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					  Cub Scout Pack 205
   Chino, California

Parent Handbook
                              Welcome to Pack 205

                                         Pack 205 Mission
The leaders of Cub Scout Pack 205 are committed to providing a quality, year-round program
of Cub Scouting activities. We will have fun with a purpose. We will educate our sons and
teach them to be responsible young men through citizenship training, character
development, spiritual growth and personal fitness. We strive to adhere to the policies
and practices of the Boy Scouts of America and the California Inland Empire Council, instilling
in our sons the values of the Scout Oath and Scout Law.

The Scout Oath –      On my honor I will do my best
                      To do my duty to God and my country
                      And to obey the Scout Law;
                      To help other people at all times;
                      To keep myself physically strong,
                      Mentally awake and morally straight.

The Scout Law –       A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind,
                      Obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent

                           Cub Scouting and Your Family
Do you want your son to grow up to be self-reliant, dependable, and caring? Is it important to you that
he learns traditional values such as honesty, trustworthiness, and respect for others and the
environment? Are you looking for a program for your boy that supports his development, supports
your family and encourages spiritual growth? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we
are excited to present to you what Cub Scouting has to offer to you and your son.

Pack 205 invites parents and their sons to become part of one of America’s leading value-driven
organizations. The Cub Scout program combines fun with educational opportunities and lifelong
values. It helps parents to help their boys strengthen character, develop good citizenship and enhance
both mental and physical fitness. The program also provides boys with tools to shape their future, a
positive peer group and possibly life long friendships.

In Cub Scouting, boys learn ideals like honesty, bravery, and respect. These values help boys make
constructive decisions, throughout their lifetimes and give them the confidence they need to grow and
develop. The truly unique aspect of Cub Scouting is that you, his family, join the program with your
son. You will help him along the way.

                                  What is Cub Scouting?
In 1930, The Boys Scouts of America launched a home-based program for boys nine to eleven years
old. The program focused on nature, hobbies, games, preparation for Boy Scouts, and above all,
character. While the Cub Scouting program has changed over the last 75 years, now admitting boys as
young as six years old as Tiger Cubs and grown from 5,102 boys and 243 packs in 1930 to over 1.9
million boys in more than 53,000 packs today, the focus of the program is still on preparing boys to
become better adults.

Cub Scouting is for the boys, Cub Scouting is for families, Cub Scouting is fun, Cub Scouting has
ideals, Cub Scouting provides adventure, Cub Scouting helps boys develop interests and skills, Cub
Scouting has an advancement plan, Cub Scouts belong, Cub Scouting teaches boys to reach out, Cub
Scouting teaches duty to God and Country, Cub Scouting provides a year round program, Cub Scouting
helps organizations. (CSLB* 2-5)

                                             Cub Scout Cycle
                Cub Scout Rank                             Boys Age or Grade
                   Tiger scouts                          7 years of age or 1st grade

                   Wolf scouts                           8 years of age or 2nd grade

                   Bear scouts                           9 years of age or 3rd grade

                Webelos Scouts                   10 and 11 years of age or 4th and 5th grade.

*Cub Scout Leader Book

As leaders and parents of Cub Scout Pack 205, we will do our best to keep scouting’s core value in
mind in everything we do with the boys. We will remember the 10 purposes of Cub Scouting:

                            1.       Character Development
                            2.       Spiritual Growth
                            3.       Good Citizenship
                            4.       Sportsmanship and Fitness
                            5.       Family Understanding
                            6.       Respectful Relationships
                            7.       Personal Achievement
                            8.       Friendly Service
                            9.       Fun and Adventure
                            10.      Preparation for Boy Scouts

All Cub Scout packs are registered with the Boy Scouts of America and are part of the worldwide
brotherhood of Scouting. Each pack belongs to a chartered organization and families are an important part
of the success of the Pack. The chartered organization for Pack 205 is CrossPoint Church. Boys and their
families do not need to be members or be attending CrossPoint Church to participate in Pack 205.
However, if you happen to new to the area or are looking for a church home for your family we do invite
you to come visit CrossPoint and see what makes it one of the most dynamic churches in the Chino Valley.

Everyone who helps the pack, from the chartered organization representative right down to the den chief
does so as a volunteer. The chartered organization helps the pack by providing a meeting place and helping
to recruit boys and leaders.

The scouting unit that conducts Cub Scouting for the chartered organization is called a pack. The pack is
made up of several dens. Dens usually consist of 6-8 boys. The dens are made up of leaders, the boys and
their parents/guardians. Each den typically meets once a week, the first three weeks of each month.
Meeting places, days and times are decided by each den leader in consultation with the parents whose boys
are in that particular den.
All the dens come together once a month for our monthly Pack Meeting that is lead by the Cubmaster and
Assistant Cubmasters. Pack 205’s Pack Meetings are typically held the fourth Tuesday of each month in the
Fellowship Hall at CrossPoint Church. In addition to den meetings and the monthly pack meeting, Pack
205 usually plans at least one pack outing or special activity each month usually on a Saturday morning or
Sunday afternoon. Pack activities are never scheduled on Sunday mornings to keep families available to
attend church. The only exception to this is when we are away on a camping trip in which case Sunday
mornings shall include time for praise and worship to God.

The Cub Scout pack is under the leadership of the pack committee that is made up of Parents and Adult
Scout Leaders (PALS). The PALS committee is under the guidance of the Committee Chairman. The
committee does all the planning for the Cub Scout year. The committee consists of all registered adults and
interested parents. The committee usually meets at CrossPoint Church the Thursday evening prior to each
Pack Meeting. In addition, a planning meeting held each August to plan the calendar for the coming scout
program year. Meetings will be rescheduled around holidays and special events as needed.

The Chartered Organization Representative, the Cubmaster and the Committee Chairman will approve all
leaders and assistant leaders. All leaders must be 21 years of age, a U.S. citizen and have attended Youth
Protection Training as required by both the Boy Scouts of America and CrossPoint Church. Fast Start
Training should be completed as soon as possible for all new leaders. Training can be accomplished several
ways including during courses organized by local Councils and online. Ideally, as the boys in each den
advance, the leaders will update their position specific training as needed.

With the goal of having 100% trained leaders for Pack 205, the pack committee is committed to reimbursing
uniformed leaders for any cost of scout leadership training completed while serving the youth of Pack 205.
A copy of your training certificate should be submitted to the Pack Trainer. Records of completed
leadership training are kept on file to meet requirements of our charter organization. Reimbursement for
training fees will be provided if, in addition, a receipt for fees paid is also submitted.

Parent volunteers are always needed. If you would like to help in any capacity, please contact the Pack
Committee Chairperson, Cubmaster or your son’s Den Leader. All types of help are needed – driving for
trips, assisting in Den Leader absence, help planning special events, etc. Remember that Cub Scout packs

don’t exist without volunteer leadership from the parents whose boys are being served by the pack.
Please be available and do your part to help the pack go.

A completed application must be submitted for any new scout to join Pack 205. Admittance to Pack 205
will be possible only as the amount of willing, volunteer leaders warrant. Dens should not exceed
recommended levels advised by the Boy Scouts of America. However, there may be multiple dens at each
level. Boys of active uniformed leaders and siblings of active scouts shall have priority in the event that
admittance to the pack were to ever need to be limited due to a lack of available leadership.

Today, too many people are satisfied with mediocrity. Too many people are casually dishonest, unethical,
and immoral in their everyday conduct. Too many people are satisfied to follow rather than lead. In Pack
205, we want to teach our scouts to be leaders, to set the example, to stand up for what they know is right.
We want our son’s to grow into men who are honest, set high goals for themselves, and are achievers.

The Key Factors to our success are:
       Quality Leaders, well trained and dedicated to the service and success of youth
       A commitment from each family towards the success of their son
       Participation by the scout in meetings, events and activities.

                             Parent Responsibilities (CSLB 5-1)
Cub Scouting requires family involvement. When joining Cub Scout Pack 205, each parent or adult
family member agrees to support their son in the following ways:

              See that he has the proper uniform and handbook for his rank.
              Assist him in attending weekly Den Meetings and Monthly Pack Meetings on time.
              Parents are responsible for communicating with leadership if they miss any meeting or
               activity (It is not the responsibility of the Den Leaders to call).
              Become familiar with the advancement requirements found in their son’s handbook.
              Families are encouraged to participate in all pack activities. Please keep in          mind
           that Cub Scouting is age appropriate and younger siblings should NOT               participate in
           activities that are not age appropriate.
              Work with him to complete the achievements for his rank award.
              Return information forms and permission slips as needed in a timely manner.
              Support his Den Leader as a resource person and/ or a substitute as needed.
              Provide input to the Den Leader or Pack leadership with regard to Den or Pack
              Agree to serve in some leadership capacity as called upon.
              At least one parent of each scout is required to sign up for at least two positions or
               activities, requiring at least five hours of time during the year. This could be almost
               anything between helping set-up and run the Pinewood Derby or serving on the Blue and
               Gold Banquet Committee to helping to organize a pack hike or serving on the Pack
               Committee. This is in addition to assisting with our fund raising activities. If you
               become aware of a service opportunity that particularly interests you, please let your
               Den Leader, the Cubmaster or Committee Chairman know.

       Please help make your son’s time as a Cub Scout more meaningful and fun by helping the pack
       in a leadership role.

                    Pack Responsibilities to Families (CSLB 5-2)
          To provide a well planned year round program of activities that meet the needs of the boys
           and support the aims of scouting.
          To provide trained, qualified leaders for all activities.
          To provide training and information to families and keep them informed.
          To provide activities that help to strengthen family relationships providing them with
           opportunities to work and play together.
          To give them opportunities to participate in cub scouting.
          To communicate effectively with the parents of scouts

                               Pack Program Highlights
Pack 205 plans a very busy calendar year. Although we don’t expect every boy to attend every
function, we encourage him to be as active as he (and his parents) wants to be. Two or more leaders and
parent volunteers will always lead pack outings and special events. We’ll do our best to help you
remember but please make every effort to help us by staying informed of coming events by listening to
announcements at Pack Meetings, reading newsletters and regularly referring to the Pack 205 website at

                                        Pack Calendar
The Pack Calendar is the current calendar of events for Pack 205 for the coming year. We realize that
boys and families have different interests and availability so we’ve attempted to plan a program that
meets as many needs as possible. It is hopeful that each boy will attend each and every event but we
realize this will often not be possible. The Pack Calendar is a game plan of sorts. Please note that
dates and details are subject to change as we get closer to events. Announcements of special events and
calendar updates will be posted on our Pack Web Site at and/ or
noted in the Pack Newsletter.

                                      General Behavior
Disruptive or inappropriate behavior cannot be tolerated in any form at meetings and at pack activities.
Rules and policies of the Pack, CrossPoint Church, and the Boys Scouts of America are expected to be
practiced at all times in accordance to the Cub Scout Promise and the Scout Law. Cub Scouts and
siblings are the responsibility of the parent/ guardian.

The use of electronic entertainment devices is prohibited at all pack meetings. Profanity should not be
used during any pack function. All mobile phones, pagers etc. should be turned off during pack
meetings. Drug, alcohol and tobacco use is prohibited at any pack function. (CSLB 8-2) At campouts,
the pack may designate a tobacco area away from the scouts.

Pack 205 registrations are currently $50.00 which covers the first 15 months of scouting, a subscription
to Boy’s Life magazine, a Pack 205 Utility Tee shirt and the scout’s first handbook. Subsequent annual
registration fees for scouts that have remained active will be paid for by the pack as pack funds allow.
(As of September 2002)

Each den will require dues to help pay the cost of materials used at den meetings. Den dues are set and
collected by each den leader. It is the intention of the Pack Committee that each boy earn money (at
home doing extra chores around the house for example) to pay his den dues. The desire is for the
scouts to get a sense that they are earning their own way.

Pack 205 feels that family finances should not pose a roadblock to any boy being able to participate in
scouting. Should fees or any costs become a problem for your family, please contact the Pack
Committee Chairperson or Cubmaster. Scholarships and assistance may be available as pack funds
allow. All such requests will remain completely confidential within the pack committee.

There is one way all Scouts are alike. Whenever a Scout sees another Scout in uniform, even in another
country, he knows he is like that person because both have committed to the principles of the Scout
Promise and Scout Law. By wearing the uniform Scouts and Leaders are taking an open stand for their

The scouts and leaders should wear their Class A uniforms to all Pack meetings and activities, den
meetings, Leader Training, and outings. For certain outdoor activities or camping that may cause
damage to the uniform; we would like the boys to wear their official scout caps (to identify them as
scouts) and a Pack T-shirt we call the class B uniform that should be worn for such activities. This
class B shirt should be included in your son’s initial registration packet. You may at time hear the
Class B uniformed referred to as the utility uniform. Likewise, the Class A uniform is occasionally
referred to as a field uniform.

Pack 205 families need to provide their scout with his own uniform. The pack provides advancement
badges that will need to be sewn onto the uniform in the appropriate places. Pack 205 conducts special
ceremonies to mark the scouts’ graduation from one rank to the next. When pack funds allow, the pack
has recently split the cost with each family to provide the appropriate neckerchief, slide, hat and
handbook as a part of these ceremonies.

Scouts wear the blue Cub Scout uniform. We encourage the Webelos, especially the second year
Webelos, to wear the khaki Boy Scout uniform shirt.

Uniforms can be bought at our Scout Shop where they are very knowledgeable and will help
you get your son properly uniformed. The Scout shop is located in Ontario (just West of
Mountain Avenue) at:

       1135 W. Fourth St., Suites 3 and 4
       Ontario CA 91762
       909-984-0064 Fax

There are other local scout shops located in Redlands, Anaheim, Santa Ana, Long Beach, West
Covina and Pasadena.

Please note: All Class A shirts need to include the following patches- World crest, 205 unit
number, den number (to be determined by the pack), and a California Inland Empire Council
Shoulder patch.

It should be noted that if the blue uniform shirt is purchased slightly on the large side, it might
last a boy from first grade through third grade. As a Webelos Scout, a boy would then switch to
the khaki uniform shirt that can also be used in Boy Scouts.

The official Class A uniform is:

Tiger           Blue Cub Scout shirt, Tiger Cub hat, orange & blue Tiger neckerchief,
        Tiger Cub slide (or any hand made slide), Cub Scout belt with Tiger                Cub
buckle. Optional items include the blue & orange Tiger Cub                         socks, and
official dark blue Cub Scout pants or shorts. Dark blue or          blue jean pants or shorts
may be worn instead of the official pants as         long as they are neat and do not have holes
in them.

Wolf           Blue Cub Scout shirt, Wolf hat, yellow & blue Wolf neckerchief,             Wolf
       slide (or any hand made slide), and Cub Scout belt with Cub         Scout buckle.
       Optional items include the blue & yellow Cub Scout socks, and       official dark blue
       Cub Scout pants or shorts. Dark blue or blue jean pants or shorts may be worn instead
       of the official pants as long as they are neat and do not have holes in them.

Bear           Blue Cub Scout shirt, Bear hat, light blue & blue Bear neckerchief,          Bear
       slide (or any hand made slide), and Cub Scout belt with Cub Scout buckle. Optional
       items include the blue & yellow Cub Scout socks, and          official dark blue Cub Scout
       pants or shorts. Dark blue or blue jean       pants or shorts may be worn instead of the
       official pants as long as they are neat and do not have holes in them.

Webelos       Blue Cub Scout shirt, Webelos hat, plaid Webelos neckerchief,
              Webelos slide (or any hand made slide), and Cub Scout belt with Webelos
       Scout buckle. Optional items include the blue & yellow Cub       Scout socks, and

       official dark blue Cub Scout pants or shorts. Dark blue or blue jean pants or shorts
       may be worn instead of the official pants as long as they are neat and do not have
       holes in them.

                       --or the Preferred Webelos Uniform…—
               Khaki Boy Scout shirt (with blue shoulder epilates), Webelos hat, plaid Webelos
               neckerchief, Webelos slide (or any hand made slide), and Cub Scout belt with
               Webelos Scout buckle. Optional items include the green & red Boy Scout socks,
               and official green BSA pants or shorts. Dark blue, green or blue jean pants or
               shorts may be worn instead of the official pants as long as they are neat and do
               not have holes in them.

Leaders         Khaki Boy Scout shirt (with blue shoulder epilates), hat, neckerchief,
        slide (or any hand made slide), and Boy Scout Belt of one sort or the                other.
Optional items include the green & red Boy Scout socks, and                  official green BSA
pants or shorts. Dark blue, green or blue jean pants         or shorts may be worn instead of the
official pants as long as they are            neat and do not have holes in them.

               Female leaders may choose the yellow blouse with blue pants or skirt option.
               The scout shop can help you with this option if you are interested in it.

Scouts learn by and are rewarded by advancing. Advancement teaches useful skills, leadership and
service, and rewards the scout for achievements he has completed within his den and at home with his
parents. The Cubmaster or den leaders may require a specific level of advancement for some activities,
due to the nature of that activity or as an inducement to encourage the scout to truly do his best.

Pack 205 expects each scout to advance regularly. Our goal is for new scouts to earn his Bobcat badge
by his second Pack Meeting and for all boys to earn their rank in time to be awarded at the Blue & Gold
Dinner that is normally held on the last Saturday in February.

The first three ranks (Tiger, Wolf and Bear) emphasize the fun and basic skills of scouting. Webelos
emphasizes advanced skills and knowledge necessary to successfully transition into Boy Scouting.
Advancement in Pack 205 will operate in accord with the requirements contained in the current editions
of the appropriate BSA literature.

Den Leaders will notify the advancement chairman when boys have earned a badge of rank. Likewise,
Webelos Den Leaders will notify the advancement chairman when boys have earned a Webelos activity
pin. In both cases, the advancement chairman will fill out the appropriate report required by the Council
and purchase the awards for presentation at the next pack meeting. The pack pays for all such awards.

Pack 205 also encourages scouts and their parents to participate in a wide variety of activities meant to
broaden the experiences of the individual, and will recognize scouts for their efforts by awarding belt
loops and pins from the BSA Academics and Sports Program.

Because each of the Academics and Sports Awards can be earned more than once, the committee may
elect to limit pack purchases to not include duplicate awards during a scout’s tenure. This policy,
however, shall not prevent a parent from purchasing the duplicate award, nor does it prevent the award
from being officially recognized and/ or presented to the scout.

The Arrow of Light is the highest award that can be earned in Cub Scouts, and the only Cub Scouting
award that can be displayed on their Boy Scout uniform. It represents great dedication and effort on
behalf of the scout and his family. Pack 205 strongly believes that those that have earned the Arrow of
Light receive appropriate recognition. The pack leadership should provide and impressive award
ceremony for those that achieve this high honor.

                                         Service Projects
Part of the Cub Scout Promise is “To Help Other People”. Pack 205 will strive to provide opportunities
for the scouts to help others. Some of these projects may be more difficult than others. Some may be
downright fun. Pack 205 encourages scouts to participate in service projects through recognition and
awards, in the belief that as they grow older they will discover service as its own reward.

While Pack 205 must collect an initial registration fee, that fee primarily covers the cost of registering
your boy with the Boy Scouts of America, unit insurance, and annual subscription to Boy’s Life, his
Class B pack tee shirt, and his first handbook. Pack 205 traditionally pays for the re-registration of each
active scout in subsequent years. To pay for this and awards, pack supplies, food for events throughout
the program year, and all other pack expenses Pack 205 conducts an annual fundraiser each fall, selling
Trail’s End Gourmet Popcorn. Prizes are awarded to the boys based on how much they and their family
sell. Other fundraisers may be necessary if we ever fall short on our fundraising goals to avoid having to
cut back on our activities. The pack committee reserves the right to require a special assessment in the
even that available pack funds were to drop to below $400.

Pack 205 is supported in part by a separate non-profit organization named the Friends and Families of
Scouting in Chino. This organization has obtained the privilege of selling fireworks at one of only 28
Fireworks booths allowed in the City of Chino. We encourage the Pack Parents to support the efforts of
this organization. The sell of fireworks is limited to July 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th. The fireworks booth is set-
up and stocked on June 30th. When this organization does well it will greatly reduce the need for other
fundraising the rest of the program year.

No person will be required to participate in the Pack’s fundraising. However, if a Cub Scout and/or his
family do not participate, they shall make a monetary contribution to the Pack in an amount determined
by the Pack Committee in order to fund their boy’s share of the Pack’s expenses.

                                     Camping Guidelines
Pack 205 strives to ensure that several outings each year include camping opportunities. Webelos
scouts will typically have more opportunities than the younger scouts. The scout and his entire family
are encouraged to attend family camps. The Boy Scouts of America have established guidelines for its
members’ participation in camping activities.

A Cub Scout may participate in overnight camping when supervised by his mother or father. If a
parent cannot attend, the boy’s family must make arrangements for another adult relative to be a
substitute for a parent at the campout. Webelos Scouts may attend a campout without a parent or
relative under the following conditions.

When staying in tents, no youth will stay in the tent of an adult other than his or her parent or guardian.
Webelos Scouts at certain approved outings (such as Webelosree) may stay in a tent with other boys
without a parent, but still may not stay in a tent occupied by any adult who is not his parent or guardian
even if a parent or guardian is also present. In no case is a single scout allowed to be in a tent overnight
by himself.

                                       Safety Guidelines
Pack 205 will at all times abide by the BSA standards found in the Guide to Safe Scouting which can
be found online at . Pack 205 strives to have properly
trained leaders. Training includes Safety Afloat/ Safe Swim Training, BALOO (Basic Adult Leader
Outdoor Orientation), Youth Protection and Basic Leader Training.

Use of Knives by Cub Scouts

To earn the privileged to carry and/or use a pocketknife at cub scouting functions, scouts must be in
the third grade or older and have earned the Whittling Chip Award by completing the Shavings and
Chips (Achievement 19) in the Bear Handbook. Please do not allow your boy to handle, carry or use a
knife until they meet these requirements. Pack 205 encourages this award, as we feel it teaches respect
for safety and personal property.

In return for the privilege of carrying a pocketknife at Cub Scout functions only (and never at school),
the scout must understand the rules for safe use of a pocketknife and handle his pocketknife with care.
Failure to follow the guidelines in any way will result in the suspension of his carrying privilege. BSA
guidelines provide that a scout’s knife must be a folding knife with a blade shorter than the palm of the
boy’s hand. Cub Scouts may only carry a pocket knife and may not carry a locking single blade jack

                               Review of this Handbook
It is the intention of the Pack Committee to review this handbook annually each summer and publish
updated versions each year in September. Any parent or leader who would like to see portions of this
handbook revised should propose such changes in writing and submit to the Committee Chair or the

                                  Scout Bucks Program
In order to reward our scouts for participating in the pack, have a little fun, teach RESPONSIBILITY,
and Self-Discipline. Pack 205 has a program we call “Scout Bucks.” Scout Bucks are a form of script
(money) that the boys earn throughout the year by participating in various events. The Scout Bucks are
then used at our annual auction in August. This is the only time they are used. If the Scout Bucks are
not used they may not be carried over to the following program year.

                  Hey, how does a scout earn Scout Bucks?
      Wearing uniform to pack meetings earns 10.
      Participating in a color guard (other than at a pack meeting) earns 10.
      Pack activities (campouts, parades, outings, derbies and such) earns 20.
      Parents attending Parents’ Meeting earns 20.
      Participating in a Promoting Scouting Event earns 30!

   How do I find out about these activities?
   Ask your den leader! Or visit the pack web site at
   Check out the Newsletter! OR better yet…
   Get your favorite adult to attend the Monthly Parent Meeting!
   And earn 20 scout bucks for yourself in the process!

   Of course there are RULES!
   YOU, the scout, are responsible for ensuring that you are checked into the event!
   At the auction, scouts may not combine their bucks.
   Scout Buck Chair, Mrs. Olguin is the ultimate authority! What she says goes!

                                        Mr. McGarry says…
                                     REMEMBER you should
                                  ARRIVE AT LEAST 10 MINUTES
                                      before the start time
                                        of any event!!!!!!


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