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    survey 2009
    Up to date salary and benefits data
    for a unique and fast moving market

The Renewables industry is growing at a record pace but
what impact is this growth having on how organisations
reward their employees?
The 2009 BWEA Reward Survey, designed in partnership
with key industry members, is the first time the industry
has truly captured the information that organisations need
to be able to benchmark with confidence. With the results         BWEA
looking beyond salaries to the wider package on offer,
organisations can be confident they are getting the
                                                             Delivering the UK’s wind, wave and tidal energy

complete picture.
BWEA reward survey 2009

                                                   The goal of our group was to design a survey which took into
                                                   account the specifics of our industry and a simple way of making
                                                   job comparisons across organisations.
                                                   Chair of Salary Work Group

Participation                                      BWEA Salary Working Group
21 organisations took part                         This Hay Group reward survey was commissioned by BWEA following a request from the
in the 2009 survey.                                members of BWEA’s Salary Working Group. This Group is comprised of key organisations
Atlantis Resources Corporation                     within the sector who have placed reward high on their agenda.
Centrica Renewable Energy                          The survey was tailored to be inclusive of the range of needs within BWEA’s membership,
The Crown Estate                                   not just in terms of the roles covered but also taking into account the range of company
DOnG Wind UK                                       sizes in the industry.
EDF Energy Renewables
E.On Climate & Renewables                          Our goal was to provide each company with one to one support and to ensure that we were
Falck Renewables                                   comparing like for like when it came to looking at each individual role in an organisation.
infinis                                            The outcome of this approach was a unique yet simplistic approach to reward benchmarking.
Mainstream Renewable Power
nordex UK                                          What did we find?
nordic Windpower
novera Energy
                                                   The survey published October 2009 contains the most up-to-date and robust market data
Partnerships for Renewables                        available within the industry. Through our interactive, online tool organisations are able to
Proven Energy                                      analyse data by job function, enabling companies to model appropriate pay comparisons.
RWE npower renewables                              Results provide evidence to back up the long held belief that the renewables industry is
Renewable Energy Systems (RES)                     amongst the best rewarded sectors in the UK economy with salaries above the UK average.
REpower UK
Scottish & Southern Energy                         So what is causing this upward trend of salaries on offer?
ScottishPower Renewables
Vestas                                             The relatively small talent pool of employees and the competition to attract and retain
Wind Prospect Group                                industry expertise has created an employee driven salary market in which organisations
                                                   are paying ‘what they have to’ to attract the right candidate.

                                                   Are some functions paid more than others?
                                                   The results show that the very competitive pay packages exist across all functions, although
                                                   some technical specialists do receive higher remuneration than the industry average.

These survey results will                          What benefits are being offered?
give us the confidence to                          Typically, benefits account for 30% of total reward packages and our survey results clearly
make the right decisions                           indicate an industry trend for offering far more than just base salary. Additional cash
for our business.                                  payments, private healthcare and company cars are common place in the industry and
                                                   with over a third of organisations offering Long Term Incentive schemes it is imperative that
Scottish Power                                     your organisation understands the direct impact these benefits have on the total package.

If you would like to find out more about the BWEA Reward Survey please contact:

Salary Working Group Chairman                                  BWEA Skills and Education Officer           Hay Group
Gary Robinson                                                  Fruzsina Kemenes                            Gavin Brown                                            

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