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					 the     Ridge Rider                                                          Highland
 Monthly News and Ministries of                                        United Methodist Church
 Volume XX, No. 12       December, 2010                                                   Raleigh, NC

    Come Let Us Adore Him – The TRUE Light of the World

           Adoration of the Shepherds; Matthias Stom; Dutch, c/a 1635 – Courtesy, North Carolina Museum of Art
Ironic isn’t it? God chose to announce the greatest gift of all, first, to the “lowest” and most despised, simple, working people
of the day, shepherds! Perhaps His light still shines most brightly on us when we too humble ourselves and remember what
is the most important and wonderful gift of this season!

Advent and Christmas Programs and Events :
December 2, 9:45 am – Highlanders Christmas day trip               December 24 - Christmas Eve Services:
December 3 – Youth “Lock-In”                                             4:00 pm Family and Children’s Service
December 6, 6:00 pm -- Children’s Christmas Pageant                            Jesus Gift Ceremony for Children
December 12, 11:00 am Worship with Choir Oratorio                        7:00 pm Candlelight-Communion Worship Service
December 14, 11:00 am – Highlanders’ Lunch & Program                   11:00 pm Candlelight-Communion Worship Service
December 19,                                                       December 26, 11:00 am – One Combined Worship Service
   8:30 am Worship – Celebration Singers Cantata                       Traditional Love Feast with Carol sing
  10:00 am Care & Share Festive Family Affair                                    and Special Music by Highland Winds

                                                            Page. 1
From Pastor David:                                                     through the eyes of Mary as she sees her son suffer and die for
                                                                       the sins of the world.
A Christmas Wish ….                                                         The third week we'll look at Mary as the mother of the boy
     Holy Scripture contains a lot about children and the role of      Jesus, and the one story from Jesus' childhood that appears in
children. I’ve heard more than once that Christmas time is a           the gospels. We'll look at Christmas through the eyes of Mary
time for children, or for the child in each of us. Christmas is        the mother of the boy Jesus.
about a child born in a manger in Bethlehem. This child was                 The fourth week of Advent we'll look at Mary as she is
Emmanuel, literally ―God with us.‖ So it is appropriate for the        pregnant, and we'll see Christmas through the eyes of young
Bible to lift up children.                                             Mary as she prepares to give birth.
     When Jesus grew up and started his earthly ministry, he                Finally, at the 4:00 pm service on Christmas Eve, we'll see
took a child in his arms and said to the adults, ―Whoever              Christmas through the eyes of Mary on that first Christmas
welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me, and                    night. Bring your friends, family or co-workers to worship this
whoever welcomes me welcomes the one who sent me.‖ Jesus               Advent season as we spiritually prepare for receiving God’s gift
also saw how the adults tended to push the children away and           of salvation. This early service on Christmas eve, also will be
said, ―Let the children come to me, do not stop them; for to such      the most ―child friendly‖ of our services.
belongs the Kingdom of God.‖ Maybe the most profound
saying of Jesus as it relates to children was when he tells us that       Warmth Tree
whoever does not receive the Kingdom of God as a little child
will not enter it.                                                     Program Again to
     May this Advent Season and Christmas be a time to                  Brighten Needy
experience again child-like innocence. May our faith in Jesus          Lives- Look For it!
                              be completely trusting. Let these             This Christmas season, as
                              days ahead get you childishly happy.     in the past, Highland United
                              And may each of us find                  Methodist Church will be
                              contentment in little things.            adopting families who are
                                  As Tiny Tim explains at the end      successfully       transitioning
                              of Charles Dickens’ Christmas            from homelessness through
                              Carol, ―May God bless us each and        the       Wake         Interfaith
                              everyone!‖                               Hospitality Network (WIHN).
                                                                            On Sunday, November
                                                Thank you!             28, two warmth trees,
                                                                       appeared – one in the narthex
                                    David Goehring                     and one in Bradley Hall. As in
                                                                       the past, they are decorated
                                                                       with paper ornaments with
                                                                       each ornament representing a Christmas wish for one of our
                                                                       participating WIHN family members. Shopping for individuals
      This Month @ Highland!                                           less fortunate than ourselves to help fulfill a few of their
                                                                       Christmas wishes at times of their personal distress helps give
                                                                       true meaning to their Christmas as well as our own.
               From Pastor Heather                                          Please help us to keep the process running smoothly by
   Connection Worship Services                                         observing a few guidelines:
     Join Us for a New Advent Series:                                       Please be certain to sign your name and contact number on
                                                                                the sign-out sheet for each ornament you take. Each one
          “Mary, Did You Know?”
                                                                                is numbered and you should sign at the indicated same
Beginning November 28th,
     In what I hope will be an                                                  number on the sign-up sheet.
interesting and inspiring approach                                          All gifts should be wrapped with the original, numbered
to Christmas and Mary, we'll                                                    paper ornament serving as the gift tag.
retrace Mary's life starting at the                                         All wrapped gifts must be returned to the Warmth Tree in
end of her life and working our                                                 the Narthex by noon, Sunday, December 19, to permit
way backwards each week.                                                        prompt delivery.
     The first week we'll consider                                          If you do not care to shop, monetary donations can be made
the last mention of Mary in the                                        at anytime by writing a check to HUMC and noting Warmth
Bible, and the traditions about                                        Tree on the memo line. In addition to the warmth tree wrapped
what happened to her after Jesus'                                      gifts, HUMC purchases groceries for twelve local families in
resurrection. We'll see Christmas                                      need.
through the eyes of the aging                                                Thank you for your support of this wonderful mission. For
Mary.                                                                  more information contact Jill Mills 510-4086 or email to
     The second week we'll go back to the crucifixion of Jesus,        ( or alternatively call Kay Stocum at 571-
with Mary standing at the foot of the cross. We'll see Christmas       7845 or email Kay (

                                                                 Page. 2
Music in Worship This Month
     As usual, there will be a number of special musical
offerings during the Advent and Christmas Seasons. Beginning
                                                                     Children‟s Ministry Activities
on December 5th, our Highland Winds will be accompanying the                         Anita Taylor, Director
congregation on hymns at the 11:00 am worship service,
culminating in a carol service on Sunday, December 26. There                    for Christmas Child
                                                                                    THANK YOU!
will only be one service that day at 11:00 am and it will be in
Bradley Hall. Bring your leftover Christmas goodies and enjoy
singing Christmas carols one last time for 2010.

December 5th 6:00 pm
                – Children‟s Christmas Pageant
     Our annual Children’s Pageant will be presented, under the
direction of Earleen Barnes and Anita Taylor. Come out and
join our youngest thespians at 6:00 PM and stick around for
refreshments in Bradley Hall at the close of the service. As
always, the evening will warm your hearts and put you in the
mood for the Christmas season.

December 12th 11:00 am Worship Service
     Bach‟s Christmas Cantata – Chancel Choir                         Because of you, this church was able
     Plus HUMRingers Bell Choir                                       to pack and send 143 Shoe Boxes for
     Playing Christmas Music
     The Chancel Choir will present Cantata #142, believed to
                                                                     this year‟s Operation Christmas Child!
have been composed by J. S. Bach. Bach wrote hundreds of
choral works featuring soloists and choral sections, and the term
―cantata‖ was actually applied first to his works. He often                        …. and This Month:
composed one every week in accordance with the Lutheran
liturgy, of which some 200 survive. Ironically, there is some
dispute as to whether he wrote the particular cantata being                                    Children‟s
     The chancel choir will be accompanied by a small orchestra                            Christmas Musical
of students from the North Carolina School of Math and Science                               December 5th
and their director, Scott Laird. Additionally, there will be two
flutes and two oboes accompanying the work.                                                   at 6:00 pm
     Our own Ann Pearce will be playing one of the flute parts,
as well as conducting the HUMRINGERS during the service on                All are invited to come and worship with the children as
December 12.                                                         they present their annual Children’s Christmas Musical on
                                                                     Sunday, December 5th at 6:00 pm in the Sanctuary. The
December 19th 8:30 am Worship Service                                Children will share their gifts and talents, as they present the
         Celebration Singers – Christmas Cantata                     story of Jesus’ birth through the sharing of scripture. Join us for
     On Sunday morning the 19th the Celebration Singers will         this special worship time. … and …
perform a cantata, A CHILD THIS DAY, written by Benjamin             We will have a reception immediately
Harlan at the 8:30 worship service. They will be assisted by a       following the musical in Bradley Hall.
children’s choir which is being put together as of this writing.
 The cantata features a number of British folk song tunes, as
well as Christmas texts to the tune most of us know as ―I Will                CROSS TRAINING Dinner
Arise and Go to Jesus.‖
                                                                                  December 1st
Christmas Eve: Three Services
     As usual, there will be three Christmas Eve Services at                               Join us for our last Cross Training
4:00, 7:00 and 11:00 PM. The early service is geared toward                                fellowship dinner of 2010. We will
families with children and will feature music from our                                     enjoy a Christmas Hors d’oeuvres
children’s program. The Chancel Choir will provide music for                                 meal prepared by Morgan.
the 7:00 service, while the 11:00 service will feature a folk-
contemporary ensemble, sure to sing a contemporary version of        You do not need to bring anything just yourself.
―God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/We Three Kings.‖                        Please RSVP to the church office as soon as you read
                                                                     this!.   Following dinner, the elementary-aged choir
     Thanks in advance to all the musicians who will give of         children will have a combined rehearsal to prepare for this
their talents during the advent and Christmas seasons and make       year’s Children’s Christmas Musical from 6:30-7:30 pm.
plans to attend as many services as you are able!
                                                               Page. 3
                            Care „n Share
                                                                       What Is Cross Training?
                           Breakfast & Gift                                 Cross training in the athletic arena means that one practices
                              Baskets –                                a variety of exercises or sports to achieve fitness and strength of
                                                                       the entire body.
                           December 19th at                                 At HUMC, we believe a multi-disciplinary practice is also
                              10:00 am                                 important for the total health of our spiritual bodies. Through
                                                                       the 4 components of Cross Training, Choir, Bible Study,
     Spread the joy of the Advent Season by preparing fruit            Recreation Time, and Dinner, the children (Cross Trainers) will
baskets for our shut-ins. Join us at 10AM for a great breakfast        follow the example of the early church described in Acts 2, who
& basket preparation in Bradley Hall. This will be a celebration       spent their time together in study, worship, breaking bread, and
of joyful sharing & fellowship! All Adult, Youth, & Children’s         fellowship.
Sunday school classes are asked to attend.                                  While the children are not required to participate in all 4
     Please bring fresh fruit, travel size lotions, toiletry items,    components, we believe the children will receive the most
individual serving cups of applesauce, pudding, or fruit, candies,     benefit by participating in all areas. If you are not already
& soaps for the baskets. HOLIDAY BREAKFAST will be                     participating, please consider joining us for our Wednesday
served at 10:00AM prepared by our United Methodist Men. A              programming.
love offering will be taken.
     Children’s Sunday school classes are cancelled and                Cross Training Wednesday Schedules:
parents are asked to take their children for the breakfast.            4:25 – 4:55 pm –Cherub Choir (3 & 4 year olds) – Choir Rm
The Infant & Toddler Nursery will remain open!                         5:00 – 5:45 pm – Joyful Noise (K &1 Grades) – Choir Rm
                                                                                                       nd rd
                                                                                    - Hosanna Choir (2 -3 Grades) – Handbell Rm
                                                                       5:45 – 6:45 pm –Cross Training Dinner
                      CAROLING & Gift                                                        st
                                                                       6:45 – 7:30 pm –K & 1 Grade Bible – Rm 101
                                                                                          nd    rd
                                                                                       - 2 & 3 Grade Bible Study – Rm 105
                      Basket Delivery -                                                                   th th
                                                                       6:30 – 7:30 pm – Chorister Choir (4 -6 Grades)
                      December 19th at
                         2:30 pm!
                                                                       There are many additional Adult ministry opportunities
                                                                       through music or Bible studies on Wednesday nights as
                                                                       well. Wednesdays are for everyone!
     Please join us for our Caroling Party and Gift Basket
Delivery. We would really like to spread the joy of the season
to some of our church members who can no longer come to                                       Family Christmas
     We see this as a family-friendly ministry opportunity to
                                                                                               Eve Worship -
spread join to our community. All of our church family                                        December 24th at
including our children’s choir members and their families are
invited to participate in this community outreach opportunity.
                                                                                                 4:00 pm!
ACTion Time kids also are encouraged to participate.
     We will travel by church bus and/or van to visit with a few            Our child-friendly Family Christmas Eve Worship service
of our church members to sing and deliver gift baskets. We             will be on Wednesday, December 24th at 4:00 pm in the
will meet at 2:30 and return to church by 4:30. We’ll enjoy            Sanctuary.
some cookies and hot cocoa when we return!                                  Please bring canned food items simply wrapped in tissue
     Preschool-aged children can participate, but mom or dad           paper as a love offering. The children will bring their gifts
needs to come, too!                                                    forward during the worship service. These canned goods will be
     Please let Anita Taylor or Earleen Barnes know if you             delivered to a local community service group.
will be participating this year!
                                                                           SPECIAL UPCOMING EVENTS!
                        CROSS TRAINING
                          Resumes on                                                         Family Movie Night
                          January 5th!                                                        – January 7th at
                                                                                                  5:30 pm
Cross Training, our midweek ministry for all                                All of our Highland Family is invited to our child-friendly
ages, starts again on Wednesday, January 5th.                          Family Movie Night on Friday, January 7th at 5:30 pm. Be sure
    Keep your eyes on the look out for the Spring Semester             to bring your blankets or lawn chairs for a comfy viewing of a
Meal Pass with the new pricing and dinner menus for each               ―Surprise‖ Movie starting at 6:00 pm.
night! Forms will be available starting DECEMBER 1st and                    Of course, we’ll start with a pizza dinner and then have
can be turned into Anita Taylor’s mailbox.                             popcorn and as we watch our movie! Join us in Bradley Hall!

                                                                 Page. 4
RSVP to Anita Taylor (787-4240, OR
sign up at the reception desk by Jan. 6th. Cost will be $5/adult,
                                                                      Parents! Give your Child the Gift of a
$3/child, or $20 max/ family to help cover food costs.                  Better Foundation of Music Skills!
                                                                          (It has been shown to improve academic achievement! –
                                                                                  And here is a wonderful way to do it!)
       Children‟s Music Ministry
       Children‟s Hymn of the Month                                         WANTED: A FEW MORE GOOD
         A Christmas Mystery Hymn                                                 CHORISTERS!

                                                                      Above: Choristers singing for the 11:00 am Worship Service
                                                                                           on November 7
                                                                         This spring, our Chorister Choir will present a
     This month’s Children’s Choirs Hymn of the Month                 special musical on April 10. While the current
actually has a mysterious origin! Number 217 in our hymnal,
Away in a Manger,has been often known as ―Luther’s Cradle             choir is terrific, we could use a few more voices
Hymn‖, but Martin Luther had nothing to do with writing it. The       to make the musical even better. So if you are in
carol was first published in an Evangelical Lutheran Sunday           the fourth, fifth, or sixth grade and are ready to
School collection, Little Children’s Book for Schools and
Families in 1885, edited by James R. Murray and titled Away in        start your musical theater career, or just want to
a Manger. It next appeared in 1887 in a little book of songs,         have fun with a great group of kids, join us on
Dainty Songs for Little Lads and Lasses, published in                 Wednesdays at 6:30, starting January 5. You
Cincinnati, OH under the title ―Luther’s Cradle Hymn‖, with a
note that it was composed by Martin Luther for his children.          don’t have to sing a solo or have a speaking part if
Research has since shown that this was a fable. The third verse       you don’t want to, just come to sing and have a
first appeared in Gabriel’s Vineyard Songs with a tune by             good time!
Charles H. Gabriel, so these words are probably by him.
     Today, Away in a Manger is a favorite Christmas carol in            Questions? Contact Earleen Barnes at
both the United States and England and has been sung to forty- or call at 782-4911.
one different tunes! The melody in our hymnal also has an
unknown origin, usually simply given the name ―Mueller‖. The
children will sing this beloved carol in the Christmas Pageant.
The tune they will use, however, first appeared in 1895 by                YOUTH & FAMILIES MINISTRY
William J. Kirkpatrick in who had written it for a musical and
simply titled it ―Cradle Song‖. Both melodies are in a triple         Confirmation 2011
meter, which suggest the rocking of a cradle.                              Confirmation is the continuation of your faith journey, a
                                                                      journey begun at baptism. Confirmation is more than just a
     Speaking of Christmas Pageants, the first one may have           series of classes, it’s preparing you for life in the church through
been in 1223! St. Francis was concerned that the Gospel               worship, service, small groups, and involvement in other
message had become too highly intellectualized for the common         ministries.
people, so he decided to dramatize the Christmas Story. He had             If you have not yet been baptized and wish to be, joining
all the trappings of a stable placed in his church in Graecia,        the Confirmation class of 2011 will prepare you for an informed
Italy. On Christmas Eve when the parishioners arrived, there          and heartfelt response to God’s loving call in your life.
before them were Mary and Joseph with the Child in a manger,               If you have been baptized, but never confirmed, and are in
making Christmas seem very real to them.                              8th grade or older, you are invited to join the Confirmation class
     This Christmas may you approach the manger, too, with            of 2011.
child-like faith as you offer this prayer:
               Be near me, Lord Jesus, I ask thee to stay             Confirmation Class meets Wednesdays, 5:15-
                Close by me forever and love me, I pray;              7:15 PM, January 12 - April 13.
             Bless all the dear children in thy tender care,            Dinner is included each week.
             And fit us for heaven to live with Thee there.
                                                                        Each confirmand is paired with an adult mentor.
                                                                        Each confirmand is expected to attend worship & Sunday
                                                                          School.                          (more, next page)
                                                                Page. 5
Confirmation Class Information - continued                            UMYF & Christmas Pageant: Dec. 5
  Confirmation Retreat is at Salter Path Beach, April 1-3.                Come to UMYF at its normal time, 5PM (no dinner tonight,
  Cost is $100 for the entire semester, scholarships available       just light snacks). At 5:30, we will assist with ushering the
    upon request.                                                     children’s Christmas Pageant, which begins at 6PM.
An Information Meeting for Confirmands, Parents, and
Mentors will be Dec. 12, at 4PM in the Conference Room.               UMYF & Baby Shower: Dec. 12
                                                                          Come to UMYF at its normal time, 5PM. We will begin
                                                                      with worship and discussion. Then, we’ll have dinner and a
January Ski Retreat                                                   special youth baby shower for Charlie & Lori starting at 6:30!
     Remember how much fun ski retreats are each year?                They don’t know if they’re having a boy or girl, so go gender-
Remember when that one guy got his sleeve stuck on the ski            neutral with your gifts. They are registered at Babies R Us and
lift? Make some new memories at the High School Ski Retreat 
this January 28-30. We want to see you this weekend at Lake
Junaluska! Rev. Troy Benton will bring the heat with his              High School Ugly Holiday Sweater Party
message, Among the Thirsty will liven us up in worship with                December 19, come to Charlie & Lori Baber’s house for a
power-packed praise. Depart from Highland at 4:00 Friday.             Christmas Dinner party at 5:30 PM. Prizes will be given to the
We’ll ski at Cataloochee on Saturday. Snow Tubing Sunday              people voted to be wearing the most ugly holiday
afternoon on the way home.                                            sweater/sweatshirt, and the most creative holiday sweater.
                                                                           We will have a gift exchange with THESE
QUICK FACTS:                                                          QUALIFICATIONS: you must wrap a gift that you spent $4.57
   Cost is $100 for skiers, $80 for non-skiers.* (Please             or less on. The more creative, the better. It can also be a gift
       indicate if you are skiing, tubing or not when making your     you spent nothing on, such as re-gifting a crappy present you
       deposit). Bring a friend and your friend only pays $80 is      received last Christmas.
       skiing, $60 if not skiing!
   $30 deposits due Wednesday, Dec. 8 (get a free tee shirt          Middle School 12 Days of X-mas Party
                                                                          December 19, come to Charlie & Lori Baber’s house for a
       if you’re on time!).
                                                                      Christmas party from 1:30 -4:30 PM. Guys bring salty party
   Trip cost goes up $25 for deposits made after Dec. 8.
                                                                      snacks (i.e. chips & dip, sausage balls, chicken bites, caviar and
   No deposits will be received after Dec. 28.                       cream cheese crackers, whatever you would want to eat at a
* This reduced rate is thanks to our Pumpkin Patch! The trip          Christmas party) and Girls bring sweet snacks (cookies, pies,
actually costs $180 per skier, and $120 per non-skier, so you’re      raspberry compote flambé, etc. etc.). Come dressed as
saving a lot of money on this trip!)                                  something from the 12 Days of Christmas song—prizes for
                                                                      creativity and best costume! Your parents can drive you, or you
                                                                      can meet at the church at 1:00 to ride the bus to the Baber house
NC Conference Youth                           Pilgrimage              in Durham (the bus won’t wait for long, so be there ready to
2010: With One Voice                                                  leave at 1!!!).
    Report by: Mackenzie (Black sheep) Mims, 8th Grade
     I loved Pilgrimage! The speaker Bart Campolo was both            There will be no UMYF on Sunday, Dec. 26 or
inspiring and funny at the same time. Saturday night there was a      Jan. 2. We will have a New Year UMYF Kick-
rap group called Emery Anderson, THEY WERE SICK! But the              Off on Sunday, January 9.
house band was great too!
     All afternoon Saturday our youth group, along with other
groups from Pilgrimage, went to Camp Rockfish, IT WAS
TIGHT (literally)! We went ziplining, rockclimbing, and my
personal favorite…HIGH ROPING, also we ran around the field
                                                                          Adult Ministries & Events
     We stayed in Fayettville, and we all decided that our church
van fit in perfectly with the town. On the way home, everybody
was tired and ready to get home, but we had to make a quick pit                          Adult Studies
stop for it seems somebody decided to leave their personal mark
inside the van. All around Pilgrimage was a great (and hilarious)         Jesus and the Gospels (Continuing)
experience!        -                                                         Wednesdays Conference Room
                                                                           6:45 pm, Following Family Dinners
Youth Fellowship Gatherings                                                 Led by Pastor, David Goehring
                                                                           This study continues through the winter months each
                                                                      Wednesday evening when the Cross-Training family dinners are
UMYF Dining Out: November 28
                                                                      held. Although the study is on-going, such studies generally are
    The UMYF will eat out together in small groups on
                                                                      ―free-standing‖ enough that you can break-in and participate for
Sunday, November 28. Meet first at the church at 5PM, and
                                                                      the remaining sessions.
bring $10 for dinner. We will return to the church for a large
                                                                           If you are interested and want more information, give
group discussion. UMYF will be over at its normal time, 7PM.
                                                                      Pastor David a call at church.

                                                                Page. 6
      United Methodist Women‟s                                       Men‟s Tuesday Morning Fellowship
                                                                     Join us for Coffee, Fellowship, and Study 6:30am –
       Ministries and Schedules                                          The "Fellowship and Prayer Group" meets every Tuesday
                                                                     morning in the Conference Room at 6:30am sharp for coffee,
No UMW General Meeting in December                                   study and prayer. The meeting ends promptly at 7:30am.
                                                                         All are welcome to participate – one meeting – or many.
UMW Circle Meeting Schedules for December:
Circle #1 will meet December 13th, at 9:30                              Highlanders -- Senior Adults‟
am in the Conference Room.
     We look forward to hearing Cullen Whitley speak about                    Meetings & Plans
Highland’s Community Garden and the impact it has had on our
                                                                          The Highlanders, Senior Adults, continue to have
church and community as well as plans for the garden
                                                                     interesting monthly meetings and fellowship, with a number of
throughout the winter and into next spring.
                                                                     day trips scheduled each year. Monthly meetings almost always
     We invite anyone who has an interest in this topic to join us
                                                                     include a delicious lunch and an interesting speaker. Also,
for excellent Christmas goodies, coffee, fellowship, and learning
                                                                     normally, two times each year the Highlanders offer an
together. Circle 1 provides child care for all meetings. To get
                                                                     extended, overnight, 3 or 4 day trip for those who wish to
further information or to arrange for childcare, please call
Suzanne LaRocca at 844-7047. We hope to see you there!
                                                                          There is no ―minimum age specification‖ for Highlanders;
                                                                     and any and all mature adults are welcome to participate. There
Circle #2/3 will meet Thursday, December                             are no ―Membership Dues‖ and the only requirement is to pay
9th, at 12:00 noon at the Carolina Country                           for your own lunches or trip costs when you elect to attend and
Club for a Christmas luncheon.                                       participate.
                                                                          Look at the activities described below and make your plans
Circle #7 will meet at the church parking lot Monday,                to join in with this wonderful fellowship group!
December 6th, at 6:00 pm for caroling. After caroling, dinner
will be served in the HUMC conference room.
                                                                     December 2nd, Thursday -- Fun Day Trip
Circle #8 will not meet in December.                                 Lunch & Performance of “A Christmas Carol”
                                                                     in Sanford, NC.
                                                                          We are planning to ride the church bus to Sanford, NC on
                                                                     Thursday, December 2, 2010, to enjoy a great lunch at Mrs.
                                                                     Lacy's Magnolia House and Tea Room. After lunch, we will
                                                                     attend the play we have all enjoyed many times "A Christmas
                                                                     Carol" at the Temple Theatre.
                                                                          Sandwiches or salads at Mrs. Lacy's cost $6.00 to 8.00.
                                                                     Cost for the play is $16.00 per person which will be collected on
                                                                     the bus. The bus will be available for boarding at 9:30 a.m.
                 The Prayer Shawl                                    Time of departure will be 9:45 a.m.
   Ministry will take a break until                                       Sign up at the reception desk as soon as possible – or
January. Please continue to work on                                  call the church office immediately as time is short when you
                                                                     first read this!.
 your projects. We also welcome new                                       And PLEASE! We really do need to have early
knitters and crocheters. Look for the                                reservations and a firm commitment for the tickets. If you
                                                                     sign-up to go and do not show-up. The church Highlander’s
 January meeting dates in the next                                   budget will have to pay for your unused ticket!
Ridge Rider, and plan on joining us!
                                                                     Tuesday, December 14, 2010, 11:30 a.m.
                                                                     Annual Christmas Luncheon with Entertainment by
      Methodist Men‟s Ministries                                     Pre-School Children
                                                                          Our catered luncheon will be preceded with entertainment
UM Men – Meeting Saturday, December 11                               at 11:30 a.m. by the children from the Highland Pre-School.
     The UMM will meet on Saturday morning, December 11th            This is always a great event as we observe and admire the
at 7:30 am in the Bradley Center for breakfast and a program         kiddies singing Christmas carols and Christmas songs. As in the
presented by our own Duane Reaugh. Again this year Duane             past, we hope to follow the luncheon with the group singing
will review the year’s newest and most exiting ―Big Boy’s Tech       Christmas carols.
Toys‖ being promoted for Christmas.                                       Our December lunch will be prepared by our new Director
     (WOW! Come and find out more about those new tech               of Food Services, Morgan Cartusciello.
                                                                                                                      (more, page 8)
toys that you may not be able to live without!)
                                                             Page. 7
Continued – Highlanders December 14)
If you missed it, it was Morgan who prepared the
fantastic Thanksgiving luncheon (feast) for our November             1944 Christmas
meeting. The cost of the December lunch will be $8.00 - 10.00.                  Letter to a State-Side Sweetheart
                                                                          As we pass through this Christmas season, remembering and
Tuesday, January 18, 2011, 11:30 a.m.                                praying for our men and women serving in war zones around the
Luncheon and Bird Program by Betty Cook                              world, it is a moving experience to read about one young soldier’s
     In addition to a catered luncheon, we will have an              thoughts at Christmas in 1944. This letter was sent from a German
interesting speaker! Betty Cook will favor us with her very          battlefield to a young Raleigh girl, now Anne Hetrick, as she and
interesting and informative presentation on birds.                   ―Harry‖ corresponded over 65 years ago.
     The luncheon will be prepared and catered by Food Service
Director, Morgan Cartusciello.                                       From Somewhere in
                                                                     Germany with the
Tuesday, February 15, 2011. 11:30 a.m.                               First Army,
Luncheon and Update on our North Carolina Museum                     December 25, 1944
of Art (By a “Mystery Speaker”)                                           My darling, I have
     With a catered luncheon, our February event will include        just seen and heard
news and an update from the N.C. Museum of Art. Many                 something that I shall
exciting things have been happening at your NC Museum of             never forget, and there
Art: a completely new, ―state-of-the-art‖ gallery building,          is     so     much     to
reopening of the refurbished older building; plus expansion of       remember         already:
art and paths in the Museum Park. In addition, there are plans       Christmas services in
for very exciting new exhibitions!                                   a winter woodland blanketed with snow and ice, shattered by
                                                                     cannon and small arms fire. Above the cannon's roar and the
                                                                     angry spit-fire of machine guns and rifles, you can hear the still
             Please Remember                                         small voice of an organ piping hymns forever old and new. It
                 in Prayer
                                                                     was a congregation that continued to wear steel helmets and
                                                                     side-arms, and hand grenades still dangled bravely from many
                                                                     a shoulder harness--but the Lord surely saw no blasphemy
    Linda Ray, Jim Sineath, Daisy Smith, Tom Pace Family,            here-- a more devout company never came to worship!
    Mike Williams, Mac Burgess, Ray Roten, Dennis McLain,                 Many a face was dirty and bearded and eyes gleamed
     Linda Ray, Bill Wilkinson, Kathleen Royal, Dan Pickett,         across the organ notes through slits narrowed by nights with little
 Irene Alford (Vance Alford’s mother), Jean Blanchard (Billie        sleep and less rest. And in the gallant company none was more
Poole’s mother), Bob Boyette, Jane Bowen (Linda Cooksey’s            brave than this chaplain, whose name I do not even know, for
    sister), Tommy Bullock, Brenda Bergevin (Billie Poole’s          they tell me that he is wherever the fighting is--in more than
         sister), Lydia Byrd (Daisy Smith’s great niece),            words, a steward of the Lord...
Bob Chapman, Mary Cherry, Dot Correll, Ed Costello (Sherry                In actuality my darling, I am several hundred yard away
Delaplain’s friend) Larry Davis (Kyle and Lisa Rudd’s brother-       from the service I've tried to picture for you. From
in-law), Bill Dickinson (Cori Stocum’s father), Elaine Eno (Jim      my...observation post, high on a hill, looking through the
Haven’s sister), Stuart Ferguson, Harold Fuller, Gloria Funck,       snowy haze with my field glasses, I was able to pick up the
Bob & Betty Gardner, Nancy Goodson (Brenda Hudson’s                  strange figure of a man with a white cross on his helmet
mother), David Haseman, Laurie Hedrick (George Hedrick’s             approaching a small valley that he had chosen for his
daughter), Ann Henry (Laura Horn’s sister),Gloria Hildebrand;        service. With him came a soldier carrying a portable organ, using
   Eric Hitchcock, Betsy Huber,Gloria Jean Jackson (Patrick          a snow-covered stove for a seat. And around them, from their
      O’Carroll’s mother), Shannon Johnson (Jim & Betty              fox-holes and machine gun posts, came the doughboys, to
     Johnson’s daughter-in-law), Van Lee (Jennifer Alford’s          worship...not too far away for the listening Germans to hear, and
   father), Bob Lowder (Linda McLain’s brother), Sally Lowe,
                                                                     strange words and music it must have been to such alien ears.
  Charles Lowe,Chase Mann, Carl Mims (Chip Mims’father),
                                                                          The last notes of the last hymn are dying into the distance
    Mac Nance, Betty & Gene Naylor, Cheri Nystrom (David
Dix’s sister), Patrick O’Carroll, Sally Page, Cil Phe, Lee Price     now, darling, and each of that strange company is now
 (Inez Price’s son), Inez Price, Monica Ray, Buddy Redding,          returning to his separate duty, and yes as I too turn away from
  Phil Redwine, Dot Sanders, Kathy Scholl, Don & Pat Scott,          the heavens to hell again, I can not keep but think that we are all
    Scott Simonson (Steve & Lorraine Gergen’s son-in-law),           of us alike, the chaplain and the rest of us, each serving God and
      Adam Swiskey, Sharon Taylor, Wayne Thomas (Rex                 country according to the manner set forth by the destiny beyond
Thomas’s brother), Alice Wallace, Mary Russell Ward (Susan           us.
        Ward’s mother), Paul West, Gerald & Lula White,                    Goodnight, Sweetheart,
               Dora Wilkerson, and Bryce Younts.                          I Love You So, Harry
Please also remember in prayer those serving in our
military: Michael Casey, John Hudson, Scott Hudson,
Robert Boone, Erich Dix, Michael Turpin, and Christopher

                                                               Page. 8
 Other Member News of Interest                                        Celebrating A Baptism!
Alice Cline, wife of the late John Cline, who served Highland
    as Senior Pastor, brings greetings and advises of her change
                                                                      November 7th – Jake Michael Lemons
    of address. If you wish to communicate with Alice or send
    greetings this holiday season, please send these to her new
                             Mrs. Alice Cline
                             455 Clearview Drive
                             Columbia, SC 29212

                  Our Sympathy
Following a recent family death, we extend
our deepest sympathy and condolences to …
… Nino Peterson and family on the death of his wife,
Joan Peterson, November 6, 2010
… Bob and Jean Jones on the death of Jean’s sister,
Thelma Williams, November 7, 2010                                     With little Jake’s parents, Jason and Lina Lemons, and with big
… Marian Timothy and family on the death of her                       sister Mya watching, we celebrated the baptism of Jake Michael.
husband, David Timothy, on Sunday, November 14, 2010

                            Thanks to Our Military Veterans!
                              Honored at Highland Dinner
                                     November 10

     On Wednesday evening, November 10, our Cross-Training Family Supper Night honored all Highland veterans of all US military
services. ―Jumping the gun‖ one day ahead of the official Veterans’ Day celebration, Highland demonstrated how much we value the
service of these patriotic men and women who have served in wars from WW-II through the most recent.

         Left to Right -- Front Row: Bob Whitley; Paul Leonard; Bill Johnson; Sharon Lee; Don Templeton; Tony Simkus
       Back Row: Hunter Tapscott; Casey Lear; Ken Shorter; Jim Haven; Jim Lee; Fred Alphin; Bob Kruger; Charlie Stuber
                (Note: Any pictured veteran or family wishing a complementary enlargement of this should contact John Robinson)
(More Veterans’ Dinner – Next Page)
                                                                Page. 9
Veterans’ Dinner Continued
     A highlight of the evening came when each veteran was specially introduced at their dinner table, with a brief outline of their
service. Below left, Steve Brown introduces the services of Charlie Stuber; Right, Jane Webb announces Jim and Sharon Lee

    Well over 140 Highland people came to dinner to honor the assembled 14 veterans who were able to attend that evening.

     We also enjoyed the music of patriotic songs provided by our Highland Winds band.

     Many thanks to all who participated and made it possible for us to recognize again, these wonderful men and women who
sacrificed much to serve our country and help preserve our freedom and way of life!

         Flight of Honor Available                                   transported by special bus to the monument for an opportunity
                                                                     to view it and spend some time studying it. At the end of the
    Complimentary Visits to Washington, DC                           day, all are again boarded on planes and returned to respective
  Available to Any Interested WW-II Veteran                          home cities from which the flights originated.
     In recognition of the fact that many of our diminishing              Any Highland Vet who would be interested in
numbers of veterans may not yet have had the opportunity to          participating in one of the upcoming Flights of Honor days,
visit the WW-II Memorial Monument in Washington, DC,                 is welcome to contact Highland member, Andrew Wilkinson
honoring their service, the ―Flight of Honor‖ organization is        (phone 919-730-3303). Andrew and his family have arranged
making possible free trips.                                          for approximately 10 seats on a coming flight, but additional
     These trips are 1-day trips provided with complementary         seats also are available from other sources if more than 10
flights to Washington and all transportation and meals for the       persons wish to participate.
veterans. During the day, participants (and their spouse or
special guest as appropriate) are met at the airport and
                                                             Page. 10
     More Information About Church                                         Mary Smith Memorial Library
     Concerns & Things to Consider                                                  Blessings From Books!
                                                                              In the Church Library -- Room 208
More Lay Readers Needed!
     We have begun to have lay readers serve in our worship
services. These persons read scripture text for a Sunday
worship service. Not to worry, you will receive the scripture
reading a week in advance and you would read from your own
bible from the pulpit.
     If you would like to be a lay reader or would like more
information, please notify the church office or speak with David      New Books
Goehring or Heather Lear.                                             Check out the New Books Carts for these recent
     This is a wonderful opportunity to participate in the            additions:
worship service!
                                                                      For Adults:
     The Shepherd‟s Helpers Team is                                          ―In the Company of Others‖ by Jan Karon;
         Available to Assist YOU!                                            ―Outlive Your Life: You were made to make a
Do You Need Help With a Chore or Task Around Your                               difference‖ by Max Lucado;
Home?                                                                        ―The Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die‖
     Sometimes there are daunting tasks around home that defy                   by John B. Izzo; and,
doing it yourself. Perhaps there is a special chore or minor                 ―Church Search‖ by Kevin Shorter.
repair needed where you lack the tools or physical ability to do      For Children:
it yourself.                                                                 ―Clifford Goes to Washington‖ by Norman Bridwell;
     Sometimes at a time of illness or temporary disability, you             ―Dewey’s Christmas at the Library‖ by Vicki Myron;
may need someone to do a bit of grocery shopping for you.                    ―Knufflebunny Free: An Unexpected Diversion‖ by Mo
Does that burned-out light bulb dangle just out of your reach?                  Willems;
Help is available! If you need assistance in some task like this,
                                                                             ―Show Me the Honey‖ by Tish Rabe;
the Shepherd’s Helpers are available and on call! For help,
                                                                             ―The Three Little Dassies‖ by Jan Brett;
please contact Carneal Downey at 787.7288.
                                                                             ―Pies and Prejudice‖ by Heather Frederick; and,
And Don‟t Forget the Martha Ministry                                         ―Moses: The Long Road to Freedom‖ by Ann
    For Special Transportation Help, Meals during times of                      Beneduce.
recovering illnesses or injuries, and other special short-time
needs too! To arrange for assistance --- or to volunteer to help
occasionally when needed, call Chairperson, Marcia Nance, and
home at 469-1453                                                                       Staff Picks for December:

      Become an Ambassador for                                        Adult Fiction:     “Call Me Mrs. Miracle‖
    Highland‟s International Visitors                                                                      by Debbie Macomber
     Would you like to help international visitors feel more          Adult Nonfiction:      “Essentials for Life”
comfortable and welcome at Highland? We are blessed with                                             by Marcia Ford
growing numbers of international visitors and guests who may
                                                                      Children: “The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree”
initially feel lost in an unfamiliar setting and church structure,
                                                                                                      by Gloria Houston
especially when language is a barrier.
      A new committee hopes to pair volunteer "ambassadors"
who will welcome international visitors, sit with them in
worship, explain where Sunday School classes meet, answer
questions about Highland, help guests identify church programs
and groups which fit their interests and needs, and build                            Christmas Theme Books!
relationship. If you would like to be a part of this hospitality
outreach, please contact Marty Babcock,                 Throughout the library are specially marked on the books’ spines
or call her at home at 787-8335.                                      with a Christmas Tree sticker. Also, select from our special display
                                                                      tables of our newest additions!

                                                                      Books make the very best gifts to honor others!
                                                                           Consider honoring someone special during the Christmas season
                                                                      by giving a book honorarium to our church library. Donation forms
                                                                      and ―how-to‖ information is available on the library desk.
                                                                                                            (More Library, Next Page)
                                                                      (Library, Continued)
                                                                Page. 11
                                                                       Portion of HVAC or Front Porch — $2,500
                                                                       Door knob — $10 Kitchen Cabinet — $100
                                                                       Front Porch — $5,000     Shrub — $25
                 Lost Books!
                                                                       Portion of Wood Framing — $250 HVAC system — $5,000
                                                                       Paint — $25 Appliance — $400
     We have no idea who has checked out the following books.          Portion of Foundation — $5,000 Shingles (bundle) — $25
Either there is no name on the card or the name is totally             Portion of Drywall — $750 Foundation/Driveway — $10,000
illegible. Thank you for returning these as soon as possible so        Portion of Siding — $1000
others may enjoy.
     ―The Tower Treasure‖ by Franklin Dixon                            *Your gift supports the entire Highland House. We will
      ―The House on the Cliff‖ by Franklin Dixon                       combine your gift with the gifts of others to meet Highland’s
      ―The Holy Bible‖ (CD)                                            overall financial commitment to this project.
      ―Inside Islam‖ (DVD)
      ―When Bad Things Happen to Good People‖ (CD)
      ―The Best School Year Ever‖ by Barbara Robinson                  Order/donation forms can be obtained from the
      ―The Dragon of Lonely Island‖ by Rebecca Rupp                    weekly church service bulletin or the Habitat table
      ―On the Wings of Heroes‖ by Richard Peck                         outside of all services. Your orders/donations can be
                                                                       given to volunteers at the Habitat table outside of all
See you in the Library, Room 208!                                      services, placed in the collection plate, sent through
     The Library is staffed each Sunday between 9:30 and 10 o’clock;   the mail to the church or dropped off in person at the
but, you can gain access at any time the church building is open.      church.
When you do take books, PLEASE – Remember to properly check
them out and complete the check-out card with clear and legible
                                                                        Please make all checks payable to Highland UMC;
writing! THANKS!.                                                          write ―Habitat‖ in the memo line

                                                                             All Orders/Donations are Tax Deductible
        Highland UMC in Mission                                        CROP Walk 2010
      In Our Community & the World                                          Thanks so much to Highland for rallying for this year's
                                                                       CROP Walk. 42 Highland walkers participated, and
     Help Highland Build a Habitat House                               contributions to date total $3,830, more than any other church.
  “Alternate” Christmas Gifts Offered Again                            Proceeds go to local hunger-fighting agencies as well as the
                                                                       international relief and development efforts of Church World
           A Home for the Holidays:                                    Service.
           Highland‟s Habitat House                                         Matthew 25: 35-36 35 For I was hungry and you gave me
Purchase a “gift” this season so a deserving                           something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to
family will have a new home next Christmas.                            drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, 36 I needed
     In 2011, Highland will co-sponsor and help construct a            clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me,
house through Habitat for Humanity of Wake County. We                  I was in prison and you came to visit me.’
expect to break ground in the spring and complete the house in
time for a family to move in for the next holiday season. Once              Help Our Youth Help Orphans in
again, we are calling on your hard work, dedication, and                     Zimbabwe -- ZOE Hope Walk
generosity to help provide a deserving family a home.
     The first step to building this home is to raise the necessary         The lives of thousands of AIDS orphans in Africa are being
funds for construction materials. Due to the increase in the cost      transformed daily through ZOE Ministry’s Orphan
of building materials, Highland will be teaming up with Hayes          Empowerment Project, which gives whole families of orphans
Barton Baptist Church to split the costs and labor for this            the training, tools, and communities they need to raise
project. Highland’s financial share—and fundraising goal—is            themselves and one another out of poverty—all within 2-3
$35,000. With fundraising to date, we already have nearly              years. These orphans receive and embody the love of Christ in
$6,000.                                                                amazing ways—which is where the Hope Walk comes in!
     As we enter the holiday season and are reminded of all of              This is not your average 10K fundraising walk: it is not
the blessings bestowed upon us, please prayerfully consider            American youth but empowered African orphans who walk.
donating a piece of our new Habitat house. Your donation—              These orphans, now free of outside aid through ZOE’s Orphan
perhaps as a gift in the name of a family member, friend, or           Empowerment, want to share the hope they have found with
colleague—will help make the Habitat house a reality for a             orphans still in need.
deserving family from our community. In addition to individual              ZOE connects them with youth in America who locate
donations, we would like to challenge Highland groups and              sponsors for their walk, so that all of them together can bring
Sunday school classes to donate one of the larger items for the        new families of orphans into ZOE’s Orphan Empowerment
house.                                                                 Project..
                                                                            Twelve sponsorships of $30 each will empower an entire
Donate a piece of the Highland Habitat House:*                         family for one year! The Hope Walk partnerships will
Cabinet pull — $1      Tree — $100     Carpeting — $1,500              culminate in a world-wide celebration on the night of Dec. 3-4
Bathroom tiles — $2 Window — $100 Door — $50                           (day in Africa), as African orphans walk and their American
                                                         Page. 12
teammates gather in regional lock-ins, all of them connected via            CHECKS PAYABLE TO ―HUMC,‖ with ZOE
live video feed.                                                             HOPE WALK on memo line.
     Each Highland Youth attending the Lock-In at Milbrook                  All money must be turned in by DEC. 8.
UMC must raise $120. Please provide a $30 sponsorship after
worship or during Sunday School at the ZOE table in the
Narthex or Bradley Hall.

  Holiday Bazaar, November 6 -- Smashing Success Again This Year
      Bazar Raises over $ 4000 for Habitat & Hunger Programs
    As has been the case for the past several years, Highland hosted a ―Holiday Bazar on Saturday, November 6. Running from 9:00
am through 3:00 pm, Bradley Hall was jammed with sales tables from dozens of venders offering a wide variety of holiday and gift
items – almost all hand-crafted. Our Highland Mission Committee and the UM Women cooperated to sponsor a light lunch for
vendors and guests as well as a bake sale.

     All of the proceeds from the event will go to our mission projects to feed hungry children and others – through the Stop Hunger
Now program. With more than 40 venders paying for sales tables and also providing items for a silent auction, more than $4,000 was
raised for the mission program. This will be divided according to the donated purpose with more than half of the total going to our
Habitat house construction fund and the balance for ―Stop Hunger Now‖ programs.

    Just a few of the beautiful gift items offered included magnificent hand-turned wooden bowls created by Clancy Hofer; beautiful
hand-painted floor mats created by Margaret Simkus; a large assortment of hand-made dresses for American Girl Dolls, created by
Jean Shelly, plus many other beautiful items by others.

    Pictured above, Jane Webb and Dot Anderson helped serve a delicious soup and sandwich lunch to attendees (in exchange for a
small contribution!), while Martha Robinson and Aileen Tarver kept the soup kettles steaming and sandwich board flowing.
                                                                                                          (More Bazaar next page)

                                                              Page. 13
    The UM Women also contributed baked goods for a bake sale to further expand offerings and revenues for the Hunger-related
mission programs of Highland.
    Special tables also were provided by Frances Shutt and Dianne Picket who offered decorative WIHN pins of various designs –
with all proceeds going to support the Wake Interfaith Hospitality Network that Highland helps support for temporarily homeless
families in our area. Another delightful treat was provided by Mission chair, Linda Edwards, who provided hand-made angel
Christmas tree ornaments to all who made a contribution to Stop Hunger Now.

  Linda Edwards hands off one of her hand-made sea-shell angels to Amy Massey
  A close up of Linda’s clever creations is provided in the photo to the right

                                                                   Embrace Uganda Mission
                                                                   One of the special Vender’s tables highlighted a special
                                                                   mission for African orphans in Uganda. Hand-made craft
                                                                   items from all-natural materials were offered to support
                                                                   ―Embrace Uganda.‖ An N.G.O. community service and faith-
                                                                   based mission program purchasing Ugandan native produced
                                                                   craft items and reselling them in the US to provide revenue
                                                                   for orphan support as well as employment revenues for
                                                                   natives of Uganda. Presenting handcrafts from the Ugandan
                                                                   villages were John and Lina Sibert, both architects in private
                                                                   practice, in Wake Forest The Siberts are two of many who
                                                                   travel to Uganda each year to support this mission. More
                                                                   about this mission program is described on the mission web-
                    Thanks to all who organized, helped, and supported this wonderful Holiday Bazaar project!

Our HUMC Community Garden Update
     In October, Highland’s garden provided over 100 lbs. of
peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, radishes, lettuce, arugula, onions,
okra, turnip and mustard greens to ―Plant a Row for the
Hungry.‖ This program is an outreach of Interfaith Food
Shuttle, with a drop off site at Logan’s Nursery. This donation
to others was in addition to similar amounts harvested for
personal use by the workers in our garden – many from The
Palms and other nearby apartments.
     The first week in November, Cullen Whitley, designer and
promoter of such community gardens all over Wake County,              The Fall Harvest Crew – Tomatoes and a variety of lettuce,
took a whopping donation of 778 pounds of vegetables to the           and broccoli – with more new lettuce on the way!
program! (Well, yes, most of that was leftover pumpkins, but              The mid November donation was 50 pounds, a wonderful
did you know that the green ones make the best pumpkin pies?          blessing from a fall garden. Our vegetables are reaching those
                                                              Page. 14
families that really can use fresh produce. Thanks for your
continuing support of the garden.
    Most of the organic scraps from Highland's kitchen are
being placed in the garden’s compost bins. Please give Aileen
Tarver praises for personally taking on this composting
    We’ll have more work parties on Saturday mornings,
harvesting luffas and gourds, taking down the vines and
harvesting fall lettuces and late growing vegetables.
Constructive destruction! Work begins at 9:30 a.m. Come and
help – or observe happy faces of others completing the fall          Above: Only Marine Biologists (Tom and Donna Wolcott)
―dress-down‖ of the garden.                                          could configure a “scarecrow” to look like a crab!

More about Highlanders Activities and Fun!
         As noted, for the past few years, two times each year the Highlanders have sponsored bus trips normally lasting 3 nights and
4 days. Trips have ranged about the Central Atlantic area, ranging from Coastal Georgia and South Carolina to the Cape may area,
and as far west as central Tennessee . the most recent trip this October took a group to the Knoxville, TN area with interesting
mountain stops along the way. Below, is pictured the ―Beautiful Butterfly bus used by Nancy Cabe and the Tennessee Highlander
tour group. Any of those pictured will gladly attest to the fun of these trips. Next time, join in and GO TOO!

Highlanders also are a Loving Support Group for Senior Members
     At the monthly meeting on, November 16, the Highlanders enjoyed a delicious ―pre-Thanksgiving‖ feast prepared by our new
Director of Food Services, Morgan Cartusciello. Before lunch, Sandy Webbere, Associate Curator at NC Museum of History, gave a
very interesting historical retrospective on the World War II years. This November
meeting also is the occasion when Highlanders, sign special holiday greetings and
distribute poinsettias to members who are not able to attend church because of
disabilities. A few photos of our recent meeting are provided here. Delicious
lunches are always a given at Highlander meetings! Whether locally prepared in
our own kitchen or catered by others, food goes with interesting talks and other
related activities! In this photo (right), some of our regulars lead the shyer
members in the buffet line!

     Below, left, Sandy Webbere reminds the Highlander audience of the times and
events of the war years – when gasoline was rationed – but 11 cents per gallon and
―Rosy the Riveter‖ kept the war machine going at home while men and women on
the front lines ―feasted‖ on K-Rations and an occasional Coca-Cola. Below right, a rapt audience remembers (or reflects) on the

(More Highlanders – Next page)
                                                              Page. 15
More Highlanders November Meeting

Above, left to right: All of the present Highlanders sign the greetings sent along with poinsettias to “non-traveling” members
who are unable to attend church services and meetings. Marilyn Mudge signs one of 35 greetings; Charlie Stuber,
Highlanders President, assigns addressed cards to members who will deliver the poinsettias; Mary McLeod picks up plants
that she will deliver; Kay Driggers, plants in hand, heads out to waiting “chauffer” Bynum who will drive to the assigned
retirement center locations for their deliveries.


 1-Dec. John Wilk;
 2-Dec. Diane Penny; Chris Davis;
                                                                  22-Dec. Tom Wolcott; Suzanne La Rocca;
 3-Dec. Jean Wilson; George Deaton;                                       Banks Ferrell;
 4-Dec. Aaron Brothers; Justin Hopkins;                           23-Dec. Alice Cline;
 5-Dec. Mark Poole; Earl Philmon; Scott Rodgers;                  25-Dec. Bob Gardner; Betsye Daniels;
 6-Dec. Paul Yeager; Anna Lockett; Avery Pittman;                         Barbara Jackson; Rebecca Mann;
        Mackenzie Mims;                                           26-Dec. Jason Simmons; Lorraine Gergen;
 7-Dec. Tamie Simmons; Zoe Missner;                               28-Dec. Will Horn;
        Jackson Salter;
                                                                  29-Dec. Mitchell Capriglione; Brandon Brubaker;
 8-Dec. Bob Jones; William Emmett Linthicum;
                                                                  30-Dec. Elsie Mizelle; Alma Lansdon;
        Julia Cole;
                                                                          Carl Brothers; Connie Casey; Neal Coker;
 9-Dec. Polly Williams; Dot Correll; Evelyn Bryan;
                                                                  31-Dec. Janice Tatum; Eva Foegeding;
        Linda Norris;
                                                                          Alex La Rocca; Matt Hardie;
 10-Dec. Ryan Lockett;
 11-Dec. Joyce Yeager; Shannon Anderson;
 12-Dec. Cameron Reaugh;
 13-Dec. Betty Owens; Becky Wood; Jill Hudson;
 14-Dec. O'Dell Massey; Jennie Taylor;
 15-Dec. Alice Wallace; Louie Lucas; Grace Haven;
        Jeff Prevatt;
 16-Dec. Jim Haven;
 17-Dec. George Cummings; Susan Sink;
 18-Dec. Bob Smith; John Penn; Morgan Hood;
 19-Dec. Keith McPherson; Jimmy Johnson;
         Kaitlin Dunn; Alice Melvin;
 21-Dec. Mary Rodgers;

                                                          Page. 16
     Regular Weekly Schedule
    (Except during Christmas and the New Year                   December Special Events
 celebration weeks - See “Special” Calendar and                       Calendar
   recheck with the group leader to confirm the
  December meeting schedule for your groups.)
                                                           December 1, Wednesday
Sundays (Except December 26)                                12:00 pm Raleigh Sports Club
      8:25 am     Infant/Toddler Sunday School               5:30 pm Youth Praise Band
      8:30 am     Traditional Worship
      9:00 am     The Connection-Contemp. Worship          December 2, Thursday
      9:45 am     Sunday School – All Groups
     11:00 am     Traditional Worship                        9:30 am Highlanders day-trip to Sanford
      4:00 pm     Celebration Singers Rehearsal                                 – Lunch & Program
      5:00 pm     UMYF                                       9:00 am Moms in Touch
      5:00 pm     ACTion Time                               10:00 am HCC Chapel
      7:00 pm       NAMI                                   December 3, Friday
      7:00 pm       Toastmasters                             5:00 pm District YOUTH Lock-In
      6:30 am Men’s Bible Study                            December 4, Saturday
      9:30 am Staff Meeting                                  9:30 am Children’s Pageant Rehearsal
     10:00 am Retired Men’s Coffee Hour                      5:00 pm Gideon Dinner
     12:00 Noon Holy Communion
      5:45 pm Highland Winds Rehearsal
      6:45 pm Connection Band Rehearsal                    December 5, Sunday
      7:00 pm AA                                              Regular Worship & Sunday School
                                                               6:00 pm Children’s Christmas Pageant
    11:30 am    Raleigh Sports Club
     5:00 pm    Joyful Noise Choir                         December 6. Monday
     5:00 pm    Hosanna Choir                               12:30 pm Open Computer Lab
     5:45 pm    Cross-Training Family Dinner                 6:30 pm Girl Scout Troop
     6:30 pm    Chorister Choir                              7:00 pm UMW Circle 7
     6:45 pm    HUMRingers
     6:45 pm    Jesus in the Gospels Study
     7:00 pm    Boy Scouts/Cub Scouts                      December 8, Wednesday
     7:00 pm    Chancel Choir Rehearsal                      3:00 pm Refugee Jobs Workshop
Thursdays                                                    5:30 pm Youth Praise Band
      7:30 pm     OA
      7:30 pm     Star Twirlers Square Dance Group         December 9, Thursday
Fridays                                                      9:00 am Moms in Touch
     12:15 pm     Kiwanis Club                              10:00 am HCC Chapel
Saturdays                                                  December 11, Saturday
      7:00 pm     AA
                                                             7:30 am Methodist Men
                                                             5:00 pm Star Twirlers Christmas Dance

                                                           December 12, Sunday
                                                            Regular Worship & Sunday School
                                                               3:30 pm Brownie Troop
                                                               4:00 pm Confirmation
                                                                          Informational Meeting

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December 13, Monday                            December 23. Thursday
  9:30 am UMW Circle 1                            Church Office Closed
 12:30 pm Open Computer Lab                           7:30 pm Star Twirlers

December 14, Tuesday                           December 24. Friday
 11:00 am Highlanders Christmas Lunch           Church Office Closed
  3:45 pm HCC Afterschool Chapel                HCC Closed
                                                Christmas Eve Worship Services
December 15, Wednesday                           4:00 pm Christmas Eve Family Service
  3:00 pm Refugee Jobs Workshop                  7:00 pm Candlelight Communion Worship
                                                11:00 pm Candlelight Communion
December 16, Thursday
  9:00 am Moms in Touch                        December 25 MERRY CHRISTMAS!
 10:00 am HCC Chapel
  6:00 pm HCC Parent Support Committee
  7:00 pm HCC Board Meeting
  7:00 pm Jr. Girl Scouts

December 17, Friday
  2:30 pm FCA Martin Middle School

December 18, Saturday
  1:30 pm NCSU Graduation
  6:30 pm USA Ballroom Dance
                                               December 26, Sunday
December 19, Sunday                              8:25 am Infant/Toddler Sunday School
  8:30 am Traditional Worship - Cantata          9:45 am Regular Sunday School Schedule
 10:00 am Care&Share Festive Family Affair      11:00 am Only One Service
  2:30 pm Children’s Caroling                       – Love Feast -- Bradley Hall
  3:30 pm Brownie Troop
  4:00 pm Confirmation                         December 27, Monday
                 Informational Meeting          Church Office Closed
                                                HCC Closed
December 20, Monday
 12:30 pm Open Computer Lab                    December 28, Tuesday
  6:30 pm Girl Scout Troop                      HCC Closed
  6:30 pm Brownie Troop
  7:00 pm Helen Wright Dinner                  December 29, Wednesday
                                                  HCC Closed
December 21, Tuesday
  6:00 pm HCC Teacher Meeting                  December 30, Thursday
  7:00 pm Library Committee                       HCC Closed
  7:00 pm Stephen Ministry
                                               December 31, Friday
December 22, Wednesday                            Church Office Closed
    3:00 pm Refugee Jobs Workshop                 HCC Closed
    4:00 pm HCC Children’s Pageant               5:00 pm Star Twirlers News Years Dance
    6:45 pm Jesus in the Gospels Study

                                         Page. 18
  Worship Helpers – December
              Acolytes             Audio                    Prayer Room
December 5    Andrew Wood          Richard Moore                            8:30am           11:00am
December 12   Kathryn Hood         David Reaugh             December 5      Neal Coker       Charles & Ola Mae
December 19   Channing Stewart     Ken Schuster/                                                      Cimerro
                                     /Banks Ferrell         December 12     Rex Thomas       Linda Cooksey
December 24                                                 December 19     George Hedrick Jane Gray
   4 pm       Caroline Webb        Duane Reaugh             December 26     Charles & Ola Mae Cimerro
   7 pm       Andrew Wood          Duane Reaugh
  11 pm       Ryan Hudson          Duane Reaugh
December 26
  11 am       One Unified Service in Bradley Hall

                   Poinsettias For the Sanctuary
                   If you would like to order poinsettias to brighten our sanctuary during Advent as well as honor
                   someone in this way, please look for the order forms – available at the reception desk, the
                   church office, and in the bulletin during the coming weeks. The deadline for orders is
                   December 5. Poinsettias will be in the sanctuary starting December 12, and may be picked-up
                   and taken home after the last Christmas Eve service (12:00 midnight, Dec. 25).

To Order, Cut out this order blank and either leave it with your check at the church office or
mail it in time to be delivered BEFORE December 5.
                                                       Place X in appropriate blank below
 Given by ________________________________________
                                                 In Honor of ____ (or) In Memory of _____
 Phone # __________________________
                                                 Name(s) ___________________________________
 Quantity White ____ x $8.00 = $ ________
                                                 In Honor of ____ In Memory of _____
 Quantity Red ____ x $8.00 = $ ________
                                                 Name _____________________________________
 Total Order: $ __________________
Attach another piece of paper with more names if you wish to honor or memorialize more than one
person with additional poinsettias.

                                                      Page. 19
                                                             Please Cut Seals to Open to
  Highland United Methodist Church                               Prevent Tearing
  1901 Ridge Road                                                                                               Non-Profit Org          >
  Raleigh, NC 27607
                                                                                                                US POSTAGE
 <                                                                                                                  PAID

                                                                                                                 Raleigh, NC
                                                                                                                 Permit No.

     Return Service Requested

Do you still want the Ridge Rider
in Color?– Get the color
Version on the Website

                                                                              Contact and Visit us at:
 To Contact The Church or Staff:                                              Highland United Methodist Church
    919-787-4240 -- Staff Extension as noted below                            1901 Ridge Rd. (Corner of Lake Boone Trail & Ridge Rd.)
 Highland Office Staff                                                        Raleigh, NC 27607
 Pastor …………………….....….....…. David Goehring, ext. 103                        Church Office Phone Numbers
 Associate Pastor …….….....….….......... Heather Lear, ext. 101      >                (919) 787-4240; FAX: (919)787-4251
 Director of Children’s Ministry ……....….… Anita Taylor, ext 109
                                                                              To contact ministers for emergencies and for
 Director of Youth & Family Ministry ....... Charlie Baber, ext. 106
 Connection Worship Leader ……..............…. Don Templeton (*)               urgent needs – weekends or any time:  Call the
 Business Administrator ……….........….... Lisa Anthony, ext. 108              regular phone number for the church office and dial/enter
 Finance Office Assistant ……........... To be announced, ext. 122             extension 103 and leave your message. A minister will
 Office Administrator ……….................... Candi Mitchell, ext. 104        contact you as soon as possible.
 Congregation Care Coordinator ............ Ann Chapman, ext.100
 Facilities Manager …………….…..........….. Tom Lamb, ext. 107                   Internet WEB Site:
 Director of Music ……………..........…..…. Jeff Whicker, ext. 105                eNews: Send notices and announcements to Candi
 Director of Food Services: …...… Morgan Cartusciello, ext. 212               Mitchell at email address:
 Organist …………….……….....….....……….… Marcia Nance (*)
 Children's Choirs Coordinator……...…......… Earleen Barnes (*)                To Schedule ANY Activity at the Church –
 Handbells Director …………....…………….....…. Ann Pearce (*)                       Contact Tom Lamb, Facilities Manager. Extension 107. You
 Children's Center Director ............... Gretchen Shaffer, ext. 111        also may leave a written request in his mail slot in the main
 Custodian………………………….........………………... Hiom Ro                                office of the church. (PLEASE! No Reservation, No Room!)
 Custodian……………………………..........…………….. H'jok Siu
 (*) Contact these persons at their home as listed in the church              The deadline for the January, 2011 Ridge Rider
 directory.                                                                                         th
                                                                              Issue is December 17 .—.PLEASE! Send input and
 Bishop of the NC Conference:                                                 announcements on time! Send WORD documents and
                    Bishop Alfred Wesley Gwinn, Jr.                           digital photo files to BOTH John Robinson and to Candi
 Superintendent, Raleigh District: Rev. Jon Strother                          Mitchell at email addresses

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