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					                            BI 200 Alvord Desert Safety

In order for everyone to have a fun safe field experience please keep the following in

      While riding in the vans seatbelts must be worn at all times.

      We will be walking/hiking on rough uneven terrain. Wear shoes/boots with good
       traction soles and ankle support (if needed).

      Sun exposure may be extreme. Wear clothing and sunscreen adequate to protect
       your skin. Sunglasses are recommended to protect your eyes.

      Poisonous snakes and scorpions will be found in this environment. Be careful
       where you place your feet and hands.

      Weather can be highly variable. Bring clothes to protect yourself in case of rain or
       cold temperatures.

      Keep your tent zipped closed to avoid insects and scorpions from entering.

      Wear adequate insect protection in the form of repellent and/or clothing.

      Hot spring water can be extremely hot (even boiling!). Do not enter thermal water
       without consulting with Ed or Lynn first.

      The soil banks surrounding hot springs can be unstable. Stand well back from the
       water’s edge.

      Even though the landscape is open it is easy to get lost. Do not wander away from
       the group without permission from Ed or Lynn.

      PCC policy is that field trips be alcohol free. Please do not
       bring/purchase/consume alcohol on this trip.

      If any injury occurs on this field trip please notify Ed or Lynn immediately.

      If you feel sick at any time on this field trip please notify Ed or Lynn

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