; Prejudice
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									Types of Prejudice
People can suffer prejudice from a
                 range of reasons;
                 1.   Racism– To
                 put someone down
                                               Prejudice                Terms to know
                                                                                                Why are people prejudiced?
                                                                                                1. Bad experience, with an individ-
                                                                                                   ual, then thinking all those from
                                                                                                   that group are the same.
                                                                                                2. Ignorance, failing to understand
                 because of their                                 Prejudice                        other peoples point of view. This
                 race or skin colour                              To pre judge someone with-       maybe due to .......
                 2.   Sexism– Poor                                out any evidence
                 treatment of either                                                            3. Lack of education, with no
                                                                  Discrimination                   knowledge of other peoples way
                 male or female
                                                                  To act on prejudice              of life.
3.  Sexuality– Prejudice because
    someone is gay.
                                                                  Stereotype                    4. Attitudes picked up from family
                                                                  To assume everyone from          friends and the media. Growing
4.  Ageism– To allow age to be-
                                                                  the same background is the
    come an issue when it doesn't                                                                  up with prejudiced attitudes can
                                                                  same. e.g. ‘All gays are....’
    need to be.                                                                                    be passed on.
5.  Disability– To not give some-                                 Equal Opportunities
    one a chance because of their                                Everyone to be given the
                                                                 same chance in things.            Can prejudice be stopped? Maybe....
    disability, when their disability                                                              1. Learn about other people
    would not be a problem.                                      Scapegoat Blame one group
                                                                 for problems.eg Jews in WW2       2. Spending time with people from
6.  Religion– Lack of respect for
    someone else's faith.               Tolerance Being able to accept people different from       different backgrounds.
7.  Class– people can suffer if         yourself                                                   3. Change attitudes, accept that
    they come from a different          Positive discrimination Acting to give those from          everyone is of value.
    background e.g. Working             disadvantaged backgrounds a better chance.                 4. Become a more loving person
                                         Christianity Christians are against prejudice for many reasons;
Mahatma Gandhi                           1.    They believe everyone was created by God, in the image of God. Everyone is of value.
Gandhi was a                             2.    Jesus told the story of the Good Samaritan, which was a story to say everyone is our
Hindu, who fought                              neighbour, and should be treated as such.
against prejudice in                     3.    Prejudice is the opposite of love, which is the most important thing in life.
South Africa, where                               4.      Many Christians have campaigned against prejudice, such as Martin
black people were                                 Luther King. He campaigned against racism in the USA, where he gained
not treated equally.                              civil rights such as the vote for all Americans. He once organised a bus boy-
Also in India to help                             cott, when black people weren’t allowed to sit anywhere on a bus. He was
the Indians be able to run their                  famous for saying he had a dream, that one day everyone would be judged
own country. He was shot in 1948                  by their character not skin colour. He was murdered in 1968

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