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Travel Plan - Leeds Trinity University College


									Travel Plan 2007/08
                         TABLE OF CONTENTS

Objectives                                      Page 1


               1   Public Transport:            Page 1

                   Discounted staff Metrocard
                   Student Metrocard
                   Public Transport Links

               2   Taxi Provision               Page 3

               3   Car Share Scheme             Page 3

               4   Cyclists                     Page 3

               5   Pedestrians                  Page 3

               6   Car Parking Policy & Code    Page 3

Continued Development & Incentives schemes      Page 5

Communication & Contact details                 Page 6


The Travel Plan‟s primary objectives are to:

       I.   Improve travel choice
      II.   Enhance relations with the local planning authority
     III.   Help reduce parking congestion difficulties
     IV.    Reduce unnecessary vehicle use
      V.    Make better use of more sustainable and healthier methods of transport
     VI.    Enhance the relationships with the local community
    VII.    Enhance the College‟s profile
    VIII.   Ensure expenditure and income streams are identified in order to manage the effect on
            financial resources



Discounted Staff Metrocard

The introduction of the Travel Plan in 2005 has resulted in the college becoming eligible to
introduce a discounted staff Metrocard. As a result, staff are able to purchase an annual
Metrocard at a 15% discount. The scheme involves the College providing an interest free loan to
applicants for the purchase of a company Metrocards. The Finance department has agreed that
recovery of the loan will be through the College payroll (i.e. 12 monthly deductions).
The current pricing schedule is as follows:

Ticket type                          Full Price** £        15% Discount Price £

Bus only                                 665.00                    565.25

Bus plus rail zones 1-3                  739.00                    628.15

Bus plus rail zones 1-4                  881.00                    748.85

Bus plus rail zones 1-5                 1031.00                    876.35

Bus plus rail zones 2-5                  731.00                    621.35

** Prices correct as of January 2008

Full details will be published on the Travel Plan web page and campus notice boards.

Student Metrocards

Postcode analysis reveals a majority of students living close to a direct bus route to college and
shows that public transport is a viable option for most of our student body. Although not currently
administered by the Student Union, First Bus offers a range of discounted student tickets which
can be purchased on line.
Links to these can be found on the Travel Plan Web Page.

Discounted Weekly Tickets

From January 2008, we will be offering discounted Vouchers for Weekly FirstBus tickets to
Students and Staff. These are valid for FirstBus travel anywhere in W.Yorkshire for a 7-day
period. Ticket Vouchers may be purchased from the ID/Access Office in advance of use. (the
travel period commencing when first surrendered to the bus driver and exchanged for a weekly

Public Transport Links

By Bus

The college is served by bus services between the City Centre and Horsforth. West Yorkshire
bus route 97 travels from Leeds Central Bus Station and stops outside the College on
Brownberrie Lane.

Metro‟s “YourNext Bus” initiative utilises GPS technology to allow mobile phone and internet
users to find out when the next service will arrive. Leaflets giving full details of this scheme
are available from the travel information holder near the cash point machine or by visiting the
Metro website at

If travelling in Guiseley/Yeadon direction text 45013195 to 63876 (METRO)

If travelling in Leeds direction text 45013556 to 63876 (METRO)

For further information on local bus services, please contact Metro on 0113 245 7676 or visit
their web site at

Timetables for these service are available by the cash point machine in the main building or
you can plan your journey on-line

How to find us - by Rail

Trinity & All Saints is situated approximately 1 mile from Horsforth Railway station on the
Leeds-Harrogate line. Leeds is well served by suburban rail lines and stations and it is easy to
travel in or out of the city centre by train to/from Horsforth

Telephone 08457 48 4950 for information or any enquiries you have about UK rail services
(calls charged at local call rates between 0800 and 2000 Monday to Saturday and 0900 -
2000 Sunday)

Horsforth station has recently had a £500,000 refurbishment, and passengers can now
purchase a full range of rail tickets from a staffed ticket office and can wait for trains in fully
accessible, heated waiting rooms on both platforms.

Summary of Services & Frequencies

Monday to Saturday                                          daytime                    Sundays
Leeds - Headingley - Horsforth -
                                                            30 mins      60 mins       60 mins
Harrogate – Knaresborough
Leeds - Harrogate – Knaresborough - York                    60 mins      60 mins       60 mins

Leeds Local and Regional Rail Network
Now nearly 18 million passenger journeys a year are made using the 65 stations on the
MetroTrain network. Trains on the Leeds - Harrogate line stop at Horsforth Station (1 mile).


The college has as agreement with a local Taxi firm that includes the following provisions:

All Taxi drivers to be registered with the local council and to undergo Criminality checks

A fast, efficient service with TAS customers receiving priority over other customers

A „ring back‟ facility and Priority/Loyalty Scheme


The college has identified the Leeds Carshare scheme as the most appropriate scheme for staff
and students to participate in. The scheme will be free of charge for students and staff. Details of
the scheme are available on the Travel Plan web page:


The College encourages colleagues (students, staff) to cycle to campus by providing excellent
facilities including.

The covered parking facility was increase in September to accept for up to 60 bicycles This is
accessed via the Westgate entrance.

Free use of the Sports changing rooms including:
        Drinking water

The Sports changing facilities are located opposite the Sports Hall which is adjacent to the South
Car Park which is accessed via the Westgate entrance.

The College works closely with the local council to establish safe bike routes, bike buddies,
cycling training. Various incentives will be organised throughout the year to encourage
colleagues to cycle to campus.


In order to encourage students and staff to walk to/from the college the lighting at entrances/exist
and footpaths has been increased and it is maintained from a safety aspect.


Our Approach
The provision of car parking is an integral element of our integrated Travel Plan and
Environment Policy. The College will, insofar as resources permit, provide car parking spaces
for staff, students and visitors.

There is considerably more demand on College car parking space than there are spaces
available. The College has, therefore, introduced a system of controls by which it will manage
the use of car parking.
Parking is available at several locations on the campus

        North Car Park (28 spaces)
        East Car Park (67 spaces)
        West Car Park (145 spaces)
        South Car Park (190 spaces)
        Trinity Close (20)
        Temporary Parking (60)

Reserved Areas
College users will have access to all parking spaces with the exception of those that are
reserved. There will be no parking except in individually marked parking bays. When parking
off-campus drivers are expected to park carefully and with thought for the needs of local
residents and the safety of road users and pedestrians.
The Police have particularly requested that, in order to prevent obstruction of Lee Lane West
to the rear of the College, drivers should park only on the South (field) side of the road and
leave clear the North (footpath) side.
Vehicles, which are parked on Brownberrie Lane outside the College, are liable to be issued
with a fixed penalty fine by the Police.

Parking Permits
Staff permits are required to park a motor vehicle (other than a motor-cycle parked in the
Cycle Bays) on campus between 8.30 am and 4.30 pm, Monday to Friday, during term-time.
For 2007-08, term-time is defined, for the purposes of this policy, as from 1 October to 14
December, from 7 January to 14 March and from 7 April to 20 June.
Annual permits can be purchased from the Hospitality Services office (W19 - ext 406).
Application    forms      can    be     downloaded    from    the   following  web    page:

Please inform the Hospitality Services Administrator of any changes to registration details on
telephone ext 406 or email: The annual charges for car parking are
displayed on the application form. Annual car parking permits are valid for one year from 1
October. There are several methods of payment and details are provided on the application form.
Please note that permits do not guarantee a parking space on campus unless a space has been
specifically reserved.

Pay and Display Tariffs

This facility is available to all College users

 Pay & Display charges
 (Applicable from: 8.30am - 4.30pm - Monday Friday
 (u/g level 1 term time only – commencing 1 October 2007)

 Length of stay                                           Charge - (no change given)
 Up to 2 hours                                            20p
 Between 2 and 4 hours                                    60p
 Between 4 and 8 hours                                    £1

 Weekly permit                                                 £4.50

Enforcement (Methods, Times and Dates

The College (or nominated contractors) will issue fixed penalty charge notices (PCN‟s – see
below) on vehicles that fail to display the eligible permit and/or parking ticket, on vehicles that are
parked on yellow lines, in disabled parking bays without displaying a blue disabled parking
permits and either a pay and display ticket or an annual permit

All permits/tickets must be clearly displayed in the windscreen of vehicles during the hours of
8.30am and 4.30pm between the start of term dates and finish dates of the College
undergraduate level one as published in the academic calendar. The College may decide to alter
these dates as required and will publish any such changes beforehand

Reductions of parking space availability may arise in order to accommodate College recruitment
activities and/or estate development/maintenance projects

Parking Charge Notice (PCN) Levy

       The PCN levy will be reduced from £60 to £30 increasing to £60 after seven days after
       The nominated contractor is responsible for the collection of unpaid PCN‟s and may use
        legal action where necessary to recover unpaid PCN‟s
       The contractor will issue an appeal procedure along with every PCN issued

Disabled Parking
The college has designated car-parking spaces for disabled car drivers. The college will
make all reasonable efforts to ensure these parking spaces are only used by drivers who
display their blue disabled driving permits and a valid pay and display or annual permit as
The college will monitor the usage of these disabled parking spaces in order to decide
whether or not to increase the quantity of these spaces.
If issues arise concerning the availability of the parking spaces, those concerned should raise
the matter with Domestic Services department (via reception) in order to effect a temporary

The College welcomes visitors and provides parking arrangements through:
         pre-arranged permits
         annual, regular visitors permits
         ad-hoc, temporary visitor permits

Please contact the Hospitality Department for further information.

Open Days / Post-application Days, etc
Sections of car-parking on campus may be reserved on such days for visitors.

Short-term drop off/pick up provision
There will be 2 short-term drop-off/pick-up spaces for users of the Nursery, with a maximum
10 minutes waiting time allowed. These are located outside Concorde Building and are
accessed via the Westgate entrance.

Control Measures and Sanctions
Regular inspections of car parks will take place between the hours of 8.30am & 4.30pm
Monday to Friday in term time.

Vehicles that are in breach of the policy will be issued with a Parking Charge Notice (fine). If
issued with a Parking Charge Notice, appeals must be taken up directly with the Parking
Enforcement Company (details included on the notice) not the college.

Car Park Security
The College does not accept any responsibility for damage or loss to vehicles on campus.
There is extensive CCTV coverage throughout the campus.

7. Continued Development & Incentives Scheme

Future projects for 2007/08 include:

    1. Investigations into College Business Travel policy. To emphasise the use of public
       transport where practical
    2. Provision of Discounted Weekly Bus Tickets (available from January 08 – valid
       anywhere in W.Yorkshire) for both staff and students
    3. Investigating the Bike 2 Work cycle purchase scheme for staff
    4. Raising the profile of discounted staff/student travel tickets and passes.
    5. Continuing dialogue with First Bus and Leeds Metro to maintain and improve existing
       services to the benefit of the college.
    6. Continuing dialogue with Local Authorities and Residents to increase mutual
       understanding and to minimise the potential of negative impact of college life upon the
       local area.


If you have any further queries regarding the travel plan please contact       X406      X194         X307

If you have any comments or suggestions for the travel plan please e-mail


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