Exalt Consulting is FRAUD

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Hi Everyone,

This is Rajat from NYC.
I came back to Bangalore a few months ago and was looking for a job in India. So in the process
I uploaded my resume to various job portals like and

One day I got a call from a consultancy (Exalt Consulting, Shivaji Nagar, Bangalore) stating they
have a suitable opening with their client. I requested them to process my application as I only
had a week more in Bangalore before going back to US.

To my surprise they asked me to register first by depositing 4500 bucks in their account. I was
desperate for the job so I just did a little google search but did not find anything negative about
them and deposited money in their account.

They never contacted me again. I kept writing mails to them. After completing 3 months I
applied for a refund even to that there was no response.

It was so unfortunate that later I got to know I was being fooled. Its their business to make fool
out of poor job seekers from last 6 years. They have put some stupid articles about their firm on
lot of websites because of which nothing comes up on the first page of Google.

And I even read somewhere that they threaten people who write against them. I wonder how
come we Indians have so much patience that we dont do anything against such fraudulent
practices. I am sure once the victims get a job they just forget the whole thing and thats what
encourages these people to continue making fool of others too.

Please do not let them make a fool out of you. Any consultancy firm that asks you for money,
stay away from them. Might be its sister concern