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     Feature: Mustang COBRA
Beaches Cruise-in Fly-in starts Jun 13th
Every Wed through Aug 29th @ Pearson Air Park Vancouver

          Open Track Day July 10th
      Vintage Races July 13th – 15th
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                                            Well the fun has begun! The Portland Tranny show kicked
         Newsletter Editor                things off for May followed by the Spring Fling Wine Thing. My
              Jeff Riggs                     thanks to the Bradshaw’s and Canutt‘s. Two great events.
            360 892-9025                   Keith, Lucas and I made it to the Seattle Swap Meet as well.
            Webmaster                         The June track day and all Ford swap meet and car show
             Rick Sattler                 were cold and wet. But that did not keep a lot of people away.
            503 646-8555                   The turn out was great for both events. There are still a lot of
                                            great events to attend this summer. Beaches restaurant in
             MHRC Rep
                                          Vancouver will be having their Wednesday night Cruise-in Fly-
            Brent Soo Hoo
            503 323-5826                     in this summer starting June 13th through Aug 29th @ the
                                             Pearson Air Park in Vancouver. This will be a great one to
         Assis. MHRC Rep                    catch, live music, BBQ, Cars, Planes and Games! The club
           Paul Blanchard                  activities director Ray Clack and I have picked one Wednes-
           503 657-9273                     day per month for a club participation night. June 20th, July
        SAAC National Rep                   25th and August 22nd. Please try to attend to help make a
            Fred Gehring                  good showing for the club. Let’s let people know that we exist!
            503 657-5595
          Track Stewards
       Nick Frezza & Mark Batz                                    “Dead Line!”
    503 620-5629 or 503 625-5661
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Minutes of the SAAC NW meeting 20 May, 2001.
President Keith Cannutt and newsletter editor Jeff Riggs weren’t present at tonights meeting due to
their presence at the Monroe Swap Meet in Monroe Washington.
Vice President Ray Clack brought the meeting to order at 6:15 P.M.
Presidents Report
Ray wanted to take the opportunity to thank Keith & Ruth Cannutt with a big Hurrah for a great rally
out in the Newberg area. For those who missed the Spring Fling Wine Tour, make a special effort to
make it next year as it is a great tour and rally.
For those who are interested in the Historics please let Ray Clack know soonest. Bill Coleman will
have his tent set up again this year, we will be allowed to have our annual barbecue. Ray mentioned
that Bill will be providing the salmon, the club will be providing the meat. If your last name begins with
A-H please bring salads, I-H please bring side dishes to go along with said meat, Q-Z desserts. Ray
wanted to thank everyone for attending the Portland Transmission Warehouse Show, the Spring Fling
Wine Tour & the tour to AfFORDable Performance in Vancouver Washington.
Ray mentioned that the next big item was with regard to the many requests that have been made for
a new time & place for our monthly meeting. With that in mind Keith has chosen to have the next
monthly meeting at Elmer’s Pancake House in Clackamas, at 16087 SE 82nd Drive, the Clackamas
exit off of I-205, Tueday evening the 19th of June at 6:30 P.M. The question was raised, shouldn’t a
change of meeting time & place be voted on by the membership? According to the by-laws it should
be voted on by the membership. The only conflict in scheduling our meeting for June is that Sunday
the 17th of June is Father’s Day. Fred Gehring mentioned that since he is charter member No. 1 and
has attended the meetings from the beginning, it was decided that due to the occupations of many of
our members, shift workers, truck drivers, mill & plant workers & independent business people that
the meetings were best held on the weekends. A general discussion followed, many of the members
present felt that we should publish a notice in the next newsletter asking all who would like to change
the meeting time and place be present and a vote taken from the membership at that time. Ray Clack
said that for the purpose of tonights meeting we should vote on the recommendation of the board to
hold the meetings at a different time and date. A vote was taken, the board recommendation was de-
feated. The consensus of opinion was to move the June meeting date to avoid a conflict with Father’s
Day from the 17th to the 24th of June at 6:00 P.M. at Denny’s in Wilsonville.
Vice Presidents Report Ray Clack asked our Treasurer Dan Jones to give an update on the registra-
tion for the Track Day coming up on the 1st of June. Dan said that the registrations are coming in from
several clubs as well as our usual members, so far it looks like we will have a good field.
Treasurer’s Report Dan Jones gave the Treasurer’s report, on club income and expenditures, we
have a very good club treasury. The sign up for the Historics is going well, if you have not sent in your
money please do so now!
Secretary’s Report Paul Blanchard asked if there were any changes or additions to last month’s
meeting minutes, no reply, the minutes stand as printed.
National SAAC Rep Fred Gehring mentioned that the SAAC National Convention will be held again at
Charlotte, once again another National Convention on the East Coast! Fred mentioned that the Big
Swap Meet in April (almost) went well, we were well represented, got our name before the public.
Fred mentioned that there was a report of an individual at the Portland Swap Meet who had sold an
original I.D. tag to someone who will probably put it on a car to make it into a Shelby Mustang. Fred
went on to say that if someone puts the I.D. tag on an assembled car, it would be in violation of cur-
rent law, as the rivets holding the Shelby I.D. tag are not original. The DMV has a photo album of the rivets,
unique to Shelby American, they cannot be purchased from after market suppliers. Fred said that if some-
one has a Shelby Mustang that they wish to do a complete restoration on, including the removal of the I.D.
tag please work with the DMV if it is absolutely necessary to remove the tag. The DMV has people avail-
able who can help authenticate the removal and reinstallation of the tag. The consensus of opinion among
the members was that in the process of a Concourse restoration it is better not to remove the tag at all.
Newsletter Editor Jeff Riggs wasn’t present at tonights meeting, said that he is still looking for articles &
pictures to be put in the newsletter, they can be sent via E-mail to jeffr@solidnet.com.
SAAC NW Webmaster Rick Sattler wasn’t present at tonight’s meeting, will be here next month.
MHRC Rep Brent Soo Hoo gave the MHRC report mentioned that we now have a new President: Tony
Chamberlain, Vice President: Larry Pressnall, Secretary: Marlene Miller, Treasurer: Dave Beach, Sgt. At
Arms: Doug Saunders. Brent also asked for support from the members of SAAC NW to help the MHRC
with the road rally for the Hop held at Clark County Fairgrounds over Labor Day weekend.
Track Steward’s Report Nick Frezza & Mark Batz as track stewards weren’t present at tonight’s meeting
as well.
Old Business No old business was discussed.
New Business Brian Bogdon asked as to why the Insurance coverage for our track days was changed from
Knaughton Insurance as a result of our vote, back to K & K Insurance? Dan Jones mentioned that it was a
decision made by the board to change the coverage from Knaughton back to K & K after it was determined
that they would provide us the coverage we needed for a lower price.
It was discussed and agreed by the members that we should be able to look at both policies for compari-
A general discussion followed with regard to important safety issues, why shouldn’t people who have in-
vested many thousands of dollars in their car, be able to afford a drivers suit? Or to be able to afford a cor-
rectly rated helmet?
The consensus of opinion was that in order to preserve our opportunity to be able to use the track we need
to stress continued safety improvements.
SAAC NW is also interested in finding a Quartermaster to help with all of the merchandise that we have for
sale, Brian & Lisa Bogdon have handled it in the past. We need to have someone who can take orders
through the internet, have payment made through PayPal.
Dan Jones brought up the need to change our July meeting date to the 8th of July, so it wouldn’t interfere
with our participation in the Historic races held on the 3rd Sunday in July. The motion was made by Fred
Gehring to change the date, seconded by Ray Clack, a vote was taken, motion carries.
It was brought to the attention of the membership that we need to order an additional 100 static cling stick-
ers for our track day, motion was made and seconded a vote was called, motion carries.
Dave Lennartz gave an outstanding presentation on some new die cast models that are now available.
A raffle was held, it serves as a reminder to all members to please bring in something for each months raf-
fle, it is desirable to bring in something automotive related, but not essential.

Meeting adjourned.
Respectfully submitted: Paul R. Blanchard, Secretary
Beaches cruise night
  club participation nights
    one Wednesday per
     month starting with
          June 20th
          July 25th
         & Aug 22nd
We would like to show up
   in force and let people
know what SAACNW is all
about. We will try to get an
 area set aside so we can
 all park together. But if
 not, it will still be a great
   night for fun, food and

         Ray Clack
         Jeff Riggs
         for details
                                               MY RALLY. MY RULES
                                                       Written by April Frezza

What more could you ask for? A beautiful sunny day, 25 gorgeous cars and several people who put a lot of time and effort
into making Spring Fling Wine Thing IV a huge success! Okay, it also helps if you take first place, but who’s counting
churches anyway?

                                               The day started in the parking lot of Shari’s in Newberg. We all gathered round while
                                               Keith Canutt dropped subtle hints and suggestions (yeah, right) about the SFWT IV
                                               route with Ruth Canutt in the crowd hanging on his every word. We lined up, a num-
                                               ber was placed on our windshields, and we received a sealed packet of instructions.
                                               We were released in one-minute intervals to who-knows-where with smiles (and hope-
                                               fully sunscreen) on our faces.

 Remember! The sign with Ruth’s Name on it!!

                                           Nick and I think we have it in
the bag as his brother and nephew have joined the Frezza team in
the car directly behind us. We are armed with our two-way radios.
The last time we saw them was about three minutes into the route.
We thought, boy did they screw up! I wonder where in the heck
they went? Knowing Dave, we figured he had a master plan and a
faster way to get to the final destination. But as the rules stated,
driving fast was not the way to win.

                                                                                           Getting number and instructions

                                                              We are heading into beautiful hillsides and up a fairly curvy road while
                                                              reminding each other “look for churches!” All of a sudden, Nick dove
                                                              off to the left and the car behind us went straight. I was a little nervous
                                                              about the decision but the answers to the clever clues were still filling
                                                              in the blanks quite nicely so it appeared we were on the right track.
                                                              Looking for ‘the second left’, we made the mistake of counting a gravel
                                                              road (gravel roads don’t count in the rally) and turned too soon. This
                                                              lead us on a round-a-bout route that had us stumped, passing others
                                                              on our way around and around and around. We gave up and went
               Steve and Mary’s NASCAR start!                 back a couple of steps and realized where we went awry.
A brief stop at the checkpoint allowed us to grab several rally cookies (just a little slower than race cookies) baked by
Nancy Batz while her poker-faced husband Mark recorded our times. Nancy kindly informed us that we could stop count-
ing churches – what a relief! We left after counting all of the silos. Nick was suspicious of Mark’s quiet manner -- maybe
we overlooked the opportunity to grab a cork? We went back. No corks there! However, just down the road at the meat
packing plant, Mark Pendegrass was parked in the shade offering corks. We politely declined the offer thinking we were-
n’t going to fall for that trick. The sign did not have Ruth’s name on it and he was not wearing a Hawaiian print shirt – ha
ha! We outsmarted ourselves as we found out afterward that we SHOULD have grabbed a cork.
At the time of this writing, I do not have the route so I really don’t remember many of the clever clues. But I do remember
the last question. Nick took what would be the last turn so quickly that I could not see the street sign. I nagged on him
that we needed the name and he insisted we would see it. Well we saw the Hauer of the Dauen Winery before we got the
street name. And since this would have been the ONLY question we didn’t answer, we turned around in the driveway
leaving a few perplexed onlookers behind. Fortunately, we did not have to go far as Webfoot Road was painted on a mail-
box down the street. Whew!
And look who is here! It’s Dave and Andy Frezza. Andy is recording times and collecting the route sheets looking very
confident of their success. Where did they go? Oh, there were two sets of instructions? How clever to send people in
opposite directions so you think you are really hosed. What a gas! Speaking of gas, apparently Mr. Bradshaw really en-
joyed himself at a pit stop for gas. It was here that Diane realized he wasn’t really concerned about the clock as he took
                                             the time to show off his fine engine – I bet you hear that all of the time Brad
                                            Keith “King of BBQ” Canutt is manning the grill and serving it up right, and we
                                            load up on the good eats. The crowd is buzzing with fun stories about the ride
                                            and everyone agrees the rally was a huge success!
                                            We are still missing two cars. About an hour into the gathering, Fred and Gail
                                            Gehring arrive. The car barely came to a stop as Gail makes a beeline for a
                                            glass of wine. It seems Fred and Gail Gehring had gotten seriously lost. Later
                                            that evening Keith and Ruth played a message on their home answering ma-
                                            chine from Fred around 2:00 in the afternoon. Apparently even with their
                                            newly purchased Washington County map and the emergency set of instruc-
                                            tions, they were still in trouble and could Keith give them a call on their cell
phone at his earliest convenience?
And last place goes to Larry and Lynette! Two hours late but they had a glorious time. They even made a stop at another
winery along the way. They figured what the heck, we’re lost we might as well enjoy ourselves while admiring that Astoria
is beautiful this time of year.
As the awards were handed out, our host and owner of the winery showed his very good taste as he chose his favorite
car, the “real” AC Cobra, and awarded a bottle of wine to Mr. Bob Parker – a very wise selection!
People! People! People! The time has come to announce the results. Nancy informed us that we really did not have to
count churches. They just wanted to see how many there really were! The Bradshaws moved from last place and took
fourth place this year. Bob Parker and his first time navigator Lynn took third, Mark and Karen Hamlin took second, and
Nick and I took first! What a hoot! We were awarded with a beautiful hand-made apron sewn by Ruth’s very talented
mother, Erma.
Many, many thanks to our sponsors Keith and Ruth Canutt who could not have pulled it off without the gracious volunteers
Mark and Nancy Batz, Mark Pendegrass and Erma                                                                      (she
also played sweep along the route). We are already                                                                 look-
ing forward to next year. But how can it get any                                                                   bet-
ter than this?
                    Happy Birthday to Me!!
                                             By Shane Kienholz

I have owned a lot of cars but I have never owned a Mustang. Then on my thirty, well my Birthday, I saw
  a bright yellow 99 Mustang hardtop on Coliseum Fords lot. Well I really wanted a convertible and they
 didn’t have one in yellow. So the next day I called around, but could not find one. Then I went to look at
                a green cobra convertible at Damerow Ford and then my life really changed!

My son really like’s the car and I soon got used to the power, so I tried to do some upgrades but the car
was to new. As summer rolled on we kept putting miles on the car, going to cruise ins and longer trips.
 One long trip we went from Portland to Grants Pass to the Oregon Caves to Ashland to Napa, Idaho
 then back home in a 4 day trip! I had the Mustang up to 140 mph through the middle of Oregon. Man
                                              What a Blast!!

Then the trips to Damerow Ford started. During the first visit they changed the oil and got oil all over the
   engine including the exhaust manifold and the outside of the car. Two visits to fix and clean! Second
there was a squeak in the cowl and the passenger seat was wrong. The fix took two trips for the squeak
 and two trips and three calls for the seat. Third was the big performance recall by Ford. All of a sudden
  one week before it was scheduled to go in the car wouldn’t start. It was very difficult to watch my new
car be towed to Damerow! No I wasn’t happy at all. They fixed the recall and replaced the battery saying
 that was the problem. Over the next six or seven months the Mustang would go back to Damerow four
 more times because it wouldn’t start! I thought they would have checked all of the related components
  of the starting system but they didn’t. So the final fix was to tighten down the loose wire on the starter!
Yes a loose wire on the starter!! Now I have no faith in Damerow’s ability to do a good job. They also put
 a small dent in the bottom of the drivers door. Thankfully I do body and fender work for a living and
                   was able to work the dent out without needing to paint the door.

                        Enough with the Frustration!! Now for the performance!

    I started with a K&N filter and hand built 4 inch cold air kit. After the performance recall I had the
 Mustang dynoed. Wow what an experience. The numbers at the rear wheels were 290 hp. And 291
  foot lbs. of torque. You sit in your car inside a building strapped to the dyno & the lift. You take your
   car through the gears into 4th then stomp on the gas at 2000 rpm and let it thunder up to redline.
Then came flowmaster catback, caster-camber plates, lowered springs and a rollbar. I also designed
& built the rear spoiler and strips for my own personal touch. Once I installed all of these and aligned
  the Mustang (NO I DID NOT LET DAMEROW DO THE WORK!!) I was ready for track day! By this
    time I was doing Solo II competition for a half of a year. I don’t know if the Solo II helped me with
track days or the other way around but I did good with both. This year I am leading class ESP in Solo
 II in points. For you people that like going in a straight line my best 1/4 mile time was a 13.81 at 102
   mph. Now I plan to get Dr. Gass X pipe and a computer chip. Once you get the power bug you al-
                                               ways want more.

Well I’ve had a few month’s of trouble free driving and the Mustang is now past 36,000 miles. Then I
  received a recall for the parking brake. My E-brake worked good so I ignored the recall for a few
months until I received a recall for my rear suspension. Basically it said under extreme driving cycles
 the rear suspension could break and contact the wheel causing steering problems. Yeah Right, it’s
going to make you Crash!! After getting the Mustang back from Damerow the E-brake does not work
  right and I had to align the car myself. I have not been reimbursed yet and I am afraid to take the
Mustang back to fix the E-brake. Despite all the problems the Mustang still get a lot of attention driv-
        ing down the road or even sitting still. I love the car but not the problems or the dealer!
 American LeMans is Coming!!
    Saturday August 4
  Sign up for the SAAC-NW Car Corral
        Discount tickets available for
         Saturday only or all 3 days
  3-Day Ticket & paddock pass: $50 + ($20 for 1 addl. person)
Sat. & Sun. ticket/paddock pass:   $35 + ($15 for 1 addl. person)
  Sat. ONLY ticket/paddock pass: $25 + ($10 for 1 addl. person)
                            All offers include:
                  Parade lap on Saturday, August 4th
             Free Car Corral parking, Saturday and Sunday
                       Special Autograph Sessions
                         Commerative item-TBA
             Cruise from TBD location to track on Saturday*
                         Car show on Saturday*

  The 2001 ALMS Grand Prix of Portland will be the best yet! The
 worlds most highly-developed prototype racecars are coming to
PIR, along with the return of the Trans-Am Series, and the inagural
           running of the Speedvision World Challenge
                        Wet & Wild!!
                            June Track Day 2001

Track day got a little wet but every one still made the best of it. Thank You Nick and Mark!
Great job. And a big thanks to all who help make the day a big success! Rain or shine the fun
was there to be had.

                              Portland Tranny Show

                                                                Old Fords
        SAAC NW representation

                 Newer Ford                      Swedish Ford? Hey, who let this in here?

                         Thanks John, for another great show!
           Those who attended can confirm. Good friends, nice cars, live music!
For Rent: Sun River Condo, 3 bed room, 2 bath, fully furnished. Great location, close to mall
pools, tennis, sauna, hot tub, indoor tennis & weight room. Special price for SAAC NW
members, $80.00 per night
Call Jim Walker (360) 258 1741 or e-mail Jwalker736@aol.com

For Sale: Ford Explorer XLT 4X4, Leather Interior, Sun roof, Roof rack, Running boards, For-
est green W/ Tan interior, Automatic, A/C, PS, PB, New front shocks, Power door locks &
seats, Push button auto 4-wheel drive hubs, runs great! $5400 obo
Call Jack 503-644-1717, 800-644-1717 or 503-397-2533

For Sale: Hurst Shifter "Competition Plus" For T5 with stops and modified factory 5.0L
stick. This is a nice used shifter, its an extra, so that's why its for sale. $100.00
New 3.73 Ring & Pinion for 8.8. These are after market from Italy. My company buys thou-
sands of gears from them and they make quality stuff. A friend has a set of 3.55's and they
are great. I decided on going with 3.55's so that's why these are for sale. $125.00
Contact me @ 503-625-2708 or email @ boss1965@aol.com or Jeff@alltransmission.com

For Sale: 427 SC.. 1965 Cobra…ERA Replica…Black with Gold Stripe #526, original style-
Halibrand Aluminum 6-Pin wheels .Original Stainless steel Halibrand stamped Knock-offs.
Suspension includes-Jaguar independent rear suspension (Salisbury center) front end was
designed after the 427 SC independent front suspension (including Spax double adjustable
dampers) Optional front end remote oil cooler. Stainless steel sidepipes-Riveted on hood
scoop-Chrome roll bar. Competition-style dashboard with original “Smith instruments” .
Real English wool carpets-Real leather upholstery. Authentic exterior hardware-Original-
style steering wheel .Including Original Talbot side mirror
                ENGINE by LARSON & KING’S Portland Engine Rebuilders
1965 FORD 427 ci Low-riser Cast-iron block and heads-Bored .40 over 433 ci. Headwork in-
cludes porting/polishing-Dove super wide roller rocker arms-Keith Black pistons
-Crower Pro-street solid lift cam. Original Aviaid Cobra oil pan and windage tray. *OEMI
Shelby-dual four intake manifold. *OEMI 427 Ford Holley carburetors, “Cobra 427” cast alu-
minum valve covers. Edelbrock-aluminum water pump-Pro Billet distributor. Lakewood bell-
housing, Toploader 4-speed transmission with big input and output shaft. Edelbrock-
aluminum water pump-Pro Billet distributor “Total package equals-475 foot pounds of
torque 430 horsepower” for a car that weighs less than 2600# 2000 Awards-1st Place Forest
Grove Concours D’ Elegance-100 Point Car 1st Place Portland Roadster Show- Sunriver Ex-
otic Car Show-Best American 2001 Awards-1st Place Portland Rod and Custom Show-1st
Place Seattle Rod and Custom Show.
  Asking $65,000 without trailer $70,000 with 1999 16’ Pace American Custom Black Trailer
Bill Redman Ph # 503.524.5782 bredman524@aol.com
      Zupan's Historic Races
                       July 13-15

   We need to be signed up EARLY, to make sure we're included.
 They are limiting the car corrals to a total of 600 cars, and regis-
 tration closes the first of June. The price has increased this year
to $30 for a Collector Car Admission, brought on by higher rental
 charges for PIR (aren't we familiar with this!). This buys a corral
   spot for all 3 days, 3 day admission for you and a guest, dash
 plaque, and a parade lap. This is still a bargain if you compare it
  to attending the event for one day and pay for parking, because
general admission ticket prices are up too! We need to register as
a club, so I need to know if you will be parking with us. Check you
calendar, then get your $30 check (made out to SAAC-NW) to Dan
 Jones or myself. I want to send in the registration before May 21.
                          Thanks, Ray Clack.
    “You can do WHAT?”                                        Note: Businesses require phoning ahead and
                                                              proof of membership in SAAC NW to get a dis-
                                                              count. Take your club membership card with
Keith Canutt & Jeff Riggs – Restoration of your               you when visiting these vendors.
early Mustang. Rusty floor repair or replacement. Sus-
pension upgrades and rebuilding. Total restoration,           Rose City Mustang LTD.
modification and upgrades including 5 speed conver-           Contact Bill Kubeck, 2335 NW Thurman, Port-
sions.                                                        land, OR. 97210 (503) 243-1938. 10% discount
                                                              on all parts new & used excluding special order
“Horse shoe Rustorations“
(503) 620-3459 or (360)892-9025.
Edward Neiger – Professional certified welder. Mig,           Tom Jones Motorcars
Tig & Stick. Aluminum, Stainless and mild steel. No job       Contact: Tom Jones, 2820 W. Highland Ave.,
to small.                                                     Redmond, OR. 97756: (541) 548-0633. email:
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                                                              custom & mustang parts
Bob Parker – An expert at Photography & has volun-
teered to take excellent photos of your car. You cover        Hillyer's Mid-City Ford
the cost of film and processing. Contact him at the next      Contact: Dennis or Craig, 3000 Newberg, Hwy
meeting.                                                      W, Woodburn, OR. (503) 981-4747. 10% dis-
                                                              count on parts only.
Cary Gressinger – If you want something done right
call Cary. If you want to go fast without breaking the        Schnell Automotive & Supply
bank call Cary. He sells Midstates Cobras & he services       Contact: Tim Schnell. 1506 NE Lombard, Port-
all brands of replica Cobras including the new Shelby         land, OR. 97211
CSX-4000. His projects are always show quality. He is         (503) 285-3567 or (503) 285-2951. Discount var-
also building high quality diesel bus RV’s –                  ies on all services and parts. Also full machine
(503) 678-1115                                                shop.
Russ Schulte – This gentleman is a master sheet               Affordable Performance.
metal man. For aluminum work, sheet metal etc. Call           Contact: Vernon Pitts. 4107 NW Fruit Valley Rd.
Russ.                                                         Suite G, Vancouver, WA. 98660. (360) 695-5515.
(541) 451-3655                                                10% discount on parts & service.
James Boscole – Structural fiberglassing. You know,
lets take out the shake. Don’t call me for gel coat issues.
                                                              C&G Automotive, Inc.
                                                              Contact: Gary Gressinger. 22015 Airport Rd.
Also graphic design projects & website design.
                                                              Aurora, OR. 97002. (503) 678-1115. 15% dis-
(503) 625-7650                                                count on parts and service.
Mark Folden – Classic Auto & Appraisal. Serving all
your appraisal needs including market, loan, insurance,       Portland Tire Factory
replacement, and diminished value reports. All appraisal      Contact: Joe Vockrodt. 902 N Lombard St. Port-
reports are done in strict compliance with the Uniform        land, OR. (503) 283-3102, fax (503) 283-1449.
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Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice and Ameri-
                                                              conditioning, performance suspension parts &
can Society of Appraisers.
                                                              service. 5% on all other.
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Jeff Sanders – Manual Transmission specialist. Borg-          R&S Classic Mustang Supply
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                                                              Engine Parts Distributing, Inc.
                                                              Contact: Pete Agalzoff. 6635 N Baltimore, Port-
                                                              land, OR. 97203. (800) 289-3373 or (503) 289-
                                                              3373. 20% discount on engine kits and jobber
                              EVENTS 2001
        Jun                           Event                                  Contact
  13, 20, 27 Beaches Cruise-in Fly-in Pearson Air Park Vanc. Wa.       Beaches 360 699-1592
          24 Drive-IN-Fly-IN McMinnville Airport                     Aflutterby88@hotmail.com

        Jul                           Event                                  Contact
 4,11,18,25    Beaches Cruise-in Fly-in Pearson Air Park Vanc. Wa.    Beaches 360 699-1592
          7    Friday nighter road rally CSCC                        Mark Tabor 503 655-6851
         10    SAAC NW Open Track @ PIR                              Nick Frezza 503 620-5629
     *13-15    Vintage Races @ PIR                                    Ray Clack 503 656-3891
         22    Mustang Round up                                       Ray Clack 503 656-3891
         28    Mustang Stampede, Vancouver, Wa.                       Ray Clack 503 656-3891
      27-29    Custom High Desert Show, Sisters, Or                  Keith Canutt 503 620-3459
      28-29    Summer Heat Open Track Thunderhill - Willows, Ca.       www.norcal-saac.org/
       Aug                            Event                                  Contact
1,8,15,22,29   Beaches Cruise-in Fly-in Pearson Air Park Vanc. Wa.     Beaches 360 699-1592
           4   Friday nighter road rally CSCC                         Mark Tabor 503 655-6851
          11   Cruise the gorge
          19   Mt. To Sea Rally                                       Mark Tabor 503 655-6851
  31–Sept 2    Mini Nat’s Sears Point Ca.                              www.norcal-saac.org/
        Sep                           Event                                  Contact
          1    Friday nighter road rally CSCC                         Mark Tabor 503 655-6851
          3    Ford Fall Fest, Graham, Wa
          8    High Desert Swap Meet, Redmond, Or.                    Gary Kelly 541 382-0281
        8-9    End of the World Rod Run, Ocean Park, Wa
         14    Silver State Challenge Hwy. 318 Nevada                Brian Bogdon 360 425-4017
         14    SAAC NW Open Track @ PIR                               Nick Frezza 503 620-5629
        Oct                           Event                                  Contact
          6    Friday nighter road rally CSCC                        Mark Tabor 503 655-6851
       TBA     Pony Run 2001                                         Bill Kubeck 503 243-1938
         27    Grist Mill Tour 2001                                  Keith Canutt 503 620-3459
    13 – 14    NorCal open Track Thunder Hill Ca.                      www.norcal-saac.org/
         28    Ghoul’s Gamble 34 Halloween Rally CSCC                Mark Tabor 503 655-6851
       Nov                            Event                                  Contact

        Dec                           Event                                  Contact
               SAAC NW Christmas Party                                Ray Clack 503 656-3891
New Meeting Time for
    June & July
  June 24th 6:00 pm
   July 8th 6:00 pm

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