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					                                         Lesson Plan

I. Title
Geography Week 3 – 3rd Grade

II. Goals / Aim
The goal of this lesson plan is to reinforce geographical terms learned in previous lessons,
introduce new terms, and improve atlas/map reading skills.

III. Educational Objectives
 Students will identify oceans, continents, countries, states, and cities on a map.
 Students will demonstrate knowledge of symbols and legends on a map.
 Students will use vocabulary related to geography.
 Students will use proper writing conventions to answer questions about geography.

IV. Core Curriculum Content Standards
 3.2 Writing (Mechanics, Spelling, Handwriting)
 3.3 Speaking (Word Choice)
 6.5 Social Studies (Geography)

V. Instructional Materials and Resources
 Large map of the world / United States or Worldbook Online Atlas (Technology integration)
 Student copies of “Our Communities” Social Studies text book.
 Geography questions sheet for each student.

VI. Motivation or Initiating Activity (Anticipatory Set)
 Recall information learned in Spanish class on previous day about where Columbus landed
    (Dominican Republic) and the four “c” countries in Latin America (Cuba, Chile, Costa Rica,
 Segway into Geography – “Let’s take a look at those countries on the map!”

VII. Procedures (Instructional Strategies & Learning Activities)
1. Call children to the floor in front of the television / computers. (Instead of using a wall map).
   Children should bring their “Our Communities” text book to the floor with them.
2. Navigate the computer to Worldbook Atlas for projection on the television.
3. Hand back graded Geography Week 2 worksheets.
4. Review the questions on the worksheet and reinforce geography terms and concepts.
5. Lead class discussion to introduce new terms / reinforce previously learned terms such as
   continent, symbols for capitals, and locations. Engage students in discussion with HOTS
   questions such as:
       a. What is the difference between the star symbol and the star in a circle symbol?
       b. Use the map to determine the border between specific countries.
       c. What is the purpose of the capital?
       d. What is the difference between the capital of a state and the capital of the country?
6. Use the online atlas to view details of Latin American countries, focusing on those mentioned
   in the anticipatory set.
7. Call children to return to their desks.
8. Hand out Geography Week 3 worksheet and a blank sheet of lined paper.
9. Explain directions clearly and state that this work will be graded:
    Gwendolyn Rodriguez                             1                                   8/25/2011
       a.  Write a full heading.
       b.  Write answers on lined paper.
       c.  Number answers 1 to 6.
       d.  Students do not need to write full sentences but spelling counts.
       e.  Use the textbook to help answer the questions.
       f.  When they are finished, they will staple the answer sheet on top of the question sheet
           and place work in the hand-in box. Silent reading until lesson is finished.
10. Allow students time to complete the assignment.

VIII. Closure
Ask students what questions they had difficulty with or would like to discuss more during the next
Geography session.

IX. Assessment / Evaluation
 Informal assessment during group discussion.
 Formal assessment on geography sheet questions. Evaluation will be based on: correct
    responses, proper spelling, use of vocabulary related to geography, and ability to follow

X. Extension / Assignment Homework
1. Include online atlas exploration in the weekly “Computer Scavenger Hunt” with questions
   related to topics covered in this lesson (see separate lesson plan for details).
2. Review graded Week 3 worksheets at the beginning of next Geography session.

XI. Feedback / Reflection

    Gwendolyn Rodriguez                          2                                   8/25/2011

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