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      Green Apple Bayside to Bald Hills
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            FUNDRAISING Manual

Camp Quality passionately believes in bringing optimism and happiness to the lives of children and
families affected by cancer through fun therapy.

We believe laughter is the best medicine and are convinced that the caring for sick children goes beyond
medication and technology.

Fun flows through absolutely everything we do and this includes
our involvement with you! By participating in the 2009 Green Apple
Bayside to Bald Hills walk, run or cycle and fundraising you are
directly helping us to provide fun therapy and an optimistic future
for children and their families living with cancer.

For some, fundraising will come very naturally and others might
find it a bit more of a challenge at first but one thing to remember
is that it is meant to be FUN and will only be limited by your

There are many ways to FUNdraise! The following pages will guide
and support you with your fundraising efforts as you strive to raise as much money as possible for Camp
Quality and to be eligible to win the Fundraising Awards.

Good luck and I look forward to hearing your plan to raise much needed funds for Camp Quality.

Happy reading!

                                                                 What is Camp Quality?

         What is C                                                     amp Quality?
                                                                  About Camp Quality

Camp Quality is a national not-for-profit organisation that is committed to bringing optimism and
happiness to the lives of children and families affected by cancer through fun therapy. The South
Queensland Camp Quality office looks after nearly 300 families in the region from Coolangatta in the
south to Gympie in the north and all the way west across the State to the border.

Camp Quality is not government funded and relies on individuals and businesses to help us achieve our
goal of reaching every child and their family living with cancer. We are custodians of other people’s
money and are committed to ensuring it is used where it is most needed. This is why eighty-six cents
in the dollar that is fundraised goes directly to the programs we run.

We are committed to building relationships with all members of our extended Camp Quality family –
the kids and their families, our volunteers, supporters and donors. Our kids and families are with us
until the camper reaches 18 years old and our volunteers buddy up with our campers, going on camp
together whenever possible year after year.

Camp Quality History
It all started in 1983 when Camp Quality founder, Vera Entwistle arrived in Australia from America.
Upon arrival Vera had read of the plight of children with cancer and wanted to be a volunteer for any
support programs. When she learnt that no such program existed anywhere in Australia she
subsequently became determined to establish a support program for children with cancer and their
families. A doctor gave Vera the idea for a name when he told her “No-one can do anything about the
quantity of anyone’s life, but all of us can do something about the quality”.

From this Camp Quality was born along with its original logo of an Australian flag hot air balloon. In
September 1983, 38 children and 38 volunteers attended their first camp outside of Sydney. Since
then Camp Quality has grown to operate programs in every State and Territory throughout Australia.
In 1988 an educational puppet program was introduced for primary school aged children.

In 2001 Camp Quality changed its logo to better represent the thoughts and feelings of its
stakeholders. Since then the smiling face and tag line “Laughter is the Best Medicine” have become
well known throughout Australia as the symbol for fun, laughter and support for children living with
cancer and their families.

In 2009, there are now 13 Camp Quality locations covering every State and Territory in Australia.
Over 5,000 children and families participate in Camp Quality programs each year and the McDonald’s
Camp Quality puppets entertain over 250,000 children around the country each year.

                                                        Camp Quality focuses on FUN!

Camp Quality passionately believes in the power of fun and optimism to help children and their families
overcome the challenges that cancer brings. We achieve this through the range of programs we provide.

Recreation and Camping Program
South Queensland runs a diverse recreational program for the 300 families that we support, with
approximately 19 camps included in the program, with additional family days and activities to provide
on-going support. All activities focus directly on the child and/or family to create a positive environment
of fun, optimism, support and stability. Camps are for children who are diagnosed with cancer and their
families, as well children who have a parent or carer diagnosed with cancer.

Some camps are specifically for children aged between 4-18 years, while others are specially designed for
the whole family to attend for a weekend.

McDonalds Camp Quality Puppets
Camp Quality’s puppet program in South Queensland is available to all primary school aged children in
South Queensland. The program is an educational puppet show for primary school children, lasting 30
minutes. Using almost life size puppets, the show helps children be more aware of the need to be caring
and supportive of other children who have major illnesses such as cancer and helps dispel many of the
prejudices that exist regarding contact with children who have cancer.

Giggle is Camp Quality’s fun therapy innovation which has recently come to South Queensland. Giggle is a
remote controlled robot puppet that has been designed to spread laughter to children in oncology wards
across the country and he does so every week at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Brisbane. Giggle rides a
tricycle and sits about 1 meter tall. He can talk and respond to a child in "real" time, due to a little
microphone implanted inside its head. Giggle's mouth is voice activated by a special chip that moves his
mouth as the operator speaks.

The best thing is that the operator is unseen, as far as 20 meters (line of sight) away from the robot. This
means that the children on the ward can play and relate to Giggle as its own entity ... and then the magic

Children’s oncology social worker
Camp Quality has been funding a social worker at the Royal Brisbane Hospital in Brisbane since early 2008.
This new program began so to increase the number of family referrals QLD wide to our programs,
particularly when families are in the early phases after diagnosis. Interaction with Camp Quality during
these early stages following diagnosis through the hospital social worker provides increased opportunity
for families to experience positive feelings and optimism in times of crisis.

Family Aid
Living with an illness such as cancer places enormous stress physically, emotionally and financially on all
families particularly immediately after diagnosis . In areas of particular need Camp Quality South
Queensland is able to assist families by paying for bills such as utilities, transport or funeral expenses.
    Why                                     What makes Camp Quality different!
    Camp Quality?
    Camp Quality is the only organisation in Australia that
    can support a child and their family throughout their
    entire cancer journey – from diagnosis, through
    treatment and into remission. This is because our
    programs stretch across hospitals, schools, at home
    and in the broader community.

    Why others should support your fundraising efforts
    Your fundraising dollars are given back in their local community.

    Good corporate citizenship offers Employment of Choice advantages for their organisation
    including attracting likeminded people who share their company’s values and embrace their culture.
•   The outcomes are tangible. If you receive a sizeable donation, Camp Quality can offer your sponsor
    opportunities for their staff to get involved such as; attending camp for all or part of a day,
    participating in special events or visiting our kids in hospital.

    When a sponsor aligns with Camp Quality they demonstrate to the world that they are proud of
    holding similar values and also are committed to achieving best practice with a focus on health,
    community, children, family, optimism and fun.

    Our culture is infectious (not like cancer!). Many sponsors report an increased level of employee
    satisfaction as a result of their participation with Camp Quality.
•   There are significant opportunities for positive PR for all those involved in fundraising efforts.
                                                                      What is FUNdraising?

How much should I raise?
As a participant in the Green Apple Bayside to Bald Hills event we encourage you to raise as much as

Prizes will be awarded for
             • The highest individual fundraiser
             • Highest team fundraiser and
             • a new and exciting award, the Giggle Award.

The prize and award ceremony will take place at the finish festivities on July 26th at 11am. To be eligible
for the fundraising prizes, Camp Quality must receive your funds by Friday July 24th 4pm. If this is not
possible please contact the Camp Quality office to discuss.

How will I raise the money?
Fund raising is the process of soliciting and gathering money or other gifts in-kind, by requesting donations
from individuals, businesses or governmental agencies.

You can fundraise in a number of ways, here are a few examples:
   ☺ Donations
   A monetary contribution that can be sourced from collection tins or from individuals or companies
   direct. Every donation over $2 receives a tax receipt. If a company wants to donate a gift you can use
   this to generate money by using it for a raffle or auction prize.
   ☺ Events
   An event is a great way to raise funds if you have a network of people around you. Through an event you
   can run complementary fundraising ideas ie hold a dinner plus have an auction and raffle.
   ☺ Sponsorships
   Some businesses will make a donation but would like something in return ie placing their logo on your

   We’ve included heaps of fundraising ideas on the next page to kick start your thinking!

                                                                           FUNdraising ideas

1. Set up Your own Fundraising web page
The Camp Quality website, www.campquality.org.au gives you the opportunity to create your own web
page. The web page tells your heart felt story of why you are participating in the Kokoda Trail. Once you
have created it you can email the link to your web page to friends and families encouraging them to
donate and support your quest to raise funds for Camp Quality South Queensland. To find out more
information         on       creating        your        own         web         page       go         to
to-bald-hills.aspx to create yours.

2. Host a BBQ
A BBQ is a really casual and great way for people to relax, mingle and enjoy a good time and are also
another simple ‘FunRaiser.’ It is great as you can invite your contacts, work colleagues; family and friends
to come along for a great social day or you could use it as a useful networking event (get the local paper
to do a story on the day).

Work out the logistics such as;
  - Venue (work or park)
  - What do you need? (BBQ’s, meat, bread and drinks)
   NB: Camp Quality is more than happy to provide an endorsement letter for you if you are asking food
   companies for a discounted price.

Charge an amount for the BBQ that covers cost and allows for a donation to Camp Quality. Recruit some
people to give you a hand with cooking, collecting money, etc.
You may also make the day a little more interesting with a father/son footy match or a fancy dress

3. Host a raffle
People love the opportunity to win great prizes, which makes hosting a raffle or auction on one special day
or for a period of time a fantastic way to raise money for Camp Quality.

First you need to source some prizes, some suggestions are below, then start selling. Make sure you read
the www.fundraisingresources.com.au to find out all the rules and regulations.

   -   Mystery flights/ Adventure activities
   -   Wine/Dinner for two/Theatre Tickets
   -   Exclusive weekend away
   -   CD’s/books/videos

                                                                  More FUNdraising Ideas

4. Sponsorship
Sponsorships for triathlons, corporate games, golf or tennis days, running in events, shaving your head or
other events are a fun and easy way of raising money. For example, submit a team for the Bridge to
Brisbane and get the team to request sponsorship from their colleagues, family, friends and even
   NB Camp Quality is happy to provide a sheet to keep track of all pledges of sponsorship and donation
   slips for people to fill out.

Make it a little more interesting by dressing up, doing the feat in a set timeframe, get a friend and do it as
a Siamese twin, etc. You can promote your event and get more sponsors on board using your fundraising
page on linked to the Camp Quality website.

5. Bunning’s BBQ
This is an easy way to reach your target. Contact your local Bunning’s hardware store and apply to run a
BBQ from their store. You will need to write a letter to the store on Camp Quality letterhead so your local
Camp Quality Area Manager can provide this for you. Usual BBQ supplies can be sourced from local
suppliers who will often give you a discounted rate if you let them know you’re raising money from a BBQ to
help Camp Quality.

6. Host a networking office dinner party
This is a great way to help facilitate better relationships with your clients. Find a good local restaurant
that is willing to offer a good cut price on a set menu for Camp Quality. Simply add on an appropriate
amount to the cost of each person’s dinner as a donation to Camp Quality and invite your contacts along. A
good tip is to find some great entertainment for the evening which will allow you to charge more per ticket
and increase the donation for Camp Quality.

7. Run a Trivia Night
You can organise a trivia night at your local RSL. You will find lists of trivia questions from the internet to
help and if you find the right venue they might help you run the night by providing an MC and the furniture
you need. By offering a free drink on arrival you can sell each ticket for $20 - $25.

8. Host a movie premier
Hosting a movie premier can be a fun way to raise funds. You can do this by contacting your local movie
theatre and seeing if they have any movies coming up they can offer Camp Quality preview sales for. The
cinema can offer Camp Quality anywhere from 50 – 100% of the ticket sales and you can promote the
preview through your contacts. If you get the right movies these events can raise great money ☺.

                                                        Even more Fundraising Ideas!
                                                 Even more FUNdraising ideas !

9. Corporate Paintball
If you have a competitive spirit why don’t you organise a corporate paintball day? Contact your local
paintball business and negotiate a low rate per team as a fundraiser for Camp Quality. Then all you have to
do is sell entrance to the day for teams. By contacting local businesses to get involved you can charge
between $500 and $1000 per team and can sometimes negotiate the paintball facilities for free so it can
be a great fundraiser1 If you are strategic about the companies you invite to come along you can make it a
great networking event and make the event more attractive to participants eg. Invite all your local real
estate offices to join in on the day and have fun with the competition by playing paintball together.

10. Take Advantage of Existing Events
If a local business is running a Melbourne Cup Lunch why not approach them and ask if you can run a raffle
for the event. All proceeds will go to Camp Quality and you have a no hassle audience ready and waiting to
purchase tickets. Don’t forget to get your raffle books from your local Camp Quality office.

11. Offer your clients the opportunity to support Camp Quality
Why not offer your clients or convince your boss to get businesses to donate a set amount per job for a
month or a day. Many clients or businesses will welcome the opportunity to give back to their communities
and will think highly of you for offering this opportunity for them.

12. Pub Crawl or wine tour
Organise a few friends and colleagues and go on a pub or wine cruise. Charge an entry fee and then run
raffles and do an auction to raise even more funds.

13. Beer or wine appreciation lunch
Very popular ... ask your local pub to help you put this on by choosing 6 – 8 beers or wine and marrying them
with some great food to compliment the taste.

14. Christmas in July
Organise a Christmas in July event. It is easy talk to your local pub to help you put it on and then invite as
many people as you know and can.

If you would like further ideas or would like help in the planning of your events or sponsorship proposals,
               please feel free to come in and discuss with me (Julie Sampson) at anytime.

Media attention always helps to generate further support for the activities that you are running. You
 are encouraged to contact the media to generate interest and can contact the office to get any
                                     media releases approved.

                                                    Your fundraising ideas!

You’re feeling inspired aren’t you? Well to get you started, we’ve included this page so you can
     start jotting down your ideas on how you’re going to raise funds.. Happy planning!

                                     Your Step by Step guide to FUNdraising

Once you are registered it is time to think how you are going to raise your funds for Camp Quality and
reach or exceed your goal you set.. You can use this guide to help you along the way.

Step One – first month
Set your fundraising GOAL
Eg. GOAL - $1650

           Friends, family and co-workers                   $200
           Sponsorship from business                        $300
           Event – Trivia Night                             $800
           Raffle                                           $350

Step Two – first month
Set up your online fundraising page on the Camp Quality website and mail to all your friends, family, co

Step Three – first month
Ask your HR manager if your company runs a matched giving program and can you utilise this?

Step Four – second month
Keep all your friends, family and co-workers informed of what you are doing. Send an email blast inviting
them to check out your fundraising page on the Camp Quality website, let them know updates with your
training etc to gain more support.

Step Five – second month
Think of a great fundraising idea. Check out some of the great ideas in the Kokoda Fundraising Kit and
start planning. Use the Fundraising Proposal Form to plan your event and let the Camp Quality Office
know what you are planning. It is particularly useful to produce a budget and an event concept – this is
your What, When and Who and a timeline to help you along the way.
Budget - Expected revenue minus expected expenses equals funds raised.
Event concept
   •    When – date and time of the event
   •    Where – location of event
   •    How – how are you going to raise the funds ie tickets, raffles, auction etc.
       Task                                                   When         Who is responsible
       Eg. Approach event venue                               16 May       Me, Mum etc
       Eg. Send out invitations                               29 May       Friend X

                                                                 Your guide continued…

Step Six – Third month
It’s time to leave your comfort zone!

       Ask five businesses to sponsor you. This could be any business you frequent ie your hair dresser,
       dentist, corner shop, petrol station or stationary supplier etc.
       Ask three neighbours in your street to sponsor you or send them a link to your web page.

Step Seven – Third month
Keep everyone up to date, you will be amazed as everyone hears about your journey how supportive they
will become.

Step Eight – Fourth Month
Hold your fundraising event! With your previous planning it will be easy.

Step Nine – Fourth Month
Watch your fundraising total; you should be nearing your goal.

Step Ten – Fifth Month
Don’t forget to keep friends and families up to date with your progress.

Try another fundraising event.

                                                               FUNdraising Agreement
It is very important you follow Camp Quality’s Guidelines as set out below and fill out the appropriate
Please read below carefully. Sign and return the Fundraiser’s agreement enclosed with your
confirmation letter. Please contact Julie Sampson, Fundraising Coordinator if you have any questions.
1.   This agreement acknowledges the co-ordination of an event or activity that will benefit Camp

2.   "Fundraiser" means the individual or organisation holding the activity/event in conjunction with or
for Camp Quality.

3.   Once the Fundraiser agrees to the terms in these guidelines then they should sign and return the
Fundraising Agreement and Fundraising Registration Form (attached). Camp Quality will then send a
Sanction Letter, which confirms and authorises the activity/event. You are now ready to start
fundraising, which is fantastic.

4.   Fundraisers are not authorised to use Camp Quality as its beneficiary charity until they have
received their Sanction Letter. This just safeguards everyone involved.

5.   The activity/event is the responsibility of the Fundraiser and due to limited resources, Camp
Quality are unable to assist in soliciting prizes, organising publicity, or providing goods and services
unless agreed to in writing with the Fundraiser.

6.    As part of our philosophy of ‘fun’ we consider telemarketing and door-to-door solicitation to be an
invasion of privacy and both are not allowed.

7.  We can provide the Fundraiser with sealed collection cans and if required please contact your local
Camp Quality office.

8.   If the Fundraiser wishes to use the Camp Quality logo and or name on any printed materials such as
flyers, posters etc, then an example of the material should be sent to Camp Quality for approval.

9.    At Camp Quality, we are protective of our children and would not like them to be involved in events
or with the media in any way that would compromise their privacy. Camp Quality

10. Camp Quality will look at any requests to involve children or their families on an individual basis for
promotional purposes and this can often be arranged. It is essential that Fundraisers contact

                                     FUNdraising Agreement continued…

12. Camp Quality to gain approval before they contact or approach any public personality or celebrity
so that we can maximise the opportunity via the Camp Quality network.

13. If the Fundraiser would like a representative of Camp Quality to attend the activity/event, they
should notify Camp Quality as early as possible to enable a senior representative to be available. Notice is
greatly appreciated.

14. Fundraisers must be aware of their responsibilities under the Charitable Fundraising Act (or
equivalent) in their state. To ensure your fundraising activities meet the Act’s requirements you must
send through details of your planned fundraising activities for approval by Julie Sampson, Fundraising
Coordinator before you begin fundraising.

15. All monies collected must be accurately recorded by the Fundraiser as outlined by the Charitable
Fundraising Act (or equivalent) in your state and presented to Camp Quality. Camp Quality will then issue
a receipt in the name of the activity/event.

16. Camp Quality is registered under the Charitable Fundraising Act. Individual receipts for tax
deductions for attendee/supporters of the activity/event will only be issued by Camp Quality if a general
donation of $2.00 or more is made. When the attendee/supporter has given money in return for goods or
services, a tax-deductible receipt cannot be issued. Camp Quality cannot issue any receipts until the
funds are deposited into the Camp Quality account.

17. Although unlikely to happen, Camp Quality reserves its right to withdraw its approval for the
activity/event at any time if it appears that the Fundraiser is failing to adhere to any of the above terms
and conditions.

                                                                        Support for you!

The Camp Quality Office is here to help you maximise your fundraising efforts and raise as much funds
as you can for Camp Quality.

Resources available from Camp Quality
Camp Quality can provide the following resources to help with your fundraising efforts.

      Raffle Tickets (both $1.00 and $2.00 versions)

      Collection cans that abide by the Department of Gaming & Racing’s Guidelines

      Camp Quality information brochures

      Camp Quality newsletters

      Posters (big and bright with a blank space for you to write on)

      Certificates of thanks

      A friendly team to help you!

                                                                          Fundraising Ideas

                Laughter is the Best Medicine

For further help or information contact:
               Julie Sampson
 Fundraising Coordinator, Camp Quality
     Ph: 07 3216 0299 Fax: 07 3216 0365
            Mobile: 0421 129 510

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