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					                            Ancestry Visa Application Guide
Step 1 – Download forms from FastrackUK website

From our website you should have the following documents:

 FastrackUK Ancestry Visa Application form
 FastrackUK Visa Disclaimer
 FastrackUK Visa fee payment form

Please fill out these forms and email/fax these with your supporting documents back to FastrackUK as
soon as possible. We cannot proceed with your application until we have all of these forms!

Email your consultant or

Fax: + 61 28383 2444

Completing your Ancestry Visa Application Form


Section 1 – About You

Ensure all your details match those on your passport i.e. same given name/ family name etc.

Part 1 >Travel Dates and Purpose of Travel

(Questions 12-15)

12. What is the main purpose of your visit to the UK?

Please indicate here ‘employment and travel around the UK/Europe.

13. How long do you intend to stay in the UK?

Please indicate an approximate time frame.

14. On which date do you intend to travel to the UK?

This will be the date that will be your visa activation date, so it must be as close as possible to your
departure date.

15. On which date do you intend to leave the UK?

Please put 5 years from the above date

Part 2> Passport Information

Questions 16 - 22

These details should match your current passport exactly

Part 3 > Contact Details

Questions 23 -30

Complete your current contact details in these questions.

Part 4 > Your Family (Mother/father)

Questions 31-43

Complete all details in this section as it would be found on your mother’s and father’s passports.

Part 4 a > Your Family>Your children

Please indicate here if you have any dependent children and if they will be travelling with you.

Part 5 – Employment and Finances

Question 46

Please indicate here what your employment status is (i.e. full time employee/part time/casual/student or

Part 5 Employment and Finances continued

Questions 47 - 59

Please indicate here your most recent or current employment details.

If you have ever worked for the armed forces/government/jusiciary/media/public or civil
administration/security you will need to provide details of these roles .

Part 5 Employment and Finances > income and Expenditure

Question 60-65

Please indicate here your monthly earnings after tax.

If you receive any other income from family/friends or investments you will need to list the details as per the

Part 6 > Previous Applications and Travel History

Question 66

If you have travelled to the UK in the last 10 years (even for a holiday), you will need to list the approximate
dates here of your visits.

Question 67

Please indicate here any other countries you have travelled to (excluding the UK)

Question 68 - 78

If you have ever been refused a Visa for the UK you must detail when and the reason why you were
refused here.

This includes if you have recently applied for a ancestry or any other visa type and been refused.
Disclosing this information is vital. If you have concerns about this, please ring FastrackUK.

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, we will need the relevant additional information
depending on the question.

Please note if you have a criminal conviction (this is deemed as any offence that has resulted in a court
appearance). You will need to evidence the offence, and that all fines and or sentences have been served.

Generally you will need to obtain court reports and receipts which prove that all fines have been paid. If
these offences were „driving related‟ you will need to obtain a driving record also.

Part 7>Employment/UK Ancestry

Question 79

If you have a job arranged in the UK, please provide the details here.

If you don’t have a job arranged it is fine, please just circle NO.

If you circle no, you will need to indicate here what type of job you hope to take in the UK as well as your
salary expectations.

You will also need to indicate here any qualifications and work experience related to your expected roles.

Question 80

If you have a national insurance number, please indicate it here.

If you don‟t have one at all, please circle NO.

Please note –if you have purchased FastrackUK UK starter pack then you need to circle NO here, as your
NI number will be obtained when you get to the UK.

Question 81

Please give details of your job offer if you have one here. If you don‟t have one, please leave it blank.

Question 82

Please list your qualifications here that relate to your job (if applicable)

Question 83

Please give details of your work experience that relates to your job (if applicable)

Question 84

Please put excellent.

Question 85

Please indicate the amount of savings you will have at time of departure. As a requirement of the Ancestry
visa you must have at least $5000 in your account at the time of your visa application.

Question 86- 93

Please indicate here where you intend to stay when you get to the UK.

If you do not know the details, please indicate „unknown.‟

If you are staying with family and friends, you can ask them for a email or letter confirming you are staying
there. This will support your application, however it is not completely essential and if you don‟t obtain this,
then it will not affect the outcome of your application.

Part 8 Additional Information

Here you will be able to provide additional information as support for your application. Additional
Information may include:

_ Evidence of accommodation that has been prepaid
_ Letter from a family member or friend who will be providing you with free accommodation
_ Evidence of how your mortgages or financial obligations will be covered while you are in the

Part 9 Biometric Scanning Appointment

A biometric scanning appointment is essential for most UK visa types including the UK ancestry visa.
You will need to attend an appointment at your local British consulate to get your fingerprints and eye
scans taken. The appointment takes only 10 minutes. Once this is complete you have 2 weeks to
lodge your visa with the British high commission. FastrackUK will give you a biometric confirmation
which will also have a visa instruction letter which will advise you of what you will need to do.

Currently you can only attend biometric appointments in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth or Melbourne. If you live
anywhere else you will need to fly to your closest British consulate!

Please note that the consulates are only open Monday – Friday during business hours. We will liaise with
you to book the most appropriate time for you.

Please indicate here the best time to attend your biometric appointment and which consulate would work
the best for you.

Supporting Documentation

For FastrackUK’s Visa Assistance ONLY SEND PHOTOCOPIES, OR EMAIL SCANS. You will
need these for your submission to Canberra after your biometrics appointment.

**When sending copies of your birth certificates, it is preferred that you provide colour scans or
photocopies of both sides of the documents. Ensure that the whole document is provided.

What do you need to include with your application to FastrackUK?

    -   Passport

Your current passport should be valid for your entire trip plus an additional 6 months e.g. if you are
Planning to return to Australia in June 2009 then your passport will need to be valid until December

    -    Any previous passports

If you specified in question 16 that you have a previous passport that has not been stolen or lost you will
also need to include this with your application.
     -   Proof of funds

You will need to provide bank statements covering a period of at least three months with your name and
account balance. These bank statements need to be from the three months prior to you application being

Your bank statements should evidence that you have at least AU$5,000.

*Due to inconsistent processing time frames, FastrackUK strongly recommend you do not book
flight prior to receiving visa approval from the British High Commission.

The British High Commission is very wary of large deposits that are a “loan” from family to ensure your
application is approved. Therefore you will need to include an explanation of any large deposits into
your account e.g. the sale of your car or a gift from family.

    -   Proof of Ancestry

You will need to provide the following to prove your ancestry:

Your full, original birth certificate
The full, original birth certificate of your relevant parent
The full, original birth certificate of your relevant UK-born grandparent
Your full, original marriage certificate issued by the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages
(if you are married)

Please note that if you, your parents or grandparent was adopted that you will need to provide legal
adoption papers with your application,

Furthermore if you /your parent or grandparent has changed their name and it differs to their name on their
birth certificate you will need to provide the relevant „name change’ documents.

*These must be original copies issued by the appropriate birth registry.
Evidence of employment or intension to work

If you have work arranged prior to you arriving in the UK you will need to provide a copy of your
employment contract or letter of offer. These must be provided on your employer’s letterhead.

If you do not have work arrange before you leave FastrackUK will provide you will a letter confirming you
are actively seeking employment through our recruitment service.

We will provide this prior to your biometric scanning appointment.

Evidence of accommodation (if arranged)

This is not essential but can support your application. This can be in the form of a letter from the person
you will be staying within the UK or the receipt from your prepaid accommodation.

British High Commission Visa Fee

The fee for the British High Commission is regularly updated, based on the UK Home Office and current
exchange rates.

Payment is now made online as part of the formulation of your entry clearance application and biometrics
appointment booking. You will need to complete the FastrackUK
Visa Application Payment Form, confirming that you give FastrackUK permission to use the details
to make your application fee payment on your behalf.

Your CV

Please send and up to date CV which details your work experience and qualifications.

What do you do now?

Send a photocopy of your completed application form/visa fee payment form/the visa disclaimer and
supporting documentation (as detailed above) to FastrackUK for review.


Our visa experts will go through your application and ensure there are no errors or complications.

When your application is ready for submission FastrackUK will book your biometric scanning interview
and send you the booking confirmation.

When you attend the biometric scanning interview you will need to take your complete original application
and your original supporting documents. When the consulate has taken your biometric data they will sight
and stamp your application certifying that it is ready for submission.

Once complete you can send your application to the British High Commission. We recommend you send
this using a Registered Express Post package to ensure your documents are safe and fully trackable.

How long does it take to process?

The time to complete your application will depend on how long you take to complete the application form
and compile your supporting documentation.

The faster you complete your application, the sooner you will be able to get the ball rolling.

You should also take into consideration the waiting list for the biometric scanning appointments. Some
consulates have a waiting list of up to 2 weeks because they are servicing multiple parts of the country.

Once you have your application form and supporting documents complete, and have attended your
biometric interview, the British High Commission are currently taking between 5-15 working days to
process application’s.

This time frame is only a guide and is subject to change without notice. We will advise you on
based on current information, made available by the British High Commission prior to lodgement of
your application.

After lodgement it is the responsibility of applicant to communicate with the British High Commission
regarding their application. FastrackUK will not be held responsible for delays in the British High
Commission’s processing of applications. We will advise you to the best of our ability based on the
information available at the time prior to the application being lodged.

When can I have feedback on my application?

The British High Commission will only give feedback on your application once it has been in their system
for 15 working days, however this time frame is only a guide, and is subject to change.

Due to privacy laws, once your application has been submitted to the British High Commission, FastrackUK
cannot obtain information on your application. Once your application is lodged it is the responsibility of
applicant to communicate with the British High Commission regarding their application.

FastrackUK will not be held responsible for delays in the British High Commission’s processing of
applications. We will advise you to the best of our ability based on the information available at the time prior
to the application being lodged.


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