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Black Lyon Contemporary Inspirational Romance
                                                                                                   LISA J. LICKEL

                                                                          A Summer in Oakville
        One Magical Summer in Oakville, Wisconsin,
       Love Finds its Way through Four Entwined Lives.
                                                                                                 SHELLIE NEUMEIER
   Tessa Hasmer Murphy has a secret. Estranged from her husband,
   will she let a past love and a fight to save the family farm destroy                                “A SUMMER IN OAKVILLE transports
   her marriage and daughter Lindsay’s happiness?                                                      readers deep into the soul of family.”
                                                                                                                   —Author Naomi Dawn Musch
   Lindsay Murphy plans to live on her grandparents’ farm until she
   can find a job, but developer Brandon Calloway has other plans for
   the property. As she wages war against him, will she lose her heart
   and the farm both?

   Widower Arthur Hasmer’s life and that of his son, Andy, spiral out
   of control. Then old friend, Dana London, reenters the picture with
   the power to help them all back to love, joy and faith …

   Andy Hasmer has the ultimate bummer life. No mom, not much of
   a dad, no future. When he’s sent to the farm and wrecks the truck,
   nothing could be worse than the lousy job he takes to pay Grampa
   back—except maybe putting up with the pastor’s daughter, Ella.

             “A SUMMER IN OAKVILLE is the vivid portrait of

                                                                                                 A Summer
                                                                           Shellie Neumeier
                                                                            Lisa J. Lickel &

             a fragmented family finding the faith to unite in
             an effort to save the land and life they thought

                                                                                                 in Oakville
             they had lost.”
                                     —Author Allan E. Ansorge


                                  $16.95 US

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