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									      Dear Current Partners!

The First Hungarian White Table Order of Knights is planning a unique, tradition building, while
professionally authentic gastronomical event. To be held on the grounds of the Castle of Vajdahunyad
between June 4 and June 6, 2010 titled „ THE HUNGARIANS‘ GRAND TABLE“. The main theme of the
event is based on the book „the table of Hungarians“, which paints an encompassing picture about the
habits of Hungarian gastronomy, culinary culture of Hungary all within a historical frame, from the time of
settlement to today.
As an event, it is highlighted by the foundation of the First Hungarian White Table Order of Knights, as
their goal is to cultivate the traditions of
Gastronomy, to find and help groom new talent. The authentication of the professional aspect of the
event, is administered by the First Hungarian White Table Order of Knights.
The syllabus of the event- similar to the book titled „table of Hungarians“- it follows the past 1001 years of
the habits of Hungarian gastronomy, traditions, emphasizing the era of settlement, the middle ages,
renaissance, the era of reforms along with the important changes in kitchen culture brought on by the new
Based on our stipulations, a portion of the entry fee will be exchanged for         taste tickets, which can be
used at the kitchens as well as the various locations of the First Hungarian Order of Knights. Additionally
at certain areas throughout the event, we plan on having regular paying establishments set up.

On the grounds there will be a total of 80 wooden houses built, which will be used to introduce and sell

A 4*2 meter (8 m2) wooden house rental fee
for the duration of the event:                        HUF 230.000 + VAT

The divided 2*2 meter (4m2) wooden house rental fee
For the duration of the event:                   HUF 125.000 + VAT

The prices include the supply of electricity and the area’s security watch.

For the event we await the registration of exhibitors and distributors. In case our offer piqued your interest
and you would like to participate, by filling out the attached application form, you are guaranteed a place
at the event.

For additional information:

To answer any further questions, we are at your service.

With regards:

Frank Sándor                                                  Ments András
06.30.938.0038                                                06.30.990.7492                      
fax: 62.555.961 fax

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