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					                                                                       GLCC Board Members                                             December 2003

                                                                       Joe Pappas, President
                                                                       Linda Rennie, Vice President
                                                                       Doug Lentz, Treasurer
                                                                       Karen Anway, Secretary                      Visit our website at:
                                                                       Ross Weaver, Newsletter Editor  

                                                              Letter From The President
                                                              We held the election for club officers and committee chairpersons at our Novem-
                                                              ber meeting and the results are in. For the record, your 2004 - 2005 GREAT
                                                              LAKES COBRA CLUB list of officers and committee chairs is:

                                                                              President                 Joe Pappas
                                                                              Vice-President            Linda Rennie
                                                                              Secretary                 Karen Anway

                                                                              Treasurer                 Doug Lentz

                                                                              COMMITTEE CHAIRS
                                                                              Events                    Terry Anway
                                           The Inside Track

                                                                              Newsletter                Ross Weaver
                                                                              Website                   Ross Weaver
                                                                              Merchandise               Jim Binder
                                                                              Membership                Linda Rennie / Cindy Nelson

                                                              On behalf of the Officers and Committee Chairs of the GREAT LAKES COBRA
                                                              CLUB, we thank you for your vote of confidence. We all hope that the job we
                                                              have done and will continue to do reflects the expectations of all of you, the mem-
                                                              bers of what we think is the best Cobra club anywhere on this planet.

                                                              Once things quiet down from the frantic hubbub of the Holidays, we will be updat-
                                                              ing our 2004 GLCC Calendar of Events that will be published on the website. Of-
                                                              ten, local newspapers publish automotive related calendars that list car shows,
                                                              cruises, and the like. Please forward anything and everything you have or see to
                                                              Terry Anway and Ross Weaver. Some major dates for the 2004 season have al-
                                                              ready solidified so we have a good start, but more is always needed and appreci-

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Page 2                                                                                                                  T H E I NS I D E TR A C K

         I recently received an e-mail from a dear friend and former employer named Tom Coddington. For those of you who are automotive
         history buffs, Tom was one of the Chrysler engineers who formed the Ramchargers back in the 60’s. In the years that I was associate-
         ated with Chrysler’s Pro Stock drag racing effort, Tom was part of that elite group of engineers that made up Chrysler’s race group.
         After Tom retired from Chrysler, he became a partner in an automotive prototype firm and from 1981 through 1987 I was privileged to
         work for him. Aside from being one of the best engineers that I ever met, Tom is definitely a speed freak. Thus, this e-mail he for-
         warded to me was not a surprise. Actually, everything contained in the lines that follow is true…if, you wish to admit it. As is common
         with the Internet, the name of the author of this piece is lost in cyberspace, but the words live on… So here goes.

         You know you’re a speed freak if:
         The emissions test guy starts laughing as soon as you pull into the bay.
         You can’t drive your car in the rain.
         Your “significant other” is afraid to drive your car.
         You are afraid to drive your car.
         Your “significant other” won’t even ride in the car.
         You spend more on tires than on food.
         Your local DOT decides not to re-pave your street with that new rubberized asphalt because you’ve already “done such a good job”.
         You spend more on car insurance than on house payments.
         Your insurance company had to create a whole new actuarial table to cover you and your vehicle.
         Your insurance agent sends “Thank You” postcards from Tahiti.
         You have ever argued with your wife over making the mortgage payment or buying that new set of headers while they’re still on sale.
         You see a picture of your car taped to the bulletin board at your local police station.
         Your local city council has passed an ordinance making it illegal for you to even enter a school zone unless you are on foot.
         Traffic advisories are issued whenever your car is spotted during rush hour.
         You have to go to the track to buy gas.
         Your mechanic names the new wing of this shop after you.
         You have speed shops on your telephone speed dial.
         You’re tempted to wear your fire suit just to drive to the office.
         You refer to the intersection at the end of your street as turn #1.
         You get pulled over for doing 155 in a 35 zone but the cops will let you go if “they can look under the hood”.
         News footage of cops chasing you is used as a training video at your state’s police academy.
         You get an anonymous phone call asking if you are interested in being in the Cannonball Run.
         Your face looks like you are riding a NASA centrifuge when you drive the car.
         You need parachute braking.
         There is no possible way to “sneak out” of your neighborhood at 6 am.
         Your pets scramble for their hiding spots as soon as the garage door is opened.
         Fuel is delivered to your home in 55-gallon drums.
         You wear earplugs in your car.
         You find out that stock side mirrors don’t hold up at speed exceeding 145 mph.
         Your exhaust pipes are a larger diameter than your driveline.
         Your fuel pump can be used to water a golf course.
         Your engine idles at 2800 rpm.
         You measure the fuel you use in “gallons per mile”.
         The local airport complains about the noise coming from your garage on Saturdays.
         The fire department has ever showed up at your house because alarmed neighbors reported smoke billowing from your garage.
         You consider ABS and traction control as options for the “driving impaired”.

         Joe Pappas
DECEM BER   2 00 3                                                                                    Page 3

                     Kart2Kart III
                     The Kart2Kart outings we have had the last two years were such a suc-
                     cess that we will have it again this winter. The date is February 20th, which
                     is a Friday evening. We will start off with dinner at 6:00p.m. at Buca di
                     Beppo’s. Then when                                 everyone is fueled up for
                     fun (moderate drink-                               ing please), we will head
                     over to Kart2Kart,                                 which is about 2.5 miles
                     away, for our                                      8:00p.m. start time. The
                     cost per person is                                 $20.00 for a ten minute
                     session. During each                               session you will run ap-
                     proximately 16 laps.                               You can go as many ses-
                     sions as you like, but                             usually three sessions is
                     enough. If you are interested, please contact me by e-mail at:
            or by phone at: 248-366-8104. The deadline
                     for reservations is January 18th, 2004. We will see you there.
                     Ross Weaver

                     Letter From The President ...continued
                     When we revamped the website last winter, one of our major selling points and goals
                     was that the newsletter could be delivered online to our members, thus avoiding the
                     increasing costs associated with printing and mailing. We provided an option on the
                     website to opt out of receiving the newsletter via snail mail but only a handful of our
                     membership did so. As we monitored the costs of printing newsletters, labels, pur-
                     chasing stamps and the like, we noticed an alarming increase in those costs through-
                     out 2003. The costs have escalated to the point were it is costing approximately $210
                     per month to produce the newsletter – that is in excess of $2500 yearly! Discussions
                     were had among the Officers and the following decision was made. Thus, beginning
                     in February 2004, the newsletter will only be available online through the website with
                     the following exception – any member that does not have access to a computer
                     should contact Ross Weaver by telephone (248-366-8104) and arrangements will be
                     made to provide a hard copy of the newsletter as before. If and only if Ross is con-
                     tacted, will a copy be mailed to you.

                     As most everyone knows, there will NOT be a December club meeting. December is
                     a busy month for everyone and the Holiday season is best spent with family and
                     friends. Please have a joyous and safe holiday season. We will see everyone on Janu-
                     ary 20th at Mesquite Creek in Clarkston.

                     Joe Pappas
Page 4                                                                                            T H E I NS I D E TR A C K

         I.    Meeting was called to order by Joe Pappas at Mesquite Creek at 7:20 p.m.-25 members present.
         II.   Treasurer’s Report given by Doug Lentz - Account balance as of November 18th was $3,692.57
         III. Cruise and Special Event Committee Report on upcoming events:
                  * Kart2Kart will be held again in February, more info in upcoming newsletters.
                  * GLCC 1st Christmas Party to be held December 6th-40 signed up to go.
                  * Spring Fling IV– tentative date has been posted: 6/25-6/27/04. More info can be found on
            $105,000 was raised for Team Jenny at the 2003 Spring Fling.
                  * Shelby American Automobile Club convention will be held at MIS the 1st weekend of July
                    2004, GLCC to attend.
         IV. Membership Committee:- 150 members currently for 2003; renewals are due on January 1
                  * Motion was made, and carried to send out postcards with membership dues reminder.
         V. Newsletter: December 1st set as closing date for new articles. Please submit articles to Ross.
         VI. Election of Officers & Committee Chairs for 2004/05:
                  * By Laws require election of officers every other year for a two year term.
                  * Interest was solicited from those present; current officers were asked for input on interest in
                  * Motion was made by Kay Weaver that for the next term the current GLCC officers and
                    chairs continue. Motion was seconded and unanimously carried by the members that were in
         VII. Raffle(s): $106 was brought in for the November raffle. (Mag Lights, Digital Calipers, Grease
                  * Winners of the raffle were: Jim Binder (3), Ron Nelson, Cindy Nelson, Dennis Johnson and
                    John Rennie.
         VIII. Next club meeting: Tuesday-January 20th, 2004-7:00p.m. at Mesquite Creek in Clarkston.
         IX. Meeting adjourned at 8:05 p.m.

         This is a reminder that your 2004 membership dues will come due
         after January 1st 2004. This applies to all members with the excep-
         tion of those who joined AFTER September 30, 2003 Those mem-
         bers have their dues carryover into the 2004 calendar year. You will
         have until March 31st to pay them. If your dues are not paid by the
         March 31 deadline, a $10 reinstatement fee will be added to your
                         Please send your checks to: Doug Lentz,
                                   11454 Delmar Dr.,
                                   Fenton, MI 48430.
          Be sure to let Doug know that the check is for your 2004 member-
         ship renewal. Write your checks to: Great Lakes Cobra Club
DECEM BER   2 00 3                                                                                                         Page 5

                     Classified Ads
                     Classified ads run until items are sold or up to 6 months; ads are re-newable. Non-commercial ads are free
                     to club members and $10 for non-members. Call Ross Weaver at: 248-366-8104 or e-mail at:
            to place an ad.

                                                                   For Sale
                     Stinger 4 post auto hoist, 6,000 lb. Capacity, polished aluminum diamond plate, 30”approach ramps,
                     hobby garage kept, $2,900, call Bill at: 248-952-1669 for more info. (11 / 03)

                     Coca-Cola Machine, 1956 original model 51, 24” W x 17” D x 66” H, $1800 or best offer, contact Bill
                     at: 248-952-1669 (11 / 03)

                     2001 Ford Mustang BULLITT GT Coupe. One of only 3,041 Highland Green cars produced.
                     Kept in storage-ONLY 1,300 miles. 4.6L V8, 5-speed. Special BULLITT only Ford factory modifications
                     (engine, suspension, braking and trim). Remainder of 3 year/36,000 mile warranty. (MSRP $27,380) Priced
                     for immediate sale. $21,900.00 obo. Contact Dana via e-mail at:
                      (10 / 03)

                     AIR CLEANERS – Aluminum billet top with cast bottom. Includes 8 ½ x 15 x 2 K&N filter.
                     Designed for low hood clearance applications. Can be machined to fit your needs. $325 For more
                     information contact Terry Anway 810 397-8475.

                     Finish Line/Moto-Lita USA - Parts and Accessories for your Cobra. See our on-line website at

                     Diecast Motorsports– We specialize in 1:18 scale diecast race cars in various categories. Visit our
                     website at:

                     Thinking about building a FFR?
                     Moore Performance (a FFR recommended builder) can save you money on kits and freight if you order
                     through us. For more information, call Matt at: 419-898-0059 or check out our website at:

                     Custom Paint and Custom Body Work– state of the art body shop, “Don’t wait until spring”.
                     Contact Jim at: 248-879-7728 or by e-mail at:

                                                   WE WOULD LIKE TO WELCOME
                                                   THE NEWEST MEMBER TO THE

                                                             Robert Matouka
Newsletter of the Great
Lakes Cobra Club

10154 Dar Lane
Goodrich, MI 48438
Phone: 810-397-8476

                                          First Class Mail

The Great Lakes Cobra Club
Meeting Place
The Great Lakes Cobra Club meets at 7:00 pm, the third Tuesday
of every month.
Even month meetings will be held at the Freshwater Lodge
(formerly Mitch’s), located at 4000 Cass Elizabeth Road in Water-
ford. Located south of Highland Road (M-59). Take S. Cass Lake
Rd. to Cass Elizabeth, turn right. It’s a quarter mile down on the
right side. 248-683-3494
Odd month meetings will be held at the Mesquite Creek Steak
House located at 7228 N. Main St (also known as M15 or
Ortonville Rd) in Clarkston. Take I-75 to exit #91 and turn south
on Ortonville Rd. The restaurant is located in the southeast
corner of the intersection of I-75 and Ortonville Rd.

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