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									                         Chamber of Commerce
 Website: www.hazennd.org                                              Phone: 701-748-6848 or 1-888-464-2936
 E-mail: hazenchamber@westriv.com                                                 PO Box 423, Hazen, ND 58545
                                               JANUARY 2011
                                                       Obenauer who is in the loan department at Union
                                                                         State Bank.
                                                        We thank them for their willingness to be board

                                                                      January Chamber Schedule
                                                        Board Meeting          6        12:00    Sue’s Café
   Let’s make 2011 a fabulous year for both the         Retail Trades          13       1:00     D’Andreas
       Chamber and the Hazen Community.                 CVB Meeting            19       12:00    Sue’s Cafe
                                                        Membership Meeting     20       12:00    City Hall
As you all are aware, we are seeking a new director     Retail Trades          27       1:00     D’Andreas
 for the Chamber and hope to have one on staff in
                                                            Investment in Your Chamber
                                                          Membership billings were sent out the end of
 We seem to be having some growing pains lately          December. Your dues are truly an investment in
 and are truly interested in hearing what YOU feel      the Chamber and your community and will help to
  the goals and duties of the Chamber should be.          make our Chamber a more vital and energetic
 Membership is up but attendance at membership                    Notepad Ads for 2011
  meetings is dwindling; yet, those who do attend
 want us to continue with the meetings as we learn       Your business or organization can have an ad in this
so much from each other about what each business        publication each month for an annual fee of $75.00.
 or organization or government entity has planned       Please include it with your Chamber membership
                   for the future.                      renewal.
                                                             During these dreary January days, just
Please contact me (748-2977) or one of the board         remember…we are gaining minutes of sunlight
members if you have suggestions and give us your         everyday and spring is right around the corner!
                   thoughts!                            Hurray! We have something to look forward to! 
                                                         Taste of Hazen is March 21st — keep it on your
       Valerie Albrecht, Chamber President                                 calendar!

             Board Members for 2011:                             HCD NEWS
Val Albrecht, Ed Boger, Carla Borlaug, Laurie Miller,   January 2011
   Sue Cahoon, Sarah Flath, Terry Murschel, Nick        DukeRosendahl, Executive Director
  Scharbach, Linda Terfehr, John Bergquist, Marie
             Mettler, Christie Obenauer                 We’re all exiting 2010 and as we do HCD is ready to
  Introducing our newest board members: Sarah           dive headlong into the 2011 development season.
Flath is with Coteau Properties, Marie Mettler is in    It feels like a good one.
 marketing and PR for Sakakawea Medical Center,
John Bergquist is manager at Krause’s, and Christie
The exciting news for 2010 is undoubtedly west          So as we end the year 2010, I turn to the New Year
Hazen. Retail growth has expanded or been added.        and as I do I’d like to wish each of you a very
There seems to be more of the same headed our           special 2011 from myself and on behalf of all of the
way for 2011. All in all I think I’m ok with the role   HCD board of directors.
HCD played in the development of our great
community. The investments made seem to be
paying off in terms of millions of dollars of bricks
and mortar and our sales taxes are maintaining
well. West Hazen is truly a new bright spot                   2010 Hazen Chamber of Commerce Members
(especially at night) - and that is how I see the
future of our community (day or night). My goal is      4-J Outdoors, Affordable Carpet Cleaning, ALCO, American Legion
to help keep it that way.                               Auxiliary, AmericInn, Arrow Creameries, Inc., Astra Technologies,
                                                        Inc., AWM Staffing, Barbot-Seibel Funeral Home, Basin Electric
                                                        Power Cooperative, Brooks House Gallery, Buffalo Hill Veterinary
HCD’s development efforts focus on the                  Clinic, Buffalo Valley Archers, Catering for You, City of Hazen,
community. Our office works with many                   Cinema Twin Theater, Coal Country Community Health Center,
                                                        Common Threads Quilters Guide, Coteau Properties, Country Hide-
committees including the Chamber, CVB, and              A-Way, Dakota Gasification Company, Dakota Westmoreland,
Hazen’s Growth Strategy advisory board (among           D’Andreas Hot Stuff Pizza, Ed Grunett, CPA , Eyecare Professionals,
others). The office, over the past year, has            Farmer’s Union Oil Co., Friends of the Library, Stan Hanewald,
                                                        Hazen Arts & Crafts Assn., Hazen Bison Boosters, Hazen Bottle
maintained and follows up on a steady stream of         Shop, HCD, Hazen Community Health Task Force, Hazen Dollars for
possibilities from both existing and new businesses     Scholars, Hazen Drug, Hazen Golf Club, Hazen Hardware Hank,
for both financial and technical consideration. Each    Hazen Hospital Auxiliary, Hazen Lions, Hazen Motor Company,
                                                        Hazen Preschool, Hazen Public Library, Hazen Public Schools, Hazen
day invites a variety of challenges. It could be a      Senior Citizens, Hazen Star, Rudy Hildebrand, Hiway Express,
new prospect or it may be administrating the            IBEW Local 1593, Investment Center, Jahraus Dental Clinic, Jensen
organizations funds. It’s all important and it all      Jewelry, Job Service ND, Joe’s Gym, LLP, Johnson Lumber, Knife
                                                        River Branch Capital Credit Union, Knife River Group Home, Knife
needs to be done. Keeping the line of                   River Indian Heritage Foundation, Knife River Indian Villages NHS,
communication open between HCD and the                  Dallas & Marilyn Krause, Krause’s Super Valu, Lange & Donovan,
community is also important.                            Lowe’s Garden Center, Lynne’s Hair Gallery, Maas Electric Mel
                                                        Roth Oil, Mercer County Abstract, Mercer County Historical
                                                        Society, Mercer County Tobacco Coalition, Mercer County WARC,
Recently, the HCD office added a new face under         Midcontinent Communications, Montana Dakota Utilities Company,
the “Experience Works” program. Those new               NAPA Auto Parts, Peggy’s Homemade Catering, Power Busing,
                                                        Praise on the Prairie, Pretty Petals, RDO Equipment , Retterath Real
hands, owned by Joan Ylitalo, are appreciated and       Estate, Roughrider Electric Cooperative, Roughrider Inn, Ryan’s
with each passing day we are improving our filing       Benning Investments, Sakakawea Adventure Outfitters, Sakakawea
system, our cataloging and in general making the        Medical Center, Speidel’s, Spendthrift, Stroup Insurance, Subway,
                                                        Sue’s Café, Swanson Chiropractic Clinic, The Signature Page, The
office a lot more worker friendly.                      Union Bank, Thrivent Financial, Today’s Woodworking, Triple M
                                                        Pets & Hobbies, Union Insurance, Union State Bank, Victoria’s
Finally, I want to thank the HCD board for all the      Dance Studio, West Dakota Red Cross, West River
                                                        Telecommunications, Western Frontier Insurance Agency, Western
time and the work they do. It’s important for you       Steel Builders, and Wierson Financial.
to know or be confirmed in the belief, that there       Chamber Highlights:
are some really dedicated people who deal with           A possible Home Show in February or early March
Hazen’s development efforts. They attend regular           to promote our local industries with HCD and the
meetings, committee meetings and special                   City of Hazen.
meetings. They are the people who ultimately             The Chamber is in need of volunteers for 2011
make the decisions on the direction that HCD will          Committees. If you are interested in serving on a
drive its development work. The board is aware             Committee, please contact the Chamber office.
that they have their work cut out for them. There is     2011 Budget will not be presented until we have
plenty on the table and taking calculated risk is          hired a new director and know what the salary will
always challenging. I’ve had the privilege to carry
on with these folks as they continue to provide
direction and action.
CVB Meeting Highlights:

      The Bismarck Sports Show located at the
       Bismarck Civic Center is February 18th – 20th.
       We will need to update the booth banner to
       include the Website address. Volunteers are                       Ed Grunett,
       needed.                                                               CPA
      The Minot Sports Show is scheduled for March                       Located on Main
       11th, 12th & 13th, 2011 and will be at the ND                      Street in Hazen
       State Fair Center in Minot.                                        (701) 748-6213
      We are in the process of compiling information
       for the 2011 Hazen Brochure.
      Looking for Hazen photos for the 2011 Hazen
       Brochure. We are in need of Hunting and                           Accounting & Tax
       Fishing photos plus any action photos from the
       Hazen area. Submit them to the Chamber office
       or to www.hazenchamber@westriv.com

                                                          Hiway Express                LANGE & DONOVAN
                                                                                          Attorneys at Law
                                                                                          Gregory L. Lange
                             www.westriv.com   748-2211                                  Patrick A. Donovan
                                Have you visited                                         Phone: 701-748-2206
                               WRT’s new Online                                            Fax: 701-748-6200
“Martial arts training for    Community Calendar?                                               E-mail:
self defense, fitness and       Post your events          One Stop Convenience          hazenlaw@westriv.com
   personal growth”               for FREE at                                            206 Central Avenue N
246 West Main St., Hazen       www.westriv.com!                                               PO Box 488
        748-5692                                            Hazen & Beulah                 Hazen, ND 58545

                                                                                           Mercer County
                                                                                      Abstract Company, Inc.
                                                                                         Real Estate Abstracts
                                                                                       Title Insurance & Closings
                                                                                           Bonded Abstracter
                                                              Quality Service            of Mercer County, ND
                                (701)748-2293                Superior Savings         Melissa Weidner, Abstracter
                                                             41 West Main               Deby Richter, Secretary
  “Quality Healthcare        Appliances at our              Call Vicki Today!               613 4th Ave. NE
    Close to Home”            Service Center                                               Hazen, ND 58545
       748-2225                                                 748-5557
                                                                                          Phone 701-748-2190

                              Mel Roth Oil                     Eyecare
                               (701) 748-2950              Professionals, PC
                                                            Dr. Daniel Long
                                                           Dr. John Helmers
       Located in
                                                           Dr. James Helmers
    The Union Bank                                                  ☼☼☼
                                                                                         Stroup Insurance &
  222-7th Street NW                                          34 West Main St.
   Hazen, ND 58545                                           Hazen, ND 58545
 Phone: 701-748-2999                                          (701) 748-6533
                             Celebrating 41 years           “Eyecare professionals        1-800-450-3217
  Diane Huber, Agent
unioninsurance@westriv.com    of Business in 2010           for your eyecare needs”    www.stroupinsandrealty.com

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