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Above is about life force. The power that made
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‘the brain’ communicate the wellness message                    Monday May 18th June 2007
throughout the body, via the nerve system.

Inside is the generator. Without your control
system working properly, we can hardly expect
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Out is about doing it! Allowing the pure
expression of growth, health, energy and
enthusiasm for life that is expressed when our
body is free to do so!
 if the twig is bent so                               posture is a window to                                      the spine is a window to
 grows the tree!                                      the spine...                                                your health...
 Remember when you were growing up your               There are three basic indicators to good posture: the       The spine is the framework which supports and
 parents or grandparents would tell you to sit up     shoulder heights, hip heights and head alignment.           protects the spinal cord. Most of the nerves pass
 straight and not to slouch. Some of you may          This month we have included an insert so you can            from the spinal cord through small openings
 have even been packed off to ballet class to         check your posture and that of your family.                 between the spinal bones (vertebrae), to the
 improve your posture,                                When there is a irregularity in hip and shoulder            muscles, organs, bones and the skin. In fact, the
                                                      heights it is an indicator that the spine may have a        nerve system controls and coordinates all organs,
 As much as it was annoying to be constantly          curvature, called a scoliosis. If there is a curve in the   structures, systems and functions of the human
 told off about your posture, the older               upper spine, then there may be a difference in the          body, helping to maintain homeostasis (natural
 generation may have done you a big favour,           height of the shoulders. The spine will compensate          physiological balance). Because of the spine's
 provided you listened to them and did what you       for this upper curvature by curving in the opposite         complexity, its normal movements are easily
 were told!                                           direction, causing a difference in hip heights.             disrupted. Faulty posture causes disruption to the
                                                      Given the increased use of computers and that fact          normal mechanics of the spine, which in turn cause
 Today, kids carry a huge amount of weight in         we drive cars, there is now a tendency for                  interference in the nerve system of the body,
 their school bags, spend a lot of time in front of   straightening through the cervical spine of the neck,       affecting the body’s ability to maintain homeostasis
 the computer and do less and less physical           causing the head to be carried forward and not in
 activity. All of this amounts to pressure being      alignment with the neck. If you imagine holding a
 placed on the growing spine, which in turn           bowling ball on the tips of your fingers all day then       Case Study
 places pressure on the nerves which arise from       you will be able to understand how fatigued the
                                                      muscles of the neck become, and how much                    An interesting example of how posture can affect
 the spinal chord.
                                                      pressure is placed on the spinal chord by the forward       the spine and ultimately the health of a person is the
                                                      carriage of the head.                                       case study of one of our regular clients. This client
 This month we focus on how our posture is a
                                                                                                                  has been diagnosed with an inflammatory arthritis
 window to our spine and how the state of the         All of the above issues can produce pain in upper and       which could ultimately cause fusion of parts of the
 spine reflects the state of our health.              lower back, neck pain, head aches and migraines.            spine. The spine is made up of 24 moveable bones,
                                                      Muscles work hard to compensate for the curvature in        called vertebrae, the sacrum and then the 2 pelvic
 Congratulations to  for winning the hamper!          the spine and become tight and painful                      bones. It is the movement between these bones
 We hope you enjoy pampering yourself.                                                                            that is essential for correct function of the nervous
                                                      Correct posture is paramount to maintaining a healthy       system. Your nervous system controls and co-
 The team at chiropractic4wellness                    spine.    Your work area should be set out                  ordinates all functions of the body either directly, or
                                                      ergonomically and regular breaks should be taken            indirectly. Our client finds that without his regulate
                                                      from the desk by getting up and walking around.             care his posture is affected by being stooped and
                                                      Stretch breaks can be taken at the desk. Here are           his head moves forward to compensate. This is
                                                      some simple ones you can do:                                also a very common presentation posture of people
 thought for june                                     • Place right hand on head, direct your right ear to        who work in front of a computer. Obviously, this
                                                        your right shoulder, repeat twice, then repeat on the     posture does not allow for the full inflation of the
                                                        opposite side.                                            lungs affecting oxygenation to one of the body’s
                                                      • Interlace fingers, palms facing forward, extend arms      most vital organs, the brain.         Without regular
The best lightening rod for your protection is your     forward, repeat twice.                                    adjustments our client’s spine would continue to
                    own spine                         • Stand, next to a flat wall, estend your arm beside        fuse which would cause a decrease in his health
             -Ralph Waldo Emerson                       you, place your palm flat on wall so your fingers are     potential.
                                                        facing backwards, stretch your pectorals and chest
                                                        one side at a time.

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