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					November / December 2007                                                                                                   Vol. XLIV, Issue 6

      THE HIGH POWER RIFLE RANGE                                                                                          Inside
     AT BEN AVERY SHOOTING FACILITY                                                                                      Issue . . .

  A     s you all know, Ben
        Avery Shooting Fa-
cility in north Phoenix is a
                                                                             Palma, Service Rifle and Long
                                                                             Range have been limited to 135
                                                                             shooters in 3 relays, Washing-
                                                                                                                 Features -

world-famous      world-class                                                ton’s Birthday to 180 shooters      Volunteers
destination for the shooting                                                 in teams of 4. These matches          at Ben Avery ................. 1
sports                                                                       had to announce the limits and      CCW Info
   Starting with the World                                                   even turn away late-applying          for Permit Holders........ 2
Championship in 1970, Ben                                                    shooters. But those limits are
                                                                                                                 New Berm
Avery’s 100-point high power                                                 about to change.
                                                                                                                   in Tucson ...................... 2
range was one of the best in                                                 One of the largest competi-         Ben Avery
the world, but for the last de-    Game & Fish equipment operator         tions in the US is the Creed-            New Hours ................... 2
cade or so the lower 55 points      leveling the berm in front of the     moor Cup and CMP Western               Martini-Henry
had fallen into disrepair. Hav-             High Power Pits               Games (spelled Creedmoor,                Rifle .............................. 4
ing 45 firing points, while                                               not Creedmore as erroneously           G & F Offers
still one of the largest high power ranges in the      printed in a previous article). It had been held for        Free Program................ 6
western world, forced us to limit the size of our      many years at the Marine Corps base at Camp
                                                                                                                 Camp Perry
matches. The state championships in High Power,                                           Continued on page 3      AZ Jr Match ................. 6
                                                                                                                 ASR&PA Smallbore
 F R O M T H E P R E S I D E N T O F T H E A S R & PA                                                              Prone Results ............... 7
                                                                                                                 AZ Shooting

                PRESIDENTS REPORT                                                                                  Range Progress............. 8
                                                                                                                 Lead Based Ammo

      TIME FLIES WHEN WE’RE HAVING FUN                                                                             Ban ............................... 9
                                                                                                                 The Scoop

                                                                                                                   on Lead Bullets ............ 9
       lot of things are happening as usual, and        of her well deserved retirement to be Acting Secre-
       some not usual.                                  tary, but she really does want to retire.                ASR&PA Gets Grant .... 12
                                                                                                                 Paloma Club Notice ...... 12
   At the Oct. 13th BOD Meeting, Margaret Con-             So, think about it…….serving on the board does
lin announced that she will not return as Treasurer     require a commitment of time and work, but you           Departments -
at the end of her term. Maggie has devoted count-       know that you are doing things that are good and
less hours of service to the Association and BASF.      need to be done. Contact me or one of the other of-      President’s Column
These will be some mighty shoes to fill. Also, Pe-      ficers if you are interested.                              Time Flies .................... 1
ter Terhaar has resigned as Secretary a few weeks         Just a reminder, the Annual Meeting will be held       Special Notice ................. 6
ago. And, a couple days ago, German Salazar             Sat., May 3, 2008 at El-Zariba Shrine, at 40th St.       Life Member Alert .......... 7
notified me that he will not be able to continue as     and N. of Van Buren in Phoenix.                          Email Delivery of BT ... 10
Small bore Director. When you see them, tell them
thanks for their service, and maybe, even, think          2nd Amendment alive and well, but some                 Listing of Officers
about taking up where one of them are leaving off.      place else?                                                and Board Members ... 10
Also, Marlys Duchene has taken the post of Pistol                                                                Membership
                                                           The concept of the 2nd Amendment is once
Silhouette director. We pulled Shelley Sansom out                                                                  Information ................ 11
                                                                                          Continued on page 10
Official Publication of The Arizona Rifle & Pistol Association

                                                                  SOME INFORMATION FOR YOU
   is published bimonthly: January,
                                                                    CCW PERMIT HOLDERS
   March, May, July, September, and
   November. Subscriptions are free                                A     change in the CCW statutes, in the 2006 ses-
                                                                         sion, was to eliminate the requirement for
                                                                                                                          more information and periodical updates.

   to ASR&PA members.                                            submission of a fingerprint card for renewal. Un-
                                                                 fortunately, Terry Goddard - AZ AG, was asked by
                                                                                                                          Gary Christiansen
                                                                 DPS for a legal review of the statute and rendered       ASRPA Legislative Director
   Submission Deadline
   Deadline for submission is the 5th                            an opinion which totally invalidated the change. It
                                                                 was interpretted in such a convoluted fashion that it          What if you want to know more about
   of the month preceding publication
                                                                 would have no effect for years. This necessitated a       the CCW program, or just learn about AZ gun
   date. All material for publication
                                                                 revisit by the legislature in 2007 and the language       laws? What if you are under 21 yrs of age and
   should be forwarded electronically
                                                                 was simplified to eliminate any ambiguity. The new        want to carry a gun ‘openly’ (including some
                                                                 statute becomes effective on December 31, 2007.           methods of vehicle carry)? Do you know where
   Board Meetings                                                After that date CCW renewals in AZ will no lon-           to find info, training, and avoid the potential
   Association Board Meetings are                                ger requirement submission of a fingerprint card.         and serious penalties of a gun violation? Did
   held quarterly on the second Sat-                             That in turn will be saving the CCW holders a few         you know that many of the CCW instructors al-
   urday of March, June, September,                              bucks on the fees. As of that date, the renewal fee       low students to take the training at any age? Did
   and December at the Ben Avery                                 will be only $43, and no fingerprint card need be         you know that you are not “required” to submit
   Shooting Facility in the Activity                             submitted.                                                the application and fingerprint card to the state
   Building beginning at 10 a.m.                                                                                           just to take the class? Check with the instructor
                                                                     Remember, is the official          and see what they say. Or check with Ed Schein
   Check the ASRPA web site for
                                                                 AZ DPS CCW website, and the source of informa-            or Terry Allison in the ASRPA CCW division to
   quarterly Board Meeting schedule.
                                                                 tion on program changes. Those who hold a CCW             see when they will be doing more training.
   Change Of Address
                                                                 permit, or are interested should visit this site for
   If you’re moving, please let us
   know as soon as you know.
   Arizona State Rifle & Pistol
   Association, Attn.: Membership
   P.O. Box1897, Green Valley, AZ                                   NEW BERM AT TUCSON RIFLE
   or new Email Address to:
                                                                    CLUB’S THREE POINTS RANGE
   Any membership changes should
   be made with Brian Biggs,
   Membership Secretary at                                              Almost like magic a new berm appeared on the far        Last Spring, the AZ G&F Dept. determined that
   or 520-7778393                                                 east side of the Three Points Range. After months of    houses were being built too close to the Range on the
                                                                  planning, and when construction finally began with      east side and a berm was needed for safety concerns.
      If you would like to receive the                            water trucks and bulldozers appearing, the berm only    Since then, this far east range was only being used on
   highly desirable, full color Bullet                            took a few days to complete. Actually, it is not com-   a very limited, controlled basis. With hunting season
   Trap via E-MAIL ONLY, contact                                  pletely finished but the AZ G&F Department wanted       upon us, the other ranges were in constant use, usu-
   the editor at:                                to build up the berm as much as possible so that the    ally with shooters waiting for a turn. Now that the new
                                                                  range, the 500 Meter Hi-Power Range, could be com-      berm is in place, normal activity has once again re-
   Distribution                                                   pletely opened again for public use. This new berm      turned to our oasis in the desert!
                                                                  is temporary and AZ G&F will complete a properly
   The Bullet Trap is distributed at
   your option, via US Mail or email.                             engineered berm in 2008.                                  May Warren
   US mail will not be forwarded.

   Our Website:                                   NEW HOURS FOR THE BEN AVERY SHOOTING COMPLEX
                                                                   Winter Hours starting October 15, 2007:
                                                                   Beginning October 15, 2007, the Ben Avery Shooting Facility Main Range, Archery Ranges and the Ben
   The Arizona State Rifle & Pistol
                                                                 Avery Clay Target Center will change their winter hours of operation for the public.
   Association is proudly affiliated
   with the National Rifle Associa-                              The new hours will be:                                   Summer Hours starting May 12, 2008:
   tion, the Civilian Marksmanship
   Program and USA Shooting.                                       Monday & Tuesday........Closed                           Monday & Tuesday ......... CLOSED
                                                                   Wednesday .....................8 a.m. to 8 p.m.          Wednesday 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. & 5 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
   Editor/Publisher                                                Thursday ........................8 a.m. to 8 p.m.        Thursday 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. & 5 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
   Noble C. Hathaway, Editor                                       Friday .............................8 a.m. to 3 p.m.     Friday ............................... 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.
   Printing by: Allegra Print &
                                                                   Saturday .........................8 a.m. to 8 p.m.       Saturday........................... 7 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.
                                                                   Sunday ...........................8 a.m. to 3 p.m.       Sunday ............................. 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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Pendleton. This year the Marines needed effort by the Ben Avery staff and manage-
their range for other uses and the match was ment have been put into the range these last
forced to find a new home. The match orga- few months.
nizers chose the Pride of Phoenix, Ben Avery.                  Numerous High Power shooters
Bringing a match with a limit                                have volunteered their time. Ev-
of 400 shoot-                                                ery member of the state junior
ers in 5 re-                                                  team has done at least 1 day’s
lays provided                                                  work either at Avery or off-              AS R P
the     needed                                                                                       rented A volunteer
                                                               site assembling and painting                 trenc           oper
incentive for a                                                                                         numbe hing machin ating the
                                                                signs or targets, the junior                    r boar
                                                                                                                       d mou e for digging
couple of doz-                                                   team from Wickenburg
                                                                                                                            nting h
en     dedicated                                                                                      who
                                                                  was at Avery with their coach       on the first
volunteers and                                                    working on several occa-
some of the staff                                                                                     days of discussion of this effort
                                                                   sions. A couple dozen or so        let us know that his day job involves manag-
at Ben Avery to                                                     adult shooters put in a few
refurbish the en-                                 dig ging                                            ing highly complex projects and was willing
                                           nteers                   days here and there. And a
tire range and get           AS R PA volu nd removing s                                               to manage this one. And he certainly did.
                                      oles a mber board              dedicated core of about 4 or
most of those 100             post h tall nu                                                                               Active High Power &
                                         s                           5 shooters have been up at
                            rock s to in                                                                                    Smallbore      Shooters
firing points op-                                  Avery basically every single
erational again! We                                                                                                         Steve Merritt and Ger-
                                                   weekend work day in                                                       man Salazar also went
Arizona shooters are the hosts of this match addition some week
and we wanted to make a good impression.                                                                                     way beyond the call
                                                   days at Avery as well as                                                   in the effort they put
   As soon as they got back from Camp Per- making phone calls and                                                              out.
ry, continuing almost every weekend in the runs to the hardware store
searing August and September heat and into during the week. Shoot-                                                                  At this writing,
a much nicer October, ASRPA volunteers ers have come from as far                                                                  just days before the
and staff have been working on the range. away as Prescott and Tuc-                                                                match is to start,
After making custom stencils for the num- son to work on the range,                                                                all the planned
bers, we painted and then installed (pound- and the entire Tucson club                                                              work has been
                                                                                                                 reparin            completed.      80
ing stakes into the rocky soil of the berm) 30 High Power division spent                            volun teers p ng.
new 5-foot high target number boards, about a day at Three Points past-                    A SRPA       for mounti                   firing points are
                                                                                                targets                              fully functional.
60 new 1 foot high impact number boards, ing centers on the new target
and restored and repainted the 300 firing cardboard, and delivered that                                                   A real testament to what
point number stones at                             6-foot high stack of targets up                                     a bunch of highly committed
200, 300 and 600 yards.                               to Avery. They also loaned some score           volunteers can accomplish when they and
AZ GFD welders have                                                    boards and other equip- their shovels and hammers get together.
rebuilt the overhang                                                        ment for the match.         Watch for a report on the match itself in
from firing point 20                                                         I cannot name ev- the next edition of the Bullet Trap.
through 50. We have                                                       eryone of the dozens of
installed about 150
new contractor-built
                                                                          volunteers involved, but      Bill Poole
                                                                         in history class we often ASRPA VP & High Power Rifle
target carrier up-                                                      learn such statements as Division Director
right frames. New                                                      “Columbus Discovered
PA speakers and                                                        America” or “Alexander
800 feet of wir-                                                      the Great conquered the
ing have been in-          numbe volunteers in                       known world” The hun-
stalled in the pits.               r boar         stallin
                                High P ds in front o g              dreds or thousands or more
In addition to                         ower ta        f the
                                               rgets.               who did so much work are
cleaning the entire pit                                            forgotten but the accomplish-
shed, and pits area, washing and repairing 70                     ment is credited to the leader,
score boards and cutting weeds and moving an indication of just how important it is to
rocks on the firing lines. Volunteers in Tuc- have a motivated and motivating leader run-
son have built 200 targets for these upcoming ning the show and getting his hands dirty
events and future matches. We estimate well along with everyone else. For this volun-
over 500 man-hours of volunteer labor and teer refurbishing effort the credit for lead-              helpin ASRPA volu
                                                                                                            g with          nteer
$4000 from the ASRPA managed Ben Avery ership goes to John Kuhns, an active Ari-                             new nu project to p
                                                                                                                    mb er b        aint 30
Range Fund, and probably a similar level of zona master-class Service Rifle shooter,                                        oards

                                                                                                                                              Page 3
                MARTINI-HENRY RIFLE                by Mike Christopher M-H enthusiast


  W       hen I lived in No. Virginia during
          the 1970”s I bought my Martini-
Henry, Mark IV, Model C, made by Enfield
                                                  The difference is
                                                  in case neck thick-                    “SOME LIMITED TECHNICAL DATA.”
                                                  ness, .003"+, and in       I will list some good web sites at the end of the article for those that
in 1887, from Hunters Lodge in Alexandria,        the base ahead of        want more background information than I am providing.
Va. The store was a retail outlet for Interarms   the rim - .660" vs.        There is a difference between the “short lever” MK I – III’s and the
and offered a treasure trove of older mili-       .658". I                 “long lever” MK IV’s when it comes to bore/groove dimensions.
tary rifles at good prices. My M-H had ex-
cellent rifling, very good                                                         MK I – III.      449" bore         .465" - .467" groove
w o o d                                                                            MK IV            453” bore         .470" - .472" groove
a n d
                                                                             If you are loading for any rifle other than the MK IV, adjust my data
                                                                           accordingly based upon the measurements taken from your rifle.
metal                                             blew out the cases        Talk about long throating. The first 8" of the barrel forward of the
except                                            using 25 grs. of       chamber mouth is tapered and you do not get full internal dimensions
for some minor pitting at the rear of the ac-     SR4759 and any         until the end of the taper. I drove a lead slug into the mouth of the
tion. Never did get to shoot the thing until      .45 cal. rifle bul-    chamber and it measured .509". It than drops off in two almost imper-
                                                  let I had at hand      ceptible steps to .486" in the next .25" in front of the chamber mouth.
I got transferred to Burbank, Ca. by way of
                                                  which was in the       I presume the taper is straight after that out to 8" which would equal a
Chicago in 1981. While in Chicago I got to
                                                                         groove diameter of .471". These measurements are the best I could do
meet Jim Bell, tour his manufacturing facil-      400 grain range.
                                                                         with a calipers and micrometer
ity and buy 40 of his .577 Universal brass.       Use whatever you
A nice guy.                                       have for this job         Finally, the neck is not cylindrical. A blown out case reads .519" at
                                                  since accuracy is      the base of the shoulder and .509" at the mouth. This becomes impor-
   I got hot on shooting after I moved to                                tant later if you want to bore out the necks of your cartridge cases.
                                                  not the objective.
Burbank because of the proximity of two
                                                  After cleaning up
good ranges and decided to break out the
                                                  the flash holes and                                the first .25" 0f your blown out case mouth.
old war horse and see what it would do.
                                                  primer pockets I got down to business.             Reverse the sleeve and repeat the process
Keep in mind I knew nothing about M-
H’s and there was no Internet to reference.         My chamber neck diameter is .509" at the          except use the case dimension just ahead of
Luckily I hooked up with a local aficionado       mouth. Given that my Jamison brass neck             the rim. Stop about one half inch short of
named Jim Jukes who provided me with              thickness ran .015" - .017" that would allow        going all the way through. Run as large a
basic loading information and from whom           me to seat and chamber a .475" bullet with          drill as will fit and cut a cone in the rear
I bought a set of fine English loading dies.      no neck clearance.[.509" – 2(.017") = .475"].       of the smaller hole to ease inserting cases
I started to form the Universal cases using       Not a bright idea. What I wanted to do was          going forward. Seat a case, measure overall
the sizing die. It was a lesson learned. There    to use a .478" bullet [more later] so I would       length, and trim the front of the sleeve to the
was a 25% mortality rate which was doubly         have the option of using a plain or paper           correct OAL. You now have a reamer and
significant since BELL had stopped making         patched bullet. I had to work out a way to          trim to length sleeve. Measure frequently –
.577 cases by then. Luckily we do not face        ream the inside of the neck since turning           or start over! [ see Fig. 1 ]
that issue today since fully formed cases are     the externally tapered neck would result in           My sleeve requires a tap with a plastic
readily available. I personally use Jamison       excess thinning of the brass at the junction        mallet to seat the case to the rim. I bored my
cases which I got from Buffalo Arms.              with the shoulder.                                  case necks out to a thickness of .015" +/- as
   Oddly enough Jamison, through a series            No equipment readily available                   best I could. This leaves about .001" clear-
of corporate purchases, is a direct descen-       will handle this fat case with a                                                 ance and lets
dent of BELL. Their cases are every bit the       .750" rim and a case mouth over                                                  me seat a .478"
equal of BELL and, in fact, are made of           half an inch. I fell back on some-                                               bullet. [ .509" –
slightly heavier brass.                           thing I used to fix a similar prob-                                              2(.015") - .001" =
                                                  lem with some .43 Spanish cases                                                  .478" ].
   Before we get into case preparation and
                                                  some years ago – make a sleeve                                                BULLETS
reloading see “SOME LIMITED TECH-
                                                  and do my thinning in a lathe.                                                  It’s pretty ob-
NICAL DATA” inset above.
                                                  The sleeve is easy to make. Take                                              vious that .458"
 CASES                                            a 2.3" x 1" piece of round stock                                              is not the right
   Buy Jamison. Well made and, on aver-           trued on the outside. Chuck it in                                             diameter for the
age, 17 grains heavier than BELL brass [          your lathe [a collet is preferable but my lathe     M-H bullet. Something in the mid .470"’s is
i.e.- primed 358grs. vs. 341 grs. ] which         is too small] and drill/bore it lengthwise to       based upon your rifle and personal feelings
historically has set the standard for quality.    a dimension which is a mild push fit over
                                                                                                                                     Continued on page 5

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Continued from page 4
as to what the correct groove : bullet rela-     passing year.                                     tionship reloading is straight forward. Use
tionship should be. With the throat starting       Two other bullets which I am currently          a slight bell in the case mouth and a tight
at about .486" you have plenty of room to        working with are a 475 gr. smooth bullet          push fit to seat the bullet. A slight crimp is
experiment depending upon how thin you           meant for patching given to me by a fellow        OK to hold the bullet firmly. Don’t overdo
want to make your case neck brass. It is the     shooter, Al Sledge, who made the mould for        any of this or you will screw up the patch-
brass which is the controlling factor.           himself. I had a limited number of these. The     ing. I have never loaded a cartridge that
   There is a mold made to order for the         second is the old reliable Lyman 457124, at       gives the shooter so much dimensional lati-
M-H so long as you are not trying to du-         360 grs, which it seems everyone with a           tude, so have fun.
plicate the original military load. It is the    45-70 has. Both are patched to .478". [ see          Some guidance loads are included so you
Lee 476-400RF                                                               Fig. 2 ]               have some starting point. [ see Fig. 3 ]. All
at 400 grains                                                                  I use black pow-    use WLR primers and the powders that are
intended        for                                                         der lube for the       my stand-bys for the old warhorses. You
the .475 Line-                                                              Lee bullet and         will enjoy your shooting more if you stay
baugh/.480 Ru-                                                              spray-on Teflon        in the 1100 – 1200+ fps range which I also
ger pistols. Mine                                                           lube for the rest,     found gave the best accuracy. You can move
casts at .481"                                                              after      patching,   into the low 1300 fps range but respect the
and weighs 400                                                              with a dab of black    vintage rifle you have in your hands. No
grains with 25:1                                                            powder lube on         wads or fillers were used with any load and
alloy. I size mine                                                          the nose. Just dip     no erratic ignition was observed. No group
to .477". Lee                                                               it about .25" into     sizes are included since 69 year old eyes
also sells custom                                                           melted lube and it     and 105-110+ degree heat do not lend them-
push       through                               gives you a little nose cap of lube.              selves to highly accurate shooting. Howev-
sizing dies for $25 so you can tailor the bul-                                                     er, all loads shot 5 shot groups under 12" at
let to your standard. I have found this bullet   LOADING                                           100 yards and the best were as small as 4".
particularly accurate with Blue Dot – 4" at         A great loading tray for the M-H is the 12     Poorer loads were discarded.
100 yards.                                       gauge shotgun tray from the MTM Case-
   My choice for paper patching bullets is
                                                 Gard 100 shooting box. Handles the big rim
                                                 and has high sides to keep the nose heavy
                                                                                                     by Mike Christopher
the Lyman 457121 mold which casts a 475          cartridge from tipping over. Dirt cheap.          M-H enthusiast
grain bullet. At .457" it is meant for the       Dies can be had from Lee at a very reason-
Whitworth rifle but I find it to be the per-     able cost. You won’t
fect bullet to patch up. With a long cylin-      use them much after
drical body it has plenty of area to grip the
Eaton Erasable Bond I use for my patches.
                                                 initial case prepara-                         WEBSITES
                                                 tion and fire forming.
You need to determine how many wraps are         No resizing should               Some but far from all, websites.
necessary with your chosen bullet to bring       be needed after that              
it up to desired diameter. I look for the        once you get case  
.478" mark since that’s what three wraps
gives me. Other .45 caliber bullets have
                                                 neck thickness and           
                                                 bullet diameter coor-           
been tried with various degrees of success       dinated.                               [English version, under Articles]
but I keep coming back to this Lyman as
the best I have tried. It will hold as good as     Once you work out
4" at 100 yards until my old eyes give out –     the case thickness :
and that seems to take less time with each       bullet diameter rela-


                                       John C. Ellinwood
                                          (520) 419-8090
                                                 Each office independently
                                                 owned and operated.

   Your Freedom Loving REALTOR® in Tucson and Oro Valley

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                  GAME AND FISH OFFERS
News Media • Oct 15, 2007 • PHOENIX

  H     ave you ever wanted to learn the exciting       The program                                                                                  Session size
        shooting sports of trap, skeet or sporting   is held at the Ben                                                                           is limited to 30
clays but didnt know where to start?                 Avery       Shoot-                                                                           people. Prereg-
                                                     ing Facility at                                                                              istration is re-
   The Arizona Game and Fish Department begins                                                                                                    quired by calling
                                                     4044 W. Black
its Ben Avery Desert Roses womens shotgun pro-                                                                                                    (623) 582-8313.
                                                     Canyon Blvd. in
gram on Thursday, Oct. 18 with an introduction to
                                                     Phoenix       (take                                                                           The Ben Av-
sporting clays. The program is free to newcomers
                                                     I-17 to Carefree                                                                           ery Desert Roses
and includes loaner shotguns, a limited free sup-
                                                     Highway and go                                                                             womens shotgun
ply of ammunition, and free instruction. Ear plugs
                                                     1/4 mile west).                                                                            program will con-
and eye protection will be provided. Participants
                                                     Check-in begins                                                                            tinue the first and
are advised to bring hats or visors.
                                                     at 6 p.m. at the                                                                           third Thursday
  This is a great opportunity for women to           Activity Center,                                                                           of each month.
experience the fun of shotgun sports in a safe,      followed by an                                                                             Skeet shooting
non-intimidating environment, says Marty             orientation from 7-8 p.m. Participants will then         will be taught on Nov. 1 and trap shooting on Nov.
Herrera, range manager for the Ben Avery             be shuttled a short distance to the Ben Avery Clay       15, and then sporting clays, skeet and trap will be
Shooting Facility.                                   Target Center for target-shooting opportunities on       taught on a rotational basis thereafter.
                                                     the shooting range from 8-9:30 p.m.

                           CAMP PERRY 2007
                                                                by: Courtney Murch
  T    his year the Arizona Junior High Power Ri-
       fle team took a total of 12 junior members
to the Camp Perry National Matches. In the first
                                                        Out of the 12 juniors that
                                                     attended CMP week, only five
                                                     stayed for NRA week. The first
match - the President’s 100 Match - Evan Ksenzu-     match fired during NRA week
lak ranked 80th out of 1,265 competitors. On the     was the Rumbolt Match and our
second day the team shot the National Individual     four man team placed second
Trophy match, a leg match, where Tyler Rico          for juniors overall and first for
and Andrew Swazey both earned leg points. The        State Association Team in the
team entered 6 different teams in the Whistler       Master category. John Wilder
Boy match, and 3 out of the 6 made it into the top   was coach. Over the rest of the
twenty pairs of shooters. The teams who made it      matches, Courtney Murch took
into the top twenty were Tanya Gorin and Andrew      first Sharpshooter twice, high
Swazey, coached by Tom Kirby; Warren Wagon-          woman three times, second
er and Tyler Rico, coached by John Wilder; and       sharpshooter four times, and
Thomas Turansky and Evan Ksenzulak coached           third sharpshooter twice. Tan-
by Eric Smith (U.S. Army Reserves). On the day       ya Gorin won first master once,    FRONT: Tyler Rico, Courtney Murch, Tanya Gorin, Sara Bergman, Shayne Ahlstrom
of the six man team match, 2 teams were entered.     high woman and high junior            BACK: Thomas Turansky, Andrew Swazey, Evan Ksenzulak, Jared Sivinski,
The first team ranked third out of twenty junior     once, third master once, and                       Ryan Roberts, Wade Bergman, Warren Wagoner
teams. Thomas Turansky, Evan Ksenzulak, An-          fourth master once. Tyler Rico       More pictures of our fun can be found at
drew Swazey, Tyler Rico, Tanya Gorin, and War-       placed first expert twice, sec-
ren Wagoner were the members of that team and        ond expert once, third expert
were coached by Tom Kirby. For the final match                                                               Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club, and the Legacy Ri-
                                                     twice, and fourth expert five times. Evan Ksen-
of CMP week, the National Trophy Infantry                                                                    fle Match held in March at Phoenix Rod and Gun
                                                     zulak made fourth expert three times. Overall the
Team Match (AKA “Rattle Battle”), there were                                                                 Club. A special thank you from the team goes
                                                     Arizona Junior High Power Rifle Team left Camp
two teams entered. They took second and fourth                                                               to the NRA Foundation for a grant to purchase
                                                     Perry, Ohio with a total of 64 medals and had a
place. The silver medal winning team was Thom-                                                               shooting coats, replacement rifle barrels, leather
                                                     great time competing.
as Turansky, Evan Ksenzulak, Warren Wagoner,                                                                 slings, and reloading components.
                                                        Main support for the team came from cash do-
Tyler Rico, Tanya Gorin and Andrew Swazey,
coached by Tom Kirby and Myles Gorin.
                                                     nations from ASRPA High Power Division and
                                                                                                              Courtney Murch
                                                “SPECIAL NOTICE”
      ASR&PA is looking for an acting Secretary,                                                               Please contact Landis at
             Central Area Director, Treasurer                                                         
   (familiar with Quik Books) and Insurance Advisor.                                                             for more information.
                         “PLEASE HELP YOUR ASR&PA WITH YOUR TALENTS”

Page 6
Prescott, Arizona
September 1 & 2, 2007

  O     n behalf of the ASRPA, I would like
        to thank all of the competitors and
volunteers at the 2007 Arizona Conventional
                                                    ing is truly a family
                                                                                                                               Van Camp topped

                                                                                                                               the Experts with a
                                                       Saturday was me-
Prone State Championship. We had a 50%              tallic sights day and                                                      solid    3172-190X.
increase in competitors this year and com-          for reasons no one                                                         The Sharpshooter
petition was close in all classes. None of this     could       determine,                                                     class, which was a
would have happened, however, without the           there were more                                                            seesaw battle be-
dedicated efforts of the following people:          crossfires on Sat-                                                         tween Jack Arnold
                                                    urday than in any                                                          and Bob Metzger,
 Darrell Dupuy – Chief Range Officer
                                                    normal full season                                                         went    to    Jack’s
 Terry Liffick – Range Preparation                                                                                             3171-202X to Bob’s
                                                    of competition. At
 Bob Molloy – Range Preparation                     least 14 shots found                                                       3170-176X. Erika
                                                    their way onto the               Erika Bestoff and Violett Hansen          Besthoff dominated
 Gary Georgi – Chief Statistical Officer
                                                    wrong target that                                                          the Marksman class
 Mike Fulfer – Statistical Officer                                                                                             and Junior category
                                                    day. After the last
 Steve Sojka & Chris – Target Crew                  round was fired, crossfires and all, the stand-   all weekend, ending with the win in both at
                                                    ings were:                                        3147-151X. Violette Hansen took the early
 Allen Elliott – Trophy Plaques
                                                                                                      lead in Senior Scope and didn’t relinquish it,
 Jeff Miles – 2006-2007 Smallbore Director             1st MA: German Salazar 1591-106X               winning the title at 3188-198X.
  Our sincere appreciation goes to all of              1st EX: Rolf Van Camp 1587-104X                   As we begin a new season and cycle of
these people who made the weekend of                   1st SS: Bob Metzger 1583-075X                  matches, there are a few changes to be aware
shooting possible and to Lester Bruno of                                                              of. In 2008, the ASRPA will host three
Bruno Shooting Supplies for providing the              1st MK: Erika Besthoff 1575-077X
                                                                                                      different Smallbore State Championship
High Junior prize, a brick of Wolf match am-           1st Senior Scope: Violette Hansen 1597-101X matches. The Conventional Prone champion-
munition. You can shop at Bruno’s online at            On Sunday morning the scopes went on ship will be held in April at the Ben Avery                               the rifles for Any Sight day and the cross- Shooting Facility in Phoenix; the 3 Position
   Labor Day weekend in Prescott was a              fires largely ended (thankfully!) Competition championship will be held in the spring at
great break from the Phoenix summer heat            remained close, with the following being the a location yet to be selected and the Metric
for most of the competitors. With Phoenix           final for the day:                                Prone Championship will be in Prescott on
at the tail end of 32 straight days over 110                                                          Labor Day weekend. We hope to see you at
                                                       1st MA: Richard Curtis 1600-140X
degrees, the mountain cool was truly a wel-                                                           one or more of these events in 2008.
come relief. We added a Senior Scope 3200              1st EX: Eric Smith 1595-110X
category to the match this year and it was well
received with five competitors taking part.
                                                       1st SS: Jack Arnold 1589-104X                    German Salazar
                                                       1st MK: Erika Besthoff 1572-074X                 Smallbore Director
On the other end of the age scale, we also
had a good turnout (5) from the Junior ranks.          1st Senior Scope: Violette Hansen 1591-097X      Arizona State Rifle & Pistol Association
Several parent/child duos were in attendance          The overall win was decided on the X count
showing once again that Smallbore shoot-            with Curtis’ 3190-263X edging Salazar’s

                LIFE MEMBER ALERT !!                                                   ATTENTION!
      There are a few of you we have not heard from for quite awhile. Life
  Members are you still with us?
                                                                                   PROFES SIONAL WOMEN
    If you are a Life Member, please send us an email, letter or phone call to
  our membership secretary or please have a family member or friend send             “REFUSE TO BE
                                                                                       Would your group like to sponsor a
  us a note on your current status. We would like to know your whereabouts,
  address’s, etc …                                                               A VICTIM WORKSHOP”
    If a member knows of the passing of a Life Member,                                    This four hour program is available
    could you contact us at or                                       from certified program instructors.
    PO Box 1897, Green Valley, AZ 85622-1897                                                Contact Noble C. Hathaway
        Thanks.                                                                               at

                                                                                                                                             Page 7
3-Points Shooting Range                              butts on the fixed distance range to address safety   Supervisor on August 16th. The Department met
  • Homeland Security - The Tucson Rifle Club        issues related to using correct targets for their     with the CNF on August 23rd to further discuss
has provided the border patrol the use of the        intended purpose. A fence has been completed          any limiting factors associated with the Proposed
black powder range to conduct qualifications and     on the youth archery range to address safety and      Action and identified additional requirements
practice shoots Mondays through Fridays. The         security concerns.                                    that will be presented in an addendum by early
Department continues to review the possibility of      • Archery Camp – The Department held                September. The Department will be meeting with
entering into an agreement with the border patrol    Archery Youth Day Camps for 15 participants           the Regional Forester in mid September during
for use of the range and future development.         each Wednesday through the end of August.             the annual coordination meeting where the
  • Lateral Berm Construction – The Department                                                             Proposed Action will be discussed. Acceptance
                                                       • Evening League Shooting – The first               of the Proposed Action by the Forest Service will
has concluded the initial construction evaluation    annual summer banquet for the archery and
on the east lateral berm of the 500 meter range.                                                           initiate the NEPA process in which the issues
                                                     smallbore leagues were held on August 14th for        identified will be addressed.
Construction is scheduled to begin October.          85 participants.
  • Topographical Survey - The Department                                                                    Prescott Rifle Club - Granite Mountain
                                                     Ben Avery Clay Target Center                          Shooting Range
will conclude receiving quotes for conducting          • Trap and Skeet Fields – Native Mesquite and
an aerial/topographical survey on September          Palo Verde trees have been planted behind the           • Range Relocation - The Department has
20th. A contractor will be selected to conduct       trap and skeet line to provide shade.                 scheduled a meeting with the Prescott National
this survey in late September. This survey will                                                            Forest (PNF) and the Prescott Rifle Club for
be used to determine contours and the necessary        • Water Fountains – Trenching and piping was        September 17th to begin the application process
requirements for fill dirt in constructing berms.    completed on 15 Trap and Skeet line canopies          and the first steps in issuing a Special Use Permit
                                                     to install electric water fountains. The water        to the Department for the development of a
7- Mile Range                                        fountains will be installed by late
  • Construction of Lateral Berms – The                                                                    shooting range.
Department has completed the construction of         September.                                             Rio Salado Sportsmen’s Club - Usery
the lateral berm between the 200 yard public           • ADA Access – Trap and Skeet Field 16 has          Mountain Shooting Range
range and the pistol bays. The Department and        been completely renovated to provide ADA
                                                     access.                                                 • Land Transfer / Hold Harmless Issue - The
the Mohave Sportsman’s Club are evaluating the                                                             Department has submitted the Best Management
possibility to continue construction on the pistol      • Business/Visitor Center - The architectural      Practices Program (BMPP) for lead exposure as
bay impact berm with the existing contractor.        remodeling plans are final and the Department         requested by the ADOA for final approval.
Adair Shooting Range                                 will complete the bid process on September 15th
                                                     and begin construction as soon as a contractor is        • Maintenance Facility - The Habitat Branch is
  • Range Acquisition – The Department met                                                                 in the process of completing the EA checklist and
with the President of Adair Ranges Inc. to discuss   selected.
                                                                                                           approval of the notice to proceed on this facility.
the possibility of transferring Adair Range from        • RV Campground - The Department will
Yuma County to the Department. A meeting is          complete the bid process for the electrical           Sierra Vista Range
being scheduled by the President of Adair Ranges     component of this project on September 5th and           • Topographical Survey - The Department
Inc., to include the Department, representatives     schedule work to begin as soon as a contractor        will conclude receiving quotes for conducting
of Yuma County and Commissioner Woodhouse            is selected. The required permit application          an aerial/topographical survey on September
to evaluate the benefit of transferring Adair        for constructing the RV campground is being           20th. A contractor will be selected to conduct
Range from Yuma County to the Department.            reviewed by the Maricopa County Environmental         this survey late September. This survey will be
This meeting is tentatively scheduled for late       Services                                              used to determine contours and the necessary
September.                                                                                                 requirements for fill dirt in constructing berms.
Ben Avery Shooting Facility                             • Registered Events – The Department held two        • Berm Construction – The Sierra Vista
  • Master Plan – The Department has reviewed        registered shooting events in August. A registered    Sportsman’s Club is in the process of acquiring
the final draft conceptual design. An open house     skeet shoot on August 19th with 14 shooters and       material and dirt to re-construct impact and lateral
meeting will be scheduled in early October to        a registered sporting clays event on August 18th      berms on the main range and pistol bays.
provide user group and focus group participants      with 73 shooters. Cottonwood Shooting Range              • Fencing of Range     – The Department has
the opportunity to view conceptual design.                                                                 scheduled a meeting       September 20th with
                                                        • Range Development – The Department is
The Department will present the Final Draft                                                                the contractor to do a     site evaluation on the
                                                     currently working in an advisory capacity to
Master Plan including the conceptual design                                                                construction of the new   fence on the south side
                                                     assist the Yavapai County Supervisor and his staff
to the Commission in October for their review                                                              ofthe range.
                                                     with the shooting range development process. A
and will ask for their approval at the December
                                                     meeting has been scheduled on September 17th          Tri-State Shooting Range
Commission Meeting.
                                                     by the Yavapai County Supervisor and the newly           • Site Location - The Department continues to
  • Bench Rest – The bench rest range is 85%         formed Central Arizona Sportsman’s Association        monitor the Bureau of Land Management (BLM)
complete and will be fully completed as new          to discuss the possibility of developing a shooting   consultation process. The National Historic
material is donated.                                 range in the Cottonwood area.                         Preservation Act - Section 106 process is nearing
Statewide Shooting Range Update F-2                  Statewide Shooting Range Update F-2                   an end and a decision will be issued afterward by
Arizona Game and Fish Commission                     Arizona Game and Fish Commission                      the BLM.
Revised 8/30/07 2                                    Revised 8/30/07 3                                     Statewide Shooting Range Update F-2
  • Archery Range Improvements – The                 Northern Arizona Shooting Range                       Arizona Game and Fish Commission
Department completed work realigning practice           • Proposed Action – The Department submitted       Revised 8/30/07 4
targets on the fixed distance range and FITA         the Proposed Action for a land exchange to acquire
practice ranges to address safety issues. The        the Willard Springs site to develop a shooting
Department is providing foam broadhead target        range to the Coconino National Forest (CNF)
                                                                                                                                     Continued on page 9

Page 8
                   LEAD-BASED AMMUNITION BAN
Sonu Munshi
                     SOUGHT OVER CONDORS
As reported from Cronkite News Service • Oct. 28, 2007 12:00 AM

  W     ildlife advocates say a new California
        law barring hunters from using lead am-
munition in the California condor’s range should
                                                      sity. “It’s the next step in our campaign.”
                                                         While there has been no answer from Game
                                                                                                                Sandy Bahr, conservation outreach director
                                                                                                             with the Sierra Club’s Grand Canyon chapter, said
                                                                                                             the groups are considering formally petitioning
                                                      and Fish, one official says the commission doesn’t
prompt Arizona to issue its own ban.                                                                         the commission, which would force a response, if
                                                      plan to respond. Instead, it will continue providing
                                                                                                             they hear nothing by early November. They also
   Four groups that asked the Arizona Game and        coupons for lead-free ammunition to those hunt-
                                                                                                             will consider litigation, she said.
Fish Commission for a ban earlier this year are       ing in condor territory and educating hunters that
pressing for a response now that California’s law     lead ammunition can poison condors. The Grand            In California, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger re-
is on the books.                                      Canyon Wild lands Council, Sierra Club and             cently signed legislation requiring non-lead am-
                                                      Arizona Zoological Society also signed the letter,     munition for hunting big game and coyotes in the
   “We’re certainly looking at Arizona now,” said
                                                      which urged the commission to require hunters to       condor’s range.
Jeff Miller, with the Center for Biological Diver-
                                                      use non-lead ammunition across Arizona.

By Jim Schmidt – ASR&PA Hunter Division
   I have been slightly involved in this issue for    or jackets of center fire bullets. It appeared to      and more. But, when they want something they
some time. About 6 years ago (or more a high          be all pellets.                                        just demand it based on hearsay (from them),
level official of Arizona Game and Fish asked                                                                speculation, and often wild and unreasonable
                                                         The concern is that Condors have an exten-
me to come in to his/her office and discuss this                                                             claims. They seldom, if ever, show up with sci-
                                                      sive range. The G&F Official told me of records
situation. In the discussion the official showed                                                             entific research proving their point.
                                                      of Condors going to the Colorado River near
me small round balls recovered from dead Con-         Laughin during the day, even in to Nevada, and            This is a necessary battle for all of us in the
dor’s. They were of varying sizes and appeared        returning that evening to the Grand Canyon.            shooting sports. Not just hunters. We contin-
to be shotgun pellets. I did not have a magnet        They can travel hundreds of miles with ease.           ue to loose ground with ranges, hunt permits,
to test them. I was told that they were in fact       The pellets could come from any where. Inter-          game management, and more to these groups.
shotgun pellets by the G&F official.                  estingly this is the only dead bird they are find-     We give up to easily. I encourage all to take a
   The G&F official had a concern about preda-        ing. While working in Unit 10 I have personally        strong stand against any requirement like this.
tor hunters that were shooting coyotes or other       witnessed Eagles scavenging on dead animals.           Make them prove it is the hunter or shooter lead
animals in that area. Since predator hunters          No one is finding dead Eagles any where. Nor           doing it. Prove where it is coming from too.
generally leave their kills in the field it could     buzzards and other scavengers. Why is that?            Make them spend some money for a change!
be prime food for                                                                                                                          Do not be sur-
Condors and oth-
er scavengers. Big
                            “There is not any real solid research that proves lead                                                         prised if some of
                                                                                                                                           their members are
game hunters do              shot or bullets from hunters firearms is the cause.”                                                          found to be shoot-
not use shotguns                                                                                                                           ing the Condors
and do not leave                                                                                                                           with shotguns to
their kills in the                                      Governor Schwarzenegger has proven to be a                                         help further their
field. The official said.                             disappointment to the shooting world. His sign-        cause, to raise more money, to make their point.
   I have extensively hunted Unit 10 south of         ing of this bill does not validate that there is a     PETA, a large and well known animal rights
the Grand Canyon and reported to the official         real problem. Only that he can be influenced           group, has been convicted at least three (3)
that it is wide open and very flat. It is not prime   easily into believing the anti-gun and anti-           times of animal cruelty! They burn government
country for shotgun use. Most shots are long          hunting group various obsessions and causes.           buildings, break in and release animals, and
and require a high speed center fire rifle. Addi-                                                            shoot at officials doing animal control work.
                                                         There is not any real solid research that proves
tionally the pellets shown to me were small like                                                             Do not under estimate what they are willing to
                                                      lead shot or bullets from hunters firearms is
6, 7 1/2, or even 8’s or 9’s. Not the pellet weight                                                          do! FIGHT and fight hard on this one.
                                                      the cause. Interestingly, the anti-folks require
that predators hunters use on coyotes. They like      G&F in all states to do studies, research, and
BB’s, 00, 2, or 4’s. There was no recovery of         prepare papers on justifications of game laws,         By Jim Schmidt
slugs of any kind. No bullet fragments, cores,        hunt numbers, game management procedures,              ASR&PA Hunter Division

Continued from page 8
                                                      developed and work is scheduled to begin in late       that will outline the roles and responsibilities of
White Mountain Trap and Skeet Club                    September.                                             the WSA and the Department in the development
   • Road Improvements - The Department has           Wickenburg Sportsman’s Association                     of an R&PP application to develop a shooting
received a bid from the contractor to fix a portion      • Range Relocation - The Department met with        range near Wickenburg. WSA continues to have
of the road leading to the trap and skeet club.       the Wickenburg Sportsman’s Association (WSA)           dialogue with other area clubs from Surprise and
An agreement to complete the project is being         and is currently working on drafting an agreement      Peoria to develop a partnership in this endeavor.

                                                                                                                                                        Page 9
   After almost 100 years, ASR&PA is rap-                                                                                     our computers. To a few or our members,            Merchandise
idly moving from the steam and horse drawn                                                                                    this is still a wonderful and versatile meat        We are also going to be exploring some
age into the modern world of electronic de-                                                                                   dish but to most of us it protects us from       changes in our merchandising division.
livery of our Bullet Trap magazine. We are                                                                                    unwanted computer advertising from intru-        We would like to look at new line of appar-
moving as well to electronic purchases via                                                                                    sive and pushy, sales and con scheme’s. If       el such as newly designed T-shirts, Sweat-
credit and debit card for membership, mer-                                                                                    you do incorporate this protection into your     shirts, shooting clothing, and anything else
chandise, matches, etc...                                                                                                     computer, make sure to adjust your settings      you as members might suggest. Make your
   We would like to encourage you to con-                                                                                     to accept email from            suggestions to
vert to this form of receipt of the Bullet                                                                                    . If you do not, your Bullet Trap might be
                                                                                                                              returned. As a volunteer organization, we          Classified Ads
Trap when you renew your membership or
by contacting the editor with your conver-                                                                                    do not have time to contact all of you to re-      We want to remind you that we still have
sion request.                                                                                                                 mind you of this after your Bullet Trap has      classified available for $5.00 per issue. You
                                                                                                                              bounced back to us. This practice on your        have a captive shooting audience and what
  We are running into several minor is-                                                                                       part will ensure delivery of each exciting is-   better way to sell your shooting equipment.
sues with this conversion that you can help                                                                                   sue of your Bullet Trap.                         This is a bargain members! Take advan-
us with. Many of us have spam guards on
                                                                                                                                                                               tage of this service.

Continued from page 1                                                                                                         several areas. Informal militias actually con-   rough years are coming. Hillary has raised
again being proven, not always to our nations                                                                                 trol most of Iraq now. Anarchy? No, just a       over 30 million dollars this year. Our legisla-
benefit, but proven just the same. Where?                                                                                     return to tribal rule and law. Self government   tive effort has raised a little over $500.00.
Afghanistan and Iraq. Afghanistan and the                                                                                     in action. They can keep and bear arms, in-        Stay vigilant in the coming months re-
Tribal areas of Pakistan have always prac-                                                                                    cluding actual “assault weapons” i.e. AK-47      garding politicians.
ticed that “every man be armed” and through-                                                                                  and variants, you can’t. We know our rights
out history, to this very day, no outsider has                                                                                are going be under attack again after several
been able to rule them. Iraq, “armed volun-                                                                                   years of peace and actual advances. So, we         Landis
teers” (vigilantes) have run al queada out of                                                                                 need to start preparing and building, a few        President ASR&PA

             We want to remind                                                                                                LISTING OF OFFICERS AND BOARD MEMBERS
                                                                                                                                            President      Landis Aden 602-524-4437
                                                                                                                                       Vice-president      Bill Poole 602-405-0717
 everyone we are up and                                                                                                                     Treasurer      Margaret Conlin no email/computer 480-838-6064
                                                                                                                                            Secretary      NEED VOLUNTEER
running full bore on our                                                                                                          Northern Area Dir.       Ron Talbot 928-774-8810
                                                                                                                                    Central Area Dir.      OPEN 480-225-9454
   new ASR&PA website.                                                                                                            Southern Area Dir.       Mandy Peery 520-628-8763
                                                                                                                                       Bullseye Pistol     Don Plante 480-855-0002
 Take a look !                                                                                                            High Power Rifle       Bill 602-405-0717
                                                                                                                                  Smallbore Director       German Salazar 623-523-3914
                                                                                                                              International / Air Gun      Mario Stajner 602-618-5305
 ASRPA Apparel  Show your colors
                                                                                                                                     Hunter Division       Jim Schmidt 520-586-2582
          with Official ASRPA Apparel!                                                  T-Shirts                                  Junior Coordinator       Ed Roberts 480-694-5090
                                                                                                                              Range Fund Committee         Shelley Sansom 928- 427-3045
                                                                                        Youth $6
                                                                                        pink, blue, ash, yellow
                                                                                        6-8, 10-12, 14-16

                                                                                        (logo on left chest)
                                                                                        S, M, L, XL $15
                                                                                                                                     Pistol Silhouette     NEED VOLUNTEER
                                                                                                                                      Practical Pistol     John Hard 480-991-3513
                                                                                        (ash, blue, tan, violet, aqua)
                                                                                        XXL (ash, yellow, blue, tan) $15
                                                                                        XXXL (ash, blue, cream) $16

                                                                                                                                        Black Powder       Stephen Rhoades 623-581-3624
                                                                                                                                      Rifle Silhouette     Joy Cox 602-276-4972
     Long Sleeve
     Hooded Sweatshirt
                                                                                                         Pewter                            Cast Bullet     Michael Christopher 602-569-6414
                                                                                                                                     Public Relations      Bob & Shirley Wheat 480-833-4080
     L, XL (hooded, zip front) $28                                                                        Pin
     L, XL (hooded, pullover) $24                        Name Badge
     L, XL (crew) $22
                                                                   Pin                     Name Badge $10                           Concealed Carry        Terry Allison 480-947-6682
                                                                                                                                  Education Training       Ed Schein 602-957-2365
                                                                 Available by              (maximum 2 lines,
                                                                Special Order              15 letters per line;
                                                                   for your                2 prong, pin or magnet fastener,
                                                                                           please specify)

                                                                                                                               Membership Secretary        Brian Biggs 520-777-8393
                                                                                           Pewter Pin $2.50
                                                                                           Shield Pin $5
                                                                                           Decal $.50
 Hats $6
 (royal, navy, black
  green, gray, brown)
                                     Match Patch
                                       for your
                                                                                                                                   Bullet Trap Editor      Noble C. Hathaway 623-687-4251
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                                    ORDERS ARE PREPAID, POSTAGE INCLUDED
  Mail your check made payable to Arizona State Rifle & Pistol Association at PO Box 40962, Mesa, Arizona 85274-0962,
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(CMP) and USA Shooting. We work closely with these national groups to serve your Rights and Interests.
We do this by working with all levels of government to protect your Right to Keep and Bear Arms, Self
                                                                                                                                           IN THE
Defense and CCW.We also perform Education and Training, promote and engage in the shooting sports,                                      BULLET TRAP?
support competitive shooting events, support hunters and hunting, work to keep shooting ranges open
and establish new shooting ranges. Special emphasis on Junior safety, marksmanship and competition                                   Advertise directly to those who
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Signature ___________________________________            Date ___________________                                                  Business Card (3-½”w x 2”h)
The Associations bimonthly newsletter, THE BULLET TRAP informs members of about developments
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                                                                                                                                                Real Estate Consultant

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  Classified Ads
$ $ $                 $ $ $
                                                   State Rifle & Pistol Assoc.
  For Hire: ASR&PA is looking for a
Central Arizona Director, Mercantile
                                                  PO Box 40962
Director (new position) president@as-
                                                  Mesa, AZ 85274-0962, and Staff Editor for the Bullet
Trap Magazine .
  Compensation: the joy of helping                RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED
your association.

   For Sale: American Rifleman maga-
zines! 1961-2007 very few if any miss-
ing. Packed in 6 file storage boxes and in
chronological order. $100 (520) 747.7502
or new # (520) 394.0247 John M.

   I buy/sell Sako TRG 42 rifles in .338,
Tikka Tactical in .308, AR-10’s & cop-
ies, and Cobb/Bushmaster 30.06 and
.338. Also any .338 handloading com-
ponents. 623.687.4251

  For Sale or Trade: Mosin Nagant
WESTINGHOUSE 1891 with bayo,
Finish SAKO 1939 (like new) with
bayo, and 1944 for parts, some extra
parts. With dies, and brass $450 for all.
623.444.6765                                        FROM PALOMA FERERA                                           ASR&PA GETS
                                                       SHOOTING CLUB                                              NRA GRANT
   For Sale or Trade: Luger, 9mm,                        lease note that the November 2007 monthly
very good condition, shoots well. Take                   match will be held on November 4th., which
S&W M29, 629, 625, Bolo, or P-38 in
trade. 623.376.0157
                                                  is the first Sunday. This is a temporary change for
                                                  November only. In December we will return to the               W      e are pleased to inform you that
                                                                                                                        ASR&PA got some NRA Grant money
                                                                                                                 this again year. Besides the grant earlier this
                                                  second Sunday which will be Dec. 9th. Also, we
                                                  are beginning Winter hours. Match begins at 10 am              year for the High Power Juniors, we have just
   For Sale: Set of cowboy pistols, 1873                                                                         received a grant to purchase 21st century com-
                                                  sharp. Come on out early and get in some practice.
Hartford, all .45 Colt, 4 5/8, 5 ½, and 7 ½                                                                      puters for the Secretary and Membership Sec-
                                                  October Match Bulletin is attached.
plus an American Derringer (Stainless),                                                                          retary, and a partial grant for issue ads in the
also .45 Colt 1000pieces of brass, dies,
bullets. $1000 for all. 623.687.4251                Sanford                                                      Capitol Times.

                 REACH OUT AND SUPPORT                                                                                  SALLY JENKINS
                 THE SECOND AMENDMENT                                                                                   REALTOR®
                                                                                                                        (520) 954-1807 DIRECT
  When outfits such as AT&T donate $3 million to antigun “charities,” isn’t it                                          (520) 745-4545 OFFICE
  about time we gave similar support to pro-freedom causes?                                                             (800) 950-2766 TOLL FREE
                                                                                                                        (520) 747-5462 FAX
  Thanks to Marathon Communications USA, you can have 15% of your per-                                        
  sonal or business long-distance phone billing sent each month to the Arizona
  State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc. save up to 50% over what your long
  distance or 800-services company may be billing you now.
                       MARATHON USA
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               8014 Cummings Highway, Ste 403-357                                                                       Suite 350
                                                                                                                        Tucson, AZ 85711
                     Canton, GA 30115-9339                                               Owned And Operated By
                         800.894.4081                                                      NRT Incorporated            (Past Arizona Junior .22 Rifle Champ)

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