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Grade Level     11 - 12                   Course Title/Subject Area      Consumer Math            Name Mike Vittetoe

   Month                  Essential Questions Content                         Skills             Assessments    Resources

   August, Chapter 1      1. What are some major       - Car loan,            - Compute the      Daily          - Test Book “Mathematics for
   Owning a Car              expenses in owning a        insurance,            cost for gas,     assignments    Daily Living”
                             car?                        repairs, gas cost.    loans, and tax,
                          2. How does interest                                 insurance.        Teacher made   - Internet – Kelly Blue Book
                             rates and time effect     - Graphing                                tests
                             your car loan               Calculators,         -Calculate the
                             payments?                   charts that          interest paid on
                          3. What are some               compute monthly car loans.
                             factors that affect the     payments.
                             cost of car insurance?    -Driving record,      - Find the semi-
                                                         age, sex, vehicle, annual premiums
                                                         where you live,      for liability,
                                                         type of              collision, and
                                                         insurance.           comprehensive
                                                       S1B1, S1B3,S3B1,
   September,             1. If you don’t own a                              -Compute the cost   Daily          - Test Book “Mathematics for
   Chapt.2                   car, what are some        - Bus, train, airline for the different   assignments    Daily Living”
   Traveling                 other means of              and renting a car. modes of
                             transportation?             Figure cost and     transportation.     Teacher made
                                                         restrictions.                           tests
                          2.If you choose one of
                          the means, what are
                    some ways to save

                    3. What are some
                    modes of transportation   - Bus, train, airline   Determine arrival,
                    that reading a table      transportation          departure times
                    would be necessary?       schedules that have     and compute
                    How do you figure         departure and           travel times.
                    travel time?              arrival times

                                              S4B1, S4B2, S3B5
October, Chapter 3 1. If you are shopping     - Unit pricing and  - Calculate the          Daily          - Test Book “Mathematics for
Buying food and       for a product how can     total savings.     unit price of the       assignments    Daily Living”
other goods           you tell which is the                        same product but
                      better buy?                                  different               Teacher made
                                              - Percent            quantities and          tests
                                                increase/decrease figure the total
                   2. How do you use and                          - Compute the
                      find percent increase - Buying at a          percent increase
                      or decrease?              discount,          or decrease of
                                                computing          when the price of
                                                discount rates.    a product
                                              S2B5, S3B5
October, Chapter 4 1. What are some           - Hourly Earnings, - Compute the             Daily          - Test Book “Mathematics for
Earning Money         different ways of         Salary,            earnings for            assignments    Daily Living”
                      getting paid for a job?   Commission,        different types of
                                                piecework          salary scales.          Teacher made
                                                wages.                                     tests

                    2. What are some          - Social Security,      - Given the
                       deductions made          Federal Tax,           earnings, they
                       from your paycheck?      State Tax.             will figure the
                                                                       take home pay.
                                              S1B1, S3B5
November,            1. What is the             - Compound and       - Compare and         Daily          - Test Book “Mathematics for
Chapter 6               difference between        Simple interest     contrast simple      assignments    Daily Living”
Saving Money            compound interest         formulas.           and compound
                        and simple interest?                          interest.            Teacher made
                                                                     - Compute the         tests
                     2. What is the         I=P x IR x T             interest earned
                        compound and simple                          using comp. And
                        interest formula?   P x (1. IR)N             simple interest.

                                                S5B3, S5B1, S3B5

December,            1. Why do you need a       - Opening a         - Explain the steps    Daily          - Test Book “Mathematics for
Chapter 7               checking account and       checking account involved in            assignments    Daily Living”
Personal Banking        how do you use it?                           opening and
                                                - Writing checks     maintaining a         Teacher made
                     2. How do you balance                           checking              tests
                        a checkbook?            - Balancing a        account.
                                                   checkbook.       - Reconciling a
                     2. What are some                                checking account
                        different types of      - Installment,
                        loans you can get at       Passbook loans.  - Computing the
                        the bank?                                    interest on an
                                                S3B5, S3B1           installment and
                                                                     passbook loan.
January, Chapter 5   1. What forms do you       - Forms: W-2, W- - Complete a              Daily          - Tax Booklets
Income Tax              need to be familiar     4, 1099-INT, 1040    Federal and State     assignments
                        with when                                    1040 tax form.                       - Internet – Tax Interactive
                        completing your         - Where your tax                           Teacher made
                        taxes?                  money goes. Why - List the                 tests
                                                it is important.     responsibilities of
                     2. Why do you have to                           a taxpayer.
                        file taxes?             - Transferring
                                                information onto
                     3. What are the steps in   the 1040a and
                        filing your taxes?      1040EZ.

                                                S3B1, S3B5
February,           1. Where are some            - Comparing loans     - Compute the        Daily          - Test Book “Mathematics for
Chapter 8              places you can            from Small-Loan        interest on loans   assignments    Daily Living”
Borrowing Money        borrow money other        Agencies,              from Small-Loan
                       than bank.                Pawnshops, Credit      Agencies,           Teacher made
                                                 Union, and Credit      Pawnshops,          tests
                    2. What are the pros         Card.                  Credit Union,
                       and cons of               - Look at different    and Credit Cards.
                       borrowing from these      ads containing
                       places?                   information on        - Identify
                                                 borrowing money.       misleading loan
                                                 S3B3, S3B1, S3B5

March, Chapter 9    1. What is the               - Stock Market        - Invest $1000 in    Daily          - Test Book “Mathematics for
Stocks and Bonds       difference between                              play money in the    assignments    Daily Living”
                       Stocks and Bonds?         - Bond Market         stock market and
                                                                       follow it for one    Teacher made   - Newspaper
                    2. Are Stocks and            - Rate of return      month.               tests
                       Bonds a good                                                                        - Internet
                       investment?               S3B1, S3B5,S1B1       - Compute rate of
                                                                        return for stocks   Stock Market
                                                                        and bonds.          Contest

                                                                       - Interpret stock
                                                                        reports from
                                                                        different media.
April, Chapter 10   1. What is Life              -Pros and Cons of:    - Compute the        Daily          - Test Book “Mathematics for
Life Insurance         Insurance?                Term, Universal,       Life insurance      assignments    Daily Living”
                                                 Whole, and             premiums.
                    2. What are the              Endowment Life                             Teacher made
                       different types of life   insurance.            - Look at            tests
                       insurance?                                       mortality tables
                                                 S3B3, S3B1,            and determine if
                                                 S1B1, S3B5             they die when
                                                                        expected which
                                                                        type of insurance
                                                                        is best.
April, Chapter 12   1. What are some major      - Mortgage loans      - Find the total     Daily          - Test Book “Mathematics for
Housing Costs          costs in owning a                               repaid and          assignments    Daily Living”
                       home?                    - Utilities: gas,      interest on a
                    2. What are some major      electric, phone,       mortgage loan.      Teacher made
                       factors that influence   water.                                     tests
                       the cost for                                   - When given the
                       homeowners               - Homeowners           usage compute
                       insurance?               insurance.             the cost for
                                                S3B1, S1B1,S3B5
                                                                      - Figure the
                                                                       premiums for
May, Chapter 11     1. How do you qualify       - Social Security     - Compute if you     Daily          - Test Book “Mathematics for
Retirement             for social security      Benefits:              are insured under   assignments    Daily Living”
                       benefits? When can       retirement,            social security.
                       you get these            survivors,                                 Teacher made   - Social Security Booklet
                       benefits?                disability.           - Figure benefits:   tests
                                                                       family and
                    2. What are some ways       - IRA, Annuities       individual.
                       to prepare for
                       retirement?              S3B1, S1B1,S3B5       - Compute IRA
                                                                       and Annuity
                                                                       premiums and
                                                Standards &
                                                Benchmarks taught

                                                MAB1, MAB2,
                                                MBB1 MBC1,
                                                MBC2, MBD1,
                                                MBD2, RB1,
                                                RB2, RB3

                                                9-12.1.2, 9-12.2.3,
                                                9-12.2.4 9-12.3.1
9-12.3.2 9-12.3.3
9-12.7.1, 9-12.8.7

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