross certified in Adult & Child
CPR for one year and First Aid for three years. Sign up for this course today and gain confidence in life-saving skills!
Please hurry- class size is limited & fills up very fast.

                                Girl Scout Week
                               March 11 – 17, 2007

March 12; Girl Scout Birthday

This is the day the first Girl Scout meeting was held in the United States; March 12, 1912. The first
troop consisted of Juliette Low, two other adults and 18 girls.

Juliette's niece, Daisy Gordon, was the first girl registered in America. The week containing Girl
Scout birthday is known as Girl Scout Week. The Saturday and Sunday beginning the week of
March 12 are designated as Girl Scout Sabbath and Girl Scout Sunday respectively.

Some "firsts":
                    March 12, 1912, the first Girl Guide Company in the United States was organized
                    The first camp was held in the summer of 1912
                    In 1913, the name was changed to Girl Scouts.
                    The first uniform was blue.
                    The first Girl Scout Handbook was called "How Girls Can Help Their Country."

Some ideas for celebrating Girl Scout Week include:

   Have a birthday party
   Attend your religious institution in uniform on Girl Scout Sabbath/Sunday Provide service**
   Get together with other troops in your Service Unit to sing songs, do skits, or play games that
    celebrate Girl Scouting.
   Bury a time capsule with items your girls feel represent Girl Scouting today and their
    expectations for Girl Scouting in the future.
   Schedule an act of service in your community.
   Make posters depicting Girl Scouts to display in schools and libraries.
   Invite an older Girl Scout troop to your meeting to tell what they do in Girl Scouting.
   Learn about WAGGGS. Pick a country and learn their Promise, Law and Motto in their
   Learn to make Friendship Bracelets and pins and share with another troop.
   Learn more about the games and activities from 1912.

The Girl Scout handbook says that the days of the week which includes March 12 are called the
Seven Service Days. It says that during this week, troops should make a special effort to show
their community what they are doing.

                              Sunday: Girl Scout Sunday
                              Monday: Homemaking Day
                              Tuesday: Citizenship Day
                              Wednesday: Health and Safety Day
                              Thursday: International Friendship Day
                              Friday: Arts and Crafts Day
                              Saturday: Out-of-Doors Day

World Thinking Day was first created in 1926 at the fourth Girl Guide/Girl Scout
International Conference, held at Girl Scouts of the USA's Camp Edith Macy (now called
Edith Macy Conference Center). Conference attendees decided that there should be a
special day when Girl Scouts and Girl Guides all around the world think of each other and
give thanks and appreciation to their "sister" Girl Scouts. The delegates chose February
22 as the date for Thinking Day because it was the mutual birthday of Lord Baden-Powell,
founder of the Boy Scout movement, and his wife Olave, who served as World Chief

In 1932, at the seventh World Conference, held in Poland, a Belgian delegate suggested
that since birthdays usually involve presents, girls could show their appreciation and
friendship on Thinking Day not only by extending warm wishes but by offering a voluntary
contribution to the World Association. This is how the World Association's Thinking Day
Fund began

To emphasize the global aspect of Thinking Day, Members at the 30th World Conference,
held in Ireland in 1999, changed the name Thinking Day to World Thinking Day.
There are now 10 million Girl Guides and Girl Scouts in 144 countries!

                   WORLD GO ‘ROUND
When: Saturday, March 10, 1:00-4:00pm
Where: Faith Community Church, 8230 Cox Road
Cost: $4.00 per girl (if received between 2/1-2/22 a patch will be included,
late reservations will be taken through 3/1 at the same cost)
Checks should be sent to Laura Byrd, 8140 Clearmeadow Drive, WC, OH 45069 and be
made payable to: Woodland Mounds.
*Also, if you have not yet registered for your country display, please e-mail Laura at

Detach and mail this portion.
Leaders Name:_____________________ Troop#__________

Phone#(             )                                   Age level:_______


#of Girls Attending:_____x $4.00 per girl = total:$______
(Adults should accompany to meet Safety Wise guidelines)

*Country Display:__________________________

                         Event being sponsored by Junior Troop #622
                        Questions, please call Laura Byrd (513) 779-4108

On behalf of the Shamrock Shuffle parade committee, we              12th Membership meeting
would love to have the Girl Scouts represented in the First         23rd Mardi Gras
Annual Shamrock Shuffle Parade.                                     24th Younger Girl Overnight
This is a very family friendly event sure to be a hit for year's
to come. Don't miss this opportunity to get your Scouts             March
involved.                                                           5th   Service Team Meeting
                                                                    10th Thinking Day Event
Again, if you have any questions, I would love to discuss this      11th Girl Scout Sunday
opportunity with you. My daughter is a Jr. Girl Scout and thy       12th Membership Meeting
get so excited to be a part of something like this.
                                                                    30th Gals N Pals Dance
LeeAnn Gentry                                                       30th Woodland Mounds
Shamrock Shuffle Parade Committee                                         Service Unit Chase Ends

                                                                    2nd   Service Team Meeting
                                                                    9th   Membership meeting
                                                                    22    Girl Scout Leaders day

Dear Ms. Jones,
                                                                    7th    Service Team Meeting
This letter serves as a special opportunity for the Girl Scouts     14th   Membership meeting
to support a worthwhile event and increase your visibility
within our community.

The Union Centre Blvd. Merchant Association and The
Community Foundation of West Chester/Liberty have joined
together to host the 2007 Shamrock Shuffle 5K, Parade and
Breakfast on Saturday, March 17, 2007.

This letter is just an invitation for you to come and participate
in the parade. You can either have your organization walk in
the parade with a banner or decorate a float. (Potential to
earn best entry contingent on committee securing parade
sponsorship funds—this is still in the works).
                                                                              Debi Sampsel
Again, thank you for your support in helping to provide a
family friendly event. If you have any questions please don’t
                                                                             Carolyn Dudley
hesitate in contacting me at 874-0273 or cell 602-2786.                      Heather Harvey
                                                                             Susan Bodette
Sincerely,                                                                    Loni Ambrus
                                                                             Terese Garske
LeeAnn Gentry
Shamrock Parade Committee 07
                                                                            Mary Richardson
                                                                              Jennifer Titus
                                                                            Kimberly Paladino
                                                                              Diane Biehle
                                                                              Melissa Lowe


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