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									Information & Communication Technology

What is taught in ICT
Sherston School follows the Wiltshire ICT Scheme of Work (2010)
Each teacher has full details of the requirements of their year group
within this scheme.

How is ICT taught
At Sherston School ICT is taught mainly as a discreet subject
utilising the ICT suite. Classroom activities based around
programmable robots, digital cameras and remote sensing devices
support this work. All classes have interactive whiteboards which
can be used by pupils.

The rationale of what and how it is taught.
Staff at Sherston School use ICT to develop specific skills but also
recognise the cross-curricular opportunities the medium offers.
Examples include Mathletics, use of the internet to support
humanities based work and music software.

Children are assessed according to the National Curriculum and is
recorded in two ways
Log Book
Each child has a copy in their Record of Achievement which is used
to record their attainment in specific ICT skills from Reception to Y6.
This is updated termly
Foundation Subject skills
This is also in the Record of Achievement and records ICT skills
used in cross-curricular activities. This is updated twice a year.

Each teacher also completes an overview log at the end of the year
to record the class progress for the next teacher.

ICT Hardware
The school has 29 computer stations in the ICT suite using a virtual
PC environment. Each class has an interactive whiteboard. The
school also has a number of digital cameras, digital cam-corder and
remote sensing device.

Management of ICT
ICT is managed through the co-ordinator and the systems
maintained by an qualified ICT technician. The system is monitored
by the South West Grid for Learning.
ICT Safety
Issues regarding e-safety are covered within the scheme of work.
All school computers carry the Hector’s House dolphin device. From
time-to-time parents are given updates on e-safety either by CD or
in workshops.
See also e-safety policy

ICT use
Formal statements are in place for the acceptable use of ICT both
by staff and pupils.

ICT Development
This is covered in detail in the School Development Plan.
In outline the areas for development (2009-10)
    Expansion of our ICT suite to enable children in classes to
       have single usage
    Develop the use of Merlin within the school
    Develop the use of animation software and use of digital
    Expand the use of e-mail to form links with partner schools
       around the world


1 Copy of Pupil’s log in ICT
2 Copy of overview log
3 Copy of core software used at Sherston School

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