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					                        Welcome to Osaka City!

  The City of Osaka is enjoying steady development as the hub of the
Kansai region of Japan.
  It is a government-ordinance-designated city with a population of
over half a million and is also the capital of Osaka prefecture. Osaka
City is divided into twenty-four wards, the largest number of any city in
Japan. It has a developed commercial area encircled by the JR Osaka
loop line, as well as the historical buildings such as Osaka castle and
Shitennoji Temple, and many tourist attractions including the Kaiyukan
Aquarium and Universal Studios Japan®.
  This booklet, Enjoy Osaka, is a living information guide book for
foreign residents who have come to Osaka City from around the world.
This booklet contains useful information in categories on many aspects
of daily life including public procedures, housing, education, medical
services, transportation and other contact offices to assist foreign
residents’ in comfortable daily living in Osaka City.
  We sincerely hope the information in this booklet will be used
effectively to support foreign residents to fully enjoy a comfortable and
meaningful new life.

●The City of Osaka official website

●Living Information for Foreign Residents,
 Living Information website

●Osaka Visitor’s Guide website

     An Outline of Osaka
A                        …1                 C Transportation………21
1   Location of Osaka City ―――         2    1 Municipal Transportation ―― 22
2   History of Osaka City ――――         3     (1) Subway ―――――――――― 22
3   The Emblem of Osaka City ―         3     (2) City Bus ―――――――――― 23
4   Population and Area of Osaka             (3) Concession and Discount
    City ―――――――――――――                 3         Tickets ――――――――――― 23
                                             (4) Osaka Municipal Transportation
     Preparing for Accidents                     Information Center ――――― 24
B                           …5
     and Emergencies                        2 Railways ―――――――――― 25
1 Sudden Illness, Injuries ――― 6             (1) JR ――――――――――――― 25
 (1) Calling an Ambulance ――― 6              (2) Other Private Railways ――― 25
 (2) Emergencies at night and out of         (3) Access to/from Kansai Airport ― 26
     business hours ――――――― 7               2 Taxi ――――――――――――― 26
 (3) Emergency Clinics ――――― 7              3 Transportation Information ― 27
 (4) Information Service for Emergency      4 Railway Map ―――――――― 28
     Hospitals & Clinics ―――――― 9
2 Fire ――――――――――――― 9                          Useful Information when
                                            D                          …29
3 Police ―――――――――――― 9                         Entering Japan
 (1) Traffic Accidents ―――――― 10            1 How to use Telephones ――― 30
 (2) Robbery etc. ―――――――― 10                (1) Domestic Call ――――――― 30
4 Earthquake ――――――――― 10                    (2) International Call ―――――― 30
 (1) Predictable Earthquakes in              (3) Public Telephone ―――――― 30
     Osaka ――――――――――― 10                    (4) Major Telephone Companies for Long
 (2) In Case of an Earthquake ―― 11              Distance & International Calls ―― 31
 (3) Everyday Measures ―――― 14               (5) Cellular Phones ―――――― 31
 (4) Protect yourself from a Tsunami ― 15    (6) English Telephone Directories ― 32
5 Typhoon ――――――――――― 16                     (7) Faxing ――――――――――― 32
 (1) Typhoon and heavy rain brings          2 Postal Services ――――――― 32
     massive disasters ――――― 16              (1) Domestic Mail Types & Rates ― 33
 (2) Preparations for Typhoon ―― 17          (2) Japan Post Website ―――― 33
 (3) When evacuating in times of            3 Banking Services ―――――― 34
     typhoon ―――――――――― 18                   (1) Opening a Bank Account ―― 34
 (4) Everyday Measures ―――― 19               (2) Other Services ――――――― 34
6 “Know”and“Learn”in case of
   emergency ――――――――― 19
     What to Know Once in                     5 Re-entry Permission ―――― 47
 E                      …35
     Japan                                    6 Necessary Documents for
1 Registration of Foreign                       Applications ―――――――― 48
   Residents ―――――――――― 36                    7 Passport ―――――――――― 48
 (1) Registration ―――――――― 36                 (1) Loss of Passport ―――――― 48
 (2) Renewal of Registration Card ― 37        (2) Transfer of Endorsement ―― 48
 (3) When the Registration Card is
     Lost or Damaged ―――――― 37                G For Comfortable Living…49
 (4) Returning the Registration
     Card ―――――――――――― 37                     1 Finding Housing ―――――― 50
 (5) Certificate of Registered                (1) Counseling on Housing ――― 50
     Matters ―――――――――― 37                    (2) Basic Knowledge of Renting
2 Various Registrations ―――― 38                   Housing ―――――――――― 50
 (1) Reporting Marriage ――――― 38                ① Contract ――――――――― 50
 (2) Reporting Divorce ――――― 39                 ② House Rental Payment ―― 51
 (3) Reporting a Birth ―――――― 39                ③ House Terminating the Contract ― 51
 (4) Reporting a Death ――――― 39               (3) How to Apply for Private Housing ― 51
3 Medical Insurance in Japan ― 40             (4) Housing for Foreign Residents ― 52
4 Driver’s License ――――――― 40                   ① Municipal Housing for Privately-
 (1) International Driver’s License ― 40            financed International Students ― 52
 (2) Switching an Overseas Driver’s License     ② Housing Support System for Foreign
     for a Japanese License ――――― 40                Business People ――――――― 52
 (3) Change of the Address ――― 42             (5) How to Apply for Public Housing ― 52
 (4) Renewing your Driver’s License ― 42        ① Municipal Housing ―――― 52
 (5) Traffic Rules ―――――――― 43                  ② Applications of Municipal Housing
 (6) Bicycles ―――――――――― 43                         for Single Parent Families, Elderly
                                                    Persons, and Families that have
     Procedures for Staying &                       Persons with Disabilities. ――― 53
 F                          …45
     Passport                                   ③ Housing for Osaka Municipal
1 Immigration Offices & Immigration                 Housing Corporation ――― 53
   Information Center ―――――― 46                 ④  Specific High-Quality Apartment
 (1) Immigration Offices ――――― 46                   for Minkan-Smiling Tenants ― 53
 (2) Immigration Information Center ― 46        ⑤ Prefectural Housing ―――― 54
2 Permission to Engage in an Activity           ⑥ Osaka Prefectural Housing
   Other than that Permitted under the              Corporation ――――――― 54
   Status of Residence Previously               ⑦ Urban Renaissance Agency
   Granted―――――――――――― 46                           Housing (UR Housing) ―― 55
3 Change of Status of Residence ― 47          (6) Housing Assistance――――― 55
4 Extension of Period of Stay ― 47

   ① Rental Housing Assistance for               ⑦ Child Allowance―――――― 68
       Newlywed Couples ――――― 55              (2) Day Nurseries and
   ② Housing Loan and Interest Assistance          Kindergartens ――――――― 68
       for Households with Child ―――― 55         ① Day Nurseries ―――――― 68
2 Application For Utilities and                  ② Municipal Kindergarten ―― 69
   Other Services ――――――― 56                  (3) Counseling on Child Care ―― 69
 (1) Water & Sewerage ――――― 56                   ① Osaka Municipal Child Care
   ① Applying for/Discontinuing Water                Counseling Center ―――― 69
       Service ―――――――――― 56                     ② Disease Immunization
   ② Water-related Troubles ―― 56                    Schedule ――――――――― 70
   ③ Sewerage Service Centers ― 56           2 The Period of Compulsory Education
   ④ Waterworks Bureau Offices /                in Japan is 9 Years ――――――― 71
       Service Stations ――――― 57              (1) Organization of The Education
   ⑤ Waterworks Bureau Customer                    System ―――――――――― 71
       Center ―――――――――― 58                   (2) Elementary and Junior High
 (2) Electricity ――――――――― 58                      Schools ―――――――――― 71
 (3) Gas ―――――――――――― 59                      (3) High Schools ―――――――― 72
 (4) Telephone ――――――――― 59                   (4) Schools for Foreign Children ― 72
   ① Telephone Installation / Removal /          ① International Schools ――― 72
       Other Counseling ―――――― 59                ② Others ―――――――――― 73
   ② NTT West Foreign Customer Service
       Center (NTT Information) ―――― 60       I   For Foreign Students…75
   ③ NTT Internet Reservation
       Services ――――――――― 60                 Information for Foreign Students ―       76
3 Waste and Recycling ―――― 61                  (1) Scholarships ――――――――              76
 (1) Separation & Collection of Waste ― 61     (2) Accommodation ――――――               76
 (2) Inquiries regarding Waste ―― 63              El Sereno Kobaicho ―――――            76
                                               (3) Employment Support Service for
H Parenting & Education…65                         International Students ――――        77
                                               (4) Osaka Citizen’s Fund for Foreign
1 For Expectant Parents ――― 66                     Students ――――――――――                77
 (1) Child Care ―――――――――              66      (5) Counseling and Advice for
   ① Pregnancy ――――――――                66          Foreign Students ――――――            78
   ② After a Birth――――――――             66      (6) Japanese Language Schools ―        79
   ③ Lump Sum Birth Allowance ―        67
   ④ Health Check up for Infants ―     67     J When You Are Ⅰll……83
   ⑤ Preventive Vaccination ――         68
   ⑥ Medical Health Care Aid for             Before Seeing a Doctor ―――― 84
      Infants ――――――――――               68     (1) Having an Examination ――― 84
 (2) Medical Insurance System ― 84               ③ Lump-Sum Withdrawals ―177
   ① Health Insurance ――――― 85                   ④ Allowance for the Elderly Foreign
   ② National Health Insurance ― 85                   Residents ―――――――――178
   ③ Health Insurance System for               (3) Social Insurance Office・Japan Health
       the Elderly ―――――――― 86                     Insurance Association ―――――179
   ④ Qualifying for Financial Assistance       (4) Kaigo Hoken: The Long-Term Care
       with Medical Bills ―――――― 86                Insurance System ――――――180
   ⑤ Obtaining Refund on Medicine                ① Application for Nursing Care ―180
       Expenses ―――――――― 87                      ② Expenses borne by the
   ⑥ Excessive Medical Payments                       insured. ―――――――――180
       Refund ―――――――――― 87                      ③ Kaigo Hoken Insurance
   ⑦ Lump Sum Birth Allowance ― 88                    Card ―――――――――― 180
   ⑧ Allowance for Funeral Expenses ― 88         ④ Nursing Care Prevention
   ⑨ Cases Where the Medical                          Program ―――――――――181
       Insurance is not Applicable ― 88        (5) Welfare for the Aged ――――181
 (3) Health Services ―――――― 89                 (6) Welfare for the people with physical
   ① Health Counseling ―――― 89                     or mental disabilities ―――――182
   ② Maternal and Child Health ― 89              ① Identification Booklet for people
   ③ Tuberculosis Prevention ― 89                    with disabilities ――――――182
   ④ AIDS ――――――――――― 89                         ② Identification Booklet for people
 (4) Medical Consultation ―――― 91                    with mental disabilities ―――182
 (5) Hospitals in Osaka City where English/      ③ Nursing Booklet for the people
     Other Languages are Spoken ――― 92               with disabilities ――――――182
                                                 ④ Inquiries regarding the welfare of
K Living Procedures…175                               people with a physical or mental
                                                      disabilities ―――――――――183
Taxes, Pension, Nursing Care                   (7) Support for Single Parent
Insurance, Welfare ――――――176                       Families ――――――――――184
 (1) Taxes ―――――――――――176                      (8) Ward Home Care Service Centers
   ① Income Tax ―――――――176                         (Local Support Center) ――――184
   ② Individual Municipal Inhabitant’s         (9) Welfare Center for the Aged ―185
   ③ Consumption Tax/ Local                    L Living Advice………187
       Consumption Tax ――――176
   ④ Automobile Tax/ Light Motor              Guidance and Information Centers ―188
       Vehicle Tax ―――――――176                 Inquiries for Daily Life, Municipal Issues,
 (2) Pension System ――――――177                 Ward Government Issues, Law, Traffic
   ① Welfare Pension Insurance ―177           Accidents, Human Rights, Women, Labor,
   ② National Pension ―――――177                Counseling, Child Care and Welfare.

     Facilities Around the
M                         …193
Facilities Around The City―――194
 (1) City Hall, Ward Office ―――194
 (2) Osaka City Service Counters ―195
 (3) Osaka City Hall Residence Certification /
     Family Register Certification Application
     Section ―――――――――――196
 (4) Government and Prefectural
 (5) Consulate Generals in the
     Kansai Area ――――――――199
 (6) Japanese Lessons ―――――201

Information Plaza Osaka ――――204
An Outline of Osaka City

        An Outline of Osaka City

         1     Location of Osaka City
A   Osaka City is located in the center of the Kansai region, a little to the west of
    the center of Japan.

                                                       An Outline of Osaka City

  2    History of Osaka City
Osaka was historically known as Naniwa and has absorbed the advanced
cultures of China and Korea since the fifth century. The capital was located
here from the middle of the seventh century until the middle of the eighth
Although the city was devastated by wars which lasted from the end of the
Kamakura period to the Northern and Southern courts period, the Muromachi
period saw the construction of Ishiyama Betsuin, a branch of the temple of
Honganji, and the area developed as a Jinaicho, a temple town. In 1583,
Hideyoshi Toyotomi began the construction of Osaka Castle. A castle town
grew, and developed into a political and economic hub. In the Edo period
the city was called the “Kitchen of Japan”, and performing arts and culture
flourished. After the Meiji Restoration, progress continued strongly towards
becoming a modern center of commerce and industry. The City of Osaka
was established as a municipality in 1889, and has since continued to play
a pioneering role amongst Japanese cities in its construction of modern
infrastructure and establishment of social welfare policies. Entering the
twenty-first century, Osaka City continues to make sustained efforts in town
development toward the advancement of the city.

  3    The Emblem of Osaka City
             The emblem of Osaka, Miotsukushi, symbolizes the channel
             markers that were once used in the shallows of Osaka bay,
             Naniwae. Well known by the people of Osaka City and long
             associated with the port, it was officially adopted as the city
             emblem in 1894.

  4    Population and Area of Osaka City

        Estimated population
       (as of January 1st 2010)
                Area                               222.30km2


Preparing for Accidents and

        Preparing for Accidents and Emergencies

    Talk with your family how to contact each other in emergencies, and each
    person’s role. Also, try to cultivate a sense of community in your neighborhood
    where members help each other.

         1     Sudden Illness, Injuries

    (1) Calling an Ambulance

                                    Call Ambulance = Dial 119

    *You do not need to insert coins to make an emergency call from a pay
     Pick up the receiver and push the emergency button to call.

     Contacting emergency services by Fax or E-mail

        NTT DoCoMo Mobile phone: osaka.shobo@i.mail-119.jp
        Non-NTT DoCoMo mobile phone/PHS/Computer: osaka.shobo@mail-119.jp

    You need to state the followings on the report:
    ・The service you require - Fire or Ambulance
    ・The location of the emergency
    ・Your situation (ex. Area of pain)
    ・Your return Fax number (if contacting by fax)
    ・The full name of the sender
    ・Name, age and gender of the patient

    *Dial 119 when emergency treatment is required for sudden illness, a motor
    vehicle or other accident causing injury, burns or poisoning. Keep calm and
    explain to the operator the location of the emergency, your full name and phone

                                              Preparing for Accidents and Emergencies

(2) Emergencies at night and out of business hours
Emergency treatment is available at emergency clinics if you need urgent
medical care on Sundays, National holidays or Year-end/New Year holidays.
Please be sure to bring your national health insurance certificate when you see
a doctor.                                                                                   B

●Chuo Emergency Clinic 4-10-13, Shimmachi, Nishi-ku ☎ 06-6534-0321
                                  Weekday                        22 00 - 5 30
                                                                   :      :
                       Saturday (except National &
 Internal medicine/                                              15 00 - 5 30
                                                                   :      :
                       Year-end/New Year holidays)
                    Sunday, National & Year-end/New Year
                                                                 17 00 - 5 30
                                                                   :      :
                        holidays (Dec. 30th - Jan. 4th)
                                    Weekday                      22 00 - 0 30
                                                                   :      :
                         Saturday (except National &
  Ophthalmology/                                                 15 00 - 21 30
                                                                   :       :
                         Year-end/New Year holidays)
                      Sunday, National & Year-end/New Year
                                                                 10 00 - 21 30
                                                                   :       :
                          holidays (Dec. 30th - Jan. 4th)

●After-hours Emergency Clinic (Map p.8)
 Internal medicine/   Sunday, National & Year-end/New
                                                                 10 00 - 16 30
                                                                   :       :
     Pediatrics       Year holidays (Dec. 30th - Jan. 4th)

※Nakano After-hours Emergency Clinic also provides medical service only for
 Pediatrics on weekday nights (20 30-23 00).
                                 :     :
                      1-24-23 Miyakojima-Minami-dori,
   After-hours                                        ☎ 06-6928-3333
 Emergency Clinic
   Nishi-Kujo         5-4-25 Nishi-Kujo, Konohana-ku           ☎ 06-6464-2111
                      1-11-26 Juso-Higashi,
       Juso                                                    ☎ 06-6304-7883
                      3-6-6 Oimazato-Nishi,
      Imazato                                                  ☎ 06-6972-0767
    Sawano-cho        2-2-6 Sentai, Sumiyoshi-ku               ☎ 06-6672-6021
                      2-1-20 Nakano,
      Nakano                                                   ☎ 06-6705-1612

        Preparing for Accidents and Emergencies

    (3) Emergency Clinics
                         ※Please refer to p.7 for
                          departments of urgent
                          treatment and open hours
B                         that each emergency clinic
                                                                 ❺Juso After-hours
                                                                 Emergency Clinic
                                                                 1-11-26 Juso-Higashi,
                                                                 ☎ 06-6304-7883

    ❷Miyakojima After-hours            ❸Nishi-Kujo After-hours      ❹Chuo Emergency
    Emergency Clinic                   Emergency Clinic             Clinic
    1-24-23 Miyakojima-                5-4-25 Nishi-Kujo,           4-10-13 Shimmachi,
    Minami-dori, Miyakojima-ku         Konohana-ku                  Nishi-ku
    ☎ 06-6928-3333                     ☎ 06-6464-2111               ☎ 06-6534-0.21

    ❺Imazato After-hours               ❻Sawano-cho After-           ❼Nakano After-hours
    Emergency Clinic                   hours Emergency Clinic       Emergency Clinic
    3-6-6 Oimazato-Nishi,              2-2-6 Sentai,                2-1-20 Nakano,
    Higashinari-ku                     Sumiyoshi-ku                 Higashi-Sumiyoshi-ku
    ☎ 06-6972-0767                     ☎ 06-6672-6021               ☎ 06-6705-1612

                                              Preparing for Accidents and Emergencies

(4) Information Service for Emergency Hospitals & Clinics
The following telephone numbers provide information of hospitals and clinics,
and emergency medical consultation by doctors and nurses.

●Osaka Municipal Emergency Information Service                                              B
 #7119 or ☎ 06-6582-7119 (24 hours / Open 365 days)
●Osaka Prefectural Emergency Medical Information Center
 ☎ 06-6761-1199 (Hospital Information only)

  2     Fire
●If a fire breaks out

                        Call the Fire Department = Dial 119

*You do not need to insert coins to make an emergency call from a pay
 Pick up the receiver and push the emergency button to call.

Contacting emergency services by Fax or E-mail

 NTT DoCoMo Mobile phone: osaka.shobo@i.mail-119.jp
 Non-NTT DoCoMo mobile phone/PHS/Computer: osaka.shobo@mail-119.jp

State the same information as when contacting an ambulance.

  3     Police

                           Calling the Police = Dial 110

*You do not need to insert coins to make an emergency call from a pay
 Pick up the receiver and push the emergency button to call.

      Preparing for Accidents and Emergencies

     (1) Traffic Accidents
    When traffic accidents occurred, first, you should give aid to the injured. Where
    an ambulance is needed call 119. Then be sure to call the Police at 110 and
    calmly report the contents of the accident, where the accident happened, and
B   landmarks etc.

    Report by a fax or e-mail
    Listings: The contents of the accident, your address, name, fax number
    E-mail: m110@police.pref.osaka.jp
    Listings: The contents, sender’s name and address (where a sender is)

     (2) Robbery etc.
    If you fall victim to a crime such as robbery or theft, call the Police at 110 and
    calmly report where the crime happened, your name and phone number etc. It
    is important to make yourself aware of the location of your local Police station
    or Police box.

         4   Earthquake
    Earthquakes occur frequently in Japan. For your safety, preparing for the major
    earthquakes should be an important part of your everyday life.

     (1) Predictable Earthquakes in Osaka (Learn the mechanics of the earthquakes)
    ■Ocean-trench earthquake
                                        Ocean plates sink under continental plates.
                                        When a boundary of plates strain and reach its
                                        limit, the edge of the continental plate will spring
                                        back and cause an earthquake.

     ●Long quake time span (1 minute or over)
     ●Possibility of suffering from a Tsunami

                                              Preparing for Accidents and Emergencies

 ●Earthquakes will occur at the interval of 10 to about 100 years


                                           Tonankai/Nankai massive earthquakes
                                           of the M8 class that occur at an             B
                                           interval of 100 to 150 years are
                                           believed to occur in the first half of
                                           this century.

 ■Subduction-zone earthquake
                               A subduction-zone earthquake is generated by
                               the Eurasian plate slips under the plate. Kobe
                               Earthquake is a case in point.

●Short quake time span (10 seconds or over)
 ●Since the seismic center is shallow, quake around fault is intense.
 ●Earthquakes will occur at the interval of 1,000 to about 10,000 years


                         Uemachi Fault Earthquake occurs in continental areas
                         and may reach the M7 class. Uemachi Fault extends
                         from Toyonaka City to Kishiwada City penetrating a
                         center of Osaka City approximately 42km.

                         Please refer Osaka City’s Office Emergency of
                         Management website.

 (2) In Case of an Earthquake
 Earthquakes can occur at any moment. Even for a few seconds, we feel a
 quake is longer.

      Preparing for Accidents and Emergencies

    【Help each other !】
    ●Call out neighbors to confirm their safety.
     ●If someone is trapped under a building or furniture, save him or her with your
     neighbors. Be careful of a gas leak, an electric leak and an aftershock.
B    ●For rescue operations, a shovel, a rope, and a crowbar are useful. Utilize
     home carpenter tools or rescue device installed in elementary schools or parks.
     ●Provide first aid for injured people. Seriously injured people should be carried
     to the hospital.
     ●Extinguish a fire using a fire extinguisher or a portable fire pump.
     ●Collect and share food and water.
     ●Patrol your town in turns to prevent crime

     ■When you are inside
     (When you are cooking)
     The gas supply can be automatically shut off when it senses a quake. First, hide
     beneath a desk or table. After a quake, be sure to turn off any gas appliances.
     ※You may suffer burns severely when you try to extinguish a fire during a quake.
     (When you are sleeping)
     Protect your head from being inured by using futon or a pillow. Hide beneath a
     bed where furniture does not fall down.
     ( When you are taking bath or in restroom ) Bathroom or restroom is
     comparatively safer. Do not rush out of the room. Open a door or window to
     ensure an exit.
     (Apartment Area)
     Open all doors and windows to ensure an escape route. Do not use the
     elevator for evacuation.
     (Be aware of glass in the room)
     Be sure to wear slippers inside the house to protect your feet from broken
     pieces of glass.

      ■Telephone message service
      When a disaster occurs, it is often difficult to make telephone calls to the
      affected area. In such circumstances, use the NTT West Japan’s Saigai-yo
      Dengon Dial service or a voice recorded message board provided by mobile
      phone companies to contact your family or friends. Please check websites of
      each company on how to use these services.

                                               Preparing for Accidents and Emergencies

■When you are outside
(When you are driving)
Avoid sudden braking. Slowly reduce your speed and move to the left shoulder
of the road and turn off the engine.
(When you are driving on the expressway)                                                 B
Escape routes are installed at about every 1000m. Confirm the safety around
you and escape immediately.
(When you are on a train)
Grab a front seat or a strap. Or sit down to grab a leg of a seat.
(When you are on a train)
Do not rush to get off the train. Follow the instructions by the conductors. In a
subway, there is a risk of electrocution.
(When you are in an elevator)
Because of an earthquake sensor, an elevator will immediately stop at the next
floor. If an elevator does not have a sensor, press the stop buttons of all floors
and get off as soon as it stops.
(When you are in a department store or a supermarket)
Get away from show-windows or merchandise. You may be injured if you rush
to an exit.
(When you are in underground shopping area)
Exit is installed at 60m. In case of blackout, an emergency exit sign will turn on.
Don’t panic and follow the instructions by conductors.
(When you are in school)
When you are in a classroom, hide beneath a desk and grab a leg.
(When you are in workplace)
Get away from windows, a locker or a shelf. Hide beneath a desk to protect
(When you are in the street lined with office buildings)
Watch out for broken glass of office windows.
(When you are on a bridge)
Grab a rail or a fence. After a quake becomes calm, evacuate immediately.
(When you are in a coastal or river area)
Watch out for Tsunamis. Evacuate immediately to a safer ground such as high

     Preparing for Accidents and Emergencies

     ■ Japan Meteorological Agency will announce urgent earthquake news
     before a quake reaches. If an earthquake intensity of 5 lower or over occurs,
     the information will be provided to the areas considered to be affected by
     earthquakes with an intensity of 4 or over. For further information, please
     check the Japan Meteorological Agency’s website.

    (3) Everyday Measures
    ① To minimize the damage of earthquakes, it is important to prepare for
    disasters in daily life. Talk with your family about what to do in case of
    Decide what to do for each family member in case of emergency
    Check for dangerous places inside and outside of your home.
    Check a fire extinguisher or disaster prevention items are ready to use.
    Put all emergency items such as a torch light or medicine for chronic disease in
    a rucksack and place it in an easy to access location
    Stock emergency items can be used for 3 days until you receive relief supplies.
    Decide on an evacuation area, a meeting place and how to contact family
    members each other if you are split up.
    (Evacuation Area) Ensure municipal designated evacuation shelters below. For
    more details, please refer to Osaka City’s Office of Emergency Management
                                In the case of a severe fire, large areas such as parks
      Wide-area shelters        provide a safe place for refuge. Safety routes to the
                                wide-area shelters are specified as escape routes.
                                Elementary and junior high schools can be used as
                                shelters to accommodate for affected citizens who
                                lost their homes due to a natural disaster.
                                Open spaces, parks and school yards can be used
      Temporary shelters
                                as temporary shelters.

     ■Create a map for disaster preventions!
     Check dangerous places around your home and confirm evacuation areas
     such as elementary schools, junior high schools or parks. Decide several
     escape routes in case if you cannot pass through.

                                              Preparing for Accidents and Emergencies

②Measures for home safety
(Roof) Check regularly if roof tiles or slate are not cracked or slid.
(Balcony) Do not place flowerpots at an unsteady place.
(Block fence) Secure a block fence if it does not have a steady foundation or a
reinforced concrete.                                                                    B
(Under-floor) Inspect if there is damage by termites. Check and reinforce the
foundation of under floor and pillars.
(Glass) Use shatter-prevention film on windows, cupboards, and on shelves
where glass is used.
(Lighting equipment) Pendant light should be secured with metal fitting and
prevent it from swinging.
(Television) Place a TV as low as possible.
(Furniture) Use metal fittings to secure a tall wardrobe or a refrigerator and
prevent it from falling over.
(Bedroom) Do not place big furniture.

( Entrance ) Do not place furniture in aisle to ensure an escaping route to
(Temporary shelter) Keep a temporary shelter in your home in emergency.
Restroom or a room without big furniture is suitable because these rooms are
narrow with a lot of pillars.
 ■Seismic Diagnosis & Renovations Assistance for Housing
 Housings with certain architectural requirements are able to receive a part of
 assistance for seismic diagnosis and renovations.
 Inquiries: Osaka Municipal Housing Corporation
 ☎ 06-6882-7053        06-6882-0877

(4) Protect yourself from a Tsunami
① Osaka can experience Tsunamis!
Two hours after the Tonankai/Nankai earthquake occurs, the 1st Tsunami is
predicted to reach the mouth of the Yodogawa River, Yamatogawa River or
Kizugawa River.
A height of tide walls developed by Osaka City is over 2.9m which is higher
than a maximum height of a Tsunami at high tide. So we can prevent floods
if we shut tide walls. But there is a possibility that tide walls cannot be moved
because of an earthquake, therefore, evacuate immediately when a Tsunami

     Preparing for Accidents and Emergencies

    warning is issued.
    A Tsunami can reach seashores and riverbeds. Evacuate immediately and do
    not go back to watch it.

B   ② Characteristic of a Tsunami
    (Fast and powerful)
    Tsunami in the deep sea are like jet speed waves. Even in the seafront,
    the speed is the same as a sprinter running. A small wave (ankle height) is
    powerful enough to prevent you from standing.
    (Tsunami is repeatedly produced)
    Until a warning or a pre-warning is called off, don’t go to seashore. Tonankai/
    Nankai earthquake is expected to produce massive Tsunamis repeatedly for
    approximately 6 hours.
    (Breakwater may not be produced)
    Before a Tsunami occurs, a Tsunami breakwater can be seen. But a Tsunami
    may attack without any indication.

    ③ How to protect yourself from Tsunami
    ・Evacuate immediately to higher ground over 3F in the building.
    ・Be aware that Tsunamis will occur even if the quake is small.
    ・Do not evacuate by car.

         5   Typhoon

    (1) Typhoon and heavy rain brings massive disasters
    Typhoon season hits Japan in July to October every year and can cause
    heavy rain and strong winds. Recently, floods by a squall occur frequently.
    Cumulonimbus clouds producing heavy rain will develop quickly in a short
    matter of time. It is difficult to forecast heavy rain compared with typhoon.
    Osaka City has done maintenance for tide walls to prepare if the most powerful
    typhoon (Isewan Typhoon) in Japan history hits Japan again. Since 1976, there
    has been no case of the damage caused by a tidal wave. Sewage maintenance
    is under way for preparations for heavy rain which occurs once in 10 years
    (rainfall of 60mm in an hour)

                                              Preparing for Accidents and Emergencies

■Characteristic of flood damage in urban area
Since the roads are paved with asphalt in urban areas, huge amount of
rainwater can flow into the sewers at once, so drain system cannot work.
Eventually rainwater comes out from manholes or side ditches. Flooding can
result in great damage to the underground and underground service areas.                B
When you are in the underground, you should pay attention to rainfall and
time span of raining. Speed of running water is so fast that it will be difficult
to evacuate up to the ground. If you expect a flood, evacuate as quickly as

(2) Preparations for Typhoon
Pay close attention to the meteorological information by TV, radio or the
internet. When a typhoon is close, do not go out in heavy rain. Do not go to
bank, seashore and river to watch what’s going on there.

■In case of strong winds
(When you are outside)
Watch out for falling roof tiles, signs, street trees, etc. Try not to walk down.
Evacuate into a sturdy building.
(When you are inside)
Watch out for broken glass. Do not get close to the windows during strong
(When you are on seashore)
You may fall into the sea or be caught in a high wave. Evacuate immediately to
higher ground.

■In case of heavy rain
(When you are in river side)
Due to heavy rain, headwater may be swelled quickly. Do not get close to the
river, etc.
(When you are driving)
When the roads are flooded, evacuate to higher ground.
(When you are in the street)
If you encounter flooding, evacuate immediately up to higher ground over 3F in
the building.

     Preparing for Accidents and Emergencies

    (3) When evacuating in times of typhoon
    Protect your head with a helmet or anything you can cover your head. Wear
    shoes with good traction. Do not wear rain boots and do not go barefoot.
B   (Pay attention to depth)
    In case of a flood, if the water is running slow, the possible depth for walking is
    70cm for men and 50cm for women.
    (Pay attention to your feet)
    In the water, there are uncovered manholes or side ditches. When walking,
    check the safety around your feet using a long stick.
    (Do not evacuate alone)
    Call out your neighbors and evacuate with them as a group. Not to be apart.
    Tie a part of your body with a rope.
    (For children and elderly people)
    Carry elderly or sick people on your back. Give an inner tube (flotation device)
    for children to ensure their safety.
    (If a shelter is far)
    If you cannot reach an evacuation area, temporary evacuate to higher ground
    over 3F in the building.

    ■Evacuation warnings and instructions
                      Information on evacuation
                                                      Evacuation warnings Evacuation instructions
    In case an ● Cases where the possibility of       ● Cases where the        ●Indication of disasters
    evacuation potential danger toward the people     possibility of potential can be seen or
    warning is is high.                               danger toward the possibility of potential
    issued.                                           people is clearly high. danger toward the
                                                                               people is extremely
                                                                               ●Disasters occurred
    How to act   ●Residents who need assistance or   ● Normal residents ● All the residents
                 need some time to evacuate should s h o u l d g o t o a should finish evacuation.
                 try to become alert and prepare evacuation area.
                 in advance for an evacuation.
                 (Evacuation supporters should start

                 ● Other residents should contact
                 their families, prepare emergency
                 goods and prepare for evacuation.

                                           Preparing for Accidents and Emergencies

(4) Everyday Measures
(Roof) Repair if roof tiles or a tin roof have racks, slides or came off. TV
antenna should be fixed.
(Outside wall, inside wall) Check for cracks, breakage or unsteady parts on
walls.                                                                               B
(Window) Check for breakage, looseness or unsteady parts on windows. If a
typhoon comes, attach a board on windows from the outside or attach gummed
tapes as X marks on windows from the inside.
(Side ditch, drain) Clear side ditches and drains to make water run smoothly.
(Gutters) Reinforce if the joint parts or coating material have come off.
Clean the gutter if sand or fallen leaves are stacked.

 ■When you cannot go back to home
 When a disaster occurs, you may not go back home due to traffic
 congestion. In advance, confirm a route to go home by walking. In petrol
 stations or convenience stores with the following marks, you can receive
 support services to go home. They provide tap water, restrooms, traffic
 information, and more.

  6    “Know”and“Learn”in case of emergency
■Office of Emergency Management, Osaka City
☎ 06-6208-7388         06-6202-3776
The Office of Emergency Management website provides information on
disaster preparations and evacuation area, etc. In case of disaster, urgent
information on the damage or response against the disaster will be provided.

■Osaka Disaster Prevention Net (English, Chinese, Korean)
Osaka Disaster Prevention Net mainly provides information on disaster

     Preparing for Accidents and Emergencies

    preventions including pre-caution and caution against earthquakes, tsunamis,
    typhoons, etc and evacuation instructions. Links on lifeline information are
    also available. In addition, if you register your mobile phone e-mail address
    with“Bosai Information Mail”, you can get information on weather, earthquake
B   or tsunami through e-mail (English). Canceling this service is the same as the
    registration process. Send your unwritten e-mail to regist-eng@osaka-bousai.
    net, then you will get the registration (or cancellation) e-mail. If your mobile
    phone has a barcode reader function, read QR code, then send an e-mail.

    ■Japanese Meteorological Agency (English)
    Disaster preventions and weather information is available.

    ■Osaka City Abeno Life Safety Learning Center
    3F Abeno Forca, 3-13-23 Abenosuji, Abeno-ku Osaka
    ☎ 06-6643-1031      06-6643-1040

    You can experience fire extinguishing, evacuation and rescue in case of
    emergency in the center. The center will give you a good opportunity to learn
    about disasters and safety measures.
    Admission: Free
    Open Hours: 10:00 - 18:00
    Closing Day: Wednesday, every last Thursday, Year-end and New Years
    (December 28 - January 4)

    ■Multilingual FM, FM CO CO LO 76.5MHz
                              ・ ・
    Provide disaster information in case of disaster.
    14 languages: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese,
    Thai, Indonesian, Filipino, Malay, Vietnamese, Hindu, Urdu, Sinhalese



         1   Municipal Transportation

    (1) Subway
    Eight subway lines and one New Tram line are operating in Osaka City. Each
    line has a different color which makes it easier to find station information
    boards of a particular color. In addition, each station is represented by a station
    identification number which is made up of a letter and a number, which is useful
    when making inquiries. Announcements on the train are also made in English.

                 Single Zone    2 Zones       3 Zones       4 Zones        5 Zones
         Adult      ¥200         ¥230          ¥270          ¥310           ¥360
         Child      ¥100         ¥120          ¥140          ¥160           ¥180

    ※Child & Infant fares (same applies to buses)
      Child: Over 6 years old, under 12 years old
         (including elementary school students)
      Infant: Over 1 year old, under 6 years old
         (including pre-school children)
         An infant traveling alone should pay a child fare.

            When infants travel with an adult, up to two infants may ride for free.
            Each infant after the first 2 infants traveling with an adult must pay the
            child fare.
      Nursing Infant: Under 1 year old, Free

    ※Subway Route Map (p.28)


(2) City Bus

    Name            General Bus/Non-step Bus        Red Bus (Small Non-step Bus)
                 A green or blue line on a cream Red colored body with a “¥100”
                 colored body.                     symbol.
  Operating                                        Routes designed to best serve
                 Nearly Citywide
    Zone                                           resident’s daily needs.
                 Boarding: Back/Center door
                 Getting off: Front door
                                                   Boarding/Getting off: Front door       C
  How to ride                                      Push the Stop button to signal
                 Push the Stop button to signal
                                                   the driver to stop.
                 the driver to stop.
                 Insert money or a pass card into the fare box next to the driver’s
                 seat or scan an IC card on the touchpad when you get off.
                 (Flat rate)
     Fare                                          (Flat rate) Adult: ¥100 Child: ¥50
                 Adult: ¥200 Child: ¥100

(3) Concession and Discount Tickets

          Name/Price                                   Contents
Kaisu card (Multiple-ride card)   A multiple-ride pass for the subway, New Tram
 Adult: ¥3,000                    and city buses. Insert it directly into the automatic
   (¥3,300 worth of travel)       ticket gate of the subway or the fare collection
 Child: ¥1,500                    machine of the bus.
   (¥1,650 worth of travel)       Does not have an expiry date.
Single zone special               Only for a single zone on the subway and New
Multiple-ride card                Tram. This pass is worth for 12 rides for the price
 Adult: ¥2,000                    of 10. Not valid on city buses. Valid for a limited
 Child: ¥1,000                    term.
                                  For the“Kansai Thru Pass”network which
Kansai Thru Pass                  includes most public transportation in the Kansai
3 day Ticket                      area, except JR.
(Limited to the Kansai area)      Does not have an expiry date.
 Adult: ¥5,000 Child: ¥2,500      *The 5,000yen Rainbow Cards that were
                                  previously purchased are still valid.
                                  This pass can be used on the“Kansai Thru
                                  Pass”network which includes trains and buses
One-Day Pass                      of the Kansai area. This pass is valid for any
 Adult: ¥850 Child: ¥430          3 days for unlimited travel. This pass can be
                                  purchased at major stations on the Kansai Thru
                                  Pass network during Spring, Summer and Fall.


                Name/Price                                 Contents
                                      A one-day, unlimited travel pass for the subway,
                                      New Tram and city bus. The date will be printed
                                      on the pass when it is first inserted into a subway
    One-Day Pass                      automatic ticket gate or a fare collection machine
     Adult: ¥850 Child: ¥430          on buses. This pass also includes admission
                                      discounts to sightseeing areas such as Osaka
C                                     Castle. Such discounts are only available on the
                                      day the pass is valid.
                                      A one-day pass for use each Friday and on the
                                      20th of every month. No My Car Day is a day
                                      to encourage use of the subway rather than
    No-My-Car-Day Discount Pass
                                      personal automobiles by Osaka City. (If the 20th
     Only for Adult: ¥600
                                      falls on a holiday or Sunday it will be on the next
                                      *Saturday is included in weekday.
                                      A“post-pay”card that withdraws the amount
                                      used on a monthly basis. This card can only be
                                      used in PiTaPa service areas. Each company’       s
                                      discount is applicable. Discount is given when
                                      utilizing Osaka City’ private subways and New
    IC Card PiTaPa
                                      Tram buses.  “Free Style”   increases discount rate
                                      according to usage amount.“Free style”has a
                                      fixed discount rate. For more details, please refer
                                      to the website of Osaka Municipal Transportation

    (4) Osaka Municipal Transportation Information Center

         Contents                        Web Address                        Language
    Osaka Municipal                                                          English
     Transportation     http://www.kotsu.city.osaka.jp/english/index.html    Chinese
    Bureau Website                                                           Korean


   2      Railways
JR and other private railways in Osaka City provide developed transport
networks. As well as providing Local trains, which stop at every station, there
are Express trains which only stop at some of the stations on the line. The
number of stops varies in accordance with the type of Express train. These
railways offer shared ticket systems, and a variety of ticket discounts.

 (1) JR                                                                            C
JR is the largest railway network in Japan covering most of the country. JR
West operates in the Osaka City area and lines such as the Loop Line and
East-West Line.

 (2) Other Private Railways
Hankyu, Hanshin, Keihan, Kintetsu and Nankai lines run in and around Osaka
City. You can get on or off, and change trains with Kansai Thru Pass offered
by private railway networks.
〈 Please refer to Municipal Transportation, ( 3 ) Concession and Discount
http://www.surutto.com/index.cgi (English, Chinese, Korean)


    (3) Access to/from Kansai Airport
                             〈Limousine Bus〉
                                          Time                                    Time
             From/To         Name                           From/To
                                        (Approx.)                               (Approx.)
     JR Osaka          Kansai Airport    65 min     Osaka Station                60 min
     Station           Rapid Service
     JR Tennoji        Limited           30 min     Osaka International          75 min
C    Station           Express
                                                    Airport (Itami)
                                                    OBP, Shinsaibashi            55 min
                       Kansai Airport    45 min     →Kintetsu Uehommachi
                       Rapid Service
     JR                Limited           50 min     OCAT (JR Namba Station)      48 min
     Shin-Osaka        Express                      Tenpozan                     60 min
     Station           HARUKA
     Nankai Namba      Rapid α           34 min     Universal Studios JapanTM    70 min
     Station                             39 min
                       Rapid β
                       Airport           43 min

    http://www.kansai-airport.or.jp/access/index.html (Japanese)
    http://www.kansai-airport.or.jp/en/index.asp (English)

         3     Taxi
    ●Vacant taxis display a red “空車” (kusha) light on the lower right-hand side of
     the windshield. Moving taxis can be hailed by raising your hand from the side
     of the street. Avoid hailing taxis at intersections.
    ●Line up when hailing a taxi at taxi terminals.
    ●You can call a taxi dispatcher to request to be picked up where you want.
    ●Generally, it is not customary to tip drivers.


  4     Transportation Information

                   Name & Web Address                                   Tel.
Kansai International Airport                               Kansai International Airport
http://www.kansai-airport.or.jp/english/index.htm          Information Counter
(Japanese/English/Chinese/Korean)                          (Telephone Center)
                                                           ☎ 072-455-2500
Kansai Airport Transportation Enterprise (Limousine Bus)   ☎ 0724-61-1374
                                                           (7:00 - 21:00)
Osaka International Airport General Information            General Information
Center (at Osaka International Airport)                    ☎ 06-6856-6781
http://www.osaka-airport.co.jp/                            (6:30 - 21:30)
Osaka Airport Transport (Limousine Bus)                    General Information
http://www.okkbus.co.jp/eng/index.html                     ☎ 0120-399-958
(Japanese/English)                                         Mobile. 06-6844-1124
JR Odekake Net                                             JR West Information Center
http://www.westjr.co.jp/english/global.html                ☎ 078-382-8686
(Japanese/English)                                         (6:00 - 23:00) Open All Year
Kintetsu Corporation                                       Travel Information Center
http://www.kintetsu.co.jp/ (Japanese/English)              ☎ 06-6771-3105
                                                           (9:00 - 19:00) Open All Year
Keihan Electric Railway Co., Ltd.                          Information Center
http://www.keihan.co.jp/ (Japanese/English)                ☎ 06-6945-4560
Nankai Electric Railway Co., Ltd.                          Namba Station
http://www.nankai.co.jp/                                   ☎ 06-6631-1351
(Japanese/English/Chinese/Korean)                          (8:30 - 18:30 except
                                                           Year-end/New Year
Nankai Tramway Co., Ltd.                                   ☎ 06-6671-3080
http://www.nankai.co.jp/                                   (9:00 - 17:50 except
                                                           Saturday, Sunday and
                                                           National holidays)
Hankyu Corporation                                         Umeda Station
http://rail.hankyu.co.jp/                                  Telephone Center
(Japanese/English/Chinese/Korean)                          ☎ 06-6373-5290
                                                           (9:00 - 19:00) Open All Year
Hanshin Electric Railway Co., Ltd.                         ☎ 06-6457-2258
http://rail.hanshin.co.jp/                                 (9:00 - 17:00 except
                                                           Saturday, Sunday and
                                                           National holidays)
Osaka Municipal Transportation Access Guide Office         ☎ 06-6582-1400
http://www.kotsu.city.osaka.jp/english/index.html          (8:00 - 20:00)
(Japanese/English/Chinese/Korean)                          Open All Year


         5   Railway Map


Useful Information when
Entering Japan

     Useful Information when Entering Japan

         1       How to use Telephones

    (1) Domestic Call
    Dial as follows to place a domestic call.

                                 Area Code → Telephone Number
                 (For domestic calls in Japan, area codes must be preceded by a ZERO.)
             For local calls, there is no need to dial an area code before the telephone number.

                            Directory Assistance (Japanese, Charge applies)
D                            104 (Forwarding to English operator available)

    (2) International Call
    Dial as follows to place an international call.

         Access Code→010→Country Code→Area Code→Telephone Number

    Choose one access code from one of the following telephone companies
    offering international calls: 001(KDDI Corporation), 0033(NTT Communications),
    0041(SOFT BANK Telecom).
    For example, if you wish to call to 123-4567 in New York City, U.S.A., dial
    001(Access code) - 010 - 1(Country code of U.S.A.) -
    212(Area code of New York City) - 123 - 4567(Telephone number)

    ●Dial 0051 for KDDI operator-assisted calls.

    (3) Public Telephone
    Public telephones (2 types, green color or gray color phones) are convenient
    for both local and long-distance calls with a prepaid telephone card.
    For IC card public telephones ( orange color phones ) , you need IC card
    exclusively for this telephone. Usage is same as other public telephones.

                                                               Useful Information when Entering Japan

(4) Major Telephone Companies for Long Distance & International Calls

           Company                                                            TEL
                                            Contents           Time                         Language
       (Webpage Address)                                                    ※Toll Free
NTT Communications
                                        Out of             Open everyday
http://www.ntt.com                                                                          Japanese
                                        prefecture call/ except the      ☎ 0120-506506
                                        International call year-end/New
                                                           Year holidays
                                        International call 24 hours      ☎ 0057             Japanese
                                                                         ☎ 0077-777         Japanese
(English)                                                9:00-20:00
                                                                       ☎ 0077-78-0081 English
                                        Services                       ☎ 0077-78-0086 Chinese
http://www.kddi.com/english/                             Open everyday
                                                                       ☎ 0077-78-7755 Portuguese
                                                                         ☎ 0077-78-0063 Tagalog
Softbank Telecom                                                         ☎ 0088-24-0088 Japanese
http://www.softbanktelecom.co.jp/                        9:00-17:00
                                          All Services
(English)                                                (Mon-Fri)       ☎ 0088-41          English

(5) Cellular Phones
To sign up for a cellular phone contract you will need your Foreign Registration
Card (showing you will be in Japan for more than 90 days) and evidence of
your current address. For more details, please refer to each cellular phone

Cellular Phone Companies
   ●NTT DoCoMo       http://www.nttdocomo.co.jp/ (Japanese/English)
    ☎ 0120-800-000 (Japanese)
    ☎ 0120-005-250 (English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese)
   ●au by KDDI       http://www.au.kddi.com/ (Japanese/English)
    ☎ 0077-7-111 (Japanese/English)
   ●SoftBank         http://mb.softbank.jp/mb/ (Japanese/English)
    ☎ 0088-21-2000 (Japanese/English)
   English: After the recorded messages, press 8.

     Useful Information when Entering Japan

    (6) English Telephone Directories

               iTOWNPAGE (English Version) http://english.itp.ne.jp/

    (7) Faxing
    Facsimile service is available at major train stations or convenience stores
    within the city. (For sending only). Please make inquires directly to them.

D        2   Postal Services
    The post office offers not only postal services, but also various financial and
    insurance related services.

                         【Customer Services Information】
              (Japanese)          ☎ 0120-23-28-86
              (English)           ☎ 0570-046-111 (Telephone charge)
              (Cellular phone)    ☎ 0570-046-666 (Telephone charge)
              Weekday: 8:00 - 22:00
              Saturday, Sunday & National holidays 9:00 - 22:00

                                                 Useful Information when Entering Japan

(1) Domestic Mail Types & Rates

        Type                    Classification             Weight           Rate
                                                         Up to 25g        ¥80
                             Standard-sized items
                                                         Up to 50g        ¥90
                                                         Up to 50g        ¥120
                                                         Up to 100g       ¥140
                                                         Up to 150g       ¥200
       Letters                                           Up to 250g       ¥240
                        Nonstandard-sized items
                                                         Up to 500g       ¥390
                                                         Up to 1kg        ¥580
                                                         Up to 2kg        ¥850
                                                         Up to 4kg        ¥1,150
                        Mini-letters (Letter-cards)     (Up to 25g)       ¥60
                                 Postcards                                ¥50
     Post Cards
                         Reply-paid Post Cards                            ¥100

Rates for Special Delivery
        Type            Classification            Weight              Rate
                                               Up to 250g         plus ¥270
    Express Mail         Letter-Post            Up to 1kg         plus ¥370
                                                Up to 4kg         plus ¥630
                                                                  plus ¥420
   Registered Mail       Letter-Post     ②Items other than cash
                                         ③Simplified registration plus ¥300
                                          (※ Rates are added to the basic cost)

(2) Japan Post Website
Domestic Mail:      http://www.post.japanpost.jp/ (Japanese)
International Mail: http://www.post.japanpost.jp/english/index.html
                    (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese)

     Useful Information when Entering Japan

         3   Banking Services

    (1) Opening a Bank Account
    Take your passport, Foreign Registration Card or Certificate of Registered
    Matters, and personal seal directly to the bank with which you want to open a
    bank account. Internet banking services and mobile services are also available.
    You can not open a bank account if you are visiting Japan for sightseeing. You
    can also open a bank account at a post office.

D   (2) Other Services
    Salary deposits and account transfers for utilities, telephone, and tax payments
    are also available. Post offices also offer insurance services such as life
    insurance and pensions.

What to Know Once in Japan

     What to Know Once in Japan

         1    Registration of Foreign Residents
    Registration of Foreign Residents provides non-Japanese residents in Japan
    with confirmation of the bearer’s identity, address and personal status.
    Every foreign resident (diplomats excluded) are required to register with the
    municipality. Register at your local ward office. (p.194)

    (1) Registration

                                            Deadline for
             Change to be Reported                                  Documents Required
                                                            Passport or Certificate of status of
                                                            residence, Two Identical photos
                                          Within 90 days of (
    Entry into Japan                                         4.5×3.5cm)
                                                            (Not necessary for residents
E                                                           under 16 years old.)
                                                            Documents certifying the birth (i.e.
                                          Within 60 days of Mother and Child Healthbook,
    Birth of Child
                                          birth             Certificate of the receipt of birth
                                                            report, etc.)
                                          Within 14 days of
    Change of Address                                       Foreign Registration Card
                        Status of
                        Residence,        Within 14 days of
                        Period of stay,   the change
                        Name and
                        address of
                        work place or                         Foreign Registration Card
                        office                                Documents certifying the changes
    Changes related to Passport
    registration except number,                              ≪For change of Name/
    address             Issue date                           Nationality: Two identical photos
                        of passport,                         (4.5×3.5cm) (Not necessary for
                        Address or        Before registering under 16 years old.)≫
                        place in your     other changes
                        country of        in relation to
                        nationality,      foreign resident
                        Name of head      registration.
                        of household,
                        with head of

                                                          What to Know Once in Japan

 ※Foreign resident registration is not required if stay in Japan is less than 90
 ※Permanent residents or special permanent residents do not need to notify
  changes of name or work place address.

 (2) Renewal of Registration Card
 Generally, foreign registration cards are to be renewed at your local ward office
 within 30 days of the bearer’s fifth birthday after registering, or having had the
 card last confirmed. (Seventh birthday for permanent residents and special
 permanent residents.)

 (3) When the Registration Card is Lost or Damaged
 Reapply at your local ward office within 14 days of discovering the card being        E
 lost or damaged.

 (4) Returning the Registration Card
 Return your Foreign Registration Card in the following cases:
 ① When you leave Japan
   Return the Foreign Registration Card to an immigration officer when you
   leave Japan, unless you have a re-entry permit.

 ② When you acquire Japanese Nationality
    Return the Foreign Registration Card at your local ward office (p.194) within
    14 days.

 ③ In case of Death
    Return the Foreign Registration Card at your local ward office (p.194) within
    14 days.

 (5) Certificate of Registered Matters
The Certificate of Registered Matters certifies the official registration of foreign
residents. If needed, application must be made in person or by a relative who
lives in the same household. If applications are made on behalf of the person
requesting the Certificate, an evidence of power of attorney must be presented.
 ・Ward Office or branch (p.194)
 ・Osaka City Service Counter (p.196)

     What to Know Once in Japan

    ・Issue of Certificate of Residence and Family Register Corner, Osaka
      City Hall 1st floor

    In the following cases, procedures may only be able to carried out at the
    Ward office at which Foreign Resident Registration was made.
    ● Certificates relating to matters concerning the record of address changes or
       other records of changes in registration.
    ● Certificates from registrations that have been ceased due to leaving Japan
       or death.
    ● Certificates of a new address having just moved into a new ward.
    ● Other certificates related to original registration.
       (Except certificates relating to the current state of the individual’s national
E      pension.)
    ● Copies of original registered matters.

         2   Various Registrations

    (1) Reporting Marriage
    Residents with foreign nationality must obtain the nationality certificate (or
    birth certificate) and an official certificate proving that the foreign national
    resident meets the marriage requirements under the country’s law (certificate
    of eligibility to marry or pledges that can replace it.).
    The following documents are requested to make a notice at the local ward

    ① For Non-Japanese national
         Notice of Marriage as provided the ward office counter (with the signatures
         or personal seals of two witnesses over 20 years old), and a Certificate of
         Eligibility to Marry as issued by the foreign national’s embassy or consulate
         (Japanese translation is required). In some cases such as your nationality
         certificate was not obtained, you may be required to bring other documents
         such as your passport as well. At ward offices in Osaka City, applicants
         will be asked to present their foreign registration card or passport for
         Please inquire at the ward office beforehand.

                                                         What to Know Once in Japan

② For Japanese national
   A copy of your family register is required. Notices of Marriage are effective
   from the day of giving notice. When reporting at a ward office in Osaka
   City, applicants will be asked to present their driving license or Passport for
   In the case of marriage between two foreign nationals, the procedure at the
   Embassy or Consulate is the same as above. Procedures to be carried out
   at the Immigration Office differ according to each situation. Please consult
   with the Immigration Office Information Center for Foreign Residents. (p.46)

 (2) Reporting a Divorce
A divorce must be reported to the ward office. The law of the country where
the couple resides in is applied. At ward offices in Osaka City, applicants will      E
be asked to present their foreign registration card or passport for identification.
Please make an inquiry to your local ward office for more information.

 (3) Reporting a Birth
When a child is born to a person with a foreign nationality, the father or mother
of the child must register the child to the ward office.
For further details of this procedure, please refer to “H - 1 For Expectant
Parents”. (p.66)

 (4) Reporting Death
The death of a foreign national must be reported by a member of the bereaved
family or by a person who lived with the deceased, within 7 days of learning of
the death. A death can be reported at the ward office of the person reporting
the death, or the public office (ward office in Osaka City) of the area in which
the deceased died.

【Necessary Documents】
● Report of Death (provided at the ward office)
 ● Death certificate issued by a doctor.
 ● Seal (or signature) of the person reporting the death.
The deceased’s Foreign Registration Card should be returned within 14 days
to the ward office of the deceased’s resident area (the area in which they died
is also acceptable). The death also should be reported to the deceased’s
embassy or consulate. The procedures at the immigration office may differ

      What to Know Once in Japan

    depending on individual circumstances, so please consult with the Immigration
    Office Information Center for foreign residents. (p.46)

         3   Medical Insurance in Japan
    Three medical insurance programs operate in Japan: a health insurance
    program for employees of companies, an older senior citizen health insurance
    program for persons 75 years or older (and persons 65 or older who have been
    certified with certain specified disabilities), and a national health insurance
    program for others. For further information, please refer to (J) When You Are Ill.

         4   Driver’s License
    You need to have a Japanese or International driver’s license to drive a car in

     (1) International Driver’s License
    The International driver’s license, acquired before your arrival in Japan, is
    valid for 1 year from the issue date. This license must have been issued by an
    administrative office of a country that is a member of the Geneva Convention.
    Please be aware that some countries’ licenses may not be able to be used in
    ※International driver’s licenses cannot be converted into a Japanese license.
    ● Osaka Prefectural Police Department Website

     (2) Switching an Overseas Driver’s License for a Japanese License
    【Necessary conditions for exchange】
    ① Proof that the applicant stayed in the issuing country for at least 3
         months in total after obtaining the license.
    ② Possession of a valid foreign driver’s license.

    【Necessary documents】
    Documents required may differ according to country of origin.
    ① A foreign driver’s license (Licenses not showing an issue date must
      also include a certificate of license record), and photocopies of both

                                                     What to Know Once in Japan

   sides of the license.
 ② Japanese translation of the original foreign driver’s license.
 ※The translation must be translated by your embassy or consulate, or the JAF
 (Japan Automobile Federation).

   ● The Japan Automobile Federation (JAF)
      Kansai Head Office/Osaka Branch Office
         2-1-5 Nakahozumi, Ibaraki City
         ☎ 072-645-1300 (Monday - Friday 9:00 - 17:30)
         ※Translation fee: ¥3,000 ※Time required depends on language.
        〈How to apply for a translation〉
         http://www.jaf.or.jp/inter/translation/index.htm (Japanese)
         http://www.jaf.or.jp/e/switch.htm (English)                              E

 ③ Passport (if you have renewed your passport, your old passports are
    also required) and photocopies of all pages.
 ④ Photocopies of both sides of the applicant’s Foreign Registration Card.
 ⑤ 1 Photograph (should be taken within 6 months, 3×2.4cm wide, front,
    upper 1/3 of body, without cap and on a natural background.)
 ⑥ Writing implements (black or blue ballpoint pen)
 ⑦ Application & Issue Fee
〈Application fee〉 Automobile (only 1 category): ¥2,400
 	                Motor-bike: ¥1,650 Others: ¥2,950
〈Issue charge〉 ¥2,100 Additional categories will incur a extra charge of ¥200
                  per category.
【Service hours】Monday - Friday
 (except National holidays and Year-end/New Year holidays)
 ● Kadoma 8:45 - 12:00, 12:45 - 13:30
 ● Komyoike 8:45 - 12:00, 12:45 - 13:30

 ※Please check with the driver’s license examination center for necessary
 documents or procedures which may differ depending on country.

【Applications and Inquiries】

        Driver’s License Telephone & Fax Service ☎ 06-6906-0055

      What to Know Once in Japan

    ● Kadoma Driver’s License Examination Center
      23-16 Ichiban-cho, Kadoma City
      ☎ 06-6908-9121 (Weekdays 9:00 - 17:00)
    ● Komyoike Driver’s License Examination Center
      5-13-1 Fuseya-cho, Izumi City
      ☎ 0725-56-1881 (Weekdays 9:00 - 17:00)

     (3)Change of Address
    If your name, address or other registered item in your driver’s license changes,
    please report this immediately to the police or driver’s license examination

E    (4) Renewing your Driver’s License
    【Valid term】
    Until one month later from your third birthday after which your license
    was issued.
    ※Drivers who have not violated any traffic regulations for a certain period of
    time and are recognized as good drivers, may have the valid license period
    lengthened to a month later from your fifth birthday.

    【Renewal procedure】
    You can renew your driver’s license at the Police Headquarter or the Driver’s
    License Examination Center during the expiry period. (One month before
    and after your birthday)

    【Necessary documents】
    ① Driver’s License
     ② Notification for renewal (In case you have. You can make your procedure
         smoothly if you have.)
    ③ Photographs
    ④ Renewal service charge
    ⑤ Renewal lecture charge

                                                       What to Know Once in Japan

(5) Traffic Rules
● Vehicles in Japan drive on the left, whereas pedestrians should use
  footpaths or pedestrian strips where available. Where these are not
  available, pedestrians should keep to the right. Pedestrians have priority
  at uncontrolled pedestrian crossings. Those drivers from countries where
  traffic drives on the right-hand side of the road should pay extra attention
  when making turns.
● Drivers who violate traffic rules or who are involved in accidents are subject
  to fines and will be issued penalty points. Drivers issued with a blue
  Violation Ticket are required to pay a fine at one of the designated banks or
  the post office within 8 days of the ticket being issued.
● Drivers, front-seat and back-seat passengers must wear seat belts and
  motorcyclists must wear helmets. Drivers transporting children 6 years old        E
  and younger are required to seat them in a “child-seat”.
● Drinking and driving is strictly prohibited and penalties against it are very
  severe. Drunk drivers may have their licenses suspended or revoked.
● Using mobile phones while driving is prohibited.
  ※ English, Korean, Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese versions of the
     Japanese Traffic Rules booklet can be purchased from the Japan
     Automobile Federation (JAF).

(6) Bicycles
Many train stations provide fee-charging bicycle parking areas. Bicycles left in
areas that have been designated no-parking areas for bicycles will be promptly
removed and impounded. To retrieve it, you will be charged ¥2,500 for a
bicycle, and ¥4,000 for motor scooters. Ask for details at the office below.

                       Osaka City Public Works Bureau
                       Illegally-Parked Bicycle Section
                                ☎ 06-6615-6684


Procedures for Staying & Passport

     Procedures for Staying & Passport

    “Procedures for Staying”means the various procedures that non-Japanese
    residents staying in Japan must carry out during their period of stay.“Status of
    Residence”means the status of a person, who is defined as a foreign national
    under the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act, and who has
    been granted permission to conduct certain activities provided for under
    each respective Status of Residence while living in Japan. Foreign nationals
    who intend to enter Japan are required to fulfill the requirements of one of
    the categories of Status of Residence, and are only permitted to engage in
    activities as granted by that Status of Residence.

         1   Immigration Offices & Immigration Information Center

    (1) Immigration Offices

F            Name                    Address / Telephone           Office Hours
                              1 -29-53 Nankokita, Suminoe-ku,
    Osaka Regional                                              Monday - Friday
    Immigration Bureau                                          9:00 - 16:00
                       ☎ 06-4703-2100

    (2) Immigration Information Center

      Name/Address/Telephone        Office Hours          Languages
    1-29-53, Nanko Kita,                          Monday - Friday :
                                  Monday - Friday
    Suminoe-ku, Osaka City, Osaka                 English, Chinese, Korean,
                                  9:00 - 16:00
    ☎ 06-4703-2150                                Spanish, Portuguese

    (3) Consulate Generals in the Kansai Area (p.199)

             Permission to Engage in an Activity Other than that Permitted
             under the Status of Residence Previously Granted
    When a foreign national desires to engage in an activity that earns
    remuneration other than that permitted under their present status of residence,
    they must make an application for a permit granting permission to engage in
    an activity other than that permitted under the status of residence previously

                                                  Procedures for Staying & Passport

  3    Change of Status of Residence
When a foreign national desires to cease their present activity and intend to
start a new activity which is categorized under another Status of Residence,
they must apply for a Change of Status of Residence.

  4    Extension of Period of Stay
If a foreign national wishes to extend their period of stay, applications should
be made no later than the expiration date of the current period of stay.
Applications for an Extension of Period of Stay are accepted 2 months prior to
the current visa’s expiration date.

  5    Re-entry Permission
When a foreign national temporarily leaves Japan and wishes to return under
the same authorized period of stay, an application for Re-entry Permission
should be made before they leave Japan. Should a foreign national leave
Japan without Re-entry Permission, they have to obtain proper Status of
Residence for their activities again.

Osaka Regional Immigration Bureau (p.46)

     Procedures for Staying & Passport

         6     Necessary Documents for Applications

             Object                                Necessary Documents
    Permission to         ● Application for Permission to Engage in an Activity Other Than That
    engage in an            Permitted Under the Status of Residence Previously Granted.
    activity other than   ● Documents to prove the activities
    that permitted        ● Passport or Certificate of Eligibility for Status of Residence
    under the Status      ● Foreign Registration Card etc.
    of Residence
    Change of             ● Application for Change of Status of Residence
    status of             ● Document explaining the reason for the change
    residence             ● Passport or Certificate of Eligibility for Status of Residence
                          ● Foreign Registration Card
    Extension of          ● In cases where permission has been granted to Engage in Activity
    period of stay          other than that Permitted under the Status of Residence Previously
                            Granted, the document granting this activity.
                          ● Application for Re-entry Permission
F                         ● Passport
    Re-entry              ● Foreign Registration Card
    Permission            ● Processing Fee
                          ● (Single-entry permit: ¥3,000, Multiple-entry permission: ¥6,000)
                          ● Additional necessary documents
    ※ The documents needed differs according to the status of residence or
      individual status.
     Please check with the Immigration Information Center beforehand. (p.46)

         7     Passport

    (1) Loss of Passport
    If you lose your passport, you must first go to the nearest police station and
    obtain a “Certificate of Report of Lost Property”. Then you may go to the
    embassy or consulate of your country in Japan (p.199) and apply for a re-issue
    of your passport. The Report of Lost Property receipt number, written on the
    receipt you receive from the police, is necessary for this procedure.

    (2) Transfer of Endorsement
    When a new passport is issued due to its validity expiring or loss, you must
    transfer the stamp of re-entry permission and status of residence to the new
    passport. These procedures are carried out at the Immigration Bureau.

For Comfortable Living

     For Comfortable Living

         1     Finding Housing

    (1) Counseling on Housing
    Osaka Municipal Housing Information Center consults about purchasing and
    renting housing and housing policy in Osaka by interview and telephone.

                【Counseling on Housing (Information Service Counter)】
             ● Osaka Municipal Housing Information Center
               Housing Information Plaza
               6-4-20 Tenjimbashi, Kita-ku, Osaka
               ☎ 06-6242-1177        06-6354-8601
               Weekdays/Saturday 9:00 - 19:00 (Closed on Tuesday, the day
               after National & Year-end/New Year Holidays)
               Sunday/National Holidays 10:00 - 17:00
               ※English, Chinese, Korean is available 10:00 - 17:00

    (2) Basic knowledge about Renting Housing
G   ① Contract
    Once you have found a suitable house or apartment, you will enter into a lease
    contract. Generally you will be required Shiki-kin (refundable deposit) and
    Reikin (key money).

    ○ Guarantor (Hosho-nin): When the contracting party was not able to assume
      liability for reparation, a guarantor must be appointed. In most cases, it is
      requested to appoint a Japanese guarantor.
    ○ Security Company (Hosho Gaisha): A company receives money and will
      be your guarantor. Service, security and screening will vary according to
      each security company.
    ○ Application Money or Deposit (Shoko-kin or Azukari-kin):
      This money is available until the contract is completed. This money will be
      appropriated as part of the Tetsuke-kin (Initial deposit) below.
    ○ Initial Deposit (Tetsuke-kin): The money is paid as proof of the completion
      of the contract. This money will be appropriated as part of the Guarantee
    ○ Key Money/Gift Money (Rei-kin): This money is paid to the landlord as a
      token of gratitude and is not refundable when you move out.

                                                          For Comfortable Living

○ Refundable deposit (Shiki-kin): This is the money left with the landlord
  as security for your rental payments. Usually, the money is paid back to
  you when you move out, however, if you do not pay the rent or if there are
  serious damages to the property, this money will be appropriated to cover
  the amount of the repair cost.
  ※It is sometimes generally called Guarantee Money (Hosho-kin).
    In some cases, when the tenant moves out, a fixed amount as contracted
    is deducted, which is called “Shikibiki (Kaiyaku-biki).”
○ Realtor’s Commission Fee (Chukai-ryo): This is commission paid to the
  real estate agent. In general, the tenant and landlord pay one half of the
  sum of money equivalently to one month’s rent. However, the proportion
  paid by each party is able to change under the agreement of both parties.

② House Rental Payment
In general, monthly rent and maintenance fees are to be paid each month.

○ Rental Fee: In general, you must pay the monthly rental fee in advance by
  the last day of the previous month.                                              G
○ Maintenance Fees: These are to cover the maintenance expenses of
  communal areas. They are sometimes included in the rent.

③ House Terminating the Contract
When you wish to terminate the lease, you must give advance notice (normally
one to two months) to the landlord in accordance with the provisions of the
contract. If you move out without giving a notice, or if you give notice just
before moving, you might need to cover the extra rental charge.

(3) How to Apply for Private Housing
When searching for a house or an apartment to rent, tenants generally go
through a real estate agent for assistance. Your real estate agent will give
you information on the housing available and take you to see any house or
apartment you are interested in at no charge. To avoid any misunderstandings
when dealing with the real estate agent, it is advised to take a Japanese
speaker with you. When purchasing a house, we generally use housing loan
from private financiall institutions.

     For Comfortable Living

    (4) Housing for Foreign Residents
    ① Municipal Housing for Privately-financed International Students (p.76)
    ② Housing Support System for Foreign Business People
    For foreign business people working in foreign-affiliated companies,
    Osaka Municipal Housing Cooperation provides information about necessary
    documents or relaxing requirements of a guarantor and vacancies of public
    housing under Osaka Municipal Housing.

                         Osaka Business and Investment Center
                           ☎ 06-6944-6298     06-6944-6293

    (5) How to Apply for Public Housing
    ① Municipal Housing
    Application’s registration for Municipal Housing starts around February and
    July every year. Application for Elderly Parents Housing and Parents with small
    children starts around November. Those families who complete the Foreign
G   Resident Registration and are living or working in Osaka City can apply for
    municipal housing. Applicants must meet certain income conditions as listed
    in the application guidelines. Application guidelines are available from the
    following offices when the new application period opens. Housing for middle-
    income earning households and vacancies of public housing will accept
    additional applicants. In detail, please refer to the following places.

                                【Application Forms】
         ● Housing Information Plaza
            at the Osaka Municipal Housing Information Center
         ● Housing Management Centers
         ● Osaka City Service Counters (p.196)
         ● Ward Office (p.194)
         ● Branches of the Ward Office (p.194)

                                                            For Comfortable Living

    ● Applications Section, Administration Department,
      Osaka Municipal Housing Corporation
      Osaka Municipal Housing Information Center 5F,
      6-4-20 Tenjimbashi, Kita-ku, Osaka
      ☎ 06-6882-7024      06-6882-7021
    ● Municipal Housing Telephone Service
      (Recorded message in Japanese) ☎ 06-6945-0031

② Applications of Municipal Housing for Single Parent Families, Elderly
   Persons, and Families that have Persons with Disabilities.
Application registration starts around the beginning of May every year.
Municipal housing is available for single parent families, aged families with or
without special needs cares, those families that have people with disabilities
with or without special needs cares, and for those who are in wheelchairs with
special needs cares or specially designed housing.
This housing is available for families that have completed the Registration of       G
Foreign Residents, and are living in Osaka City.

                  【Application Forms and Inquiries】
          Public Health and Welfare Center in each ward (p.194)

③ Housing for Osaka Municipal Housing Corporation
If you wish to apply to live in a house provided by Osaka Municipal Housing
Cooperation, please make an inquiry to the following counter.

             Applications Section, Administration Department,
                  Osaka Municipal Housing Corporation
                    ☎ 06-6882-9000      06-6882-7021

④ Specific High-Quality Apartment (Subsidized Private Housing built to
   City Standards) for Minkan-Smiling Tenants
Housing rental assistance is available to cover a portion of the monthly rent
for tenants of “Minkan-Smiling” who are usually from middle-income earning
households. Applicants must meet certain income conditions as listed in the
application guidelines.

     For Comfortable Living

      ● For Housing managed by the Osaka Municipal Housing Corporation
        Applications Section, Administration Department,
        Osaka Municipal Housing Corporation
        ☎ 06-6882-9000     06-6882-7021
      ● For Housing managed by the Private Designated Corporation
        Private Housing Department, Osaka Municipal Housing Corporation
        ☎ 06-6882-7055     06-6882-7011

    ⑤ Prefectural Housing
    Applications for Prefectural housing are accepted every May and November.
    Application forms are distributed at the following places during the application
    term. Applicants must meet the same requirements as for municipal housing.

                               【Application Forms】
      ● Annex to the Osaka Prefectural Office, Housing Consultation Room
      ● Each Prefectural Residents Information Plaza
         (c/o Prefectural Tax Office)
      ● Housing Section of each Ward office or City Hall
         (except for Osaka City)
      ● Each ward office in Osaka City
      ● Housing Management Centers
      ● Osaka Prefectural Housing Corporation
      ● Housing Information Center (Housing Information Plaza)

    ⑥ Osaka Prefectural Housing Corporation
    If you wish to apply to live in a house provided by Osaka Prefectural Housing
    Cooperation, please make an inquiry to the following counter.

      ● Osaka Prefectural Housing Corporation
        ☎ 06-6203-5454 (Weekday 9:00 - 17:45 Saturday: 10:00 - 16:00)
      ● Prefectural Housing Application Information (Telephone Service)
        ☎ 06-6945-6000 (24 hours, recorded message)

                                                          For Comfortable Living

⑦ Urban Renaissance Agency Housing (UR Housing)
If you wish to apply to live in a house provided by the Urban Renaissance
Agency, please make an inquiry to the following counter. There is housing
outside of Osaka City.
                   【Application Forms and Inquiries】
     ● Urban Renaissance Agency Publicity Sales Center
       12-13F Herbis Ent Office Tower, 2-2-22 Umeda, Kita-ku
       ☎ 06-6346-3456 (9:30 - 19:00)
       (Closed on May 3 -5 , Dec. 29 -Jan. 3 )
                         rd   th        th      rd

       Please refer to the following regarding the places where
       applications are available.

(6) Housing Assistance
① Rental Housing Assistance for Newlywed Couples
Newlyweds who plan to rent privately owned rental housing in Osaka City are
able to receive rental assistance under certain income conditions. For further     G
information, please make an inquiry to the following.
  ● Newlywed Couples Dept. Osaka Municipal Housing Corporation
    Housing Information Center 4F
    6-4-20 Tenjimbashi, Kita-ku, Osaka
    ☎ 06-6355-0355 (Weekday 9:00 - 17:30)          06-6355-03511

② Housing Loan and Interest Assistance for Households with a Child
Those who are bringing up a child and plan to purchase a house in Osaka to
receive a housing loan from private financial institutions are able to receive
housing loan interest assistance. For further information, please make an
inquiry to the following.
  ● Private Housing Dept. Osaka Municipal Housing Corporation
    Housing Information Center 5F
    6-4-20 Tenjimbashi, Kita-ku, Osaka
    ☎ 06-6882-7050 (Weekday 9:00 - 17:30)          06-6882-7011

     For Comfortable Living

         2   Application for Utilities and Other Services

    (1) Water & Sewerage
    The Osaka Municipal Waterworks Bureau supplies tap water throughout Osaka
    city. 100% of households in Osaka have access to water supply, and you can
    drink tap water directly. The Osaka Municipal Public Works Bureau is in charge
    of supervising and maintaining of sewerage utilities.
    ● Osaka City Waterworks Bureau
    ● Osaka City Public Works Bureau

    ① Applying for/Discontinuing Water Service
    Apply to Waterworks Bureau Customer Center.
    Application is possible on the internet. Please refer to Web pages.
    ② Water-related Troubles
    Contact a city authorized water installation contractor or Waterworks Bureau
G   Customer Center. During evenings and holidays, please contact Waterworks
    Bureau Maintenance Centers.
    ③ Sewerage Service Centers
    Inquiries on blocked sewers and maintenance for public sewerage.
    <Open Hours>9:00 - 17:30 (except for the Night-and-Day Duty Center)
    Closed Saturday, Sunday, National and Year-end/New Year holidays.
         Name                 Tel. /Address (nearest station)        Competent authorities
             ☎ 06-6969-2656         06-6969-6201
    Nakahama                                                         Miyakojima-ku,
             1-17-10 Nakahama, Joto-ku
    Sewerage                                                         Asahi-ku, Joto-ku,
             (Nakahama Sewerage Disposal Site)
    Center                                                           Tsurumi-ku
             (Subway: Midoribashi sta. /Subway & JR: Shigino sta.)
    Tajima   ☎ 06-6751-5000         06-6751-5065                     Tennoji-ku,
    Sewerage 1-17-13 Tajima, Ikuno-ku                                Higashinari-ku,
    Center   (City bus: Tatsumikita 1-chome)                         Ikuno-ku
             ☎ 06-6567-6495         06-6567-6513
    Tsumori                                                          Taisho-ku,
             2-7-13 Tsumori, Nishinari-ku
    Sewerage                                                         Naniwa-ku,
             (Tsumori Sewerage Disposal Site)
    Center                                                           Nishinari-ku
             (City bus: Tsumori-jinjyamae)
                 ☎ 06-6576-0700      06-6576-2231
    Ichioka                                                          Chuo-ku,
                 2-15-26 Ichioka, Minato-ku
    Sewerage                                                         Nishi-ku,
                 (Tsumori Sewerage Disposal Site)
    Center                                                           Minato-ku
                 (Subway: JR Bentencho sta.)

                                                                  For Comfortable Living

  Name                  Tel. /Address (nearest station)            Competent authorities
             ☎ 06-6686-0434     06-6686-1341
             1-1-189 Izumi, Suminoe-ku                             Suminoe-ku,
             (Suminoe Sewerage Disposal Site)                      Sumiyoshi-ku
             (Subway: Suminoekoen sta.)
Nakano       ☎ 06-6705-0341       06-6704-1340                     Abeno-ku,
Sewerage     2-1-18 Nakano, Higashisumiyoshi-ku                    Higashisumiyoshi-ku,
Center       (Subway: Komagawanakano sta.)                         Hirano-ku
Ebie         ☎ 06-6462-1437       06-6462-1976                     Fukushima-ku,
Sewerage     1-2-47 Takami, Konohana-ku (Ebie Sewerage Disposal    Konohana-ku,
Center       Site) (Hanshin: Yodogawa sta.)                        Nishiyodogawa-ku
             ☎ 06-6399-6961      06-6399-6967
Juhachijo                                                          Kita-ku,
             1-8-1 Juhachijo, Yodogawa-ku
Sewerage                                                           Yodogawa-ku,
             (Juhachijo Sewerage Disposal Center)
Center                                                             Higashiyodogawa-ku
             (Subway: Higashimikuni sta.)
Night-and-   For emergency sewerage problems during holidays or
day          at night contact:                                     Covering all the
Duty         ☎ 06-6947-7981                                        wards
Center       Business Hours: out of the above business hours.

④ Waterworks Bureau Customer Center
                    Waterworks Bureau Customer Center
The Waterworks Bureau Customer Center deals with issues regarding
registrations for water supply or consultations on construction.
☎ 06-6458-1132
URL : http://www.city.osaka.lg.jp/contents/wdu030/english/
             Weekday (Monday - Friday): 8:00 - 20:00
             Saturday (Sunday・Holiday : Only March and April): 9:00 - 17:00
             *Dec.29 to Dec.30: 9:00-17:00
                         st        rd
* Closed From Dec.31 to Jan.3 .
* Operations for installation and de-installation of waterworks meter will
   be conducted between 9:00 to 17:30 on weekdays. (except Dec.29th to
* Customer Center will record all conversation to avoid any misunderstanding.

     For Comfortable Living

    ⑤ Waterworks Bureau Maintenance Centers
    Please contact the following offices for urgent repairs of waterworks at night
    and holiday. However, regarding issues for private housing, please contact a
    house owner or manager.
     Government Authorities             Name                  Telephone/Fax
    Yodogawa,                 North (Hokubu)
                                                          ☎ 06-6391-6303
    Kita, Fukushima,          Waterworks Maintenance
    Nishiyodogawa,            Center
    Asahi, Miyakojima,        East (Tobu)
                                                          ☎ 06-6927-8774
    Tsurumi, Chuo,            Waterworks Maintenance
    Tennoji, Naniwa           Center
    Nishi, Minato, Taisho     West (Seibu)
                                                          ☎ 06-6531-9213
    Suminoe, Nishinari,       Waterworks Maintenance
    Sumiyoshi                 Center
    Higashinari, Ikuno,       South (Nambu)
G   Higashisumiyoshi,         Waterworks Maintenance
                                                          ☎ 06-6719-7852
    Hirano, Abeno             Center

    (2) Electricity
    The Kansai Electricity Power Co., Inc. supplies power throughout Osaka City.
    The voltage and frequency of the electricity supplied in western Japan is 100V
    AC/60Hz. 200V AC is also available. (In eastern Japan including Tokyo, the
    frequency is 50Hz.
    ● Applying for / Discontinuing Electric Service
    Contact your local Kansai Electric Power office. On line application is also

    【The Kansai Electricity Power Co., Inc. Head Office Customer Service Center】
    <Business Hours> Monday - Friday (Except Holidays) 9:00 - 17:00
                       ☎ 06-6441-8821 (Voice guidance)
    ●Website: http://www.kepco.co.jp/service/move/index.html

                                                       For Comfortable Living

(3) Gas
City gas service is supplied by Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. throughout Osaka City.
● Applying for/Discontinuing Gas Service
Contact the Customer Center of Osaka Gas. On line application is also
available online.

              【Osaka Gas Customer Service Center】
<Business Hours> Monday - Friday: 9:00 - 19:00
                   Sunday/National Holidays: 9:00 - 17:00
                   ☎ 0120-0-94817
●Website: http://home.osakagas.co.jp/info/03-center.html

                        【Reporting a Gas Leak】
          ● Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. Osaka Pipeline Business Unit.
      ☎ 0120-0-19424 (24 hours)

(4) Telephone
① Telephone Installation/Removal/Other Counseling                               G
  Dial “116” for the above services.
  <Business Hours> 9:00 - 17:00
  (except for Year-end/New Year holidays, December 29 - January 3)
  The NTT West Service Guide also provides prerecorded information and
  faxes regarding NTT West’s procedures and services.
  (☎ 0120-116-160, Recorded message, 24 hours)

     For Comfortable Living

    ② NTT West Foreign Customer Service Center (NTT Information)
    The NTT West Foreign Customer Service Center answers questions and
    requests from foreign customers, and offers translation services through three-
    way calling when contacting branches or business offices of NTT West, or
    dialing “116” for assistance.
      <Business Hours> Weekday 9:00 - 17:00
      (except for Saturday, Saturday, National and Year-end/New Year holidays
      <December 29 - January 3>)
      ☎ 0120-364463 (Toll free / Access from mobile phones is unavailable.)
      <Languages Available>
      English, Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese: Monday - Friday
      Korean: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

    ③ NTT Internet Reservation Services NTT West Pittari Net
    Accepts applications for installation and removal of telephone and ISDN lines
G   within the western Japan area (30 prefectures). Available 24 hours.

                                                                    For Comfortable Living

  3       Waste and Recycling

(1) Separation & Collection of Waste

          Categories &                           Collection Schedule &
      Items to be collected                       Notes for Collection
<Recyclable Waste>             Collected Once a Week
● Cans                         ● Remove all bottle caps and dispose of plastic items as
  Cans Empty beverage or          Plastic Containers and Packaging, metal items should be
  food cans not exceeding         disposed of as Recyclable Waste.
  18 liters. (Excludes spray   ● Empty all cans and bottles and rinse them with water.
  cans and gas cylinders.)     ● Place the empty cans and bottles together in see-through
● Bottles                         garbage bags. Leave at the collection site by 9am on
  Glass beverage or food          collection day.
  bottles not exceeding 1.8    ● Beer bottles and other returnable bottles should be
  liters.                         returned to the shop where you bought them.
● Metal house wares            <Waste uncollectible as Recyclable Waste>
  Pans, ash trays or           ● Waste that is flammable or explosive, such as gas
  aluminum, measuring             cylinders or spray cans.
  less than 30 cm in side      ● Glass products, cosmetic bottles, heat-resistant glass,
  or diameter and a stick         electric bulbs, sheet glass, kitchen knives or any other
  measuring less than 1m.         sharp items.
● Plastic Bottles
● Soy sauce, beverages
                               ● Chinaware
                               ● Wire-shaped metal such as iron wire and copper wire.
  containers with following    ● Small-sized home electronic appliances.
  marks:                       Please dispose the above items as household waste.
                               ● Bottles containing harmful chemicals or paint.
                               ● (Please consult with the retailer or manufacturer.)
                               ● Metal housewares over 30 cm in side or diameter and a
                                  stick over 1m (Please dispose of them as bulky waste.)
<Plastic Containers and      Collected Once a Week
Packaging>                   ● Empty the contents and rinse before putting them out for
Product packaging and          collection. (Dispose plastic items with residue or excess
containers with following      liquid as household waste.)
marks:                       ● Do not put other garbage together with plastic containers
                               and packaging.
                             ● Put the plastic containers and packaging in a see-through
● Plastic bottles (except      garbage bag, and put out by 9am on the collection day.
  for “PET” soy sauce,       ● Foamed trays should be put out for collection at
  beverage bottles collected   supermarkets.
  as Recyclable Waste)       * Please put out plastic merchandise along with household
● Plastic trays                waste.
● (plate-type containers)
● Plastic tubes
● Plastic cups and packages
● Plastic bags and wrappers

     For Comfortable Living

             Categories &                              Collection Schedule &
         Items to be collected                          Notes for Collection
    <Bulky Waste>                 Please call the “Bulky Waste Collection Center” in advance
    Household durable consumer    to request collection.
    goods in excess of 30cm       <Toll free> ☎ 0120-79-0053
    in diameter or rod-shaped     <From Mobile phone> ☎ 06-6377-5750
    objects over 1m.              Mon-Sat (including National Holiday) 9:00-17:00
                                  ※Those with hearing or speech disabilities can
                                    0120-53-4153 or send a postcard. (P 65)
                                  ● After confirming service charges with the“Bulky
                                      Waste Collection Center,”please purchase“Bulky
                                      Waste Collection Fee Tickets”at convenience stores,
                                      supermarkets or post offices with an indication of
                                      handling this service.
                                  ● Please stick on the “Bulky Waste Collection Fee Ticket”
                                      on each bulky waste item and make sure to put out
                                      these items by 9 AM on the collection day as requested
                                      by the “Bulky Waste Collection Center.”
                                  ● Flammable or explosive waste such as fire extinguishers,
                                      gas cylinders, waste kerosene oil, minibikes,
                                      motorcycles, harmful chemicals, paint, batteries are not
                                      collectable. With regards to the disposal of the above,
G                                     please consult the retailer or companies concerned for
                                  ● Air conditioners, TVs, refrigerators, washing machines
                                      and clothes driers are not collectable as a bulky waste.
                                  ● Please consult the retailers about collection of waste
                                      items. A “Recycle charge” and “Collection charge” will
                                      apply. For the waste articles not collectible by retailers,
                                      please contact the number provided above.
    <Household Waste>             Collected Twice a Week
    Kitchen Trash, Waste Paper,   ● Drain any excess liquid, place the residue in a see-through
    and others measuring              trash bag and put it out by 9am on collection day.
    less than 30 cm in side or    ● Wrap skewers, broken glass, razor blades and other
    diameter. A stick measuring       sharp items in heavy paper and label the items “Kiken”
    less than 1m.                     (Dangerous) on a trash bag.
                                  ● Only once completely empty, dispose of gas cooking
                                      cylinders or spray cans by first piercing holes in them to
                                      remove any remaining gas in a well ventilated area away from
                                      any naked flames. Gas left in cylinders may explode.
                                  ● Only once completely empty (the fire should be completely
                                      extinguished ) , dispose of matches, fireworks and
                                  ● Use absorbent paper or cotton to absorb oils, or let them
                                      become solid before disposal.
                                  ● Remove waste from paper diapers and wrap them in a
                                      plastic bag to prevent odor leakage.
                                  * Please put out a bulk of household waste as bulky waste.

                                                                  For Comfortable Living

Starting from January 2008, Osaka City will enforce a policy to ensure better
working safety when separating waste. All wastes including domestic waste,
recyclable waste, plastic containers and packaging collection must be disposed
by using“See-Through Trash Bags”.

(2) Inquiries regarding Waste
● Environment Management Center
  Name                  Tel. /Address (nearest station)           Government Authorities
             ☎ 06-6351-4000       06-6351-4049
 Hokubu      2-8-14 Doshin, Kita-ku
             (Subway: Ogimachi sta./ JR: Temma sta.)
             ☎ 06-6323-3511       06-6370-3951
 Tohoku      1-2-20 Kamishinjo, Higashiyodogawa-ku
             (City bus: Higashiyodogawa Yubinkyoku-mae)
             ☎ 06-6913-3960       06-6913-3674                    Asahi-ku,
 Shirokita   2-11-1 Yakino, Tsurumi-ku                            Joto-ku,
             (Subway: Tsurumiryokuchi)                            Tsurumi-ku
             ☎ 06-6477-1621       06-6477-4602                    Fukushima-ku,
 Seihoku     2-5-66 Owada, Nishiyodogawa-ku                       Konohana-ku,
             (Hanshin: Fuku sta.)                                 Nishiyodogawa-ku         G
             ☎ 06-6714-6411       06-6714-7787
 Chubu       1-6-28 Kozen, Higashisumiyoshi-ku
             (JR: Tobuichiba-mae sta.)
 Chubu       ☎ 06-6567-0750       06-6567-0721
 Branch      2-1-1 Shiokusa, Naniwa-ku
 Office      (Subway: Daikokucho sta. / JR: Ashiharabashi sta.)
             ☎ 06-6552-0901       06-6552-1130                    Nishi-ku,
 Seibu       1-20-29 Kobayashi-nishi, Taisho-ku                   Minato-ku,
             (City bus: Kobayashi)                                Taisho-ku
             ☎ 06-6751-5311      06-6753-3041
 Tobu        1-1-4 Tatsuminaka, Ikuno-ku
             (Subway: Kitatatsumi sta.)
             ☎ 06-6685-1271      06-6685-1282
 Seinan      1-1-111 Izumi, Suminoe-ku
             (Subway: Suminoekoen sta.)
             ☎ 06-6661-5450     06-6653-7849
 Nambu       5-5-26 Minamitsumori, Nishinari-ku
             (Subway: Kitakagaya sta.)
             ☎ 06-6700-1750        06-6706-2007
 Tonan       1-3-40 Uriwariminami, Hirano-ku                      Hirano-ku
             (City bus: Uriwari-minami)


Parenting & Education

      Parenting & Education

         1   For Expectant Parents

     (1) Child Care
     ① Pregnancy
     ● Issuing of the Mother and Child Health Handbook
    The handbook records prenatal checkup records, the history of your baby’s
    growth, vaccinations and information about child care and health.
    【Process of Issuing】
     Please submit a pregnancy notification form to the Public Health and Welfare
     Center of your local ward (p.195).
     ※A leaflet explaining this handbook is available in English, Chinese, Korean,
    Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesia, Tagalog and Thai.

     ② After a Birth
     When a child is born to persons of foreign nationality, the father or mother must
     register the child by the following process.

     ● Birth Registration (Shussei-todoke)
     In case if both parents are of foreign nationality and their child is born in Japan,
     Birth Registration must be submitted in Japan and the country of the child’s
H    citizenship.
     You must submit the Birth Registration form within 14 days of the birth. Please
     make an inquiry to your embassy or consulate general about the documents
     needed to apply for Birth Registration.
     (Applications: Your local ward office p.194)
     <Necessary Documents>
     ○Birth Certificate of child (Issued at the hospital where the birth took place)
     ○Mother and Child Health Handbook
     ○National Health Insurance Certificate (If you are registered under the National
     Health Insurance Program).

     ● Registration of Foreign Residents
     Apply for the child’s Foreign Registration Card with the father or mother’s
     (person who make an application) Foreign Registration Card and personal
     seal, at your local ward office. (p.194)

                                                               Parenting & Education

● Application for Acquisition of Status of Residence
Apply at the Immigration Office within 30 days of the birth.
<Necessary Documents>
○Birth Registration Receipt
○Foreign Registration Card of the child
○Foreign Registration Card of the parents
○Passport of the parents

● Apply for Issuance of a Child Passport
Apply at the embassy or consulate general of your country. (p.199)
The required documents differ from according to the country. Please check with
your embassy or consulate general for further information.

③ Lump Sum Birth Allowance
If you have joined the National Health Insurance Program in Osaka, you are
eligible to receive benefits that will assist you in paying expenses related to
child birth. This system applies after 85 days of pregnancy and the baby is
stillborn. You can apply for the benefits at your local ward office (p.194).
There is also a system that Osaka City pays Lump Sum Birth Allowance
directly to medical institutions (domestic only). For further information, please
ask the medical institution where you are planning to have a baby. If you have         H
joined the Health Insurance Program offered by your workplace, you should go
to the Health Insurance Section (Health Insurance Association, Japan Health
Insurance Association’s branch offices. (p.179))

④ Health Check up for Infants (Free of charge)
○These are at 3 months, 18 months, and 3 years: Your local Public Health and
Welfare Center will notify you of the examination.
○1month - 2months: A General Health Examination for Infants application
form is attached to the Maternal and Child Health Handbook. Fill out and
submit this form to one of the medical facilities in Osaka Prefecture to have this
○9months - 11months: Please fill out the reception form issued at the time
of health examination for infants aged 3 months, and submit it to one of the
medical facilities in Osaka Prefecture to have this examination.

     Parenting & Education

    ⑤ Preventive Vaccination (Free of charge)
    Please ensure your child receives the various immunizations as outlined in the
    schedule in the Preventive Vaccination Injection Notebook (p.70) when your
    child is in good health.

    ⑥ Medical Health Care Aid for Infants
    If you are a guardian of a child of six years or under who has not entered
    elementary school yet, and child up to 12 years old (6th grade of elementary
    school), and your income is below the prescribed level, you are eligible to
    receive a part-refund of your child’s medical costs and hospitalization expenses
    as covered by Medical Insurance. It also includes medical costs of hospital
    You can apply for the refund at the Public Health and Welfare Center in your
    local ward (p.195).

    ⑦ Child Allowance
    Child allowance is provided to families with children, ranging from infants to
    third year junior high school students. This allowance is granted the month
    following that of the application. The monthly amount of the allowance for each
    child will be ¥13,000 and will be provided until the child becomes 15 years old
H   (allowance will no longer be provided after March 31st). For more information,
    please refer to the Public Health and Welfare Center of your local ward (p.195).
    Those who are government employees, please make an inquiry to your office
    about the details.

    (2) Day Nurseries and Kindergartens
    ① Day Nurseries
    Nursery Schools take care of 6 months old to 5 years old children (before 1st
    grade), whose guardians are applicable to one of the following situations: both
    are working, one of the guardians is pregnant or ill, cannot take care of the
    child because of nursing commitments to aged relatives or one the siblings has
    a disability requiring care.
    Fees for nursing care are based upon the total amount of the guardians’
    income tax or municipal tax within the household of the previous year. You
    can get information at the Public Health and Welfare Center in your local ward

                                                            Parenting & Education

 ② Municipal Kindergarten
 Children can attend kindergarten in any district at the age of 4 - 5 (some
 accept enrollments from age 3.) Enrollment for the following year starts from
 the beginning of November. Application documents are available from each
 kindergarten. In cases where enrollment numbers are low, some kindergartens
 accept enrollments outside of the period of application.

                  【Inquiries for Municipal Kindergartens】
    Kindergartens, Children’s Care Division, Children and Youth Bureau
                             ☎ 06-6208-8165

 (3) Counseling on Child Care
 ① Osaka Municipal Child Care Counseling Center
 This center offers counseling and information, as well as various lectures and
 seminars giving advice on child care issues.
 6-4-20 Tenjimbashi, Kita-ku
 TEL06-6354-0106 FAX06-6354-0277
 <Open Hours> Weekday 10:00 - 20:00
                    Weekend and holidays 10:00 - 17:00
 <Closed Day> Tuesday (the following day if it falls on a holiday)
                    The following day of a holiday (except for Sunday and           H
                    Year-end/New Year holidays
【Telephone Counseling】
 ☎ 06-6354-4152
 Mon - Fri 10:00 - 20:00 (Weekend and holidays - 17:00)
 ● Telephone counseling in English, Chinese, Korean
Every Monday 10:00 - 17:00
【Interview counseling】
 Osaka City citizens only, Appointment necessary

     Parenting & Education

    ② Disease Immunization Schedule
                                 Stage 1/First
                                                 Three times between ages 3 - 90 months at 20
     A mixture of whooping                       to 56 days intervals.
     cough, diphtheria, and
     tetanus                     Stage 1/       After completion of the first injection course, a
                                 Booster        period of at least 6 months should lapse before
                                 Injection      administering a booster injection.
     A mixture of diphtheria     Once for those aged 11& 12 years old (6th grade of elementary
     and tetanus                 school).
                                 Stage 1        Age 12 - 24 months
                                                 Age 5 - 7 years old, during the year before the
                                 Stage 2
     MR (rubella & measles)                      child enters elementary school.
                                 Stage 3         1st grade of Junior High School
                                 Stage 4         1st grade of High School
     Japanese encephalitis       Stage 1/First   Twice between age 6 - 90 months, at 6 - 28
     ※Is not currently           Injection       days intervals.
     being administered,         Stage 1/
     in accordance with                          Once only booster injection for those aged 6 -
     the advice of the                           90 months, generally 1 year later.
     Health, Labor, and
     Welfare Ministry’s
     advisory. Inquire for the                   Once between age 9 - 13 years old (4th grade
                                 Stage 2
     resumption date and                         of elementary school).
     further information.
H                                Twice between age 3 - 90 months, at more than 41 days
                                 intervals (Operated in Spring and Autumn sessions.)
     ※Tuberculosis               Once between age 3 - 6 months.

    Vaccinations indicated with an ※ can be taken at the public health and welfare
    center of each ward. Those without the indication are available at Osaka City
    Authorized Disease Prevention Injection Medical Organization.

                          【Inquiries for Disease Immunization】
                                   Public Health Office
                       Infections Diseases Prevention Department
                                     ☎ 06-6647-0656

                                                              Parenting & Education

  2     The Period of Compulsory Education in Japan is 9 Years

(1) Organization of the Education System


(2) Elementary and Junior High Schools
In Japan, it is mandatory for all children to attend elementary school for
six years and junior high school for three years. All classes are taught in
Japanese. No tuition fees are charged for schools run by the city, however
schools do charge for lunches and teaching aids provided by the schools. To
enroll, visit your local ward office (p.194) with your child’s Foreign Registration
Card and complete the necessary procedures.
For International schools, national or private schools, please inquiry the
schools directly.

     Parenting & Education

    (3) High Schools
    High school education is not mandatory. To enroll, a student must have
    received the equivalent of at least a Japanese junior high school education.
    You may choose national, public or private school. They offer varied curricula,
    including academic, commercial and industrial courses. For information on
    enrollment in a public high school, inquire at your child’s junior high school. To
    enroll in a private school, apply directly at the school of your choice.

    (4) Schools for Foreign Children
    The following are schools for foreign children located in and around Osaka.
    ① International Schools
                    Name                                 Address, Tel.
                                           ☎ 06-4395-1002                             Kindergarten
    Osaka YMCA International School
                                           FAX06-4395-1004                            (4years old) -
                                           1-2-2-800 Benten, Minato-ku                  6th grade
                                           ☎ 072-727-5050
    Osaka International School                                                        Kindergarten -
    http://www.senri.ed.jp/ois/index.htm                                                12th grade
                                           4-4-16 Onoharanishi, Mino City
                                                                                      4 years old -
                                           ☎ 078-857-0100                              12th grade
    Canadian Academy                         078-857-3250                              Dormitory
                                           4-1 Koyo-cho-naka, Higashinada-ku,
    http://www.canacad.ac.jp/                                                         Available for
                                           Kobe City                                  High School
                                           ☎ 078-732-6266
    Marist Brothers International School                                             3 years old -
    http://www.marist.ac.jp/                                                           12th grade
                                           1-2-1 Chimori-cho, Suma-ku, Kobe City
                                           ☎ 078-231-8885
    St. Michael’s International School        078-231-8899                           3 years old -
    http://www.smis.org/                   3-17-2 Nakayamate-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe        6th grade
                                           ☎ 075-451-1022
    Kyoto International School                075-451-1023                           3 years old -
    http://www.kyoto-is.org/               317 Kitatawara-cho, Nakadachiurisagaru,      8th grade
                                           Yoshiyamachidori, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto City
                                           ☎ 0743-74-1781
    Kansai Christian School                   0743-74-1781                          1st - 12th grade
                                           951 Tawaraguchi-cho, Ikoma City

                                                                      Parenting & Education

② Others
               Name                                Address, Tel.
                                     ☎ 078-857-9777
Deutsche Schule Kobe/European
                                        078-857-9775                          Kindergarten -
                                     3-2-8 Kouyoucho-naka, Higashinada-ku,       6th grade
                                     Kobe City
                                     ☎ 077-549-1555
                                                                              Kindergarten -
The Finnish School in Japan             077-532-3681
                                                                                 6th grade
                                     2-10-1 Shimme, Otsu City
                                     ☎ / 075-812-7015
Ecole Francaise du Kansai            536-1 Warayamachi,
                                                                              Kindergarten -
http://www.ecolefrancaisedukansai.   Kuromonhigashihairu, Marutamachi-dori,
                                                                                12th grade
org/                                 Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto City (Former Taiken
                                     Elementary School)
APEK Ecole Francaise du Kansai,      Same as described above Deutsche
Kobe Center                          Schule Kobe/European School
                                                                               7th grade -
College Francais du Kansai           10-5 Yamanohana-cho, Shugakuin,
                                                                                9th grade
                                     Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City
                                     ☎ 06-6649-6849
Osaka Chinese School                                                          Kindergarten -
http://www.ocs.ed.jp/                                                            9th grade
                                     1-8-13 Shikitsuhigashi,Naniwa-ku
Kobe Chinese School                  ☎ 078-341-7885
http://www.tongwen.ed.jp/home/          078-341-7910                            1st grade -
                                     6-9-1 Nakayamate-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe
toppage.                                                                         9th grade
html                                 City
Fukushima Chosen Shokyu Gakko        ☎ 06-6473-8487
                                                                              Kindergarten -
(Korean School)                         06-6473-8541
                                                                                 6th grade
http://www.o-fuku.com/               6-2-3 Himejima, Nishiyodogawa-ku
Shirokita Chosen Shokyu Gakko        ☎ 06-6951-3221
                                                                              Kindergarten -
(Korean School)                         06-6955-3019
                                                                                 6th grade
http://jouhoku.net/                  6-8-4 Shimmori, Asahi-ku
Higashi Osaka Chosen Shokyu
                                    ☎ 06-6728-4202
Gakko, Kindergarten (Korean School)                                           Kindergarten -
http://www.tongcho-corea.net/k/                                                  6th grade
                                    2-4-22 Teramae-cho, Higashi-Osaka City
Osaka Chosen Daiyon Shokyu           ☎ 06-6712-8833
                                                                              Kindergarten -
Gakko (Korean School)                  06-6712-0062
                                                                                 6th grade
http://www.osakadai4.com/            4-9-22 Momodani, Ikuno-ku
Ikuno Chosen Shokyu Gakko,
                                     ☎ 06-6758-0848                           Kindergarten -
Kindergarten (Korean School)
                                     3-14-16 Tatsuminishi, Ikuno-ku              6th grade
Sakai Chosen Shokyu Gakko
(Korean School) Now Closed.                                                   Kindergarten -
                                     2-2-5 Kaichonishi, Sakai City
http://www.yotuba-funan.com/                                                     6th grade

     Parenting & Education

                  Name                              Address, Tel.
    Senshu Chosen Shokyu Gakko         ☎ 0725-22-3366
                                                                                Kindergarten -
    (Korean School)                      0725-22-3366
                                                                                   6th grade
    http://www.sensyuu.net/            13-20 Kasuga-cho, Izumiotsu City
    Naka Osaka Chosen Shochukyu        ☎ 06-6976-7644
                                                                                Kindergarten -
    Gakko (Korean School)                06-6971-2702
                                                                                   9th grade
    http://www.nakaosaka.net/          3-17-6 Higashinakamoto, Higashinari-ku
    Kita Osaka Chosen Shochukyu
                                       ☎ 06-6328-6794
    Gakko・Kindergartens                                                         Kindergarten -
    (Korean School)                                                                9th grade
                                       1-5-19 Osumi, Higashiyodogawa-ku
    Nishi Osaka Chosen Shokyu Gakko  ☎ 06-6685-6505
                                                                                Kindergarten -
    (Korean School)                    06-6683-7018
                                                                                   6th grade
    http://www.nishiosakakorea.com/  1-11-1 Kitakagaya, Suminoe-ku
    Higashi Osaka Chosen Chukyu      ☎ 06-6757-0991
                                                                                 7th grade -
    Gakko (Korean School)              06-6754-1489
                                                                                  9th grade
    http://www.tongjung.com/         3-16-4 Tatsuminishi, Ikuno-ku
    Osaka Chosen Kokyu Gakko (Korean ☎ 0729-63-3481
                                                                                 10th grade -
    School)                            0729-63-3183
                                                                                  12th grade
    http://www.osakakhs.com/         2-18-26 Hishie, Higashiosaka City
                                     ☎ 06-6691-1231
    Hakuto School                                                               Kindergarten -
    http://www.keonguk.ac.jp/                                                     12th grade
                                     2-3-13 Oriono, Sumiyoshi-ku
                                     ☎ 06-4703-1780
    Kongo School                                                                Kindergarten -
H   http://www.kongogakuen.ed.jp/
                                     2-6-10 Nankokita, Suminoe-ku
                                                                                  12th grade

For Foreign Students

     For Foreign Students

         1   Information for Foreign Students

    (1) Scholarships
    “Scholarships for International Students in Japan” (published annually by the
    Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) covers the details of scholarship
    programs. Note: This booklet can be downloaded from the following webpage.

                  Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)
                               Information Center
                      Kobe Satellite Studying in Japan Section
              1-2-8 Wakihamacho, Chuo-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo 651-0072
                     ☎ 078-242-1745 9:30 - 17:00 (Mon. - Fri.)
                            http://www.jasso.go.jp/study_ j/sgtj.html

    (2) Accommodation
    ① Provided from Osaka City for privately financed international students
    <El Sereno Kobaicho>
    To meet the accommodation needs of foreign students, housing has been
    leased through a real estate agent by Osaka International House Foundation
    and is financed (except maintenance) by the Osaka City Government.
    ● Location
I   6-6 Kobaicho, Kita-ku, 530-0038
    (nearest station: Subway Minamimorimachi sta. / JR Temmangu sta.)
    ● Qualification for Residence
    Applicants must be privately financed international students with a valid college
    student visa, and be registered either at a graduate school, university, college,
    junior college or vocational school within Osaka Prefecture, or the Japan
    Student Services Organization’s Osaka Japanese Language Education Center.
    ● Application Period
    Early December - Early January
    (Notice is sent to your school).
    Submit the designated application form to the Osaka International House
    Foundation through your school administration department.
    Note: If the number of applicants exceeds room availability, occupants will be
    decided by lottery.

                                                             For Foreign Students

                 Osaka International House Foundation
                 Planning and Communications Division
              2-6 Uehommachi 8-chome, Tennoji-ku, Osaka
                 ☎ 06-6772-7327 http://www.ih-osaka.or.jp/

② Other accommodations for international students
            Name                                    Inquiries
 Osaka International House      Japan Students Services Organization
 (Residence Hall 1& 2)          Kinki Regional Osaka Office
                                1-31 Kamiyama-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka
                                ☎ 06-6361-2131         06-6361-3727
 Sakai International Hall       Osaka Foundation of International Exchange
 (Orion International House)    MyDome Osaka 5F, 2- 5 Hommachi-bashi,
                                Chuo-ku, Osaka
                                ☎ 06-6966-2400         06-6966-2401

(3) Employment Support Service for International Students
The Osaka International House Foundation holds job guidance and provides
general information about employment for international students who want to
pursue work in Osaka after graduation.

Inquiries: Planning & Communications Division, Osaka International House

*The Osaka Employment Service Center for Foreigners (p.191) offers job
counseling and placement service including part-time jobs.

     For Foreign Students

    (4) Osaka Citizen’s Fund for International Students
    Loans are available for living expenses from money collected by citizens,
    industry, and organization
    ● Eligibility
    1. Applicants must be registered students of a college or university in Osaka
    2. Applicants must be a self-financed foreign student holding a valid “college
       student visa.”
    3. Applicants must first contact Osaka International House Foundation in order
       to receive the required application documents. An interview is required.
    4. A guarantor is required.
    ● Selection Procedure for Loans
    Osaka International House Foundation examines each loan applicant on an
    individual basis to confirm whether they will be able to repay the money.
    ● Inquiries
    Osaka International House Foundation
    Planning & Communications Division (p.78)

    (5) Counseling and Advice for Foreign Students

                   Name                      Tel. /Address                 Time
    Osaka International House          ☎ 06-6772-7327
    Foundation Planning &              8-2-6 Uehommachi,          9:00 - 17:30
    Communications Division            Tennoji-ku, Osaka
I                                      ☎ 03-5520-6141
    Japan Student Information Center                              9:30 - 17:00
                                       2-79 Omi, Koto-ku, Tokyo
    Services                                                      (Mon - Fri)
                                       ☎ 078-242-1745
    Organization  Information Center                              Except holidays and
    (JASSO)                            1-2-8 Wakihamacho,
                  (Kobe Satellite)                                Year-end and New Year.
                                       Chuo-ku, Kobe City

                                                                     For Foreign Students

(6) Japanese Language Schools
The followings are accredited by AIEL.
Foreign students will be given student visas in certain courses of schools
indicated by*.
           Name                                  Tel. /Address/Website
Osaka Japanese Language
Education Center,             ☎ 06-6774-0033 8-3-13 Uehommachi,Tennoji-ku
Japan Student Services        http://www.jasso.go.jp/index_e.html (Japanese/English)
                         ☎ 06-6779-8364 1-3 Ikutamatera-cho, Tennoji-ku
Osaka YMCA
Japanese Language Course
Ashiya International School
                              ☎ 06-6770-2857 1-7-1 Terada-cho, Tennoji-ku
of Japanese Studies
ECC International College of
                             ☎ 06-6311-1448 8F 2-1-6 Nakazakinishi, Kita-ku
Foreign Languages
                             http://www.ecc.ac.jp/japan/eng/index.html (Japanese/
Japanese Language Course
                              ☎ 06-6361-2955 11-12 Kamiyama-cho, Kita-ku
Osaka YWCA College*           http://osaka.ywca.or.jp/college_eng/ (Japanese/English/
                              ☎ 06-6882-1435 2-11-12 Doshin, Kita-ku
Osaka International School
of Culture and Language

Japan - China
                              ☎ 06-6353-2442
                              Marusan Bldg. 4F, 2chome-kita 2-26 Tenjimbashi, Kita-ku
Language Center               http://www.jclc.jp/nicchu/
                              (Japanese/ Chinese/Korean)
                              ☎ 06-6921-0055 3-6-18 Daito-cho, Miyakojima-ku
One Purpose International
                              ☎ 06-6463-3956 1-29-2 Nishikujo, Konohana-ku
Osaka International School
                              http://www.inter-edu.co.jp/inter_eng/index.htm (Japanese/
of Culture and Language
                              ☎ 06-6282-6098
Human Academy Japanese
                              Midosuji MID Bldg. 9F, 4-3-2 Minamisemba, Chuo-ku
Language School
                              http://hajl.athuman.com/e/index.asp?code= (Japanese/
Osaka Campus
Osaka YMCA International      ☎ 06-6441-9068 4F 1-5-6 Tosabori, Nishi-ku
College                       http://www.osk-ymca-intl.ed.jp/nihongo/en/
Japanese Course*              (Japanese/English/Chinese/Korean)

     For Foreign Students

                Name                                Tel. /Address/Website
                                ☎ 06-6533-3072
    Clover Language Institute
                                Shimmachi Bldg. 4F, 1-2-13 Shimmachi, Nishi-ku
    JCOM Japanese               ☎ 06-6532-7480 1-1-3 Itachibori, Nishi-ku
    Communication International http://jcom-ies.co.jp/e/
    Education School            (Japanese/ Chinese/Korean)
    International Japanese
                                 ☎ 06-6651-2122 3-6-21 Bainan, Nishinari-ku
    Language School
    EHLE Institute Japanese
                             ☎ 06-6647-0018 3-9-3 Nambanaka, Naniwa-ku
    Language School
    Japanese Language Course
                             ☎ 06-6635-1735
    Ark Academy
                             Ark Academy Bldg. 1-2-25 Nippombashinishi, Naniwa-ku
    Japanese Language School
                             ☎ 06-6646-0330
    MERIC Japanese Language 1-10-6 MERIC Bldg. Nippombashihigashi, Naniwa-ku
    School                   http://www.meric.co.jp/meric/html_eg/index.html
    Osaka College of High-
                                 ☎ 06-6392-8119 1-2-43 Miyahara, Yodogawa-ku
    Technology Department of
    Regular course*
    Nihon Riko-Jyoho Institute of ☎ 06-6329-6553 1-1-25 Osumi, Higashiyodogawa-ku
    Science and Engineering* http://www.kamei.ac.jp/_hp/nihongo/index.htm
I   Japanese Language Course* (Japanese/ Chinese/Korean)
                                  ☎ 06-6323-0155
    Shin-Osaka                    4-11-6 Higashinakajima, Higashiyodogawa-ku
    Foreign Language Institute http://www.sofli.ac.jp/toptext/toppage_en.html
                                 ☎ 06-6717-7705 1-5-7 Nakagawanishi, Ikuno-ku
    Umikaze Academy of
                                 ☎ 06-6756-7811 1-2-26 Shojihigashi,Ikuno-ku
    Shin-ai Institute of
    Nissei Japanese Language
                                 ☎ 06-6757-9797 4-15-26 Tatsumikita, Ikuno-ku
                                 ☎ 06-6621-8115 2-9-36 Matsuzaki-cho, Abeno-ku
    Kansai College of Business
    and Languages*

                                                                For Foreign Students

          Name                               Tel. /Address/Website
                         ☎ 06-6657-2369 1-6-3 Maruyamadori, Abeno-ku
Japanese Language School
SEIFU College*
Bunrin Institute, Department
                             ☎ 06-6627-7399 1-5-20 Oji-cho, Abeno-ku
of Japanese Language
                             ☎ 06-7306-4000 5-2-38 Kire, Hirano-ku
Osaka Minami Japanese
Language School

※Please refer to (M) “Facilities Around The City” (6) (p.201, 202, 203) for
 information regarding Japanese Lessons.



When You Are Ill

     When You Are Ill

            Before Seeing a Doctor

    (1) Having an Examination
    <Clinical Examination>
    Should you feel sick, go immediately to a hospital which treats the symptoms
    you are experiencing, with your health insurance certificate and some money.
    Each hospital sets its own outpatient hours for the first visit, but they are
    usually open on weekday mornings, and are closed on Sundays and National
    holidays (Some medical agency are closed on Saturdays).
    Be sure to check with the hospital before visiting. In general, no appointments
    are required for the first visit, except for dentistry. Most hospitals see patients
    on a first-come, first-served basis. You may have a long wait at a large hospital.
    Sudden illnesses and emergencies are handled by Emergency Clinics on
    Sundays, holidays and after hours. (p.7)

    ● List of medical agencies competent in foreign languages. (p.94-173)

    (2) Medical Insurance System
    Everyone who lives in Japan is required to enroll in one of the following public
    health insurance programs: Employee Health Insurance, in which company
    employees are enrolled, National Health Insurance which applies to those who
    are ineligible for Employee Health Insurance and Health Insurance System for
    the Elderly for those aged 75 years or older (Those aged 65 or older in certain

J   ● Portion of medical expenses to be borne by patient with public health
    70 years old and over: 20%※ or 30%
    From April 1st if they are 6 years old to 69 years old: 30%
    0 years old to before March 31st if they are under 6: 20%
    When you are hospitalized, a fee for meals is additionally required.

    ※70 years old and over should pay 20% of the medical cost by law. Between
    April 1st in 2008 and March 31st in 2010, the medical cost was 10% because of
    government support.

                                                                When You Are Ill

● Health Insurance Certificate
You receive a health insurance card when your application for Health Insurance
is completed and accepted. If you join the Health Insurance System for the
Elderly, you will receive a health insurance card once you reach a certain age.
This card identifies the insured person, so you should keep it in a safe place.
You must present this card when seeking treatment at a hospital or clinic. It is
recommended that you carry this card with you when you travel within Japan.
For more detailed information, please contact the Social Insurance Office (p.
131), Health Insurance Association or at your local ward office (p.194).

① Health Insurance
Those who are employed by their companies and their dependents are
automatically enrolled in the Health Insurance Program. The company for
which you work handles the application procedures and automatically deducts
the premium from your salary.
② National Health Insurance
Those who have registered as foreign residents and have obtained permission
to live in Japan for at least one year, but who are not covered by the Health
Insurance Program at their place of work, are required to join the National
Health Insurance Program. (Those with a temporary visitor visa are excluded.)
If you initially obtained permission to live in Japan for one year or less but
expect to live in Japan for more than one year, you are required to join the
National Health Insurance Program.

  NOTE: In accordance with the Japan Social Security Agreement (issued 1st         J
  October, 2005), those persons applicable under the United States Statute
  for Cost Reimbursement (Gasshukoku Hiyou Futan Horei) and are judged
  to be adequately insured against costs incurred by receiving medical care in
  Japan by the Social Security Administration of the United States, will not be
  covered by National Health Insurance.
  (Same agreement is made with Kingdom of Belgium from January 1st, 2007,
  the French Republic from June 1st, 2007, Australia from January 1st, 2009,
  Kingdom of the Netherlands from March 1st, 2009 and Czech Republic from
  June 1st, 2009)

     When You Are Ill

    ● Application and Payment of Premiums
    To enroll in the National Health Insurance Program, apply at your local Ward
    office (p.147). You must present your Foreign Registration Card when you
    apply. If your permitted period of stay in Japan is less than 1 year, please
    present some form of documentation to prove that you will be staying in Japan
    for more than 1 year. Please use an automatic transfer service to pay your
    insurance premiums in Osaka City. If not, Osaka City staff bearing official
    National Health Insurance Collector Certification will call at your home to collect
    the premium. Be sure to check their certification before the paying. If using a
    payment slip, please pay at your nearest financial institution, post office, Ward
    office or convenience store.

    ● Changing residence / Moving to a different municipality / Enrolling in a
      different health insurance scheme
    You must complete the proper formalities at your local ward office (p.194) in
    your new address within 14 days of the above changes if you are under a
    health insurance other than the National Health Insurance.
    <Documents required>
    National Health Insurance Certificate, personal seal (if you have one),
    Foreign Registration Card, Health Insurance Certificate given by your
    employer and Alternative Health Insurance Certificate if you are under a
    health insurance other than the National Health Insurance.
    ※Before returning to your home country, visit your ward office with the required
      documents and your air ticket.

J   ③ Health Insurance System for the Elderly
    Those who 75 years old and over ( or 65 years old and over with certain
    Disabilities who made an application) are eligible to receive medical care
    according to Health Insurance System for the Elderly. For more details, please
    ask asked to apply for these services at your local ward office. (p.194)

    ④ Qualifying for Financial Assistance with Medical Bills
    If you are a person with a severe disability, or over 65 years old and fulfil
    certain prerequisites, or are a single parent family and all children are under 18
    years of age and child (infant) (p.68) receive healthcare services provided by
    health insurance, you can receive assistance in paying medical expenses as
    covered by the National Health Insurance Program in cases where the parent’s

                                                                    When You Are Ill

income is under a certain level. You can apply for assistance at the Public
Health and Welfare Center of your local ward office. (p.194)

⑤ Obtaining Refund on Medicine Expenses
If you receive medical treatment when you are not carrying your insurance
card, you will be required to pay the entire amount of the bill (including cases
where you receive treatment while abroad), however you can file for a refund
pro rata.
If you are covered by National Health Insurance, you can file a claim at your
ward office (p.194). If you are covered by Health Insurance, you can file
a claim at the Social Insurance Office or Health Insurance Society. When
applying you will need to bring your health insurance card, personal seal and
your head of household’s bankbook (or applicable bank documents). Also you
will be required to submit the receipts and documents detailing the medical
treatment received and the corresponding expenses. Following the satisfactory
investigation of your claim, you will be refunded the amount that your insurance
would normally have covered.

⑥ Excessive Medical Payments Refund
Those who have paid large amounts in medical expenses during the same
month that exceeds a certain limit are eligible for a refund. When applying
for Health Insurance, please go to the Japan Health Insurance Association’s
Branch Offices (p.179) or National Federation of Health Insurance Societies;
to apply for National Health Insurance, please refer to your local ward office
Make sure to bring your health insurance card, personal seal, and your head of         J
household’s bankbook (or applicable bank account documents) with you. Part
of your expenses will be refunded after examination. In case a person under
70 is hospitalized, Limited Cost Certification will be issued after the application.
If you have Limited Cost Certification, your payment at a medical institution will
be determined at a limited amount.

⑦ Refund for Excessive Medical Care and Nursing Care Payments
The following applies to households that are under the medical care and
nursing care systems. If your household pays more than the required medical
care and nursing care costs, you may be eligible to receive a refund for the
exceeded amount of payment. During a one year period, payments made

     When You Are Ill

    from every August 1st to July 31st are applicable. However, in the fiscal year
    of 2008, it applies from April 1st 2008 to July 31st 2009. When applying for
    this refund, please bring your health insurance card, personal seal, and your
    head of household’s bankbook (or applicable bank account documents). If
    you registered for medical insurance since July 31st 2009 and you are under
    the health insurance system provided by your workplace, you can apply at
    the Japan Health Insurance Association’s Branch Offices or at the National
    Federation of Health Insurance Societies. If you are under the National Health
    Insurance or Health Insurance System for the Elderly, please apply at your
    local ward office.

    If your medical insurance or nursing care insurance changes, it is required that
    you bring a “self-payment certificate” issued by your previous insurance during
    the application process.

    ⑧ Lump Sum Birth Allowance (p.67)

    ⑨ Allowance for Funeral Expenses
    National Health Insurance provides an allowance for funeral expenses
    following the death of the insured person. Please apply at your local Ward
    office. (p.194) In the case you are insured by a Health Insurance Program
    offered by your workplace, you can apply at the Social Insurance Office (p.179)
    or Health Insurance Association.

    ⑩ Cases Where the Medical Insurance is not Applicable
J   In principle, Health Insurance does not cover the following cases:
    ● Medical treatment and drugs which are not covered by Health Insurance
      nor does the National Health Insurance cover extra charges incurred by a
      private patient’s room or non-essential dental treatment.
    ● Normal pregnancy and child birth.
    ● Medical checkups, inoculation and vaccination
    ● Cosmetic Surgery
    ● Straightening of teeth

                                                                  When You Are Ill

(3) Health Services
Public Health and Welfare Centers in Osaka City ( p.195 ) offer various
services relating to citizens’health. Other facilities also offer examinations and
① Health Counseling
Offers counseling on health and dietary habits.
② Maternal and Child Health
Free services such as counseling on maternal and child health, issuing of the
Maternal and Child Health Handbook, prenatal classes along with vaccinations
and checkups for the baby. (p.70)
③ Tuberculosis (TB) Prevention
Tuberculosis (TB) examinations are provided free of charge for persons 15
years old and over who have not received a health checkup at their school or
● HIV (AIDS) antibody testing (free, anonymous, no appointment necessary)
Syphilis and Chlamydia checks are also offered at the Public and Welfare
Health Centers.
・Kita Ward Public and Welfare Health Center: Monday-Friday, 9:30 - 11:00
                                                     ☎ 06-6313-9882
・Chuo Ward Public and Welfare Health Center: Monday-Friday, 9:30 - 11:00
                                                     ☎ 06-6267-9882
・Yodogawa Ward Public and Welfare Health Center
・Monday 14:00 - 15:30, Tuesday 9:30 - 11:00 ☎ 06-6308-9882

● Tuesday Night HIV antibody testing (free, anonymous, no appointment                J
Syphilis and Hepatitis B checks are also offered.
<Date> Every Tuesday (except National holidays and Year-end/New Year
<Time>	 18:00-20:00

● Friday Night HIV antibody testing (free, anonymous, no appointment
necessary) Syphilis and Hepatitis B checks are also offered.
  Syphilis and Chlamydia checks are also offered.
<Date> Every Friday (except National holidays and Year-end/New Year

     When You Are Ill

    <Time> 18:00-20:00

    ● Sunday Quick HIV (AIDS) antibody testing
     (free, anonymous, no appointment necessary)
    Hepatitis B checks are offered.
    <Date> Every Sunday (Year-end/New Year holidays)
    <Time> 14:00 - ※Tickets will be given from 13:30

    Venue for HIV Antibody Testing:
    Ichiei Sogo Building (3F) “chot cast Namba”
    1-6-8 Nambanaka, Naniwa-ku (Subway Namba Station, Exit 6)
    ☎ 06-6647-0656 (9:00-17:00 Excludes Sat/Sun, National holidays, Year-end/
    New Year holidays).

    ● AIDS consultation
    Public Health and Welfare Center of your local Ward
    Home Visits and Services Section:
    Monday to Friday 9:00 - 17:30 (except Saturdays, Sundays, National and Year-
    end / New Year holidays) (P.195))

    ● AIDS counseling
    Kita Ward Public Health and Welfare Center
    <Date> First and third Thursday
    <Time> 9:30 - 11:30 (appointment necessary) ☎ 06-6313-9968
J   Chuo Ward Public Health and Welfare Center
    <Date> Every Second and Fourth Friday
    <Time> 9:30 - 11:30 (appointment necessary) ☎ 06-6267-9968

    ● AIDS telephone consultation in foreign languages
    <Da17es> NPO “Charm” ☎ 06-6354-5901

    ● Inquiries and consultation about AIDS
    <Date> English, Chinese, Korean: Monday - Friday
    <Time> 9:00 - 17:30
    ☎ 06-6647-1019 (except National Holidays and Year-end/New Year holidays)

                                                                   When You Are Ill

(4) Medical Consultation

        Name                 Address/Tel.               Language/Time
AMDA International
                                             English, Spanish: Mon. - Fri.
Medical Information
                                                                09:00 - 17:00
Center Kansai           ☎ 06-4395-0555
                                             Chinese: Mon:      10:00 - 13:00
                                             Portuguese: Mon. 10:30 - 14:30
Osaka Medical                                Telephone consultation by professional
                        ☎ 06-6763-7000
Association                                  doctor.
                        2-1-22 Uehommachi,
(Health Care                                 Every 1st Friday 14:00 - 15:30
Consultation)                                ☎ 06-6763-7007 (Japanese only)
                                             Dental consultation by professional
                                             Every Saturday 13:00 - 15:00
Osaka Dental                                 (Application 13:00 - 14:00)
                        ☎ 06-6772-8882
Association                                  Free, Japanese only
                        1-3-27 Dogashiba,
(Dental Care                                 No telephone consultation
Consultation)                                Dental medical care for the nighttime
                                             21:00 - 3:00 (Japanese only)
                                             ☎ 06-6774-2600


     When You Are Ill

    (5) Hospitals in Osaka City where English/Other Languages are Spoken
    (As of December 2009)
    ※Before seeking medical examination, please confirm that the hospital or clinic
      you intend to visit has an appropriate department for treating your particular
      ailment. Also please confirm the consultation hours of the department and
      inquire whether services are available in your language and if appointments
      are required.
    ※Information about hospitals where foreign languages are spoken is available
      from AMDA (International Medical Information Center Kansai)


                                                                  When You Are Ill

● Abbreviations
                  Departments (Japanese)                Departments
Int.              内科                       Internal Medicine
Psy.              精神科                      Psychiatry
Neu.              神経科・神経内科                 Neurology
Res.              呼吸器科                     Respiratory Organs
Thr.              気管食道科                    Throat Specialist
Dig.              消化器科                     Digestive Organs
Gas.              胃腸科                      Gastroenterology
Car.              循環器科                     Cardiology
Ped.              小児科                      Pediatrics
Sur.              外科                       General Surgery
OrS.              整形外科                     Orthopedics
PlS.              形成外科                     Plastic Surgery
CoS.              美容外科                     Cosmetic Surgery
Nes.              脳神経外科                    Neurosurgery
ReS.              呼吸器外科                    Respiratory Surgery
PeS.              小児外科                     Pediatric Surgery
CVS.              心臓血管外科                   Cardiac & Vascular Surgery
Ven.              性病科                      Venereology
R&A.              肛門科                      Rectal & Anal Diseases
CGM.              総合診療センター                 Center for General Medicine
Hm.               血液内科                     Hematology
Ger.              老年内科                     Geriatric Medicine
OB-Gyn.           産婦人科・女性診療科               Obstetrics & Gynecology
Obs.              産科                       Obstetrics
Gyn.              婦人科                      Gynecology
Der-Uro.          皮膚泌尿器科                   Dermatology & Urology
Der.              皮膚科                      Dermatology
Oto.              耳鼻咽喉科                    Otolaryngology
PhT.              リハビリテーション科               Physical Therapy
Rad.              放射線科                     Radiology
PnM.              麻酔科                      Pain Management
Pain Clinic       ペインクリニック                 Pain Clinic
Psy-Int.          心療内科                     Psychosomatic Internal Medicine
All.              アレルギー科                   Allergy
Rhe.              リウマチ科                    Rheumatology
Den.              歯科                       Dentistry
Ord.              矯正歯科                     Orthodonics
Pdd.              小児歯科                     Pedodontics
D.O.S             歯科口腔外科                   Dental & Oral Surgery

     When You Are Ill

          Name                Tel                    Address                                  Departments
    Tokunaga Dental       6313-0033   2F Higashi Hankyu Bldg.               Eng.             Den.
    Clinic                            1-1 Kakuda-cho
    Higashi Hankyu        6313-0126   2F Higashi Hankyu Bldg.               Eng.             Int, Rad.
    Bldg. Clinic                      1-1 Kakuda-cho
    Koshida Clinic        6316-6090   1-12 Kakuda-cho                       Eng.             Uro, Gyn.
    Hamada             6315-6530      8-47 Kakuda-cho                       Eng.             Der.
    Dermatology Clinic
    Tohei                 6315-7755   22F Hankyu Grand Bldg.                Eng.             Int, Rad, Dig.
    Gastroenterologic                 8-47 Kakuda-cho
    Suda Dental Clinic 6315-7575      22F Hankyu Grand Bldg.                Eng.             Den.
                                      8-47 Kakuda-cho
    Egawa Clinic          6315-8450   22F Hankyu Grand Bldg.                Eng.             OrS.
    for Hand and                      8-47 Kakuda-cho
    Shimura Women’s       6316-1132   22F Hankyu Grand Bldg.                Eng.             OB-Gyn.
    Clinic                            8-47 Kakuda-cho
    Hankyu Grand          6315-7500   22F Hankyu Grand Bldg.                Eng, Chi.        Den.
    Bldg. Dental Clinic               8-47 Kakuda-cho
    Ueda Dental Clinic 6356-6430      301 Kyoei Bldg. 1-2-1 Kokubunji       Eng.             Den.
    Imanaka Dental        6371-4403   9-8 Kurosaki-cho                      Eng.             Den.
    Hamaguchi Clinic      6371-2136   6-8F Sase Umeda Bldg. 1-1-27 Shibata Eng.              Der, Uro, PlS,
    Okuno Dental          6373-1261   7F Hankyu Terminal Bldg. 1-1-4 Shibata Eng.            Den.
    Hankyu Terminal       6373-6791   8F Hankyu Terminal Bldg. 1-1-4 Shibata Eng.            Den.
    Bldg. Clinic
    Kano Dental Clinic 6373-6794      9F Hankyu Terminal Bldg. 1-1-4 Shibata Eng.            Den.
J   Beverly Hills Clinic 6292-6111    9F Shibata-cho Bldg. 1-4-14 Shibata   Eng.             PlS, CoS.
    Onishi                6372-8254   2F Kitahankyu Bldg. 1-4-8 Shibata     Eng.             Ord.
    Orthodonics Clinic
    Oishi Dental Clinic   6372-1541   9F Zennikku Bldg. 2-6-23 Shibata      Eng, Chi, Kor.   Den.
    Fujibayashi Clinic    6373-7887   5F Umeda Seiwa Bldg. 2-6-30 Shibata   Eng, Chi.        Int,
    Dental Clinic Think 6312-8876     4-3 Umeda Chikagai Komatsubara-cho    Eng.             Den.
    Yoshikawa Dental      6314-0543   4F Nanri Bldg. 1-4 Komatsubara-cho    Eng.             Den.
    Sugasawa              6360-0102   1-7 Kamiyama-cho                      Eng.             Oph.
    Ophthalmic Clinic
    Radiology Clinic      6311-7500   2F Arbanex Kamiyama-cho Bldg.         Eng, Ger.        Rad.
    Ogimachi                          1-7 Kamiyama-cho

                                                                                     When You Are Ill

       Name               Tel                      Address                                 Departments
Sachiko Dental        6363-6480   3-D Arbanex Kamiyama-cho Bldg.         Eng.             Den, Ord, Pdd.
Clinic                            1-7 Kamiyama-cho
Ishii Clinic          6357-3313   10-12 Kanei-cho                        Eng, Chi.        Int, Sur, PhT,
                                                                                          Den, Dig, OrS,
                                                                                          Ord, Pdd.
Ishii Dental Clinic   6357-3313   10-12 Kanei-cho                        Eng, Chi,        Den.
Nakagawa Internal 6351-1387       13-14 Kanei-cho                        Eng.             Int, Ped, Dig,
Medicine Clinic                                                                           Car.
Yoneda Clinic         6351-8938   5-17 Kanei-cho                         Eng.             Int, Dig.
Kato Clinic           6363-2550   204 Do Bldg. 2-6-8 Nishitemma          Eng.             Int.
Sano Clinic           6364-6055   BF Nishitemma Park Bldg #3             Eng.             Int, Res, Dig,
                                  3-14-16 Nishitemma                                      Car.
Korai Dental Clinic 0120-01-      1F Istan Bldg. 3-5-22 Nishitemma       Eng.             Den, Ord, Pdd.
Kimura Clinic       6365-9646     6F Sun Kimura Bldg. 4-12-17            Eng.             Int, Ped, Gyn.
Lingual               6362-4402   1F Sumitomo Seimei Midosuji Bldg.      Eng.             Ord.
Orthodonics Clinic                4-14-3 Nishitemma
Takahata Dental       6365-1181   2F Umegaeda Chuo Bldg.                 Eng.             Den, Ord.
Clinic                            4-4-18 Nishitemma
Senpuku Clinic        6366-8778   4-6-14 Nishitemma                      Eng, Chi, Ger.   Int, All, Psy-Int.
Tanahashi Dental      6312-3686   5-14-1 Nishitemma                      Eng.             Den.
Sakura Dental         6312-8211   2F NF Takahashi Bldg. 5-16-13          Eng.             Den.
Clinic                            Nishitemma
Kaneda Dental         6363-0809   5F Sankyo Bldg. East Tower             Eng, Kor.        Den, Pdd.
Clinic                            5-2-18 Nishitemma
Eve Medical Clinic    7504-7799   4F Grand Bldg. Araki 6-4-13            Eng.             Int, Den.
Kitano Hospital       6312-1221   2-4-20 Ogimachi                        Eng.             Int, Sur, Psy,
                                                                                          Ped, Der, OB-
                                                                                          Gyn, Oph, PhT,       J
                                                                                          Rad, Uro.
Shirai Dental Clinic 6311-4180    1-1-12 Sonezaki                        Eng, Spa.        Den, Pdd.
Morikawa Dental       6362-0336   6F Shimmidosuji Bldg. 1-4-6 Sonezaki   Eng, Spa.        Den.
Aishiumeda Dental 6361-2441       2F Sonezaki Bldg. 2-15-24 Sonezaki     Eng, Fre.        Den.
Sonezaki              6312-8423   3F Ishimi Bldg. 2-5-24 Sonezaki        Eng.             Der.
Furubayasi Clinic
Umeda Oak Clinic      6130-8735   8F Kozuki Capital West Bldg.           Eng.             Int.
                                  2-6-6 Sonezaki
CI Hayashi Internal 6341-6241     9F Keifuku Bldg. 1-3-16 Sonezaki-      Eng.             Int.
Medicine Clinic                   shinchi
Ikehata Dental        6341-8148   9F Keifuku Bldg. 1-3-16 Sonezaki-      Eng.             Den.
Clinic                            shinchi

     When You Are Ill

           Name               Tel                     Address                                   Departments
    Kawasato Dental      6344-5535     4F Sakurabashi IM Bldg.                Eng.             Den, Ord, Pdd.
    Clinic                             1-4-20 Sonezaki-shinchi
    Hakuaikai Clinic     6345-7225     1-5-18 Sonezaki-shinchi                Eng.             Int, Uro, Dig.
    Nakano Internal      6346-1107     3F Sakurabashi Fukagawa Bldg.          Eng.             Int, All, PhT.
    Medicine Clinic                    2-1-21 Sonezaki-shinchi
    Kaori Dental Clinic 6344-1456      5F Shinko Bldg. #3                     Eng, Chi, Thai   Den.
                                       2-2-5 Sonezaki-shinchi
    Sakata Dental        6361-9515     2F Umeda Asuka Bldg. 1-17 Taiyuji-cho Eng, Spa.         Den.
    Taniguchi Clinic     6364-4177     4F Stellamate Bldg. 4-20 Taiyuji-cho   Eng, Thai        Int, All, Der.
    Takahashi            6362-6101     6F Higashiumeda Park Bldg.             Eng.             Der, Uro, PlS,
    Goldman Clinic                     5-13 Taiyuji-cho                                        CoS, Ven.
    Nakagawa             6312-8881     7F Higashiumeda Park Bldg.             Eng.             Ord.
    Orthodonics Clinic                 5-13 Taiyuji-cho
    Aile Clinic          0120-666-201 8F Plaza Umeda Bldg. 8-17 Taiyuji-cho   Eng.             Der, PlS, CoS.
    Yasukura             6440-5005     700 Umeda Sky Bldg. Tower East         Eng, Ger.        Oph.
    Ophthalmic Clinic                  1-1-88 Oyodonaka
    Shin-Umeda           6451-8855     2F 201 Shin-umeda IT Bldg.             Eng, Kor.        Den, D.O.S.
    Kimura Dental                      2-11-8 Oyodonaka
    Wakao Clinic         6458-0071     1F Yunihaimu Bldg. 2-2-13 Oyodonaka    Eng.             Int, Gyn.
    Kashii Clinic        6451-8864     1F Domuru Kita Sambankan Bldg.         Eng.             Int, Dig.
                                       3-11-32 Oyodonaka
    Yoshimoto Clinic     6453-0910     3-2-12 Oyodonaka                       Eng, Chi,        Int, Ped, Der,
    Kato Mental Clinic   6459-7077     4F Omiyako Bldg.                       Eng.             Psy, Psy-Int.
                                       1-11-16 Oyodominami
    Takayasu Dental      6345-4618     1F GM Bldg. 1-11-5 Oyodominami         Eng, Chi, Kor.   Den, Ord, Pdd,
    Clinic                                                                                     D.O.S.
    Nakano Dental        6881-6800     103 Rejuru Ash Tenjimbashi Bldg.       Eng.             Den, Pdd,
    Clinic                             16-6 Ikeda-cho                                          D.O.S.

J   Yasugi Clinic        6353-0505     102 Stork-mansion Temma
                                       1-75 Ikeda-cho
                                                                              Eng.             Int, Sur, Ped,
    Chayamachi           6359-4630     9F JPR Chayamachi Bldg.                Eng.             Sur.
    Breast Clinic                      2-19 Chayamachi
    Sasase Skin Clinic 6485-5757       4・5F Onishi Chayamachi Bldg.           Eng.             Der, PlS, CoS.
                                       3-14 Chayamachi
    Kinoshita Dental     6372-1171     1F Yamamoto Bldg. 1-6-16 Nakazaki      Eng.             Den, Pdd.
    Okamura Clinic       6371-7059     1F Yoshimura Bldg. 1-1-6 Nakazakinishi Eng.             Int.
    Sai Dental Studio    4802-0031     2-6-6 Nakazakinishi                    Eng.             Den, Ord, Pdd,
    Kiriishi Dental      6373-0648     3F Wakasugi Bldg. 1-18-18 Nakatsu      Eng, Kor.        Den.
    Totani Dental        4802-4300     2F Kaneshiro Nakatsu Bldg.             Eng.             Den, Pdd,
    Clinic                             2-3-10 Nakatsu                                          D.O.S.

                                                                                  When You Are Ill

      Name               Tel                   Address                                Departments
Egami Dental         6371-8902   1F Corpo Nakatsu Bldg.               Eng.           Den, Ord, Pdd.
Clinic                           3-4-35 Nakatsu
Morishita Dental     6222-6331   B1F Osaka Nakanoshima Bldg.          Eng, Chi.      Den.
Clinic                           2-2-8 Nakanoshima
Miura Dental Clinic 6231-3826    B1F Osaka Mitsui Bussan Bldg.        Eng.           Den.
                                 2-3-33 Nakanoshima
Matsumoto Dental     6448-3676   2F Sumitomo Nakanoshima Bldg.        Eng.           Den.
Clinic                           3-2-18 Nakanoshima
Nakajima             6231-0592   5F Asahi Shimbun Bldg.               Eng, Ger.      OrS.
Orthopedics Clinic               3-2-4 Nakanoshima
Mori Ophthalmic      6445-0190   509 Nakanoshima Dai Bldg.            Eng.           Oph.
Clinic                           3-3-23 Nakanoshima
Nishioku Dental      6445-2409   8F Dai Bldg. 3-6-32 Nakanoshima      Eng.           Den.
Dai Building         6445-0934   2F Osaka Bldg 3-6-32 Nakanoshima     Eng.           Int.
Yutoku Clinic
Togo Dental Clinic   6443-1010   6F Osaka Bldg. 3-6-32 Nakanoshima    Eng.           Den.
Sumitomo Hospital 6443-1261      5-3-20 Nakanoshima                   Eng.           Int, Sur, Psy,
                                                                                     Ped, Der, Uro,
                                                                                     Oph, PhT, Rad,
                                                                                     Den, PnM,
                                                                                     Neu, Res, Dig,
                                                                                     Car, OrS, PlS,
                                                                                     ReS, CVS,
Tanaka Dental        6443-1051   B1F Rihga Royal Hotel 5-3-68         Eng.           Den.
Clinic                           Nakanoshima
Kano Clinic          6445-1103   18F Nakanoshima Center Bldg.         Eng.           Int.
                                 6-2-27 Nakanoshima
Horiki Clinic        6445-1101   18F Nakanoshima Center Bldg.         Eng.           Sur, OrS.
                                 6-2-27 Nakanoshima
Matsui Dental        6358-1817   1-1-19 Nagaranishi                   Eng.           Den.
Odawara Dental       6356-1673   2F Odawara Bldg. 1-1-20 Nagaranaka   Eng.           Den, Ord, Pdd.
Maeno Ophthalmic 6351-6348       1-2-14 Nagaranaka                    Eng.           Oph.
Higuchi Clinic       6351-3931   1-6-6 Nagaranaka                     Eng.           Int, Ped, Uro,
Okuno Dental         6351-8672   101 1-4-24 Nagarahigashi             Eng.           Den, Ord.
Serihara             6353-5503   2F Step-in Minamimorimachi Bldg.     Eng.           Der, OrS.
Orthopedics Clinic               11-1 Kita 2 Tenjimbashi
Kobayakawa           4801-0212   2-2-23 Tenjimbashi                   Eng,Ger.       Sur, All.
Okumura Dental       6351-6301   2-2-23 Tenjimbashi                   Eng.           Den.

     When You Are Ill

           Name              Tel                    Address                                   Departments
    Minamimorimachi      6882-3127   4F Ark Minamimorimachi Bldg.           Eng.             Oph.
    Ophthalmic Clinic                2-3-16 Tenjimbashi
    Yamao Clinic         6352-4288   2-4-22 Tenjimbashi                     Eng.             Int, PhT, Car.
    Ono Dental Clinic    6881-1122   1F Matsumura Bldg.                     Eng.             Den.
                                     3-10-17 Tenjimbashi
    Kouno Dental         6357-0030   3-1-10 Tenjimbashi                     Eng.             Den, Pdd.
    Minami               6357-7808   3F Osaka Toshakan Bldg.                Eng.             Oph.
    Ophthalmic Clinic                3-2-13 Tenjimbashi
    Watanabe Dental      6354-8018   2F Nishimori Bldg. 3-2-5 Tenjimbashi   Eng.             Den, Pdd.
    Ishimura             6353-1088   2F Itopia Ogimachi Bldg.               Eng.             Int, Car.
    Cardiology Clinic                4-7-13 Tenjimbashi
    Oura Orthodonics     6351-4182   4-7-29 Tenjimbashi                     Eng.             Ord.
    Kawashima            6351-2374   5-5-23 Tenjimbashi                     Eng, Spa.        OB-Gyn.
    Women's Clinic
    Morimoto Clinic      4800-3010   2F Sakashin Tenjimbashi Bldg.          Eng.             Int, PhT, PnM.
                                     5-7-10 Tenjimbashi
    Tanaka Dental        6353-5318   1F Nakagaki Bldg. 5-8-3 Tenjimbashi    Eng.             Den.
    Ota Clinic           6351-0616   6-2-14 Tenjimbashi                     Eng.             Int, Sur, Der.
    Nakagawa Dental      6357-4181   2F Asahiseimei Osaka Tenroku Bldg.     Eng.             Den.
    Clinic                           6-3-16 Tenjimbashi
    Oyama Dental         6351-8661   2F S&Y Bldg. 6-4-11 Tenjimbashi        Eng.             Den,
    Fujimoto           6351-1991     3F Tenroku Bldg. 6-5-7 Tenjimbashi     Eng.             OrS.
    Orthopedics Clinic
    Jin Clinic           6351-3711   3F Elegant Bldg. Osaka.                Kor.             Psy, Psy-Int,
                                     6-6-11 Tenjimbashi                                      Neu.
    Nakamura             6351-3382   6-6-12 Tenjimbashi                     Eng.             OrS.

J   Orthopedics Clinic
    Fujimoto             6351-1880   6-6-4 Tenjimbashi                      Eng, Ger.        Oph.
    Ophthalmic Clinic
    Kawasaki Dental      6136-0080   2F Kawasaki Bldg. 7-6-9 Tenjimbashi    Eng, Chi, Kor,   Den.
    Clinic                                                                  Spa, Por, Ger,
                                                                            Fre, Ita, Rus,
    Tamura Cardiology 6242-0140      8-9-10 Tenjimbashi                     Eng.             Int, Sur, Car.
    Nakatani Dental      6363-3892   2-3 Tenjimnishimachi                   Eng.             Den, Pdd,
    Clinic                                                                                   D.O.S.
    Tabuchi Clinic       6351-4873   1-19-1 Temma                           Eng,             Int.
    Miya Dental Clinic   6357-1161   2F Miya Bldg. 2-7-28 Temma             Eng.             Den.
    Taniguchi Dental     6357-1782   2F KIYOI Temma Honsha Bldg.            Eng.             Den, Pdd.
    Clinic                           3-4-7 Temma

                                                                                     When You Are Ill

      Name                 Tel                     Address                                Departments
OAP Matsumoto          6356-4181   12F OAP Tower 1-8-30 Temmabashi         Eng.          Den.
Dental Clinic
Sugiura Internal       6351-1600   12F OAP Tower 1-8-30 Temmabashi         Eng.          Int, Psy, Psy-
Medicine OAP                                                                             Int.
Imperial Hotel         6881-4000   3F Imperial Hotel Osaka                 Eng.          Int, Sur, OB-
Clinic                             1-8-50 Temmabashi                                     Gyn, Oph,
                                                                                         Rad, ReS, Dig,
Masuhara Clinic        6358-0200   3-4-2 Temmabashi                        Eng.          PhT, OrS.
Furubayashi Clinic 6311-2856       12-10 Togano-cho                        Eng.          Int, Rad, Res,
                                                                                         Dig, Car.
Ichiki Dental Clinic   6355-2073   2F Sun-first Minamimorimachi            Eng.          Den.
                                   1-10-10 Higashitemma
Nishida Dental         6881-0418   2F Wakasugi Center Bldg.                Eng.          Den, Pdd.
Clinic                             2-9-1 Higashitemma
Mukai Mental           6353-5772   10F Minamimorimachi O-Pass Bldg.        Eng.          Psy, Psy-Int,
Clinic                             2-9-3 Higashitemma                                    Neu.
Kondo                  6352-9150   Import Rossa Bldg. #4 1-1-26 Doshin     Eng.          Int, Psy-Int,
Neurosurgery                                                                             Nes.
Honde Clinic           6353-0012   1-8-3 Doshin                            Eng.          Int, Sur, Dig.
Fujikawa Internal      6313-3850   B1F Osaka Godo Bldg.                    Eng.          Int.
Medicine Clinic                    1-5 Doyama-cho
Okuno Dental           6361-3269   17-22 Doyama-cho                        Eng.          Den.
Nishikawa Dental       6315-8148   8F Nihonseimei Umeda Bldg.              Eng.          Den.
Clinic                             3-3 Doyama-cho
Mizogami Dental        6364-9138   6F Hankyu Higashi Bldg. 4-4 Doyama-     Eng.          Den.
Clinic                             cho
Miyauchi Dental        6360-6060   3F SER Towers 4-6 Doyama-cho            Eng.          Den.
Endo Dental Clinic 6344-1180       4F Umedashimmichi Bldg. 1-1-5 Dojima Eng. Chi.        Den, Ord.             J
Ashitaka Dental        6347-0118   2F Kintetsu Dojima Bldg. 2-2-2 Dojima   Eng.          Den.
Sun Clinic             6451-1078   3-3-18 Dojima                           Eng.          Der.
Miyazaki Dental        6341-3234   634 Shindai Bldg. 1-2-6 Dojimahama      Eng.          Den.
Hanawa E.N.T           6364-3387   3F Fujiwara Bldg.                       Eng.          Oto.
Clinic                             2-1-23 Minamimorimachi
Nakamura Clinic        6316-1021   9F Mitsuisumitomo Bank                  Eng.          Int.
                                   Minamimorimachi Bldg. 2-1-29
Fudo Cardiology        6311-3796   102 Century Park Uni Higashiumeda       Eng.          Int, Car.
and Internal                       Bldg. 7-2 Minamiogimachi
Medicine Clinic

     When You Are Ill

          Name                Tel                      Address                              Departments
    Osaka Dental          6457-1188     1F 100 Osaka Ekimae Bldg. #4        Eng.           Den, Pdd,
    Clinic                              1-11-4 Umeda                                       D.O.S.
    Kuno Clinic           0120-454-902 2F-33 200 Osaka Ekimae Bldg. #4      Eng.           Int., Der, PlS,
                                       1-11-4 Umeda                                        CoS.
    Aragaki Dental        6346-3822     4F Umeda Square Bldg. 1-12-17       Eng.           Den.
    Clinic                              Umeda
    Shinhankyu Dental 6345-4413         3F Shinhankyu Bldg. 1-12-39 Umeda   Eng.           Ord.
    Otsuka Dental         6344-6480     18F Osaka Ekimae Bldg. #3           Eng., Por.     Den.
    Clinic                              1-1-3 Umeda
    Grand Joy Clinic      6457-1880     18F 10 1800 Osaka Ekimae Bldg. #3   Eng.           PlS, CoS.
                                        1-1-3 Umeda
    Yoshida Dental        6344-9419     18F Osaka Ekimae Bldg. #3           Eng.           Den.
    Clinic                              1-1-3 Umeda
    Debeau Dental         4799-3055     6F Hanshin Department Store         Eng., Chi.     Den.
    Clinic                              1-13-13 Umeda
    Morioka               6341-6766     1・2F Osaka Ekimae Bldg. #3          Eng.           Oph.
    Ophthalmic Clinic                   1-1-3 Umeda
    Utsumi             6348-0107        2F 200 Osaka Ekimae Bldg. #2        Eng.           Der.
    Dermatology Clinic                  1-2-2 Umeda
    Sawada Internal       6343-1414     2F 200 Osaka Ekimae Bldg. #2        Eng.           Int, Ped, Der,
                                        1-2-2 Umeda                                        Rad, Dig, Car.
    Takaishi Clinic       6346-0777     2F 200 Osaka Ekimae Bldg. #2        Eng.           Psy, Psy-Int,
                                        1-2-2 Umeda                                        Neu.
    Kawasaki Clinic       6348-0222     2F 200 Osaka Ekimae Bldg. #2        Eng., Chi.     Uro, PlS, CoS.
                                        1-2-2 Umeda
    Kurokawa Dental       6346-0801     2F 200 Osaka Ekimae Bldg. #2        Eng.           Den.
    Clinic                              1-2-2 Umeda
    Hashimoto Dental      6344-9418     2F 3-6 200 Osaka Ekimae Bldg. #2    Eng.           Den.
    Clinic                              1-2-2 Umeda
    Miwa Dental Clinic 6346-0558        2F 200 Osaka Ekimae Bldg. #2        Eng.           Den.
                                        1-2-2 Umeda
J   Inaba Ophthalmic      6343-2174     1F 100 Osaka Ekimae Bldg. #1        Eng.           Oph.
    Clinic                              1-3-1 Umeda
    Fujimi Radiology      6345-6600     2F 200 Osaka Ekimae Bldg. #1        Eng, Ger.      Rad.
    Clinic                              1-3-1 Umeda
    Fujimi Clinic         6345-0315     2F 200 Osaka Ekimae Bldg. #1        Eng, Ger.      Int, Dig.
                                        1-3-1 Umeda
    Takehana Dental       6341-7604     2F 200 Osaka Ekimae Bldg. #1        Eng.           Den.
    Clinic                              1-3-1 Umeda
    Takagaki Dental       6341-7264     2F Osaka Daiichi-seimei Bldg.       Eng.           Den.
    Clinic                              1-8-17 Umeda
    Shirono Laser         6348-1403     4F Hilton Plaza West Bldg.          Eng.           Der, Oto, PlS.
    Clinic                              2-2-2 Umeda
    Ci:z. Ladies Clinic   6348-1404     4F Hilton Plaza West Bldg.          Eng.           Int, Gyn.
                                        2-2-2 Umeda

                                                                                       When You Are Ill

      Name               Tel                     Address                                    Departments
Ogino Ladies        6341-0003     2F Ueshima Bldg. 2-4-36 Umeda           Eng.             Int, Gyn.
Fukunishi Dental    6343-7586     5F Umeda Hanshin Bldg. #1               Eng.             Den.
Clinic                            2-5-25 Umeda
Takahashi           6344-6068     1F Chiyoda Bldg.                        Eng.             Psy, Neu.
Nishiumeda Clinic                 Nishikan 2-5-4 Umeda
Osaka Breast        6454-4108     2F Yokoyama Bldg. 2-5-5 Umeda           Eng.             Int, Sur, Gyn,
Clinic                                                                                     PhT.
Osaka New Art       6341-1556     10F Pacific Marks Nishiumeda 2-6-20     Eng.             Uro, Gyn.
Clinic                            Umeda
Shiozaki            6345-2174     17F Acty Osaka 3-1-1 Umeda              Eng.             Oph.
Ophthalmic Clinic
Fujimoto            4799-7033     53 Gare Osaka 3-1-1 Umeda               Eng.             Oph.
Ophthalmic Clinic
Tanabe              6346-5212     17F Acty Osaka Bldg. 3-1-1 Umeda        Eng.             Sur, Der.
Dermatology and
Surgery Clinic
Cosmetic Surgery    0120-977-044 2F Maruito Nishiumeda 3-3-45 Umeda       Eng., Kor        Der, PlS, CoS.
Okazaki Dental      6450-1888     4F Mainichi Intesio Bldg. 3-4-5 Umeda   Eng., Spa.       Den, D.O.S.
Ohara Clinic        6371-3330     6F Apa Osaka Tenroku Bldg.              Eng.             Int, Der, Uro.
                                  2-1-12 Ukida
Tanaka Clinic       6359-0882     9 Liberty 1-7-21 Toyosaki               Eng.             Der.
Akasaka Tiara       0120-757-778 6F Crystal Toyosaki 2-4-10 Toyosaki      Eng.             Der, PlS, CoS.
Koyama              6371-6529     3-15-14 Toyosaki                        Eng.             Oph.
Ophthalmic Clinic
Yanagiuchi Dental   6376-0533     1F Shorei Bldg. #2 3-15-9 Toyosaki      Eng.             Den.
Hashioka Clinic     6373-0263     2F Daishorei Bldg. 3-15-9 Toyosaki      Eng.             Int, Ped.
Miyazaki Ladies
                    6371-0363     3-17-6 Toyosaki                         Eng.             Uro, OB-Gyn.
Kimura Dental       6371-8041     1F Youhaitsu Bldg. 4-11-11 Toyosaki     Eng.             Den, Pdd,
Clinic                                                                                     D.O.S.
Yamada Clinic       6372-8558     1F 103 Shogyo Bldg. 5-6-10 Toyozaki     Eng.             Int, ReS.
Lee Clinic          6292-0155     1-13-15 Honjonishi                      Eng, Chi, Kor,   Int, PhT, Res.
Higuchi Clinic      6375-3636     2-5-26 Honjonishi                       Eng.             Int, Sur, PhT,
                                                                                           Rad, Dig, Car,
Tokunaga Dental     6371-6480     1F Millennium Bldg. 2-6-16 Honjonishi   Eng.             Den, Ord, Pdd,
Clinic                                                                                     D.O.S.
Nakamura Family     6371-8522     2・3F Millennium Bldg.                   Eng.             Int, Sur, PhT.
Clinic                            2-6-16 Honjonishi
Akagi Ophthalmic    6375-8114     4F Millennium Bldg. 2-6-16 Honjonishi   Eng.             Oph.

     When You Are Ill

          Name               Tel                    Address                                Departments
    Kitamura             6371-1594   1F RISE88 Bldg. 1-1-10 Honjohigashi    Eng.          Oph.
    Ophthalmic Clinic
    Tagami Clinic        6371-1454   1-1-18 Honjohigashi                    Eng.          Int, PhT, PnM.
    Nakajima Clinic      6371-5636   1F Arita Bldg. 1-6-19 Honjohigashi     Eng.          Int, Dig.
    Kobayashi Dental     6374-3043   1F Tenjimbashi Whitehaitsu Bldg.       Eng.          Den.
    Clinic                           2-2-28 Honjohigashi
    Dental Clinic        6353-4425   1F Dinasty Yoriki 4-15 Yorikimachi     Eng.          Den, Pdd.
    Kansai            6371-4121      1F Chiyoda North Bldg.                 Eng.          Int.
    LaborHealth                      13-38 Naniwa-cho
    Technology Center
    Higuchi Dental       6371-3244   14-1 Naniwa-cho                        Eng.          Den, Pdd,
    Clinic                                                                                D.O.S.
    Higashida Clinic     6359-1310   8-14 Naniwa-cho                        Eng.          Int, Dig.

    Toyama E.N.T         6923-4187   1-9-1 Miyuki-cho                       Eng,          Oto, Thr.
    Clinic                                                                  Indonesian
    Kanbara Hospital     6923-3351   1-10-5 Takakura-cho                    Eng.          Int, Ped, Uro.
    Kondo Clinic         6924-7654   1-7-7 Takakura-cho                     Eng.          Int, OrS, CoS.
    Shoji Eye Clinic     6929-1122   2F MEC Bldg. 2-1-4 Takakura-cho        Eng.          Oph.
    Masada Dental        6928-6488   3F VEGA Ⅲ Bldg. 2-1-5 Takakura-cho     Eng.          Den.
    Kyokawa              6926-2835   1F Takakura Mansion Bldg.              Eng.          Rhe, PhT, OrS.
    Orthopedics Clinic               2-9-8 Takakura-cho
    Shakudo              6927-7001   1F Takakura Mansion Bldg.              Eng.          Car.
    Cardiology and                   2-9-8 Takakura-cho
    Internal Medicine

J   Murakami Dental
                         6929-0981   2F Miyoshi Bldg. 1-5-37 Zengenji-cho   Eng.          Den.

    Nakaya Dental        6925-7771   2F Act One Bldg. 1-5-47 Zengenji-cho   Eng.          Den.
    Hashimoto Dental     6923-2310   201 Miyakojima Takasago Bldg.          Eng.          Den.
    Clinic                           1-5-54 Zengenji-cho
    Umemoto E.N.T        6924-3387   3F Miyakojima Takasago Bldg.           Eng.          All, Oto.
    Clinic                           1-5-54 Zengenji-cho
    Aki Clinic           6881-2005   1-3-18 Nakano-cho                      Eng.          Int, Sur, Dig,
    Seiwa Hospital       6352-2525   1-7-32 Nakano-cho                      Eng.          Int, Sur, Ped,
                                                                                          Uro, PhT, Rad.
    Saito Clinic         6356-1610   1F Mr.Hiroaki Yamada 4-10-6 Nakano-    Eng.          Int, Psy, Psy-
                                     cho                                                  Int, OrS.
    Ishiguro Clinic      6354-2737   4-15-2 Nakano-cho                      Eng.          Int, Ped, PhT,

                                                                                   When You Are Ill

      Name               Tel                    Address                                  Departments
Nakashima Dental     6352-4182   2-102 Arbe-in Sakuranomiya Ekimae     Eng.             Den, Pdd.
Clinic                           Bldg. 4-20 Nakano-cho
Komaki Clinic        6921-7361   2-5-14 Miyakojima-nakadori            Eng.             Int, Ped.
Primary Dental       6926-0021   3-11-8 Miyakojima-nakadori            Eng, Kor.        Den, Pdd.
Hashizume Clinic     4253-3337   101 3-4-5 Miyakojima-nakadori         Eng, Ger, Fre.   Int, All, Psy-Int,
Ogawa Dental         6925-4188   101 Toyo Plaza Sakuranomiya Bldg.     Eng.             Den.
Clinic                           1-1-4 Miyakojima-minamidori
Hamada               6921-6908   2-14-24 Miyakojima-minamidori         Eng.             Oph.
Ophthalmic Clinic
Kyobashi E.N.T       6921-0242   2-4-17 Miyakojima-minamidori          Eng, Ger.        Oto.
Teruya Dental        6925-6480   1F CORE Bldg.                         Eng.             Den, Pdd,
Clinic                           1-22-11 Miyakojima-kitadori                            D.O.S
Tsuji Hospital       6922-1236   1-22-6 Miyakojima-kitadori            Eng.             Int, Sur, Der,
                                                                                        PhT, Res, Dig,
                                                                                        Gas, Car, OrS,
                                                                                        Nes, R&A
Oya E.N.T Clinic     6925-7833   2F Eight Bldg.                        Eng.             Oto.
                                 1-3-18 Miyakojima-kitadori
Nishida Dental       6922-2021   2-12-19 Miyakojima-kitadori           Eng.             Den, Pdd.
Miyakojima           6929-1001   1-4-22 Miyakojima-hondori             Eng.             Nes.
Osaka City           6929-1221   2-13-22 Miyakojima-hondori            Eng.             Int, Sur, Psy,
General Hospital                                                                        Ped, Der, Uro,
                                                                                        OB-Gyn, Oph,
                                                                                        Oto, PhT, Rad,
                                                                                        PnM, Neu,
                                                                                        Res, Dig, Car,
                                                                                        OrS, PlS, Nes,
                                                                                        Res, CVS,            J
                                                                                        PeS, D.O.S
Yoshida Dental       6923-6401   2F Tsutsumi Bldg.                     Eng, Chi.        Den.
Clinic                           3-23-5 Miyakojima-hondori
Endo Clinic          6929-0601   4F K-1 Bldg. 3-24-7 Miyakojima-hondori Eng.            Int, Sur, PhT,
                                                                                        Dig, R&A
Hara Dental Clinic   6924-1662   3-5-24 Miyakojima-hondori             Eng.             Den.
Takemura Clinic      6921-3541   1F Takahashi Bldg. 3-7-8              Eng.             Int, Ped.
Nakanishi Mental     4253-7830   2F Select Miyakojima Bldg.            Eng.             Psy, Psy-Int,
Clinic                           3-8-2 Miyakojima-hondori                               Neu.
Takahashi Dental     6921-7202   4-20-3 Miyakojima-hondori             Eng.             Den.
Noda Clinic          6351-3847   1-14-14 Higashinodamachi              Eng, Ger.        Int.

     When You Are Ill

           Name              Tel                    Address                                Departments
    Morita Dental        6355-0888   1F East Cresent Bldg.                 Eng.           Den.
    Clinic                           1-14-6 Higashinodamachi
    Fujii Clinic         6352-5100   2F YT Bldg. 1-21-7 Higashinodamachi   Eng.           Psy, Psy-Int,
    Hirayama Clinic      6355-3637   6F Wataya Cosmo Bldg.                 Eng.           Psy, Psy-Int,
                                     1-6-16 Higashinodamachi                              Neu.
    Aoki Clinic          6351-7155   2-2-21 Higashinodamachi               Eng.           Oto.
    Comes Dental         6356-8241   2F Daikyo-nishi Bldg.                 Eng.           Den.
    Clinic                           2-3-20 Higashinodamachi
    Keisei Clinic        6242-5620   4・5F Daikyo-nishi Bldg.               Eng, Ita.      Der, Uro, Gyn,
                                     2-3-20 Higashinodamachi                              PlS, CoS.
    Umemoto Dental       6354-8241   5F Sato Bldg. Ⅱ 2-3-26                Eng.           Den.
    Clinic                           Higashinodamachi
    Meisei Hospital      6353-3121   2-4-8 Higashinodamachi                Eng.           Int, Sur, Der,
                                                                                          Car, OrS, PlS,
    Meisei Memorial      6357-5791   2-8-12 Higashinodamachi               Eng.           Int.
    Komachi Clinic       6881-2595   2F K2 Bldg. 2-9-7 Higashinodamachi    Eng, Kor.      Der, PlS, CoS.
    Suzuki Internal      6351-1002   1F K2 Bldg. 2-9-7 Higashinodamachi    Eng.           Int, Res, Car.
    Medicine Clinic
    Kurioka              6358-4182   3F K2 Bldg. 2-9-7 Higashinodamachi    Eng.           Den, Ord.
    Orthodonics Clinic
    Kyobashi Sakura      6354-9000   3-13-9 Higashinodamachi               Eng.           Int, Dig, Car,
    Clinic                                                                                Diabetes
    Sugasawa             6351-2341   4-9-14 Higashinodamachi               Eng.           Oph.
    Ophthalmic Clinic
    Ono Ophthalmic       6353-6816   5-1-22 Higashinodamachi               Eng.           Oph.
    Noi Dental Clinic    6928-8148   103 Kawaguchi Bldg.                   Eng.           Den, Ord.
                                     5-15-8 Higashinodamachi

J   Mushimoto Dental
                         6921-7062   5-7-5 Higashinodamachi                Eng.           Den.

    Tatsuya Dental       6957-6957   1F Miyakojima Maple Bldg.             Eng.           Den, Ord, Pdd.
    Clinic                           1-2-28 Uchindai-cho
    Yamada Clinic        6954-0100   1F Sunshine 88 Bldg.                  Eng.           Int, Res, Car.
                                     1-2-32 Uchindai-cho
    Kimura Dental        6953-0345   1-8-24 Uchindai-cho                   Eng.           Den, Ord, Pdd.
    Ueda Dental Clinic 6951-0922     2-8-2 Uchindai-cho                    Eng, Chi.      Den.
    Hirabayashi Dental 6353-0887     4F Kyobashi Shoppers Plaza            Eng.           Den, Ord, Pdd.
    Clinic                           2-3-51 Katamachi
    Sawada Clinic        6351-3980   2-9-39 Katamachi                      Eng.           Int.
    Miyake Dental        6921-6480   1F Takao Mansion 1-8-2 Kema-cho       Eng.           Den.
    Tawaramoto           4253-8211   1F Soreado Bldg. 2-10-41 Kema-cho     Eng.           Den.
    Dental Clinic

                                                                                     When You Are Ill

      Name               Tel                      Address                                  Departments
Bell Park Dental     6927-0118   1F-1 Bell Park City F Bldg.            Eng.              Den.
Clinic                           1-5-4 Tomobuchi-cho
Yutaka Pediatrics    6928-1112   2 Bell Park City f Bldg.               Eng.              Ped.
Clinic                           1-5-4 Tomobuchi-cho
Nakajima Dental      6925-9990   1F Rorel Square Miyakojima Northwing   Eng.              Den.
Clinic                           Bldg. 1-6-3 Tomobuchi-cho
Abe Clinic           6922-6971   F Bldg. 1-8-11 Tomobuchi-cho           Eng.              Int.
Asai Children's      6926-1850   Tomobuchi Clinic Bldg.                 Eng.              All, Ped.
Clinic                           2-1-5 Tomobuchi-cho
Suwa Dental Clinic 6922-2694     1F6 Takakura Corpo #1 Bldg.            Eng.              Den, Pdd,
                                 3-1-1 Tomobuchi-cho                                      D.O.S
Aihara Dental        6921-2728   3-1-28 Tomobuchi-cho                   Eng.              Den, Ord, Pdd.

Matsumoto E.N.T      6458-6709   New Hanshin Bldg. 5-2-7 Ebie           Eng, Ger.         Oto.
Tsukamoto            6451-2822   7-2-40 Ebie                            Eng.              Oph.
Ophthalmic Clinic
Kakiuchi Dental      6448-4188   2F NT Bldg. 1-10-13 Yoshino            Eng.              Den, Ord, Pdd.
Tsukamoto            6461-5888   3-21-1 Yoshino                         Eng.              Oph.
Ophthalmic Clinic
Tanaka E.N.T         4804-8741   3-21-26 Yoshino                        Eng,              All, Oto.
Clinic                                                                  Indonesian
Yamada Clinic        6464-0067   3-21-3 Yoshino                         Eng.              Int, Sur, Der,
                                                                                          PhT, R&A
Yoshimatsu Dental 6464-4618      1F Sunpalace Yoshimatsu Bldg.          Eng.              Den, Pdd.
Clinic                           3-3-16 Yoshino
Tanaka Dental                    4-25-23 Yoshino                        Eng.              Den, Pdd,
Clinic                                                                                    D.O.S
Chimori Medical      6445-0045   1F Haitsu Tamagawa Bldg.               Eng.              Int, Obs, Gyn,
Clinic                           4-10-27 Tamagawa                                         PhT.
Shimizu Dental       6443-7100   4-13-18 Tamagawa                       Eng.              Den.
Masako Ladies        6459-5277   4-3-20 Tamagawa                        Eng.              Int, Der, OB-
Clinic                                                                                    Gyn.
Kumada Internal      6446-6006   4-6-11 Tamagawa                        Eng.              Int, Ped, PhT,
Medicine Clinic                                                                           Dig.
Sakura Dental        6452-0129   1F High Grade Mansion 10 1-7-39        Eng., Chi, Kor,   Den, Pdd,
Clinic                           Sagisu                                 Ger, Fre, Ita.    D.O.S
Murata Dental        6451-2396   101 3-1-2 Sagisu                       Eng.              Den.
Hatta E.N.T Clinic   6453-4187   1F Florence Vila Sagisu Bldg.          Eng.              Oto, Thr.
                                 5-6-69 Sagisu

     When You Are Ill

           Name               Tel                       Address                                Departments
    Art Dental Wada       6461-5005   1-12-3 Ohiraki                         Eng, Kor, Spa,   Den, Pdd,
                                                                             Rus, Tagalog     D.O.S
    Ida Ophthalmic        6465-8887   1F 1-14-5 Ohiraki                      Eng.             Oph.
    Kudara Clinic         6461-4357   1-15-28 Ohiraki                        Eng.             Int.
    Nakajima              6466-1500   2F Kanzaki Bldg. 2-3-5 Ohiraki         Eng.             Ped.
    Children's Clinic
    Maeda Family          6464-1527   126 3-1-2 Ohiraki                      Eng.             Int, Ped, Der,
    Clinic                                                                                    Car.
    Iwasa Dental          6464-5405   117 Noda Park Mansion 3-1-2 Ohiraki    Eng.             Den.
    Hoshino E.N.T         6343-3387   4F Osaka Nakanoshima Clinic Mall       Eng.             Oto.
    Nakanoshima                       1-1-51 Fukushima
    Osaka                 6453-2111   404A Dojima Cross Walk 1-1-51          Eng.             Den, Ord, Pdd.
    Nakanoshima                       Fukushima
    Dental Clinic
    Suito Medical         6451-9020   403 Dojima Cross Walk 1-1-51           Eng.             Int, Dig,
    Clinic                            Fukushima                                               Diabetes
    Ito Clinic            6453-4125   404B Dojima Cross Walk 1-1-51          Eng.             OrS, PlS.
    Nakanoshima           6454-4108   4F Dojima Cross Walk 1-1-51            Eng, Ger.        Sur.
    Osaka Breast                      Fukushima
    Okada              6450-1900      2F Sunar Bldg. #11 1-3-11 Fukushima    Eng.             Der.
    Dermatology Clinic
    Osaka Breast          6454-4108   1-3-4 Fukushima                        Eng, Ger.        Sur, PnM,
    Clinic                                                                                    Mastitic
    Josho Clinic          6451-0565   2-10-23 Fukushima                      Eng, Fre.        Int, Sur, Ped,
                                                                                              Der, PhT.
    Tejima Hospital       6458-3151   3-2-9 Fukushima                        Eng.             Int, Sur, Rhe,
J                                                                                             PhT, Gas, OrS,
                                                                                              PlS, CoS.
    Hiro Dental Clinic    6225-4333   1F Visaju2 Bldg. 4-2-62 Fukushima      Eng.             Den, Pdd.
    Watanabe Clinic       6441-5323   4-5-58 Fukushima                       Eng.             Int.
    Sakurai Dental        6453-3711   105 Shato Nishiumeda Bldg.             Eng.             Den.
    Clinic                            6-11-13 Fukushima
    Kataoka Dental        6454-4618   2F Tokiwa Mansion 6-22-11 Fukushima    Eng.             Den.
    Fukui Clinic          6442-8165   7-19-11 Fukushima                      Eng.             Int, Dig.
    Family Dental         6454-2824   1F Lion Osaka Bldg. 7-22-1 Fukushima   Eng.             Den.
    Ihara Dental Clinic   6451-4175   4F Hinode Bldg. 7-6-23 Fukushima       Eng.             Den.
    Sento Clinic          6455-6614   509 Hinode Bldg. 7-6-23 Fukushima      Eng.             Int.
    Yutaka Dental         6452-4618   8-17-20 Fukushima                      Eng, Kor, Spa,   Den.
    Clinic                                                                   Ita.

                                                                                    When You Are Ill

      Name                Tel                     Address                               Departments
Fukushima Clinic      6458-9500   8-5-11 Fukushima                      Eng.           Int, Psy, Ped,
Inoue Clinic          6469-7535   Osaka Chuo Market 1-1-86 Noda         Eng.           Int, Sur, Der,
Kataoka Dental        6469-7777   4F Osaka Chuo Market Administration   Eng.           Den, Pdd.
Clinic                            Bldg. 1-1-86 Noda
Fujii Dental Clinic   6466-4182   1F 2-22-24 Noda                       Eng.           Den, Pdd.
Shuto Hospital        6461-1537   5-18-16 Noda                          Eng.           Int, Sur, Der,
                                                                                       Uro, PhT, Den,
                                                                                       Dig, Gas, Car,
                                                                                       OrS, R&A.
Aoyama Clinic         6462-3778   N-102 Rivergarden Fukushima Bldg.     Eng.           Int, Ped, Rad.
                                  6-5-41 Noda

Hino Clinic           6463-1468   2-13-3 Takami                         Eng.           Int, Nes.
Mirakami Internal     6468-1441   1-1-43 Shikanjima                     Eng.           Int, Ped, PhT.
Medicine Clinic
Oba Clinic            6463-1088   1-1-9 Shikanjima                      Eng.           Rad.
Onishi Urology        6460-2005   2F Sento Bldg. 1-5-11 Shikanjima      Eng.           Uro.
Onishi Clinic         6464-9330   3F Sento Bldg. 1-5-11 Shikanjima      Eng.           Int, Dig, Car.
Kubo Dental Clinic 6463-8055      4F Kojima Kensetsu Bldg. 1-5-6        Eng.           Den, Ord, Pdd.
Ishibashi Clinic      6463-3391   2F Kageyama Bldg. 1-9-10 Shikanjima   Eng, Ger.      Int, Der, Rad.
Yao Dental Clinic     6462-7055   2F Kageyama Bldg. 1-9-6 Shikanjima    Eng.           Den, Pdd.
Yanagimoto            6461-5085   2-19-16 Shikanjima                    Eng.           Int, OB-Gyn.
Obsterics &
Gynecology Clinic
Yumikura Dental
                      6461-2266   1-19-15 Kasugadenaka                  Eng.           Den, Ord, Pdd.
Osaka                 6462-0261   1-22-12 Kasugadenaka                  Eng.           Int, Uro.
Matsui Dental         6465-6480   1-23-10 Kasugadenaka                  Eng.           Den.
Oba Ophthalmic        6461-6918   1-26-12 Kasugadenaka                  Eng, Ger.      Oph.
Yamadaya Dental       6464-5667   1-4-19 Kasugadekita                   Eng.           Den.
Danjo Dental          6461-3455   2-13-16 Kasugadekita                  Eng.           Den, Pdd.
Suzuki Obsterics & 6461-0623      2-6-8 Kasugadekita                    Eng.           Obs, Gyn.
Gynecology Clinic

     When You Are Ill

          Name               Tel                        Address                                Departments
    Tanaka Dental        6462-9090    1-23-13 Nishikujo                      Eng.             Den.
    Sasaki Dental        6465-0234    2-5-20 Nishikujo                       Eng.             Den.
    Hamada Clinic        6461-2471    3-13-5 Nishikujo                       Eng, Ita.        Int, Dig.
    Asahibashi Clinic    6462-8710    4-2-26 Nishikujo                       Eng.             Int, Ped, Gas.
    Osaka City Kita      6461-0337    5-4-8 Nishikujo                        Eng.             Int, Sur, Psy,
    Hospital                                                                                  Ped, Der, Uro,
                                                                                              OB-Gyn, Oph,
                                                                                              Oto, OrS.
    Kawai Dental         6468-13581   2F Corpo Yagi Bldg. 2-1-3 Denpo        Eng.             Den.
    Murakawa Clinic      6463-1222    2-4-29 Denpo                           Eng.             Int, Ped, Car.
    Hasegawa Dental      6461-8211    2-4-4 Denpo                            Eng.             Den, Pdd.
    Yasuda Clinic        6463-1000    2-5-1 Denpo                            Eng.             In, Sur, PhT,
                                                                                              Dig, OrS, R&A
    Koike Dental Clinic 6461-8011     3-4-34 Denpo                           Eng, Chi, Kor,   Den, Ord, Pdd,
                                                                             Ita.             D.O.S
    Mori Dental Clinic   6468-9594    103 6-3-2 Denpo                        Eng.             Den.
    Torishima Clinic     6461-4459    4-2-3 Torishima                        Eng.             Int, Ped, Rad.
    Murakami Clinic      6461-0120    1-26-8 Baika                           Eng.             Int, Sur, Ped,
                                                                                              PhT, Rad, Neu,

    Asada Clinic         6266-1173    1F Asada Bldg. 1-5-3 Azuchimachi       Eng.             Int, Der, Uro,
                                                                                              Dig, Car.
    Sakamoto             6266-0666    16F Osaka Kokusai Bldg.                Eng.             PhT, OrS.

    Orthopedics Clinic                2-3-13 Azuchimachi
    Tanaka             6266-0650      16F Osaka Kokusai Bldg.                Eng.             Sur, Der.
    Dermatology Clinic                2-3-13 Azuchimachi
    Kotaka Dental        6264-7534    13F Thank you Bldg.                    Eng.             Den.
    Clinic                            3-2-14 Azuchimachi
    Urano Clinic         6266-1659    1F Honmaruta Bldg. 3-4-5 Azuchimachi Eng.               Int.
    Imagawa Clinic       6764-5777    2F Fujimoto Bldg. 1-3-13 Andojimachi   Eng.             Int, Ped.
    Tanimachi Dental     6762-0513    2F Verde Tanimachi Bldg.               Eng.             Den, Ord, Pdd,
    Clinic                            2-1-10 Andojimachi                                      D.O.S
    Kouda Clinic         6761-1386    1-10-5 Kawarayamachi                   Eng.             Int, Sur, Der,
                                                                                              Oph, Oto.
    Jyomae Clinic        6762-1111    2・3F Kyuse Bldg.                       Eng.             Int, All, Dig,
                                      1-12-1 Kawarayamachi                                    Car.
    Tajima Clinic        6762-0062    2-10-21 Kawarayamachi                  Eng, Ger.        Rhe, PhT, OrS.

                                                                                   When You Are Ill

       Name              Tel                    Address                                Departments
Takayama Medical 6767-3901       3-4-8 Kawarayamachi                   Eng.           Int, Psy, Gyn,
Clinic                                                                                Rad, Psy-Int,
Tani Dental Clinic   6170-2520   2F Kawaramachi MT Bldg.               Eng.           Den, Ord, Pdd,
                                 2-4-5 Kawaramachi                                    D.O.S
Nasu Dental Clinic 6222-1112     3F Asahi Bldg. 3-4-8 Kawaramachi      Eng.           Den.
Nishikawa Dental 6222-0558       4-3-2 Kawaramachi                     Eng.           Den.
Ohashi Clinic        6245-6188   10F Liberty Midosuji Hommachi Bldg.   Eng.           Int.
                                 3-5-17 Kyutaromachi
Hattori Clinic       6252-1059   10F Osaka Center Bldg.                Eng.           Sur, Der, OrS,
                                 4-1-3 Kyutaromachi                                   R&A
Shibata E.N.T        6252-5001   10F Osaka Center Bldg.                Eng.           Oto.
Clinic                           4-1-3 Kyutaromachi
Semba Clinic         6251-6149   4-2-7 Kyutaromachi                    Eng, Kor.      Int, Sur, Der.
Matsuda Dental       6761-4747   1-3-20 Tamatsukuri                    Eng.           Den, Pdd.
Nin Clinic           6768-6412   5F Inoue Bldg. 2-16-8 Tamatsukuri     Eng, Kor.      Int, PhT, Rad,
Hiraki Clinic        6761-2477   2-21-15 Tamatsukuri                   Eng, Ger.      Int, Ped, OB-
Bando Clinic         6644-0191   3-15-9 Kozu                           Eng.           Int, PhT, Car.
Nihombashi           6643-2022   3-2-22 Kozu                           Eng.           Neu, OrS, Nes.
Nomura Clinic        6632-8700   2F La Panjiru Nippombashi Bldg.       Eng.           Int, Gyn.
                                 3-2-28 Kozu
Sugibayashi          6202-2212   2F Kitahama Asahi Bldg.               Eng.           Int, ReS, Car.
Internal Medicine                1-5-11 Koraibashi
Nukata Dental        6231-8789   1-5-7 Koraibashi                      Eng.           Den.
Kawamura Dental      6204-5577   1F Koraibashi Yamamoto Bldg.          Eng.           Den.              J
Clinic                           3-1-14 Koraibashi
Mihara Dental        6222-0648   B1F Asahi Seimei Bldg.                Eng.           Den.
Clinic                           4-2-16 Koraibashi
Noi Dental Clinic    6226-1184   7F Nissei Fushimicho Bldg.            Eng.           Den.
                                 4-3-10 Koraibashi
Ujita Orthodonics    6221-0317   2F Masui Bldg. 4-6-20 Koraibashi      Eng.           Ord.
Ito Dental Clinic    6223-4618   1F Yamatomi Bldg. 1-7-2 Imabashi      Eng.           Den.
Tsutsui Dental       6208-1820   3・4F Kitahama Yamaguchi Bldg.         Eng.           Den, D.O.S
Clinic                           1-8-14 Imabashi
Kataoka Clinic       6201-1040   1F Ogata Bldg. 3-2-17 Imabashi        Eng.           Int, PnM.
Takada Yoko Eye      4706-5858   5F Ogata Bldg. 3-2-17 Imabashi        Eng.           Oph.

     When You Are Ill

          Name                Tel                      Address                                  Departments
    Tanaka Kanji         6777-3663     6F Ogata Bldg. 3-2-17 Imabashi            Eng.          Sur.
    Breast Clinic
    Sasaoka Clinic       6762-1360     5-5 Matsuyamachi                          Eng.          Int, Sur, PhT.
    Miyahara Dental      6762-0718     2F Central Forum Matsuyamachi Bldg.       Eng.          Den, Pdd.
    Clinic                             9-1 Matsuyamachi
    Kono Internal        6766-0885     1F Konoe Bldg. 2-1-16 Ueshio              Eng.          Int.
    Medicine Clinic
    Yamaguchi            6764-8818     3F Konoe Bldg. 2-1-16 Ueshio              Eng.          Uro.
    Urology Clinic
    Fujimoto Dental      6763-0290     B-9 Uemachi                               Eng.          Den.
    Soma Dental          6767-7073     1F Bell Byure Ⅱ Bldg.                     Eng.          Den.
    Clinic                             2-6-14 Uehommachinishi
    Yumitate Dental      6761-0274     5-3-8 Uehommachinishi                     Eng.          Den.
    Saeki Clinic         6761-4787     5-3-9 Uehommachinishi                     Eng.          Int.
    H Dental Health      6949-0811     6F Hotel New Otani 1-4-1 Shiromi          Eng.          Den.
    Care Clinic
    Twin Dental Clinic   6947-7118     21F Twin 21 MID Tower 2-1-61 Shiromi      Eng, Kor.     Den.
    Twin Harutsugu       6949-1114     21F Twin 21 MID Tower 2-1-61 Shiromi      Eng.          Int, Sur, der,
    Clinic                                                                                     PhT, PlS.
    Nishino Dental       6910-6480     1F Hotel Monterey La Soeur                Eng.          Den.
    Clinic                             2-2-22 Shiromi
    OBP Imamura          4791-9900     1F Maruito OBP Bldg. 2-2-22 Shiromi       Eng.          Int.
    Kakigi General       6251-5080     8F Shinsaibashi Classic Bldg.             Eng.          Sur.
    Surgery Clinic                     1-1-1 Shinsaibashi-suji
    Yamada Brothers      6281-8555     5F La Porte Shinsaibashi Bldg.            Eng, Spa.     Den, Ord, Pdd,
    Dental Clinic                      1-1-10 Shinsaibashi-suji                                D.O.S
    Tsutsui Aesthetic    0120-628-145 3F Enkyo Bldg.                             Eng.          PlS, CoS.
    Surgery Clinic                    1-4-14 Shinsaibashi-suji

J   Tsutsui Cosmetic
    Surgery Clinic
                         6281-5444     4F Enkyo Bldg.
                                       1-4-14 Shinsaibashi-suji
                                                                                 Eng.          PlS, CoS.

    Shinsaibashi Clinic 6243-7090      3F Fujii Bldg. 1-5-18 Shinsaibashi-suji   Eng, Chi.     Oph.
    Fukumaru E.N.T       6251-1394     1-6-14 Shinsaibashi-suji                  Eng.          Oto.
    Tanaka Dental        6271-6480     2F Daimaru Shinsaibashi Department        Eng.          Den.
    Clinic                             Store 1-7-1 Shinsaibashi-suji
    Ozato Internal       6243-0172     4F Midosuji Bldg.                         Eng, Ger.     Int, Ped, PhT,
    Medicine Clinic                    1-4-5 Nishishinsaibashi                                 ReS, Car.
    Hayakawa Clinic      6245-2100     5F Midosuji Bldg.                         Eng.          Int, Der, Uro,
                                       1-4-5 Nishishinsaibashi                                 Gyn.
    Kato Dental Clinic   6241-1361     3F Midosuji Bldg.                         Eng.          Den.
                                       1-4-5 Nishishinsaibashi
    Ogi Ophthalmic       6245-6405     4F Midosuji Bldg.                         Eng.          Oph.
    Clinic                             1-4-5 Nishishinsaibashi

                                                                                    When You Are Ill

      Name               Tel                     Address                                  Departments
Iwasaki              6252-0418   3F Urban Bldg.                         Eng.             Oph.
Ophthalmic Clinic                Shinsaibashi 1-5-5 Nishishinsaibashi
Tasuku Dental        6121-7896   4F Urban Bldg.                         Eng, Chi, Kor.   Den.
Clinic                           Shinsaibashi 1-5-5 Nishishinsaibashi
Okazaki Dental       4963-7568   4F Room B Oka Bldg.                    Eng.             Den.
Clinic                           1-6-33 Nishishinsaibashi
Miyatake Clinic      6212-9655   10F ORE Shinsaibashi Bldg.             Eng.             Int.
                                 2-2-3 Nishishinsaibashi
Kawasaki Clinic      6214-0755   9F Namba Nikko Bldg.                   Eng, Chi.        Uro, PlS, CoS.
                                 2-4-2 Nishishinsaibashi
Fuke Clinic          6211-8622   2-6-11 Nishishinsaibashi               Eng.             Int, Der, Uro,
Miyake Women's       6966-3063   2F Temmabashi Chiyoda Bldg. #2         Eng.             Int, Gyn.
Clinic                           1-1-1 Kokumachi
Fujimoto             6943-8882   3F Temmabashi Chiyoda Bldg. #2         Eng.             Ord.
Orthodonics Clinic               1-1-1 Kokumachi
Taniguchi            6644-3414   2F Center Bldg. 2-5-2 Sennichimae      Eng, Kor.        Den.
Katsuhiko Dental
Takaori Clinic       6941-5429   2-3-2 Funakoshi-cho                    Eng.             Int, Ped.
Shiraishi E.N.T      6262-3345   403 Semba Center Bldg. #4              Eng.             Oto, Thr.
Clinic                           2-1-4 Semba-chuo
Kono Dental Clinic 6252-2350     311 Semba Center Bldg. #9              Eng.             Den.
                                 3-3-9 Semba-chuo
Osaka Dental        6910-1111    1-5-17 Otemae                          Eng.             Int, Oph, Rad,
University Hospital                                                                      Den, Ord, Pdd,
Hamasaki Dental      6943-0289   5F Hana Bldg. 1-6-4 Otemae             Eng.             Den, Pdd.
Osaka                6943-2260   3F OMM Bldg. 1-7-31 Otemae             Eng.             Int, Der, Gyn,
Merchandise Mart                                                                         Oph, Oto, Rad.
Medical Center
Otemae Hospital      6941-0484   1-5-34 Otemae                          Eng.             Int, Sur, Psy,    J
                                                                                         Der, Uro, Gyn,
                                                                                         Oph, Oto, Neu,
                                                                                         ReS, Dig, Car,
                                                                                         OrS, Nes, ReS,
                                                                                         CVS, Hm.
Goto Internal        6946-8778   2F Ogura Temmabashi Bldg.              Eng.             Int, PhT, Car.
Medicine Clinic                  1-3-5 Tanimachi
Fukuzumi Laser       6940-2678   3F Sanyu Temmabashi Bldg.              Eng.             Der, PlS.
Clinic                           1-5-6 Tanimachi
Doi Dental Clinic    6945-1418   2F Mac Bldg. 1-5-6 Tanimachi           Eng.             Den, Pdd.
Nakai Dental         6966-5548   2F Otemae Tanaka Bldg.                 Eng.             Den, Ord, Pdd.
Otemae Clinic                    2-12-18 Tanimachi
Nishimura Dental     4792-6111   2F Otemae Tanaka Bldg.                 Eng.             Den, D.O.S
Clinic                           2-2-18 Tanimachi

     When You Are Ill

           Name             Tel                    Address                                  Departments
    Otemae Dental       6941-1189   2F Otemae M2 Bldg. 2-8-1 Tanimachi    Eng.             Den.
    Ryuboku Dental      6946-6666   1,2,3F Otemae NX Bldg.                Eng.             Den, D.O.S
    Clinic                          3-2-2 Tanimachi
    Nishimura E.N.T     6761-0265   6F Tanimachi Daiji Bldg.              Eng.             All, Oto.
    Clinic                          6-1-14 Tanimachi
    Yamada Clinic       6762-0936   6-17-21, 22 Tanimachi                 Eng.             Int, Car.
    Nakabayashi         6765-7710   1F Matsuya Bldg. #5 6-6-7 Tanimachi   Eng.             Int, Dig.
    Yamaguchi Dental    6768-6050   3F Matsuya Bldg. #5 6-6-7 Tanimachi   Eng.             Den.
    Yamato Pain Clinic 6764-0873    1F Access Tanimachi Bldg.             Eng.             PnM.
                                    9-1-18 Tanimachi
    Nakayama Clinic     6223-0242   2F R.R Bldg. 1-2-10 Awajimachi        Eng, Spa, Ger,   Sur, Der, PlS.
                                                                          Fre, Ita, Rus.
    Awajimachi Clinic   6221-3811   2F ISO Bldg. 2-4-3 Awajimachi         Eng.             Den, Ord, Pdd.
    Miyajima Clinic     6226-0029   2F Kaji Bldg. #2 3-4-1 Awajimachi     Eng.             Int, Rad, Dig,
    Tomita Clinic       6203-7636   4-7-2 Awajimachi                      Eng.             Int.
    Fukuda Dental       6941-9622   1-5-7 Tsurigane-cho                   Eng.             Den.
    Hashimoto Clinic    6947-7585   3F Aisei Bldg. 1-1-3 Shimamachi       Eng.             Int, Sur, All.
    At Home Clinic      6941-1083   601 Soki Mansion #5 1-4-1 Shimamachi Eng.              Int, PhT, PnM,
                                                                                           OrS, CoS.
    Miyazaki Internal   6910-5777   2F IT Bldg. 2-1-15 Shimamachi         Eng.             Int.
    Medicine Clinic
    Yasuoka Dental      6282-1180   1F Kenchiku Kanamono Bldg.            Eng, Ita.        Den.
    Clinic                          1-13-31 Shimanouchi
    Osaka              6251-3708    2F First K Shimanouchi Bldg.          Eng.             Der.
    Dermatology Clinic              1-21-24 Shimanouchi
    Fujiwara Dental     6251-6480   1-7-18 Shimanouchi                    Eng.             Den.
J   Clinic
    Fujita Clinic       6213-6677   2F Shimanouchi Bldg.                  Eng, Kor.        OB-Gyn.
                                    2-11-20 Shimanouchi
    Ijima Hospital      6211-4114   2-15-4 Shimanouchi                    Eng.             OB-Gyn.
    Ueno Dental Clinic 6943-1184    1F Nippo Hiranomachi Bldg.            Eng.             Den.
                                    4-3 Higashikoraibashi
    Takeda Dental       6245-3568   3F Kosumi Bldg.                       Eng.             Den.
    Clinic                          1-17-1 Higashishinsaibashi
    Komune Clinic       6120-7331   8F Shinsaibashi Iwasaki Bldg.         Eng.             Der, PlS, CoS,
                                    1-20-14 Higashishinsaibashi                            Der.
    Sasaki Clinic       6241-9151   2F Nagahori Chuo Bldg.                Eng.             Int, Der, PlS.
                                    1-20-16 Higashishinsaibashi
    Kawasaki Dental     6211-7985   2-5-17 Higashishinsaibashi            Eng.             Den.

                                                                                      When You Are Ill

      Name                Tel                       Address                               Departments
Obata Clinic          6211-2119   3F Koda Bldg.                           Eng.           Int, Rad, OrS.
                                  2-5-27 Higashishinsaibashi
Matsuda Dental        6211-7871   5F Matsuda Bldg.                        Eng.           Den.
Clinic                            2-8-16 Higashishinsaibashi
Kato Dental Clinic    6226-1066   2F Goto Bldg. 2-2-6 Doshomachi          Eng.           Den.
Imaizumi Clinic       6231-2202   7F Shiono Nissei Bldg.                  Eng.           Int, Dig.
                                  2-6-6 Doshomachi
Kawano Dental         6222-2034   2F Kawano Bldg. 4-4-2 Doshomachi        Eng.           Den.
Fujii Dental Clinic   6943-7457   202 Tojuso Tokuicho Bldg.               Eng.           Den, Pdd.
                                  1-1-9 Tokui-cho
Yoko Mental Clinic    6946-2202   5F Eiwa Bldg. 1-2-11 Tokui-cho          Eng.           Psy, Psy-Int,
Furukawa Clinic       6943-6005   1-2-2 Tokui-cho                         Eng.           Int, Ped, Der,
Maeda Ophthalmic 6809-3488        1F OCT Bldg. 1-1-1 Uchihommachi         Eng.           Oph.
Mori Dental Clinic 6943-0051      101 Utaka Bldg. 1-2-11 Uchihommachi     Eng.           Den, Pdd,
Shimoe Clinic         6941-4584   2F Shuwa Bldg. 1-2-14 Uchihommachi      Eng.           Uro.
Tanaka Dental         4705-5313   1-7-15 Minamikyuhojimachi               Eng.           Den.
Semba Morino          6267-6601   3F Semba Medical Bldg.                  Eng, Spa.      Int, Sur, Dig.
Clinic                            2-1-9 Minamikyuhojimachi
Mitsumoto Ladies      6263-2631   1F Minamisemba M21 Bldg.                Eng.           Gyn.
Clinic                            1-10-20 Minamisemba
Kubo Clinic           6260-2577   1-1-3 Minamisemba                       Eng.           Sur, R&A
Ogawa Dental          6261-0877   2F Azusu Tile Bldg.                     Eng.           Den, Pdd.
Clinic                            1-13-3 Minamisemba
Onoda Dental          6262-2566   202 Pare Rowayal Bldg.                  Eng.           Den, Pdd.
Clinic                            1-16-23 Minamisemba
Sawada Dental
                      6262-6778   2-2-8 Minamisemba                       Eng.           Den, Pdd.
Yamamoto Dental       6244-0201   3F Nakamura Kosan Bldg.                 Eng.           Den.
Clinic                            3-10-28 Minamisemba
Suto Ladies Clinic    6244-8343   4F Tokyo Toshikaihatsu Midosuji Bldg.   Eng.           Obs, Gyn.
                                  3-11-24 Minamisemba
Shinsaibashi Chuo 6253-1111       9F Shinsaibashi Plaza Bldg. New Tower Eng, Chi, Kor,   Der, Uro, PlS,
Clinic                            3-12-21 Minamisemba                   Ger, Fre.        CoS.
Sugino Ophthalmic 6121-7166       11F Shinsaibashi Plaza Bldg. East Tower Eng.           Oph.
Clinic                            3-12-9 Minamisemba
Bessho Dental         6251-0017   202 2F Line Build Shinsaibashi Bldg.    Eng.           Den, Pdd.
Clinic                            3-2-1 Minamisemba
Nagashima Clinic      4704-5430   2F Nagahori Tada Bldg.                  Eng, Chi.      Int.
                                  3-3-29 Minamisemba
Keisei Beauty         6252-5650   8F Todo Bldg.                           Eng, Kor.      Der, Uro, Gyn,
Clinic                            3-4-22 Minamisemba                                     PlS, CoS.

     When You Are Ill

          Name                 Tel                     Address                                Departments
    Naito Ophthalmic      6251-3336     8F Risona Bank Shinsaibashi Bldg.   Eng.             Oph.
    Clinic                              3-5-11 Minamisemba
    Sako Dental Clinic    6243-4618     6F Risona Shinsaibashi Bldg.        Eng, Kor.        Den.
                                        3-5-11 Minamisemba
    Yoshikawa             6282-4182     3F Kokumin Bldg.                    Eng.             Ord.
    Orthodonics Clinic                  3-5-15 Minamisemba
    Imura Ophthalmic      6282-0806     2F Tanaka Shinsaibashi Bldg.        Eng.             Oph.
    Clinic                              3-6-20 Minamisemba
    Tuboi Mental Clinic 6241-1059       8F Ashiike Bldg. #5 3-6-27          Eng.             Int, Psy, Psy-
                                        Minamisemba                                          Int, Neu.
    Takashima Clinic      6253-3444     10F 1001Sanei Mua Bldg.             Eng.             Int, Der, PlS.
                                        3-8-7 Minamisemba
    Sagawa Dental         6253-1515     9F Nihonseimei Midosuji Bldg.       Eng.             Den, Ord.
    Clinic                              4-2-4 Minamisemba
    Saito Dental Clinic   6243-6650     2F Osaka Toyoda Bldg.               Eng, Kor.        Den.
                                        4-3-11 Minamisemba
    Tokyo Cosmetic        0120-658-958 7F Creative Shinsaibashi Bldg.       Eng, Chi, Kor.   Der, PlS, CoS.
    Surgery                            4-4-8 Minamisemba
    Koyanagai Dental      6261-6480    5F Meiji Yasudaseimei                Eng.             Den.
    Clinic                             Sakaisujihommachi Bldg.
                                       1-7-15 Minamihommachi
    Yoshikawa Internal 6263-1286        2F Maruchu Bldg. #2                 Eng.             Int.
    Medicine Clinic                     2-4-10 Minamihommachi
    Plus Clinic           6253-9119     1F Kanese Chuo Bldg.                Eng.             Int, PlS, CoS.
    Kamiishi                            3-1-12 Minamihommachi
    Yoshida Dental        6251-4846     7F Taiyoseimei Bldg.                Eng, Ger.        Den.
    Clinic                              4-2-5 Minamihommachi
    Yamamoto Internal 6213-8250         3F Tick Land Bldg. 2-3-5 Namba      Eng.             Int.
    Medicine Clinic
    Seiko Clinic          6484-0001     4F Tick Land Bldg. 2-3-5 Namba      Eng.             Der, Gyn, CoS.
    Soeda Dental          6643-8148     2F Hokkyokusei Bldg.                Eng.             Den.
    Clinic                              3-5-17 Namba
J   Komuro Dental         6644-5661     3F Kintetsu Namba Bldg.             Eng.             Den.
    Namba Clinic                        4-1-15 Namba
    Namba                 6644-1631     3F Kintetsu Namba Bldg.             Eng.             Oph.
    Ophthalmic Clinic                   4-1-15 Namba
    Sakao Namba           6646-1789     10F Yashima Midosuji Bldg.          Eng.             Psy, Psy-Int,
    Mental Clinic                       4-2-4 Namba                                          Neu.
    Tsurumi Clinic        4396-3900     6F Yashima Midosuji Bldg.           Eng, Kor.        Int, Rad, PnM,
                                        4-2-4 Namba                                          Dig.
    Lee Toshiya           6634-8108     5F Takashimaya Department Store     Eng.             Oph.
    Ophthalmic Clinic                   5-1-5 Namba
    Kato Dental Clinic    6643-5888     B1F Takashimaya Department Store    Eng.             Den.
                                        5-1-5 Namba
    Mori Clinic           6633-5598     3F Okuba Bldg.                      Eng.             Psy, Neu.
                                        15-16 Namba Sennichimae

                                                                                     When You Are Ill

       Name             Tel                    Address                                     Departments
Sennichimae         6644-5866   1・2F MC Bldg.                            Eng.             Int, Ped, PhT.
Mizuta Internal                 4-21 Namba Sennichimae
Medicine Clinic
Takahashi Dental    6211-0212   1-1-14 Nippombashi                       Eng.             Den.
Nakamura Dental     6641-1922   1-16-23 Nippombashi                      Eng, Chi, Kor.   Den, Pdd,
Clinic                                                                                    D.O.S
Goto E.N.T Clinic   6643-1133   2F Suzuki Bldg. 1-21-14 Nippombashi      Eng.             Oto.
Sano Dental Clinic 6644-3609    301 Marutomi Nippombashi Pearl Bldg.     Eng.             Den.
                                1-21-20 Nippombashi
Ito Clinic          6213-0601   4F Sankyo Nippombashi Bldg.              Eng.             Int, Dig, R&A
                                1-3-1 Nippombashi
Iwasa Clinic        6213-2841   3F Sankyo Nippombashi Bldg.              Eng.             Uro.
                                1-3-1 Nippombashi
Nakata Dental       6641-1478   2-12-1 Nippombashi                       Eng.             Den.
Unno Maternity      6634-0223   2-4-7 Nippombashi                        Eng.             Int, OB-Gyn.
Kano Clinic         6644-0370   2F Maruwaka Bldg. 2-5-2 Nippombashi      Eng.             Gyn.
Morikawa            6633-9130   2F Deguchi Nippombashi Bldg.             Eng.             Oph.
Ophthalmic Clinic               2-5-4 Nippombashi
Uzura Clinic        6264-5131   1-6-1 Bakuromachi                        Eng.             Int.
Harutsugu Clinic    6245-1251   2-6-1 Bakuromachi                        Eng.             Int, Sur, Der,
                                                                                          PhT, Rad, OrS.
Asano Dental        6251-2991   3-4-11 Bakuromachi                       Eng.             Den.
Shirayama Dental    6227-0640   1-5-10 Bingomachi                        Eng.             Den.
Toyota Clinic       6232-1187   B1F Nomura Bldg. #2 2-1-1 Bingomachi Eng.                 Int, Der, OrS,
Ozaki Dental Clinic 6220-0022   B1F Bingomachi Nomura Bldg.              Eng, Chi.        Den, Ord,

Watanabe Dental     6261-3641
                                2-1-8 Bingomachi
                                4F Nishijima Bldg. 3-3-1 Bingomachi      Eng, Fre.
Nishikawa           6201-0317   8F Midosuji Mitsui Bldg. 4-1-3 Bingomachi Eng.            Int, Gyn, Rad.
Women’s Clinic
Manabe Clinic       6226-4080   2F Okada Fushimimachi Bldg.              Eng, Kor.        Int, Sur, Dig,
                                2-5-7 Fushimimachi                                        Car, OrS, R&A
Hayashi Dental      6231-3461   6F Okada Fushimimachi Bldg.              Eng.             Den, Ord.
Clinic                          2-5-7 Fushimimachi
Jitsufuji Dental    6202-1182   4F Harumi Bldg. 3-2-12 Fushimimachi      Eng.             Den.
Nagao Dental        6222-2188   1F Hiramatsu Bldg. 4-2-6 Fushimimachi Eng.                Den, D.O.S
Hamada              6202-7614   8F Sawanotsuru Bldg. 2-1-2               Eng.             Oph.
Ophthalmic Clinic               Hiranomachi

     When You Are Ill

          Name               Tel                   Address                                   Departments
    Konishi Mental       6231-6966   3F Sarai Bldg. 2-2-9 Hiranomachi      Eng.             Psy, Psy-Int,
    Clinic                                                                                  Neu.
    Kishiro Dental       6231-3602   2F Takino Bldg. 4-5-9 Hiranomachi     Eng.             Den.
    Osaka Medical        6942-1331   2-1-14 Hoenzaka                       Eng, Chi, Kor.   Int, Sur, Psy,
    Center                                                                                  Ped, Der, Uro,
                                                                                            Obs, Gyn,
                                                                                            Oph, Oto, PhT,
                                                                                            OrS, PlS, Nes,
                                                                                            CVS, D.O.S
    Wada Clinic          6261-2167   1-6-14 Kitakyuhojimachi               Eng.             Int.
    Yanagawa Clinic      6809-3368   2-6-15 Kitakyuhojimachi               Eng.             Der, PlS, CoS.
    Yanagawa Dental      6251-0588   2-6-15 Kitakyuhojimachi               Eng.             Den.
    Nakata Clinic        6201-5787   8F Nakai Bldg. #2 1-1-21 Kitahama     Eng.             Int, Rad, Dig.
    Okamura Dental       6229-6480   2F Osaka Securities Exchange Bldg.    Eng.             Den, Pdd,
    Clinic                           1-8-16 Kitahama                                        D.O.S
    Kimura Riverside     6208-0126   1F Kitahama Fujinami Bldg.            Eng, Kor.        Den.
    Dental Clinic                    2-1-13 Kitahama
    Miyamoto             6222-2730   2F Nihon Bunkakaikan Bldg.            Eng.             Int.
    Kitahama Clinic                  2-1-23 Kitahama
    Nishizawa Clinic     473900      1F Nyusho Yagi Bldg. 2-3-9 Kitahama   Eng.             Int.
    Makino Dental        6231-3734   4F Nissei Yodoyabashi Bldg.           Eng.             Den.
    Clinic                           3-5-29 Kitahama
    Nakamura Dental      6227-0418   6F Sumitomoseimei Yodoyabashi Bldg.   Eng.             Den.
    Clinic                           4-1-21 Kitahama
    Goto Dental Clinic   6271-1480   3F Hommachi Bldg. 2-2-7 Hommachi      Eng.             Den.
    Okada Clinic         6263-7227   1F-A Asorty Hommachi 2-3-4            Eng.             Psy, All, Der,
                                     Hommachi                                               Psy-Int.
    La Quole             6125-1250   2F Tatsuno Hommachi Bldg.             Eng, Ger, Fre.   Int, Der, Gyn,
    Hommachi Clinic                  3-5-2 Hommachi                                         Psy-Int, Dig.

J   Tanihata Dental
                         6262-5827   2F Tatsuno Hommachi Bldg.
                                     3-5-2 Hommachi
                                                                           Eng.             Den.

    Naruse Dental        6271-8639   4F Kanese Bldg. 3-5-5 Hommachi        Eng.             Den.
    Washio Dental        6251-8060   4F Toshiba Osaka Bldg.                Eng.             Den, D.O.S
    Clinic                           4-2-12 Hommachi
    Kawasaki Dental      6243-5458   9F Hommachi Minobe Oujo Bldg.         Eng.             Den.
    Clinic                           4-4-10 Hommachi
    Katsube Dental       6243-1971   3F Hosoi Bldg. 4-4-27 Hommachi        Eng.             Den, Ord, Pdd,
    Clinic                                                                                  D.O.S

                                                                                    When You Are Ill

      Name              Tel                    Address                                  Departments
Takamori Clinic     6533-1126   2F Maruei Nishimotocho Bldg.            Eng.           Den.
                                1-15-16 Awaza
Fujino Dental       6445-1298   1F Fujino Bldg. 1-1-18 Kyomachibori     Eng, Ger.      Den.
Ikoma Dental        6445-2520   11F Higobashi Lucent Bldg.              Eng.           Den.
Clinic                          1-6-2 Kyomachibori
Osako Dental        6441-0070   2F Tomiyama Bldg. 1-7-19                Eng.           Den, Ord, Pdd.
Clinic                          Kyomachibori
Otani Clinic        6441-1980   1,2,3F Otani Bldg. 1-9-9 Kyomachibori   Eng.           Int, Ped, Gyn,
Nagata Clinic       6449-8023   2-10-21 Kyomachibori                    Eng.           Int, Car.
OJ Clinic           6443-2191   102 Royal Haitsu Edobori-nishi Koen     Eng.           Int.
                                Bldg. 3-4-20 Kyomachibori
Yamanashi           6448-3031   3-9-12 Kyomachibori                     Eng.           Int, Sur, Res,
Hospital                                                                               Dig, Car.
Tane Ophthalmic     6581-5800   1-1-39 Sakaigawa                        Eng.           Oph.
Tane Hospital       6581-1071   1-2-31 Sakaigawa                        Eng.           Int, Sur, Ped,
                                                                                       Der, Uro, Gyn,
                                                                                       PhT, Rad, Neu,
                                                                                       Res, Dig, Car,
                                                                                       OrS, PlS, Nes.
Katsuse Clinic      6581-6059   1-12-3 Kujo                             Eng.           Int, Der, OB-
                                                                                       Gyn, Ven.
Fujii Internal      6582-1220   1-13-11 Kujo                            Eng.           Int, Dig, Car.
Medicine Clinic
Sugimoto            6584-7171   1-14-27 Kujo                            Eng.           Oph.
Ophthalmic Clinic
Sakai Internal      6585-3470   2-23-13 Kujo                            Eng.           Int, Ped, PhT,
Medicine Clinic                                                                        PnM.
Uesugi Clinic       6582-1800   3-20-14 Kujo                            Eng, Ger.      Int, Sur, Ped,
                                                                                       Der, Uro, PhT,
Yamamoto Dental     6584-0418   3-22-2 Kujo                             Eng.           Den.
Sasa Clinic         6581-2070   3-23-6 Kujo                             Eng.           Int, Sur, Ped.
Sasaki Clinic       6585-2373   1F NTT West Bldg. 2-2-21 Kujominami     Eng.           Int, Artificial
                                                                                       Kidney Internal
Ken Clinic          6447-7500   1F Nihon Kowa Higobashi Bldg.           Eng.           Int, Der, Dig,
                                1-11-4 Edobori                                         Car.
Ikezawa Clinic      6445-8810   2 Higobashi Daiji Bldg. 1-15-27 Edobori Eng.           Int, Sur, PhT,
                                                                                       Dig, OrS.

     When You Are Ill

           Name              Tel                      Address                                Departments
    Omi Ophthalmic       6443-4412   1-24-18 Edobori                       Eng.             Oph.
    Yamamoto Clinic      6459-4177   22 YTM2 Bldg. 1-8 Edobori             Eng.             Psy, Psy-Int,
    Fukunishi Dental     6443-7380   115 1-1-9 Enokojima                   Eng, Chi, Kor,   Den, Pdd, Ord,
    Clinic                                                                 Spa, Por,        D.O.S
                                                                           Ger, Fre, Rus,
    Irie Dental Clinic   6531-1600   1-22-23 Shimmachi                     Eng, Fre.        Den.
    Sato E.N.T Clinic    6535-1100   2F Masse Yotsubashi Bldg. #6          Eng.             Oto.
                                     1-8-3 Shimmachi
    Nakayama Dental      6534-8214   2F Hayashi Yotsubashi Bldg.           Eng.             Den, Ord, Pdd,
    Clinic                           1-8-3 Shimmachi                                        D.O.S
    Nakayama Dental      6534-8214   3F Hayashi Yotsubashi Bldg.           Eng.             Den, Ord, Pdd,
    Yotsubashi Clinic                1-8-3 Shimmachi                                        D.O.S
    Shinkai Dental       6531-0771   2F Tsukaguchi Bldg. 3-9-7 Shimmachi   Eng, Ger, Fre.   Den, Pdd,
    Clinic                                                                                  D.O.S
    Chuo Emergency       6534-0321   4-10-13 Shimmachi                     Eng.             Int, Ped, Oph,
    Medical Hospital                                                                        Oto.
    Murao Dental         6444-4181   12F Shinanobashi Mitsui Bldg.         Eng, Chi.        Den, Pdd.
    Clinic                           1-11-7 Utsubohommachi
    Kutoku Internal      6446-0600   1-7-8 Utsubohommachi                  Eng, Ger.        Int, Car.
    Medicine Clinic
    Nakanishi Clinic     6441-2951   2-4-7 Utsubohommachi                  Eng, Ger.        Int, Ped, Rad,
    Tomita Dental        6531-3657   4F 412 OX Bldg.                       Eng.             Den, Ord, Pdd,
    Clinic                           1-10-10 Nishihommachi                                  D.O.S
    Kasai Clinic         6541-5225   2F Okajima Bldg.                      Eng.             Der, PlS.
                                     1-2-14 Nishihommachi
    AMA Clinic           4391-1127   1F Waida Hommachi Bldg.               Eng.             Int, Sur, PnM,
                                     1-7-19 Nishihommachi                                   Psy-Int, Dig,
                                                                                            R&A, Pain
J                                                                                           Clinic
    Hirayama             6586-1203   1-4-10 Chiyozaki                      Eng.             Oph.
    Ophthalmic Clinic
    Hasegawa E.N.T       6582-3387   2-25-13 Chiyozaki                     Eng, Ger.        Oto, Thr.
    Kuma Clinic          6583-2131   1F Century Chiyozaki Bldg.            Eng.             Int, Sur, Psy-
                                     2-4-13 Chiyozaki                                       Int.
    Tabata Dental        6581-5210   4-1-3 Kawaguchi                       Eng.             Den.
    Osaka General        6445-8701   3F Higobashi Shinkosan Bldg.          Eng.             Psy, Ped, Psy-
    Medical Clinic                   1-4-6 Tosabori                                         Int.
    Sugasawa             6441-0525   2-3-5 Tosabori                        Eng.             Oph.
    Ophthalmic Clinic
    Demic Modern         6533-4880   6F Kurimoto-Kensetsu Bldg, Bekkan.    Eng.             Den.
    Implant Center                   1-11-21 Minamihorie

                                                                                  When You Are Ill

      Name               Tel                        Address                             Departments
Ehara Dental         6533-3456   1-15-12 Minamihorie                  Eng.             Den.
IVF Namba Clinic     6534-8824   1-17-28 Minamihorie                  Eng, Kor.        Uro, OB-Gyn,
Nishinagahori        6539-7117   Cheri Palace1 4-16-4 Minamihorie     Eng.             Int, Sur, PhT,
Clinic                                                                                 OrS.
Yokoishi Dental      6533-6527   4-17-19 Minamihorie                  Eng, Kor.        Den.
Shimano Clinic       6533-0020   101 Urban View Nest Minamihorie      Eng.             Int, Sur, Gyn,
                                 Bldg.                                                 R&A
                                 4-4-20 Minamihorie
Kasahara Clinic      6543-1157   111 Nishidotombori Haitsu B Bldg.    Eng.             Int, Ped, Rad,
                                 4-5-10 Minamihorie                                    Car.
Kitahorie Hospital   6531-3038   1-10-6 Kitahorie                     Eng.             Int, PhT, Rad.
Ikoma Dental         6531-6444   1-11-10 Kitahorie                    Eng.             Den, Ord, Pdd.
Yoshikawa Dental     6531-6128   3F 301 Excel Court Kitahorie Bldg.   Eng.             Den.
Clinic                           1-3-10 Kitahorie
Yamano Dental        6532-4180   2F Owa Bldg. 1-6-5 Kitahorie         Eng.             Den.
K's Dental Office    6536-4618   1F Capital Bldg. 1-8-14 Kitahorie    Eng.             Den.
Nibu Clinic          6581-0090   3-7-8 Honden                         Eng.             All, Oto.
Tsuzuki Clinic       6537-6400   6F Kizu Bldg. 1-2-12 Itachibori      Eng, Spa, Fre.   Psy, Psy-Int.
Togenkai Clinic      6536-1277   1F 'Kokusai Tsushinsha Bldg.         Eng, Kor, Ger.   All, Der.
                                 1-7-18 Itachibori
Isoda Dental Clinic 6537-5688    1F Business Zone Hommachinishi       Eng.             Den, Pdd,
                                 Bldg.                                                 D.O.S
                                 2-1-11 Itachibori
Fujimoto Clinic      6537-1400   2F MS Bldg. #2 3-2-1 Itachibori      Eng.             OrS.
Nissei Hospital      6543-3581   6-3-8 Itachibori                     Eng.             Int, Sur, Psy,
                                                                                       All, Rhe, Ped,
                                                                                       Der, Uro, OB-
                                                                                       Gyn, Oph, Oto,    J
                                                                                       Rad, PnM,
                                                                                       Neu, Dig, Car,
                                                                                       OrS, Blood・
                                                                                       Mastitic Sur.

Kitashiro Clinic     6573-1939   2-10-6 Isoji                         Eng.             Int, Ped, Der.
Yamato Clinic        6577-2227   2-1-11 Isoji                         Eng, Kor.        Int, Sur, PhT,
Ando Dental Clinic 6572-3961     3-20-8 Isoji                         Eng, Chi.        Den.

     When You Are Ill

          Name               Tel                      Address                              Departments
    Nitsu Clinic         6571-0549   1-23 Kosei                          Eng.             Int, All, Ped,
                                                                                          PhT, PnM.
    Kitamura Clinic      6574-2288   2-4-4 Kosei                         Eng.             Int, Uro, PhT,
    Yoshida Dental       6571-3450   1-10-22 Misaki                      Eng.             Den.
    Kawamura Clinic      6575-3737   1-10-30 Misaki                      Eng.             Int, Rhe, PhT,
                                                                                          Rad, OrS.
    Suzuki Clinic        6572-2572   1-11-27 Misaki                      Eng.             Int, Ped, Der,
    Kiba Clinic          6576-2323   1-17-43 Misaki                      Eng.             Int, Sur, PhT,
                                                                                          Dig, OrS.
    Miyoshi Dental       6571-5070   1-4-5 Misaki                        Eng.             Den, Pdd.
    Osaka Clinic         6571-1594   2-13-26 Misaki                      Eng.             Der.
    Yanaga Clinic        6577-4650   1F Yaei Bldg. 2-13-29 Misaki        Eng.             Rhe, PhT, OrS.
    Fujioka Dental       6571-8241   1-11-2 Ichioka                      Eng.             Den.
    Naito Clinic         6571-1478   1-1-26 Ichioka                      Eng.             Int, Sur.
    Kojima Clinic        6557-7621   1-20-8 Ichioka                      Eng.             Rhe, PhT, OrS.
    Konda Dental         6573-1182   101 Yunihaimu Ichioka Bldg. #2      Eng.             Den.
    Clinic                           1-4-26 Ichioka
    Mimura Dental        6599-0006   2-6-20 Ichioka                      Eng.             Den, Ord, Pdd,
    Clinic                                                                                D.O.S
    Dobashi Dental       6583-4618   2-3-7 Ichiokamotomachi              Eng, Ger.        Den.
    Horii E.N.T Clinic   6572-4658   1-1-20 Ikejima                      Eng.             All, Oto.
    Sasao Clinic         6571-0259   1-2-14 Ikejima                      Eng.             Int, Sur, Ped,
    Osaka Seamen's     6572-5721     1-8-30 Chikko                       Eng, Chi.        Int, Sur, Ped,
    Insurance Hospital                                                                    Der, Uro, Oph,
J                                                                                         Oto, Rad,
                                                                                          PnM, OrS, PlS.
    Otani Dental Clinic 6573-8467    4-8-3 Chikko                        Eng.             Den, D.O.S
    Osawa Clinic         6571-0996   1-13-28 Tanaka                      Eng.             Int, Ped, Uro.
    Ikuno Clinic         6581-4181   2-9-12 Namiyoke                     Eng.             Int, Car.
    Okuno Clinic         6583-2281   3-5-13 Namiyoke                     Eng.             Int, Ped, OB-
    Uezaki Dental        6583-4182   1F Haitsu Prince Bldg. 3-5-15       Eng.             Den.
    Clinic                           Namiyoke
    Inoue Dental Clinic 6573-8211    1F Days Haitsu Asashiobashi Bldg.   Eng.             Den.
                                     1-1-17 Yahataya
    Yagi Clinic          6599-1131   1-3-19 Yahataya                     Eng.             Int, PhT, Nes.
    Yoshikawa Dental     6571-2351   2-4-4 Yahataya                      Eng, Chi, Por.   Den.

                                                                                      When You Are Ill

       Name               Tel                    Address                                    Departments
Hashimoto Dental      6572-3575   3-1-20 Yahataya                         Eng.             Den.
Sawada Internal       6573-3792   6F Oak #2 Bldg. 1-2-2 Benten            Eng.             Int, Dig.
Medicine Clinic
Yoshida               6572-0003   2F Cross City Bentencho Bldg.           Eng.             Oph.
Ophthalmic                        1-3-3 Benten
Yamamura E.N.T        6573-1133   114 1F Benten Corpo Bldg.               Eng.             Oto.
Clinic                            2-1-8 Benten
Okamasa Dental        6574-1662   3-4-3 Benten                            Eng.             Den.
Kayama Clinic         6573-3000   1F Kayama Kaiun Bldg. 4-15-14 Benten Eng.                Int, Sur, PhT,
                                                                                           Dig, R&A
Yamashita Dental      6574-1957   2F Port Bldg. 2-16-9 Yunagi             Eng, Chi, Kor.   Den.
Yoshimoto Clinic      6574-2841   1・2F Minato Medical Bldg.               Eng, Chi.        Int, PhT, PnM,
                                  2-17-9 Yunagi                                            Res, Car.

Adachi Ophthalmic 6551-0762       4F Ishihara Bldg. 1-2-7 Sangenyanishi   Eng.             Oph.
Tanabe E.N.T          6551-1901   2F Nakajima Bldg. 1-2-9 Sangenyanishi Eng.               All, Oto.
Ieiri Dental Clinic   6551-0960   2-9-4 Sangenyanishi                     Eng.             Den.
Adachi Clinic         6555-5276   3-6-3 Sangenyanishi                     Eng.             Int, Sur, PhT,
                                                                                           OrS, R&A
Samukawa Clinic       6551-2448   1-13-3 Sangenyahigashi                  Eng, Ger.        Int, Sur, Der,
Gomi Clinic           4394-3800   1F Yamagake Haitsu Bldg.                Eng.             Int, Der, PhT,
                                  1-19-3 Sangenyahigashi                                   Dig.
Asano Dental          6551-2114   2-3-24 Sangenyahigashi                  Eng.             Den.              J
Kushida Hospital      6552-2471   1-1-1 Kobayashinishi                    Eng.             Int, Sur, PhT,
                                                                                           Rad, PnM,
                                                                                           OrS, Nes.
Ishimura Clinic       6555-4455   2-2-5 Kobayashinishi                    Eng.             Int, Sur, Rhe,
                                                                                           PhT, OrS.
Sugii Dental Clinic   6551-7300   1-18-11 Chishima                        Eng.             Den, Ord, Pdd,
Wakaba Dental         6554-8841   1-20-12 Chishima                        Eng.             Den, Ord, Pdd.
Nakayama Dental       6553-0028   2-121 Chishima Kodan 2-4 Chishima       Eng, Kor.        Den.
Koda Dental Clinic 6553-0009      2F Wako Bldg. 3-4-7 Chishima            Eng.             Den.
Motoyama Clinic       6551-3812   1-2-19 Izuo                             Eng.             Int, Ped.

     When You Are Ill

          Name               Tel                      Address                                  Departments
    Kashihara Clinic     6556-1170   1-5-17 Izuo                             Eng.             PhT, Dig, Car.
    Ono Dental Clinic    6551-2562   1-5-8 Izuo                              Eng.             Den, Ped.
    Shoda Clinic         6551-0041   1-8-16 Izuo                             Eng.             Int, Sur, Der,
                                                                                              Dig, Car.
    Nishimoto E.N.T      6551-4187   3-11-15 Izuo                            Eng.             Oto.
    Kitamura Clinic      6551-2250   3-3-22 Izuo                             Eng.             Int, Sur, Dig,
    Fujiyoshi Clinic     6552-0810   1F Toyo Plaza Izuo Bldg. 4-17-12 Izuo   Eng.             Int, Dig.
    Omae Dental          6555-6882   101 Toyo Plaza Izuo Bldg. 4-17-12 Izuo Eng.              Den, Pdd.
    Nishizaki Dental     6554-8241   2-2-6 Tsurumachi                        Eng.             Den.
    Nishimura Dental     6552-1315   202 Sunshine Bldg. 4-9-8 Tsurumachi     Eng, Chi, Kor.   Den.
    Ichinona Clinic      6551-0286   4-22-13 Hirao                           Eng.             Int, Sur, Ped,
    Nishimura Clinic     6552-2288   4-22-15 Hirao                           Eng.             Int, Sur, Der,
                                                                                              PhT, Rad, Dig,
    Yamakita Clinic      6553-0770   4-23-13 Hirao                           Eng.             Int, Der,
    Saiseikai Izuo       6552-0091   3-4-5 Kitamura                          Eng.             Int, Sur, Ped,
    Hospital                                                                                  Der, Uro, OB-
                                                                                              Gyn, Oph, PhT,
                                                                                              Rad, Dig, Car,
                                                                                              OrS, Nes.

    Imaishi Children's   6774-1980   1-1-1 Karasugatsuji                     Eng.             All, Ped.
J   Clinic
    Yoshida E.N.T        6773-6565   6F MI Bldg.1-1-1 Karasugatsuji          Eng.             Oto.
    Matsuyama            6774-9911   5F MI Bldg. 1-1-1 Karasugatsuji         Eng.             Oph.
    Ophthalmic Clinic
    Ueda Internal        6773-2161   2F Shuwa Bldg. 1-1-14 Karasugatsuji     Eng.             Int, Dig, Car.
    Medicine Clinic
    Suwa Dental Clinic 6775-5767     1-1-24 Karasugatsuji                    Eng.             Den, Pdd,
    Otani Clinic         6771-3935   101 1-3-23 Karasugatsuji                Eng.             Int, Ped.
    NTT West Osaka       6773-7111   2-6-40 Karasugatsuji                    Eng.             Int, Sur, Psy,
    Hospital                                                                                  Der, Uro, Oph,
                                                                                              PhT, Den, Psy-
                                                                                              Int, Car, OrS,

                                                                                  When You Are Ill

      Name               Tel                     Address                              Departments
Wakimoto             6765-8393   3F Tops Tamatsukuri Bldg.            Eng.           Oph.
Ophthalmic Clinic                2-4 Tamatsukuri-motomachi
Koishi Dental        6768-4343   5F Tops Tamatsukuri Bldg.            Eng.           Den.
Clinic                           2-4 Tamatsukuri-motomachi
Nakamura Clinic      6766-1223   4-3 Tamatsukuri-motomachi            Eng.           Int, Sur, PhT,
Hasegawa E.N.T       6767-2484   7-12 Tamatsukuri-motomachi           Eng.           Oto.
Jo Clinic            6767-8488   1-18 Karahori-cho                    Eng, Chi.      Int, Ped, Der,
Wakimoto             6761-5537   1-19 Karahori-cho                    Eng.           OB-Gyn, PnM.
Women's Clinic
Yukiko&Yoko          6770-0700   4F 3-26 Kokubu-cho                   Eng, Fre.      OB-Gyn.
Ladies Clinic
Nene Maternity       6772-9230   8-19 Kokubu-cho                      Eng.           OB-Gyn.
St. Barnabas'        6779-1600   1-3-18 Saikudani                     Eng.           Ped, OB-Gyn.
Endo Dental Clinic 6771-6491     2F Misuzu Bldg. 1-12-26 Shitennoji   Eng, Ita.      Den, Ord, Pdd.
Kani Hospital        6771-0140   1-5-45 Shitennoji                    Eng.           Int, Ped.
Miyahara Ladies      4305-8806   1-7-3 Terada-cho                     Chi.           Int, OB-Gyn.
Terada-cho           6775-2221   2F Terada-cho Bldg. #2               Eng.           Int, Ped.
Children's Clinic                2-4-7 Terada-cho
Kitano Clinic        6167-4112   4F Terada-cho Bldg. #2               Eng.           All, Der.
                                 2-4-7 Terada-cho
Matsui Dental        6768-1900   10-17 Funahashi-cho                  Eng.           Den.
Hanabusa Clinic      6767-5565   2-2 Funahashi-cho                    Kor.           Int, Sur, PhT,
                                                                                     Dig, R&A
Natsu Orthodontic    6774-2546   3-6-15 Katsuyama                     Eng.           Ord.
Maeda Dental         6771-2415   4-6-3 Katsuyama                      Eng.           Den.
Kato Dental Clinic   6771-6300   14-46 Obase-cho                      Eng.           Den, Pdd.
Ikeda Dental Clinic 6773-6480    7-11 Matsugahana-cho                 Eng.           Den, Ord, Pdd.
Nishinaka Dental    6771-8857    3-5-10 Ueshio                        Eng, Ger.      Den.
Takase               6770-2008   4-5-30 Ueshio                        Eng.           Der.
Endo Clinic          6772-4997   5-5-2 Ueshio                         Eng.           Int, Ped, Dig.
Uehommachi           6772-0075   101 Happiness Ueroku Bldg.           Eng.           Int, PhT, Car.
Watanabe Clinic                  1-15 Uenomiya-cho
Hirata Dental        6765-8128   4F Amenity Hills Bldg. 1-1-3         Eng.           Den.
Clinic                           Uehommachi

     When You Are Ill

          Name               Tel                    Address                                 Departments
    Komuro Dental        6772-4181   5F Kintetsu Department Store           Eng.           Den.
    Clinic                           Uehommachi 6-1-55 Uehommachi
    Toda Orthopedics     6774-8110   6-1-82 Uehommachi                      Eng.           Int, Sur, PhT,
    Clinic                                                                                 Rad, OrS.
    Naito Clinic         6191-7887   5F Yamazaki Seiren Bldg.               Eng.           Int, Car.
                                     6-2-22 Uehommachi
    Glanz Orthodonics 6766-6366      3F Yamato Ueroku Bldg.                 Eng.           Ord.
    Clinic                           6-2-26 Uehommachi
    Oki Dental Clinic 6773-3733      401 Uehommachi Hi-Hi Town              Eng.           Den.
                                     6-3-31 Uehommachi
    Okabayashi Dental 6772-8548      404 Uehommachi Hi-Hi Town              Eng, Ger.      Den, Ord.
    Clinic                           6-3-31 Uehommachi
    Maeda Clinic         6771-2325   406 Uehommachi Hi-Hi Town              Eng.           Sur, Dig, R&A
                                     6-3-31 Uehommachi
    Moriura Dental       6773-3877   6-4-18 Uehommachi                      Eng.           Den.
    Ino Clinic           6773-8700   2F Ueroku Nikko Bldg.                  Eng, Chi.      Int, Sur, PhT,
                                     6-9-17 Uehommachi                                     PnM, Dig, R&A
    K.Yukawa's Clinic    6776-0033   1F Cris Uehommachi Bldg.               Eng.           PhT, Dig.
    for Digestive                    8-2-1 Uehommachi
    Fuchihata Dental     6779-6408   8-7-29 Uehommachi                      Eng.           Den.
    Yamauchi Dental      6771-6664   20-36 Shinpoin-cho                     Eng.           Den.
    Fukui Clinic         6771-2919   2F 6-12 Shinpoin-cho                   Eng.           Int, Sur, Dig,
                                                                                           OrS, Ped.
    Marui Orthopedics    6761-4761   8-4 Shimizudani-cho                    Eng.           Sur, Rhe, PhT,
    Clinic                                                                                 OrS.
    Tsuru Clinic         6771-1725   4-38 Ikutamateramachi                  Eng.           Int, Ped, Rad,
    Tsuji General        6771-0681   3-24 Ikutamamaemachi                   Eng.           Int, Sur, PhT,
J   Surgery Clinic                                                                         OrS.
    Yanagida             6771-0752   Yanagida Bldg. 4-19 Ikutamamaemachi Eng.              Oph.
    Ophthalmic Clinic
    Tanimachi Suzuki     6776-8966   803 Ikutama Bldg. 1-30 Ikutama-cho     Kor.           Der, PlS, CoS.
    Matui                6770-2226   3F Koide Bldg. 2-3 Ikutama-cho         Eng.           Sur, Dig, R&A
    Tsutsumi Clinic      6773-0573   2F Koide Bldg. 2-3-2 Ikutama-cho       Eng.           Int, Car.
    Sato Dental Clinic   6772-8148   102 17-14 Ishigatsuji-cho              Eng.           Den, Ord.
    Akagaki Clinic       6775-1736   2F Daishin Bldg. 1-4-9 Daido           Eng.           Int., Car.
    Aoki Clinic          4305-8600   3F Meiji Yasuda Seimei Bldg. Tennoji   Eng.           All, Der.
                                     1-8-15 Daido
    Kobayashi            6779-5586   4-2-21 Daido                           Eng.           Int, Sur, Rhe,
    Orthopedics Clinic                                                                     PhT, OrS.

                                                                                    When You Are Ill

       Name             Tel                    Address                                    Departments
Tsuji Clinic        6771-3306   2-8 Chausuyama-cho                      Eng.             R&A
Miyoshi Women's     6761-7236   10-7 Higashikozu-cho                    Eng.             OB-Gyn.
Toyoda Dental       6771-9616   2F Medical Dogashiba Bldg.              Eng.             Den, Pdd.
Clinic                          1-11-10 Dogashiba
Yukawa              6771-4861   2-10-2 Dogashiba                        Eng.             Rad, Dig, Nes.
Nishishita          6779-7979   8F Momosetsuin Bldg.                    Eng, Chi, Kor.   Int, Dig, Car.
Digestive Organs                6-33 Minamikawahori-cho
Otsuka Ladies       6776-8856   9-40 Minamikawahori-cho                 Eng.             OB-Gyn.
Katagishi Clinic    6771-6356   9-41 Minamikawahori-cho                 Eng.             Int, Ped, Dig.
Fujimoto            6775-8011   803 Tennoji MIO Bldg.                   Eng.             Oph.
Ophthalmic Clinic               10-39 Hidein-cho
Komuro Dental       6770-1182   9F Tennoji MIO Bldg. 10-39 Hidein-cho   Eng.             Den.
Sugiura E.N.T       6773-8741   606 Station Plaza Tennoji Bldg.         Eng.             All, Oto.
Clinic                          10-48 Hidein-cho
Tennoji Station     6779-7537   6F Tennoji Station Bldg.                Eng.             Int, Der.
Bldg. Clinic                    10-48 Hidein-cho
Komuro Dental       6779-7082   6F Tennoji Station Bldg.                Eng.             Den, Ord.
Tennoji Station                 10-48 Hidein-cho
Bldg. Clinic
Nakatsuka           6771-0720   2F Shinwa Kosan Bldg.                   Eng.             Rad.
Radiology Clinic                8-11 Hidein-cho
Kanayama Clinic     6775-2010   5F Abenobashi Bldg. 9-20 Hidein-cho     Eng.             Int, Rhe, Car.
Momoyama Clinic     6773-8306   2-22 Fudegasaki-cho                     Eng.             Res, Dig, Car.
Kawamoto Dental     6773-4618   2F VITA MOMOYAMA Bldg.                  Eng.             Den, Ord, Pdd.
Clinic                          2-22 Fudegasaki-cho
Osaka Red Cross
                    6774-5111   5-30 Fudegasaki-cho                     Eng, Kor, Ger,
                                                                                         Int, Sur, Psy,
                                                                                         Ped, Der, Uro,    J
                                                                                         OB-Gyn, Oph,
                                                                                         Oto, Rad, Den,
                                                                                         Neu, Res, Dig,
                                                                                         Car, OrS, PlS,
                                                                                         Nes, ReS,
                                                                                         CVS, PeS, Thr.
Kaoru Children's    6775-1201   101 5-52 Fudegasaki-cho                 Eng.             Ped.
Shimada Clinic      6771-0179   9-28 Kitakawahori-cho                   Eng.             Int, Rhe, PhT,

     When You Are Ill

           Name               Tel                      Address                               Departments
    Osaka Police         6771-6051     10-31 Kitayama-cho                     Eng.          Int, Sur, Psy,
    Hospital                                                                                Ped, Der, Uro,
                                                                                            OB-Gyn, Oph,
                                                                                            Oto, PhT, Rad,
                                                                                            Neu, Res, Car,
                                                                                            OrS, PlS, CoS,
                                                                                            Nes, ReS,
                                                                                            CVS, Ord,
    Koide Clinic         6771-7525     6F Daishin Bldg. 16-10 Horikoshi-cho   Eng.          Psy, Psy-Int,
    Sugao Ophthalmic 6761-8814         2 13-11 Ajihara-cho                    Eng.          Oph.
    Yokota Dental        6762-5010     2 2F Ajihara Total Life Bldg.          Eng.          Den.
    Clinic                             13-11 Ajihara-cho
    Chikae Ladies        6761-0735     1F Lezac Central Bldg.                 Eng.          Ob-Gyn.
    Clinic                             14-4 Ajihara-cho
    Hiroishi Dental      6768-2306     12-12 Ajiharahommachi                  Eng.          Den.
    E Smile              0120-176-453 2F Washitani Shoten Bldg.               Eng.          Ord.
    Orthodonics Clinic                5-13 Rokumantai-cho

    Takamoto Dental      6561-6487     1-3-18 Shiokusa                        Eng.          Den.
    Kuki Dental Clinic   6561-6480     2F Ikenaga Bldg. 3-3-26 Shiokusa       Eng.          Den.
    Ochiai E.N.T Clinic 6631-0584      1-3-21 Ebisunishi                      Eng.          Oto.
    Wadaira Dental       6641-8983     2-5-9 Ebisunishi                       Eng.          Den, Pdd.
    Hino Dental Clinic   6631-8246     1-22-5 Ebisuhigashi                    Eng.          Den, Pdd.
J   Sato Clinic          6641-0571     2-10-10 Ebisuhigashi                   Eng.          Int, Sur, PhT,
                                                                                            Res, Dig, Car.
    Irino Clinic         6632-3325     2-1-16 Motomachi                       Eng.          Int, Gyn, Oto,
    Ishikawa Dental      6568-3366     2-2-8 Saiwai-cho                       Eng.          Den, Pdd.
    Hara Dental Clinic   6562-7764     1F Tanklo Bldg. 1-1-10 Sakuragawa      Eng.          Den.
    Matsuzaki            6567-2451     2F Zakuro Corporation Sakuragawa       Eng.          Int, Sur, R&A
    Tomohiko Clinic                    Bldg.
                                       2-2-31 Sakuragawa
    Mayumi Dental        6568-7400     2F Sakuragawa Park Mansion             Eng.          Den.
    Clinic                             2-9-13 Sakuragawa
    Arita Clinic         6568-0701     1F Arita Bldg. 4-11-16 Sakuragawa      Eng.          Int, Ped, Der,
                                                                                            PhT, Rad.

                                                                                     When You Are Ill

      Name                Tel                       Address                              Departments
Ebisu Clinic         6645-1113     1F New Sano Bldg.                     Eng, Chi.      Int, PhT, PnM,
                                   1-6-22 Ebisuhommachi                                 OrS.
Fujiyoshi Clinic     6641-1452     1-9-15 Ebisuhommachi                  Eng.           Int, Sur.
Toyoda Dental        6632-1590     3-6-14 Daikoku                        Eng, Kor.      Den.
Takahashi Dental     6634-0418     1F Rose Life Bldg. 3-9-23 Daikoku     Eng, Kor.      Den.
KKC Wellness         6648-0260     10F Nankai Nomura Bldg.               Eng.           Int, Gyn, Rad,
Namba Clinic                       1-10-4 Nambanaka                                     Den.
Hino Dental Clinic   6641-4367     3F Aoi Bldg. 1-18-3 Nambanaka         Eng.           Den.
Fukunaga Clinic      6648-0351     1F Takeda Bldg. 1-6-1 Nambanaka       Eng.           Int, Sur, PhT,
                                                                                        Dig, OrS.
Horisaka Dental      6631-2525     4F Kitano Real Estate Bldg.           Eng.           Den, Ord, Pdd.
Clinic                             1-8-8 Nambanaka
Nakamura Clinic      6648-4133     8F Parks Tower Bldg.                  Eng.           All, Oto.
                                   2-10-70 Nambanaka
Oak Namba            4396-7520     8F Parks Tower Bldg.                  Eng.           Gyn.
Ladies Clinic                      2-10-70 Nambanaka
Kuki Dental Clinic   0120-24-8849 8F Parks Tower Bldg.                   Eng.           Den, Ord, Pdd,
                                  2-10-70 Nambanaka                                     D.O.S
Feel Dental Clinic   6636-8183     8F Parks Tower Bldg.                  Eng.           Den, D.O.S
                                   2-10-70 Nambanaka
Tanaka Dental        6631-5234     2F Taito Bldg. 3-4-41 Nambanaka       Eng.           Den.
Omi Dental Clinic    6631-1896     3-7-15 Nambanaka                      Eng, Fre.      Den.
Namba Ota Clinic     6635-3826     2F Shin-namba Bldg. 3-7-2 Nambanaka Eng.             Psy, Psy-Int,
Otsuka Bldg. Clinic 6633-0207      3-1-10 Nippombashi                    Eng.           Int, Der.
Wakakoukai           6632-0358     4-7-17 Nippombashi                    Eng.           Int, Rad, Dig.
Hasegawa Dental      6632-3777     2F Hasegawa Honten Bldg.              Eng.           Den.
Clinic                             5-1-1 Nippombashi
Aizenbashi           6633-2801     5-16-15 Nippombashi                   Eng.           Int, Sur, Ped,
Hospital                                                                                Dig, Uro, OB-
                                                                                        Gyn, Oph, Oto,
                                                                                        PhT, PlS, PeS,
Honda Clinic         6641-2181     5-18-21 Nippombashi                   Eng.           Int, Ped, Der,
                                                                                        PhT, PlS.
Shinkai Dental       6634-1648     2F O's Bldg. 1-5-7 Nippombashinishi   Eng.           Den.
Inoue Clinic         6641-4960     2-3-13 Nippombashihigashi             Eng.           Int, Ped, Rad.
Namba Minami         4397-8787     2F Imperial Daikoku Bldg.             Eng.           Int.
Fujiyoshi Clinic                   2-1-8 Shikitsunishi
Yoshino              6645-7737     2-2-11 Shikitsunishi                  Eng.           Oph.
Ophthalmic Clinic

     When You Are Ill

          Name               Tel                       Address                                Departments
    OCAT Clinic         0120-728-    1-4-1 Minatomachi                        Eng.           Int, Sur, Gyn,
                        797                                                                  Rad, Dig, Car.
    Shizu Dental Clinic 6636-4182    1F Lorel Court Namba Bldg.               Eng.           Den.
                                     1-4-36 Minatomachi
    Tominaga Hospital 6568-1601      1-4-48 Minatomachi                       Eng.           Int, Neu, Car,
                                                                                             OrS, PlS, Nes,
    Kaneda Clinic        6646-1333   1F Royal Parks Namba Bldg.               Eng.           Sur, Int, Dig,
                                     2-2-40 Minatomachi                                      R&A
    Hishikawa Clinic     6561-2358   1-1-3 Tateba                             Eng.           Int, Sur, Der.

    Fukuda Clinic        6471-3200   1-11-3 Utajima                           Eng.           Int, Ped.
    Daiei Clinic         6474-0361   2-3-2 Utajima                            Kor.           Int, Sur, PhT,
                                                                                             Rad, Dig.
    Yoshihiko E.N.T      6477-6668   2-4-1 Utajima                            Eng.           All, Oto.
    Yano Dental Clinic   6478-2400   4-112 Prefectural Utajima Jutaku 3-2-4   Eng.           Den, Pdd.
    Okatani Dental       6475-2721   2F Sumoka Bldg. 1-3-9 Mitejima           Eng.           Den.
    Utajima Ueda         6471-1000   1-4-9 Mitejima                           Eng.           Int, Sur, Ped,
    Clinic                                                                                   Der, PhT, Rad,
    Yasuda Dental        6471-2979   2-2-15 Mitejima                          Eng.           Den, Pdd.
    Kashima Clinic       6475-8601   1F 3-3-3 Mitejima                        Eng.           Int, All, Res,
                                                                                             Dig, Car.
    Osaka Daiichi        6474-1204   6-2-2 Mitejima                           Eng.           Int, Sur, Der,
    Hospital                                                                                 Oph, Psy-Int,
J                                                                                            Neu, Dig, Car,
                                                                                             OrS, PlS, Nes.
    Kitano Clinic        6471-2916   1-4-18 Dekijima                          Eng.           Int, Sur, Uro,
                                                                                             PhT, Neu, Nes.
    Kanai Clinic         6476-5055   2-5-13 Dekijima                          Eng.           Int, Sur, PhT,
                                                                                             PnM, Dig, R&A
    Akagi Children's     6474-0505   1F Shinei Chibune Bldg. 2-8-28           Eng, Ger.      All, Ped.
    Clinic                           Chibune
    Matsuda Dental       6474-1707   1F Owada Rose Haitsu 3-3-9 Owada         Eng.           Den, Ord, Pdd.
    Nakaoka Clinic       4808-3333   1F Casagrande Jinda 4-8-24 Owada         Eng.           Int.
    Sugi Dental Clinic   6475-8219   101 Owada Park Mansion 5-1-12            Eng.           Den.
    Yodogawa Medical 6473-1864       5-5-3 Owada                              Spa.           Int, Sur, Ped,
    & Welfare Hospital                                                                       PhT, Rad, Res.

                                                                                     When You Are Ill

       Name               Tel                      Address                                Departments
Uchihashi Dental      6478-2151   1-14-5 Nakajima                       Eng.             Den.
Chibune Hospital      6471-9541   2-2-45 Tsukuda                        Eng.             Int, Sur, Ped,
                                                                                         Der, Uro, OB-
                                                                                         Gyn, Oph, PhT.
Tsuda E.N.T Clinic 6477-2636      2-2-59 Tsukuda                        Eng.             Oto.
Sekiguchi Dental      6472-7600   2-5-34 Tsukuda                        Eng.             Den.
Kurita Dental         6478-6480   3-11-2 Tsukuda                        Eng, Kor.        Den.
Tanaka Dental         6478-9280   3-19-27 Tsukuda                       Eng.             Den.
Nagata Dental         6475-9222   3-2-26 Tsukuda                        Eng.             Den.
Kubota Clinic         6477-5858   3-2-29 Tsukuda                        Eng.             Int, Res, Car.
Tanaka Clinic         6473-3927   2-1-8 Kashiwazato                     Eng.             Int, Psy, Neu,
Kondo Ladies          6471-2103   2-2-12 Kashiwazato                    Eng.             Int, Obs, Gyn.
Kotake Clinic         4808-5518   201 Onishi Bldg. 2-3-20 Kashiwazato   Eng.             Int, Der, Car.
Sugishima Clinic      4808-3380   2-4-6 Kashiwazato                     Eng.             Int, Sur, Psy,
                                                                                         Der, PhT, Dig.
Morino Ophthalmic 6471-0270       2-8-14 Kashiwazato                    Eng.             Oph.
Ishii Dental Clinic   6471-8241   3-3-17 Kashiwazato                    Eng.             Den, Pdd.
Hazu Clinic           6475-5067   1-18-12 Himejima                      Eng.             Int.
Takamura Dental       6471-4222   2-9-20 Himejima                       Eng.             Den.
Tani Dental Clinic    6471-4369   4-10-26 Himejima                      Eng.             Den, Pdd.
Kasagi Dental         6472-7011   4-6-6 Himejima                        Eng.             Den.
Mitsui Orthodonics 6474-5600      1F ARK21 Bldg. 2-6-3 Himesato         Eng, Kor, Ita.   Den, Ord, Pdd.    J
Nakajima Dental       6473-6230   1-3-2 Nozato                          Eng.             Den.
Okazoe Dental         6474-8217   2-10-38 Nozato                        Eng.             Den, Pdd.
Nakajima Dental       6474-8239   102 Nozato Mansion 2-9-12 Nozato      Eng, Chi.        Den, Pdd.

Kawabata Dental       6390-2525   2F KS Bldg. 3-2-16 Kashima            Eng.             Den, Pdd.

     When You Are Ill

          Name               Tel                      Address                              Departments
    Moriyano Clinic      6309-4371   1F 3-2-7 Kashima                       Eng.          Int, Sur, Ped,
                                                                                          Der, Uro,PhT,
                                                                                          Rad, OrS.
    Kawagoe Dental       6302-2423   2F Kashima.com Bldg. 3-5-27 Kashima    Eng.          Den.
    Kawaramoto           4302-4182   1F Studio Shinmido Bldg. 1-19-23       Eng.          Den, Pdd,
    Dental Clinic                    Miyahara                                             D.O.S
    Ono Dental Clinic    6396-6480   1F Yunible Shinosaka Bldg. 1-8-3       Eng.          Den, Ord, Pdd,
                                     Miyahara                                             D.O.S
    Higashihara          6150-1876   Doroom Shinosaka Bldg. 2-12-12         Eng.          Den.
    Dental Clinic                    Miyahara
    Masuda Dental        6395-1008   2F Shinosaka Masutani Ofishion Bldg.   Eng.          Den, Pdd.
    Clinic                           2-13-12 Miyahara
    Isogai Clinic        6394-0460   2-2-3 Miyahara                         Eng.          Int, Rad, Dig.
    Ezaki E.N.T Clinic   6393-8105   2-3-14 Miyahara                        Eng.          Oto.
    Hashimoto Dental     4807-3388   2F Hashimoto Bldg. 2-3-16 Miyahara     Eng, Kor.     Den, Ord, Pdd,
    Clinic                                                                                D.O.S
    Iguchi Clinic        6396-6111   2-7-25 Miyahara                        Eng.          Int., Dig, Car,
                                                                                          Res, Diabetes
    Kimura Dental        6395-6480   1F Komori Bldg. 2-7-27 Miyahara        Eng.          Den, Pdd.
    Kiwakai Dental       6395-8011   9F Nissei Shinosaka Bldg.              Eng.          Den.
    Clinic                           3-4-30 Miyahara
    Ito Dental Clinic    6350-3115   2F Shinosaka Mori Bldg. #2             Eng.          Den.
                                     3-5-36 Miyahara
    Kureshio Dental      6393-9046   2F Shinosaka Meiko Bldg.               Eng, Kor.     Den.
    Clinic                           4-3-12 Miyahara
    Eto Dental Clinic    6392-8450   2F Daiko Shinosaka Bldg.               Eng.          Den, D.O.S
                                     4-3-39 Miyahara
    Sento Clinic         6395-3051   5-7-23 Miyahara                        Eng.          Int.
    Shimizu Children's 6396-8585     301 Hommachi Ichioka Bldg.             Eng.          All, Ped.

J   Clinic
    Takamoto Dental      6393-3414
                                     2-18-30 Mikuni-hommachi
                                     3-14-20 Mikuni-hommachi                Eng.          Den.
    Koto Orthopedics     6392-5266   3-26-16 Mikuni-hommachi                Eng.          PhT, OrS.
    Suzuki Clinic        6393-0357   3-29-1 Mikuni-hommachi                 Eng.          Int, Oto.
    Uraisami             6393-0300   3F Vule Hankyu Mikuni Bldg.            Eng.          Rhe, PhT, OrS.
    Orthopedics Clinic               3-37-35 Mikuni-hommachi
    Aki Ladies Clinic    6393-2002   306 Vule Hankyu Mikuni Bldg.           Eng.          OB-Gyn.
                                     3-37-35 Mikuni-hommachi
    Otsuka Dental        6391-1193   3F Vule Hankyu Mikuni Bldg.            Eng.          Den, Ord, Pdd,
    Clinic                           3-37-35 Mikuni-hommachi                              D.O.S
    Obayashi Clinic      6399-2201   305 3F Vule Hankyu Mikuni Bldg.        Eng.          Int, Ped, Res,
                                     3-37-35 Mikuni-hommachi                              Dig, Car.
    Gonda Dental         6309-8264   2-2-22 Mitsyuanaka                     Eng.          Den.

                                                                                  When You Are Ill

      Name               Tel                    Address                                Departments
Fujimoto Clinic      6306-1810   2-17-12 Mitsuyaminami                  Eng.          Int, Ped, PhT,
                                                                                      Gas, Car.
Suehiro Dental       6305-6644   2-18-16 Mitsuyaminami                  Eng.          Den.
Onishi Clinic        6886-7767   1-5-20 Mitsuyakita                     Eng.          Int, Sur, Ped,
                                                                                      PhT, Car, OrS,
Kioka Clinic         6307-5830   3F Kanzakigawa Clinic Bldg.            Eng.          Den.
                                 1-5-20 Mitsuyakita
Yasuoka Clinic       6301-6224   1-6-18 Mitsuyakita                     Eng.          Int, Ped, Rad,
                                                                                      Dig, Car.
Kido Clinic          6300-1156   1-9-26 Jusomotimazato                  Eng.          Int, Ped, Der,
Ogatakai Clinic      6309-4647   2-10-11Jusomotimazato                  Eng.          Int, Gyn, PhT,
                                                                                      Rad, PnM,
Iwazuru Dental       6301-3324   2-14-18 Jusomotimazato                 Eng.          Den.
Hashimoto            6303-6285   2F Matsumoto Bldg. 2-19-9              Eng.          Oph.
Ophthalmic Clinic                Jusomotimazato
Yodogawa Health      6303-7281   1-18-11 Jusohigashi                    Eng.          Int, Rad, Res,
Center                                                                                Dig, Car.
Katayama Dental      6302-0093   2-10-6 Jusohigashi                     Eng.          Den.
Ishikura Clinic      6886-6681   2-6-43 Jusohigashi                     Eng.          Oph.
Takada Dental        6390-1788   1F Takada Bldg. 2-6-8 Jusohigashi      Eng.          Den, Pdd.
Suehiro Dental       6301-3934   2-7-16 Jusohigashi                     Eng.          Den.
Toyoda Clinic        6301-3622   3-14-4 Jusohigashi                     Eng.          Sur, Dig, OrS.
Matsuo Dental        6304-5511   3-15-30 Jusohigashi                    Eng.          Den.
Kotake Clinic        6131-8522   3-26-15 Jusohigashi                    Eng.          Int, Ped, Neu.    J
Waki Dental Clinic   6305-0814   2F Shibaki Bldg. 3-27-22 Jusohigashi   Eng.          Den.
Nabeshima Clinic     6301-3288   3-27-24 Jusohigashi                    Eng.          Int, All, Der,
                                                                                      PhT, Dig, Car.
Hosoe Clinic         6303-7814   3-5-13 Jusohigashi                     Eng.          Int, Ped, Der.
Kido Clinic          6195-7037   101 Harada Bldg. 4-3-41 Jusohigashi    Eng.          Int, Ped.
Osako Dental         6305-6858   1F Park House Hino Bldg.               Eng.          Den.
Clinic                           4-9-19 Jusohigashi
Kataoka Dental       6308-1204   2F Takemoto Bldg.                      Eng.          Den.
Clinic                           1-20-20 Jusohommachi
Tanaka E.N.T         6301-6783   2-4-28 Jusohommachi                    Eng.          Oto.
Tokunaga Dental      6301-3970   2-9-15 Jusohommachi                    Eng.          Den, Pdd,
Clinic                                                                                D.O.S.

     When You Are Ill

          Name               Tel                     Address                               Departments
    Mori General         6308-7376   2-9-2 Jusohommachi                    Eng.           Sur, PnM,
    Surgery Clinic                                                                        CVS.
    Okada Dental         6393-8144   3F MM Bldg. 3-9-14 Nitaka             Eng.           Den.
    Sugimoto Dental      6394-2821   1F Joy Nitaka Bldg. 5-3-17 Nitaka     Eng.           Den, Pdd.
    Okuda Clinic         6392-0644   5-4-28 Nitaka                         Eng.           Int, Ped, Rad,
    Mori Ophthalmic      6397-1430   2F Elegant Seven One Bldg.            Eng.           Oph.
    Clinic                           6-14-13 Nitaka
    Sugae Clinic         6395-0615   2F-D Plaza Miyata Bldg. 6-14-14 Nitaka Eng.          Den.
    Kondo Dental         6395-1543   6-5-21 Nitaka                         Eng.           Den.
    Nakagawa Clinic      6396-6525   6-7-14 Nitaka                         Eng.           Sur, Rhe, PhT,
    Saito E.N.T Clinic   6393-8741   4F Minelva Bldg. 6-7-14 Nitaka        Eng.           All, Oto.
    Wada Clinic          6397-8577   1F Shato Green Manshion 6-8-4 Nitaka Eng.            Int, All, Ped,
                                                                                          Der, PhT.
    Sugawara Dental      6300-0160   2F Chiyoda Seimei Juso Bldg.          Eng.           Den.
    Clinic                           1-8-14 Shinkitano
    Hiro Clinic          6151-0055   1F Shinosaka Doi Bldg. #3             Eng.           PhT, OrS, PlS.
                                     1-8-24 Nishimiyahara
    Kadota Clinic        6394-2166   Shinosaka Seni City Bldg. #2          Eng.           Int, Sur, Dig.
                                     2-2-17 Nishimiyahara
    Shinosaka            6392-6868   1F Sanso Bldg. 2-3-29 Nishimiyahara   Eng.           Int, Dig, R&A.
    Adachi Dental        6395-0418   2-7-2 Nishimiyahara                   Eng.           Den.
    Kuge Dental Clinic 6395-0194     1-13-3 Nishimikuni                    Eng.           Den.
    Arai Dental Clinic 6150-8181     3-11-17 Nishimikuni                   Eng.           Den, Pdd.

J   Nishisaka Urology
                         6397-7100   27 UB21 Mikuni Bldg. 3-1-21
                                                                           Eng.           Uro.

    Fukada Dental        6391-0048   3-3-24 Nishimikuni                    Eng.           Den.
    Nagai Clinic         6395-8708   2F Hankyu Mikuni Station Mae Bldg.    Eng.           Int, Dig, Car.
                                     3-4-7 Nishimikuni
    Tamamura Dental      6150-4182   2F Yamamoto Bldg. 3-5-3 Nishimikuni   Eng.           Den, Pdd,
    Clinic                                                                                D.O.S.
    Shinosaka Iseikai    6307-7280   9F Shinosaka Nichidai Bldg.           Eng, Chi.      Int, PhT.
    Clinic                           3-18-9 Nishinakajima
    Shiromura Dental     6304-3189   7F Shinmidosuji Bldg.                 Eng.           Den.
    Clinic                           4-2-21 Nishinakajima
    Nasu Clinic          6308-3908   4-4-21 Nishinakajima                  Eng.           Int, Sur, Gyn,
                                                                                          Rad, Dig, Car.
    Shinosaka Clinic     6101-0058   5F OHSACHI Shinosaka Bldg.            Eng.           Der, PlS.
                                     5-13-17 Nishinakajima

                                                                                    When You Are Ill

       Name             Tel                    Address                                    Departments
KKC Wellness        6304-1532   3F Shinosaka MT Bldg. #1                Eng.             Int, Den.
Shinosaka Clinic                5-13-9 Nishinakajima
Hori Clinic         6886-6622   602 NLC Shinosaka Bldg.                 Eng.             Int, Der.
                                5-9-5 Nishinakajima
Yokota Dental       6390-6855   3F Shinosaka Prime Tower Bldg.          Eng.             Den.
Clinic                          6-1-1 Nishinakajima
Shibutani          6305-1080    7F Kokita Bldg. 7-1-1 Nishinakajima     Eng, Chi, Fre.   All, Der.
Dermatology Clinic
Kato Clinic        6304-0788    201 7-1-3 Nishinakajima                 Eng.             Sur, Der, Uro.
Okuno Dental        6304-1832   1-19-16 Tsukamoto                       Eng, Fre.        Den.
Saito Clinic        6304-8102   2F President Kitayama Bldg.             Eng.             Sur, PhT, OrS.
                                1-19-26 Tsukamoto
Watanabe Clinic     6302-5261   2-10-14 Tsukamoto                       Eng.             Int, Ped, Der,
                                                                                         PhT, Res, Dig,
Kinugawa Clinic     6889-5200   1F Mezon Imperial Sugamoto Bldg.        Eng.             Int, Car.
                                2-13-28 Tsukamoto
Doi Dental Clinic   6302-6480   1F Mezon Imperial Sugamoto Bldg.        Eng.             Den, Ord, Pdd.
                                2-13-28 Tsukamoto
Mizuta Clinic       6304-8024   2-14-7 Tsukamoto                        Eng.             Int, Ped, Der,
                                                                                         Dig, R&A.
Sakamoto Clinic     6304-3530   2-17-8 Tsukamoto                        Eng.             Int, Ped.
Ogo Dental Clinic   6302-1893   2-19-16 Tsukamoto                       Eng.             Den, Ord, Pdd,
Shimogaki Urology 6304-5454     1F TO Court Tsukamoto Bldg.             Eng.             Uro.
Clinic                          2-24-20 Tsukamoto
Tanabe Clinic       6307-5151   2・3F Tabata Bldg. 2-24-8 Tsukamoto      Eng.             Sur, Rhe, PhT,
Ishii Clinic        6307-1120   4F Tabata Bldg. 2-24-8 Tsukamoto        Eng.             Int, Ped.
Sasase             6307-5757    6F Tabata Bldg. 2-24-8 Tsukamoto        Eng.             All, Der, PlS.
Dermatology Clinic
Yokoyama Dental     6305-5097   2F Bills Nakao Bldg. 2-24-9 Tsukamoto   Eng.             Den, Pdd.
Yanagihara Dental 6301-4549     2-28-16 Tsukamoto                       Eng.             Den, Ped.
Wada Clinic         6301-6007   4-3-3 Tsukamoto                         Eng.             Int, Ped, PhT,
                                                                                         Res, Dig, Car.
Ichihashi Clinic    6308-1066   4-6-23 Tsukamoto                        Eng.             Oph.
Maehara Dental      6309-5944   2F Maehara Bldg. 5-6-17 Tsukamoto       Eng.             Den.
Betsuto             6391-1010   1-5-17 Higashimikuni                    Eng.             Oph.
Ophthalmic Clinic
Betsuto Dental      6391-0319   1-5-17 Higashimikuni                    Eng.             Den.
Yutaka Dental       6391-1869   2-17-26 Higashimikuni                   Eng, Ger.        Den.

     When You Are Ill

          Name               Tel                     Address                                  Departments
    Hayashi Dental       6393-9477   3F Hayashi Medical Center              Eng.             Den, Ord, Pdd.
    Clinic                           2-2-19 Higashimikuni
    Yan Orthopedics      6150-4114   1F Sun Vila Higashimikuni Bldg.        Eng.             Rhe, PhT, OrS.
    Clinic                           2-31-17 Higashimikuni
    Sakaguchi Clinic     6391-5061   1F New Haitsu Minato Bldg.             Eng.             Int, Ped, Rad,
                                     4-15-13 Higashimikuni                                   Dig.
    Ito Pedodontics      6396-5566   2F Kondo Bldg. 5-1-1 Higashimikuni     Eng.             Den, Ord, Pdd,
    Clinic                                                                                   D.O.S
    Murakami Dental      6392-6418   202 Kukawa Bldg. 5-1-3 Higashimikuni   Eng.             Den.
    Tamura Clinic        6396-3461   2F Kukawa Bldg. 5-1-3 Higashimikuni    Eng.             Int, Gyn.
    Korita Clinic        6394-0055   5-15-27 Higashimikuni                  Eng.             Int, OB-Gyn.
    Ogawa Clinic         6392-1567   5-3-14 Higashimikuni                   Eng.             Int, Ped.
    Teraoka Clinic       6399-0671   1・2F Toyo Plaza Higashimikuni Bldg.    Eng.             Int, All, PhT,
                                     6-19-8 Higashimikuni                                    Rea, Car.
    Yamada Dental        6304-5220   2-14-13 Kikawanishi                    Eng.             Den.
    Osaka City Juso      6150-8000   2-12-27 Nonakakita                     Eng.             Int, Sur, Ped,
    Hospital                                                                                 Der, Uro, OB-
                                                                                             Gyn, Oph, Oto,
                                                                                             PhT, Neu, Dig,
                                                                                             OrS, Diabetes

    Maeda                6829-2468   2F Itakano Chuo Bldg. 2-5-8 Itakano    Eng, Kor.        All, Rhe, PhT,
    Orthopedics Clinic                                                                       Rad, OrS.
    Akai Clinic          6829-0055   2F Itakano Chuo Bldg. 2-5-8 Itakano    Eng.             Int, Uro.
    Kawase Children's 6829-2777      2F Itakano Chuo Bldg. 2-5-8 Itakano    Eng.             Ped.
    Tetsuda Dental                   Shimoshinjo Ekimae Bldg.               Eng.             Den.
    Clinic                           4-9-22 Shimoshinjo
    Sera Dental Clinic   6327-0230   2F Ustumi Bldg. 1-2-6 Komatsu          Eng, Ger, Fre.   Den, Pdd,
    Ni Neurosurgery      6370-8341   1F Avenue Komatsu Bldg.                Eng.             Int, Psy, Psy-
    Clinic                           1-3-15 Komatsu                                          Int, Neu, Nes.
    Tamamori Dental      6328-1797   1-9-3 Komatsu                          Eng.             Den, Pdd.
    Matsuyama Clinic     6328-1808   1-9-8 Komatsu                          Eng.             Int.
    Kawashima Clinic     6326-6931   2F Yoneda Haitsu Bldg. 2-5-2 Komatsu   Eng, Thai        Uro.
    Kanamura Dental      6328-2039   4-12-26 Komatsu                        Eng.             Den.
    Nakamura Dental      6990-6767   1F Sunshine Court Bldg.                Eng.             Den, Pdd.
    Clinic                           5-1-18 Komatsu
    Saika E.N.T Clinic   6324-2892   3F Kamishinjo Hankyu Bldg.             Eng.             Oto.
                                     2-24-23 Kamishinjo

                                                                                      When You Are Ill

       Name              Tel                      Address                                   Departments
Inoue Clinic        6320-2761     2-8-23 Kamishinjo                       Eng.             Int, Ped, Car.
Uehara Clinic       6328-1807     2-9-11 Kamishinjo                       Eng, Fre.        Int, Rad, Dig.
Sano Dental Clinic 6320-6480      1F Tanaka Haitsu Bldg.                  Eng.             Den.
                                  3-1-33 Kamishinjo
Kihara Dental       6328-1114     1-11-24 Zuiko                           Eng.             Den.
Yonemura Clinic     4809-0007     3F M Station Bldg. 1-11-3 Zuiko         Eng.             Der, PlS.
Higashi Dental      4809-0008     6F M Station Bldg. 1-11-3 Zuiko         Eng.             Den, Ord, Pdd.
Shisei Dental       6328-3550     2F Shisei Bldg. 1-12-12 Zuiko           Eng.             Den.
Terai Orthodonics   6379-6446     2F Casa Del Doi Bldg. 1-4-1 Zuiko       Eng.             Ord.
Shimizu Clinic      6370-0033     1-4-26 Zuiko                            Eng, Chi, Kor.   Int, Psy, PhT,
Yasuragi Clinic     6815-7717     1F Nortre Pregile Bldg. 1-6-12 Zuiko    Eng, Spa, Por,   Int, PhT, Rad,
                                                                          Ger, Fre, Ita.   Res, Dig, Car.
Inagaki Dental      6325-3718     1F Blossom Zuiko Bldg. 1-7-18 Zuiko     Eng, Chi, Ger.   Den, Pdd.
Ono Clinic          6320-7865     3F Blossom Zuiko Bldg. 1-7-18 Zuiko     Ger.             Int, Psy, Psy-
                                                                                           Int, Neu.
Eguchi Clinic       6328-3068     1-8-7 Zuiko                             Eng.             Int, Ped.
Yoshida Dental      6815-3982     1-9-12 Zuiko                            Eng.             Den, Ord, Pdd,
Clinic                                                                                     D.O.S
Kihara Dental       6329-2989     2-11-12 Zuiko                           Eng.             Den.
Horita Dental       6324-1118     1F Zuiko Haitsu Bldg. #6 2-1-15 Zuiko   Eng.             Den, Pdd.
Inoue Clinic        6320-7139     2-1-5 Zuiko                             Eng.             Int, Ped.
Ushio Orthopedics 6320-7836       4-1-18 Zuiko                            Eng.             Rhe, PhT.
Kondo Clinic        6326-7460     4-1-18 Zuiko                            Eng.             Int, Dig.         J
Irikiin Dental Clinic 6324-4118   3F Sun Pia 21 Bldg. 4-1-18 Zuiko        Eng.             Den.
Tsuji Clinic        6328-6472     4-7-2 Zuiko                             Eng.             Int, Sur, Der,
                                                                                           PhT, Dig, OrS.
Koyama Dental       6320-0857     2F Koyama Bldg. 4-1-34 Sugahara         Eng.             Den.
Enami Dental        6322-9336     5-13-2 Sugahara                         Eng.             Den.
Nakao Clinic        6322-6816     5-7-11 Sugahara                         Eng.             Int, Ped, Car.

     When You Are Ill

           Name               Tel                    Address                                   Departments
    Iseikai Hospital      6326-1121   6-2-25 Sugahara                        Eng.             Int, All, Der,
                                                                                              Uro, Oph, Oto,
                                                                                              PhT, Rad,
                                                                                              Sur, Den, PnM,
                                                                                              Res, ReS, Dig,
                                                                                              Car, OrS, PlS,
                                                                                              CoS, Nes,
                                                                                              CVS, D.O.S,
                                                                                              Mastitic Sur.
    Akai Clinic           6328-8761   B-101 Creru Sugahara Bldg.             Eng.             Sur, PhT, Dig,
                                      7-10-7 Sugahara                                         OrS, R&A
    Kijima Dental         6327-0418   7-10-9 Sugahara                        Eng.             Den.
    Nakata Clinic         6326-1232   1-11-30 Nishiawaji                     Eng.             Int, Der.
    Yodogawa Dental       6327-8500   Tochio Bldg. 1-18-2 Nishiawaji         Eng.             Den, Pdd,
    Clinic                                                                                    D.O.S
    Akamatsu Dental       6322-8211   3-4-2 Nishiawaji                       Eng.             Den.
    Yodogawa Medical 6322-5211        5-11-11 Nishiawaji                     Eng.             Int, Ped, PhT,
    Hospital                                                                                  Rad, OrS.
    Nogi Dental Clinic    6321-4564   1F Enshin Haitsu Bldg. #4              Eng.             Den.
                                      5-18-6 Nishiawaji
    Ueno Clinic           6323-0011   1-7-16 Daido                           Eng.             Int, Sur, PhT,
    Nampei Dental         6327-2802   1F Mezon Imperial Toyozato Bldg.       Eng.             Den.
    Clinic                            3-7-1 Daidominami
    Tsujita General       6322-2830   2-13-8 Awaji                           Eng, Ger.        Sur, Der, Uro,
    Surgery Clinic                                                                            PhT, OrS, R&A
    Jin Clinic            6815-7632   2-3-34 Awaji                           Eng, Chi.        Int.
    Yodogawa              6322-2250   2-9-26 Awaji                           Eng.             Int, Sur, Ped,
    Christian Hospital                                                                        Uro, Obs, Gyn,

J                                                                                             Oph, PnM,
                                                                                              Neu, Res,
                                                                                              ReS, Dig, Car,
                                                                                              OrS, PlS, Nes,
                                                                                              CVS, PeS.
    Yasuda Clinic         6320-1010   102 Mezon Dole Shimizu Bldg.           Eng.             Int, Res, Dig,
                                      3-20-23 Awaji                                           Car.
    Yamashita Dental      6370-0106   3F Matsuya Bldg. 4-11-1 Awaji          Eng.             Den.
    Katsuhisa Clinic      6322-4604   4-1-28 Awaji                           Eng.             Int, Sur, Der,
                                                                                              Uro, PhT, OrS.
    Takehashi Dental      6329-7260   2F Aoyama Rajical Bldg. 4-6-11 Awaji   Eng.             Den, Pdd.
    Nitta Dental Clinic   6322-2910   4-6-40 Awaji                           Eng, Chi, Ger,   Den.
                                                                             Fre, Rus, Ita.

                                                                                   When You Are Ill

       Name              Tel                      Address                                Departments
Azuma Urology        6325-1122   4-8-19 Awaji                          Eng, Kor.        Uro.
Matsuoka Clinic      6323-0601   5-1-19 Awaji                          Eng.             Int, Ped, Neu.
Takagi Ophthalmic 6321-3123      1F Matsuya Haitsu Bldg. 5-5-3 Awaji   Eng.             Oph.
Okabe Clinic         6815-8100   1F Mezon Oyama Bldg.                  Eng.             Int, PhT, Dig.
                                 4-10-2 Higashiawaji
Fujita Dental Clinic 6327-4182   4-29-14 Higashiawaji                  Eng, Chi, Ger.   Den.
Matsubuchi Clinic    6323-9686   1F 101 Higashinakajima Haitsu Bldg.   Eng.             Sur, PhT, OrS.
                                 1-11-18 Higashinakajima
Takayanagi Mega      6370-0112   2F Shinosaka Maru Bldg.               Eng.             PlS, CoS.
Clinic                           1-18-5 Higashinakajima
Yoshimura Dental     6322-4786   2F Uni Zone Shinosaka Bldg.           Eng.             Den.
Clinic                           1-20-12 Higashinakajima
Teramoto Dental      6990-5547   4-1-14 Higashinakajima                Eng.             Den, Ord, Pdd,
Clinic                                                                                  D.O.S
Fujii Clinic         6322-3908   5-15-24 Higashinakajima               Eng.             Oto.
Yodogawa             6322-2250   6-9-3 Higashinakajima                 Eng.             Int.
Christian Branch
Miyazaki Clinic      6327-3320   106 2-7-12 Minamieguchi               Eng, Ger.        Int, Ped, Dig.
Matsumoto Clinic     6328-2488   1F Sun Rafine Bldg. 3-1-3             Eng, Kor.        Sur, Rhe, OrS,
                                 Minamieguchi                                           R&A
Ishida Clinic        6325-0246   3-25-19 Hoshin                        Eng.             Int, Ped.
Saku Clinic          6327-4885   4-26-6 Hoshin                         Eng, Ger.        Int, Rad, Dig.
Kusunoki Dental      6325-4580   2F Park Nova Ichibankan Bldg.         Eng.             Den.
Clinic                           5-19-1 Hoshin
Toei Clinic          6329-0276   5-6-19 Hoshin                         Kor.             Int, Rhe, PhT,
Kawauchi Clinic      6327-6261   2-13-15 Toyosato                      Eng, Chi, Ger.   Int, Sur, Der,
                                                                                        PnM, Dig, OrS.
Morita Dental        6326-0568   113 2-1-4 Toyosato                    Eng.             Den.              J
Sawabe Clinic        6324-8991   1F 109 Takamitsu Mansion #3           Eng.             Der, Oph.
                                 4-8-23 Toyosato
Nishimura Clinic     6328-2419   5-18-12 Toyosato                      Eng, Ger.        Int, Ped.
Shirayama Clinic     6320-9595   Grand Ferte Bldg. 7-33-7 Toyosato     Eng.             Int, Sur, PhT,
                                                                                        Dig, OrS, R&A
Nagame Dental        6340-7758   1F Shato Eguchi Bldg. 2-11-21         Eng.             Den, Pdd,
Clinic                           Kitaeguchi                                             D.O.S
Uede E.N.T Clinic    6349-1133   4-14-5 Kitaeguchi                     Eng.             Oto.
Tada Dental Clinic   6340-6478   4-15-13 Kitaeguchi                    Eng.             Den.

     When You Are Ill

          Name               Tel                      Address                                Departments
    Kitamura Dental      6981-4054   1-11-21 Tamatsu                       Eng.             Den.
    Nakajima Dental      6971-4600   1-2-6 Tamatsu                         Eng.             Den, Ord, Pdd.
    Furusawa Dental      6971-7539   2-16-16 Tamatsu                       Eng.             Den, Ord, Pdd,
    Clinic                                                                                  D.O.S
    Nagata Clinic        6973-5500   1F Pia Mezon Fukae Bldg.              Eng.             Int, Sur, PhT,
                                     1-10-8 Fukaeminami                                     OrS, R&A
    Kato Dental Clinic   6975-3741   2-18-16 Fukaeminami                   Eng.             Den, Pdd.
    Nozaki Hospital      6971-3506   2-20-15 Fukaeminami                   Eng.             Sur, PhT, Oph,
                                                                                            Dig, Gas, Car,
    Soga Dental Clinic 6981-2591     3-14-9 Fukaeminami                    Eng.             Den, Ord, Pdd.
    Fukaebashi Hiasa     6978-6000   1-2-11 Fukaekita                      Eng.             Den, Pdd,
    Dental Clinic                                                                           D.O.S
    Doi Dental Clinic    6976-9876   1-3-13 Fukaekita                      Eng.             Den.
    Mitsubayashi         6972-8844   1-3-19 Fukaekita                      Eng.             Int, All, Ped,
    Clinic                                                                                  Der, Uro, Car.
    Yoshia Dental        6971-8883   2F Toyo Bldg. 2-1-3 Fukaekita         Eng.             Den.
    Mitsunobu Clinic     6971-6887   1-8-6 Kamiji                          Eng, Ger.        Int, Sur, Rad,
    Tomoda Dental        6971-8677   1F Lotary Mansion Kamiji 3-7-28 Kamiji Eng.            Den, Pdd.
    Miyamoto Dental      6976-5020   4-5-7 Kamiji                          Eng, Spa.        Den.
    Masuda Children's 6976-3171      4-5-9 Kamiji                          Eng.             Int, All, Ped.
    Hayashi Dental       6976-8148   1-11-24 Oimazato                      Eng, Chi, Kor,   Den.
    Clinic                                                                 Spa, Por, Ger,
J                                                                          Fre, Rus, Ita,
    Shinohara Dental     6977-6020   1-1-8 Oimazato                        Eng.             Den, Pdd.
    Yoshimura Clinic     6981-5177   1-20-32 Oimazato                      Eng.             Int, Sur, Ped.
    Yotsuba Clinic       6976-0048   3-14-23 Oimazato                      Eng.             Int, PhT.
    Yonetani Dental      6974-8241   3-24-18 Oimazato                      Eng.             Den, Pdd,
    Clinic                                                                                  D.O.S
    Shinmyo              6976-7861   4-27-32 Oimazato                      Eng.             Oph.
    Ophthalmic Clinic
    Ayato Dental Clinic 6973-0725    1-5-16 Oimazatonishi                  Eng.             Den.
    Nakata Clinic        6974-6545   1-6-33 Oimazatonishi                  Eng.             Int, Sur, Uro,
                                                                                            PhT, Rad, Dig,
                                                                                            OrS, R&A

                                                                                When You Are Ill

       Name              Tel                   Address                              Departments
Higashinari          6981-2508   2-7-17 Oimazatonishi              Eng.            Int, Sur, Der,
Hospital                                                                           Rad, R&A
Tokioka Clinic       6972-5886   3-2-1 Oimazatonishi               Eng.            Ped, Dig, Car.
Tomihata #2 Clinic   6981-0610   3-2-68 Oimazatonishi              Eng.            Int.
Yujun Dental Clinic 6974-5528    1-11-12 Oimazatominami            Eng.            Den.
Oimazato Fureai      6971-2121   1F Grade Oimazato Bldg.           Eng.            Int.
Clinic                           1-1-21 Oimazatominami
Yamauchi             4259-3222   3F Kashinoki Bldg.                Eng.            Oph.
Ophthalmic Clinic                1-12-13 Oimazatominami
Yamazaki Clinic      6971-3436   1-5-10 Oimazatominami             Eng.            Int, Ped, Oto.
Ando Dental Clinic 6971-8305     2-21-8 Oimazatominami             Eng.            Den.
Inagaki Clinic       6974-0543   3-12-15 Oimazatominami            Eng.            Int, PhT.
Nakamura Clinic      6981-1879   3-3-3 Oimazatominami              Eng.            Int, Sur, Der,
                                                                                   Rad, Dig.
Sasaki               6971-0855   4-7-11 Oimazatominami             Eng.            Rhe, PhT,
Orthopedics Clinic                                                                 PnM, OrS.
Iimori Clinic        6971-6411   5-10-14 Oimazatominami            Eng.            Int, Ped, Car.
Nakata Dental        6972-7750   5-13-15 Oimazatominami            Eng.            Den.
Kodokai Hospital     6976-3081   5-5-23 Oimazatominami             Eng, Chi,       Int, Sur, Der,
                                                                   Cantonese,      Uro, PhT, Neu,
                                                                   Vietnamese      Res, Dig, Car,
Toru Otani Clinic    6978-1181   205 Morinomiya Sky Garden House   Eng, Kor.       Int, Dig.
                                 1-4-2 Nakamichi
Suda Dental Clinic 6973-7064     2F Kanei Bldg. 1-8-15 Nakamichi   Eng.            Den, Pdd.
Osaka Medical        6972-1181   1-3-3 Nakamichi                   Eng, Kor.       Int, Sur, Uro,
Center for                                                                         Gyn, Oph, Oto,
Cancer and                                                                         Rad, Neu, Res,
Cardiovascular                                                                     Dig, Car, OrS,
Nakanishi Clinic     6978-2600   2-1-17 Nakamichi                  Eng.
                                                                                   Nes, CVS.
                                                                                   Int, Psy, Psy-
Kinoshita Clinic     6971-6107   2-21-9 Nakamichi                  Eng.            Int, Sur, Ped,
                                                                                   PhT, Rad.
Nakamoto             6972-2121   4-13-12 Nakamichi                 Eng, Chi.       Int, Sur, Rhe,
Hospital                                                                           Der, Uro, PhT,
                                                                                   Rad, Gas, Car,
Nishi Eye Hospital   6981-1132   4-14-26 Nakamichi                 Eng, Ger.       Oph.
Tsubai Dental        6972-1058   4-13-15 Nakamoto                  Eng,            Den.
Clinic                                                             Indonesian
Akioka Clinic        6981-2255   1-7-18 Higashiimazato             Eng.            Int, Car.
Matsui Dental        6976-4747   1-14-31 Higashiobase              Eng.            Den.
Iwamoto Clinic       6971-2048   1-2-11 Higashiobase               Eng.            Int, Sur.

     When You Are Ill

           Name                Tel                      Address                           Departments
    Iwamoto Dental         6971-5672   1-2-9 Higashiobase                 Eng.           Den, Ord.
    Asai Clinic            6978-0110   3-14-31 Higashiobase               Eng.           Int.
    Shibata            6974-5851       6F Tsuruhashi Life Bldg.           Eng.           Der.
    Dermatology Clinic                 3-14-31 Higashiobase
    Kiritoshi              6981-0148   1-15-23 Higashinakamoto            Eng.           Oph.
    Ophthalmic Clinic
    Nakamura Clinic        6971-0860   2-1-21 Higashinakamoto             Eng.           Sur, Dig, R&A
    Midoribashi Dental 6974-4001       2-1-25 Higashinakamoto             Eng.           Den.
    Kondo Children's       6971-3716   102 2-16-19 Higashinakamoto        Eng.           Ped.
    Maeda Clinic           6977-1955   1F Royal Rafine Bldg.              Eng.           Int, Gyn, PhT.
                                       2-16-19 Higashinakamoto
    Nishii Clinic          6976-5182   2F Chuo Bldg.                      Eng.           Int, Rad, Dig.
                                       2-16-28 Higashinakamoto
    Nakayama Clinic        6971-0801   2-2-1 Higashinakamoto              Eng.           OB-Gyn.
    Midoribashi Clinic     6971-7260   2-6-23 Higashinakamoto             Eng, Chi.      Int.
    Hayashi Clinic         6973-0148   3-13-15 Higashinakamoto            Eng.           Int, PhT, PnM.
    Kobayashi Clinic       6974-9360   3-21-23 Higashinakamoto            Eng.           Int, Sur, R&A

    Ishikawa Clinic        6712-2251   1-8-7 Shariji                      Eng.           Int, Sur, Dig,
    TomonabeDental         6717-4581   2-1-4 Shariji                      Eng.           Den.
    Toyoda Dental          6731-0310   2-3-15 Shariji                     Eng.           Den.
    Yamakawa E.N.T         6712-3387   3-8-3 Shariji                      Eng.           Oto.
J   Clinic
    Nin Renge              6731-2300   2-8-9 Katsuyamaminami              Eng.           Ped.
    Children's Clinic
    Kyowa Hospital         6718-2221   4-16-10 Katsuyamaminami            Kor.           Int, Sur, Ped,
                                                                                         Der, Uro, PhT,
    Aeba Medical           6715-0251   2F FG Bldg. 4-16-43 Katsuyamaminami Eng.          Sur, PhT, OrS,
    Institution Clinic                                                                   Nes.
    Aeba Medical           6715-0771   4-6-5 Katsuyamaminami              Eng, Kor.      Sur, PhT, Rad,
    Institution Hospital                                                                 OrS, Nes.
    Irifune Dental         6741-8046   1-3-19 Katsuyamakita               Eng.           Den, Pdd.
    Nanohana Clinic        6716-7087   2-11-26 Katsuyamakita              Eng.           Int, Ped.
    Watatani               6711-7788   2-4-5 Katsuyamakita                Eng.           Rhe, PhT, OrS.
    Orthopedics Clinic

                                                                                      When You Are Ill

      Name               Tel                     Address                                    Departments
Kubota Children's    7894-1100   2-6-18 Katsuyamakita                     Eng, Kor, Ger.   All, Ped.
Uda Dental Clinic    6715-1183   3-1-28 Katsuyamakita                     Eng, Chi.        Den, Pdd.
Nakamura Dental      6731-4137   3-5-6 Katsuyamakita                      Eng.             Den.
Matsui Dental        6715-1180   4-10-3 Katsuyamakita                     Eng, Kor.        Den.
Iwamoto E.N.T        6715-3387   5-1-23 Katsuyamakita                     Eng, Kor.        Oto.
Oka Dental Clinic    6731-5717   5-1-6 Katsuyamakita                      Eng.             Den.
Okiyama Dental       6712-8211   5-22-17 Katsuyamakita                    Eng.             Den.
Hiroishi E.N.T       6752-1248   2-20-17 Shoji                            Eng.             Oto.
Ko Dental Clinic     6757-4484   2-25-1 Shoji                             Eng.             Den.
Takayama             6755-3535   1F Owners Mansion Shoji 2-26-2 Shoji     Eng.             Rhe, PhT, OrS.
Orthopedics Clinic
Yamamoto Dental      432202      1-16-7 Shojihigashi                      Eng.             Den, Pdd.
Hayashi Dental       6752-7801   3-8-27 Shojihigashi                      Eng.             Den.
Tomozawa Dental      6752-4868   1F Tisophia2 Bldg. 4-9-22 Shojihigashi   Eng.             Den, Pdd.
Kasai Clinic         6751-6078   6-4-20 Shojihigashi                      Eng.             Int, Sur, Dig,
Ogura Dental         6753-1113   6-8-17 Shojihigashi                      Eng.             Den.
Tokioka Dental       6752-8240   1-13-5 Shinimazato                       Eng.             Den.
Shirasaki Clinic     6751-7028   1-18-22 Shinimazato                      Eng.             Int, Rhe, PhT,
Tamaki E.N.T
                     6751-9191   2-6-24 Shinimazato                       Eng.             Oto.
Watauchi Dental      6752-7355   3-18-8 Shinimazato                       Eng, Kor.        Den.
Kanezaki Clinic      6751-2200   3-24-10 Shinimazato                      Eng.             Den.
Park Dental Clinic   436480      3-3-9 Shinimazato                        Eng.             Den, Pdd,
Inoue Clinic         6752-3305   4-1-8 Shinimazato                        Eng.             Int, Ped.
Kinoshita Dental     6757-8255   2F Daido Bldg. 4-2-12 Shinimazato        Eng, Kor.        Den.
Nishimaki Clinic     6758-5871   5-1-4 Shinimazato                        Eng.             Int, All, Ped,
Tsuzuku Obstetrics 6754-0333     5-2-10 Shinimazato                       Eng.             Int, Ped, OB-
Clinic                                                                                     Gyn, Psy-Int.

     When You Are Ill

          Name               Tel                    Address                                    Departments
    Nakano Dental        6731-0013   1-16-16 Ikunonishi                      Eng.             Den.
    Minato Dental        6716-8801   3-5-74 Ikunonishi                       Eng, Kor, Ger,   Den.
    Clinic                                                                   Fre.
    Nanpei Clinic        6731-3322   3-6-25 Ikunonishi                       Eng.             Int, Sur, OrS.
    Tsutsumi             6716-1223   4-21-10 Ikunonishi                      Eng.             Oph.
    Ophthalmic Clinic
    Tsukamoto Clinic     6718-8080   4-7-14 Ikunonishi                       Eng.             Int, Car.
    Kaneshiro Dental     6757-8148   2F Haitsu Tatsuminishi East Bldg.       Eng.             Den, Ord, Pdd.
    Clinic                           1-2-12 Tatsuminishi
    Ryo Clinic           6753-3577   1F Shellbran Bldg. 1-23-6 Tatsuminaka   Eng, Kor.        Int, Sur, Ped,
    Enoki Dental Clinic 6758-5584    3-4-26 Tatsuminaka                      Eng.             Den.
    Inoue Dental Clinic 6757-4182    4-11-20 Tatsuminaka                     Eng.             Den.
    Hoshino E.N.T        6754-6610   4-19-10 Tatsuminaka                     Kor.             Oto.
    Bun Clinic           6755-3880   3F HE Bldg. 4-19-10 Tatsuminaka         Kor.             Int, PhT, Rad,
    Nishiki Dental       6752-6600   1F Granche Kitatatsumi                  Eng.             Den, Pdd.
    Clinic                           1-1-1 Tatsumihigashi
    Kondo Dental         6757-8249   1F JTB Mansion 1-1-38 Tatsumihigashi    Eng, Kor.        Den, Pdd.
    Okawauchi E.N.T      667578460   102 Elegant Life Tatsumi Bldg.          Eng.             All, Oto, Psy-
    Clinic                           1-5-27 Tatsumihigashi                                    Int.
    Tatsumi Dental       6756-7005   102 Vita Rafinata Bldg.                 Eng.             Den, Pdd,
    Clinic                           1-9-1 Tatsumihigashi                                     D.O.S
    Furukawa Dental      6752-4130   2-11-21 Tatsumihigashi                  Eng, Kor.        Den.
    Ko Dental Clinic     6757-8189   101 Minamitatsumi Green Mansion         Eng, Kor.        Den.
                                     3-18-28 Tatsumiminami
    Fujita Ophthalmic    6751-6171   102 Minamitatsumi Green Mansion         Eng, Kor.        Oph.
J   Clinic                           3-18-28 Tatsumiminami
    Yasunari Midori      6758-5511   3-7-8 Tatsumiminami                     Eng.             Int, Ped, Dig.
    Imazato              6752-7531   3-19 Tatsumiminami                      Eng.             Int, Sur, Uro,
    Gastroenterology                                                                          PhT, Dig, Car,
    Clinic                                                                                    OrS, R&A
    Tatsushiro Dental    6754-4411   1-20-26 Tatsumikita                     Eng, Kor.        Den.
    Arai Dental Clinic   6754-8755   3-12-13 Tatsumikita                     Eng, Kor.        Den.
    Takeda Clinic        6754-7631   3-13-31 Tatsumikita                     Eng, Ger.        Int, Dig.
    Ro Ophthalmic        6751-0572   1F Corpo Yagara Bldg.                   Eng, Kor.        Oph.
    Clinic                           3-14-17 Tatsumikita
    Tanimoto Clinic      6752-5505   3-16-3 Tatsumikita                      Kor.             Int, Sur, Der,
                                                                                              PhT, Rad, OrS.

                                                                                  When You Are Ill

      Name               Tel                      Address                               Departments
Tanimura Dental      6757-4185   4-3-16 Tatsumikita                   Eng.             Den.
Imazato Heart        6752-0110   1-1-14 Nakagawa                      Eng.             Car.
Yamamurokai          6751-5066   2-6-20 Nakagawa                      Eng, Kor.        Oph.
Ophthalmic Clinic
Kim Clinic           6752-4567   Joyful Mansion 3-5-2 Nakagawa        Eng, Chi, Kor.   Int, Ped, PhT,
                                                                                       Rad, PnM,
                                                                                       Res, Dig, Car.
Kisanuki             6751-4322   4-2-21 Nakagawa                      Eng, Kor, Ger.   Int, Sur, Rhe,
Orthopedics Clinic                                                                     Der, PnT, OrS.
Ikuno Chuo           6751-3731   5-4-2 Nakagawa                       Kor.             Int, Sur, Der,
Hospital                                                                               Uro, Oto, PhT,
                                                                                       Gas, Car, OrS.
Uyama Imamura        6753-1471   5-5-5 Nakagawa                       Eng.             Int, Sur, Ped,
Clinic                                                                                 Der, Uro, Rad.
Ikuno Hospital       6712-3451   3-4-7 Nakagawanishi                  Eng.             Int, PhT, Rad.
Uraoka Children's    6754-0511   2-13-17 Nakagawahigashi              Eng.             Int, Ped.
Son Clinic           6717-5050   1-3-8 Tsuruhashi                     Eng, Kor.        Int, Sur, PhT,
Nakagawa Clinic      6741-7530   1-6-26 Tsuruhashi                    Eng, Ger.        Int, Rhe, Res,
                                                                                       Dig, Car.
Tsuruhashi Chuo      6731-2579   2-16-7Tsuruhashi                     Eng, Kor.        Int, Rhe, Ped,
Clinic                                                                                 Der, PhT, Rad,
                                                                                       Dig, OrS.
Imagawa Dental       6731-3311   3-5-39 Tsuruhashi                    Eng.             Den, Pdd.
Takahashi Clinic     6717-7700   3-7-14 Tsuruhashi                    Eng.             Int, Ped, Rad,
Go Clinic            6754-0611   1-12-14 Tajima                       Eng, Kor.        Sur, PhT, Res,
                                                                                       Dig, Car.
Hirata Clinic        6758-5151   1F 2-2-25 Tajima                     Eng.             Int, Sur, Oph,    J
                                                                                       PhT, Dig, OrS,
Yamauchi Dental      6757-1622   4-11-36 Tajima                       Eng.             Den.
Tajima Clinic        6758-9910   5-17-2 Tajima                        Kor.             Int, Sur, Ped,
Majima Dental        6756-0418   5-7-25 Tajima                        Eng, Chi.        Den, Ord, Pdd.
Yoshinaga Dental     6757-6560   5-9-28 Tajima                        Eng.             Den.
Higasa Dental        6731-0418   2-12-27 Momodani                     Eng.             Den, Pdd.
Otani Ophthalmic     6718-8600   2F Momodani Bldg. 2-21-24 Momodani   Eng.             Oph.

     When You Are Ill

          Name               Tel                       Address                                Departments
    Araki Clinic         6717-4381   2-26-12 Momodani                       Eng.             Int.
    Tokai Clinic         6712-0228   3-7-24 Momodani                        Eng, Kor.        Int, Ped, Der.
    Shin Dental Clinic   6717-8880   3-8-16 Momodani                        Kor.             Den, Ped.
    Makoto Clinic        6731-0139   3-9-10 Momodani                        Kor.             Int, Sur, PhT,
                                                                                             Rad, Dig, Car.
    Yamane Dental        6714-3503   2-20-13 Hayashiji                      Eng.             Den, Ord.
    Maeda Clinic         6714-8264   2-23-15 Hayashiji                      Eng, Ger.        Der, Uro.
    Maeda              6714-8264     2-23-15 Hayashiji                      Eng.             Der.
    Dermatology Clinic
    Uehira Dental        6731-8292   3-6-6 Hayashiji                        Eng, Kor, Ger.   Den, Pdd.
    Sakamoto Dental      6731-2037   5-11-22 Hayashiji                      Eng.             Den.

    Akiyama Clinic       6953-3335   3-15-18 Takadono                       Eng.             Int, Rad, Dig,
    Fukuda Clinic        6951-2226   Next Takadono1 Bldg. 4-19-12           Eng.             Int, Sur, PhT,
                                     Takadono                                                Dig.
    Sumire Clinic        6955-6690   4F Sekime Takadono Koei Bldg.          Eng.             Int.
                                     4-22-26 Takadono
    Akatsuka Dental      6953-6670   2F 202 Navio Sekime 4-22-33            Eng.             Den.
    Clinic                           Takadono
    Taro Dental Clinic   4254-0418   1F 810 Takadono 4-7-12 Takadono        Eng.             Den, Pdd.
    Nogami Dental        6952-5868   7-18-27 Takadono                       Eng, Chi, Kor,   Den.
    Clinic                                                                  Ger.
    Taniguchi Clinic     6951-1717   1F Vila Sembayashi 2-3-21 Imaichi      Eng.             Int, Sur, PhT,
                                                                                             Dig, OrS.

J   Ishida Obstetrics
                         6951-9701   2-1-26 Shimmori                        Eng.             Int, OB-Gyn.

    Shinshinkai          6953-1346   2-24-20 Shimmori                       Eng.             Int, Sur, PhT,
    Hospital                                                                                 Rad, Dig, OrS.
    Yasuda Clinic        6953-6291   2-4-8 Shimmori                         Eng.             Int, Sur, PhT,
                                                                                             Dig, R&A
    Tatsumi Dental       6953-8000   3-9-16 Shimmori                        Eng.             Den.
    Shibata Dental       6956-5555   3-9-18 Shimmori                        Eng.             Den, Pdd.
    Nakano Dental        6952-4771   4-13-17 Shimmori                       Eng.             All, Ped, Psy-
    Clinic                                                                                   Int, Car.
    Tomii Dental Clinic 6951-1097    4-25-4 Shimmori                        Eng.             Oph.
    Kumode Dental        6951-8219   1F Karumu Asahi Bldg. 4-4-3 Shimmori   Eng.             Den.

                                                                                      When You Are Ill

       Name               Tel                      Address                                  Departments
Isetani Clinic        6952-6482   4-7-7 Shimmori                          Eng.             Int, Rad, Dig.
Kanki Obstetrics      6956-1001   5-4-10 Shimmori                         Eng.             OB-Gyn.
Yoshiyasu Clinic      6951-2082   5-7-14 Shimmori                         Eng.             Int, Ped, Der,
                                                                                           Oto, Res, Car.
Takahara Dental       6957-4182   6-1-3 Shimmori                          Eng.             Den.
Oku Clinic            6956-6937   7-1-4 Shimmori                          Eng.             Int, PhT, Car.
Ishikawa              6955-7100   2F Ishikawa Bldg. 2-1-10 Morishoji      Eng.             Ord.
Orthodonics Clinic
Nakatani Dental       6953-8148   1-17-13 Shimizu                         Eng.             Den, Pdd.
Shibata               6954-3914   3-1-14 Shimizu                          Eng, Ger, Fre.   Oph.
Ophthalmic Clinic
Adachi Clinic         6958-5150   3F Shiba Ophthalmic Bldg.               Eng.             Int.
                                  3-1-14 Shimizu
Kato Clinic           6952-2447   3-21-23 Shimizu                         Eng.             Int, Ped.
Sakamoto              6953-0888   3-2-9 Shimizu                           Eng.             Oph.
Ophthalmic Clinic
Nishiyama Clinic      6951-6507   3-3-30 Shimizu                          Eng, Spa.        OB-Gyn.
Kayou Clinic          6954-7776   4-3-29 Shimizu                          Eng.             Int, Ped, Der,
                                                                                           Uro, PhT, Rad.
Umezaki Clinic        6958-3800   5-13-22 Shimizu                         Eng.             Int, OB-Gyn.
Meitoku Hospital      6921-5131   1-3-26 Ikue                             Eng, Kor.        Int, PhT, Car.
Morikami Clinic       6927-1666   1-9-18 Ikue                             Eng.             Int, PhT, Rad,
Kan Dental Clinic     6921-5251   4F Morinaga Medical Bldg. 1-9-18 Ikue   Eng, Kor.        Den.
Kozu Dental Clinic    6922-2103   2-6-5 Ikue                              Eng.             Den.
Konishi Clinic        6928-0225   2-6-9 Ikue                              Eng.             Int, PhT, Dig.
Teranishi Clinic      6924-1502   1F Row Piairu 2-5-6 Akagawa             Fre.             Sur, Oto, PhT.
Kawamoto Clinic                   4-1-39 Akagawa                          Eng.             Int, Sur, Ped,
                                                                                           Der, PhT, R&A
Kawamoto              6131-8100   2F Asahi Bldg. 4-1-39 Akagawa           Eng, Fre.        Oph.
Ophthalmic Clinic
Kitamura Clinic       6921-4061   4-17-5 Akagawa                          Eng.             Int, Der.
Toshimori Sunfish     6957-6060   1-11-3 Sembayashi                       Eng.             Den, Ord, Pdd,
Dental Clinic                                                                              D.O.S
Akao Dental Clinic    6955-0818   1-5-3 Sembayashi                        Eng.             Den.
Saito Dental Clinic   6951-3229   2-1-2 Sembayashi                        Eng.             Den, Ord,
Shinohara Clinic      6951-0907   2-1-21 Sembayashi                       Eng.             Int.
Toshimori Dental      6957-9090   2-15-26 Sembayashi                      Eng.             Den, Ord, Pdd,
Clinic                                                                                     D.O.S
Ezaki Dental Clinic 6955-2433     1・2F Ezaki Bldg. 2-18-22 Sembayashi Eng.                 Den.

     When You Are Ill

          Name                Tel                     Address                              Departments
    Fukushima             6953-2940   2-4-22 Sembayashi                  Eng.             Int, Sur, Der,
    Hospital                                                                              PhT, Rad, Dig,
                                                                                          Gas, Car, OrS,
    Ochi Clinic           6951-1296   1-2-27 Taishibashi                 Eng.             Int, Ped, Der,
                                                                                          PhT, Rad, Res,
                                                                                          Dig, Car.
    Nishizawa Clinic      6957-1100   1F Green Plaza Bldg. 1-1-5 Omiya   Eng.             Int, Sur, PhT,
    Kanazawa Clinic       6955-1512   1-20-19 Omiya                      Eng.             Int, Sur, Der,
                                                                                          PhT, Rad, Gas,
                                                                                          OrS, R&A
    Taira Dental Clinic   6951-5852   1-3-3 Omiya                        Eng.             Den.
    Miura Dental Clinic 6953-8460     1F Kodera Bldg. 2-17-11 Omiya      Eng.             Den.
    Nakagawa Clinic       6951-4623   2-17-23 Omiya                      Eng.             Oph.
    Yuno Dental Clinic    6954-8241   2-17-27 Omiya                      Eng, Chi, Kor,   Den.
                                                                         Ger, Fre, Ita,
    Sasaki Dental         6951-6550   1F Konan Mansion 3-17-7 Omiya      Eng.             Den, Pdd.
    Amatsu Clinic         6954-4145   4-6-5 Omiya                        Eng.             Int, Rad, Dig.
    Murakami              669538577   4-9-35 Omiya                       Eng.             PhT, OrS.
    Orthopedics Clinic
    Sho Clinic            6957-2222   4-9-39 Omiya                       Eng.             Int, Ped, PhT,
                                                                                          Dig, Car.
    Asahi Dental Clinic 6957-0418     1F Asahi Bldg. 5-2-30 Omiya        Eng.             Den, Pdd.
    Fujitate Hospital     6955-1221   5-4-24 Omiya                       Eng.             Sur, Rad, OrS.
    Nakahama Clinic       6951-0759   2-15-3 Nakamiya                    Eng.             Int, Ped.
    Nakatsuka Clinic      6956-7707   3-17-25 Nakamiya                   Eng.             Sur, Rhe, PhT,
    Takeuchi              6953-5340   4-3-9 Nakamiya                     Eng.             Oph.

J   Ophthalmic Clinic
    Iwata Ladies Clinic 6951-7089     4-9-19 Nakamiya                    Eng.             OB-Gyn.
    Shinohara Clinic      6951-4556   5-3-27 Nakamiya                    Eng.             Int, Ped, Rad.
    Yoshitomi Dental      6956-1020   1F Lions Mansion SembayashiOmiya   Eng.             Den.
    Clinic                            5-4-30 Nakamiya

    Yamaga Clinic         6963-0141   3-6-2 Nagata                       Eng.             Int, Sur, Ped,
                                                                                          PnM, Dig.
    Nemoto Clinic         6961-7717   4-15-6 Nagata                      Eng.             Int, PhT, Rad.
    Fujita Ophthalmic     6964-1113   4-16-3 Nagata                      Eng.             Oph.

                                                                                    When You Are Ill

      Name              Tel                       Address                                 Departments
Katayama            6939-3040   1-2-29 Gamou                            Eng.             Int, Ped.
Pediatrics Clinic
Masaki              6930-1003   2-9-7 Gamou                             Eng.             Int, PhT, Nes.
Kashihara           6930-3361   201 Doeru-Koizumi 3-15-4 Gamou          Eng.             Oph.
Ophthalmic Clinic
Tsutsumi Dental     6932-1100   4-1-26 Gamou                            Eng.             Den.
Kamatani Dental     6931-3389   4-16-10 Gamou                           Eng, Chi, Ger.   Den.
Yoshioka Dental     6931-6781   1-12-6 Sekime                           Eng.             Den.
Ikeoka Clinic       6931-6665   1-18-13 Sekime                          Eng.             Int, Ped, Car.
Noguchi Clinic      6931-7821   3-13-1 Sekime                           Eng.             Int, Sur, Ped,
Tamagawa Dental     6931-1214   3-13-2 Sekime                           Eng.             Den.
Sakuranomiya        6939-2851   3-2-22 Sekime                           Eng.             OrS.
Maeda Dental        6931-0341   102 5-16-19 Sekime                      Eng.             Den, Pdd,
Clinic                                                                                   D.O.S.
Sakai E.N.T. Clinic 6933-1133   5-5-13 Sekime                           Eng.             Oto.
Sumire Hospital     6934-5611   1-20-85 Furuichi                        Eng.             Int, Ped, Der,
                                                                                         PhT, Rad.
Ueda Dental Clinic 6930-4182    1-23-23 Furuichi                        Eng.             Den, Ord, Pdd.
Matsuoka Dental     6931-6932   3-12-4 Furuichi                         Eng.             Den.
Iwai Clinic         6931-9740   3-17-24 Furuichi                        Eng.             Int, Ped, Rad.
Kuhara Clinic       6939-3223   3-24-18 Furuichi                        Eng.             Sur, PhT, Dig.
Susuki Clinic       6939-6290   1-12-22 Imafukunishi                    Eng, Ger.        Int, Ped, Der,
                                                                                         Uro, Rad.
Kanai OB-Gyn        6931-2391   1-2-8 Imafukunishi                      Eng.             OB-Gyn.
Morimoto Dental     6935-4618   201 Hashimoto Bldg. 1-3-3               Eng.             Den, Pdd,
Clinic                          Imafukunishi                                             D.O.S.
Shindo             6934-0750    301 Hashimoto Bldg. 1-3-3               Eng.             Der.
Dermotology Clinic              Imafukunishi
Tani Clinic         6931-0973   1-7-1 Imafukunishi                      Eng.             Sur, Der, PhT,
Namazue Internal    6931-2722   2-10-18 Imafukunishi                    Eng.             Int.
Medicine Clinic
Takada Dental       6934-0648   204 President-Joto 3-2-2 Imafukunishi   Eng.             Den.
Kakimoto E.N.T      6936-7033   3-8-22 Imafukunishi                     Eng.             All, Oto.

     When You Are Ill

          Name                Tel                      Address                             Departments
    Fukui Internal        6786-3711   1F Erupiiza 5-2-27 Imafukunishi      Eng.           Int, Dig, Car.
    Medicine and
    Digestive Organs
    Yanagimoto Dental 6939-3383       1-12-18 Imafukuhigashi               Eng.           Den.
    Kuramae Dental        6939-8888   1-12-9 Imafukuhigashi                Eng.           Den, Pdd.
    Noe Hospital          6932-0401   2-2-33 Imafukuhigashi                Eng.           Sur, OB-Gyn,
                                                                                          Oph, Rhe,
                                                                                          Res, Car, ReS.
    Baba Internal         6180-0307   3-10-18 Imafukuhigashi               Eng.           Int. Car.
    Medicine and
    Cardiology Clinic
    Mikami Clinic         6933-3121   3-13-20 Imafukuhigashi               Eng.           Int, Sur, Dig,
    Ueda Clinic           6931-1501   3-5-21 Imafukuhigashi                Eng.           Int. Int, Psy,
                                                                                          Ped, Psy-int,
    Shigino Dental        6968-8241   1F Kuramoto-Kensetsu Daini 3-6-26    Eng.           Den, Ord, Pdd,
    Clinic                            Shiginonishi                                        D.O.S.
    Tsukikawa Clinic      6962-5522   2F Shigino Shopping Center 4-10-14   Eng.           Uro.
    Shigino Clinic        6961-3147   4-2-26 Shiginonishi                  Eng.           Int, Ped.
    Ogata Clinic          6963-1282   5-2-25 Shiginonishi                  Fre.           Int, Sur, Der,
    Kotake Clinic         6965-1213   1-13-10 Shiginohigashi               Eng.           Int, Sur, Der,
    Ariga E.N.T Clinic    6969-8877   5F Kotake Clinic Bldg.               Eng.           Oto.
                                      1-13-10 Shiginohigashi
    Kojima Orthopedic 6965-8041       2F Shigino Kaboku Bldg.              Eng.           PhT, OrS.
    Clinic                            1-13-12 Shiginohigashi
J   Bando Dental          6962-2990   2-12-15 Shiginohigashi               Eng.           Den.
    Tsuji Dental Clinic   6968-1992   3-13-8 Shiginohigashi                Eng.           Den.
    Fukumoto Dental       6933-5338   1-1-13 Shigita                       Eng.           Den.
    Tsujimoto Dental      6967-4182   1-3-10 Shigitahigashi                Eng, Kor.      Den.
    Osaka Cancer          6969-6712   1-6-107 Morinomiya                   Eng.           Int, Sur, Gyn,
    Prevention and                                                                        Rad.
    Detection Center
    Morinomiya            6969-0111   2-1-88 Morinomiya                    Eng.           Int, Sur, Ped,
    Hospital                                                                              Uro, PhT, Den,
                                                                                          Res-Int, Dig-
                                                                                          Int, Car-Int,
                                                                                          OrS, CVS,
                                                                                          Mastitic Sur.

                                                                                    When You Are Ill

      Name              Tel                     Address                                 Departments
Hatakeyama          6967-6750   2-6-112 Morinomiya                      Eng.           Den, Pdd, Ord.
Dental Clinic
Okamoto Internal    6965-7111   1-16-4 Suwa                             Eng.           Car. Int, PhT,
Medicine Clinic                                                                        Res, Dig.
Matsutani Clinic    6789-3366   1-18-5 Suwa                             Eng.           Oto, PnM.
Yasui Dental Clinic 6782-0155   1-18-6 Suwa                             Eng.           Den, Ord.
Tsubai Dental       6967-1600   2F Hikari-Denki Bldg. 2-4-19 Suwa       Eng.           Den.
Tsukamoto Dental    6963-4618   101 Ballon-Flower 2-4-3 Suwa            Eng.           Den, Ord, Pdd,
Clinic                                                                                 D.O.S.
Onishi Clinic       6967-3811   4-17-1 Suwa                             Eng.           Int, Sur, Ped,
Suwa Dental Clinic 6962-0775    4-6-12 Suwa                             Eng.           Den.
Masuya Clinic       6934-0808   1-7-7 Seiiku                            Eng.           Int, Ped, PhT,
                                                                                       Rad, Dig, R&A.
Tanuma Dental       6930-6480   1F Impression-Noe 3-14-15 Seiiku        Eng.           Den.
Okamoto Dental      6936-1418   4-22-6 Seiiku                           Eng.           Den, Ord, Pdd.
Sekime              6939-1011   5-1-31 Seiiku                           Eng, Fre.      Int, Uro.
Yamaguchi Clinic
Tanaka Dental       6934-2234   201 Morishoji-Parkplaza 5-23-2 Seiiku   Eng.           Den.
Nishikawa Dental    6932-2132   2F Murakami Bldg. 1-13-13 Chuo          Eng.           Den.
Noe Clinic          6786-2220   D305 2-14 Chuo                          Eng.           Int.
Takami Clinic       6963-7661   101 Avenue KN 1-20-7 Nakahama           Eng.           Int, All, Dig,
Nakagawa Dental     6962-1400   3-16-24 Nakahama                        Eng.           Den, D.O.S.
Sato Hospital       6961-3191   1-2-23 Higashinakahama                  Eng.           Int, Sur, PhT,
                                                                                       Rad, OrS, PIS,
Bobath Memorial     6962-3131   1-6-5 Higashinakahama                   Eng.           Int, Uro, PhT,
Hospital                                                                               Rad, Den, Nes,
                                                                                       Res, Dig, Car,
                                                                                       OrS, Pdd.
Ishida Dental       6961-7295   3-3-6 Higashinakahama                   Eng.           Den.
Kawai Internal      6962-3133   3-7-15 Higashinakahama                  Eng.           Int, Dig.
Medicine Clinic
Kiuchi Ophthalmic   6962-3736   6-8-16 Higashinakahama                  Eng.           Oph.
Miyagi Dental and 6969-0025     9-4-12 Higashinakahama                  Eng.           Den, D.O.S.
Oral Surgery Clinic
Takamoto Clinic     6930-3300   111 Mori Bldg. Kyobashi 1-2-3 Noe       Eng.           Int, Res, Car.

     When You Are Ill

          Name                Tel                     Address                               Departments
    Hagiwara             6931-2806     4-9-8 Noe                             Eng, Ger.     Oph.
    Ophthalmic Clinic

    Sanwa Hospital       6912-6500     1-8-3 Yasuda                          Eng, Ger.     Car. Int, PhT,
    Miki Clinic          6912-1120     4-8-2 Yasuda                          Eng.          Int, PhT.
    Nagasaki Dental      6912-1166     2-7-16 Mattaomiya                     Eng.          Den, Pdd.
    Imazu Dental         6913-5115     4-22-8 Mattaomiya                     Eng.          Den, Pdd.
    Okamoto Dental       6913-3045     1-12-6 Yokozutsumi                    Eng.          Den, Ord, Pdd.
    Azumi Clinic         6912-0377     1-1-5 Yokozutsumi                     Eng.          Int, Ped.
    Kato Dental Clinic   6913-3033     2F NYP Bldg. 2-23-7 Yokozutsumi       Eng.          Den.
    Mishima Clinic       6913-3624     4&5F NYP Bldg. 2-23-7 Yokozutsumi     Eng.          Sur, All, Der,
                                                                                           PhT, Dig.
    Wada Hospital        6911-0003     3-10-18 Yokozutsumi                   Eng.          Int, Sur, OrS.
    Yokoyama Clinic      6914-3100     1F Star-Haimu Matsuo 4-1-36           Eng.          Int, Ped, PhT,
                                       Yokozutsumi                                         Dig.
    Yun Dental Clinic    6911-5177     2F Green-Mansion 4-20-21              Eng, Kor.     Den.
    Ozaki Dental Clinic 6963-6480      103 Esupasio-Arone 1-6-43 Imazunaka   Eng.          Den, Pdd.
    Ono Dental Clinic    6969-3771     114 Shato-Sanai 3-6-27 Imazunaka      Eng.          Den.
    Omori Orthopedic     6969-3355     1F Shato-Sanai 3-6-27 Imazunaka       Eng.          Int, PhT, OrS.
    Kawasaki E.N.T       6969-3322     210 5-7-4 Imazunaka                   Eng.          Oto.
    Fukawa Dental        0800-200-8148 106 Skip Bldg. 1-5-30 Imazuminami     Eng.          Den.
J   Clinic
    Sakuta Orthopedic 6965-7840        1-5-41 Imazuminami                    Eng.          Sur, Rhe, PhT,
    Clinic                                                                                 OrS.
    Tamaoka E.N.T        6963-8701     1-6-26 Imazuminami                    Eng.          All, Oto.
    Sanai Clinic         6968-5008     1-7-27 Imazuminami                    Eng.          Int, Der, PhT,
    Iyama Dental         6968-7815     4-9-18 Imazukita                      Eng.          Den.
    Tanimoto Dental      6961-3139     5-10-18 Imazukita                     Eng.          Den, Pdd,
    Clinic                                                                                 D.O.S.
    Kunida Dental        6968-7777     1F Shato-Etranboat 5-5-6 Imazukita    Eng.          Den, Ord, Pdd.
    Kamatani Dental      6911-2798     1-14-35 Morokuchi                     Eng, Kor.     Den.

                                                                                    When You Are Ill

      Name               Tel                      Address                               Departments
Hirano Dental        6915-0610   105 Mezon-dopureansu 2-14-13           Eng.           Den, Pdd.
Clinic                           Morokuchi
Yoshioka Dental      6914-2525   2F Ekuseru ra veru 3-1-21 Morokuchi    Eng.           Den, Ord, Pdd.
Kameoka Clinic       6911-2585   3-4-38 Morokuchi                       Eng.           Ped, Der.
Yasui Dental Clinic 6911-3258    114 1F Park-Plaza 4-10-21 Morokuchi    Eng.           Den.
Hasegawa Clinic     6913-6686    4-15-15 Morokuchi                      Eng.           Int, Ped, PhT,
Ishida Orthopedic    6911-6900   Mezon Korakuen Sanbankan 4-7-7         Eng.           Sur, Rhe, PhT,
Clinic                           Morokuchi                                             OrS.
Tanaka Dental        6911-3621   1-1-61 Nakanochaya                     Eng.           Den, Pdd.
Okusa Dental         6911-0152   2-1-31 Nakanochaya                     Eng, Chi.      Den.
Nakamura Clinic      6912-5824   2-4-26 Tsurumi                         Eng.           Int, Ped.
Matsumura Clinic     6914-1199   1F Green-View Tsurumi 3-13-37          Eng, Kor.      Int, Ped, PhT.
Kubo Ophthalmic      6915-7761   2F Tsurumi Clinic Bldg. 3-13-37 Tsurumi Eng.          Oph.
Tsurumi Clinic       6933-0005   3-4-17 Tsurumi                         Eng, Ita.      Int, Ped, Rad,
Osaka Coop           6914-1100   3-6-22 Tsurumi                         Eng.           Int, Sur, Ped,
Osaka Hospital                                                                         Der, Uro, Oph,
                                                                                       Den, Psy-Int,
                                                                                       Car, OrS, R&A
Honda Hospital       6939-6251   4-1-30 Tsurumi                         Eng.           Int, Sur, Rhe,
                                                                                       PhT, Psy-Int,
                                                                                       Gas, OrS,
Fujiyama Clinic      6913-7307   1F Rafine-Shanburu 4-16-12 Tsurumi     Eng, Ger.      Int, Sur, Der,
                                                                                       PhT, Dig.
Hirosue Dental       6913-2880   325 Aeon Mall Tsurumi Leafa 4-17-1     Eng.           Den, Ord, Pdd,
Clinic                           Tsurumi                                               D.O.S.            J
Hibino Internal      6915-6311   Mezon-Shuru-Puraji 5-5-16 Tsurumi      Eng.           Int, Ped, PhT,
Medicine Clinic                                                                        Car.
Takagi Clinic        6914-3776   6-9-24 Tsurumi                         Eng.           Int, Sur, PhT,
Ichiba Dental        6913-3715   1F Parkleadge-Gendai 2-5-5- Hama       Eng, Spa.      Den, Ord.
Terauchi Clinic      669116777   3-2-3 Hama                             Eng.           Rhe, PhT, OrS.
Higashi Dental       6912-4098   3-8-52 Hama                            Eng.           Den.
Imanishi Clinic      6914-6776   1F Monbiesu 1-13 Minami 5 Hama         Eng.           Int, Sur, PhT.
Goto Dental Clinic   6914-6111   1F Mon-byusu 5-1-13 Hama               Eng, Ita.      Den, Pdd.
Nomura Dental        6967-0068   2-16-26 Hanatenhigashi                 Eng.           Den.

     When You Are Ill

          Name               Tel                     Address                              Departments
    Amako Dental         6967-0418   201 Roreu-Court Hanaten 3-21-40       Eng.          Den, Pdd.
    Clinic                           Hanatenhigashi
    Hasegawa Dental      6167-2511   402 JR Hanaten-eki NK Bldg.           Eng.          Den, Pdd.
    Clinic                           3-21-50 Hanatenhigashi
    Miyaura              6961-3715   3-31-22 Hanatenhigashi                Eng.          Oph.
    Ophthalmic Clinic
    Sato Dental Clinic   6961-2940   3-6-9 Hanatenhigashi                  Eng.          Den.
    Midori Kanazawa      6936-0677   1-11-3 Midori                         Eng, Kor.     Rhe, PhT, OrS.
    Orthopedic Clinic

    Ishizaki             6626-2825   5F Kintetsu Department Store 1-1-43   Eng.          Oph.
    Ophmalmic Clinic                 Abenosuji
    Komuro Dentist       6623-2401   5F Kintetsu Department Store 1-1-43   Eng, Ger.     Den.
    Abeno Clinic                     Abenosuji
    Nagai Dental         6624-1770   1-2-15 Abenosuji                      Eng.          Den.
    Kushida Dental       6632-0088   5F Apolo Bldg. 1-5-31 Abenosuji       Eng.          Ord, Den, Pdd.
    Takaiwa              6641-2168   1-6-22 Abenosuji                      Eng, Fre.     PhT, OrS.
    Orthopedic Clinic
    Ozaki Internal       6621-5506   2-4-1 Abenosuji                       Ger.          Int, Ped.
    Medicine Clinic
    Tanaka E.N.T         6621-4133   2-4-45 Abenosuji                      Eng.          Oto.
    Aihara Daini         6633-3661   3-12-10 Abenosuji                     Eng.          Int, Sur, Rhe,
    Hospital                                                                             Uro, PhT, Rad,
                                                                                         Res, Gas, Car,
    Aihara Abeno         6632-6731   204 3-12-2 Abenosuji                  Eng. Kor.     Int.
J   Clinic
    Akita Clinic         6633-9413   110 Abeno-Kuore 3-12-2 Abenosuji      Eng.          Int, Sur, Ped,
                                                                                         PhT, Car.
    Kobayashi Dental     6621-6344   3-8-13 Abenosuji                      Eng.          Den.
    Haruta Dental        6655-3640   4-18-4 Abenosuji                      Eng.          Den, Ped.
    Deguchi Dental       6652-0821   4-21-5 Abenosuji                      Eng.          Den, Pdd,
    Clinic                                                                               D.O.S.
    Shinto Orthopedic 6659-3478      5-11-2 Abenosuji                      Eng.          Rhe, PhT, OrS.
    and Rheumatology
    Aida Clinic          6651-8222   2F Abeno-Sanga Bldg.                  Eng.          Int, Car.
                                     5-11-2 Abenosuji

                                                                                   When You Are Ill

      Name               Tel                       Address                             Departments
Deguchi Dental       6624-1178   5-3-18 Abenosuji                      Eng.           Den, Ord.
Onoue Ophthalmic 6627-0555       3-5-25 Abenosuji                      Eng.           Oph.
Asai Dental Clinic   6622-0174   5-3-28 Abenosuji                      Eng.           Den.
Shintaku Clinic      6622-0178   5-9-26 Abenosuji                      Eng.           Int, Ped, Rad.
Minato Orthopedic    6622-3710   2-10 Abenomotomachi                   Eng.           Sur, Rhe, PhT,
Clinic                                                                                OrS.
Abeno Dental         6622-1873   5-1 Abenomotomachi                    Eng.           Den, Ord, Pdd,
Clinic                                                                                D.O.S.
Yoshida Clinic       6622-4709   5-22 Abenomotomachi                   Eng.           Int, Sur, Ped,
                                                                                      PhT, Rad, Dig.,
Kinoshita            6633-0717   B1F Takezawa Bldg. 1-1-10 Asahimachi Eng.            Ord.
Orthodonics Clinic
Yamamoto Clinic      4396-7933   7F Daini Takezawa Bldg. 1-1-14        Eng.           Uro.
Ogata Dental         6631-3452   201 Abeno-Medix 1-2-7 Asahimachi      Eng.           Den, D.O.S.
Osaka City          6645-2121    1-5-7 Asahimachi                      Eng.           Int, Sur, Psy,
University Hospital                                                                   Rhe, Ped, Der,
                                                                                      Uro, OB-Gyn,
                                                                                      Oph, Oto, Rad,
                                                                                      PnM, Neu,
                                                                                      Res, Dig, Car,
                                                                                      OrS, PIS, Nes,
                                                                                      ReS, CVS,
Hata Dental Clinic   6636-1182   105 1F Abeno-Ponte 2-1-2 Asahimachi   Eng, Kor.      Den, Pdd.
Uera Dental Clinic   6622-3157   1-11-26 Oji-cho                       Eng.           Den.
Yamada Clinic        6622-3166   2-12-14 Oji-cho                       Eng.           Int, Sur, PeS.
Nenbai Dental        6622-5714   4-3-22 Oji-cho                        Eng.           Den, Pdd.
Clinic                                                                                                  J
Kishigami Dental     6653-8400   1-6-2 Maruyamadori                    Eng.           Den, Ord, Pdd.
Uragami Dental       6661-4618   2-3-22 Maruyamadori                   Eng.           Den, Pdd.
Taenaka E.N.T        6621-1376   1-34-2 Hannan-cho                     Eng.           Oto.
Iwai Dental Clinic   6623-4812   1-34-2 Hannan-cho                     Eng.           Den.
Yoshida Kou          6623-0501   1-47-2 Hannan-cho                     Eng.           Oph.
Ophthalmic Clinic
Yabuno Clinic        6629-3061   1F Prestel-Hannan 1-50-20 Hannan-     Eng.           Sur.
Kozaki Ophthalmic 6621-2174      1-51-10 Hannan-cho                    Eng.           Oph.

     When You Are Ill

          Name               Tel                   Address                                    Departments
    Ishihara Clinic      6621-9616   2-19-24 Hannan-cho                     Eng.             Int, Ped, Rad,
    Sugimoto             6624-1985   2-20-22 Hannan-cho                     Eng.             Oph.
    Ophthalmic Clinic
    Kinoshita Dental     6628-6684   2-4-15 Hannan-cho                      Eng.             Den, Pdd.
    Yamazaki Dental      6622-3309   103 Grace Court Cedar Valley 3-1-8     Eng, Kor.        Den, Pdd.
    Clinic                           Hannan-cho
    Kubo Dental Clinic 6623-6601     3-18-14 Hannan-cho                     Eng, Chi.        Den, Ord, Pdd,
    Nishimura Dental     6629-0418   3-6-19 Hannan-cho                      Eng.             Den, Ord, Pdd,
    Clinic                                                                                   D.O.S.
    Sakamoto Dental      6622-3263   3-7-3 Hannan-cho                       Eng.             Den, Ord, Pdd,
    Clinic                                                                                   D.O.S.
    Yonekura Dental      6623-8019   4-5-7 Hannan-cho                       Eng, Kor, Ger.   Den, Ord, Pdd,
    Clinic                                                                                   D.O.S.
    Iesaki Dental        6624-4500   101 Nishitanabe7 Plus 5-11-6 Hannan-   Eng.             Den, Ord, Pdd,
    Clinic                           cho                                                     D.O.S.
    Kanda Internal       6694-0020   5-21-3 Hannan-cho                      Eng.             Int, Dig, Car.
    Medicine Clinic
    Kawauchi           6623-1221     5-2-2 Hannan-cho                       Eng.             Der.
    Dermatology Clinic
    Egashira Dental      6693-4618   1F Sawai Bldg. 5-23-15 Hannan-cho      Eng.             Den, Pdd.
    Clinic                                                                                   D.O.S.
    Yumura Clinic        6691-2021   5-25-17 Hannan-cho                     Eng.             Int, Ped.
    Kida Dental Clinic   6621-7676   1F Keiwa-Jutaku 5-9-2 Hannan-cho       Eng.             Den, Pdd.
    Kawashima Clinic     7503-9862   1-3-26 Sanmei-cho                      Eng.             Int, Rad, Dig.
    Kawanishi Dental     6624-1854   2-11-22 Sanmei-cho                     Eng, Kor.        Den, Pdd.
    Kushima              6628-8148   404 Tokuyama Bldg. 1-21-22 Showa-      Eng.             Den, Ord, Pdd.
    Orthodonitics                    cho

J   Clinic
    Tachibaha Clinic     6629-1000   4F Tokuyama Bldg. 1-21-22 Showa-cho Eng.                Int, Der, Gyn,
                                                                                             PhT, PIS, CoS.
    Morita Dental        6628-1836   1-21-25 Showa-cho                      Eng.             Den.
    Kawashima Clinic     6629-2110   2-1-24 Showa-cho                       Eng.             Int, Sur, Rad,
    Kanwa Clinic         6180-6603   2F Tsukuda Bldg. 2-18-24 Showa-cho     Eng, Fre.        Int.
    Mukouyama            6628-7877   2-2-21 Showa-cho                       Eng.             Den.
    Dental Clinic
    Kawamura Dental      6628-0805   4-2-1 Showa-cho                        Eng. Kor.        Den, Ord, Pdd,
    Clinic                                                                                   D.O.S.
    Ikeda Clinic         6621-3453   5-11-1 Showa-cho                       Eng.             Int, Ped, Rad.
    Matsutani Dental     6621-5668   102 2-6-30 Matsuzaki-cho               Eng.             Den.

                                                                                  When You Are Ill

       Name              Tel                      Address                               Departments
Ishihara Dental      6623-3946   102 Seresuta-Abeno-Matsuzaki 2-9-5   Eng.             Den, Pdd.
Clinic                           Matsuzaki-cho
Takeda Internal      6480-9501   103 Seresuta-Abeno-Matsuzaki 2-9-5   Eng.             Int, Dig.
Medicine Clinic                  Matsuzaki-cho
Matsumoto Dental     6622-0930   3-15-30 Matsuzaki-cho                Eng.             Den, Ord, Pdd,
Clinic                                                                                 D.O.S.
Kojima Ophthalmic 6621-4508      1F Hisui-Mansion 4-4-22 Matsuzaki-   Eng.             Oph.
Clinic                           cho
Yoritsune Clinic  6624-1066      101 4-5-32 Matsuzaki-cho             Eng.             Int, PhT, Rad.
Yoshimura Dental     6661-4315   2-6-23 Matsumushidori                Eng.             Den, Pdd.
Yamada Dental        6661-6518   2-8 Seimeidori                       Eng.             Den.
Uetahi Dental        4700-8148   1F Sigetomi Residence 1-1-20         Eng.             Den, Ord, Pdd,
Clinic                           Nishitanabe-cho                                       D.O.S.
A & D Nishitanabe    6695-6487   1-1-24 Nishitanabe-cho               Eng.             Den, Ord, Pdd.
Dental Clinic
Fujiwara             6692-8957   2F Tezukayama Clever Bldg.           Eng.             Oph.
Ophthalmic Clinic                1-17-1 Nishitanabe-cho
Houki Cardiology     4700-3211   302 Tezukayama Clever Bldg.          Eng, Ger.        Int, Car.
and Internal                     1-17-1 Nishitanabe-cho
Medicine Clinic
Ito Clinic           662277      201 Sympathique Nishiumeda 1-21-13   Eng.             Uro.
Iida Dental Clinic   6696-1533   1F Royal Provence 1-21-39            Eng.             Den, Pdd.
Nishiura Dental      6621-3838   8-17 Nagaike-cho                     Eng, Chi, Kor,   Den.
Clinic                                                                Spa, Por, Ger,
                                                                      Fre, Ita, Rus,
Tezukayama           6651-4331   1-12-11 Tezukayama                   Eng.             Int, Rhe, PhT,
Hospital                                                                               OrS.
Tsukumo Dental       6626-0006   1F Marutaka-Tezukayama Bldg.         Eng.             Den, Ord, Pdd.    J
Clinic                           1-3-19 Tezukayama
Tezukayama           6653-6480   1-8-20 Tezukayama                    Eng.             Den.
Dental Moriuchi
Sankoji Dental       6719-0501   2-23-20 Tennojichominami             Chi.             Den.
Makiura              6713-7111   1-1-9 Tennojichokita                 Eng.             Oph.
Ophthalmic Clinic
Okamoto              6710-7011   2-15-10 Tennojichokita               Eng, Kor.        Int, Sur, Rhe,
Orthopedic Clinic                                                                      Der, PhT, OrS.
Okuno Hospital       6719-2200   2-31-4 Tennojichokita                Eng.             Int, Sur, Gyn,
Yoshihiro Dental     6713-0944   103 2-6-3 Tennojichokita             Eng.             Den.

     When You Are Ill

          Name               Tel                      Address                               Departments
    Ueda Dental Clinic 6713-2707     104 Neo Corp Abeno 3-2-3             Eng.             Den.
    Higashida Brith      6691-6028   2-9-8 Harimacho                      Eng.             Birth center
    Nogi Dental Clinic   6693-8211   3-1-16 Harimacho                     Eng.             Den, Pdd.
    Nakagawa Clinic      6622-1151   1-1-16 Bishoen                       Eng.             Int, Ped, Der,
                                                                                           PhT, OrS.
    Nakase Dental        6713-1714   2-13-12 Bishoen                      Eng.             Den, Pdd.
    Otani Clinic         6714-0148   2-2-5 Bishoen                        Eng.             Int, Sur, Der,
    Inamoto              4399-1550   3-3-10 Bishoen                       Eng.             Oph.
    Ophthalmic Clinic
    Kyunai E.N.T         4399-5971   101 Joyful-Fuminosato 2-11-21        Eng.             All, Oto.
    Clinic                           Fuminosato
    Inoue Dermatology 6628-7225      4-11-18 Fuminosato                   Eng.             Der.
    Yoshida              6622-2511   1-10-4 Kitabatake                    Eng.             Oph.
    Ophthalmic Clinic
    Fukumoto             6627-5080   1-8-43 Kitabatake                    Eng.             Oph.
    Ophthalmic Clinic

    Aratani Clinic       6673-7100   1-1-10 Anryuu                        Eng.             Int, Ped, Der,
                                                                                           Rad, Dig.
    Hiruma Clinic        6673-3031   4-1-12 Anryuu                        Eng.             Int, Ped.
    Hirasawa Dental      6678-2418   4-2-15 Anryuu                        Eng, Ita.        Den, Pdd.
    Takasu Clinic        6681-3782   1-7-30 Misaki                        Eng.             Int, Der.

J   Kaida Dental Clinic 6686-8041    1-9-34 Misaki                        Eng, Chi, Kor,
                                                                          Spa, Por, Ger,
                                                                                           Den, Pdd.

                                                                          Fre, Ita, Rus,
    Matsushima           6682-5345   1F Sunrise-Suminoe Kouen 4-10-4      Eng.             Oph.
    Ophthalmic Clinic                Misaki
    Nagatani Dental      6686-4688   1F Esupowaaru-Misaki 5-1-18 Misaki   Eng.             Den.
    Teramae            6681-1314     5-19-20 Misaki                       Eng.             Der.
    Dermatology Clinic
    Katsuragi Clinic     6686-5786   5-2-21 Misaki                        Eng, Kor.        Int, All, Res,
                                                                                           Dig. Chinese
    Miyauchi             6681-0051   6-1-27 Misaki                        Eng.             Sur, PhT, OrS.
    Orthopedic Clinic

                                                                                     When You Are Ill

       Name              Tel                    Address                                  Departments
Fujinami Dental      6678-4800   3-2-20 Suminoe                          Eng.           Den.
Sugita E.N.T Clinic 4702-8733    5F Osker Dream Bldg.                    Eng.           All, Oto.
                                 1-2-1 Shinkitajima
Moriya Clinic        6115-1220   5F Osker Dream Bldg.                    Eng.           Der, Uro.
                                 1-2-1 Shinkitajima
Sakakibara Clinic    6684-2477   5F Osker Dream Bldg.                    Eng.           Int, PhT, PnM.
                                 1-2-1 Shinkitajima
Kanou Dental         6115-1181   5F Osker Dream Bldg.                    Eng, Ger.      Den, Pdd,
Clinic                           1-2-1 Shinkitajima                                     D.O.S
Hosoi Shinkitajima 6681-0600     1F Kimoto Bldg. 1-4-17 Shinkitajima     Eng.           Den.
Dental Clinic
Yabuno Dental        6682-3988   2-2-35 Shinkitajima                     Eng.           Den, Ord.
Fukushima            4702-7707   1F Omine Bldg. 3-2-26 Shinkitajima      Eng.           Oph.
Ophthalmic Clinic
Shiomi Clinic        6686-7878   2F Omine Bldg. 3-2-26 Shinkitajima      Eng.           PhT, Car, OrS.
Tabata Dental        4702-8241   2F Omine Bldg. 3-2-26 Shinkitajima      Eng.           Den.
Kinoshita Dental     6683-6180   3-8-35 Shinkitajima                     Eng, Kor.      Den, Pdd.
Baba E.N.T. Clinic   6686-3387   2F Shikitsu Bldg. 3-8-54 Shinkitajima   Eng.           All, Oto, Thr.
Nagasaki Dental      6681-6466   1F Mansion-Happiness Minamikan 7-1- Eng.               Den, Pdd.
Clinic                           48 Shinkitajima
Ishida Clinic        4702-3020   Mansion-Happiness 7-1-53 Shinkitajima   Eng.           Int, PhT, Dig.
Itouji Clinic        6681-2772   1-1-6 Nishikagaya                       Eng.           Int, Sur, Rad.
Kouno Dental         6682-0280   3-13-19 Nishikagaya                     Eng.           Den, Ord, Pdd.
Kinoshita Internal   6682-8255   1F Asahi-Plaza Suminoe-Kouen 4-3-5      Eng.           Int, Rad, Dig.
Medicine Clinic                  Nishikagaya
Harimura             6678-4146   1F Sazan-Suminoe 1-11-7 Nishisuminoe Eng, Chi.         Oph.
Ophthalmic Clinic
Sasada Dental        6674-0551   2F Sazan-Suminoe 1-11-7 Nishisuminoe Eng.              Den.
Yokoro Dental        6671-4241   2-7-12 Nishisuminoe                     Eng.           Den, Pdd.
Fujinami Dental      6678-4800   3-1-21 Nishisuminoe                     Eng.           Den.
Kou Dental Clinic    6686-8841   2-11-17 Nakakagaya                      Eng, Kor.      Den, Pdd.
Akino Orthopedic     6683-8808   1F Dream-Nakakagaya 3-10-18             Eng.           PhT, OrS.
Clinic                           Nakakagaya
Fukuse E.N.T         6683-8793   2F Dream-Nakakagaya 3-10-18             Eng.           Oto.
Clinic                           Nakakagaya
Inatani Dental       6682-8217   1F Suminoe-Miyakohime Bldg.             Eng.           Den, Ord, Pdd,
Clinic                           3-11-14 Nakakagaya                                     D.O.S.

     When You Are Ill

          Name              Tel                   Address                                    Departments
    Ueda Dental Clinic 6683-7311    1F Amenity-Suminoe 3-12-14             Eng, Spa, Por.   Den, Pdd.
    Azuma               6683-7575   4-2-1 Nakakagaya                       Eng.             Ord, Pdd.
    Sawada              4702-7517   1-10-21 Higashikagaya                  Eng.             Oph.
    Ophthalmic Clinic
    Tamura Dental       6681-5148   1-10-21 Higashikagaya                  Eng.             Den.
    Minami Osaka        6685-0221   1-18-18 Higashikagaya                  Eng.             Int, Sur, Der,
    Hospital                                                                                Uro, Oph, PhT,
                                                                                            Res, Car, OrS,
                                                                                            PIS, Mastitic
                                                                                            Sur, Thoracic
    Asada Clinic        6684-2212   3-16-6 Higashikagaya                   Eng.             Int, OB-Gyn.
    Nishida Dental      6681-5557   201 Sejuru 24 2-8-25 Minamikagaya      Eng, Kor, Ger.   Den.
    Tada Clinic         6682-8335   1F Tada-Medical Bldg.                  Eng, Chi, Kor,   Int, Dig, OrS,
                                    3-2-18 Minamikagaya                    Fre.             R&A.
    Adachi Clinic       6681-7088   4-1-40 Minamikagaya                    Eng.             Ind, Ped.
    Sakishima           6614-1111   2-1-30 Nankonaka                       Eng.             Int, Der.
    Nishino             6613-6767   1F Nanko Port Town Kanri Center 2-1-   Eng.             Rhe, PhT, OrS.
    Orthopedic Clinic               99 Nankonaka
    Nakama E.N.T        6612-3387   2F Nanko Port Town Kanri Center 2-1-   Eng.             Oto.
    Clinic                          99 Nankonaka
    Hamamoto            6612-3210   1F Nanko Port Town Chushin Chiku       Eng.             Ped.
    Pedodonitics                    Kanri Center 2-1-99 Nankonaka
    Nakajima Clinic     6612-0818   3-4-79 Nankonaka                       Eng, Fre.        Sur, Rhe, PhT,
                                                                                            Rad. OrS.
J   Sugimoto Dental     6613-1019   101 4-2-14 Nankonaka                   Eng, Chi, Kor,   Den.
    Clinic                                                                 Ger.
    Katayama Dental     6612-7367   102 Nanko-Hananomachi 41 5-5-75        Eng.             Den.
    Clinic                          Nankonaka
    Kawamura Clinic     6615-6311   0301 Osaka World Trade Center Bldg.    Eng.             Int, Nes.
                                    1-14-16 Nankokita
    Yanagida Clinic     6615-6120   3F Osaka World Trade Center Bldg.      Eng.             Den.
                                    1-14-16 Nankokita
    Yamaguchi Cosmo 6616-4441       River Garden Cosmosquare 1-31-17       Eng, Kor.        Den, Pdd,
    Dental Clinic                   Nankokita                                               D.O.S.
    Yokoro Dental       6671-0515   1-3-4 Hamaguchinishi                   Eng.             Den.
    Sankoji Dental      6672-1500   1-7-9 Hamaguchinishi                   Eng, Ger, Fre,   Den.
    Clinic                                                                 Ita, Rus.
    Okita Dental Clinic 6675-5601   2-11-10 Hamaguchinishi                 Eng.             Den, Ord.

                                                                                 When You Are Ill

      Name             Tel                       Address                             Departments
Sumiyoshi Internal 6673-7552   3-12-5 Hamaguchinishi                 Eng.           Int, Psy, Rad,
Medicine Clinic                                                                     Neu.
Yuaikai Hospital   6672-3121   3-5-10 Hamaguchinishi                 Eng.           Int, Sur, Dig,
                                                                                    Car, OrS, Nes.
Fukushima Dental   6671-4590   2-8-12 Hamaguchihigashi               Eng.           Den, Pdd,
Clinic                                                                              D.O.S.
Futaba Clinic      4701-5977   1F Royal-Haitsu Suminoe-eki 3-11-8    Eng.           Int.
Nakamura Clinic    4701-2558   1F 1-23-1 Kohama                      Eng.           Int.、Car.
Higashino Clinic   6678-9255   2-1-2 Kohama                          Eng.           Int, Ped.
Higashino Dental   6671-0162   2F 2-1-2 Kohama                       Eng, Kor.      Den.
Sugiyama Dental    6675-5577   202 Merci-Kohama 2-12-21 Kohama       Eng.           Den, Ord, Pdd.
Takada Dental      6672-8241   3F Kohama Bldg. 2-13-8 Kohama         Eng.           Den, Pdd.
Uemura Dental      6678-4114   102 Mezon-Doru Kohama 2-4-26          Eng.           Den.
Clinic                         Kohama
Yoshino Clinic     6673-6265   1F Kohama-mall 2-6-12 Kohama          Eng.           Sur, Ors, R&A.
Rokumoto Dental    4701-3322   1F Santo-Mansion 3-3-20 Kohama        Eng.           Den Pdd.
Nanko Clinic       6684-2018   101 2-11-8 Kitakagaya                 Eng.           Int.
Higuchi Dental     6682-1500   2F Maruichi Bldg. 2-12-7 Kitakagaya   Eng.           Den.
Kitamura Dental    4702-3222   2-12-8 Kitakagaya                     Eng.           Den.
Kiyomi Dental      6682-2600   1F Bonaru-Kagaya 2-6-14 Kitakagaya    Eng.           Den, Pdd.
Ooka Dental Clinic 0120-7418   102 Royal-Cattleya 2-8-9 Kitajima     Eng.           Den.
Hamasaki Clinic    6681-0361   3-6-27 Kitajima                       Eng.           Int, Dig.

Kawanami Clinic    6691-1322   1-12-9 Oriono                         Eng.           Int, All, Res,
Sawai OB-Gyn       6694-1115   3-4-8 Oriono                          Eng.           Int, Ped, Der,
Clinic                                                                              OB-Gyn.
Sasaki Dental      6691-3159   4-5-28 Oriono                         Eng.           Den.
Urashima Clinic    6696-0341   1F Karumu 3, 4-9-10 Oriono            Eng, Ita.      Int, Sur, Dig.
Matsuzawa Dental 6691-1635     5-12-32 Oriono                        Eng.           Den.
Kawano Dental      6691-3891   5-5-34 Oriono                         Eng.           Den.

     When You Are Ill

          Name               Tel                      Address                                Departments
    Inada Internal       6693-0155   7-1-11 Oriono                          Eng, Ger.       Int, Dig. Car.
    Medicine Clinic
    Kondou               6690-5353   1F Grande-Kazuho 1-5-26 Abiko          Eng.            Rhe, PhT, OrS.
    Orthopedics Clinic
    Matsuura Dental      6698-6480   3-3-6 Abiko                            Eng.            Den, Pdd.
    Umeyama Dental       6691-3403   3-8-17 Abiko                           Eng, Ger.       Den.
    Hashimoto Dental     6605-8148   2-2-19 Abikonishi                      Eng, Kor, Fil   Den, Ord, Pdd,
    Clinic                                                                                  D.O.S.
    Onishi Clinic        6691-1577   2-2-7 Abhikonishi                      Eng.            Int, Dig.
    Kawabata OB-Gyn 6697-8281        2-10-13 Abikohigashi                   Eng.            Obs, Gyn.
    Yoshida Dental       6699-6173   2F Matsushima Bldg.                    Eng.            Den.
    Clinic                           2-3-10 Abikohigashi
    Yamamoto             6608-5525   2-5-27 Abikohigashi                    Eng.            Den, Ord, Pdd.
    Pediatrics Clinic
    Tanpopo Dental       6607-1147   2F Fureshuru 2-7-4 Abikohigashi        Eng.            Den, Ord, Pdd.
    Clinic                                                                                  D.O.S.
    Kume Dental          6697-2271   2-5-17 Karita                          Eng.            Den.
    Endo Clinic          6696-0006   5F S Bldg. 5-15-13 Karita              Eng.            Psy, Psy-Int,
    Tanaka Dental        6697-0417   5-2-29 Karita                          Eng.            Den, Ord, Pdd.
    Mori Clinic          6691-1932   5-3-28 Karita                          Eng.            Der.
    Komori Internal      6696-1171   1F Hiramoto-Haitsu 7-11-10 Karita      Eng.            Int.
    Murakami Dental      6698-2003   204 7-12-19 Karita                     Eng.            Den.
    Tanaka Dental        6696-1662   1F Taketani Mansion 7-2-3 Karita       Eng.            Den.

J   Clinic
    Okada Dental         6484-6480   1F Dai1Union-Haitsu 7-6-28 Karita      Eng.            Den.
    Ogura Dental         6697-1360   9-11-16 Karita                         Eng.            Den.
    Okamoto E.N.T        6691-3387   9-15-12 Karita                         Eng.            Oto.
    Yagi Dental Clinic   6698-0188   2F Nankai Abiko Bldg. 9-15-34 Karita   Eng.            Den, Pdd.
    Okunaka Dental       6694-0118   103 9-15-5 Karita                      Eng.            Den. Pdd.
    Takeuchi Clinic      6691-1817   2-12-5 Yamanouchi                      Eng.            Int, Ped, Rad.
    Clinic Hatamori      6692-4819   2-9-11 Yamanouchi                      Eng.            Int.
    Eye Eye              4700-3536   3-1-7 Yamanouchi                       Eng.            Oph.

                                                                                   When You Are Ill

       Name                Tel                     Address                               Departments
Sugimoto Clinic        6691-0981   3-2-27 Yamanouchi                   Eng, Por, Ger,   Int, Dig.
Takeyasu Clinic        6673-0175   1-10-24 Sumiyoshi                   Eng.             Oph.
Komiya Clinic          6673-3301   1-13-23 Sumiyoshi                   Eng.             Int, PhT.
Yanagihara Clinic      6678-2515   1-7-34 Sumiyoshi                    Eng.             Int, PhT, OrS.
Matsuoka Dental        6671-2969   1-7-34 Sumiyoshi                    Eng.             Den.
Koshimune              6672-2251   2-9-109 Sumiyoshi                   Eng, Ger.        OrS.
Matsukura          4701-1244       2-9-109 Sumiyoshi                   Eng.             All, Der, PIS.
Dermatology Clinic
Kono Clinic            6691-2973   2-20-10 Sugimoto                    Eng.             Int, Ped.
Nishigawa Dental       6607-0844   2-31-14 Sugimoto                    Eng.             Den.
Nakanishi Clinic       6671-5000   1-25-12 Shimizuoka                  Eng.             Int, Ped.
Kubota Clinic          6671-9983   1-9-25 Shimizuoka                   Eng, Ger.        Int, Ped.
Hashimoto          4701-7779       2-1-29 Shimizuoka                   Eng.             All, Der.
Dermatology Clinic
Tada Clinic            6671-1058   2-23-21 Shimizuoka                  Eng.             Int, Ped, Rad.
Nakagawa Dental        6671-5939   2-24-19 Shimizuoka                  Eng, Chi.        Den, Ord, Pdd.
Hiraike Dental         6673-7138   2-26-5 Shimizuoka                   Eng.             Den.
Yuu Clinic             6675-1500   1F Gurio-Court 2-3-6 Shimizuoka     Eng.             Int, Psy-Int,
Kishimoto Clinic       6671-7274   2-4-5 Shimizuoka                    Eng.             PhT, OrS.
Asaka Clinic           6696-7711   1-6-31 Asaka                        Eng, Chi.        Int, Ped.
Uetani Dental          6695-2166   1F Haitsu-Dairyou 2-2-26 Dairyou    Eng.             Den.
Takaoka Clinic         6608-2400   1F Etowaru-Hodaka 4-2-10 Dairyou    Eng.             Int.
Kitano                 6690-5750   1-3-10 Nagai                        Eng.             PhT, OrS.         J
Orthopedics Clinic
Uetani Dental          6691-1722   1-6-23 Nagai                        Eng.             Den.
Yamaguchi Dental       6694-0469   2-9-4 Nagai                         Eng.             Den.
Hirohata Clinic        6691-3787   3-12-19 Nagai                       Eng.             Int, Sur, Der,
Sakamoto Dental        6692-6150   1F Fukutoku-Mansion 3-12-9 Nagai    Eng.             Den.
Terakado Clinic        6694-3856   4-10-23 Nagai                       Eng.             Int, Sur.
Inoue Dental           6695-4182   1F Casa-Promenade 1-1-2 Nagaihigashi Eng.            Den, Pdd,
Clinic, Ajiki Dental                                                                    D.O.S.

     When You Are Ill

          Name              Tel                     Address                               Departments
    Tanaka Dental       6696-4137   2-6-11 Nagaihigashi                   Eng.           Den.
    Okamoto Clinic      6696-0201   3-4-28 Nagaihigashi                   Eng.           Gyn.
    Sakaguchi Clinic    6690-2412   4-11-12 Nagaihigashi                  Eng.           Int, Car.
    Watanabe Dental     6696-0101   2F Kadowaki Bldg. 4-11-24 Nagaihigashi Eng.          Den, Pdd.
    Yamagami Dental     4700-1182   1F Corporasu-Roza 4-12-1 Nagaihigashi Eng.           Den, Pdd.
    Nakajima Clinic     6691-3300   4-2-19 Nagaihigashi                   Eng.           Oph.
    Kondo Clinic        6671-2928   1-2 Nagao-cho                         Eng.           Int, Sur, PhT,
    Daita Dental Clinic 6674-0166   2-4 Nagao-cho                         Eng.           Den.
    Yamamoto Clinic     6671-2469   4-45 Nagao-cho                        Eng.           Int, Ped, Car.
    Kurita Dental       6672-4100   1-1-13 Tezukayamanishi                Eng, Ger.      Den, Ord, Pdd,
    Clinic                                                                               D.O.S.
    Watanabe Clinic     6672-4116   1-12-20 Tezukayamanishi               Eng.           Int, Oto, Thr.
    Ka Clinic           6658-1500   1-1-23 Tezukayamanishi                Eng, Chi.      Int, Dig.
    Sugimoto Dental     6671-7823   1-5-9 Tezukayamanishi                 Eng.           Den.
    Yoshida Dental      6671-1182   2-13-2 Tezukayamanishi                Eng.           Den.
    Kushima Dental      6671-2365   1-3-19 Tezukayamahigashi              Eng.           Den.
    Shimabukuro         6675-0418   2-3-14 Tezukayamahigashi              Eng, Ger.      Den, Pdd.
    Dental Clinic
    Ozawa Clinic        6671-6780   3-8-15 Tezukayamahigashi              Eng.           Int, Ped, PhT,
                                                                                         Rad, OrS.
    Shimono Clinic      4700-9058   1-7-22 Tonotsuji                      Eng.           Int, Dig.
    Nakano Dental       6671-0123   2-8-15 Higashikohama                  Eng.           Den, Ord, Pdd.
    Miyai Clinic        6671-2148   3-16-28 Higashikohama                 Eng.           Int.
J   Fukuroku            6678-2969   3-23-20 Higashikohama                 Eng.           Sur, Rhe, PhT,
    Orthopedics                                                                          OrS.
    Nariyama Clinic     6671-4682   3-23-24 Higashikohama                 Eng.           Int, Car.
    Kobayashi Clinic    6671-3101   3-31-4 Higashikohama                  Eng, Ita.      Int, Ped, Der.
    Yoshikawa Dental    6693-9254   1-6-7 Minamisumiyoshi                 Eng.           Den, Pdd.
    Takeda              6691-6551   1F Heisei-Haitsu Ichibankan 2-14-19   Eng.           Ped.
    Pedodonitics                    Minamisumiyoshi
    Oshima Dental       6695-0341   2-7-1 Minamisumiyoshi                 Eng.           Den, Ord, Pdd.
    Hataya Dental       6692-1848   1F Granamu 3-10-37 Minamisumiyoshi    Eng.           Den, Ord, Pdd.

                                                                                  When You Are Ill

       Name              Tel                      Address                              Departments
Hayashi              6696-8558   1F Grace-Higashiyama 3-19-27         Eng.            Rhe, PhT, Ors.
Orthopedic Clinic                Minamisumiyoshi
Hanwa Sumiyoshi      6692-1001   3-2-9 Minamisumiyoshi                Eng.            Int, OB-Gyn,
General Hospital                                                                      Oph.
Hanwa Hospital       6692-1181   3-3-7 Minamisumiyoshi                Eng.            Int, Der, Oto,
Kobashi Clinic       6691-1968   4-1-14 Minamisumiyoshi               Eng.            Oto.
Koizumi Internal     0120-00-    4-8-10 Minamisumiyoshi               Eng.            Int, Ped, Der,
Medicine Clinic      9916                                                             Rad, Car.
Noro Dental Clinic   6671-7554   102 Nozawa-Mansion 4-1-23 Sumie      Eng.            Den.
Sawada Clinic        6671-7092   2-8-11 Bandai                        Eng.            Int, Sur, Der,
Clinic Yoshida       6676-1700   2F Haimu-Stain 3-12-5 Bandai         Eng, Ger.       Oto.
Itani Clinic         6672-3302   6-19-29 Bandai                       Eng.            Int, Rad, Dig,
Yokonawa Dental      6695-5323   101 Tezukayama-Gran-Atrium 1-1-39    Eng.            Den.
Clinic                           Bandaihigashi
Kurosawa Dental      6693-6471   2-2-16 Bandaihigashi                 Eng.            Den.
Osaka Prefectural    6692-1201   3-1-56 Bandaihigashi                 Eng.            Int, Sur, Psy,
Hospital                                                                              Rhe, Ped, Der,
Organization                                                                          Uro, OB-Gyn,
Osaka General                                                                         Oph, PhT, Den.
Medical Center

Inubushi Dental      6714-2066   1-1-19 Komagawa                      Eng, Ger        Den.
Ueda Dental Clinic 6702-4618     1F Parkside-Komagawa 2-2-16          Eng.            Den.
Asai Dermatology     6628-2601   3-27-28 Komagawa                     Eng.            Der.              J
Komagawa Dental      6696-0777   2F Mikasaya Bldg. 4-12-21 Komagawa   Eng.            Den.
Yoshida Hospital     6692-3002   4-12-5 Komagawa                      Eng.            Int, Oto, Car.
Amano                6692-5437   4-1-5 Komagawa                       Eng, Ger, Fer   Sur, Rhe, Der,
Orthopedics Clinic                                                                    Uro, PhT, OrS.
Asai Internal        6697-7880   5-13-9 Komagawa                      Eng.            Int, Dig.
Medicine Hospital
Yamamoto Clinic      6698-1200   5-4-15 Komagawa                      Eng.            Int, Sur, Der,
                                                                                      Dig, R&A.
Hayashi Dental       6696-0118   5-4-19 Komagawa                      Eng.            Den.
Sasaki Clinic        6692-3165   5-9-12 Komagawa                      Eng.            Int, Ped, R&A.

     When You Are Ill

          Name               Tel                     Address                                Departments
    Okumura              6714-8768   2-10-6 Kuwazu                         Eng, Ger        Int, Ped.
    Sugimoto Clinic      6713-1007   5-11-8 Kuawazu                        Eng, Kor        Int, Ped, Der,
                                                                                           Uro, Gyn, PhT,
    Nishijima Internal   6609-8181   1F Hiraku-Haitsu 1-1-10 Koenminamiyata Eng.           Int, Ped, Car.
    Medicine and
    Fukuchi Dental       6697-7140   3-12-1 Koenminamiyata                 Eng.            Den.
    Nishinaka Clinic     6698-9200   4-19-29 Koenminamiyata                Eng.            Int, PhT, Dig.
    Tanaka Hospital      6713-8577   1F Shamble-Kumata 1-16-2 Kumata       Eng.            Int, Ped.
    Takabishi Dental     4301-9988   1-16-5 Kumata                         Eng.            Den, Pdd.
    Seishukai Clinic     6713-9592   1-4-20 Kumata                         Eng, Kor        Int, Sur, Der,
                                                                                           Rad, Dig, OrS,
    Arima General        6719-0012   3-1-1 Kumata                          Eng, Chi, Ger   Int, Sur, Rhe,
    Surgery and                                                                            Der, Uro, PhT,
    Orthopedics Clinic                                                                     OrS.
    Inoue Clinic         6713-5703   5-8-15 Kumata                         Eng.            All, Rhe, Oto,
                                                                                           PhT, OrS.
    Shirasagi Hospital   6714-1661   7-11-23 Kumata                        Eng.            Int, Sur, Uro.
    Yata Dental Clinic   6704-0155   8-12-14 Kumata                        Eng.            Den, Pdd.
    Clinic Sousei        677067      4-5-9 Imagawa                         Eng, Kor        Int, All, Ped,
                                                                                           Der, Psy-Int.
    Koyama Hospital      6751-9551   2-2-1 Imabayashi                      Eng.            Int, Sur, Dig,
    Neurology          6629-1769     1F Sunplaza-Yamasaka 1-20-10          Eng.            Psy, Neu.
J   Kawasakikai Clinic               Yamasaka
    Ichihara Dental      6628-7165   3-14-11 Yamasaka                      Eng.            Den, Ord, Pdd,
    Clinic                                                                                 D.O.S.
    Yamada Clinic        6621-8604   3-8-25 Yamasaka                       Eng.            Int, Ped, Rad,
    Higuchi            4700-1241     5-1-8 Yamasaka                        Eng.            Der.
    Dermatology Clinic
    Yamanaka Dental      6696-4618   5-19-1 Yamasaka                       Eng.            Den, Pdd,
    Clinic                                                                                 D.O.S.
    Kobayashi Dental     6697-4182   5-19-14 Yamasaka                      Eng.            Den, D.O.S.
    Fujisaki Clinic      6703-5607   1-10-12 Terugaokayata                 Eng, Chi        Int, Car.
    Ishibashi            6702-6708   3-4-8 Terugaokayata                   Eng.            Oph.
    Ophthalmic Clinic
    Miyagazaki Clinic    4302-3588   1F Junesu-Court 3-10-20 Harinakano    Eng.            Int, Ped.

                                                                                   When You Are Ill

       Name               Tel                      Address                              Departments
Emura Dental          6700-6480   3-1-2 Harinakano                     Eng.            Den, Pdd.
Oya E.N.T Clinic      6702-8659   3-12-19 Harinakano                   Eng.            Oto.
Fujii Clinic          670172      3-9-24 Harinakano                    Eng, Ita        Int, Sur, Der,
Kaikou Clinic         6769-7811   3-1-21 Nishiimagawa                  Eng, Kor        Int, Sur.
Fukuda Internal       6702-8401   3-12-15 Nishiimagawa                 Eng, Ger        Int, Rad, Dig,
Medicine Clinic                                                                        Car.
Tanaka Clinic         6705-5556   3-12-26 Nishiimagawa                 Eng.            Int, Sur, PhT,
                                                                                       Res, OrS,
Mori Clinic           6702-7034   3-7-11 Nishiimagawa                  Eng.            Int, Ped, Dig,
Nagasaki Clinic       6607-7619   2-1-16 Takaai                        Eng.            Int. Int, Rhe,
                                                                                       PhT, Car, Hm,
Fujimura General      6691-5167   3-14-17 Takaai                       Eng.            Int, Sur, Rad.
Surgery Clinic
Kitajima Clinic       6691-6898   4-13-17 Takaai                       Eng.            Int, All.
Higuchi General       6702-1205   1-5-6 Nakano                         Eng.            Int, Sur, Der,
Surgery Clinic                                                                         Uro, PhT, Rad,
Kawamura Dental       6701-2033   1F Bonaaru-Nakano 2-1-29             Eng.            Den, D.O.S,
Clinic                                                                                 Pdd.
Kawai Internal        6797-8512   4-10-5 Nakano                        Eng.            Int, Ped, Rad.
Medicine Clinic
Kiyosei Dental        6790-1111   4-13-13 Nakano                       Eng.            Den, Ord, Pdd,
Clinic                                                                                 D.O.S.
Araki Dental Clinic   6621-4488   2-5-13 Tanabe                        Eng.            Den.
Ota Dental Clinic     6621-8219   5-15-16 Tanabe                       Eng.            Den, Pdd.
Yamamura Dental       6629-0321   6-2-2 Tanabe                         Eng.            Den, Pdd.         J
Tsurumi Dental        6622-1308   1-1-16 Higashitanabe                 Eng.            Den.
Yamane Dental         6622-8114   1-19-16 Higashitanabe                Eng.            Den, Pdd.
Okabe Internal        6691-6592   2-11-29 Higashitanabe                Eng.            Int, Ped, Car.
Medicine Clinic
Fujiwara Dental       6696-7244   2-26-3 Higashitanabe                 Eng.            Den.
Masui Dental          6697-8103   2F Mansion-Tanabe 2-6-4 Higashitanabe Eng.           Den.
Koumura Clinic        6692-3503   2-7-7 Higashitanabe                  Eng, Chi, Ger   Int.
Kato Internal         6608-2827   3-13-21 Higashitanabe                Eng.            Int, Res, Dig.
Medicine Clinic

     When You Are Ill

          Name              Tel                      Address                             Departments
    Nishikawa Dental    6692-7086   1F Plumeria 3-20-2 Higashitanabe     Eng.           Den, Pdd.
    Nishimura Clinic    6699-1230   2-23-4 Higashitanabe                 Eng.           Sur, PhT, Dig,
    Mochizuki Clinic    6690-3230   3-24-2 Higashitanabe                 Eng.           Int, Ped, Rad.
    Asakawa Clnic       6705-8168   1-1-11 Yuzato                        Eng, Chi       Int, Uro.
    Fujimoto            6704-5561   1-3-22 Yuzato                        Eng.           Oph.
    Ophthalmic Clinic
    Sugimoto Dental     6702-8504   2-11-15 Yuzato                       Eng.           Den.
    Tamiya Dental       6700-4618   102 Wing-Court Nanei 2-18-7 Yuzato   Eng.           Den, Ord, Pdd.
    Yamamoto Dental     6797-2202   2F Pastel-Harinakano 2-5-10 Yuzato   Eng.           Den, Pdd.
    Nishimoto Dental    6797-3322   4-2-12 Yuzato                        Ita            Den, Ord, Pdd.
    Nose Dental Clinic 6705-3554    6-2-23 Yuzato                        Eng.           Den, Pdd.
    Hiraike Hospital    6621-7001   1-2-25 Minamitanabe                  Eng, Ger       Int, Ped.
    Nakao Dental        6625-7787   1-7-2 Minamitanabe                   Eng.           Int, PhT, Res,
    Clinic                                                                              Dig.
    Watanabe            6710-0100   2-5-7 Kitatanabe                     Eng.           Rhe, PhT, OrS.
    Orthopedic Clinic
    Kuzumoto clinic     6719-0929   4-11-21 Kitatanabe                   Eng.           Int, Ped.
    Kawakita Clinic     6714-1800   2F Tanabe-Bldg. 4-22-6 Kitatanabe    Eng.           Int, Uro.
    Takeda Clinic       6719-7011   4-8-7 Kitatanabe                     Eng.           Int, Ped, Dig.
    Takita Dental       6719-1492   4-9-22 Kitatanabe                    Eng.           Den.
    Otani Dental Clinic 6621-2151   6-21-20 Kitatanabe                   Eng.           Int, Ped, OB-
    Umano Orthopedic 6698-8411      1F Sun-Marine 2-17-3 Yata            Eng.           Sur, Rhe, PhT,
    Clinic                                                                              PnM, OrS.
J   Ueyama Clinic       6698-1302   1F Grand-Form Hosoda 2-5-6 Yata      Eng.           Int, Sur, All,
                                                                                        Ped, Der, PhT,
                                                                                        Psy-Int, Dig,
                                                                                        Car, OrS, R&A.
    Yasunari Dental     6608-0223   4-15-2 Yata                          Eng.           Den, Ord, Pdd,
    Clinic                                                                              D.O.S.
    Nunode Dental       6691-4618   2F Hanwa-Dengyou Bldg. 4-16-2 Yata   Eng.           Den, Pdd.

    Okumura Dental      6799-1145   2-1-60 Uriwari                       Eng.           Den, Ord, Pdd.
    Nozaki Clinic       6706-8525   2-2-18 Uriwari                       Eng.           Int.

                                                                                   When You Are Ill

       Name               Tel                      Address                             Departments
Yoshimura Clinic      6708-6677   3-2-40 Uriwari                        Eng.          Int, Ped.
Kuchii Dental         6706-2564   201 Sezon Ichibankan 3-2-44 Uriwari   Eng, Fre      Den, Pdd.
Uriwari Dental        6769-8200   3F Gin Bldg. 1-8-20 Uriwarinishi      Eng.          Den.
Yamada Dental         6703-1300   1-8-29 Uriwarinishi                   Eng.          Den.
Sakurai Clinic        6769-7833   1-8-48 Uriwarinishi                   Eng.          Int, Ped, Der,
Morimoto Clinic       6702-6705   1-8-86 Uriwarinishi                   Eng.          Int, PhT, OrS.
Okada Clinic          6701-0448   3-11-9 Uriwarinishi                   Eng.          Int. Uro.
Lee Dental Clinic     6792-8011   2-7-7 Kamikuratsukuri                 Kor           Den, Pdd.
Yoshida Internal      6796-6188   3-2-32 Kamikuratsukuri                Eng.          Int, PhT, Dig.
Medicine Clinic
Nishihara Dental      6793-1185   1-1-22 Kamishoukakuji                 Eng, Kor      Den, Pdd.
Nakatani              6796-3175   2-10-29 Kamishoukakuji                Eng.          Ped.
Pediatrics Internal
Medicine Clinic
Suyama Clinic         6792-7540   2-1-9 Kamishoukakuji                  Eng.          Int, Sur, Der,
                                                                                      PhT, Rad,
                                                                                      PnM, OrS.
Sakai Clinic          6791-0091   2-6-14 Kamishoukakuji                 Eng.          Int, Ped.
Fukuda Dental         6791-1560   3-3-30 Kamishoukakuji                 Eng.          Den.
Takagi Lady’s         4303-6222   3F O.T.M Bldg. 1-13-44 Kamihigashi    Eng.          OB-Gyn.
Misumi Clinic         6793-2826   2-3-3 Kamihigashi                     Eng.          Int, Sur, Der,
                                                                                      Rad, Dig, OrS.
Minami Clinic         6791-3739   4-20-20 Kamishigashi                  Eng.          Int, Uro.
Asano Dental          6793-9021   2F Yamano-Mansion 4-9-23              Eng.          Den.
Clinic                            Kamihigashi
Itsuki Clinic       6796-2200     8-18-41 Kamikita                      Eng.          Int, Rad.
Mizui Dental Clinic 6709-7006     4-5-9 Kire                            Eng.          Den, Pdd.
Yamada Clinic         6706-0008   5-1-19 Kire                           Eng.          Int, Ped, Res,
Shimazu Clinic        6709-4876   5-1-43 Kire                           Eng.          Den, Ord, Pdd.
Nakamichi Dental      6708-8254   7-9-4 Kire                            Eng.          Den, Ord, Pdd,
Clinic                                                                                D.O.S
Hayashi Clinic        6702-0155   3-13-18 Kirenishi                     Eng.          Int, Ped, Dig.
Sakura Dental         6701-0003   1F Imperial-Casa 4-7-33 Kirenishi     Eng.          Den, Ord, Pdd,
Clinic                                                                                D.O.S
Homma Dental          6797-8376   1F Pure-City KIRE 5-4-24 Kirenishi    Eng.          Den, Pdd.
Yoshinaga Dental      6701-7766   1-8-32 Kirehigashi                    Eng.          Den, Ord, Pdd,
Clinic                                                                                D.O.S

     When You Are Ill

          Name               Tel                    Address                                 Departments
    Azuma Pediatrics     6705-1592   1F Lucida 101 4-4-19 Kirehigashi      Eng.            Pdd.
    Dental Clinic
    Uno Ophthalmic       6709-4977   5-15-13 Kirehigashi                   Eng.            Oph.
    Hashimoto Dental     6709-1329   5-16-13 Kirehigashi                   Eng, Spa        Den.
    Ikebuchi Clinic      6709-0084   2-4-16 Nagayoshideto                  Eng.            Int, Ped, Car.
    Shono Dental         6799-1330   3-1-43 Nagayohideto                   Eng.            Den, Pdd.
    Uno E.N.T Clinic     6709-7322   4-1-21 Nagayohideto                   Eng.            Oto.
    Watanabe Dental      6709-1320   4-2-5 Nagayoshideto                   Eng, Chi, Ger   Den, Ord, Pdd.
    Morimoto Dental      6799-1800   210 Elegant-Haitsu Nagayoshi          Eng.            Den.
    Clinic                           Nagayohi-Deto
    Hasegawa             6701-5815   5-2-13 Nagayoshi-Deto                 Eng, Fre        PhT, OrS.
    Orthopedics Clinic
    Kyoritsu Hospital    6799-0285   4-12-23 Nagayohi-Deto                 Kor             Int.
    Hosono Clinic        6709-2480   8-4-8 Nagayoshi-Deto                  Eng.            Int, Ped, Dig.
    Motobayashi OB-      6707-0010   8-7-28 Nagayoshi-Deto                 Eng.            Int, Ped, OB-
    Gyn Clinic                                                                             Gyn.
    Inaba Clinic         6799-1126   3-4-78 Nagayoshi-Kawanabe             Eng.            Int, Sur, Dig,
    Kawagoshi Clinic     6702-3222   3-8-6 Nagayoshi-Kawanabe              Eng, Ger        Int.
    Furukawa Dental      6706-5670   2F-7 Tiara-Nagayoshi 1-1-43           Eng.            Den, Pdd.
    Clinic                           Nagayoshi-Nagahara
    Morimoto Clinic      6790-1900   1F Morimoto-Haitsu 1-9-9 Nagayoshi-   Eng.            Int, Dig.
    Okamoto E.N.T        4302-8741   3-1-29 Nagayoshi-Nagahara             Eng.            Oto.
    Hosokawa Clinic      6709-8210   3-7-15 Nagayoshi-Nagahara             Eng.            Int, Ped.
    Ikeda Dental Clinic 6701-8211    1-5-38 Nagayoshi-Nagaharanishi        Eng.            Den.
J   Ozawa              6700-3680     1-7-16 Nagayoshi-Nagaharahigashi      Eng, Ger        Der.
    Dermatology Clinic
    Kawai Ophthalmic     6709-2230   1F Mezon-Katake 1-7-16 Nagayoshi-     Eng.            Oph.
    Clinic                           Nagaharahigashi
    Sakurai Dental       6707-4057   2-3-24 Nagayoshi-Nagaharahigashi      Eng.            Den, Pdd.
    Onishi E.N.T.        6704-4848   Nagahara-Resident 3-1-71 Nagayoshi-   Eng.            Oto.
    Clinic                           Nagaharahigashi
    Murayama             6790-8835   3-2-33 Nagayoshi-Nagaharahigashi      Eng.            All, Ped.
    Pediatrics Clinic
    Menju Clinic         6709-2638   3-5-1 Nagayoshi-Nagaharahigashi       Eng.            Int., Car.
    Okabe E.N.T          6709-4849   2-6-39 Nagayoshi-Rokutan              Eng.            Oto, Thr.
    Sasaki OB-           6790-1320   3-21-13 Nagayoshi-Rokutan             Eng.            Ped, OB-Gyn.

                                                                                    When You Are Ill

      Name                Tel                    Address                                Departments
Kitano Dental         6799-5500   3-5-4 Nagayoshi-Rokutan              Eng., Chi.      Den.
Matsuda Clinic        6708-7061   1-12-10 Setoguchi                    Eng.            Int, PhT, PnM,
Yoshida               6707-3834   1F Mezon-Hirano 1-21-21 Setoguchi    Eng.            Oph.
Ophthalmic Clinic
Ota Dental Clinic     6769-6618   2-14-10 Setoguchi                    Eng.            Den, Pdd.
Yamada Dental         6797-2316   1F Elegant Green-Haitsu 3-6-2        Eng, Ger        Den, Ord, Pdd.
Clinic                            Setoguchi
Mushiroi Dental       6797-6461   Subway-Hirano-New Hope 4-11-8        Eng.            Den, Pdd.
Clinic                            Setoguchi
Toyoshima             6707-3741   5-5-16 Setoguchi                     Eng.            All, Ped.
Pediatrics Clinic
Sunada Dental         6791-4482   1-1-3 Hirano-Miyamachi               Eng.            Den, Pdd.
Takemura           4303-1222      173 1-5-5 Hirano-Miyamachi           Eng.            Der.
Dermatalogy Clinic
Mui Mental Clinic     6794-5620   184 1-5-5 Hirano-Miyamachi           Eng.            Psy, Neu.
Akashi Ophthalmic 6796-6606       101 1-1-6 Hirano-Miyamachi           Eng, Ger        Oph.
Tsumori Dental        6794-8241   1F 1 Megaro-Corp Hirano 1-6-1 Hirano- Eng.           Den, Pdd.
Clinic                            Miyamachi
Nishi Dental Clinic   6793-7500   101 10-15 Hirano-Motomachi           Eng.            Den, Pdd.
Sakamoto Dental       6792-0118   101 Green-Haitsu 7-10 Hirano-        Eng.            Den.
Clinic                            Motomachi
Sakisaka Hospital     6791-1166   8-15 Hirano-Motomachi                Eng.            Int, Sur, PhT,
                                                                                       Rad, Dig.
Kikuchi Clinic        6793-7511   3-5-19 Hirano-Ichimachi              Eng, Fre        Int, Sur, Der,
                                                                                       Dig, OrS, R&A.
Onoyama Clinic        6791-2035   3-5-25 Hirano-Ichimachi              Eng.            Int, Ped.
Akane Dental          6791-0210   2-7-24 Hirano-Uemachi                Eng.            Den, Ord, Pdd,
Clinic                                                                                 D.O.S
Sugimoto Clinic       6703-1007   1-2-22 Hiranonishi                   Eng.            Int, Res, Dig.
Mizunoya Dental       6797-2222   1-6-23 Hiranonishi                   Eng.            Den.
Watanabe Clinic       6707-1160   1-7-27 Hiranonishi                   Eng.            Int, Sur, PhT,
Hanada E.N.T          6703-0475   4-10-21 Hiranonishi                  Eng, Ger        Oto.
Henomatsu             6704-0122   4-3-1 Hiranonishi                    Eng.            Int, Dig, Car.
Internal Medicine
Masamoto Clinic       6791-3315   1-3-17 Hiranohigashi                 Eng.            Oto.
Matsumoto             6791-5000   1-8-9 Hiranohigashi                  Eng.            Int, Sur, PhT,
Hospital                                                                               Rad, PnM,
                                                                                       Gas, Car, OrS.

     When You Are Ill

           Name               Tel                    Address                                 Departments
    Toyozu Dental         6792-0858   2-8-11 Hiranohigashi                 Eng.             Den.
    Nagayasu Clinic       6792-3547   3-1-21 Hiranohigashi                 Eng, Chi         Sur, PhT, OrS.
    Tanimura General      6707-9345   1-10-24 Hiranominami                 Eng.             Int, Sur, Der,
    Surgery and                                                                             Uro, Rad, Dig,
    Internal Medicine                                                                       R&A.
    Fukatsu Clinic        6709-3005   1-5-28 Hiranominami                  Eng.             Int, Rad, Res,
                                                                                            Dig, Car.
    Okayama Dental        6790-5247   2-4-23 Hiranominami                  Eng.             Den, Pdd.
    Shinyu Clinic         6701-7005   1F Pino-Shatore 3-4-5 Hiranominami   Eng, Kor         Int, PhT, Dig,
    Kusabe                6700-7033   3-8-16 Hiranominami                  Eng.             PhT, OrS.
    Orthopedics Clinic
    Sakai E.N.T Clinic    6792-8733   1-10-37 Hiranokita                   Eng, Por, Ger,   Oto.
    Minori Clinic         6796-3110   1-4-21 Hiranokita                    Eng, Kor         Int, Sur, PhT,
    Tsuji Dental Clinic   6794-8841   2F Max-Valu Hirano-Ekimaeten 1-8-2   Eng.             Den, Pdd.
    Yonekawa Clinic       6793-1638   2-2-30 Hiranokita                    Eng.             Int, Ped, Gyn.
    Matsumura          4303-7618      1-10-15 Hirano-Hommachi              Eng.             Der.
    Dermatalogy Clinic
    Taguchi Clinic        6796-3737   1F Mezon-Echo 1-14-13 Hirano-        Eng.             Int, Sur, PhT,
                                      Hommachi                                              Dig.
    Kakino Dental         6791-2623   1-6-12 Hirano-Hommachi               Eng.             Den, Pdd.
    Niimura Dental        6794-3291   2-10-25 Hirano-Hommachi              Eng.             Den.
    Imai Dental Clinic    6793-3600   2-10-5 Hirano-Hommachi               Eng.             Den, Pdd.

J   Iritani Clinic
    Ogawa OB-
                                      2-13-14 Hirano-Hommachi
                                      2-6-32 Hirano-Hommachi
                                                                                            Int, Uro, PhT.
                                                                                            Int, Ped, Obs,
    GynClinic                                                                               PnM.
    Hattori Ophthalmic 6794-1355      3-12-5 Hirano-Hommachi               Eng.             Oph.
    Osaki Dental Clinic 6791-0122     3-3-14 Hirano-Hommachi               Eng.             Den.
    Seta Hospital       6791-0928     1-15-6 Hirano-Hommachi               Eng.             Sur, All, Rhe,
                                                                                            PhT, PnM,
                                                                                            Gas, OrS, Nes,
    Pedodonitcs Fulfill   6709-1870   2-6-7 Nagaremachi                    Eng.             Den, Ord, Pdd,
    Tsubota Clinic        6709-2666   3-2-4 Nagaremachi                    Eng.             Int, Ped, Der,
    Tsubota Dental        6799-1340   3-2-5 Nagaremachi                    Eng, Ita         Den, Pdd.

                                                                                   When You Are Ill

      Name               Tel                     Address                                 Departments
Nagaoka Clinic       6799-1077    4-10-1 Nagaremachi                   Eng.             Int, PhT, OrS.

Haruta Ophthalmic 6641-7802       1-3-25 Asahi                         Eng.             Oph.
Tanaka Dental        6652-8543    1FA-2 Sahto-Paruteru 1-7-20          Eng.             Den.
Clinic                            Hanazonominami
Yamashita Clinic     6653-2883    1F Hatayama Daiichi Bldg. 2-7-8      Eng.             Int, PhT, Rad,
                                  Hanazonominami                                        Neu, Int.
Fukuhara Dental      6648-4182    2-8-4 Hanazonokita                   Eng.             Den, D.O.S
Yasumoto Clinic      6658-1182    1-1-4 Kishinosato                    Eng.             Uro.
Nagate Clinic        6658-0800    1-1-4 Kishinosato                    Eng.             Int, Ped.
Chikamori Clinic     6651-7001    1-3-24 Kishinosato                   Eng.             Int, Sur, Car,
Harada               6658-0405    2-1-4 Kishinosato                    Eng.             Rhe, OB-Gyn,
Orthopedics OB-                                                                         PhT, OrS.
Gyn Clinic
Yamamoto Daiichi     6658-5511    3-10-9 Kishinosato                   Chi.             Int.
Fujita Dental Clinic 6655-6480    1F R26 3-3-12 Kishinosato            Eng.             Den, Pdd.
Asano Clinic         6661-7129    1-8-11 Kishinosatohigashi            Eng.             Int, Sur, Ped,
                                                                                        Der, PhT, Rad,
                                                                                        OrS, PeS.
Cosmos Toda          6657-0228    2-15-11 Kishinosatohigashi           Eng.             Int, PhT, Rad.
Hatanaka Dental      6653-4618    2-16-17 Kishinosatohigashi           Eng.             Den, Pdd.
Mimura               6659-5088    Medical Tenjinnomori Cotton Bldg.    Eng.             Sur, Phe, PhT,

Orthopedics Clinic                2-3-22 Kishinosatohigashi                             OrS.
Kitano               6659-7760    Tenjinnomori Cotton Bldg.            Eng.             Der, Uro.
Dermatology and                   2-3-22 Kishinosatohigashi
Urology Clinic
Hayashi              6659-6030    2F Tenjinnomori Cotton Bldg.         Eng, Ger, Fre    Int, Res, Car
Cardiology Clinic                 2-3-22 Kishinosatohigashi
Sato Clinic          6659-6237    3-3-28 Tachibana                     Eng.             Int, Sur, Der,
Babaya Clinic        6652-9050    1F Tamade Plaza 1-6-7 Tamadenishi    Eng.             Uro.
Miyoshi Clinic       6661-2626    1-7-1 Tamadenishi                    Eng.             Int, Pdd, PhT,
                                                                                        Rad, Dig.
Terashima Dental     0120-804-418 2-6-15 Tamadenishi                   Eng.             Den, Pdd,
Clinic                                                                                  D.O.S
Horiuchi E.N.T       6658-3341    5F Shell Complex 2-6-6 Tamadenishi   Eng, Chi, Kor,   Oto.
Clinic                                                                 Ger, Fre

     When You Are Ill

          Name                Tel                     Address                                 Departments
    Oak Sumiyoshi         4398-1000   2-7-9 Tamadenishi                       Eng.           Obs, Gyn.
    OB-Gyn Clinic
    Mino Clinic           6655-5218   1F Toho Bldg. 1-4-17 Tamadenaka         Eng.           Int, Ped, Res,
    Suzuki Clinic         6656-2103   2-15-21 Tamadenaka                      Eng.           Int, PhT, ReS.
    Adachi Ophthalmic 6661-1100       4F HK Bldg. 2-15-21 Tamadenaka          Eng.           Oph.
    Yasukawa Clinic       6661-4984   1-10-14 Tamadehigashi                   Eng.           Int, Sur, All,
                                                                                             Ped, PhT, OrS
    Aizawa Clinic         6661-3978   2F Heritage Tezukayama 2-14-15          Eng.           Sur, Der, PhT,
                                      Tamadehigashi                                          Rad, Dig, R&A
    Yamanaka              6661-3075   2-3-32 Tamadehigashi                    Eng.           Oph.
    Ophthalmic Clinic
    Gazoshindan           6635-1321   3F Dusupuranduuru 1-8-3 Sannou          Eng.           Rad.
    Hasegawa              6652-8509   1-2-4 Matsu                             Eng.           PhT, OrS
    Orthopedics Clinic
    Nishinari Minshu      6659-1010   2-1-7 Matsu                             Eng, Ros       Int, Ped, PhT,
    Clinic                                                                                   Rad, OrS.
    Yukawa Dental         6656-6474   3F Emuzu Kishinosato 1-1-1              Eng., Chi.     Den, Ord, Pdd,
    Clinic                            Senbonnaka                                             D.O.S
    Saito Dental Clinic   6657-2915   2F Himaru Bldg. 1-3-2 Senbonnaka        Eng.           Den.
    Ogo Dental Clinic     6651-3039   2-8-37 Senbonnaka                       Eng.           Den.
    Akagi Clinic          6651-2350   1-2-20 Senbonminami                     Eng.           Int, Pdd, Der.
    Namba Dental          6659-0118   101 1F Asahi Plaza Kishinosato 1-3-14   Eng.           Den.
    Clinic                            Senbonminami
    Satomi E.N.T          6655-6675   3F Taiho Square Bldg. 1-3-2             Eng., Chi.     Oto.
    Clinic                            Senbonminami
    Imoto Dental Clinic 6651-6487     Sunny Haitsu 1-7-20 Senbonkita          Eng.           Den.
    Tamai Clinic          6641-1933   2-3-11 Taishi                           Eng.           Int, Ped, Der,
                                                                                             PhT, Dig.
J   Sasaki Clinic         6658-3066   1F Nanbei Bldg. 1-10-3 Shioji           Eng.           Int, Der, Dig,
                                                                                             Gas, OrS.
    Tada Dental Clinic    6658-2657   2F Nanbei Bldg. 1-10-3 Shioji           Eng.           Den.
    Motohara Dental       6651-7271   1-3-4 Shioji                            Eng.           Den.
    Ishihara Dental       6651-2645   2-1-27 Shioji                           Eng.           Den.
    Tsurumi Clinic        6568-6131   2-5-29 Nagahashi                        Eng.           Int, Ped, Uro.
    Horiguchi Dental      6567-0648   101 Bran-Court 3-7-28 Nagahashi         Eng.           Den.
    Sakai Dental Clinic 6632-0297     1-17-24 Tsurumibashi                    Eng.           Den.
    Morita Internal       6641-5566   1-4-8 Tsurumibashi                      Eng.           Int.
    Medicine Clinic
    Kurokawa Clinic       6646-1155   1-6-8 Tsurumibashi                      Eng.           Int, Psy-Int.
    Sakamoto Clinic       6561-2020   3-1-10 Tsurumibashi                     Eng.           Int, Ped.

                                                                                 When You Are Ill

      Name               Tel                    Address                               Departments
Omura Clinic         6561-3463   3-4-20 Tsurumibashi                  Eng.           Int, Rad, Dig.
Family Dental        6567-2687   3-4-4 Tsurumibashi                   Eng.           Den, Ord, Pdd.
Clinic Fulfill
Futatsuki Clinic     6661-2987   1-12-1 Tengachaya                    Eng.           Int, Ped, Der.
Iwata Clinic         6661-8525   2-23-5 Tengachaya                    Eng.           Int, OB-Gyn.
Habara Dental        6659-6474   1F Corposenbi 2-6-22 Tengachaya      Eng. Ger       Den.
Uemura Dental        6170-5950   1F Kaindo Tengachaya 2-7-12          Eng.           Den.
Clinic                           Tengachaya
Saito Clinic         6661-5398   3-18-25 Tengachaya                   Eng.           Int, Dig, Car.
Futatsuki Clinic     6656-2234   3-20-17 Tengachaya                   Eng.           PhT, Rad, OrS.
Tabata Clinic        4398-3535   2-11-5 Tengachayahigashi             Eng.           Int, All, Der,
Yoshida Dental       6658-7788   2-15-3 Tengachayahigashi             Eng, Kor       Den.
Kojima Internal      6658-3699   1F Takuyo Bldg.1-12-1 Tenjinnomori   Eng.           Int, Ped, Car.
Medicine Clinic
Shimizu Dental       6656-4618   2F 4-2-15 Minamitsumori              Eng, Kor       Den, Ord, Pdd.
Yokoyama Dental      6653-8241   1F Tamade Greenplaza 7-13-34         Eng.           Den.
Clinic                           Minamitsumori
Taguchi Clinic       6659-8338   1-2-4 Bainan                         Eng.           Int, All, Der,
                                                                                     Gyn, PIS.
Chou Clinic          6655-6660   1F Mizohata Mansion 2-3-16 Bainan    Kor.           Int, Sur, PhT.
Kitatsumori Clinic   6568-6774   3-6-4 Kitatsumori                    Eng.           Int, Psy, Ped.



Living Procedures

     Living Procedures

      1     Taxes, Pension, Nursing Care Insurance, Welfare

    (1) Taxes
    The national and local governments (Prefectural and Municipal) provide
    administrative services directly benefiting the lives of residents. The
    costs of providing these services are borne by the residents through
    taxes. The following table briefly outlines the classifications of various
    taxes and identifies the offices that administer them.
    ① Income Tax
    Income tax is a national tax levied on income earned from January 1st to
    December 31st of the tax year. If your salary is your only income, the tax is
    withheld from your monthly salary and summer and winter bonuses, and at the
    end of the year, your employer will adjust for over and underpayment of taxes.
    (Year-end adjustment) If you have earned income other than salary, you must
    submit a final tax return form to the taxation office by March 15th every year.
    ② Individual Municipal Inhabitant’s Tax
    Municipal and Prefectural taxes are levied at a rate based on personal income
    of the previous year, from January 1st to December 31st, as well as a uniform
    per-capita rate on persons residing in the Osaka municipal area as of January
    1st of the taxation year.
    ③ Consumption Tax/Local Consumption Tax
    The Consumption tax (4% national) and local consumption tax (1% prefectural)
    are indirect taxes levied on nearly all goods and services.
    ④ Automobile Tax/Light Motor Vehicle Tax
    If you own a car as of April 1st of the taxation year, you must pay the automobile
    tax (a prefectural tax). If you own a two-wheeled light motor vehicle or a
    motorbike, you must pay the light motor vehicle tax (a municipal tax). They are
    due by the end of May. You are required to declare the purchase or scrapping
K   of a car or light motor vehicle. For further information, contact your local
    automobile taxation office for automobile tax and your local municipal tax office
    for light automobile tax except Semba Houjin Municipal Tax Office.

    In Osaka City, municipal tax procedures are done by Municipal Tax Offices.
    Please contact your local Municipal Tax Office for inquiries.

                                                                         Living Procedures

● Municipal Offices
               Name                                      Address/Tel.
Umeda Municipal Tax Office          Osaka Ekimae Daini Bldg. 1-2-2-700 Umeda, Kita-ku
                                    ☎ 06-4797-2948       06-4797-2905
                                    MID Kyobashi Bldg. 2-2-48 Katamachi, Miyakojima-ku
Kyobashi Municipal Tax Office
                                    ☎ 06-4801-2948       06-4801-2905
                                    1F 2Bangai, Oak 200 Bldg. 1-2-2-100 Benten, Minato-ku
Bentencho Municipal Tax Office
                                    ☎ 06-4395-2948       06-4395-2905
                                    Osaka City Air Terminal Bldg. (OCAT) 1-4-1 Minatomachi,
Namba Municipal Tax Office          Naniwa-ku
                                    ☎ 06-4397-2948       06-4397-2905
                                    4F Abeno Medix Bldg. 1-2-7-413 Asahimachi, Abeno-ku
Abeno Municipal Tax Office
                                    ☎ 06-4396-2948       06-4396-2905
                                    4F (counter),12F Abeno Medix Bldg. 1- 2- 7- 413
Abeno Seinan Municipal Tax Office   Asahimachi, Abeno-ku
                                    ☎ 06-6634-2948       06-6634-2905
                                    Semba Center Bldg. #3 1-4-3 Sembachuo, Chuo-ku
Semba Houjin Municipal Tax Office
                                    ☎ 06-4705-2948       06-4705-2905

(2) Pension System
① Welfare Pension Insurance
All working people should be enrolled for Welfare Pension Insurance. Pensions
or lump sums are paid to the insured when they get too old to work, become
disabled or pass away. Enrolment and changes of the insured personal details
should be carried out by the insured’s employer.

② National Pension
Everyone aged 20 to 60 and living in Japan, including foreign residents, is
required to be enrolled in the National Pension system to receive pensions
after aging, disability and bereavement.
Apply at your ward office (p.194) for enrolment and changing personal details.                K
Those who are “Type 3 Insured Persons” should apply to the Social Insurance
Office (p.179) through the company where your spouse works.

③ Lump-Sum Withdrawals
Lump-Sum Withdrawal Payments are granted, in principle, on request to
persons who satisfy all of the following four conditions and have filed a claim
within two years of leaving Japan. Request forms are available at Social
Insurance Offices (p.179) and City Hall or ward offices.

     Living Procedures

    The conditions are as follows:

    ○ Persons who do not possess Japanese citizenship.
    ○ Persons who contributed to the National Pension or the Welfare Pension
      Insurance premiums for at least 6 months.
    ○ Persons who do not have a place of residence in Japan.
    ○ Persons who have not qualified for pension benefits(including the Disability
      Allowance) in the past.
    <Documents to be attached>
    ○ Pension notebook
    ○ A copy of your passport with departure stamp.
    ○ A copy of documents specifying your bank account number. (e.g. passbook)

    ④ Allowance for Elderly Foreign Residents
    Those elderly foreign residents who have not qualified to be a recipient of the
    Old Age Pension will receive a monthly allowance (10,000 yen/month). For
    inquiries and application, please contact your local Public Health and Welfare
    Center (p.195).

    <Who can Apply>
    Foreign residents who were born before April 1st, 1926 and have completed
    foreign resident registration before January 1st, 1982 can receive this benefit.
    In addition, those who have registered as a foreign resident in Osaka City,
    or who have acquired Japanese nationality after January 1st, 1982 and have
    completed residence registration in Osaka City.
    ※ This benefit is not granted for those who are provided with any public
      pensions such as Livelihood Protection, Survivor’s Annuity or the Benefit for
      Osaka municipal foreign residents with disabilities or those whose income
K     exceeds the specified level.

                                                                            Living Procedures

(3) Social Insurance Office・Japan Health Insurance Association
● Social Insurance Office
                                                                  Wards Concerned
Names of Social
                 Tel., Location (Nearest Station)     Health Insurance/
Insurance Office                                                            National Pension
                                                      Welfare Pension
                  ☎ 06-6356-5511                    Kita-ku
Temma             4-1-15 Tenjimbashi, Kita-ku       (incl. the former      Kita-ku
                  (JR Temma sta.)                   district of Kita-ku)
                  ☎ 06-6305-1881                    Kita-ku (incl. the
                  2F&3F Nisshin Shokuhin
                                                    former district
                  Bldg. 4-1-1 Nishinakajima,                            Yodogawa-ku
Yodogawa                                            of Oyodo-ku),
                  Yodogawa-ku (Subway,                                  Higashiyodogawa-ku
                  ☎ 06-6932-1161                    Miyakojima-ku,
                                                                           Asahi-ku, Joto-ku,
Joto              1-8-19 Chuo, Joto-ku              Asahi-ku, Joto-ku,
                  (Subway Gamo 4-chome sta.)                               Tsurumi-ku
                  ☎ 06-6458-1855
                                                    Fukushima-ku,          Fukushima-ku
Fukushima         8-12-6 Fukushima, Fukushima-
                                                    Nishiyodogawa-ku       Nishiyodogawa-ku
                  ku (JR Fukushima sta.)
                  ☎ 06-6571-5031
                                                    Konohana-ku,           Konohana-ku,
Ichioka           3-25-17 Isoji, Minato-ku
                  (Subway, JR Bentencho sta.)       Minato-ku, Taisho-ku   Minato-ku

                  ☎ 06-6271-7301
                  6F-8F Semba Diamond Bldg.         Chuo-ku
Otemae            2-1-30 Kyutaro-cho, Chuo-ku       (incl. the former
                  (Subway Sakaisuji-hommachi                                Chuo-ku
                                                    district of Higashi-ku)
                  ☎ 06-6633-1231
                                                    Chuo-ku (incl. the
                  1-6-16 Shikitsuhigashi,
                                                    former district of
Namba             Naniwa-ku                                                Naniwa-ku
                  (Subway Namba, Daikokucho         Minami-ku),
                  ☎ 06-6531-5241
Horie             3-10-1 Kitahorie, Nishi-ku        Nishi-ku               Nishi-ku, Taisho-ku
                  (Subway Nishinagahori sta.)
                  ☎ 06-6772-7531
Tennoji           7-6 Hidain-cho, Tennoji-ku
                  (Subway, JR Tennoji sta.)
                                                                           Abeno-ku               K
                  ☎ 06-6972-0161
                  2-1-8 Oimazatonishi,              Higashinari-ku,        Higashinari-ku
                  Higashinari-ku                    Ikuno-ku               Ikuno-ku
                  (Subway Imazato sta.)
                  ☎ 06-6682-3311                    Suminoe-ku,            Suminoe-ku,
Tamade            2-3-6 Kitakagaya, Suminoe-ku      Sumiyoshi-ku,          Sumiyoshi-ku,
                  (Subway Kitakagaya sta.)          Nishinari-ku           Nishinari-ku
                  ☎ 06-6705-0331
Osaka Hirano                                        Higashisumiyoshi-ku, Higashisumiyoshi-ku
                  6-2-78 Kire-Nishi, Hirano-ku
Office            (Subway Kireuriwari sta.)         Hirano-ku            Hirano-ku

     Living Procedures

    ● Japan Health Insurance Association
             Name               Tel, Location (Nearest Station)    Wards Concerned
                                      ☎ 06-6201-7070
    Japan Health Insurance
                                11F Urban-ace Kitahama Bldg.       Every municipal in
                                 2-3-7 Hiranomachi, Chuo-ku        Osaka Prefecture
     Osaka Branch Office     (subway Kitahama, Yodoyabashi sta.)

    (4) Kaigo Hoken: The Long-Term Care Insurance System
    The Kaigo Hoken system provides such services as: home visits, day care and
    brief stays at nursing facilities. Those who have completed foreign residents
    registration Osaka City and are 65 years old or over (category 1 insured), or
    40 to 64 years of age (category 2 insured), are covered by medical insurance,
    and whose residency permit exceeds 1 year in length, must enroll in the Osaka
    City Kaigo Hoken system. The Insurance Expenses will be charged under your
    income. Those people whose residency permits are initially for a stay of less
    than 1 year, but are likely to stay longer, are also obliged to enroll.

    ① Application for Nursing Care
    In order to utilize Kaigo Hoken services, it is necessary to submit an application
    to the Public Health and Welfare Center in the ward ( p.195 ) where you
    completed your registration of foreign residents to receive recognition of your
    need for care (need for assistance). You may submit the application in person,
    or ask a family member or other person such as your home care worker to
    submit it on your behalf. Please consult with the Public Health and Welfare on
    this matter.

    ② Expenses borne by the insured
    When using these services, the insured is required to pay 10% of the total
K   cost. When receiving services at a care facility, staying briefly at a nursing
    facility, or receiving home visits the insured must bear the cost of meals and/or
    accommodation charges in addition to the 10% of the total cost.

    ③ Kaigo Hoken Insurance Card
    Insurance cards will be issued to those who are over 65 years old. However,
    for those who are between 40- 64 years old, such insurance cards will be
    issued only to those recognized as needing care (assistance).

                                                                       Living Procedures

● Consultation regarding care services
Public Health and Welfare Center in your local ward (p.195)

④ Nursing Care Prevention Program
It is a service for elders over 65 years old who are not certified as nursing care
need. They offer a Prevention Service from Nursing Care such as updating
exercise equipment, creating nutrition or oral function improvement programs.

(5) Welfare for the Aged

           Name, Tel. , Address                               Services
                                             Local Support Centers manage following:
                                             General consultation and support according
                                             to welfare, healthcare, and nursing care for
                                             the aged. Protection of abused children.
Local Support Center (p.184)
                                             Making nursing care prevention programs
                                             for people who need support to live.
                                             Provision of logistic support for care
                                             Consultation on daily life and health, open
Ward’s Welfare Center for the Aged (p.185)   lectures, hobby and recreational activities.
                                             Support for senior citizen’s clubs.
Osaka City Silver Human Resource Center,
Head Office/☎ 06-6931-0221
        3-1-14 Sekime, Joto-ku,
Southern Office/☎ 06-6765-6116           Introduction of temporary or short-term
        12-10Higashikozu-cho,Tennoji-ku, work to those who are over 60 and wish to
Western Office/☎ 06-6543-7011            work for fulfillment.
        4-10-18 Itachibori, Nishi-ku,
Northern Office/☎ 06-6882-3830
        1-50 Ikeda-cho, Kita-ku


     Living Procedures

                Name, Tel. , Address                               Services
    <Telephone Counseling for the Aged>
    Osaka City Silver Volunteer Center           Telephone calls by volunteers to check
    ☎ 06-6311-3258                               the safety of elderly people and to offer
    For elderly who live alone.                  consultation on various matters.
    Public Health and Welfare Center in your
    local ward. (p.195)                          Telephone calls by staff to check the safety
    …For elderly who live alone and have a       of elderly people and offer consultation on
    “Welfare Telephone Line for the Elderly”     various matters.
    installed in their homes.
                                                 Provision of necessary support by
                                                 informing emergency in a easy operation
                                                 to elderly living alone, or to households
    <Emergency Call System>                      where elderly people are on their own for
    Public Health and Welfare Center in your
                                                 long periods (Those who are over 65 and
    local ward (p.195)
                                                 are alone for periods of about eight hours
                                                 while other members of the household are
                                                 at work etc.).
    ※For other welfare services for the aged, contact a Public Health and Welfare Center in
     your local ward. (p.195)

    (6) Welfare for the people with physical or mental disabilities
    ① Identification Booklet for people with disabilities (Shintai-shogaisha Techo)
    This booklet sets out the various welfare services available to people with
    disabilities such as medical subsidies and provision of medical equipment’s

    ② Identification Booklet for people with mental disabilities
      (Seishin-shogaisha Techo)
    This booklet is for the support of the independence of people with mental
    disabilities and for promoting their social participation.
K   This booklet is necessary to receive the various welfare services.

    ③ Nursing Booklet for the people with disabilities (Ryoiku Techo)
    This booklet is issued to assist people with a disability with receiving consistent
    guidance, consultation and various supports.
    ● Application for an Identification Booklet and further information
    Public Health and Welfare Center in your local ward. (p.195)

                                                                               Living Procedures

④ Inquiries regarding the welfare of people with a physical or mental disabilities
   Services                     Name, Address                                   Tel.
                                                                  <Consultation dept.>
Diagnosis and Rehabilitation Center for People with               About physical disability
recognition of Disabilities                                       ☎ 06-6797-6561
disability     6-2-55 Kirenishi, Hirano-ku                        About mental disability
                                                                  ☎ 06-6797-6562
              Osaka Employment and Life Support Center
              for Persons With Disabilities                       ☎ 06-4302-8977
Job guidance, 4-7-19 Kirenishi, Hirano-ku
counseling    Osaka Rehabilitation Job-Training Center            <General consultation dept.>
and training  6-2-55 Kirenishi, Hirano-ku                         ☎ 06-6769-7740
                Osaka Vocational Guidance Center
                                                                  ☎ 06-6685-9075
                1-1-110 Izumi, Suminoe-ku
Consultation    Public Health and Welfare Centers (P195)
on mental       Mental Health Center
health and                                                        ☎ 06-6922-8520 (Contact No.)
                3F Miyakojima Center Bldg. 5-15-21 Nakano-cho,
welfare                                                           ☎ 06-6923-0936 (Consultation)
                Telephone Line for Persons With Disabilities
                                                                  ☎ 06-6774-0110
                5-33 Ikutamamaemachi, Tennoji-ku
                  Osaka City Social Welfare Seminar Information
Counseling on
                  Center                                          ☎ 06-4392-8740
transfer of title
                  2-5-20 Deshiro, Nishinari-ku
                Osaka Adult Guardianship Support Center
                                                                  ☎ 06-4392-8282
                2-5-20 Deshiro, Nishinari-ku
                (Sports) Osaka City Nagai Sports Center for
                the Disabled                                      ☎ 06-6697-8681
                1-32 Nagaikoen, Higashisumiyoshi-ku
                Osaka City Maishima Sports Center For
                Persons With Disabilities
                (Braille Library)                                 ☎ 06-6465-8200
                2-1-46 Hokkoshiratsu Konohana-ku
                Hayakawa Welfare Center
                                                                  ☎ 06-6622-0123
Facilities      1-9-28 Minamitanabe, Higashisumiyoshi
                Nippon Lighthouse Welfare Center for The Blind
                3-23 Dotombori 1-chome-higashi, Chuo-ku
                                                                   ☎ 06-6211-1500
                St. Michael’s Tape Library for The Blind (English)
                St. Michael’s International School 3-17-2          ☎ 078-861-3601
                Nakayamate-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi
                Osaka Prefectural Community Center for
                People with Disabilities (Fine Plaza Osaka)       ☎ 072-296-6311
                5-1-2 Shiroyamadai, Minami-ku Sakai-shi
※For information on other services for people with a disability, please contact the Public
 Health and Welfare Center in your local ward. (p.195)

     Living Procedures

    (7) Support for Single Parent Families
    For information on support services for single parent families, please contact
    the Public Health and Welfare Center in your local ward (p.195)

    (8) Ward Home Care Service Centers (Local Support Center)

                                                                       Local Support Center
                 Name (Nickname)                TEL         FAX
                                                                         TEL         FAX
     Kita           (Ikiiki Net)            6313-5566 6313-2921 6313-5566 6313-2921
     Miyakojima (Fureai Center Miyakojima) 6929-9500 6929-9504 6929-9500 6929-9504
     Fukushima      (Aiai Center)           6454-6330 6454-6331 6454-6330 6454-6331
     Konohana       (Konohana Fureai Center) 6462-1225 6462-1984 6462-1225 6462-1984
     Chuo           (Fureai Center Momo)    6763-8139 6763-8151 6763-8139 6763-8151
     Nishi          (Nishinagahori)         6539-8075 6539-8073 6539-8075 6539-8073
     Minato         (Himawari)              6575-1212 6575-1025 6575-1212 6575-1025
     Taisho         (Taisho-ku Fureai Fukushi Center) 6555-7575 6555-0687 6555-7575 6555-0687
     Tennoji        (Yuuai)                 6774-3377 6774-3399 6774-3377 6774-3399
     Naniwa                                 6636-6027 6636-6028 6636-6027 6636-6028
     Nishiyodogawa (Fukufuku)               6478-2941 6478-2945 6478-2941 6478-2945
     Yodogawa       (Yasuragi)              6394-2900 6394-2977 6394-2900 6394-2977
     Higashiyodogawa (Hohoemi)              6370-1630 6370-7114 6370-7190 6370-7114
     Higashinari                            6977-7031 6977-7038 6977-7031 6977-7038
     Ikuno          (Okachiyama)            6712-3101 6712-3001 6712-3101 6712-3001
     Asahi                                  6957-2200 6957-7282 6957-2200 6957-7282
     Joto           (Yuuyuu)                6936-1133 6935-8737 6936-1133 6935-8737
     Tsurumi                                6913-7070 6913-7676 6913-7512 6913-7676
     Abeno                                  6628-1212 6628-9393 6628-1400 6628-9393
     Suminoe        (Sazanami)              6686-2234 6686-2122 6686-2235 6686-2122
K    Sumiyoshi      (Ikiiki Center)         6607-8181 6692-8813 6692-8803 6692-8813
     Higashisumiyoshi (Sawayaka Center)     6622-6611 6622-8973 6622-0055 6622-9123
     Hirano         (Nikoniko Center)       6795-2525 6795-2929 6795-1666 6795-1660
     Kami                                        -            -      4303-7703 4303-7706
     Nagayoshi                                   -            -      6769-0036 6769-0040
     Nishinari      (Haginosato)            6656-0080 6656-0083 6656-0080 6656-0083
     Tamade                                                          6651-6888 6651-6060

                                                            Living Procedures

(9) Welfare Center for the Aged

             Name                         Tel., Fax
Kita-ku Kita             ☎ 06-6352-7025               06-6352-7062
Kita-ku Oyodo            ☎ 06-6374-0873               06-6374-0815
Miyakojima-ku            ☎ 06-6354-0354               06-6354-0206
Fukushima-ku             ☎ 06-6453-2357               06-6458-9111
Konohana-ku              ☎ 06-6463-3464               06-6464-0766
Chuo-ku Higashi          ☎ 06-6941-7719               06-6941-7709
Chuo-ku Minami           ☎ 06-6213-2172               06-6213-2639
Nishi-ku                 ☎ 06-6582-9552               06-6582-9554
Minato-ku                ☎ 06-6575-1368               06-6574-7132
Taisho-ku                ☎ 06-6554-5330               06-6554-5367
Tennoji-ku               ☎ 06-6771-8606               06-6779-5790
Naniwa-ku                ☎ 06-6643-0792               06-6644-6934
Nishiyodogawa-ku         ☎ 06-6474-4100               06-6475-2063
Yodogawa-ku              ☎ 06-6304-9118               06-6304-9190
Higashiyodogawa-ku       ☎ 06-6322-0173               06-6322-0821
Higashinari-ku           ☎ 06-6972-0855               06-6972-4706
Ikuno-ku                 ☎ 06-6712-2228               06-6712-3528
Asahi-ku                 ☎ 06-6955-1377               06-6955-1398
Joto-ku                  ☎ 06-6932-0017               06-6934-8340
Tsurumi-ku               ☎ 06-6912-3351               06-6912-6130
Abeno-ku                 ☎ 06-6623-8052               06-6623-2876
Suminoe-ku               ☎ 06-6683-2888               06-6683-2739
Sumiyoshi-ku             ☎ 06-6694-1416               06-6606-3412
Higashisumiyoshi-ku      ☎ 06-6699-3000               06-6697-6686
Hirano-ku                ☎ 06-6793-0880               06-6793-0868
Nishinari-ku             ☎ 06-6654-2951               06-6654-1504              K


Living Advice

                         Living Advice

                                                    Guidance and Information Centers

              Inquiries for Daily Life, Municipal Issues, Ward Government Issues, Law,
              Traffic Accidents, Human Rights, Women, Labor, Counseling, Child Care,
              and Welfare

                                                     Name, Address, Website                        Tel., Available Languages, Service Time

                                                                                      ☎ 06-6773-6533
                                              Osaka International House Foundation    <Available Languages>
                                                                                                                                   9:00 - 17:00
                                              Information Plaza Osaka                 ●English, Chinese, Korean: Mon. - Fri.
                                              8-2-6 Uehommachi, Tennoji-ku            ●Thai: Mon.
                                                                                                                                   Year-end/New Year
                                              http://www.ih-osaka.or.jp/i.house/      ●Portuguese: Tue.
                                              english/                                ●Indonesia: Wed.
                                                                                      ●Spanish: Fri.
                                              Osaka Information Service for Foreign
                                              Residents                                                                            9:00 - 17:45
                                                                                      ☎ 06-6941-2297                               (except Saturday,
                                              5F MyDome Osaka, 2-5 Hommachi-
                                                                                      <Available Languages>
                                              bashi, Chuo-ku                                                                       Sunday, National
                                                                                      English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish,
                                              Osaka Foundation of International                                                    and Year-end/New
                                                                                      Portuguese, Thai, Filipino and Vietnamese
                                              Exchange                                                                             Year holidays)
    Daily Life

                                              The Association of Nikkei & Japanese
                                              Abroad Nikkei Consultation Center                                                    9:30 - 12:30
                                                                                     ☎ 045-663-3258
                                              2F JICA Yokohama International Center                                                13:30 - 17:30
                                                                                     <Available Languages>
                                              2-3-1 Shinko, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi,                                                 (Mon - Fri)
                                                                                     Spanish, Portuguese
                                              Kanagawa-ken                                                                         Except Holidays
                                              Tokyo English Life Line (TELL)          ☎ 03-5774-0992                               9:00 - 23:00
                                              http://www.telljp.com/                  <Available Language> English                 (everyday)
                                                                                                                                   10:00 - 17:00
                                              Chinese Consultation Telephone          ☎ 06-6903-9595                               (Mon, Wed, Fri)
                                              Service                                 <Available Language> Chinese
                                                                                                                                   Except Holidays
                                                                                      ☎ 06-6441-9595
                                              Kansai Life Line                                                                     10:00 - 19:00
                                                                                      <Available Languages> Japanese,
                                              1-5-12-501 Enokojima, Nishi-ku                                                       (Tue, Thu, Sat.)
                                                                                      Chinese, Taiwanese
                                              Osaka International House Foundation
    Municipal Issues Ward Government Issues

                                              8-2-6 Uehommachi, Tennoji-ku
                                              Osaka City Hall                                        <Available Languages>
                                              (1F City Government Bldg.) 1-3-20                                                    9:00 - 17:30
                                                                                      ☎06-6208-5080 ●English, Chinese, Korean:     (except Sat, Sun,
                                              Nakanoshima, Kita-ku                                   Mon. - Fri.
L                                                                                     Please contact ●Thai: Mon,
                                                                                                                                   National and Year-
                                                                                                                                   end/New Year
                                                                                      the ward       ●Portuguese: Tue.
                                              Ward Office: Counseling Section of      governmental ●Indonesia: Wed.                Free
                                              Foreign Residents                       consultation   ●Spanish: Fri.

                                                                                                            Living Advice

                          Name, Address, Website                        Tel., Available Languages, Service Time

                                                                                                    1st Wed of each
                                                                                                    13:00 - 16:00
                                                                                                    3rd Mon of
                   Osaka International House Foundation ○Reservations required.
                   8-2-6 Uehommachi, Tennoji-ku         For reservation: ☎06-6772-1127              months
                                                        <Available Languages>                       17:00 - 20:00
                                                        English, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Portuguese, (the following day if
                                                        Indonesia, Spanish                          it falls on a holiday)
                   Osaka City Hall:                         Free                                         3rd Wed of odd
                   Residents’ Consultation Room                                                          months
                   (1F City Government) 1-3-20                                                           13:00 - 16:00
                   Nakanoshima, Kita-ku                                                                  (the following day if
                                                                                                         it falls on a holiday)

                                                            Tape guidance: legal consultation, lawyer    Reservations
                   Osaka Bar Association
                                                            referral                                     9:15 - 20:00
                   The Legal Consultation Center
                                                            ☎ 06-6364-0255                               (Mon - Fri)
                   1F Osaka Bengoshi Kaikan 1-12-5
                                                            Reservation for the legal consultation and   Consultation
                   Nishitemma, Kita-ku
                                                            lawyer referral: ☎06-6364-1248               ¥5,250 for the
                   (Temma Police Station, East side)
                                                            Criminal Lawyer Dispatch                     first 30 min. and
                                                            ☎ 06-6363-0080                               ¥2,625 for each
                                                            <Available Language> Japanese only           additional 15 min.
                                                                                                         9:00 - 21:00
                                                            Legal problems ☎: 0570-078374                (Mon - Fri)
                                                            (PHP, IP Telephone: 03-6745-5600)            9:00 - 17:00 (Sat)
                   Japan Legal Support Center
                                                            Criminal victims ☎ : 0570-079714             (except Sun,
                                                            (PHP, IP Telephone: 03-6745-5601)            National and Year-
                                                            <Available Language> Japanese                end /New Year
                                                                                                         11:00 - 15:00
                                                            ☎ 06-6364-8289
                                                                                                         (Mon - Fri) Free
Municipal Issues

                                                                                                         11:00 - 16:00
                   Accident Counseling Center                                           <Available       Free (If the 10th
                                                            Lawyers offer free legal
                   Bengoshi Kaikan                                                      Languages>       of the month falls
                                                            counseling on traffic
                   1-12-5 Nishitemma, Kita-ku                                           Japanese only    on a Saturday,
                                                            accidents on the 10th of
                                                                                                         Sunday or holiday,
                                                            every month.
                                                                                                         lawyers will offer
                                                                                                         counseling on the
                                                                                                         following day.)
                                                            ☎ 06-6942-9496
Human Rights

                   Osaka Legal Affairs Bureau               English (1st and 3rd Wed)                    13:00 - 16:00
                   Osaka Daini Homugodo Chosha
                   2-1-17 Tanimachi, Chuo-ku                Chinese (Wed)                                13:00 - 16:00
                                                                                                         9:00 - 12:00
                                                            Japanese (Mon - Fr)
                                                                                                         13:00 - 16:00

          Living Advice

                          Name, Address, Website                        Tel., Available Languages, Service Time

                                                            Telephone consultation on human rights for
                                                            foreign                                        12:00 - 17:00
                                                            residents                                      (2nd and 4th Friday
                                                            ☎ 06-6364-6251                                 of each month)
                                                            <Available Language> English, Chinese,         Free
    Human Rights

                   Osaka Bar Association                    Korean
                   1-12-5 Nishitemma, Kita-ku
                                                                                                           11:30 - 13:30
                   http://www.osakaben.or.jp                Sexual harassment / Domestic Violence
                                                                                                           (2nd Thursday of
                                                            Telephone consultation: ☎ 06-6364-6251
                                                                                                           each month)
                                                            <Available Languages> Japanese only
                                                            Juvenile rights 110 Telephone consultation     15:00 - 17:00
                                                            ☎ 06-6364-6251                                 (Wed)
                                                            <Available Languages> Japanese only            Free
                                                                                                           9:00 - 17:00 (Sat)
                   Mother and Child Welfare Center Aiko
                                                                                                           9:00 - 20:00
                   Kaikan                                   ☎ 06-6371-7146                                 (Mon - Fri)
                   1-4-10 Nakatsu, Kita-ku                    06-6371-6722                                 (except Sun, National
                   http://www.kyoureikai.org/aikoukaikan.   <Available Languages> Japanese only
                                                                                                           and Year-end /New
                                                                                                           Year holidays)
                                                                                                           9:00 - 20:00
                                                            ☎ 06-6949-6022, 06-6946-7890                   (Mon - Sun)
                   Osaka Women’s Counseling Center          <Available Languages> English, Chinese,
                                                                                                           (except National
                   1-3-49 Otemae, Chuo-ku                   Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Pilipino, Thai,
                                                                                                           and Year-end /New
                                                                                                           Year holidays)

                                                                                                           13:30 - 18:00/
                                                            <Interview Reservations>                       18:45 - 21:00
                                                            ☎ 06-6944-8242                                 (Tues - Fri)
                   Osaka Prefectural Women’s Center         <Available Language> Japanese Only
                   (Dawn Center)                                                                           9:30 - 13:00/
                   1-3-49 Otemae, Chuo-ku                                                                  13:45 - 18:00
                   http://www.dawncenter.or.jp                                                             (Sat, Sun)
                                                                                                           <Telephone Counseling>
                                                            <Telephone Counseling>                         17:00 - 20:00
                                                            ☎ 06-6937-7800                                 (Tues - Fri)
                                                            <Available Language> Japanese Only             10:00 - 16:00
                                                                                                           (Sat, Sun)
                   Osaka Labor Bureau
                                                            ☎ 06-6949-6490
                   Adviser for Foreign Workers
                                                            <Available Languages>
                   Osaka Godo Chosha Nigokan                                                               9:00 - 12:00

                                                            English (Mon, Wed)
                   Inspection Division of Labor Standard                                                   13:00 - 17:00
                                                            Chinese (Wed)
L                  Dept.
                   4-1-67 Otemae, Chuo-ku
                                                            Portuguese (Wed, Thu)

                                                                                                 Living Advice

                   Name, Address, Website                     Tel., Available Languages, Service Time

                                                                                              10:00 - 18:00
                                                                                              (except for Sat,
                                                 ☎ 06-6344-1135                               Sun, National and
                                                                                              Year-end/New Year

             Osaka Employment Service Center for                                              10:00 - 18:00
                                                                                              (Mon, Fri)
             Foreigners                          English
             15F Osaka Ekimae dai 2 Bldg.                                                     10:00 - 16:00
             1-2-2 Umeda, Kita-ku                                                             (Tues, Wed, Thurs)

                                                                                              13:00 - 18:00
                                                                                              (Mon - Fri)
                                                                                              13:00 - 18:00
                                                                                              (Mon - Fri)
                                                 Spanish                                      13:00 - 18:00
             Osaka Prefecture Comprehensible
                                                 ☎ 06-6946-2608
             Labor Office                                                                     9:00 - 17:45
                                                 English, Chinese
             3F El Osaka Minamikan                                                            (Mon - Fri)
                                                 (Appointment Necessary)
             2-5-3 Kokucho, Chuo-ku
                                                                                              9:30 - 12:00
                                                                                              13:00 - 17:30
                                                   ☎ 06-6881-2588                             (Mon - Fri)
             Osaka Prefecture Mental Health Center
                                                   Appointment needed                         (except National
             3-1-46 Mandaihigashi, Sumiyoshi-ku
                                                   <Available Language> Japanese only
                                                                                              and year-end/New
                                                                                              Year holidays)
                                                                                              Appointment ;
                                                                                              10:00 - 18:30
                                                                                              (Mon - Sat
                                                                                              Except Sun, Holidays)

                                                                                              10:00 - 21:30
                                                                                              (Mon - Sat
             Kansai Counseling Center (Foundation) ☎ 06-6881-2588
                                                                                              Except Sun, Holidays)
             5F YFC Kaikan                         Appointment needed

             2-10-41 Higashitemma, Kita-ku         <Available Language> Japanese only
                                                                                              Fee: 5000yen /50

                                                                                              Free Counseling
                                                                                              15th every month
                                                                                              9:30 - 18:00
                                                                                              (Mon - Fri)
                                                                                              9:30 - 16:00 (Sat)
             Attached Psychosomatic Children’s   ☎ 06-6445-8701
                                                                                              Fee: About
             Clinic                                 06-6445-7341
                                                                                              4000yen per
             3F Higobashi Shinkosan Bldg.        Appointment needed
             1-4-6 Tosabori, Nishi-ku            <Available Language> Japanese only
                                                                                              (Parent and child
                                                                                              interview requires
                                                                                              2 people’s fee)

         Living Advice

                        Name, Address, Website                       Tel., Available Languages, Service Time

                                                                                                     10:00 - 20:00
                                                                                                     (Mon - Fri)
                                                                                                     10:00 - 17:00
                                                                                                     (Sat, Sun,
                                                       Telephone Consultation                        Holidays)
                                                       ☎ 06-6354-4152                                ※Except Tuesday
                                                       Interview consultation is available.            (the following
    Child Care

                 Osaka Municipal Child Care Counseling (Appointment needed)                            day if it falls on
                 Center                                Application: ☎ 06-6354-0106                     a holiday), the
                 6-4-20 Tenjimbashi, Kita-ku                          06-6354-0277                     following days of
                                                                                                       a holiday (except
                                                                                                       Sun, Mon), Year-
                                                                                                       end/New Year
                                                         <Available Languages>
                                                                                                     10:00 - 17:00
                                                         English, Chinese, Korean (Monday only)
                 Osaka City Social Welfare Seminar                                                   9:00 - 17:00
                                                         ☎ 06-4392-8740

                 Information Center                                                                  (except for National
                                                         <Available Languages>
                 General Counseling Corner                                                           and Year-end/New
                                                         Korean (Thu) 13:00 - 16:00
                 2-5-20 Deshiro, Nishinari-ku                                                        Year holidays)


Facilities Around the City

      Facilities Around the City

       1      Facilities Around the City

     (1) City Hall, Ward Office
    ● City Hall 1-3-20 Nakanoshima, Kita-ku ☎ 06-6208-8181
    ● Osaka City General Call Center (8:00 - 22:00)
    Inquiries about Osaka city’s administration system, administration procedures
    and event information.
    ☎ 06-4301-7285         06-6644-4894
    (E-mail inquiry is acceptable.)
    ● Ward Office Telephone Numbers
    To call a section in any ward office, first dial [A] (the ward number) and then [B]
    (the section number).

                  ◆Consultation for Foreign Residents 06-<A>-9907

    〈A〉Ward Office Numbers
         Ward           Number         Ward          Number           Ward           Number
         Kita           ☎ 6313        Tennoji        ☎ 6774            Joto          ☎ 6930
      Miyakojima        ☎ 6882        Naniwa         ☎ 6647          Tsurumi         ☎ 6915
      Fukushima         ☎ 6464     Nishiyodogawa     ☎ 6478           Abeno          ☎ 6622
      Konohana          ☎ 6466       Yodogawa        ☎ 6308         Suminoe          ☎ 6682
         Chuo           ☎ 6267     Higashiyodogawa   ☎ 4809         Sumiyoshi        ☎ 6694
         Nishi          ☎ 6532      Higashinari      ☎ 6977       Higashisumiyoshi   ☎ 4399
        Minato          ☎ 6576         Ikuno         ☎ 6715          Hirano          ☎ 4302
        Taisho          ☎ 4394         Asahi         ☎ 6957         Nishinari        ☎ 6659

    〈B〉Section Numbers of Ward Office
                                       Section                                       Number
     National Health Insurance, Health Insurance System for the Elderly,
     National Pension, Lump Sum Birth Allowance
     Marriage Report, Divorce Report, Birth Report, Death Report                      9961
     Elementary and Junior High Schools                                               9963
     Registration of Foreign Residents                                                9965

                                                                 Facilities Around the City

Section Numbers of the Health and Welfare Center
                                 Section                                       Number
 ・Child Allowance, Day Nurseries, Support for Single Parent Families
 ・Welfare for the Aged
 ・Welfare for the people with physical or mental disabilities
 ・Medical Health Care Aid for Infants and others.
 The Long-Term Care Insurance System                                             9859
 Mother and Child Health Handbook, Health Check up for Infants,
 Preventive Vaccination, Health Counseling, Dietary Counseling, Nursing          9882
 Care Prevention Program
 AIDS Counseling                                                                 9968
 HIV(AIDS) Antibody Testing (Kita, Chuo, Yodogawa Ward only)                     9882

※When you do not know the section to which you should address your inquiry,
 dial<A>+9986 for the general Operator.

Branch Offices
 Higashi-Yodogawa      ☎ 06-6322-0731          Uriwari                ☎ 06-6709-6664
 Yata                  ☎ 06-6692-1341          Kami                   ☎ 06-6791-0446
 Nagayoshi             ☎ 06-6709-1201

(2) Osaka City Service Counters
<Operation Hours> Weekdays / 9:00 - 19:00
                         Weekends, Holidays / 10:00 - 19:00
                         Closed from Dec.29th to Jan.3rd
*Issue of certification on weekends and holidays might be not handled in case
 of mechanical inspection.

<Certificate Application Hours>
※Application for Certification of Registered Matters for Foreign Resident,
  Personal Seal Registration Certification, Copy of Residence Certification and
  Certification of Registered Matters for Residence.
  Weekdays / 9:00 - 19:00
  Weekends, Holidays / 10:00 - 19:00                                                          M

     Facilities Around the City

    ※Application for Family Register Certification:
     Weekdays / 9:00 - 17:15
     Certificates are issued on the same day at each ward office on the following
    ・ Every Friday (except National holiday): 17:15 - 18:45
    ・ 4 Sunday of every month: 10:00 - 17:15

    ※Copy of Certificate of Residence Registration Issued in a Wider Area
    Weekdays / 9:00 - 17:00
    Issue of certification on weekends and holidays might be not handled in case
    of mechanical inspection.

    ● Issue of Certification of Registered Matters for Foreign Resident.
    ● Delivery of Notification Papers (such as Family Register for marriage.)
    ● Provision of Osaka Municipal Accommodations Information.
    ● Information on Osaka Municipal Administration and various events.
    ※English guidance is also available when requesting information.
     (Information in Korean is also offered at the Namba branch)

     Umeda Service Counter           Namba Service Counter   Tennoji Service Counter
     Osaka Station Underground       Subway Namba Station    Abenobashi Underground
     Shopping Mall                   1-9-7 Namba, Chuo-ku    Center (Abechika)
     (Dia Mall Osaka)                ☎ 06-6211-0874          Abeno Chikagai #6,
     Osaka Ekimae Diamond                                    Horikoshi-cho, Tennoji-ku
     Chikagai #2, 1 Umeda, Kita-ku                           ☎ 06-6773-0874
     ☎ 06-6345-0874


                                                          Facilities Around the City

(3) Osaka City Hall
    Residence Certification / Family Register Certification Application Section
<Operation Hours> Weekdays/ 9:00 - 17:30
                        Closed date/ Saturday, Sunday, National holidays,
                                     Dec.29th to Jan.3rd

<Certificate Application Hours>
※Application for Certification of Registered Matters for Foreign Resident,
  Personal Seal Registration Certification, Copy of Residence Certification and
  Certification of Registered Matters for Residence.

  Weekdays / 9:00 - 17:30
  Weekends, Holidays / 10:00 - 19:00

※Application for Family Register Certification:
  Weekdays / 9:00 - 17:15

※Copy of Certificate of Residence Registration Issued in a Wider Area
  Weekdays / 9:00 - 17:00

● Issue of Certification of Registered Matters for Foreign Resident.
● Delivery of Notification Papers (such as Family Register for marriage.)


     Facilities Around the City

    (4) Government and Prefectural Offices

            Name, Tel.                             Address
    Osaka Legal Affairs Bureau Osaka Daini Homu Godo Chosha
    ☎ 06-6942-1483             2-1-17 Tanimachi, Chuo-ku
    Osaka Regional Immigration 1-29-53 Nankokita, Suminoe-ku, Osaka
    Bureau                     http://www.immi-moj.go.jp/english/index.html
    ☎ 06-4703-2100
    Osaka Regional Taxation    Osaka Godo Chosha Sangokan (#3)
    Bureau                     1-5-63 Otemae, Chuo-ku
    ☎ 06-6941-5331             http://www.nta.go.jp/foreign_language/index.
    Osaka Customs              Osakakowan Godo Choshanai
    ☎ 06-6576-3001             4-10-3 Chikko, Minato-ku
    Osaka Prefectural Office   2 Otemae, Chuo-ku
    ☎ 06-6910-8001             http://www.pref.osaka.jp/en/index.html
    Osaka Prefectural Police   3-1-11 Otemae, Chuo-ku
    Headquarters               http://www.police.pref.osaka.jp
    ☎ 06-6943-1234
    Osaka Labor Bureau         Osaka Godo Chosha Dainigokan (#2)
    ☎ 06-6949-6482             4-1-67 Otemae, Chuo-ku
    Osaka High Court           2-1-10 Nishitemma, Kita-ku
    Osaka Local Court          http://www.courts.go.jp/english/
    Osaka Summary Court
    ☎ 06-6363-1281
    Osaka Family Court         4-1-13 Otemae, Chuo-ku
    ☎ 06-6943-5321             http://www.courts.go.jp/english/


                                                                          Facilities Around the City

(5) Consulates General in the Kansai Area
List of overseas Governments Establishments in Japan
Embassies on Japan Official Website
“Embassy Avenue” http://www.embassy-avenue.jp/
           Name, Tel.                                        Address
American Consulate General        2-11-5 Nishitemma, Kita-ku
☎ 06-6315-5900                    http://osaka.usconsulate.gov/wwwhmain.html
British Consulate-General         19F Epson Osaka Bldg. 3-5-1 Bakuromachi, Chuo-ku
☎ 06-6120-5600                    http://ukinjapan.fco.gov.uk/en
Consulate-General of the          31F Twin21 MID Tower 2-1-61 Shiromi, Chuo-ku
Republic of Italy                 http://www.consosaka.esteri.it/Consolato_Osaka
☎ 06-6949-2970
Consulate-General of India        10F Semba I.S. Bldg. 1-9-26 Kyutaromachi, Chuo-ku
☎ 06-6261-7299
Consulate-General of the          6F Risona Ginko Semba Bldg. 4-4-21 Minamisemba, Chuo-ku
Republic of Indonesia             http://www.indonesia-osaka.org/
☎ 06-6252-9826
(Information Section)
Consulate-General of Vietnam      4-2-15 Ichinocho-higashi, Sakai-ku, Sakai City
☎ 072-221-6666
Australian Consulate-General      16F Twin21 MID Tower 2-1-61 Shiromi, Chuo-ku
☎ 06-6941-9271                    http://www.australia.or.jp/en/consular/osaka/
Consulate-General of the          33F Twin21 MID Tower 2-1-61 Shiromi, Chuo-ku
Kingdom of the Netherlands        http://www.mfa.nl/tok-en/homepage
☎ 06-6944-7272
Consulate-General of the          14F Osaka Kokusai Bldg. 2-3-13 Azuchimachi, Chuo-ku
Republic of Singapore
☎ 06-6261-5131
Royal Thai Consulate General      1,4,5F Bangkok Ginko Bldg. 1-9-16 Kyutaromachi, Chuo-ku
☎ 06-6262-9226                    http://www.thaiconsulate.jp/
Consulate-General of the          2-3-4 Nishishinsaibashi, Chuo-ku
Republic of Korea                 http://jpn-osaka.mofat.go.kr/languages/as/jpn-osaka/main/
☎ 06-6213-1401                    index.jsp
Consulate-General of the          3-9-2 Utsubohommachi, Nishi-ku
People’s Republic of China        http://Osaka.china-consulate.org/jpn/
☎ 06-6445-9481
                                 35F Umeda Sky Bldg. Tower East 1-1-88-3501 Oyodonaka,
Consulate-General of the Federal
Republic of Germany
☎ 06-6440-5070
Honorary Consulate of the Islamic ATC Bldg. ITM Tower 4H1, 2-1-10 Nankokita, Suminoe-ku                M
Republic of Pakistan
☎ 06--6569-3106

     Facilities Around the City

                Name, Tel.                                     Address
    Honorary Consulate of the        7F Yamamoto Bldg. Kyomachi 71, Chuo-ku, Kobe City
    Republic of Panama in Osaka
    ☎ 078-392-3361
    Philippine Consulate-General     24F Twin21 MID Tower 2-1-61 Shiromi, Chuo-ku
    ☎ 06-6910-7881
    Consulate-General of France      Yoshida Izumidencho 8 banchi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City
    ☎ 075-761-2988                   http://www.consulfrance-osaka.or.jp
    Consulate-General of the Russian 1-2-2 Nishimidorigaoka, Toyonaka City
    ☎ 06-6848-3451


                                                                     Facilities Around the City

(6) Japanese Lessons

            Name                                   Tel. , Address, Time, Fee
                                 Venue: Osaka Municipal Bentencho Citizens’Learning Center
Elementary Japanese Language
                                 ☎ 06-6345-5009 (Inquiries:General Lifelong Study Center)
                                 Three terms/year (Tue, Thu) Morning, Night
                                 <20 classes, 1000 yen>
                                 Osaka Municipal Abeno Citizens’Learning Center (Abeno-ku)
                                 ☎ 06-6208-9086 (Inquiries: Social Education Section of the
Abeno Nihongo Yomikaki
                                 Board of Education)
                                 (Mon) 14:00 - 15:30 (Thu) 19:00 - 20:30 (Fri) 10:00 - 11:30
                                 ☎ 06-6208-9086 (Inquiries: Social Education Section of the
                                 Board of Education)
Yomikaki-Chaya                   Venue: General Lifelong Study Center (Kita-ku)
                                 (Wed) 18:30 - 20:30 (Thu) 10:00 - 12:00 (Fri) 14:00 - 16:00
Friendship-In-Japanese Salon,    ☎ 06-6460-7800 Creo Osaka Nishi (Konohana-ku)
Creo Osaka West                  (Wed) 19:00 - 20:30 (Sat) 10:00 - 11:30 <free>
Friendship-In-Japanese Creo      ☎ 06-6320-6300 Creo Osaka Kita (Higashi-yodogawa-ku)
Osaka North Elementary           (Wed) 10:00 - 11:30 <free>
Japanese Class
Friendship-In-Japanese Creo      ☎ 06-6705-1100 Creo Osaka Minami (Hirano-ku)
Osaka South Elementary           (Thu) 10:00 - 11:30 <free>
Japanese Class
Friendship-In-Japanese           ☎ 06-6965-1200 Creo Osaka Higashi (Joto-ku)
Creo Osaka East Elementary       (Thu) 10:00 - 11:30 <free>
Japanese Class
                                  ☎ 06-6770-7200 Creo Osaka Chuo (Tennoji-ku)
Sakura Japanese Class             (Thu) 10:15 - 11:45 (Thu) 13:00 - 14:30
                                  ☎ 06-6708-0108 Uriwari-Higashi Elementary School Lifelong
Uriwari-Higashi Nihongo Koryu
                                  Education Room (Hirano-ku)
                                  (Fri) 19:00 - 20:30 <free>
                                  ☎ 06-6571-4354 Ikejima Elementary School Lifelong Education
Ikejima Nihongo Koryu Kyoshitsu Room (Minato-ku)
                                  (Tue) 19:00 - 20:30 <free>
                                  ☎ 06-6322-0120 Keihatsu Elementary School Lifelong
Keihatsu Yomikaki Kyoshitsu       Education Room (Higashiyodogawa-ku)
                                  (Fri) 19:30 - 21:00 <free>
                                  ☎ 06-6753-0301 Kitatatsumi Elementary School Lifelong
Kita-Tatsumi Shikiji Nihongo
                                  Education Room (Ikuno-ku)
Koryu Kyoshitsu
                                  (Wed) 9:00 - 20:30 <free>
                                  ☎ 06-6659-2574 Kishinosato Elementary School Lifelong
Kishinosato Shikiji Nihongo Koryu
                                  Education Room (Nishinari-ku)
                                  (Fri) 19:00 - 20:30 <free>

     Facilities Around the City

                  Name                                  Tel. , Address, Time, Fee
                                    ☎ 06-6972-3878 Taisei Elementary School Lifelong Education
    Taisei Shikiji Nihongo Koryu
                                    Room (Higashinari-ku)
                                    (Thu) 19:00 - 20:30 <free>
                                    ☎ 06-6961-4313 Shigino Elementary School Lifelong
    Shigino Shikiji Nihongo Koryu   Education
    Kyoshitsu                       Room (Joto-ku)
                                    (Tue) 19:00 - 20:30 <free>
                                    ☎ 06-6391-2001 Kitanakajima Elementary School Lifelong
    Kitanakajima Shikiji Nihongo
                                    Education Room (Yodogawa-ku)
    Koryu Kyoshitsu
                                    (Thu) 19:00 - 20:30 <free>
                                    ☎ 06-6942-0501 Minami-Oe Elementary School Lifelong
    Minami-Oe Shikiji Nihongo Koryu
                                    Education Room (Chuo-ku)
                                    (Tue) 10:00 - 11:30 <free>
                                    ☎ 06-6371-2047 Nakatsu Elementary School Lifelong
    Nakatsu Shikiji Nihongo Koryu
                                    Education Room (Kita-ku)
                                    (Fri) 19:00 - 20:30 <free>
                                    ☎ 06-6561-0001 Tateba Elementary School Lifelong Education
    Tateba Shikiji Nihongo Koryu
                                    Room (Naniwa-ku)
                                    (Mon) 19:00 - 20:30 <free>
                                    ☎ 06-6081-0309 Hirabayashi Elementary School Lifelong
    Hirabayashi Nihongo Koryu
                                    Education Room (Suminoe-ku)
                                    (Fri) 19:00 - 21:00 <free>
                                    ☎ 06-6474-8080 Dekijima Elementary School Lifelong
    Dekijima Shikiji Nihongo Koryu
                                    Education Room (Nishiyodogawa-ku)
                                    (Tue) 19:00 - 20:30 <free>
                                    ☎ 06-6702-5653 Imagawa Elementary School Lifelong
    Imagawa Shikiji Nihongo Koryu
                                    Education Room (Higashisumiyoshi-ku)
                                    (Mon) 19:00 - 20:30 <free>
                                    ☎ 06-6773-8989 Osaka International House Foundation
    Gaikokujin Fureai Salon
                                    (Sat) 14:00 - 15:30
                                    <¥1,500/12 lessons (¥500 required for the first registration)>
                                    ☎ 06-6773-8989 Osaka International House Foundation
    Tanoshii Nihongo                3 terms/year
                                    (Tues) and (Wed) 19:00 - 20:30
                                    <¥5,000/12 lessons (¥2500 for the text book included)>
                                    ☎ 06-6774-0033
                                    Osaka Japanese Language Education Center (Tennoji-ku)
    Basic Japanese for Daily Use    3terms/year
                                    (Mon)-(Fri) 2 hours/day (10hours/week) for 11 weeks
                                    <¥30,000/term (text book included)>

                                                       Facilities Around the City

●Osaka Shikiji/Nihongo Center introduces Japanese classes. (Available
 Language: Japanese only)
 ☎ 06-6561-9988 Mon - Fri 10:30 - 12:00 13:00- 17:00 http://www.call-jsl.jp/

※Please refer to (Ⅰ) “For Foreign Students” (7) (P79) for the information
 about Japanese schools.


                         Information Plaza Osaka

◆The Information Plaza offers information on issues related to life in Osaka
  and counseling services from experts and professionals.

International House Osaka Foundation, Information Center
8-2-6 Uehommachi, Tennoji-ku
☎ 06-6773-6533
Service Time 9:00 - 17:00 ※Free for consultation

                English, Chinese, Korean… ……     Everyday
                Thai… ………………………………               Monday
                Portuguese…………………………             Tuesday
                Indonesian… ………………………            Wednesday
                Spanish… …………………………              Friday


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