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									César E. Chávez
High School
2010 - 2011

     Student and Parent
                           César E. Chávez High School Mission
 It is the mission of César Chávez High School for students to learn to become educated and responsible participants
and leaders in a democratic society by taking part in mainstream activities of the school and by completing a rigorous
                                            college preparatory program.

          Expectations For Students at                                                   What You Can Expect From
           César Chávez High School                                                           Your Teachers
We expect excellence from you, that you will genuinely                    A sincere desire for you to learn about and understand
try to do your best on all course assignments.                            the world in which we all live.
We expect you to put your education first, and non-
academic activities like sports, recreation, work, and                    To be allowed to pursue an education free from
social life second on your list of priorities.                            discrimination based on race, color, national origin, sex,
                                                                          age, disability, religion, or sexual orientation.
We assume you are genuinely interested in learning, and
you are not taking courses here simply to pass the time                   To be treated with civility and respect by all members of
of day.                                                                   the school community.
We expect you to abide by the Honor Code. Cheating
                                                                          FAIRNESS in assignments, tests, and grading. Teachers
or academic dishonesty in any form can never be
                                                                          ask questions, but part of your job is to keep track of and
                                                                          figure out what is important. Also remember teachers
We expect you to participate in class by asking and                       must be fair to the entire class, not one or two
answering questions, and to seek help if you are                          individuals.
confused, fall behind, or uncertain.
                                                                          To be given clearly communicated instructions for the
We expect you to do all assigned readings and
                                                                          completion of each course.
problems, put some thought into them, and prepare
questions about those topics or issues which you find                     Expect intellectual rigor in the material we present. You
confusing, unclear, or with which you disagree.                           will not receive a watered-down treatment of the
                                                                          material, and we will NOT accept from you a simplistic
We expect you to edit your assignments carefully before                   understanding of the material.
you turn them in. Careful writing reflects careful
                                                                          All teachers have their own view of things. This does
thought; careless writing reflects careless thought. Your
                                                                          not mean you must agree with them, but that you must
teachers grade accordingly.
                                                                          understand how they see things, too. In general, you
We expect you to understand and remember that all                         will learn to live in a world of widely-differing values
course material is cumulative and does not come in                        and beliefs.
separate chunks that can be forgotten after each quiz or                  Unexamined values have little or no significance. We
exam.                                                                     will empower you to make informed decisions now and
You are a member of César Chávez High School. Your                        in the future by challenging your beliefs and values. Not
actions reflect on the school and on other students in                    to change them, but to get you to think about them
particular. You are expected to behave in accordance                      explicitly and to make well-reasoned decisions - - to be
with the laws and school policy.                                          in charge of what you believe and value.

                                      César E. Chávez High School Parent and Student Handbook 2010 - 2011
                                                     Main Office
                                      Building Principal – Mr. De León
                                           Business Manager – Ms. Montes
                                               Secretary – Ms. Eureste

                                                   Grade Level Offices
  12 - E- House (E100)                       11th- D- House (D100)                                          10th- C- House (C100)
 AP/ Dean - Ms. Turner                      AP/ Dean - Mr. de Kanter                                       AP/ Dean - Mr. Moss
 Counselor - Ms. Loredo                     Counselor - Ms. Cyprien                                       Counselor - Ms. Meredith
    Clerk - Ms. Sosa                           Clerk - Ms. Butler                                            Clerk - Ms. Leon

                                                                           9th - Students M Through Z – B-House (B100)
 9th - Students A Through L – A -House (A100)
                                                                                  AP/Dean/ Counselor - Ms. Parker
        AP/Dean/ Counselor - Ms. Mayfield
                                                                                  AP/Dean/ Counselor - Mr. Brewer
         AP/Dean/ Counselor - Mr. Saldivar
                                                                         Achieve 2010-2011 AP/Dean/Counselor - Mr. Butler
               Clerk - Ms. Martinez
                                                                                        Clerk - Ms. Scranton

                                                   Office of Instruction
                   Dean of Instruction – Ms. Castillo     Magnet Coordinator – Ms. Cardenas
                             School Improvement Facilitator – Ms. Escamilla-Reyes
   Special Education                                                                                              Library
     AP – Ms. Shaw                                                                                         Librarian – Ms. Ramirez
                                      Athletic Coordinator – Mr. Jackson
 Chairperson – Ms. Gattis
                                                       Enrollment                                               Technology
                                                         Registrar                                    Network Technologists - Ms. Crump
          Nurse Clarke
                                                     Attendance Office
                        Attendance Clerk – Mr. Medrano     ADA Clerk – Ms. Gutierrez
                Clerk – Ms. Blanco      Clerk – Ms. Moreno    Clerk - Ms. Del Rosario Castillo
                Receptionist – Mr. Rodriguez     Dropout Prevention Case Worker – Ms. Partida

                                              Student Support Services
      Graduation Coach – Ms. Davis     Play It Smart Coach – Mr. Wamble Coordinator – Ms. Rivera
           Scholarship Coordinator – Mr. Gutierrez       College Access Coordinator – Ms. Ertel
                                                       School Services
                                                     Facility                                                 Campus Police
                                              ABM – Mr. Rodriguez                                              Officer Ojeda
Cafeteria Manager – Ms. Green
                                              Mr. Aguirre Mr. Gloria                                          Officer Gonzalez

                                César E. Chávez High School Parent and Student Handbook 2010 - 2011
Daily attendance in ALL classes is necessary for                          considered for promotion. Excessive absence limits are
academic success. Houston Independent School                              over 3 unexcused absences and no more than 5 written
District’s attendance policy states that a student must be                excuses per semester unless by a doctor.
in attendance 90% of the days the class meets to be

                                           Arrival and Dismissal Times
Students may begin arriving on campus at 7:00 A.M.                        Dismissal is at 3:25 P.M.
and are permitted in the Commons Area only. Students
are not to be in any other part of the building. The first                Parents are to drop off and pick up students on the side
bell rings at 7:50 A.M. and the tardy bell rings at 8:00                  of the school facing Old Galveston Road. Parents must
A.M. Breakfast is served in the cafeteria from 7:20                       never load or unload students in the front of the school
A.M. - 7:50 A.M.                                                          or on the street.

                                             Daily Absences Procedure
Upon returning to school from an absence, the student                               may be verified
must submit a written parent or guardian excuse to the                        Specific reason for absence(s)
Attendance Office within three school days after the                          Parent/Guardian signature
absence. This is mandatory for the absence to be                              Phone number(s) where parent/guardian may be
excused. Excuses will only be accepted in the                                      reached for verification.
Attendance Office in the morning from 7:30-7:50 A.M.,
during lunches in the Commons, and after school until                     3) The student’s status will be posted on the attendance
4:00 P.M.                                                                 screen for teachers and principals to view.

The absence note must include:                                            4) The school only accepts 5 written excuses per
     Student’s full name                                                  semester by a parent. Any other should be a medical
     Student’s Grade Level                                                excuse from a doctor.
     Student’s school ID#
     Date of note and date of absence(s) with the                         Parents may call the school to notify Attendance or the
        doctor signature and phone number so that it                      appropriate Academy office of an absence.

                                    Assignments Missed Due to Absences

Any daily assignments that occur on the day of the                        days, for the first day missed, to make up class work,
absences, whether excused or unexcused, must be made                      and one day for each additional day missed, thereafter.
up. When students are out due to illness, they have 2

                                      César E. Chávez High School Parent and Student Handbook 2010 - 2011
                                                      Types of Absences

          Excused, non-school sponsored absences: personal illness or death in the immediate family,
          medical/dental appointments, quarantine, weather/ road conditions making travel dangerous, and
          emergencies or unusual circumstances excused by the administrative team. Going out of town on
          vacation is NOT an excused absence.

          Excused extracurricular absences: college visits during the senior year (with advance approval
          by the student’s appropriate Assistant Principal). There is a limit of 3 school days (for these visits).

          Excused Religious/ Holy Days absences: excused if a parent /guardian provides the
          AttendanceOfficewith a signed note prior to the absence.

          Absences for school-scheduled / sponsored field trips: Excused. However, the student should
          check with the Academy Office within 5 days of returning to ensure that the absence was
          documented properly, so it will be an excused field trip/ activity.

          Unexcused, non-school sponsored absences (not related to school): more than 4 unexcused
          per semester may result in loss of credit in the course affected. Loss of credit may be appealed
          through the credit restoration process. State law provides that if a student is absent from school
          without parental consent for any portion of the school day for 3 days in a 4 week period or for
          10 or more days in a 6 month period, the student and the student’s parent or legal guardian are
          subject to prosecution by the Harris County Justice of the Peace Courts. The student may also
          be referred to Juvenile courts.

                                                 Leaving School Early
1) Students must present a note to the Attendance                        identification. Also, written permission is needed from
Office upon arrival to school on the day of the absence.                 the parent before a student can leave campus for a field
This note must include the time, date, and reason for                    trip or any school sponsored trip. Students must submit
leaving school early; telephone number(s) where the                      a properly-signed field trip permission slip at least
parent or guardian may be reached to confirm the                         twenty-four hours prior to the field trip.
note; and the parent's or guardian's signature.
Without a note, the absence will be unexcused.                           2) The Attendance Office will verify the signature and
                                                                         then grant approval.
Any parent or guardian desiring to check out a student
during the school day must come to the Attendance                        3) The Attendance Office will then provide the student
Office and present proper identification. No child will                  with a permit issued to be shown to the teacher at the
be released to any person other than the parent or                       time of dismissal.
guardian unless the school receives a written request
from the parent which can be verified by phone; the                      4) At the time of dismissal, the student’s teacher signs
person picking up the child MUST provide proper                          the permit issued by the Attendance Office.

                                     César E. Chávez High School Parent and Student Handbook 2010 - 2011

5) Student and parent must report to the Attendance                       6) Students will not be dismissed within 30 minutes of
Office to sign out before leaving school during the                       school dismissal unless for an emergency. Parents
school day. The student will bring a signed permit to the                 should try to schedule any appointments students might
Attendance Office. Failure to follow this step results in                 have after school hours.
an unexcused absence for each class missed.

                                       Arriving to School Late, Excused
1) Upon arrival, late students must receive late permits
from Assistant Principals. They must then report directly                 2) The student must bring an excuse note from the
to class to present the excuse. Students who are more                     doctor’s office to the Attendance Office verifying visit.
than 20 minutes late to school will be counted absent for
first period and other classes missed, but to avoid being                 3) The student will receive a permit from the
counted truant, they must go to the Attendance Office to                  Attendance Office.
receive a pass to class. When an HISD bus arrives late
at Chávez High School, late riders should report to the                   4) The student will go directly to class and give the
Attendance Office to sign in before proceeding to                         permit to the teacher.
classes. Students riding HISD buses will not be counted
tardy when their buses arrive late.

                                    Arriving to Class Late - Tardy Policy
A student is counted tardy if not in the classroom when                   need to be in class on time. As soon as the tardy bell
the tardy bell rings. Tardiness is unacceptable. To                       rings, teachers will begin the day’s lesson. After 20
provide a full period of instruction, students must be in                 minutes, students are counted absent.
class for 35 minutes to get credit for the period. Students

                                               Procedure When Tardy
1) The student’s tardiness, the specific period, and date                 2) The student shows the classroom teacher the pass to
will be recorded in the computer. All tardies are                         class and begins to work on the lesson for the day.
recorded. Written excuses must be approved by an
administrator. A pass to class will be issued to the tardy                4) Students who are tardy must serve lunch detention
student. Once the pass is issued, The student then has 3                  the following school day.
minutes to get to class.

                                                        Skipping Class
Skipping class will result in severe disciplinary action, whether by an individual or as a group. In particular,
any student who participates in any group skip day will be subject to logical consequences associated with the
action. Seniors, for instance, who leave school on "Senior Skip Day," an event not recognized by the State,
the District, or the school, will lose their senior privileges and not be allowed to participate in any senior
activities such as senior breakfast, senior trip, and the prom.

                                      César E. Chávez High School Parent and Student Handbook 2010 - 2011
Any student who is absent from school or class without                    appropriate assistant principal. Citations may be issued
the written consent of his or her parents or school                       to a student who chooses not to attend classes (Please
personnel is truant. This constitutes an unexcused class                  see information under "Types of Absences,” above.).
absence and the student will be referred to his or her

                                                 Homebound Program
Students must be ill and out of school for a period of                    the nurse’s office at (713) 495-6816 to make the
four weeks to qualify for this program. If the student                    necessary arrangements.
will be out of school for more than four weeks, contact

                    Student Participation in Extra Curricular or Other Activities
School districts shall not schedule, nor permit students to               during the 180 day school year (full year course), or 5
participate in, any school-related activities on or off                   times during one semester. To participate in any
campus that would require, permit, or allow a student to                  extracurricular activity, a student must be passing all
be absent from class in any course more than 10 times                     subjects as indicated by six-week performance reports.

Students must complete their homework. Those who fail to do so may be assigned to mandatory homework
                  study hall, where they will be required to complete their homework.

                                      Classification Requirements
Following is a summary of the number of credits a student must earn in order to be classified in each grade level:
                             Grade Level                           Number of Credits
                             9th    Freshman                       0 - 5.5
                             10th Sophomore                        6 - 11.5
                             11th Junior                           12 - 17.5
                             12th Senior                           18+

                                        Graduation Requirements
To receive a diploma from César Chávez High School, students must meet the credit requirements of HISD and pass
the exit-level TAKS test prior to graduation.
Graduation Programs Available for Students Who Entered 9th Grade for the First Time Before 2007:
       Minimum Program (24 credits)
       Recommended High School Program (24 credits)
       Distinguished Achievement Program (24 credits – to include 4 advanced measures – AP course)

Students who were first-time 9th Graders in 2007 or later are required to complete 26 credits to graduate,
   including 4 English, 4 Social Studies, 4 Science, and 4 Math.

                                      César E. Chávez High School Parent and Student Handbook 2010 - 2011
                                                 Special Programs
                                  Advanced Academic Placement Program
Pre-AP courses are offered at the 9th and 10th grade                       and pass AP exams are eligible to receive college credit.
levels. Advanced Placement (AP) courses are classes                        The Texas Advanced Placement Incentive Program
offered in 11th and 12th grade. These courses are taught                   pays for a portion of each AP test, and additional aid is
with higher-level content and achievement expectations                     available to students with financial need. The AP
than standard high school courses. Students who take                       Program is administered by the College Board.

                                                            Dual Credit
Students may also earn high school and college credit                      they must pass TAKS, and must pass a college-
taking college-level courses for dual credit. Students are                 readiness test before enrolling. Contact Ms. Turner in
not expected to pay college fees and tuition; however,                     E100.

                                             General Information
Texas schools loan textbooks to students at no charge.                     order, and to turn them in as requested, usually at the end
Textbbook checks will be performed throughout the                          of a course; withdrawing students must return their
year. During checks, students will be required to show                     books before completing the check-out process. All
their teachers their books. Students who are unable to                     textbooks are issued by bar code. Students who return a
show their books to their teachers will be required to pay                 book with the bar code defaced or missing will be
for them. It is the responsibility of students and parents                 charged the full price of the book. Students are required
to cover loaned textbooks, to maintain them in good                        to pay for all damaged and lost textbooks.

                                                   Breakfast and Lunch
A well-balanced breakfast and lunch are offered at a                       Leave the tables and floor around your eating space in a
reasonable price. Students must eat in the Commons.                        clean condition for others. Students are not permitted to
Food and drinks must never be taken outside the                            leave school premises during lunch periods or have in
Commons.                                                                   their possession food from outside vendors, such as
                                                                           McDonalds or Jack in the Box.
Cafeteria (Commons) Rules:
After eating, all trays, plastic ware, napkins, beverage                   No students may be in the hall after the tardy bell rings
containers, etc.., are to be disposed of in trash containers.              without a permit.

                                                     Physical Education
P.E. uniforms will be sold during gym classes. All students are expected to dress for P.E. in this uniform.

                                       César E. Chávez High School Parent and Student Handbook 2010 - 2011
                                                    HISD School Buses
HISD transportation is provided for students living more                  office. It is the responsibility of students to look up and
than two miles from the school. The school will post                      learn their route numbers, bus numbers, pick-up points,
copies of all bus schedules and routes in the attendance                  and time schedules.

Any sales or fund raising at Chávez High School must have written approval of the building principal.

                                        Cellular Phones/Paging Devices
Possession of paging devices and cell phones is                           disciplinary action. The paging device or cell phone will
permitted. However, they must be turned OFF and out                       be taken from the student. The parent must come to
of sight during school hours, or they will be confiscated.                school to pick up the pager or cell phone at a cost of
Additionally, any student who uses these devices, or                      $15.00. If not picked up, it will be turned over to HISD
who receives a call or page will be subject to                            Property Management for disposal.
                                                   Telephone Messages
Telephone messages will not be delivered to students during the instructional day.

                                                       Visitors' Permits
All visitors are to go to the attendance office to sign in                Permits must be worn in plain sight at all times while on
and to receive a visitor permit. Former students are not                  the premises. Visitors who do not wear a permit in plain
allowed to visit teachers or students during school hours.                sight will not be allowed in any classroom or office area.
                                                   Counseling Services
Guidance services are always available to assist students                 vocational, and personal concerns. Any student or
in achieving success. Counselors may provide help with                    parent may make an appointment with the student's
test-taking skills, extracurricular needs, test scheduling,               counselor.
and career choices as well as other academic, social,
                                                         Hallway Rules
1) Students who are out of class must have a permit at                    2) No loitering.
all times after the tardy bell rings.                                     3) ID badges must be worn in plain sight at all times.

                                                  Student Identification
Student ID badges must be worn over the student's                         to student services such as library materials, athletic
outermost garment at all times on campus. Badges may                      events, lunches, and special events throughout the
only be worn with a standard school-issued lanyard.                       school year. Students must protect their badges and not
Other chains, cords, and unauthorized lanyards are not                    allow any others to use them. It is the responsibility of
permitted. Student ID badges are the property of HISD                     the student to immediately replace a lost or stolen badge
and must be surrendered upon request by any district                      at a cost of $5.00.
employee. The bar code on each badge permits access

                                      César E. Chávez High School Parent and Student Handbook 2010 - 2011
                                                       Parking Permits
Parking permits are required for all vehicles parked in                       Any vehicle parked on the Student Parking Lot
the student parking lot. Students are to park in the                          without a valid parking permit or in an unauthorized
Student Parking Lot only. The cost of the parking                             area will be towed at the owner's expense. Parking
permit is $50.00 per year. A second parking permit,                           permits are to be placed on the lower, passenger-side
only for use on a student's second vehicle, costs                             of the window. Parking privileges will be
$10.00. Parking fees are non-refundable. To obtain a                          immediately taken away for speeding, reckless
parking permit, the student must present a current                            driving, or for any other vehicular or disciplinary
Texas Driver's License, proof of insurance, and                               infraction.
applicable fees.
                     VOE (Verification of Enrollment and Attendance for Driver's License)
Any person who is under 18 years of age cannot get a                          VOE approval for a Driver’s License unless there is a
driver's license unless he or she has been graduated or                       doctor’s note on file excusing the excessive absences,
has been in attendance at school for at least 80 days in                      or if the Attendance Appeal Committee approves
the fall or spring semester preceding the date of                             credit. Students are responsible for obtaining the
application. Students may receive VOE approval as                             verification forms before the end of the school year.
long as they receive credit for courses taken in the                          This information will otherwise not be available to
prior semester. If credit was not awarded due to                              students who enroll in driver's education classes
failure, then absences are checked. A student with                            during the summer. VOE’s may be obtained in the
excessive absences in the semester will not be given                          Registrar’s Office.

                                            New Student Registration
Registration Requirements
It is necessary to have the following items in order to register in school:
  (1) Proof of residence, such as a gas or light bill or rent receipt with the parent’s name and address
  (2) A certified copy of the student's birth certificate or birth registration card
  (3) A transcript from the last school attended
  (4) A withdrawal sheet from the previous school establishing clear record if enrolled during the
          current school year
  (5) Guardianship papers if the student is residing with someone other than the parent; and
  (6) Immunization records
Immunization Requirements
Students must be fully immunized against specific diseases in accordance with the Texas Department of Health
Immunization Schedule and must show acceptable proof of vaccination prior to entry, attendance, or transfer to a
school in Texas. Failure to show proof may result in administrative withdrawal.

                                               Withdrawal Procedures
Students who withdraw from Chávez High School must                        or guardian. 24 hour notice is required, as the
start the procedure in the Attendance Office.                             withdrawal process may take several hours to complete.
Withdrawing students must be accompanied by a parent

                                      César E. Chávez High School Parent and Student Handbook 2010 - 2011
                                              Student Dress Code
Students must be in compliance with the Standardized                       slippers are permitted. Heels should not be higher than 2
Dress Code in order to attend class. All clothing must be                  inches. Shoes with wheels are not permitted.
in the solid colors of black, white, or khaki as described,
                                                                           Jewelry and piercing must not contain spikes. Jewelry
Shirts (Solid black or white ONLY)                                         should not be heavy, harmful, or distracting.
Shirts must be solid black or white only. Approved school
spirit shirts may also be worn. All shirts must have
                                                                           Sunglasses are not to be worn in the building. Only
sleeves, be buttoned, and properly fitted. Any logo
                                                                           prescription contacts are permitted.
present on shirts must be smaller than 2 inches. No
inappropriate logos will be permitted. All shirts must be                  Head Gear
able to cover pants and waistband at all times (sitting,                   No head coverings of any kind are permitted in the
standing, arms up, etc.) NO bare midriffs may be                           building. This includes (but is not limited to) caps, hats,
showing at any time. No undergarment should be visible.                    bandanas, wave caps, do rags, and sweatbands. Combs
                                                                           and picks are not to be worn in the hair or on the head. All
Sweaters & Sweatshirts (Solid black or white ONLY)                         such items are subject to confiscation.
All sweaters and sweatshirts must be in solid colors of
black or white. "Hoodies," which are sweatshirts with        Possession of gang-related clothing or paraphernalia is
hoods attached, may be worn at school, but always with       expressly forbidden, and will be confiscated.
the hood down, never covering the head or face.              Confiscated items will be returned to parents or
                                                             guardians, only. The administration of César E. Chávez
Jackets (Black, white, or any combination of black           High School will be the final authority of any rules subject
and white ONLY)                                              to interpretation. When in doubt, DO NOT wear a
Jackets may be in any combination of the approved            questionable item until it has been cleared by an
standardized dress code colors (black or white). All jackets administrator.
must be shorter than knee length. Any logo present must
be smaller than 3” by 3” (letterman jackets are permitted). Friday Dress Code
Athletic Uniforms & School Spirit Wear                        All clothing must fit appropriately. The administration
School-approved spirit shirts are permitted daily. P.E.      reserves the right to determine if the attire fits too loosely
uniform shirts are not spirit shirts and may not be worn as or tightly. All shirts must have sleeves, cover the torso and
spirit shirts.                                               be opaque; muscle shirts, tank tops and see-through attire
                                                             is prohibited. Necklines and hemlines will reflect modesty.
Pants (Solid black, white, or khaki ONLY)                    Attire that needs to be adjusted when seated or leaning
Pants must be solid black, white, or khaki. All pants        forward is prohibited. Any attire that contains vulgarity,
should be “Dickies” or “Dockers” style. All pants must be obscenity or that advertises or promotes the use of alcohol,
fitted at the waist & reach bottom of ankles. Belts must be controlled substances, gang related, illegal or inappropriate
solid black, white, or khaki. Note: Shorts, capris, sweat-   behaviors and/or lifestyles are prohibited and may be
pants, & jeans are not permitted.                            subject to confiscation. In all other areas such as footwear
Skirts (Solid black, white, or khaki ONLY)                   and hats, caps and hoods, the regular Chavez dress code
Skirts must be solid black, white, or khaki. All skirts must rules apply. The administration will determine the
be worn at the waist and extend below the knee. No skirt appropriateness of attire on an as needed basis.
may have a slit that extends above the knee.                               Please show maturity and common sense in your clothing
Footwear                                                                   choices so that it will not be necessary to review or revise
All shoes must be worn properly. Shoes must have backs                     these guidelines.
or back straps. No thongs, flip-flops, house shoes, or

                                      César E. Chávez High School Parent and Student Handbook 2010 - 2011
                                             Code of Student Conduct
The Code of Student Conduct has been approved by                             Memoranda (SPM’s). Please see the Code of
the Board of Education based on the policies of the                          Student Conduct handbook, and sign and return the
Board of Education and Standard Practice.                                    signature page provided in the handbook.

                                                      Bags and Purses
Bags and purses may be searched at any time.                                 class; they are to leave their bags in the gym or field
Chávez athletes may not carry their athletic bags to                         house.

                                         Items Subject to Confiscation
Toys, games, electronic devices, and items deemed                         but is not limited to head phones, game devices, music
dangerous or distracting will not be permitted on                         devices, skate boards, roller skates, and roller blades.
campus and are subject to confiscation. This includes,

                                   Grades and Conduct Marks

       Criteria for Grading Academic Subjects
                90-100              Excellent quality of work through mastery of subject
                80-89               Good quality of work - above average with consistent effort
                75-79               Satisfactory quality of work, average achievement
                70-74               Below quality of work expected – below average achievement
                Below 70            Unsatisfactory quality of work – poor work, failing

       Criteria for Grading Conduct
                E                   Excellent quality of behavior, totally self-disciplined
                S                   Satisfactory quality of behavior, cooperates readily
                P                   Poor quality of behavior, below average
                U                   Unsatisfactory quality of behavior, needs drastic improvement

                                    Report Cards and Progress Reports
Report cards to the parents will be distributed shortly                   dates for sending progress reports home will be printed
after the close of each grading period. School-wide                       on the school calendar. Parents are to sign and return
Progress Reports will be sent home with each student                      each Progress Report and Report Card.
during the fourth week of the grading cycle. The exact

                                     César E. Chávez High School Parent and Student Handbook 2010 - 2011
                                               Clinic Procedures
The function of the school nurse is health promotion                         Fever of 100.4 or higher
through assessment, counseling, education, and minor                         Suspected contagious condition
first aid. The nurse must be made aware of any student                       Vomiting
with a chronic or serious illness. A medical statement                       Diarrhea
describing the condition should be provided by the                           Undetermined rash
parent / legal guardian for the student’s confidential
school health record.                                                     Students who call their parents to pick them up before
                                                                          they come to the Clinic will be sent to the appropriate
To be admitted to the Clinic, a student must have a                       Assistant Principal for permission to go home. Students
written permit from the teacher. A student may come to                    who go home without a permit from the nurse will be
the Clinic during lunch with a permit.                                    considered truant and subject to disciplinary action.
                                                                          Special permits to leave class early for health reasons
A parent or responsible adult must be notified before the                 must be secured from the school nurse. The student
student is dismissed from school because of illness.                      must return to the Clinic for renewal if the permit is
                                                                          required after the expiration time and/or date.
Students may not stay in school with any of the
following conditions:                                                     All medical excuses for P.E. restrictions must originate
                                                                          with the school nurse.

The policy of the Board of Education does not authorize                   accompanied by written permission of at least one
Houston school personnel to give medication of any                        parent.
kind. That includes Tylenol, similar preparation, or any
other drugs. Nurses and other school personnel,                           The medication is then kept in the Clinic and
however, can give medication during school hours with                     administered by the school nurse. No medication
written orders from their doctor or nurse practitioner.                   (prescription or non-prescription) will be dispensed
                                                                          without this form on file. With the required
Should it be medically necessary for a student to take                    documentation on file in the Clinic, students with
long-term medication at school, an HISD form, called                      asthma may self-administer asthma medication. All
the Physician's Request for Administration of                             medications kept for students in the Clinic must be in its
Medication At School During School Hours must be                          original container with an affixed prescription label
completed by the student’s physician and be kept on file                  which includes the student’s name, the drug name, and
in the Clinic. A copy of this form is available through                   the proper dosage and administration information.
the school nurse. The physician’s statement must be
                                        Other Health-Related Services
                               (See the school nurse for applications and information.)

Pregnancy-related Services                                                   Blood sugar / Glucose monitoring
Teen pregnancy and parenting program designed to
provide support services for pregnant students                               Homebound Program
                                                                             A program whereby students who expect to be out of
Drop-out Recovery and Prevention Outreach                                    school for at least four consecutive weeks for health
Program                                                                      reasons as documented by a physician may receive
Assistance for pregnant and parenting students as                            instruction at home.
they seek to remain in school or return to school

                                     César E. Chávez High School Parent and Student Handbook 2010 - 2011
Eye Care for Kids & Prevent Blindness Texas                                   Texcare Partnership - CHIPS / Medicaid
Non-profit organizations that provide comprehensive                           Application
eye exams and corrective lenses for children from                             Health insurance for Texas children from families
families who need financial assistance.                                       with income levels above Medicaid income
                                                                              guidelines but who are unable to afford private

                                               Baylor Teen Clinic
The Baylor Teen Clinic is located within the school                           examinations, physical and sports rehabilitation,
clinic, and its personnel provide treatment of minor                          primary health care, immunizations, and testing for
illness, health education, counseling services, athletic                      sexually-transmitted diseases.

                           The Use of Computers and the Internet
The use of computers and the Internet requires
reasonable judgment and discipline. At the                                    Computer and Internet use is a privilege, not a
beginning of the school year, you will sign an                                right, and may be permanently revoked for a
Acceptable Users Policy agreement which outlines                              number of reasons, including inappropriate web
your responsibilities as a computer user at Chávez,                           surfing, failure to follow teacher instructions, or
and the terms and conditions under which you may                              mishandling or abuse of software or equipment.
operate a computer and use the Internet.

                                    César Chávez Library Policy
                                                         Library Rules
Respect each other, the furnishings, the books, and the computers. Research responsibly. Use the Internet and other
online databases to complete educational research assignments. Read for pleasure and for knowledge.

                                                Library General Policy

The library is open from 7:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.                               Books can be checked out for two weeks. Reference
Monday - Friday, unless posted otherwise.                                     books can be checked out for overnight use. The
Individual students must have a permit to come to the                         maximum number of items that can be checked out is
library during the school day. Permits are not needed                         five. The fine for overdue books is $ .10 per school
for before-school and after-school times.                                     day for regular books and $1.00 per day for overnight
Students must wear the Chávez picture ID to use the
library and its resources, including checking out                             Magazines are to be read in the library only.
books. Students must follow the Chávez Dress Code
to use the library.                                                           Students and staff must enter and exit the library by
                                                                              the front entrance.
Students must sign in and out when coming to the
library. The sign-in book is located at the Circulation

                                      César E. Chávez High School Parent and Student Handbook 2010 - 2011
                                         Library Computer-Use Policy
Use of the Internet is for educational purposes only (to                   Students may print from any computer. Printing costs
complete assignments or assigned research projects).                       $ .10 per page. Always preview your pages
No chat rooms are allowed.                                                 before selecting the print option. Ask the
                                                                           librarian for help before printing. Printed pages
Email privileges are for completion of assignments only,                   may be picked up at the Circulation Desk.
such as emailing your teacher for missed work, or for
sending or receiving assignment-related information.

                                           Parent Organizations
Our parent organizations are always on the look-out for new members. Inquire at the front office if you are interested
in becoming a member of our Parent Advisory Council (PAC) or our Parent-Teacher Association (PTA). Also, for
those who have the time and the desire, a call to the District office can put you in touch with our volunteers in school
program, VIPS.

                                      César E. Chávez High School Parent and Student Handbook 2010 - 2011
                          Chávez High School
                         Regular Bell Schedule
                       Monday - Friday 2010 - 2011

             Period     Start                  End
               1       8:00 AM                8:52 AM                                 Lunch Schedule
               2       8:57 AM               10:01 AM
               3      10:06 AM               10:58 AM                       A 11:03 AM         11:30 AM
Lunch          4      11:03 AM             12:34 PM                         B 11:35 AM 12:02 AM
               5      12:39 PM                 1:31 PM                      C 12:07 AM         12:34 PM
               6       1:36 PM                 2:28 PM
               7       2:33 PM                 3:25 PM
 Extra         8       3:30 PM                 4:22 PM
Periods        9       4:27 PM                 5:19 PM

First Bell     7:50 AM
Tardy Bell     8:00 AM
Dismissal      3:25 PM

                         César E. Chávez High School Parent and Student Handbook 2010 - 2011
                                     César Chávez High School
                                       2010 -2011 Calendar

2010                                                    2011
August 23             First day of school               January 4     First day of second semester

September 6           Labor Day                         January 17    Martin Luther King Day

September 17          Fall Holiday                      March 14-18 Spring Break

November 24-26        Thanksgiving                      April 22      Spring Holiday

December 17           Last day of first                 June 2        Last day of school for students
                                                        June 3        Last day for teachers
Dec. 20 - Jan. 3      Winter Break
                                                        May 30        Memorial Day

                              Houston Independent School District
                                2010-2011 Report Card Schedule
                   Cycle                  Days in Cycle               Report Card Date
              Cycle 1                                                  Report Card 1
                                            28 days
            Aug 23 - Oct 1                                            October 8 (Friday)
               Cycle 2                                                  Report Card 2
                                            25 days
            Oct 4 - Nov 5                                            November 12 (Friday)
               Cycle 3                                                  Report Card 3
                                            27 days
            Nov 8 - Dec 17                                            January 7 (Friday)
               Cycle 4                                                  Report Card 4
                                            33 days
            Jan 4 - Feb 18                                           February 25 (Friday)
               Cycle 5                                                  Report Card 5
                                            30 days
            Feb 21 - Apr 8                                             April 15 (Friday)
               Cycle 6                      37 days                     Report Card 6
            Apr 11 - June 2                                           June 2 (Thursday)

                                      César Chávez High School
                                                8501 Howard
                                           Houston, Texas 77017
                                               (713) 495-6950
(713) 496-6988 FAX

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