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									             Edinburgh University Cycling Club

                Pentland Trailquest
                   Sunday 10th February 2008

Trailquest events are designed to test both your skill in navigation and your endurance
on a mountain bike. Entrants are welcome to compete on their own or as a pair.
Competitors must plot a route on the map that takes in as many control points as
possible within the three hours available.

Event Area
The event will be taking place in the Pentland Hills Regional Park, to the southwest of
Edinburgh, starting from Harlaw Visitor Centre.
Harlaw House, Harlaw Road, Balerno                   Grid Reference: NT 180 652 GB

Parking facilities and toilets are available - please remember to purchase a ticket.
Refreshments will be available for competitors at the finish.

Registration And Start Times
Event registration will be available between 09:30 and 11:00 - please aim to register as
soon as possible. Start between 10:00 and 11:30 - you must register before else you start.

A map of the event area will be provided at the start - this will contain control point
locations and control values and descriptions.

Results and Prizes
Results will be displayed at the event base as competitors finish. Final results will be
available online. Prizes will be available for each class with sufficient numbers of
entrants, these will be posted out to entrants once results are finalised.

To enter the event please complete the form below and post it + cheque to:

Mr J Sparkes (Trailquest), 14/5 Fountainhall Road, Grange, Edinburgh, EH9 2NN

Control Points
Controls will be provided through SportIdent – this is an electronic control system –
demonstrations will be available for entrants unfamiliar with them. Entrants will require
a dibber to compete, you may use your own or they can be hired for the event.
Standard trail quest penalty rules will apply to this event:
1-5 minutes late                      1 point lost per minute
6-10 minutes late                     2 points lost per minute
11-15 minutes late                    5 points lost per minute
16-30 minutes late                    10 points lost per minute
Over 30 minutes late                  all points lost (organisers discretion)

This event is taking place in an upland area in winter, therefore please remember that
the weather may not be at its best and come prepared.
The following items are compulsory:
 Helmet
 Bicycle in Full working order
 Simple First Aid kit
 Whistle
 Basic toolkit capable of fixing common mechanical problems
In addition to this the following are recommended:
 Sufficient Food and water for the event duration
 Mobile phone/ money for payphone

Please note that spot checks may be carried out to ensure that this policy is enforced.

Class          Class Description
A       Man 17 to 39 or Team with combined age 34 - 79
B       Woman 17 to 39 or Team with combined age 34 - 79
C       Vet Man 40 to 49 or Team with combined age 80 +
D       Vet Woman 0ver 40 or Team with combined age 80 +
E       Super Vet Man over 50 or Team with combined age 100 +
F       Super Vet Woman over 50 or Team with combined age 100 +
X       Mixed Team with combined age 34 - 79
Q       Vet Mixed Team with combined age 80 +
R       Super Vet Mixed Team with combined age 100 +
G       Generation Team: Junior 12-16 with Adult 30+

All entrants must report to the finish even if they retire early - please don’t make us
have to head out to find you in the dark.

Further Information:
For more information please contact James Sparkes on
Tel: 0131 667 3048
Mobile: 07988355972
                                     Entry Form

                       Pentland Trailquest

                            Sunday 10th February 2008
Full TCA members £ 7.00                (Quote TCA number.)
Associate TCA members £9.00            (extra £2 is for day insurance. quote TCA number)
Non TCA members £10.00                 (extra £1 is for Assoc Membership, valid for 1 year)

Posted entries must be received before 5th February 2008.

                                  Solo/Team member 1            Team Member 2


TCA No and status
(Full, Associate or Non Member)

Address Line 1

Address Line 2

Post Code
E – mail address

Age (on Feb 10th 2008)
Class entered

Dibber no.    (if you own one)

Event Fee (£)

I/We agree to abide by the TCA rules and enter this event at my/our own risk.

Signed (parent if under 18)

Additional entry forms are available at

Entries to : Mr J Sparkes (Trailquest), 14/5 Fountainhall Road, Edinburgh, EH9 2NN
Please make cheques payable to James Sparkes

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