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					     Metro Pro Bono Advocate
              A publication of the Pro Bono Committee of The Bar Association of the City of Richmond
Vol. 10, Issue 1                                                                                                Fall 2008

Author Grisham to headline Legal Aid                                                    RBA offers many
Fundraiser on November 13                                                               opportunities for
   John Grisham, award-winning writer          John Grisham is a former practicing      pro bono service
of The Firm, The Street Lawyer and other criminal defense and personal injury law-
notable novels set in the legal system, yer and seven-year member of the Missis-           Whether you are a veteran litigator, a
will host a fundraiser November 13, 2008 sippi House of Representatives. He             young lawyer new to practice or a corpo-
at Toad’s Place in Shockhoe Bottom to penned his first published novel, A Time          rate attorney who does not spend a lot of
jointly benefit the Legal Aid Justice to Kill, and also The Firm, while sitting         time in court, the RBA sponsors pro
Center and Central                                                 in courtrooms        bono programs that will give you an
Virginia Legal                                                     awaiting hear-       opportunity to give back to your com-
Aid Society. The                                                   ings and trials.     munity:
event will begin                                                   He is a passion-
                                                                                        Pro Bono Housing Project - The Pro
with a 5:45 p.m.                                                   ate advocate for
                                                                                        Bono Housing Project, administered by
signed-book dis-                                                   Legal Aid.
                                                                                        the Legal Aid Justice Center and the
tribution and pri-                                                    More than
                                                                                        Richmond Bar Association Pro Bono
vate reception                                                     225      million
                                                                                        Committee, provides pro bono services
with Grisham, fol-                                                 John Grisham
                                                                                        to indigent clients who face the loss of
lowed by a 6:30                                                    books have sold
                                                                                        housing or other basic leasehold ser-
p.m. reception                                                     worldwide,
                                                                                        vices throughout the greater Richmond
hosted          by                                                 which has given
                                                                                        area. Where a meritorious defense exists,
Grisham.                                                           the author a plat-
                                                                                        pro bono housing law volunteers repre-
   At the recep-                                                   form to speak
                                                                                        sent these indigent tenants in their lease-
tion, First Lady                                                   authoritatively
                                                                                        hold disputes. Volunteer attorneys ob-
Anne Holton, a                                                     about the cause
                                                                                        tain meaningful litigation experience
ten-year lawyer                                                    of and necessity
                                                                                        and may receive up to three 3 hours of
with Central Vir-                                                  for legal assis-
                                                                                        CLE credit by attending the training
ginia Legal Aid                                                    tance to disad-
                                                                                        program. For more information, please
Society and a                                                      v a n t a g e d
                                                                                        contact Marcel Slag at 643-1086
former family                                                      people in the
                                     John Grisham                                       ( or Peggy Sanner
court judge in                                                     American com-
                                                                                        at 344-3400 (
Richmond, will                                                     munity. As a
receive a special service award.            special contribution to this benefit,       No-Fault Divorce Project - The Rich-
   LAJC and CVLAS provide legal ser- Grisham will auction off November 13th             mond Bar Association, the University of
vices to low income and elderly clients the right to name a character in an             Richmond School of Law, and the Cen-
in Central Virginia. This is their largest upcoming book. Proceeds will benefit         tral Virginia Legal Aid Society have
fundraising event together.                 Legal Aid. Bidding will start at $5,000.    partnered to create the No Fault Divorce
   The benefit is sponsored by Altria,         Individual, law firm and corporate       Project, which pairs volunteer attorneys
Dominion, Hunton & Williams, event support is appreciated, and addi-                    with law students, who together repre-
LeClairRyan,           McGuireWoods, tional attendees welcome. For ticket in-           sent clients seeking no-fault divorces in
Troutman Saunders and Williams formation call Scott Oostdyk of                          the greater Richmond area. A no-fault
Mullen.                                     McGuireWoods at 804-775-4743.               divorce is available to Virginians if the
                                                                                        “husband and wife have lived separate
                                                                                        and apart without any cohabitation and
               Mark your calandar and plan to attend!                                   without interruption for one year.” Va.
    The RBA will present its John C. Kenny Pro Bono Award at the                        Code Ann. § 20-91 (2008). An attorney
                                                                                        must file the paperwork with the Court,
   luncheon on Thursday, January 15, 2009. For more information
                                                                                        as well as conduct the required deposi-
         or to make a reservation visit                                                continued on page 3
Ben R. Lacy IV receives Foundation’s                                                        Housing Law
Volunteer of the Year Award                                                                 Program Begins New
   Ben Lacy of Sands Anderson Marks &        was held to give nonprofit executives          Volunteer Cycle
Miller was awarded the 2008 Pro Bono         and board members an opportunity to
Clearinghouse Volunteer Service Award        learn more about the Pro Bono Clearing-           The Pro Bono Committee of the
by the Greater Richmond Bar Founda-          house program and meet with some of the        Richmond Bar Association and the
tion. The award, which recognizes exem-      attorneys who volunteer through the pro-       Legal Aid Justice Center will hold a
plary service through the Pro Bono Clear-    gram.                                          Pro Bono Housing Law training ses-
inghouse program, was presented to Mr.          Due to the efforts of Mr. Lacy and          sion on Tuesday, December 2, 2008
Lacy at a reception on September 23,         other volunteers in the program, the Pro       from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm. The training
2008. The Clearinghouse matches vol-         Bono Clearinghouse has been able to            will be held at Troutman Sanders, 1001
unteer attorneys with the legal needs of     make a real difference in the lives of the     Haxall Point, 15 th floor. Participants
local non-profit organizations and pro-      many thousands served by the various           will receive 3 hours of CLE credit.
vides these services to them at no charge.   non-profit organizations that have been           The Pro Bono Housing Law Pro-
   The reception, which was hosted by        provided pro bono legal assistance             gram, which is administered by the
Hirschler Fleischer at their new offices,    through the program.                           Legal Aid Justice Center and the Rich-
                                                                                            mond Bar Association Pro Bono Com-
                                                                                            mittee, provides crucial pro bono ser-
                                                                                            vices to indigent clients throughout
                                                                                            the greater Richmond area who are fac-
                                                                                            ing the loss of housing or other basic
                                                                                            leasehold services. Pro bono housing
                                                                                            law volunteers represent these indigent
                                                                                            tenants in landlord tenant disputes.
                                                                                               For more information about volunteer-
                                                                                            ing for the program, please contact Marcel
                                                                                            Slag at 643-1086 (
                                                                                            or      Peggy Sanner at 344-3400

                                                                                              Pro Bono Committee
    Volunteer of the Year Ben Lacy (left) with GRBF President Chris Malone                         Members:
                                                                                                    W. Benjamin Pace, Chair
Volunteers needed for program addressing                                                            Hon. Joi J. Taylor
                                                                                                    Hon. Robert A. Pustilnik
civil rights of incarcerated persons                                                                David F. Bernhardt
                                                                                                    Scott C. Oostdyk
   After a year of investigation and re-     of a private prison health care company,               Stephen A. Northup
                                                                                                    Margaret I. Bacigal
search, the Legal Aid Justice Center         or the Virginia Department of Correc-
                                                                                                    Glen H. Sturtevant
started a new program to address the civil   tions commits medical malpractice).                    Carole Y. Timberlake
rights of Virginia’s institutionalized           The VIP Project is preparing to coordi-            John M. Robb III
persons. The Virginia Institutionalized      nate pro bono representations in these                 Peggy M. Sanner
Persons Project (“VIP” Project) is now       cases. The Project is also working to de-              Charles K. Seyfarth
screening and referring cases arising from   velop a fund to facilitate referral of these           David K. Spiro
Virginia’s prisons. These cases fall into    cases by providing up-front funding of                 Harold Han
three categories: excessive force cases      litigation costs. If you are interested in a           Alexis M. Fischel
(in which inmates have been mistreated       pro bono representation with the VIP                   Christina E. Marra
                                                                                                    Henry W. McLaughlin III
by correctional officers); medical neglect   Project or working to develop a litigation
                                                                                                    Marcellinus L. M. B. Slag
cases (in which a prisoner either dies or    costs fund for these cases, please contact             Tara L. Casey
is seriously or permanently injured by       Helen Trainor, VIP Project Director, at                Keith L. Phillips
inadequate medical care); and medical, 434-977-0553,
malpractice cases (in which employees        ext. 139 (LAJC Charlottesville office).
Make a difference - volunteer today to                                                        Law Firms pledge
participate in a RBA pro bono program                                                         aid to CVLAS
continued from page 1
                                              then forwards the case to a participating          The Association wishes to acknowl-
tion testimony of a third-party witness.      law firm, who coordinates the assign-           edge the following firms who have re-
Many low-income individuals cannot            ment to a pro bono lawyer in the firm.          sponded to the RBA’s annual request for
afford the services of an attorney, so they   Assuming there are no conflicts, the pro        financial support to Central Virginia
languish in marriages that have ended in      bono lawyer assigned by the law firm            Legal Aid Society, Inc. as of October 1,
all other respects. The No Fault Divorce      then co-counsels with a CVLAS lawyer,           2008:
Project seeks to fill this critical legal     who sees to the filing of the papers and           Christian & Barton
services need. A typical no fault divorce     notification of the opposing party and             Cuthbert Law Offices
case takes only five hours of a volunteer     consultation with the client. The pro              Davidson White & Lesniak
attorney’s time, so this is a great way to    bono lawyer appears in court, allowing             Freed & Shepherd
make a lasting impact on a person’s life      CVLAS lawyers to handle other matters.             Hill, Tucker, & Marsh
through a limited time commitment. If            For more information or to participate          Hirschler Fleischer
you are interested in volunteering with       in this program, please contact Chuck              Hunton & Williams
this project, or would like more informa-     Seyfarth at (804) 285-5200 or                      Murray Janus
tion, please contact Tara Casey, Director                       LeClairRyan
of Pro Bono Services at the University of                                                        Marks & Harrison
                                              Pro Se Education - The Richmond Bar’s
Richmond School of Law at 287-1207                                                               McCandlish Holton
                                              Pro Se Litigant Project addresses the
(                                                                           McGuireWoods
                                              special needs of the ever-growing pro se
Emergency Lawyer program - The Pro            litigant population. The pamphlet, “Your           Morris & Morris
Bono Committee of the Richmond Bar            Guide to Civil Litigation in General Dis-          ParisBlank
Association has teamed up with Central        trict Court,” will help pro se litigants           Spotts Fain
Virginia Legal Services to assist CVLAS       understand the basic rules and proce-              Thompson & McMullan
with emergency hearings. CVLAS re-            dures of civil litigation in the General           James Thorsen
ceives many requests for legal assistance     District Court, from how to file a case to         Troutman Sanders
on an emergency basis. These cases            obtaining a judgment. This brochure is             Williamson & Lavecchia
include a variety of emergency matters,       also available in a Spanish version. An            Williams Mullen
including protective orders, evictions,       additional pamphlet, “Your Guide to
collection actions, domestic violence,        Landlord-Tenant Disputes,” has also re-         GRBF to host
and various other General District Court      cently been published to assist pro se
matters. Many times, individuals with-        litigants with landlord-tenant disputes.        luncheon for local
out the means to hire an attorney are         The pamphlets are currently being up-
victims of abusive practices or have a        dated, with both to be available in Span-       bar leaders
legitimate defense to an eviction or col-     ish in the next year. The pamphlets are            The Greater Richmond Bar Founda-
lection action.                               available on the web at http://                 tion will host a luncheon on November
   Intake in emergency cases is handled                            12, 2008 for the leaders of the Bar Asso-
by CVLAS. CVLAS makes the immedi-             publications.htm. For more information,         ciation of the City of Richmond, Henrico
ate case acceptance decisions and pre-        please contact Carol Deitrick at 780-           County Bar Association, Hanover
pares the necessary pleadings. CVLAS          0700 (               County Bar Association, Chesterfield
                                                                                              County Bar Association, Old Dominion
                                                                                              Bar Association-Richmond Chapter, and
LINC referral lawyers needed                                                                  the Metropolitan Richmond Women’s
                                                                                              Bar Association. The Foundation part-
   The Legal Information Network for          bono representation in a variety of areas,      ners with these six bar associations in
Cancer (LINC) is a nonprofit, commu-          including employment negotiation and            providing various pro bono and educa-
nity-based organization providing the         benefits, creditors’ rights, social security    tional programs in the Richmond metro-
Central Virginia community with infor-        disability and testamentary instruments.        politan area. The November luncheon,
mation, education, counseling and refer-         Diagnosis of cancer means so much            which is being sponsored by Hunton &
ral services for legal and financial assis-   more than a medical battle. LINC feels no       Williams, will feature John G. Douglass,
tance to individuals confronted with the      one should have to face cancer alone. If        Dean of the University of Richmond
overwhelming issues that arise from the       you are interested in being a referral attor-   School of Law, who will be talking about
diagnosis and treatment of cancer.            ney, you can reach LINC at 804.378.5462         the law school’s downtown pro bono
   LINC referral attorneys provide pro        (LINC) or visit              initiatives.
                          RICHMOND METRO PRO BONO SAMPLER
          Attorneys, please refer to the list below to learn more about the activity that interests you.

Program                                              Contact Person                               Telephone

Appeal Bond Fund                                     Marcel Slag                                  643-1086
                                                     Henry McLaughlin                             648-1012
Community Tax Law Project                            Elaine Javonovich                            358-5855
LAJC Housing Law                                     Marcel Slag                                  643-1086
CVLAS Wills Program                                  Kathy Brigman                                862-1100
Henrico Bar Association Pro Bono Volunteers          Christopher H. Macturk                       762-9500
Hunton & Williams - Church Hill office               George Hettrick                              775-2248
VBA-YLD Central VA Pro Bono Hotline                  Kevin Georgerian; Rich Brooks                787-8960, 787-8058
Pro Bono Clearinghouse (                Carol Deitrick                               780-2600
Legal Information Network for Cancer (LINC)          Allison Held                                 371-9543
Virginia Poverty Law Center                          Jay Speer                                    782-9430
Richmond Domestic Violence Project                   Robbi Gray/Alexis Fishel                     775-1227/771-5765
VBA-YLD Legal Services for the Mentally Ill          John Phelps                                  662-7242
VSB Young Lawyers Board Match                        Beth Hungate-Noland                          783-6913

Refugee and Immigration Services -                   Marilyn Breslow                              355-4559
Catholic Diocese of Richmond

    PERMIT NO. 1225
    RICHMOND, VA                                                                      Richmond, Virginia 23218-1213
                                                                                      P.O. Box 1213
                                                                                     City of Richmond
  PRESORT STANDARD                                                                   The Bar Association of the

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