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					                                            Freedom News
      Ca l if o rn i a As s o c ia t io n                                                               November/December 2010            Volume 9, Issue 6
          of A lc o h ol is m an d
      D ru g A b us e C ou ns e l ors       President’s Corner
                                            By: Jose (Joe) D. Aragon III, CADC II, ICADC, SAP
     Inside this issue:                                      It‘s amazing how one hour can impact        Thompson and Police Officer III Brodie Seagrave who
                                                             a person‘s life. You are either the type    are bridging the gap and educating about the disease
                                                             of individual who thrives at the com-       of addiction within their Behavioral Science Services
                                                             puter and office at 4:00 p.m. or you        Division. Thank you gentlemen for what you do on a
   Legislative Round up                 2                    are the one who debates making a            daily basis. Be safe out there. I also want to thank
   Ethics Corner                        3                    Starbucks run before your 5:00 group        professional musician, Denny Seiwell, for his inspiring
                                                             session because you need that latte or      story. We appreciated him and his wife taking the
   Certification Chronicles             3                    mocha boost. Are you finding yourself       time out of their special weekend to be with us and
                                            falling asleep before 8:00 p.m. because it looks like        support our event. I am also appreciative of the sup-
   CFAAP Dispatch                       4   midnight outside? Well, you can thank Mother Nature          port from long-time member and CAADAC Conference
                                            for impacting your internal clock since we set our clocks    presenter Mr. Roland Williams who closed out with a
   Celebration of Recovery              5
                                            back on November 7th! We are definitely in the midst         presentation on Working Effectively with Difficult Cli-
                                            of a new season. Just take a look at what the stores         ents and Gaining Positive Outcomes. I also enjoyed
   at San Quentin
                                            have on display and are promoting---Christmas stuff!         spending time with those who attended the President‘s
   Important Election                   6   Oh well, I shouldn‘t be surprised.                           Dinner and Awards Ceremony. Congratulations to all
   Information                                                                                           who received such honors!
                                            I want to express my appreciation to all who attended
   CAADAC Board                     7-10    the annual CAADAC Conference on September 30th-
   Candidate Statements                     October 3rd in Irvine, Ca. I believe this year‘s confer-
                                            ence was perhaps the most diverse and most successful
   CCBADC Board                   11-12
                                            thus far. This could not have been accomplished without
   Candidate Statements                     the hard work of our Conference Chair, Russ Arnett and
                                            his committee, exhibitors, presenters, sponsors, the
   National Advocacy Up-               13
                                            CAADAC Board members, Executive Board members,
   date                                     CAADAC staff, and our Executive Director, Rhonda
   Regional Round Up              14-17
                                            Messamore. I have received nothing but positive feed-
                                            back via phone calls, e-mail, and face-to-face discus-
                                            sions regarding the great work put in to this year‘s con-
   Award Winners                       18   ference. Thank you to you all for your time, energy,
                                            and most of all, commitment. You are greatly appreci-        From left to right: Jerry Synold, Tim Sinnott, Jody Barns, Alan
   CAADAC Agency                       19   ated.                                                        Johnson, Warren Daniels III, Joe Aragon III.
                                            Once again, Lee Mun Wah stirred things up in our Pre-        In conclusion, I am so appreciative of being a part of a
   Employment Opportunities            20   Conference plenary as he discussed Getting Real About        professional association that truly respects the wishes
   and Professional Seeking                 Racism which explored cultural competency and profi-         and interests of its members as CAADAC. I value each
   Opportunities                            ciency issues. The interactive exercises throughout his      and every one of you and all that you do in educating,
                                            presentation are to be remembered. Thank you brother         counseling, and training about this brain disease. Let us
   CAADAC Calendar                     21   Mun Wah for your continued support of CAADAC.
                                                                                                         cherish each day as well as each of our relationships.
                                            I know you also enjoyed the Ethics presentation by our       Sadly, one of our very own, Mr. Duke Earl Walker,
                                            very own (even though she is out of state) Dr. Jennifer      passed away on October 24th. He displayed a level
                                            Berton. Yes, I did win an ethics key chain from her!         of integrity and professionalism that is to be com-
Our Mission
                                            Thank you Jen for your presentation, it was interactive      mended. He was passionate about being a clinician
                                            and thought-provoking. I want to also thank Dr. Phyllis      but more so as an instructor because he knew he could
CAADAC’s mission is to unify                Gardner for her presentation on Family Culture. Not
                                                                                                         make more of a positive impact on our profession by
addiction focused professionals             only was her information insightful but the style and
                                            approach in which she articulated it---Texas-style! I        teaching students how to be an ethical and proficient
interested in achieving excel-
                                            truly enjoyed it. The presentation that you did not want     substance abuse counselor. He always said, ―Life is
lence through the attainment of
                                            to take the time to blink in was that by Mr. Marshall        Beautiful Baby‖ and you know what? It is. We cele-
the highest levels of advocacy,
                                            Rosier. His presentation on Medication Assisted Treat-       brate his life and will continue the work at hand.
competency and ethics.                      ment (MATS) was a wealth of knowledge. It truly was          Shortly before his passing, Duke was featured on Steps
                                            timely as we see a new trend of treatment methodology        Recovery, Volume 16 Issue 9. A truly inspiring story of
                                            for the opiate-dependent patient.                            selflessness!!!
                                            Thank you to all who attended our PAC event and
                                            heard inspiring words from LAPD Sergeant II Dan              Aloha!   Joe
      Page 1                                                                                                                           CAADAC’s Freedom Newsletter
Legislative Round-Up: Louie Brown,
Kahn, Soares and Conway

               When the Republican tidal           budget to a simple majority. Now the De-
               wave that changed the control       mocrats can pass a state budget without any         CAADAC’s Legislative Commit-
               of Congress and the leader-         republican votes. This is exactly what they         tee is one of the most active ad-
               ship in a number of states east     wanted.
               of Nevada crashed as it hit                                                             vocacy groups in California. If
               the California border, most         Proposition 26 was written off for dead by its
               who know California politics        proponents with weeks left in the campaign
                                                                                                       you would like to learn more
               were not surprised. The hard        because polling numbers showed it did not           about the legislative committee
               facts are difficult to overcome.    have a chance to pass. This proposition, pri-
First, Democrats have the advantage in voter       marily funded by business groups, tobacco,          or have questions or comments
registration. They outnumber Republicans by        alcohol and oil interests, changes the constitu-
2 million voters. Second, California voters        tional definition of what is considered a tax to    contact the office:
tend to be more energized to vote than vot-        now include most fees. The significance of the
ers in other states.     California democrats      measure is it changes the vote threshold  
turned out in higher percentages than other        needed for those fees from a majority to a
states, whereas Republican turnout was not as      2/3. So, the attempts in recent years by the
strong as predicted.                               Legislature to impose a nickel a drink fee to
                                                   help fund emergency rooms and addiction
So, at the time of me drafting this article, the   programs with only a majority vote now can
democrats swept all but one of the statewide       only pass with a 2/3 vote, essentially elimi-
elected offices – Steve Cooley, republican         nating most chances these fees will ever occur.
candidate for Attorney General leads the
race by 20,000 votes with more than 1 mil-         Now the democrats have the authority and
lion left to be counted. The democrats in the      responsibility to pass an on-time budget but
Assembly also succeeded in picking up one          have been restricted in their ability to find
seat, making the official count in that house      new revenues to make it happen. As one
52 democrats to 28 republicans. The senate         political observer put it – ―They are the like
remains the same at 25 democrats and 15            the dog that just caught the car‖. The voters
republicans. While the numbers only changed        have spoken and have made it clear they
slightly, the people in office are very differ-    want the state to run on time and within its
ent. Due to term limits, one-third of the 120      means.
legislators in the Legislature are new.
                                                   This new world of California politics creates
Governor Jerry Brown is set to return in Janu-     opportunities for CAADAC. As your legisla-
ary to a third term as Governor of the Great       tive representatives, we have already begun
State. The politics he faces in 2011 are much      the process of reaching out to new members
different than those faced in his first two        and educating them about the need for a
terms. The Legislature is now led by relative      strong licensure program that professionalizes
rookies due to term limits as compared to the      the industry while also protecting the current
‗career politicians‘ that ruled the Capitol in     workforce. We want this new crop of deci-
the 70‘s. The budget deficit for the remain-       sion makers to understand that CAADAC is a
der of this fiscal year and fiscal year 2011-      leader in the industry focused on results not
12 is projected to be $25.4 billion. The total     conflict, but that we will also fight for what is
budget for the state in the fiscal year 1978-      right when pushed. In order for us to be suc-
79 was $26.6 billion.                              cessful, we will need your help. If you are in
                                                   an Assembly or Senate district with a new
The Governor is also a different person hav-       member, we need you to outreach to that
ing served as Mayor of Oakland, leader of          person and his or her staff and educate them
the State Democratic Party, and Attorney           about the important role you play in the lives
General since he was last in the Governor‘s        of your clients. Together, we will achieve the
office. He now brings 40 plus years of ex-         results needed to protect counselors and cli-
perience to the office.                            ents in California.

The voters made the climate even more inter-       Warmly,
esting with the passage of Propositions 25
and 26.                                            Louie

Until the passage of Proposition 25, Califor-
nia was only one of three states with a 2/3
vote requirement to pass a budget. This vote
requirement has led to nearly every budget
for the last 15 years to be late, with the re-
cord for late budgets being set this year
when it was more than 100 days overdue.
Proposition 25 lowers the vote threshold for a

Page 2                                                                                                                CAADAC’s Freedom Newsletter
Ethics Corner by Mark Scott, Ethics Chair
                  I voted in Tuesday, November 2nd election. A week before doing so, I asked various colleagues, if they were going to vote. To my
                  surprise, several of them said no. Four of them had not even registered in spite of the fact that they had no legal limits preventing
                  them. I was shocked. Their answers ranged from – ―I don‘t know who to vote for‖; ―It won‘t make a difference anyway; ‗they‘ are
                  going to do what they want‖; ―I don‘t know, I just didn‘t think about it‖. These are intelligent, caring, hardworking individuals and
                  yet they abdicated their right and responsibilities! I pointed out to them that people in this country and many in third world countries
                  who recently received the right to vote, have risked their lives doing so. This argument did not seem to impress them.

I think that counselors who do not vote violate Principle 12: Societal Obligations of our Code of Ethics. This principle states that ―The alcoholism and
drug abuse counselor should advocate changes in public policy and legislation to afford opportunity and choice for all persons whose lives are im-
paired by the disease of alcoholism and other forms of drug addiction.‖ There are many ways to ―advocate‖ for ―changes in public policy and legisla-
tion‖ to accomplish the above. Letter writing, Public education seminars/lectures, News articles and articles in professional journals, One-on-One dis-
cussions with family members and friends, and voting! Voting not only for proposed legislation like the counselor licensing legislation recently pro-
posed but also for candidates who most favor the allocation of funds for treatment and/or sentencing guidelines that favor treatment with incarcera-
tion or treatment instead of incarceration. All of these efforts are important and vital to change in public policy and perception.

―The counselors should inform the public through active civic and professional participation in community affairs of the effects of alcoholism and drug
addiction and should act to guarantee that all persons, especially the needy and disadvantaged, have access to the necessary resources and services.‖
The spirit of this statement is that the counselor should make the effort to be aware of what is going on in the larger community around them. They should
then take action to assist, even in the smallest of ways, ―to guarantee that all persons, especially the needy and disadvantaged, have access to the nec-
essary resources and services.‖ In a society such as ours in which we are allowed and privileged to elect representatives that reflect the will of the people,
making a statement via the ballot is an important and vital means having our voice heard.

It is not likely that any counselor will receive a sanction for not voting. It is a matter of integrity and maturity. The addict mentality says ―I am an island unto
myself‖, ―what I do does not affect others‖. The recovering mentality realizes that ―no man/woman is an island unto themselves‖; that what I do or do not
do does affect others! So, I say to you who voted, Good for You! You have upheld the spirit of Principle 12 of the Code of Ethics!

With respect,

Mark Scott, Ethics Chair

Certification Chronicles by: Jim Sellars, Chair
                  Great news! The IC&RC               better place for our children and grandchil-           Until next time,
                  approved on demand CBT              dren!
                  and it will be available in
                  January 2011.            The        Please join me in thanking those who served
                                                                                                             Jim Sellars, Chair
                  CCBADC certification board          CCBADC in the last term for their efforts, dedi-
                  meeting is also in January so       cation and sacrifices. We wish all of you well
                  they will be busy setting           and hope that your service to the CCBADC was
                  new deadline dates for              fulfilling.
portfolio submissions and written exam appli-
cations; please watch for revised manuals
and applications on our website in February.
                                                      Mary Zar – CCBADC Treasurer                                          CCBADC
There are many details to work out, but over-         Richard Olivarez –Board Member
all, CCBADC will be able to offer the written
exam throughout the year and individuals will         Kenneth Moody –Board Member
be able to schedule their test once their port-
folio has been approved and they have been            Andi Gletty –Board Member
notified of such approval. Of course, this
means faster testing cycles and more oppor-           BJ Davis – Vice Chair
tunity for candidates to schedule the exam
(computer based) at a testing center near             Please keep a look-out for some new and up-
them.                                                 coming endeavors that CCBADC will be rolling
                                                      out in the coming year.
Again, I would like to remind you that the
CCBADC will no longer be offering the pa-             At the 2010 Annual Conference one such men-
per/pencil written exam after December                tor was honored and I would like to congratu-
2010. As you know we have been striving to            late Mr. Jerry Synold for receiving the 2010
be ―green‖ over the last several years. We            Deanna Toothman award! To those of you who
have an electronic newsletter, electronic com-        continue to mentor others, please know, it is
munications, and our newest green move is the         such mentorship that allows our candidates to
computer based testing. So, 2011 marks                succeed. Thank you!
another step in CCBADC decreasing our car-
bon footprint and making our environment a

Page 3                                                                                                                                CAADAC’s Freedom Newsletter
CFAAP Dispatch
By: Warren Daniels, Chairperson

               Welcome to the CFAAP corner of the Freedom newsletter. This is where we relay to you information about all the activities, events,
               and initiatives CFAAP is working on. CFAAP has been busy this year ensuring the highest quality training is provided to our cetifi-
               cants and other addiction focused professionals in California.

               Our updated policies and procedures focused on provider quality has enhanced the overall provision of continuing education
throughout California. As we found the response to CFAAP overwhelming we knew early on that it would be important to hire and develop staff
who could respond to the professional needs of our workforce in California.

CFAAP is excited to tell you about some new happenings at CFAAP and what to look forward to in 2011. Through the leadership of our adminis-
trative agreement with CAADAC we were able to hire a staff person devoted primarily to CFAAP to do both training and marketing. Some of you
may know him, his name is Pete Nielsen. Pete brings a number of years of experience to CFAAP and we look forward to the great things he will
bring to the profession through CFAAP.

In the January Freedom you will hear about the many upcoming training across the state that Pete has put together. The latter will include a series
of trainings to be held at the new CFAAP Training Center in Rancho Cordova as well as taking a number of other renewal trainings on the road
such as SAP renewal trainings, MATS (Medication Assisted Treatment Specialist) for those working in clinical and medical model programs across
the state. This training was developed by the Connecticut Certification Board in collaboration with SAMHSA.

As we head down the road of 2010 and reflect back on the year, we have learned much from all of you and look forward to the many knew
training options for you and your agencies in 2011. We look forward to another successful legislative session partnering with CAADAC in support
of our profession.

Here‘s to wishing you all a safe and wholesome Holiday Season – we have much to do in 2011.

All my best!


CFAAP Approved Schools

   Advanced Education Associates                          Healthstaff Training Institute                      Training Institute for Addiction
   American River Colleges                                Intercoast Colleges                                  Counselors
   Bethany University
                                                           Los Angeles City College                            UCLA Extension
   California Mind Institute Inc.
   California State University, Dominguez Hills           Los Angeles Training Institute for Alcohol          UC San Diego Extension
   Centaur University                                      & Drug Counseling, LLC                              University of the Pacific CPCE
   Charles Drew University of Medicine and                Loyola Marymount University Extension               Westcare Center for Behav-
                                                           Mueller College                                      ioral health
   College of the Siskiyos
   Continuing Education, Cal State University             National University Polytechnic Institute           William Jessup University
    East Bay                                               Options Drug and Alcohol Counseling                 William R mead Training
   Cosumnes River College                                  School                                               Academy
   Diablo Valley College                                  Pharmatox, Inc.
   The Distance Learning Center

Page 4                                                                                                                   CAADAC’s Freedom Newsletter
Celebration of Recovery at San Quentin Prison, By: Jim Sellars, CCBADC Chair

                                         From Left to Right: John Madsen, Jim Sellars, Vincent Cullen, and Rick Baez.

September is the month to help communities nationwide by celebrating individuals, programs and volunteers that have been instrumental in the sup-
port of recovery. It also highlights the impact of addiction treatment on rehabilitation and provides education that drug and alcohol addictions are
treatable and encourages support for those who recognize the need of treatment and recovery as an instrumental part of rehabilitation.

On Saturday, September 25th, in recognition of National Recovery month, a celebration of recovery was held on the lower yard of San Quentin
Prison. There were several members(inmates) of the ACT (Addiction Counselor Training) program onsite who were recognized for their achievements
in pursuing CCBADC Certification and ongoing work with The ARC (Addiction Recovery Counseling) program which provides substance abuse treat-
ment to inmates inside San Quentin Prison.

A proclamation declaring September as Recovery Month at San Quentin Prison was read by Warden, Vincent S. Cullen and presented to the alumni
of San Quentin‘s ARC addiction treatment program. CCBADC Chair, Jim Sellars and CAADAC Secretary, John Madsen were deeply impressed with
his genuine support of these programs.

Entertainment was provided by the nationally known comedian, Al Joyce and music was provided by several extremely talented inmate bands.

In attendance at this event was Program Director, Rick Baez, a dynamic and dedicated individual who facilitates along with Kiki Kessler, the Addic-
tion Recovery Counseling program. Several members of CCBADC/CAADAC including Jim Sellars, Certification Chair, and John Madsen, Secretary of
CAADAC were present. Also present were the Addiction Recovery Counseling (ARC) Alumni Association with the Fresh Start Alumni Association of
John Muir Behavioral Health‘s Center for Recovery and volunteers from Support4Recovery.

The ACT Program was the first of its kind in the nation. The program originated by inmates recognizing the need for treatment and recovery as an
instrumental part of their own rehabilitation. It allows for a unique application of local non-profits doing coordination of training and case manage-
ment coupled with utilizing Navy Addiction Counselor trainers, all supported by CAADAC/CCBADC to provide a cost effective response to inmate
substance abuse treatment and vocational training and placement of highly qualified counselors upon their release from prison.

                                                                                                  SAVE THE DATE:
                                                                         CAADAC's 31st Annual Conference at the
                                                                                            Sacramento Sheraton!
                                                                                 September 29 - October 2, 2011
Page 5                                                                                                                    CAADAC’s Freedom Newsletter

                                CAADAC FULL MEMBERS ONLY!

The elections this year, as announced in previous Freedom News and at the annual conference will be a hybrid
election. The easiest way for members to vote is to vote on the web. However, since we recognize that may
not be feasible for everyone, you may vote by paper ballot. However, please note, you must request your pa-
per ballot ASAP (no later than 11/30/2010.) You may fax or email your request for a paper ballot to the
office at 916.368.9424 (fax) or by emailing: All full members were sent a notifica-
tion of the elections via USPS to the address on file at the office. (Post card below was mailed.)

Note, the post card below describes how to vote on the web. You will find the link and directions below.
Please note, polls open on November 15, 2010 at 8am (PST) and close on December 31, 2010 11:59pm (PST).

 CAADAC/CCBADC ELECTIONS!                                   ELECTIONS BEGIN ON 11/15/2010 AT 8AM
                                                               AND END ON 12/31/2010 11:59PM

               TAKE A MOMENT TO MAKE
                       A DIFFERENCE!

    You can vote securely online, go to:

                                                           IF YOU PREFER TO VOTE VIA SNAIL MAIL, YOU MUST REQUEST
                                                           A HARD-COPY BALLOT. CONTACT CAADAC IMMEDIATELY!
            VOTE ON THE WEB NOW!
                                                                   FAX:     916/368-9424

                                                                   PHONE: 916/368-9412
         POLLS CLOSE DECEMBER 31, 2010
              Log in: your last name                       Failure to request a hardcopy ballot by November 30th, will avail
    (Example: John Doe would enter: doe) Do not include     you only electronic means to vote. Hardcopy ballot must be post
   apostrophe’s (‘) and if you have a hyphenated last name,
                                                           marked by 12/31/2010 . Failure to have ballot postmarked and
                                                           sent by 12/31/2010 will automatically invalidate it.

Page 6                                                                                                  CAADAC’s Freedom Newsletter
(Candidates below have been nominated to serve on the CAADAC Board)

John Madsen, CADC II, ICADC.

I am currently employed as the Program Director at Cache Creek Lodge, a 39-bed residential treatment program in Woodland, Cali-
fornia. I have worked in this profession since 1999 and became certified in 2001. I have attended every CAADAC conference since
2001 and was CAADAC certified in 2005. I‘m currently enrolled in school working towards a Bachelors degree in psychology. I was
appointed as Region 5 Director where I helped revive Region 5 with multiple trainings and events. While serving as the Region 5 Di-
rector I was an active member on the Quality Assurance Committee.

Since being elected as your Secretary on the Executive Committee, I have taken the lead role on the Policies and Procedures Commit-
tee. I take my role on the Executive Committee seriously and hope to put my experience to work as President Elect. I have partici-
pated in developing relationships with many of our constituents while actively participating on the Legislative Committee and all its
efforts to garner Licensure for our profession. I am committed to building upon the efforts that the founders of CAADAC began,
working to unify our profession, develop cultural diversity within the profession, develop more member benefits and work closely with
CFAAP on Workforce Development issues such as higher pay for counselors , more money allocated for treatment and treatment pro-

I am committed to assisting our members to continue to stand for excellence and strive to be the best we can be. I believe with your
support we can accomplish these goals, so VOTE John Madsen for President Elect!!!!!

No candidates nominated for this position.

Page 7                                                                                                      CAADAC’s Freedom Newsletter
(Candidates below have been nominated to serve on the CAADAC Board)



Russel Arnett, III

My name is Russel Arnett and I am asking you to re-elect me as your Region 1 North Vice President. Currently I work for Mount San
Jacinto College as their Director of Alcohol and Drug Program and as an Associate Professor. Also, I work part-time at Hemet Valley
Recovery Center as a Case Manager in their Detoxification and Residential units. I have been working as a counselor in this profes-
sion for over 15 years. I have been a member of CAADAC since 1994 and a Certified Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor II since July
1997. I also have served as an Orals Board Commissioner for CCBADC since October 2002. I have been the Director of Region 1
North since February 2006. I was the Conference Committee Chairman for the 2008 and the 2010 CAADAC conferences. As your
Vice-President I will continue to represent our region as your voice to the CAADAC Board of Directors. I will continue to hold mini-
conferences throughout Riverside, San Bernardino and Orange County. My desire is to continue to bring a standard of excellence to
our region. Thank you for your time and your vote.

Rosemarie Wheeler

My name is Rosemarie Wheeler and I have been a member of CAADAC for the past three years. I became certified as a CADCA at
the beginning of 2010 and plan to become a CAADAC 1 in 2011. I have been employed with A Better Tomorrow Treatment Center
as a full time substance abuse counselor since August of 2009 after completing my Internship with them. At A Better Tomorrow I lead
several groups in education and process of addictions and carry a caseload of both male and female clients. I am now one of the
lead counselors with the company and I truly love working as a counselor.

It is an honor to be a member of CAADAC and to have the opportunity to help spread the voice of the counselors in Sacramento. I
plan to continue in my CEU training as well and would love the opportunity to meet and greet the people in our region and hear what
they have to say. Although I have been a member for three years, I am new to many of you, but I would like the opportunity to get
out and meet you.


Jose Suarez

I have worked for the past five years for CRC Health Corp. at a clinic in Chula Vista CA as a lead counselor. I have been volunteering
and working in the field of treatment of addiction and dysfunctional behavior since 1994. I graduated with an AA in Behavioral Sci-
ences and Chemical Dependence at San Diego City College, I graduated from the University of Phoenix with a Bachelor in Science in
Human Services, and I am currently working on my Master Degree in Psychology. My professional goal is to continue to work with
those affected by the disease of addiction and dysfunctional behaviors as a license counselor.

I am an active member of a 12 step fellowship (for the past 18 years), Man Kind Project, and SGI-USA, I was a member of NCADD-
SD, CADDTP, CAADE, NADCP, and I volunteered for the past six years at Stand Down.

I joined CAADAC in 1996 I served on the board as the Director of Region 1 from 2005 to 2009. I request your support to work f or
you, by representing you at CAADAC‘S Board. I am ready to continue working in the efforts to get legislation passed which would
grant us licensure and the recognition as professionals. I will be your voice to express your ideas and concerns to improve CAADAC‘s
performance; I aspire to carry your suggestions for new certification that improve our employment opportunities. With determination I
continue working in providing you with quality workshops and a place to network. I plan to do all of these with loyalty and transpar-
ency .I have the necessary experience to complete the task you need. I pledge for your support.

Page 8                                                                                                       CAADAC’s Freedom Newsletter
(Candidates below have been nominated to serve on the CAADAC Board)

No candidates nominated for this position.

Jessie Parker
I have only recently taken the Program Director‘s position with a Better Tomorrow in Piru, Ca. with a ―Thank You‖ to someone special who shall re-
main nameless. Yogi was right, ―It ain‘t over ‗til it‘s over!‖
My career began in 1993 as an intern at Pathways in Bakersfield, which led me to Kern County Mental Health for 5 years, the new Cedar Women‘s
Center for 36 months, retirement, Extra- help positions with KCMH, a stint in the Prison at Wasco and now another adventure. This past summer a
friend/ colleague and I began working on a new project to help homeless or at-risk of homelessness female Veterans. I mention this because I have
moved on but James Leon, CADC-II is still there working on this issue. If you can offer anything please let me know or if you know of a homeless fe-
male Veteran, please get in touch with me.
My goal is to assist in maintain regular meeting in the Ventura area and help Crystal Bromley with other activities to keep our constituents informed.
We are planning to have regular meetings each month and hoping for more participation from the entire membership. I am proud to continue my
support for Licensure and humbled to be working alongside some of the best professionals in the field. I respectfully ask for your support, Jessie
Parker, CADC-II
No candidates nominated for this position.
Dana Anderson
No statement submitted.
No candidates nominated for this position.
Frederique Marks
My life experience and my desire to help others drew me to this field. For the past twelve years I have held a position as an alcohol and drug coun-
selor three for the County of Napa. My experience in the alcohol and drug field began 22 years ago. In 1989, I received my certification as an
alcohol and drug counselor in New Jersey. My various experience includes working in various capacities such as doing outreach, treatment
(residential and outpatient), perinatal and adolescent programs. I have had the opportunity of working with various groups including HIV, adoles-
cents, women, homeless and various ethnic groups. My passion is working with women including being an advocate for them. I have volunteered in
shelters, local food kitchens and hotlines for battered women. My association with CAADAC began in 1991. I presently have a CADCII and a ICADC
certification. I have been attending CAADAC conferences for the past 19 years to support the organization. If elected my goal is to continue to pro-
mote all areas of education and credentials to ensure our members are considered to be professionals. It will be an honor for me to serve on the
board if elected.

Page 9                                                                                                                    CAADAC’s Freedom Newsletter
(Candidates below have been nominated to serve on the CAADAC Board)


Myra Smith

Myra L. Smith, CADC II, CSAC II, CADC; I currently work at Friendship House Association of American Indians, Inc., San Francisco, CA..
My present title is Health Education Specialist/Tribal Outreach. I have been employed at Friendship House for 16 years in numerous
positions from A & D to Director of Women‘s Program. I provide Education on Health Topics and specialty groups such as ―Inner
Child,‖ ―Relationships,‖ and ―Domestic Violence.‖ I am a Commissioner for the Indian Alcoholism Commission of California, Inc. In 1997
to 2008, I volunteered at the Federal Correctional Institute in Dublin, California, as the Spiritual Leader to provide Inipi Ceremonies
and educational groups. I currently volunteer with the Native Men in San Quentin Prison, providing educational groups and support
with the Annual Pow Wow. I am also the recipient of the 2006 ―Local Hero Award‖ by KQED Channel 9, and the ―Distinguished
American Indian Woman Award‖ in 1997. I am the founder of ―Sober Sprits,‖ a clean and sober support group for Native Americans
in Recovery which began in 1998. My goals for Vice President of 4-Cental would be to offer innovative and regular training in a
state of the art facility at low cost to 4-Central counselors and other accredited professionals. I also would like open communication
with 4-North and 4-South Vice Presidents and help provide and coordinate trainings in their regions.


Dave Wagner

Greetings Region 4 South! I am running for Vice President of our region.

My academic qualifications include the completion of a doctorate in business administration. I teach in higher education and work as a
chemical dependency counselor for an ethnic-focused agency offering AOD outpatient treatment services in Santa Clara County. I am
taking the CADCA written exam in December 2010. I am also a member of NAADAC.

If elected, I will be here to support you in your career goals and to help grow the CAADAC sphere of influence, including our efforts
to attain licensure for this life-saving profession. There are many opportunities for professionals with substance abuse treatment cre-
dentials to exert leadership in integrated substance abuse and mental health treatment teams. I look forward to working with each of
you to build a strong support organization in Region 4S. I hope you will vote for me and make those goals a reality. Please join me
in defining our future.


Karl Hexberg

Greetings to all Region 5 CAADACians; my name is Karl Hexberg and I am currently your Region 5 Vice President. These last 2 years
I have been representing your interests on the CAADAC Board of Directors, where I also sit on the ethics committee. In addition, I am
active as an orals commissioner. Currently I am working at Community Recovery Resources in Grass Valley and have been there since
2003. I work mainly in the DUI program, however I have worked at all levels of care, sub acute detox, residential and out patient.
Should you decide to reelect me for another term as Vice President, I will strive to provide as many low cost trainings as possible. Al-
ways remember, by attending your regional trainings, you help support your regional representatives in attending the various activi-
ties, meetings we are asked to attend out of town. Again thanks for all your support in representing your interests to the Board of
Directors. Karl Hexberg CADC II, ICADC.

Page 10                                                                                                         CAADAC’s Freedom Newsletter
(Candidates below have been nominated to serve on the certification board.)

Nathaniel “Nat” Tollefson, CADC II
Nathaniel Tollefson, CADC II, BHS IV, CCGC-1 is currently employed with the County of Riverside Department of Mental Health-Substance Abuse
Programs as a Behavioral Health Specialist IV assigned to the countywide Drinking Driver Program and Start Team. Mr. Tollefson works extensively
with substance abuse and mental health clients and has over 15 years experience working in our profession. Nathaniel started his career working for
Sun Ray Addictions Counseling and Education working with Riverside County Superior Courts, California statewide Probation and Child Protection
Services. For the last 10 years, he has been working for Riverside County Mental Health Department, Substance Abuse Programs located in Hemet,
California. Mr. Tollefson has been instrumental in helping to develop and implement the Riverside County Southwest Criminal Drug Court program
―Southwest Recovery Opportunity Center‖ located in the cities of Hemet and Murrieta California. Mr. Tollefson has been a liaison within the commu-
nity to further build positive relationships between community members and treatment providers. Mr. Tollefson is an active member of the Private
Provider Contract Monitoring Team of Riverside County and has volunteered his service with the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI). Na-
thaniel volunteers as a proctor for the IC&RC written exams and is a conference committee member for Southern California area Region1 North.
Nathaniel Tollefson‘s organizational goals are to continue to help establish and enact standards for Counselor certification/recertification policies
and procedures. Continue to develop and encourage education requirements for AODA professionals and enhance our organization‘s public stand-
ing. Thank you for your support and vote.


No candidates nominated for this position.


Kenneth Moody, CADC II, CCS
No statement submitted.


No candidates nominated for this position.

Page 11                                                                                                                   CAADAC’s Freedom Newsletter
(Candidates below have been nominated to serve on the certification board.)


Paul “Buzz” Marston, CADC II, NCAC 1

I would like to introduce myself in this brief platform statement for the position of CCBADC Board member. I am currently the Execu-
tive Director of Research West Behavioral Health Services located in Los Gatos, California. I have been in private practice counseling
at Research West since 2004 and involved in both practice and management in the Behavioral Health profession, primarily chemical
dependency counseling since 1994 and certified as a CADC II and NCAC I since 1998. I currently serve on the Board of Directors of
―We Care‖ which is a diversion support group for chemically dependent licensed health care professionals such as physicians and
nurses in the bay area and have been on this Board since 2001.

My past experience includes a 10-year employment and internship at Good Samaritan Hospital‘s Behavioral Health Services in San
Jose, CA, with the last four years there as Clinical Manager. My duties included supervision and management as well as group ther-
apy in a dual diagnosis program. Good Samaritan‘s Behavioral Health Services program consists of inpatient & outpatient psychiatric
to medical detoxification and outpatient chemical dependency services. I completed my studies and requirements for CAADAC at the
University of California at Santa Cruz from 1994 through 1997, while I interned at Good Samaritan. Before this I was in Law En-
forcement for 20 years in Santa Clara County.

My goals should I be elected to the CCBADC Board are to continue and build on the mission statement of CAADAC and to exemplify
the high ethical standards and the professional ethic set forth by our organization. I enjoy challenges and working with people and
allied organizations within our field. I would clearly articulate our organizations accomplishments and goals to the constituents and the
public-at-large. My wish is to become more involved in CAADAC and be a resource and asset to you as well. I hope to continue this
for many years to come.

Melissa Haskins

Melissa has been the director of Hope House since 2006. She began with the agency as an attendant at Hope House in 2002 and
progressively worked her way up through the organization. Melissa obtained her AODA education through Breining Institute and be-
came CAADAC certified in 2007. She has served previously as CAADAC Region 5 VP and is an Orals Commissioner.

Page 12                                                                                                          CAADAC’s Freedom Newsletter
National Advocacy Update
by: Andrew Kessler, Slingshot Solutions, LLC

                                 With the 2010      will not be repealed. With the Democrats in      As supporters of evidence based practices and
                                 midterm elec-      the Senate and the White House, there is no      the translation of science to service, we cannot
                                 tions behind us,   way that such legislation will pass. However,    afford to stand by idly if the grant-making
                                 there are liter-   this does not mean that changes will not be      decisions of NIDA or NIAAA are attacked.
                                 ally hundreds      forthcoming. What it comes down to is how
                                 of     questions   certain provisions of the Affordable Care Act    With NIDA and NIAAA in the NIH forefront due
                                 surrounding        are being funded. Those parts that require       to the possibility of a new institute being cre-
            Andrew Kessler
               Principal         Washington.        appropriations over the next two years face      ated, it is very possible that many of their
        SlingShot Solutions, LLC
                                 While anyone       trouble in the House. Even before the elec-      grants can come under scrutiny. Also, if a new
                                 who says they      tion, Republicans attempted to chip away at      institute is created in place of two, Congress
have all the answers is lying, we can make          certain provisions via the Johnanns amend-       may see this as an opportunity to cut research
educated guesses in some cases. For now,            ment, which would have taken billions of dol-    funding in order to appear fiscally responsible.
let‘s focus on the questions that impact the        lars out of the Public Health and Prevention     CAADAC supports the creation of a new insti-
CAADAC membership. I‘m sure you‘ve all              fund created by the act. The amendment was       tute, but only on the condition that research
been asking yourselves, will the election re-       defeated, and $40 million allocated to SAM-      funding does not suffer as a result.
sults impact funding for prevention and treat-      HSA for the integration of substance abuse
ment services and research? Will it impact          treatment into primary care was preserved.       At NIH, Director Francis Collins has already
health care reform and its provisions pertain-      CAADAC and CFAAP both signed letters to          spoken his mind. The reduction in funding pro-
ing to substance abuse treatment? Will it           Senate leaders, urging them to defeat the        posed by Speaker-to-be John Boehner would
impact federal drug policy?                         amendment.                                       be "very devastating" and would demoralize
                                                                                                     scientists, whose odds of winning a research
Most of the answers can be found in fiscal          According to the National Council of Commu-      grant from the agency could drop to about 10
policy. The Republicans, now in the majority,       nity Behavioral Health, we will likely see       percent, he told the Washington Post.
ran on a platform of smaller government and         many proposals related to changing the
spending cuts. While a large percentage of          healthcare reform law, and most concerning       No one should think that our situation is hope-
their candidates would not specify exactly          to the addiction and mental health community     less, that it‘s all gloom and doom. It‘s not as if
what programs should be cut, this still does        will be efforts to scale back, or delay the      funding for the programs we support will be
not bode well for health programs. The ap-          Medicaid expansion scheduled for 2014. We        cut off tomorrow. Yet our work is cut out for us.
propriations bill that funds the Department of      have already discussed that federal discre-      Your advocate in DC will be calling on you
Health and Human Services- and in turn NIDA,        tionary funding will not be growing, and that    often to make your voice heard, so that we can
SAMHSA, and HRSA- is the largest non-               additional federal Medicaid assistance is        protect those policies most important to our
                                                                                                     field and the consumers we serve. Be on the
military domestic spending bill to come out of      unlikely. The consequences of these actions is
                                                                                                     lookout for increased Capwiz alerts, and be
congress each year. It is produced by the           to put further pressure on state and county
                                                                                                     sure to respond to them when asked! (Or we‘ll
Appropriations subcommittee on Labor, HHS,          appropriations, further eroding addiction and
and Education, or ―Labor/H‖ for short. Being        mental health funding for indigent popula-       sic Warren on you!)
one of the largest spending bills, it naturally     tions.
                                                                                                     So fasten your seatbelts. It‘s going to be a
has a huge bulls-eye on it. There have been
                                                    Of particular concern to the research commu-     bumpy ride!
discussions and rumors that the House leader-
ship would like to see domestic spending re-        nity, and those whom support NIDA and
duced to FY 2008 levels, or at the very least       NIAAA, is the election of Pat Toomey of Penn-
FY 2010 levels. Regardless, it is highly            sylvania to the Senate. Mr. Toomey has a
                                                    history of challenging NIH grants that he
unlikely that the House of Representatives will
approve any increases for SAMHSA or NIH.            considers to be controversial, and has at-
Of course, the Senate remains in Democrat           tempted to de-fund specific grants in the
hands. So passing any budget can be diffi-          past. While most of these grants were fo-           Interested in finding out who
cult, and a government shut down this time          cused on human sexual behavior, many are             your national Senators and
next year is a possibility. This could have a       connected to the prevention and treatment of       Congressional Representatives
severe impact on those who depend on Medi-          HIV. As soldiers in the trenches in the fight                    are?
care to cover the cost of their treatment, and      against substance abuse, CAADAC members
countless other social services.                    know first-hand how intertwined substance                       Visit:
                                                    abuse and HIV are, as drug and alcohol   
As far as health care reform is concerned, it is    abuse can lead to reckless sexual behavior
almost a sure thing that the entirety of the bill   and the transmission of HIV and other STDs.      Enter your zip code... It‘s that easy!

Page 13                                                                                                                       CAADAC’s Freedom Newsletter
          Region One South

          November was typically election month in the country and was also for CAADAC. You will be electing a new
          Vice-President for our region, as well as two Executive Committee Positions. I have been nominated for Secre-
          tary, and Jose Suarez for Vice-President Region One South. I hope everyone will vote for our region by what-
          ever media is available. I understand that it shall be going ―Green‖ and be done on computer next year.
          Sadly, I am writing my last article for the Freedom Newsletter. It has been a very exciting and rewarding four
          years. I wish to thank every member in our region for allowing me the privilege of serving. I could only ask
          that you support our next V.P. in the same way you did me!

          On November 11th, Dr. Herdman was at Palomar College to do a workshop for our region. I will attempt to
          schedule a dual, North/South, workshop on Ethics in December, as well as a presentation on Meth.

          Details will follow!

          Again, Thanks for the memories!!!!


          James Mooney, CADC II, CA CCS, CCJP, SAP
          Vice-President, Region One South

          Jody Barnes,
          Director, Region One South

          Region One North

          Region 1N was excited to have Pete Nielsen come down from sunny Sacramento and train Dr. Gail Echaeerria, CADC II to
          be our new Written prep test person and at the same time give this training free to our students from MSJC and ICC. We
          want to thank CFAAP for providing this training opportunity to our students. We can't forget to thank ICC Riverside for
          continuing to support CAADAC and Region 1N. Look for our next Regional workshop in early December.

          Thank you for allowing us to serve,

          Russ Arnett, CADC II Region 1N Vice-President

          Gina Sullivan, CADC II Region 1N Director

Page 14                                                                                                               CAADAC’s Freedom Newsletter
          Region 2 South
          Region 2S has been very busy providing value for its Members. On August 30th a Science of Addiction workshop was
          hosted at Intercoast College in West Covina. September 25th the region hosted a Written Test Preparation and Oral Test
          Preparation course at LA Training Institute in Los Angeles. Also, in September we made it much easier to pay for work-
          shops by opening a Region 2S PayPal account. On November 18th an Ethics and Boundaries workshop was hosted at
          NCADD in Torrance. On November 20th a Problem Gambling Prevention and Crisis Intervention workshop was hosted at
          House of Hope in San Pedro. There are no workshops scheduled for the month of December, and in January the year will
          be kicked off with a Science of Addiction Workshop to be hosted at Twin Town in Los Alamitos.

          Mark Scott, Region 2S Vice President

          Andrew Martin, Region 2S Director

          Region 2 North
          First, I would like to thank the many R2N members who attended CAADAC‘s 30th Annual Conference in Irvine and sup-
          ported our region at the regional breakout meeting.

          Following the conference CAADAC Region 1N and 2N sponsored a Methamphetamine Coalition Workshop October 16,
          2010 at Inland Recovery Services in Upland. The presenters were Armand Cachero and Mike Rizzo CSAC. The training
          was highly informative and there was support for the combined meetings of the two regions. Many thanks to Gina Sullivan
          and Judy Redman for organizing the event and to Inland Recovery Services for hosting it.

          R2N provided written and oral exam preparations on November 6 and November 13, 2010 respectively at the ICC West
          Covina Campus. R2N Director Judy Redman is reaching out to our future CAADAC Professionals at UCLA November 20,

          Contact us anytime!

          John Lewis R2N VP (661) 253-9400

          Judy Redman R2N D (626) 337-6800

          Region 3 North

          Region 3 North hopes that the San Diego Region, 1 South, really appreciates that we are loaning Valarie Shaffer to them
          for two years. Val, who lives in Nippinawasee, has found a great two year contract job down south and she and her horse
          Darcy, have moved to that warmer area. She has been active in our Region and has faithfully served many years on the
          CAADAC Board, representing us well. After the first of the year, the Board will appoint a replacement to fill the remaining
          year of her term. Welcome, too, to Dana. You will see his name on the ballot; he is running unopposed for our Regional
          Vice President. Look toward a really busy and positive 2011.

          Volney Dunavan, Regional Vice President

Page 15                                                                                                                   CAADAC’s Freedom Newsletter
          Region 3 South

          So many changes in Region 3 South. Let me begin with KUDO'S for a fantastic conference in Irvine. Everything was well
          run, well done, creative and informative.

          I am stepping down as Regional Vice-President this month because I've moved to Piru, CA to take a Supervisory posi-
          tion at a women's rehab. It has been my great privilege to work for some of the finest professionals in Kern County
          and I will miss you greatly. Amy Martin will continue as Regional Director for one more year and will need help with
          the monthly meetings.

          To all our members; the region is in need of someone to take over as Vice-President so please think about how
          you might give back to CAADAC and your peers.

          Bakersfield is moving along each month with great speakers and the same core group in attendance. Our October
          meeting presented an Ethics class relating to those with HIV/AIDS. The presenters were a local MFT, Intern, an agency
          supervisor and a client.

          This month, Glendora Kirkpatrick will be here to explain certification. This should be quite informative to those who
          might have questions pertaining to Licensure as well.

          I will be campaigning for the Regional Directors position in Region 2 C and I humbly ask for your vote.

          Thank you again for letting me serve,

          Jessie Parker

          Region 4 Central

          Friendship House hosted a great training on Ethics on November 6, led by John Madsen, who is running for President
          Elect for CAADAC.

          Peg Miller will be completing her term as V.P. for 4 N in January. Myra Smith will be running for that position and if
          elected she would be taking office at the January Board Meeting. She will join Danny Ramirez who is Director of 4 N.

          Have a great holiday season.

          Peg Miller, Vice President 4 Central

          Danny Ramirez, Director of 4 Central

Page 16                                                                                                                   CAADAC’s Freedom Newsletter
          Region 4 North

          Greetings Fellow 4 North CAADAC Members,

          I hope that the upcoming holidays find you in good spirits and health. I want to cover several items in this re-
          gional round-up starting with saying that the recent convention in Irvine California was terrific. The enthusiasm
          and dedication is overwhelming and we are united in the cause of upholding the highest ethical standards and
          delivering quality services to our clients, Thanks to the CAADAC staff and committee for putting together a
          wonderful event.

          There will be a free training Saturday December 4th,2010 at the Napa County Health & Human Services
          Agency 2344 Old Sonoma Road Bldg. F. Napa, CA 94559 from 9am to 12 noon. Lee Hamilton MS, MAC,
          CADC II will be presenting a brief review of the group therapy principles of Irving Yalom, with discussion of
          how chemical dependency groups may differ from other types of therapy groups.

          Elections for the Board of Directors is coming up and many positions are open including 4 North Vice President.
          There were 2 nominations for the position at the convention. James Cody and Frederique Marks will be on the
          upcoming ballot so you will continue to have a representative on the Board of Directors. Please vote and if so
          inclined get involved with your region.

          On a bittersweet note I want to say thanks to the CAADAC membership for allowing me to serve as your rep-
          resentative, it has been a positive experience. I deeply respect all of you that work on the front lines of our
          profession making a difference in people‘s lives with your knowledge and passion for helping our clients.

          4 North is financially in the red and that‗s good news. We are able use our funds to help promote more train-
          ing at low cost to our members and help promote CAADAC.

          Yours in service,

          Tom Radovanovich BA CADC I

          Region 5

          Hello fellow Caadacians,

          I hope everyone had as good a time as I had at the conference. It went very well and I wish to express not
          only my gratitude but the gratitude for the entire region to the Conference Committee and Office Staff for a
          job well done.

          We have not made many plans for any region 5 trainings till after the holidays, however we will keep you
          informed when we co-host trainings as they come available; As the Lifering training on 11/13/10 in Sacra-
          mento. Remember, by attending our low cost trainings, you help support the region as the monies collected
          help to defray our expenses we incur when we travel outside of the Sacramento Area. With the coming elec-
          tion of officers, DO NOT FORGET TO VOTE. Thank You

          Karl Hexberg CADC II, ICADC Vice President

          Melissa Haskins CADC II, ICADC Director

Page 17                                                                                                                  CAADAC’s Freedom Newsletter
Every year, CAADAC/CCBADC takes the time to honor individuals who have gone above and beyond in carrying out our mission. This
year’s awards were presented during the President’s Dinner & Dance on Saturday, October 2, in Irvine, CA. The award categories and win-
ners are:

   The Hall of Fame Award—the nominee must be a past or current member-in-good-standing of
    CAADAC. They have made a contribution both as a leader in the field of alcohol and drug counseling,
    and to the growth of the Association. The Hall of Fame Award is presented for distinguished service,
    achievements and/or contributions to the prestige and growth of CAADAC.
    The winner is Russ Arnett!!

   The George C. Cobbs Jr Award —established in 1993, this award is given in the name of a man who
    personifies its vision, George C. Cobb. This award honors CAADAC members who have given out-
    standing service above and beyond the call of serving on a board or representing a region. This candi-
    date will be someone who goes beyond the regular volunteer continuing to serve in any capacity
    needed and has remained loyal to CAADAC over the years; personifying the ethical standards
    CAADAC wishes to represent to the community. The nominee must be a current member-in-good-standing
    of CAADAC. They must have sat on the CAADAC Board of Directors (past or present).
    The winner is Michael D’Agostin!!

   The James Fulton Award — the nominee must be a past or current member-in-good-standing. Given in
    memory of Past President James Fulton, this award is given annually to an alcohol and/or drug counselor
    at our annual conference. The candidate must have been a long-term line counselor who has served as a
    model for others and influenced both clients and peers. He/she must be a current member
     of CAADAC and certified by the CCBADC.
    The winner is James Mooney!!

   The Joseph A. Giannantonio II Award — the nominee must be a current member-in-good-standing of
    CAADAC. He/she will have made an outstanding contribution to counselor education and been recognized
    within academia for his/her leadership skills. He/she will have taught in the field of addiction treatment
    education for a minimum of five years (10-15 years preferred). Coordination of a school or college drug
    and alcohol program is highly desirable.
    The winner is Pete Nielsen!!

   The Deanna Toothman Mentor Award – awarded by the CCBADC. The nominee must be a CADC-II with
    at least 5 years of service to the profession of drug and alcohol counseling. The person must have demon-
    strated integrity, compassion, and generosity to others while working in the profession; the emphasis must
    be on mentoring those who are pursuing certification. Nominations will not be considered if such mentorship
    is offered in the capacity of their employment (being paid to do so) or as a board member (as part of
    their board duties.) This is also not meant to be for instructors.
    The Winner is Jerry Synold!!

Page 18                                                                                                        CAADAC’s Freedom Newsletter

                      EMBRACE RECOVERY
                   NOW ACCEPTING INSURANCE!!
    We are so excited that we are now able to accept all out-
      of-network insurance for our Outpatient Substance
                                    Abuse Program.
    Embrace Recovery offers Outpatient treatment for Addiction. We treat ages 18
      and up in a cozy, comfortable setting. We have both a Day program which
     meets 9am - noon and an Evening program 6pm - 9pm. Both meet 4 times a
                  week; Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.
            Includes sessions for family with Rosemary Kane, LMFT, CATC


                       Come visit our We can
                       be reached by phone (949) 525-3696 or you can email us

CAADAC Agency Members
Here is a list of our agency members:
    Lujan Recovery Program            Golden State Family Services      San Joaquin Delta
    Addiction Recovery Center         H.O.W. House                       College
    Bayside Marin (CRC)
    Benchmark Transitions             Community Recovery Resources      Serene Center
    Bethany University                 (CoRR)                            The Sequoia Center
    Cache Creek Lodge                 New Directions for Women          Sober Life Inc.
    Court Ordered Classes             Pemarro                           Sun Ray Addiction
    EMQ
    Fidelity Outpatient Recovery      Recovery Happens Counseling        Counseling
     Center, Inc                        Services                          Watts Healthcare
                                                                          Willingness To Change

Page 19                                                                          CAADAC’s Freedom Newsletter
                                                                          PROFESSIONALS NEEDED!

Experienced Alcohol and Drug Instructors. Agency: Los Angeles Training Institute for Alcohol & Drug Counseling, LLC. Location: 1612 W. Manchester
Avenue Los Angeles, CA. Job Description: Alcohol and Drug Instructors needed to teach courses in our CAADAC Approved Studies Program for stu-
dents to prepare to become CERTIFIED ALCOHOL AND DRUG COUNSELORS. Qualifications: -Must be a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor or
LCSW/MFT -Minimum of two years experience teaching in an Alcohol & Drug school -Must be willing to teach alternate Weekends and/or alternate
Wednesday/Thursday courses. To apply, fax your resume to (323) 541-9490 or email to

AOD Director and Counselor positions open at Bi-Bett Corporation in the Bay Area. Residential, Outpatient and DUI Programs. AOD Certified only. 5
years exp. Prefer AA/BA. Prefer bilingual. Resume to Bi-Bett

Roseville, CA On-Call or Part-time Substance Abuse Counselors needed for DUI, Residential and Out-Client services. Send resumes to Certified Candidates only.

CADCA Counselor for supervising midnight-8:30AM shift at transitional sober living in Long Beach. Must be computer proficient and self-starting. Email
CRC Health Group, Cupertino, CA (residential & outplacement alcohol, drug and gambling treatment clinics) has immediate openings for Clinic and
Clinical Directors, Regional Director of Marketing and Assistant Director of Operations. Please visit our Corporate Website to view
current opportunities. For further questions please contact

2 Case Manager Positions - The CBHS Treatment Access Program (TAP), and the Offender Treatment Program (OTP), (formerly SACPA/Prop36) of
the San Francisco Dept. of Public Health, Behavioral Health Access Center, has two open Case Manager positions. Duties include screenings, assess-
ments, and placing clients into treatment utilizing the Addiction Severity Index (ASI). These positions require Officer of the Day duties weekly, and case
conferencing new and ongoing cases. These are Regular, Full-time, Non-Exempt contract positions. Requirements include: CAADAC (CADC I or II),
CAADE (CAT-C) certification with a minimum two years experience, or licensed/registered MFT/LCSW with a minimum 2 years drug and alcohol ex-
perience. Email attached resumes with cover letter to Phil Castiglione, ASW, CADC II, 1380 Howard St. 1st Fl SF, CA 91403 or, fax at
415.255.3629. Email:

Tarzana Treatment Center (Tarzana, CA), Adolescent Program seeking Spanish speaking certified drug counselor. Must be able to pass Probation
Dept. Live Scan.

Certified Substance Abuse Counselor needed for a residential women's Alcohol and Drug treatment facility located near Valencia, CA. Provide one-
on-one and group counseling; perform intake; monitor client's progress, maintain notes in client's charts 3 years experience. Pay commensurate with
experience. Female preferred. To apply please email resume to or call (310) 895-5395.

Twin Town, West Hollywood's private, for-profit outpatient addiction treatment program is seeking resumes from qualified drug and alcohol counsel-
ors with adolescent experience. Requirements include: CAADAC (CADC I or II), CAADE (CAT-C) with a minimum two years experience, or licensed/
registered MFT/LCSW with a minimum 2 years drug and alcohol experience. Any candidate must have a minimum one year adolescent counseling
experience. Marketing experience preferred. The position may become full-time and benefited pursuant to performance and program growth. Fax
only qualified resumes to (562) 596-0058.

                                       PROFESSIONALS SEEKING OPPORTUNITIES!

Neil Miller ICADC, CADC-II; Program Management and Coordination, Staff Instruction and Training and Direct Care services. I have 8 years ex-
perience in this field working with diverse populations such as Criminal justice/Drug Courts, those involved with Social Services agencies and
Women‘s Treatment issues. Assessments, TX Planning, Crisis Intervention and Counseling services. Evidence-based Treatment modalities such as the
MATRIX Model, Relapse Prevention, Outpatient and Intensive outpatient. CARF and DMC (Title 22) Specialist. Seeking position in ContraCosta-
County and surrounding areas. Welcoming interested parties questions at (925) 408-8137 Cell, and at electroni-
cally. References available.

My name is Sheila Coy-Palacol RRW. I finished school in May of 2009 and spent the next 8 months volunteering for Drug Court where I completed
My internship. In February 2010 I started working at One 2 One Mentors Inc working with juveniles. I am still working with them but only part time,
and I would really love to find a counseling position that I can use my knowledge and skills in. I have 2 years of experience working with clients. I
am available anytime. I live in VICTORVILLE, CA. But am willing to travel. Please call me or Email me for my resume or if you have any questions.
Thank you! Hope your day is spent full of happiness. 626-478-9001.

Jim Fallon, BA, CADCA No. 18136079 is seeking full or part-time evenings and/or weekends placement as a chemical dependency counselor in
the San Francisco Bay Area. I bring with me a diverse range of educational, professional and personal experience having worked in residential
12-step, dual-diagnosis and detox facilities primarily with adolescent and adult clients as well as experiencing 17 years sobriety. I recently com-
pleted the UC certificate program in Child and Adolescent Treatment and I am currently working towards a MFT degree/license. My references
are sterling and available upon request. Please contact Jim Fallon at (415) 864-1132 or

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              November 29-December Witten Exam (Computer Basted Testing)
              17, 2010
              December 3, 2010                              Oral Exam Application and Fee Deadline
              December 11, 2010                             Written Exam (Paper/Pencil)

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