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					                                                                                                Revised: 8/25/11

                              Trinity University Intramural Sports
                            Indoor Soccer League Rules (Fall 2009)
A. General Information
       a. All Participants must meet the eligibility requirements listed in the Intramural Sports Participant
           Handbook. This can be found online at:
       b. All participants must personally sign the Waiver Release and are responsible for their own medical
       c. Teams are responsible for keeping their players and spectators under control. Misconduct of
           players, coaches, managers, or spectators can result in penalty, ejection, or forfeiture of the game.
           Spectators must also remain within the area designated by the IM Sports staff.
       d. Alcoholic beverages, smoking, and pets are strictly prohibited from all intramural events.
       e. IM Sports Officials/Supervisors/Program Assistants will have absolute authority during the
           contest and can make decisions on any matter or question not specifically covered in the rules/
       f. Official NIRSA (National Intramural Recreational Sports Association) rules will be observed with
           the following modifications.
B. Procedure
       a. All persons interested in participating in the Intramural Indoor Soccer League need to attend the
           mandatory Captains’ Information Meeting in the Bell Center, Room 223. Following the meeting,
           the team will log into IMOnline and schedule their team into their preferred league.
       b. Leagues will last 3-4 weeks with a 3 week Playoff. During Playoffs, it cannot be guaranteed that
           the team will be playing on the same day/time due to facility, day, and time constrictions as well
           as match ups.
       c. Teams will report to their designated area and sign in with the appropriate IM employee, show
           their Trinity I.D., give their pinnie number, and sign the Waiver Release.
       d. In order to be eligible to compete in the Playoffs, participants must have competed in at least one
           game with their team.
C. Contact
       a. Any participant with questions may contact: Aly Hazelwood— Or
           may call the Intramural Office at (210) 999-8278.
D. Equipment
       a. Appropriate gym wear must be worn.
                 i. Tennis shoes are permitted.
                ii. No khakis, khaki shorts, jeans, jean shorts, polo shirts, etc. will be permitted. Absolutely
                     no pockets or belt loops are permitted.
       b. Teams must wear similarly colored jersey shirts with numbers. This may be accomplished with
           personal jerseys or by using pinnies offered by the Intramural Sports Department.
       c. Opposing teams need to wear jerseys of different colors. If both teams show up dressed the same
           color or colors of a similar nature (e.g. black and navy), the team dressed most similarly will be
           the team.
       d. Absolutely no jewelry is permitted!
       e. Teams must use the Indoor Soccer ball provided by IM unless approved by both teams.
       f. Shin guards are recommended but not required.
E. The Game
       a. Timing
                 i. Game time is forfeit time. There is no grace period.
                ii. Two 15 minute halves with a three (3) minute half-time. Clock only stops for time-outs
                          1. Overtime will be Golden Goal.

                                                                                             Revised: 8/25/11

             iii. Mercy Rule:
                         1. A team is up by 5 with two (5) minutes in the second half.
                         2. A team is up by 10 at any point in the game.
      b. Players
                i. Two teams of seven (7) players. Minimum 5 to start a game. If a team drops below five at
                   any time for any reason, the game shall be called. A “Forfeit” will not be administered
                   unless it is due to conduct that the team dropped below the required five minimum
               ii. No more than 20 participants are allowed on a roster at any given time.
      c. Time Outs
                i. Teams will receive one (1) time out per game. No time outs in Overtime.
      d. Scoring
                i. Goals scored from in front of the midline will be worth one (1) point.
               ii. Goals scored from beyond the midline will be worth two (2) points.
      e. Penalties
                i. Players will be removed from the game after:
                         1. 1 Red Card or 2 Yellow Cards in the same game.
                         2. 2 Red Cards, 4 Yellow Cards, or a combination of the above which would equal
                             4 Yellow Cards during the season (including Playoffs).
                         3. 3 Red Cards, 5 Yellow Cards, or a combination of the above which would equal
                             5 Yellow Cards during the season (including Playoffs). The player will also no
                             longer be permitted to participate in Intramural Basketball at this point.
                                  a. If a player receives multiple conduct fouls/penalties in various sports,
                                       their eligibility in Intramurals may be revoked.
               ii. Games will be ended when a team reaches
                         1. 3 Red Cards, 5 Yellow Cards, or a combination of the above which would equal
                             5 Yellow Cards in the same game.
                         2. 5 Red Cards, 7 Yellow Cards, or a combination of the above which would equal
                             7 Yellow Cards during the season (including Playoffs).
      f. Basics
                i. All walls are in play. There are NO end lines; the ball may be played off the end walls.
                   All balls stuck in or behind the south side bleachers will result in a corner kick or goal
               ii. Team Bench. Each team will be assigned space under the balcony. This area is for
                   players who are on your roster, checked in, and currently not in the game (not for
             iii. All subs must be made from the team box. Goalie subs may only be made after the
                   official has been notified.
              iv. A kickoff will be used to start the game and after goal scored. The ball must travel one
                   circumference forward.
               v. There are no offsides.
              vi. ABSOLUTELY NO SLIDE TACKLING!!! Any player caught slide tackling will
                   automatically be ejected from the game.
             vii. If the ball is lodged between the back of the goal and the wall a goal kick is awarded if
                   last touched by the offense. If last touched by the defense a corner kick is awarded.
            viii. Goal keeper may not take more than 4 steps with the ball, or 5 seconds. No drop kicks.
F. Co-Rec Modifications
      a. Two (2) teams of eight (6) players; the following are permitted:
                i. 3 men/3 women
               ii. 3 men/2 women

                                                                                        Revised: 8/25/11

        iii. 3 women/2 men
b.   The keeper may be of either gender.
c.   Subs must be of the same gender (women in for women; men in for men).
d.   Scoring:
          i. If a woman scores from in front of the midline, it will be worth one (1) point.
         ii. If a woman score from beyond the midline, it will be worth (3) points.


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