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									            Basic Legal Terms

Today we are going to look at a vocabulary
related to the law. There will be three part
series. Part 1 will be of the basic terms
about the law. Part 2 will look at what
happen in the court case. Part 3 will look at
vocabulary related to commercial law.
After each term, we will also provide
some of the common collocations or
word partnerships associated with the
Let’s start off by looking at the definition of
what law is from the English wikipedia. A
wikipedia is an online inciclopedia, made up
of contributions from many different people.
So, according to the WIKI law is a system of
rules that people are supposed to follow in a
society or country. The courts and police
enforce the system of rules and punish
people who break the law. Such as by
making them pay a fine or other penalty,
such as sending them to jail.
Okay. So, that’s a brief explanation of
the law. Now, let’s look at some
common word partnerships containing
law. Law can be combined with an
adjective, for example civil law and
criminal law, which we’ll look at next.
It can be combined with a verb as in
break the law which means to do
something which is not legal or
commit a crime.
     Inforce the law meaning to make sure the law is
     not broken. Become law or pass law. This
     serious offer to win a new law is created by a
     government. Civil law is a part of law that deals
     with disagreement between private individuals,
     rather than crimes. In many countries, civil law
     comes from two different sources.

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