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         elcome to the 9th Annual
         Rotary Club of Nanaimo
         Daybreak Spring Classic                             ROTARY CLUB OF NANAIMO DAYBREAK

Charity Golf Tournament. Each year
                                                             Gold Sponsors
the Rotary club of Nanaimo supports
                                                             Sharecost Rentals and Sales
a worthwhile cause with this fun and                         Adonai Millwork
select event. Our fundraising focus                          Nisa Custom Internet Solutions
for Rotary Daybreak has always                               Hennessy Information Systems
                                                             Structured Cable Systems Ltd
been on supporting Nanaimo Youth                             Mayco Mix Ltd
and we continue to work together                             Haarsma Waste Innovations
with the community towards this
                                                             Hole Sponsors/KP/Long Drive
focus. Again this year Rotary                                IMI Canada ltd – Ken Hammer and Associates
Daybreak has partnered with 3                                Associated Island Adjustors
major youth organizations: Nanaimo                           HSBC
                                                                                                                       AT THE 9TH ANNUAL
                                                             Canadian Western Bank
Child Development Centre; Nanaimo
                                                             Scotia Bank
Youth Services Association and                               Coast Capital Savings Credit Union
the Boys and Girls Club of Central                           Tigertel
Vancouver Island to raise funds for                          Nanaimo Toyota
                                                             CIBC Wood Gundy
their organizations and for other                            RW (Bob) Wall Ltd
Rotary Daybreak youth causes. Thus                           Kris Rongve Barrister & Solicitor
the logo “Golf Fore Nanaimo Youth”.                          Karin Mattern Chiropractor
                                                             Eye Care Nanaimo
                                                             Dr Andrew Layton – Dentist
                                                             Oceanview Golf Resort and Spa
                                                             Jamie Odgers – Remax of Nanaimo
                                                                                                          TOURNAMENT 2011
        For more information check                                                                                        FRIDAY, MAY 27th, 2011
                                                             Urban Wine Cellar                                       COTTONWOOD GOLF COURSE
        out the following websites:
                                                             Dr. Sanjivan Mahara – Dentist
 NYSA website at:                             Fountain Tire
 CDC Website at:                          Harbour City Plumbing and Gas Ltd             Working together for Nanaimo Youth
 Boys and Girls Club of VI at:                 Fairweather Lawn Services
 Rotary Daybreak at:                   Valhala Pure Outfitters

                                                                                                                                           Boys & Girls Clubs

                                                                       Tournament Advertisers:                                        of Central Vancouver Island

Working together for Nanaimo Youth

                                    Boys & Girls Clubs
                               of Central Vancouver Island

                                                                                                              YOUR REGISTRATION INSIDE
                                                                                                                                 REGISTRATION IS EASY
All Monies Raised at This Tournament                                           BE A SPONSOR                                                     By mail or fax
                                                                                                                                On Line - visit us at
Will be Donated to the NYSA, CDC
                                                                  Each Year the Rotary Club of Nanaimo Daybreak             By mail - complete form and send with payment to:
Boys and Girls Club of Central VI                                                                                        Rotary Daybreak, Box 30751, #38 - 3200 Island Highway
and other Rotary Daybreak causes.                                 supports several worthwhile causes with this fun                          Nanaimo BC V9T 6N4
                                                                  and select event. Our past tournaments have raised     By fax - complete form with credit card number and fax to
                                                                                                                                       Neil Sorsdahl - 250-390-2187
                                                                  funds for youth organizations in Nanaimo such as
                                                                  the Nanaimo Boys and Girls Club, Nanaimo Youth          TEAM NAME _________________________________
                                                                  Services Association (NYSA), Nanaimo Minor
                                                                                                                         Participants: ($140 per player)
                                                                  League Baseball and the Child Development Centre
                                                                                                                         Name                         Email Address
                                                                  (CDC). This year the proceeds will support the three
                                                                  major youth organizations in Nanaimo: the NYSA,
     Tournament Schedule                                          the CDC and the Boys and Girls Club of Vancouver       _____________________________________________
         Friday, May 27th, 2011                                   Island, as well as many other worthwhile causes
                                                                  that Rotary Club of Nanaimo Daybreak supports.         _____________________________________________
      12:00 PM - Registration and
             Putting Contest                                                                                             _____________________________________________
      1:30 PM – SHOTGUN START                                          Gold Sponsor - $650 (Save $60)                    _____________________________________________
         7:00 PM – Buffet Dinner                                     Includes four entry fees and dinner
        8:00 PM – Awards, Prizes,                                                                                        Team Captain
                                                                                Hole Sponsorship
           and Special Events                                                     Two golf carts                         _____________________________________________
                                                                            Recognition at Awards Dinner                 Phone Number

                                                                       Silver Sponsor - $400 (Save $30)
                                                                     Includes two entry Fees and Dinner                         Please choose one of the following:
                                                                                Hole Sponsorship                           Gold Sponsor - $650  Silver Sponsor - $400
                                                                                   One golf cart                            Hole Sponsor - $150  KP Sponsor - $150
                                                                            Recognition at Awards Dinner
                                                                                                                         Amount enclosed:
                                                                                                                         $_______________      Visa Mastercard  Cheque
                                                                      Other Sponsorship Opportunities                    ________________________________________
                                                                             Hole Sponsorship -$150                      Name on Card
 Working together for Nanaimo Youth                                            KP Sponsor - $150
                                                                   Longest Drive, Men’s and Ladies’ each -$150           ________________________________________
                                                                                                                         Credit Card #                                    Exp Date
                                                                     Hole in one Sponsor -$200 + insurance
                                         Boys & Girls Clubs                                                              ________________________________________
                                    of Central Vancouver Island
                                                                              Tournament Supporter
                                                                                                                           •Make cheque payable to Rotary Club of Nanaimo Daybreak
Contact Person:                                                          Prizes in support of the tournament.
Neil Sorsdahl                                                           Contact any Daybreak Rotary Member.
Phone: 250-390-2181 Fax: 250-390-2187                                                                                                            Or VISIT US at                                                                                                                                                                                                                          for tournament information or online registration

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