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									                                                        Exposure Control Plan (ECP)

   Laboratory: HEMATOPATHOLOGY LABORATORY                                                               Date: January 2, 2008

Exposure Control Plan Purpose: to establish protocols which reduce exposure of workers to infectious and/or hazardous agents
through the utilization of the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and/or engineering controls. Employees will be
accountable for ensuring compliance will this document and the Department of Pathology Health and Safety Manual policies and

                                                               BARRIERS                              AND OTHER SUPPLIES

Specimen handling; blood, urines, CSF(esp. CJD)      Disposable PPE(for CJD/see procedure)
and other body fluids. Centrifugation, aliquot,                    Lab Coat                          Hem Coat Room 2F357
labeling and distribution of specimen throughout
the laboratory.
                                                                     Gloves                             Hem Lab 2F 360
Removing labels with utility knife and loading of                   Goggles                            Path Store 2F 214
samples.                                                     Capped Conical Tubes                          Lab sink
Manual and semi-automated analysis at bench,                     Splash Shields
setting-up sedrate.                                              Hand washing
Empty out stockyard biohazard, sharp, and glass

Specimen handling, process samples and perform                      Lab Coat                         Hem Coat Room 2F357
testing on LH Analyzers.                                              Gloves                           Fume Hood 2F333
Instrument reagent handling (lifting and hazardous
chemical exposures).
                                                                    Goggles                             Hem Lab 2F 360
Instrument/ line troubleshooting and maintenance.            Proper lifting/Featherlift                    Lab Sink
Keyboarding use (order entry, verification,                   Ergonomics education
worklists, and results entry).                              Proper Hazardous labeling
                                                                 Hand washing

Coag/Special Coagulation.                                                                             Hem Coat Room 2F357
Specimen handling, manual testing, process and       Lab Coat, Gloves, Goggles and Splash Shields      Hem Lab 2F360 UH
perform assays on automated BCS instruments.          Proper Hazardous materials labeling               Path Store 2F214
Instrument reagent handling hazardous chemical          Magnetic balls wash as needed
materials. Magnetic balls were reused.
                                                                                                             Lab sink
Instrument troubleshooting and maintenance.
                                                            Ergonomics education
Keyboard use(order and results entry, etc)                      Hand washing
Specimen handling, manual testing (including         No recapping of needles and use of puncture proof
teasing of tissues using needles), process samples                    sharp container                    Hem Coat Room 2F357
and perform assays on automated flow                  Lab Coat, Gloves, Goggles and Splash Shields
                                                                                                          Hem Lab 2F360 UH
                                                        Proper Hazardous materials labeling
Instrument reagent handling including hazardous                                                            Path Store 2F214
                                                              Ergonomics education
materials.                                                                                                      Lab sink
Instrument troubleshooting and maintenance.
                                                                  Hand washing
Keyboard (order and results entry).

Bone Marrow Lab.
Assisting PA’s , NP’ and MD’ in collecting BM                       Patient contact                      Hem Coat Room 2F357
samples.                                              Lab Coat, Gloves, Goggles and Splash Shields        Hem Lab 2F360 UH
Specimen handling, sorting, and staining the bone       Proper Hazardous materials labeling
marrow samples.
                                                                                                           Path Store 2F214
Reagent handling mostly hazardous materials.
                                                              Ergonomics education                              Lab sink
Keyboard (order and results entry).                               Hand washing

General Lab Areas.
Biological specimen Handling.                         Lab Coat, Gloves, Goggles and Splash Shields       Hem Coat Room 2F357
Chemical wastes handling.                               Proper Hazardous materials labeling               Hem Lab 2F360 UH
Clean bench/work station.                                     Ergonomics education
Prolong seating and standing while performing the
                                                                                                           Path Store 2F214
job tasks
                                                                  Hand washing                                  Lab sink

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