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					Businessowners Coverage
American Family’s Businessowners Coverage
People have trusted American Family since 1927.                 Proactive Safety
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                                                                         American Family Insurance.
                                                                 All your protection under one roof.                         ®
Buildings                                    Auxiliary Buildings                           Additional Coverages
Covers your described building,              Business Personal                             You also receive these additional
outdoor fixtures (e.g. light poles and       Property                                      coverages that broaden your protection.
flag poles), building glass, permanently     Provides Replacement Cost coverage
installed equipment and machinery,                                                         Business Income and Extra Expense
                                             for business personal property located
and personal property you own and                                                          Coverage.
                                             in auxiliary buildings.
use for maintenance or service of the                                                      Business Income covers the actual loss
                                               NOTE: Businessowners Policy requires        of business income you sustain while
building. Choose either Replacement
                                               all Replacement Cost valued property be     the damage is being repaired when your
Cost or Actual Cash Value coverage             insured to 100% of the amount required
for your building, auxiliary buildings and                                                 operations must cease because of a
                                               to replace the property. Loss payment
structures.                                    penalties apply if the Limit of Insurance   covered loss.
                                               for property insured on a Replacement       Coverage applies for 12 months from
Auxiliary Buildings and                        Cost basis is less than 80% of full
                                                                                           the date of loss. Coverage begins 72
                                               replacement cost at the time of loss.
Structures                                                                                 hours after the time that a covered
Provides coverage for additional             Covered Causes of Loss                        direct physical loss occurs to your
buildings (including vehicle garages         You choose the coverage that is best          property at your premises. The 72 hour
and storage buildings) and structures        for your insurance needs.                     waiting period can be removed for an
(including fountains, pools and                                                            additional premium charge.
                                             Risks of Direct Physical Loss. Insures
detached canopies) at the described
                                             against all covered causes of direct          Coverage also includes up to 60 days
premises location.
                                             physical loss except those specifically       of coverage for ordinary payroll
Business Personal                            excluded or subject to policy limitations.    expenses and up to 30 days of
Property                                     Named Perils. Insures against the named       Extended Business Income coverage
Provides Replacement Cost coverage           Covered Causes of Loss: such as               starting from the date operations
for personal property (including             fire; lightning; explosion; windstorm or      resume. The number of days that
computers) used in your business, and        hail; smoke; aircraft or vehicles; riot or    coverage is provided can be increased
leased business personal property you        civil commotion; vandalism; sprinkler         for each of these coverages for an
have a contractual responsibility to         leakage; sinkhole collapse; volcanic          additional premium charge.
insure, such as copy machines. If you        action and transportation loss or             Extra Expense coverage pays for extra
are a tenant, coverage is also provided      damage to covered property in transit.        expenses you incur during time repairs
for building glass for which you are                                                       are being made that you would not have
responsible and improvements and                                                           incurred had you not had a loss. This
betterments. Covers property of others                                                     includes expenses incurred to avoid
in your care, custody or control on an                                                     or minimize the time your business is
Actual Cash Value basis.                                                                   suspended and/or to continue your
Business Income from Dependent             if more coverage is needed for a           Newly Acquired or Constructed Property.
Properties. Provides up to $5,000          building insured for Replacement Cost.     Extends up to $250,000 Building
coverage for loss of Business Income                                                  coverage for 30 days on similar
                                           Electronic Data. Coverage is provided
due to a covered direct physical loss                                                 buildings you acquire at another
                                           for the cost of replacing or restoring
at a dependent property. The $5,000                                                   premises or on which you begin
                                           electronic data which has been
limit can be increased for an additional                                              construction at the described premises.
                                           destroyed or corrupted by a covered
premium charge. Coverage begins 72                                                    Extends up to $100,000 Business
                                           cause of loss. This additional coverage
hours after the covered loss occurs. The                                              Personal Property coverage for 30 days
                                           is subject to a $10,000 annual
72 hour waiting period can be removed                                                 on property that you newly acquire.
                                           aggregate limit.
for an additional premium charge.
Dependent properties include property      Interruption of Computer Operations.       Optional Coverage/
owned by others on whom you depend         Coverage is provided for Business          Endorsements
to deliver materials or services to you,   Income and/or Extra Expense arising        (For an additional premium charge)
accept your products or services or        from a business interruption caused by
                                           destruction or corruption of electronic    Outdoor Signs, Antennas and/or Fences.
attract customers to your business.
                                           data by a covered cause of loss. This      Provides on-premises coverage for
Inflation Protection. Your Building                                                   permanent installations of exterior signs,
                                           additional coverage is subject to a
coverage automatically increases based                                                antennas (including satellite dishes),
                                           $10,000 annual aggregate limit.
on the Commercial Construction Cost                                                   and/or fences for covered losses.
Index. Your Business Personal Property     The following coverage extensions
                                                                                      Builder’s Risk Coverage. Provides
coverage automatically increases based     are also included. They broaden your
                                                                                      property coverage for motels,
on the annual percentage selected.         coverage.
                                                                                      apartments, residential, condominiums,
Business Personal Property Limit –         Accounts Receivable. Accounts receivable   office or mercantile buildings under
Seasonal Increase The Limit of Insurance   covers amounts due from customers          construction.
for Business Personal Property             that cannot be collected because
                                                                                      Employee Dishonesty Protects your
automatically increases by 25% to          accounts receivable records have
                                                                                      Business Personal Property and Money
provide for seasonal variations if the     been damaged by a covered loss. The
                                                                                      and Securities against loss resulting
Limit of Insurance is at least 100% of     limit for on-premises loss is $10,000
                                                                                      from dishonest acts committed by your
your average monthly values during the     while the off-premises limit is $5,000.
                                                                                      employees. Limit options starting at
12 months immediately preceding the        Increased on-premises limits can be
date of covered loss.                      purchased for an additional premium.
                                                                                      Money and Securities Coverage. Provides
Debris Removal. Up to 25% of the           Valuable Papers and Records. Valuable
                                                                                      inside-the-premises and outside-the-
amount paid for direct damage can          papers and records coverage pays
                                                                                      premises coverage for loss caused by
be applied to pay for debris removal       for the cost of reconstructing valuable
                                                                                      theft, disappearance or destruction
expense following a covered loss to        records that have been damaged
                                                                                      when Special, Risks of Direct Physical
property at the described premises. We     or destroyed by a covered loss. The
                                                                                      Loss property coverage is provided with
will pay up to an additional $10,000 if    limit for on-premises loss is $10,000
                                                                                      limit options starting at $1,000.
the debris removal expense exceeds the     while the off-premises limit is $5,000.
Limit of Insurance or the 25% limit.       Increased on-premises limits can be        Burglary and Robbery. Provides $5,000
                                           purchased for and additional premium.      inside-the-premises and $2,000
Pollutant Clean Up and Removal. Provides
                                                                                      outside-the-premises Money and
up to $10,000 coverage for your            Personal Property Off Premises. Extends
                                                                                      Securities coverage, plus up to 25% of
expense to extract pollutants from land    up to $10,000 for Covered Property in
                                                                                      the Business Personal Property limit for
or water caused by a covered loss.         transit or temporarily at a premises you
                                                                                      all other covered property loss caused
Increased Cost of Construction. Provides   do not own, lease or operate.              by burglary or robbery when Named
up to $10,000 coverage for the             Personal Effects. Business Personal        Perils property coverage is provided.
increased costs incurred to comply         Property coverage is extended up to        Spoilage Coverage. Provides coverage
with enforcement of an ordinance or        $2,500 at the described premises, for      for direct physical loss to described
law in the course of repair, rebuilding,   covered personal effects damaged by        perishable stock at the described
or replacement of damaged parts of         a covered loss, owned by you, your         premises caused by breakdown of
a covered building when the building       officers, your partners or members, your   refrigeration, cooling/humidity control
is insured for Replacement Cost.           managers or your employees.                equipment or contamination by a
Ordinance or Law Coverage is available
                                                                                      refrigerant or power outage on or off
                                                                                      the described premises.
Utility Services – Direct Damage. Provides   Utility Services – Time Element. Provides     Water/Sewer Backup and Sump Overflow.
coverage for direct loss or damage           coverage for Business Income or Extra         Provides coverage up to limit selected
to covered property (Building and/or         Expense caused by the interruption of         to cover direct physical loss or damage
Business Personal Property) caused by        water, communication or power supply          caused by water which backs up or
the interruption of water, communication     services. Coverage applies when a loss        overflows from a sewer or drain or water
or power supply services. Coverage           covered by the policy occurs outside of       that overflows from a sump.
applies when a loss covered by the           the described premises.
policy occurs outside of the described       Earthquake. Provides coverage for
premises.                                    Earthquake and Volcanic Eruption.

           LIABILITY AND

Business Liability                           engaged in your business activities           Optional Coverage/
Provides liability coverage for              that are within the scope of their            Endorsements
accidents arising from your business         employment.                                   (For an additional premium charge)
operation if you are legally obligated                                                     Hired Auto and Non-Owned Auto Liability
to pay damages because of bodily             Damage to Premises
                                             Rented to You                                 (Not available in Illinois, required in
injury, property damage or personal                                                        Georgia for garage occupancies).
and advertising injury. Personal and         Provides up to $50,000 in liability
                                             protection for property damage arising        Hired Auto Liability provides coverages
advertising injury includes coverage for                                                   for any losses that may occur if you
false arrest, detention or imprisonment;     out of fire or explosion to a premises
                                             while rented to you or temporarily            need to lease, hire or borrow an auto
malicious prosecution; wrongful eviction;                                                  in the course of your business. Non-
libel and slander. Defense costs incurred    occupied by you. This coverage can
                                             be broadened by adding the optional           Owned Auto liability provides similar
by American Family on your behalf are                                                      coverage when another person is using
provided in addition to Business Liability   endorsement, Broadened Coverage for
                                             Damage to Premises Rented to You for          their personal auto on behalf of your
limit selected.                                                                            business.
                                             an additional premium.
Medical Expenses
Provides coverage per person for
the cost of immediate medical care           Professional Services
regardless of whether you are liable.        Liability
Coverage applies for bodily injury only      (For an additional premium charge)
caused by accidents that occur on the
                                             Coverage applies to bodily injury,
insured premises. This coverage can be
                                             property damage and personal and
excluded. Available limits vary by state.
                                             advertising injury arising out of rendering
Employees as Additional                      or failure to render professional services
                                             for barbers, beauticians, funeral
                                             directors, manicurists, optical and
Your employees and volunteer workers
                                             hearing aid services, opticians, limited
are additional insureds for covered
                                             pharmacists, printers or veterinarians
Business Liability exposures while
                                             (domestic animals only).
Broaden your protection with our Businessowners Enhancement Endorsement.
This optional endorsement is available when building and/or contents coverage is written.

   BuiIding and/or Business Personal Property
  Additional Coverages
FEATURE                                                   INCLUDED IN OUR POLICY                        ENHANCED ENDORSEMENT LIMIT
Accounts Receivable                                       $10,000 on premises/$5,000 off premises       $100,000 on premises/$50,000 off premises
Arson Reward                                              N/A                                           $5,000
Business Income from Dependent Properties                 $5,000                                        $25,000
Debris Removal                                            $10,000                                       $20,000
Described Premises                                        Coverage within 100 feet of premises          1,000 feet of premises
Electronic Data                                           $10,000                                       $25,000
Fine Arts                                                 Limited to Actual Cash Value                  $10,000
Fire Department Service Charge                            $2,500                                        $25,000
Fire Protection Devices Recharge Expense                  $5,000                                        $10,000
Interruption of Computer Operations                       $10,000                                       $25,000
Inventory and Appraisal                                   N/A                                           $10,000
Lock and Key Replacement                                  N/A                                           $10,000
Newly Acquired or Constructed Buildings                   $250,000                                      $500,000
Outdoor Property                                          $2,500. Limit $500 per tree, shrub or plant   $10,000. Limit $500 per tree, shrub or plant
Personal Effects                                          $2,500                                        $15,000
Personal Property at Newly Acquired Premises              $100,000                                      $250,000
Personal Property Off Premises*                           $10,000                                       $100,000, up to 90 days
Personal Property in Transit*                             $10,000                                       $15,000
Property at Fairs or on Exhibition*                       $10,000                                       $25,000
Preservation of Property                                  30 day limit                                  90 day limit
Seasonal Increase (Peak Season)                           25%                                           50%
Tenant - Permanently Installed                            N/A                                           $10,000
Machinery and Equipment
Valuable Papers and Records                               $10,000 on Premises/$5,000 off Premises       $100,000 on Premises/$25,000 off Premises

  Optional Coverages/Endorsements (An additional premium will be charged)
FEATURE                                                   AVAILABLE WITH OUR POLICY                     ENHANCED ENDORSEMENT LIMIT
Attached Outdoor Signs                                    $1,000                                        $5,000 per sign
Detached Outdoor Signs                                    Optional coverage available                   $10,000
Forgery or Alteration                                     $2,500                                        $10,000
Money Orders and Counterfeit Paper                        $1,000                                        $5,000
Off Premises Utility Failure                              Optional endorsement                          $10,000 for Direct Damage and Business
                                                                                                        Income and Extra Expense
Ordinance or Law                                          $10,000 for increased cost of construction    $50,000 - combined limit for demolition
                                                          only                                          cost coverage, loss to the undamaged
                                                                                                        portion of the building, and increased cost
                                                                                                        of construction
Outdoor Fences and Walls                                  $2,500 - outdoor fences only                  $15,000
                                                          (Additional coverage available for walls)
Surge Protection                                          N/A                                           Added peril

    Liability and Medical Coverages
FEATURE                                                   INCLUDED IN OUR POLICY                        ENHANCED ENDORSEMENT LIMIT
Business Liability Coverage - Damage to                   $50,000                                       $200,000
premises rented to you
Damage to Property of Others                              N/A                                           $2,500

*Does not apply to Money and Securities, Valuable Papers and Records or Accounts Receivable.
1. Property Coverage (Insurance Limits of 100% of Value Required) (Required Coverage)                                                  AMOUNT OF                  ANNUAL
                                                                                                                                       COVERAGE                   PREMIUM
  Covered Causes of Loss
  q Risks of Direct Physical Loss q Named Perils
  Deductible Options Property Deductible applies to all property coverages except
  those marked with an asterisk [*]. (A specific deductible applies for these coverages.)
  q $1,000 q $2,500 q $5,000 q $10,000 q Other $__________
    Note: A $5,000 deductible applies to any vandalism damages to your covered property that occur within a residential
    tenant’s rental unit when you are the landlord.
  Building Covers the described building. q Replacement Cost or q Actual Cash Value
  Year Built __________ Type of Construction __________                                                                                $                          $
  Auxiliary Buildings and Structures
  Includes any other scheduled buildings or structures at the described premises.                                                      $                          $
  Business Personal Property Include Inflation Percentage __________                                                                   $                          $
  Auxiliary Buildings Business Personal Property                                                                                       $                          $
  Business Income* (Included) – Increased Number of Days Available:
  q Remove 72 hour waiting period
  q Extended Number of Days for Ordinary Payroll Expenses (60 Days Included)
  	 q 90 q 120 q 150 q 180 q 270 q 360                                                                                                                            $
  q Extended Business Income – Extended Number of Days (30 Days Included)
  	 q 60 q 90 q 120 q 150 q 180 q 270 q 360                                                                                                                       $
  q Business Income From Dependent Properties ($5,000 Included)                                                                        $                          $
  Optional Coverages/Endorsements
  q Outdoor Signs* $__________; Antennas $__________; Fences $__________                                                                                          $
  q Employee Dishonesty* q $10,000 q $50,000 q $100,000                                                                                $                          $
  q Money and Securities Coverage* – Risks of Direct Physical Loss Only
  Inside the Premises $__________; Outside the Premises $__________                                                                    $                          $
  q Burglary and Robbery* – Named Perils Only                                                                                                                     $
  q Spoilage*                                                                                                                          $                          $
  q Utility Services – Direct Damage
    q	Water Supply q	Communication Supply q	Power Supply                                                                               $                          $
    q	Building Limit q	Business Personal Property                                                                                      $                          $
  q Utility Services – Time Element
  	 q	Water Supply q	Communication Supply q	Power Supply                                                                               $                          $
  q Earthquake* Deductible Percentage __________                                                                                                                  $
   q Increased On-Premises Limits for Accounts Receivable and/or Valuable Papers. ($10,000 Included)
   Total Limit: Accounts Receivable $__________; Valuable Papers $__________
   q Other _____________                                                                                                               $                          $
2. Business Liability (Required Coverage)
   Bodily injury, property damage and personal and advertising injury including
   products/completed operations coverage is provided on a combined single limit basis.
   $300,000 per occurrence/$600,000 annual aggregate is included. Higher limits are available.                                                                    $
   q $2,000,000 per occurrence/$4,000,000 annual aggregate                                                                                                        $
   q $1,000,000 per occurrence/$2,000,000 annual aggregate                                                                                                        $
   q $500,000 per occurrence/$1,000,000 annual aggregate
   Business Liability Coverage - Damage to premises rented to you
   Required by tenants with Risks of Direct Physical Loss Coverages                                                                                               $
   Swimming Pool Charge: $__________; Number of pools __________                                                                                                  $
   Professional Liability (Required for these professions)
   Barbers, Beauticians, Manicurists, Funeral Directors, Optical Services
   Number of professionals: __________                                                                                                                            $
   Hearing Aid Services, Printers - Number of establishments __________                                                                                           $
   (WA only) Hearing Aid Services - Annual receipts __________
   Professional Liability (Optional for these professions)
   Veterinarians - Number of professionals: __________
   Limited Pharmacists - Prescription sales $__________                                                                                                           $
   Optional Coverages
   Hired Auto and Non-Owned Auto Liability (Not available in Illinois, required in Georgia for garage occupancies)                                                $
   Other                                                                                                                               $                          $
   Total Estimated Advance Annual Premium                                                                                                                         $
   Your Estimated Premium Using Commercial Lines Billing                                                                                                          $
  This is not an application for, or offer of, insurance coverage.
  An application to American Family Mutual Insurance Company or American Family Insurance Company will be required. Coverage features and limits vary by state.
  Some products are not available in every state. Please check with your agent for the exact terms and conditions of your policy.
                         Consider American Family for your business insurance needs.
                         n	 Businessowners and Business Key Policies
                            Afford a full range of coverages for business property and liability
                         n	 Commercial Liability Umbrella
                            Provides additional liability protection with high limits
                         n	 Business Auto
                            Includes liability, medical payments and physical damage coverages
                         n	 Workers Compensation
                            Includes coverages for occupational disabilities, injuries and death
                            (Not available in all states)
                         n	 Employee Benefits Liability
                            Provides coverage for damages that result from an error or omission in the administration
                            of your employee benefit program.

                          Life Insurance
                          Life insurance from American Family Life Insurance Company can help protect your business from financial
                          loss caused by the death of a businessowner, partner or key employee.
                          n	 Help pay off business debt
                          n Funding for a buy-sell agreement
                          Life insurance and annuity plans can help provide financial protection to your employees and their families.
                          n Life insurance policies for employees (e.g., Executive Bonus)
                          n Traditional IRA, SEP IRA, SIMPLE IRA – tax deductible retirement plans funded with annuities
                          n Roth IRA – funded with an annuity

                          This brochure represents only a brief description of coverages. Please read the policy for
                          exact details on coverages and exclusions.

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