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									                           Christ Lutheran Church
                        Congregational Council Minutes
                              October 16, 2008

Call to Order: The meeting was opened at 8:02 PM

Devotions and Prayer: Devotions were led by Dot Dohrmann

Roll Call:
      Peter Naschke               Jo Ann Sallo
      Jim Christensen             Meredith Drobinske
      Dot Dohrmann                Dan Lamade
      Florence Leonard            David Crouse
      Valerie Provost             William Hoenigmann
      Lynn Lesko, Janet Hart, Thomas Kearns, Linda Osolin

Adoption of Agenda: The agenda was approved as written

Approval of the Minutes of the September 18, 2008 Council Meeting: There was a
recommendation to delete the second and third sentences in the Pastor’s Report section
with reference to Barry and Elaine. The Minutes were approved as amended.

President’s Report: No written report.
       The message is: “COMMUNICATE”
               Communicate to the congregation, particularly to your committees.
               Use the website
               We want to communicate and there are no hidden agendas.
       The Genesis Garden was a success!!

Pastor’s report:
Written report submitted.
Bruce Barton will be speaking Oct. 26th at a Luncheon.
Doris is on vacation from Oct. 24 through Nov. 3.
We want to encourage confirmands to attend the Synod Retreat, the cost will be $50 per
person, with CLC paying $45 per person.
There are enough new members to organize a new member’s class.
The next Mexico trip – not in March – but planning for Christmas 2009. (Dec. 25 – 31,
Pastor will be on vacation from Nov. 29 – Dec. 10.
Koinonia retreat scheduled for Jan 23-25. We need a critical mass of participants.

Care: Written report submitted. The committee members voted on the Ricci
recommendation (read out loud to members). 10 yes, 3 no, 1 abstention. Should the Care
Committee be responsible for the Genesis Garden? No clear answer. The committee
would prefer if another group would take responsibility. Care will submit a $1000
budget for 2009, but they do not want to manage the project. Pastor recommended that
the Genesis Garden continue, possibly as an independent committee reporting to Council.
Jim C and Lynn L were tasked with bringing a recommendation to Council in November.

Treasurer’s Report/Finance Committee: Written report submitted.
September was a good month against budget with a positive cash flow, but behind last
year at this time. The committee is projecting a surplus at the end of the year – as
determined by October’s receipts. Regarding the Ricci estate, David has written and is
editing an article for the Messenger. Janet Hart will be resigning as Treasurer this spring,
we should begin a search for a new Treasurer. The Hillsdale bank branch is closing, so
the CLC accounts will move to TD Bank/Commerce in Hillsdale.
Budgets are due at the next Council meeting at the latest – earlier is better.

CLCW: Written report submitted. The Center for Food Action is overwhelmed and will
not have lists of children and gifts to buy. They will accept gift cards. The Fall Clothing
drive for Liberia is this Sunday.

Education: No written report. The committee has grown to 3! The committee is writing
press releases and announcements for the local papers. The Halloween party was
postponed to November and has become a Harvest Festival. The Christmas Pagent will
be on Sunday December 21 and Christmas Eve. Rehearsals have started.

Outreach: No written report. An announcement was published in (201)Welcome
Magazine. The red background stands out among the other announcements.

Property: Will handle under New Business

Stewardship: No written report. 11 pledges received to date. This is the middle of the
season. The committee plans to have a report to Finance on Dec. 1.

Youth: No written report. 3 adults, 3 children and 1 dog participated in the CROP walk.
$165 raised so far, with a forecast of $200. The car wash raised almost $300 for 2
different charities. IChurch seems to be going well. Youth will do the December 7
service, and wanted to know if there would be support for a 5:00 PM evening service?

Long Range Planning/Mutual Ministry: Written report submitted. The highlight of
the evening was the Mutual Ministry report (notwithstanding the rousing discussion
around the Sanctuary water remediation – see below). There are comprehensive notes on
the Ricci Foundation Policy discussion in the written report. Copies of the policy were
handed out to each Mutual Ministry committee member.

Old Business
       Service Coordinator schedule circulated.
       Ricci Foundation Disbursement discussion ensued.
          Memorial/Gift Fund procedure distributed as homework for the November
          A date and time was set for the Annual Meeting: Feb. 8, 2009 to begin at
           10:30 AM or immediately after the 9:15 service. Motion was made, seconded
           and approved.
          Memorial Garden discussion tabled until November meeting.

New Business
      We are looking for Council Members, nominating committee first meeting
         Nov. 11.
      Doris is on vacation Oct 24 – Nov 3.
      Sanctuary water remediation recommendation:
         o Try to keep the water out, especially surface water
         o If ground water or surface water gets in, then pump it out.
         o See written recommendation. There is $20,000 in the emergency and
             asset replacement funds. Estimate of $7,000 to complete recommended
         o Motion to move forward with recommendation was made, seconded and
             unanimously approved.

Adjournment: A motion was MSC to adjourn at 10:00 PM

Respectfully submitted on behalf of Lynn Lesko, Secretary

W. Hoenigmann

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