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Montreal, Quebec, Canada, on 16-th of January, 07.                       22 - pages

Please, on attention of: ____________________________________________________

I apologize, but from more than 14 years I am kept in a circle with no exit of
wrongdoings, silence, violence, human rights abolished, of no solution, I tried my
best to follow the rules but it was impossible, that’s why, now, I am forced to send
my petition also on attention of several:
       Honorable Canadian Political Leaders, before & after election campaign;
       Honorable Prime Ministers of Quebec & Alberta;
       Honorable Ministers of Justice from Quebec & Alberta;
       Honorable Ministers of Public Security, of Community Development from
       Canada, Quebec & Alberta, also to the Honorable Minister of Sport;
       Chiefs of Different Political Party;
       Honorable Lieutenant Governor of Canada & Alberta;
       Honorable Justice Canada – Responsible in Chief of Supreme Court;
       Honorable Ministers, MP’s, Senators in different constituencies' deputies;
       Honorable Ombudsman from Quebec and Alberta;
       Members of different Committees on Justice and Government Services;
       Edmonton Police & Canadian RCMP;
       Several Canadian Embassies;
   International Organisms & Associations of Human Rights & Law Protection;
   Distinguish Media from Canada & …international, … “ailleurs”.
       My petition it will be sent via e-mail but in some places also, by surface mail.

field e-mails:,,
       Please contact me on my all 3 e-mail addresses!

       My phone number when I am at work in Saudi Arabia is: 050-715-1762.

        Subject: With this petition, humble and polite, in conformity with the
Accountability Act, the Chart of Freedoms, Your several affirmations You represent
equal all the Canadians with no difference, I ask Your possible legal support for
internal investigation at the level of Montreal Court and the Minister of Justice of
Quebec, Canada. During the years, from down to up, unsuccessful I followed all the
legal steps & now I am forced to write at this level because from years I am kept in a
circle with no exit of silence, of no solution, of human rights abused under a policy
of delay, deny, demagogue, dissimulator, discriminatory, dictatorial, diverting,
distracting, dupe, drifting from the true , there are created connected local cliques & I
was lured years on the row, burning me alive and destroying my self, slow but for sure,
were violated and are still violating in a systematic way my human rights, producing in
my family’s life, in the last years, direct & indirect damages, emotional distress, my
immunity system being put often down, making me to suffer panic
syndrome, adding at my physical handicap, mental heavy burden of emotional handicap.

        In my actual petition I ask help for internal investigation in the Montreal Court
regarding file #: 500-17-016803-036 started in 2003, but well connected with file #:
500-05-009147-941, started in 1993. If it is not possible things to be solved in Montreal
Court, please help me as every think to be judged in the Supreme Court of Canada!
        In 1993, being an official soccer referee on the stadium Jeanne Mance in
Montreal, I was aggressed & beaten to death by I player, a born Canadian: broken
bones cut my vines, I was loosing blood who was jumping out as from an open hose, I
was operated in emergency in Hospital St-Luc to save my life, but, for life I became
from a person in very good health, an handicapped & I lost my dominant arm left in
proportion of 30 %, I have limitations and many disabilities for the rest of my life.
        To sue for civil damages the aggressor, who by the way pleaded guilty and it
was found guilty in the process of the Crown, local advices were to hire a lawyer from
the Jew Community, well connected and dominant in Quebec Justice system and also
in the Canadian one; I followed the recommendations & I hired francois gottlieb.
        I paid him in advance in front of my 4 principal witnesses, but never ever this
liar unfair lawyer did nothing to provide the service for what he was paid in advance.
         After 10 years, after I finished all the options even threw Montreal Lawyer’s
house, in 2003 I started to sue francois gottlieb for professional mistake, but this unfair
unprofessional lawyer it is local connected and with the force of money, other lawyers
& influences done in the back of the stages and in secrecy, they use conspiracy as
“umbrella” for several wrongdoings against the humble citizen.
        That’s why, now, because they want to zip my mouth and illegal to make me
financial “legal” to give up, never me and my witnesses do not compare in front of a
judge, I am writing today. All my reactions are an emanation of what I received!
         Being totally innocent and having also obligations instead of my parents, of my
close family = spouse and “my heart” = our bellowed daughter, in front of relatives,
friends, colleagues, supporters, community, neighbourhood and society, I can not
afford to make a loan for 51,000$, to put down as bail in the Court, this 51,000 dollars,
to put them at risk in a such corrupted system of justice I saw it is working until now
against me. Of course if true justice can be served in “democratic” Canada, in normal
conditions, me being equal Canadian citizen as the lawyer, even if I work in Saudi
Arabia, even if I have legal permit to work in Saudi Arabia, still I am Canadian
Resident in Montreal, Quebec and I don’t have to put any bail for the supposed lawyer
damages cover! I petition at this level asking polite & humble for help for an internal
investigation at the level of Montreal Court regarding this cause 500-17-016803-036, my
appeal to be accepted and the case to be judged with my 4 witnesses based on facts and
not on the fact some people in some positions, in special if they belong to certain
community, they are protected because they are more equal than other people. When it is
applied double standard and if there are created burdens and des advantages to some
people and only illegal advantages to the other side, the double standard – deux poids et
deux measures, this what in the chart of freedoms it is named Discrimination.
        About these aspects I’ll talk on my next explicative pages, please!
                       To whom it may concern:

         With purpose, I didn’t write my concerns in French, where, I am more
comfortable. I am forced to proceed like this because not every body in the places where
it goes my petition it is also a French speaker or, reader / writer. I apologize for my
possible in English mistakes, but they are innocent & due only to my English, which it’s
my third language. Even if I have strong general & specific culture, for me it is difficult
to be able to explain 100% in written the best idea, as the same as a born English speaker
         Also, because I know several other words in may be another 5 languages, but, I
still translate from Romanian, my mother tongue, in English, unintentional mistakes are
easy possible. And easy some people good English speakers can twist my idea and
intentionally can be used sometimes with purpose against my self, in special if the clear
crystal intention of some public servants it is to have interpretation and to burry the truth.
         Some people, born or, not born Canadians, in so called “bi-lingual Canada” they
have “French limitation”. Myself, even if I have this “English limitation” in all the time I
tell only the truth based only on facts, in all the time I write very polite, non aggressive &
in all my affirmations, how should be at any level, I have a very strong support based
ONLY on the unbeatable phenomenon of impact, inter action and inter dependence of
both sides’ facts = as per how it is in the universal law. Black is black, white is white!
          I respect all good citizens I know, I trust and there are many in Canada and also
world vide, it doesn’t matter their social status, position, ancestry, culture, race, color, or
religion, as the same, all my affirmations and actions are not based on hypocrite base less
interpretations, done with the purpose to twist and burry the true truth. Being scared of an
atavistic abuse of an very interpretative non functional system, many times done in our
days, at too many levels, under: delay, deny, demagogue, dissimulative, discriminatory,
double standard, dictatorial, divert, distract, dupe & drift from the truth, in all the time,
as under the oath, I tell the truth and only the truth, fighting for truth and principles!
          It is very scary how people they take unfair advantage … because is well knew
are too many obstacles to that “hypothetical” … Accountability Act to make to be
functional, in special if in our days “some people are more EQUAL than others”- fact
well protected under hypocrite affirmations as well cover of hidden agendas, secrecy
and conspiracy proper to some local unbeatable cliques created!

        Yes, in Montreal Court it is working as this and there are lawyers as francois
gottlieb, patricia timmons, well connected with judges as: dion, belanger, nadeau, benoit
morin, rené dusseau or, yves marie morisette acting totally racist and morally corrupted.
When you deny to somebody free trial this is double standard and discrimination.

        In all the time I follow the rules, I tried legal from down to up to find justice but
being in that circle of 12 D’s delay, deny, demagogue, dissimulative, discriminatory,
double standard, dictatorial, divert, distract, dupe & drift I have, I am forced to write to
You at this level, petitioning for internal investigation and solution, please
        From a few good years, I contacted several committee, organisms, ministers and
commissions but never ever I didn’t received a solution; it is not my wish to bother You,
but I am forced to write at this level, please understand this fact!
                                            -4 -
       Briefly I try to introduce myself and the facts. For any of my affirmations I
have practical facts happened in this period & even if it will take a little bit longer, I
have to be clear: I write because I didn’t lose all my confidence in our written
system, I still write because with your help I still believe true justice can be served in
Canada and also all what I put here in written is only the truth as under the oath.
From what I did and I received every body can see I am not a threat, or a risk in our
society, but, please, before to judge me, do not forget to talk with your conscience
and please also think how yourselves you’ll react being in my skin in these last 13
years of heavy burdens I had to carry due to some racist non professional public
servants, more & worst, in our situations the guilty one being lawyers and judges!

        On 21-th of September 1956, I was born in Ploiesti, Romania; I was raised in a
family of intellectuals, family with long liberal, but a little bit democratic to labor,
Conservative political orientations; my family has from 3 generations tradition in the oil
patch. I never was member of the Communist Party and without to be scared, my family
protested against the abuses of ceusescu’s clique and their abusive corrupted system.
        I am first generation Canadian Citizen. In 1991 – 1992, due to my high
competencies, due to my good physical and mental health, due to my good police records
& abstract, due to my good contribution in family, society, sport = soccer at all levels,
due to my high performances in the oil patch, due to my good contribution I have in
sport, religion and community, due to our family potential to work and pay high taxes in
Canada and also because we will bring a new baby born to the Canadian Population,
Immigration Canada selected me & my spouse &, on 15-th of March, 1993, we legally
immigrated in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
        At that immigration moment we had new baby born, a girl 3 months old. Now, in
2006, at the moment I write, me and my spouse we have 49 years old, in September we’ll
have 50 and our daughter she’ll be 14 years old, on 16-th of November, 2006. She is a
good kid enrolled in private school; her first language it is English, second it is
French, third is Romanian, forth it is Spanish and she knows also some Italian. Even
if she was bullied, she loves very much Canada and she feels 100% Canadian. She
loves very much Montreal and Edmonton and she loves all our provinces & territories
in a united prosper Confederation. She’s proud to be Canadian. We are all!
        In Romania, my entire life it was developed between family, school, sport,
neighborhood, relatives, community and latter on, in the period it was mandatory to
serve in the army, I was trained as sniper and in counter terrorism. From 1977 to 1984,
after I passed very tough medical, physical, practical and theoretical exams, I was
admitted in international university & for oil patch purposes = drilling, productions,
pipe line transportation and special operations = I graduated from International
University with students from 67 countries world vide. The curriculum we studied it was
based on API, IFP, MPI, U of A, TS of A & IPG; the program it was tri-lingual. Still
today world vide, working for different oil companies, or for Saudi Aramco, or in any
other major oil company there are ex colleagues from the entire world, we study in same
university and now, after years, we work together… any where world vide.
        In that 7 years in university, being together educated people from 67 countries
and having as voice of communication the respect, it was not at all important from
which race, ancestry, color, religion, culture or social status we are, every think it was
in harmony even if we learned together, we made sport together or we did some other
things proper to that age … being young … and you know …life it was very nice…
       Based on that cosmopolite diversified human resource force, due to the huge
potential, I created with some friends and some top coaches an local, but
“international” soccer team used as trial team for the Romanian National Team in the
period 77-84, but the results were seen until world cup 94 (I immigrated in 1993 but
between 1990 and 1992 I was the responsible in chief of the schools of coaches and
referees). On the model of my idea, based on same cosmopolite student human force
from 67 countries were build tremendous teams in handball, basketball and volleyball.

        This comments from my up lines, at education, respect, tolerance, not racism,
not exclusion, not mediocrity, not arrogance, not hypocrisy, are the answer of many
problems the society has today world vide, as per Shirin Ebadi Nobel Price winner and
the latest Holly Pope Jean Paul II they mentioned. Cogito Ergo Sum, or, Homo sum,
nihil humani a me alienum puto, or Qui Prodest, or, Desiderantes, meliorem patriam!

        Prior and after immigration all my competencies, diplomas and graduations, in
special at high competencies in the oil patch and soccer related, were recognized by the
Canadian Minister of Immigration and by the Canadian Minister of Education; also by
some Provincial Ministers of Education as Quebec and Alberta.

         We immigrated in 1993 in the Province of Quebec without to know nothing about
separation, Referendums, lost of employment & movement of jobs & business from
Eastern to Western Canada, we didn’t know nothing about immigrants seen by the “pure
laine” as thefts of jobs, or, about racism oriented against immigrants and about the true
intention at any level to keep immigrants with master degree to sweep floors & wash
dishes, people in charge and power of decision, giving 97 % by contacts and connections
jobs only to born Canadians. We didn’t know anything about double standard and local
protective cliques, about hidden agendas, about “some people more equal than the
others”??!?!?!? about hypocrite well hidden conspiracies to keep the immigrant down,
but the worst, we didn’t know nothing about violence & abusive culture of some people in
power, people sick of more power, using any legal or, illegal ways to keep the advantages
conferred by the position. ‘Till today I have more than 3000 CV’s / Resumes sent and a
few hundred of answers: when I was invited at an interview I had to know English,
French, Quebecois, but in 99% of the situations I was invited at interview only for non
discriminatory statistics and images, which in reality, with the job already given to their
buddy, it was only hypocrite attitude and cover in front of some hypothetical law?!
        I applied from that time at S.T.C.U.M., at FQSF, at CSA, every year I renew my
application and from that time from S.T.C.U.M. I received the answer the computer
didn’t select me, of course if my name is not intentionally put in the database. From
FQSF or, CSA no answer, and more, they did to me ugly things starting from attempt to
kill me, stealing of intellectual property, to conspiracy, sanctions and expulsion.
        Every 21-th of March we have nice advertising: “Stop Racism” but in reality
together with hidden agendas and special ineffective commission of human rights, it is
legalized discrimination! Non multa said multum – Latin they did this thousands of years
ago. Sometimes society with purpose keep people far from education, as this do not be
able to read between the written lines in how it is applied the system… in real life?!

        After our immigration became worst: we saw in power people as j. parizeau who
public said his opinion about immigrants, person whom in reality he wants to offer a
kingdom to his lizette, his against immigrants policy being hypocrite applied by his public
servants even as mme. harel today, things went worst after we saw b. landry who has no
respect for any thing, even instead of the National Flag named very disrespectful by him
“ a red rug”, fact which in people’s with respect instead of their country in some places
means treason and think what can be if a non born Canadian will do this today, in
special when we think at many aspects related it happen today and if somebody in power
will put this in the back of a person belonging to a certain nationality, what can be? We
became more worried when we saw the impact in our lives and society of p. marois
playing with the ministers worst than a beginner cooker in the kitchen, or when we saw
arrogant unfair very possible conspiracy with Loraine Page: after she stole a pair of
gloves in eBay store, the truth it was twisted and … she was … promoted…

        Practicing different jobs at different levels of pay, we lived in Montreal from 1993
until 1997. I accepted jobs more under my qualifications because I believed my good
attitude it is as the best positive answer to our new home land and adoption country, in
the mean time keeping up our hope, one day = because we do tremendous effort to
integrate in the new society = our true competencies will be recognized as the same how
they were recognized, prior and after immigration, by the Canadian Minister of
Immigration and Education, also by some Provincial Ministers of Education as Quebec
and Alberta … and, finally … we hoped will be treated fair, equal, comparative with
born Canadians?!?!? finding our integration for real based only on competencies!
        On 10-th of June, 1993, only after 2-1/2 months in immigration, my spouse it has
to go back in Romania to burry her father only 59 years old, taking with she our baby
girl because she was milking that kid. My spouse, as the same as my self, we have not
brothers, or sisters. It was very difficult for our family to have us far from them, in
immigration. We saw my parents first time after 10 years in immigration. In any how, in
that beginning period when my spouse she was in Romania, between 10-th of June 1993
and 4-th of August 1993, in this time, my self, I was involved in integration courses;
also, to do some money, necessary to our family, at my spouse & our daughter return, I
was refereeing soccer at all levels we had at that time in Quebec, under FQSF.

        On 14-th of August same 1993 on the soccer field Jeanne Mance in Montreal, I
was an official referee. I’ll make a long story short: it was a game as the same as the
entire low level of knowledge of our entire soccer we have in Canada and together with
the violent offensive aspect particular to our society, created a very ugly barbaric
situation I pay the price my entire life. What it happened? 4 players, 2 from each team,
with 2 min. before the end of the game, a game with no history, at 5-0 result, they started
to fight, how it is many times in a cow-boy culture in some people attitude, manners and
education: fighting, punching, kicking it’s against the soccer rules. The facts happened
very close of me, but far from the referee. As per FIFA, FQSF and CSA Rules the referee
asked to me the players’ numbers and expulsed them from the game. One of the players
came very aggressive to beat me and even if I was bigger than the player and I had the
wood stick with the flag in my hand, wooden stick can be used as an weapon, my civilized
and legal thinking and behavior it was: I am an official and it is against any civilized rule
or law to beat a player, I am a new comer in my new adoption Country, coming here with
good education, knowledge, manners and reputation and I can’t build in my new country
of adoption new credibility and reputations beating people and that’s why I didn’t react,
trying to avoid any physical conflict, only applying FIFA, FQSF & CSA Rules, but …
         Eftatio Kokorogeanis, the born Canadian aggressor, with no any respect for any
thing, jumped with his leg very high kicking me in my face, breaking me 3 tooth, making
me to fell down semi unconscious; he kept kicking me being down and jumped on my
dominant left arm making me 3 open fractures, my bones cutting my vines. Do not lose
my life, I was in emergency operated but I lost for life 30 % of my dominant left arm.
         At that time at FQSF and CSA the hidden agenda and dictatorial rules were made
by : Dino Soupliotis, Dino Madonis, Pari Arsahagouni, Jean Gandubert, Dominic
Maestracci, Joseph Stella, Luciano Gidari, Nick Filipone, Kevan Pipe and many others
from their buddies. After the aggression, when I was out from the hospital, but before to
compare in front of the Committee of Discipline, the aggressor and representatives from
his club they came with money offer. I am a man of principles, I started to be involved in
soccer at 6 years old and I am against unfair attitude, violence, racism, protectionism in
any aspect of the society, and more in SPORT, and more in a sport which in Canada is
less known, but where I am sure I can bring my contribution to raise another quality and
to create another quality of person: coach, player, referee, soccer attitude and true
knowledge. I refused that “blood money” … but this is costly even today!
         A Canadian soccer FIFA Referee, him too, victimized and discriminated he
several times public he said: ”FQSF & CSA are worst than MAFIA” … What it was next
will let you to understand what really it happens in our society, in many aspects!
         In front of the evidences and the witnesses, the born Canadian aggressor it was
found guilty, but the members of the Discipline Committee, knowing I need their
decision in the court for the process for the crown, to protect their buddy player and the
other buddies from their Hermes Club, after several of my written requests, without to
care about me and what traumas I have, they gave me late their written decision, as this,
do not have it that incriminatory act in the court.
         The local soccer Mafia it started to work against me worst than in dictatorship!
To sue civil the aggressor, how I said, I received the advice to hire a lawyer from the
Jew Community; it is all what I did in 1993, I paid him cash and in advance, but even
today I was not yet in the court for civil damages, cause 500-05-009147-941. The faulty
lawyer, francois gottlieb took my money in advance but we never went in the court, in
all the time him buying time saying the court it’s busy with more important affairs than
the arm of an immigrant and I have to wait. Last year I changed the lawyer, with the
new lawyer soon we will go in trial. I started to sue the faulty lawyer for professional
mistake: cause 500-17-016803-036, but his is connected with his assurance represented
by patricia thimons from Farribeaux and Associates and with unfair judges dion,
belanger, nadeau, benoit morin, yves morisette, rene dussault who, because I dare to
sue a non professional unfair but connected lawyer they put me unrealistic to put down
a bail of 51,000$ - to throw mw financial out! How do you find this? In any how …
        In the Court for the Crown’s Process the player it was found guilty!
        In all the time I follow the society’s rules and for employment purposes, at the
advice of provincial counselor in employment Marcel Beauregard and at the advice of
federal counselor in employment Joanne Crawford, even handicapped, even with the
moral down, I kept up my hope and my desire to find permanently a job, I greeted my
tooth & I started to take courses for general maintenance of buildings, also becoming
member of the Professional Order of Technologists of Quebec.
        My handicapped arm it was immobilized in 4 places with metal screws and bars, I
had no how to cover my arm because the sleeve of my coat it was too small, it was cold
and snow, I was living at 1525 Decarie, ville de Saint Laurent and from there, ever
morning at 6:15, walking in the snow I took the subway to Lionel Groulx, from there the
bus to Lachine and again I walked in the snow to the school. Daily at lunch time I went in
the snow to the hospital for a kind of recovery program and after that, back to the school.
        In the afternoon I did my way back to be at the day care to pick up my daughter
baby born and to stay with until my spouse she came from her school. We had only a few
minutes to hand over and I had to run at night courses of English classes to improve my
English. Late in the night I was working to fix second hand furniture to use in our rented
apartment. I made drastic economy to survive, also I bought tools, but I never lied, steal,
aggressed or did any other anti social facts, keeping up my hope, improving myself.
        I graduated, I found job, with both first 2 employers we had a written contract and
some extra deals particular to that type of job applied by every body in that type of
industry, the written & verbal contract additional to the written one are well recognized in
Canada, but both employers: Rossi Buildings and Fournell, Desjardins, Lafleur, they
didn’t pay. Only after I found another job they want to pay in conformity with the deal. I
didn’t accept because they were unfair and they took advantage of the non functional
system; I do not like blackmail. They knew to be able legal to claim a few thousands $
can take a lot of time and money to try to have justice, but it is not for sure to win
because, as first generation, you do not have as the born Canadians contacts. Also they
black mailed us knowing the job market in Quebec at that time it was down and the
hidden agenda of the separatist hypocrisy it was working and the only chance of the
immigrant it was to accept and … to “bend over” being punished they do not vote for
separation. I do not have nothing against BQ or ADQ, it is nice what they are saying in
different speeches and platforms, I appreciate Mr. Gilles Duceppe is speaking also
English and Mr. Mario Dumont it is more mature than before, but I would like them to
try to apply in reality and in practice what they are saying. I respect very much Mr.
Lucien Bouchard as person and I have open compassion for some of his problems.
        In the respect of all the Canadians, but, due, to some tricky people we found a
hypocrite and well dissimulative attitude “genre”: let’s show we are not racist having as
much as we can big number of human rights commissions, let’s have a lot’s of committee
and organizations of citizen’s protection as a nice image, but this it was a cover of the
true intention of the primary intention of born Canadians, because their ancestors came
earlier here than us, the new comers, immigrants as myself, or first generation Canadian,
it have to be high qualified to be accepted, it have to bring money in Canada and because
they are the last comers they have to sweep floors, wash dishes … using their … master
degree graduation. And with no time, low income, these last comers will have weak
families and low possibilities to raise kids. Wrong! New comers, even are kept as social
status very down, or with low income, or with human rights abused, they have strong
families, & with any financial sacrifice they try to give expensive education to their kids.
        For the new comer immigrant, it doesn’t matter legal, in the Passport, it is written:
Nationality-Canadian, Citizenship-Canadian, sometimes it doesn’t matter how high
educated and competent you are, the most important thing it is: “Don’t tell me what you
know, tell me who you know”…because some people are more equal then
others?!?!?!? in a certain “democratic” way?!?!?!? Many times it happens as this.
        I found another job, but, to be prepared for the worst & because I was cheated by
some public employees of Quebec Government from that time, I made a huge loan and I
studied in English and I graduated in Computers. I was insulted by Ginette Page and I
was cheated & discriminated by Christianne Gagne and Lise Emond from CSST-
IVAC Quebec, folder 006404123. Malgré ça, still I love with no difference Qué people!
        In this time still I was involved in soccer at FQSF, CSA and United States Soccer
Federation and also at the National Soccer Coaches Association of America – NSCAA.
        More and more in Canada, as per Johnny Jerome saying, the Soccer Mafia from
CSA & FQSF worked against the immigrant, more knowledgeable in soccer than the
born Canadians. The people in power from FQSF and CSA under hidden agendas, in
secrecy, or open, but in a racist protectionist way they stole intellectual property, created
huge disadvantages to the new comer and after that, they decided to get read of us, they
applied any methods, taking advantage of a system, basically well written, but, in reality,
in special when they have connections and contacts, it’s a system easy to be contoured.
In our soccer are more than 8 millions Canadians involved with pride, time, hope &
FACTS AND COMPETENCIES, to prove them at FQSF & CSA our Canadian soccer
needs another quality, at the Country’s true possibilities, in 1996, without to be known by
the Americans, in USA Cup with 809 teams from the entire world, with 500 referees
world vide, in a non racist way and based on true competencies, I was selected to ref
international finale game and I received the Gold Medal from the Americans to Canada
… only FQSF and CSA they kept quiet acting harder to throw me out from our soccer.
        With training at Amherst College and Massachusetts University I graduated
passing exams with emeritus coaches and professors, becoming friend with the only one
Canadian Soccer Coach able to qualify Canada at a World Cup and President of World of
Soccer, Mr. Tony Waiters and I became member of NSCAA, National Level!
        From FQSF & CSA, due to my huge competencies, but becoming a real threat
for their positions I started more and more to receive less games, sanctions, steal from
intellectual property, conspiracy, with arrogance and in a racist way all my results were
ignored with purpose and I was even chased to be killed with knives and on HWY 40.
        All my written reports done at that time at FQSF and CSA, plus police and
RCMP, all my registered or, regular letters, are still today with no answer.
        In 1994 I didn’t know the head coach of our ladies national team is Sylvie
Beliveau, the spouse of Jean Gandubert the FQSF general secretary and, having bigger
experience and knowledge than them, also loving and respecting Canada’s soccer
                                                - 10 -
performances, I made some remarks about our strategy in front of the American team, as
this, to diminish the disaster I saw it will happen before the game, do not happen.
         But it happened, we lost at home with 7-0 and this clowns of soccer instead to be
upset on them and the low quality they are offering to the Canadian People, they
revenged on me with conspiracy making me to lose any chances at FQSF and CSA. I am
pleased I am member of NSCAA, but it was and it is a shame: I am member at NSCAA
& I am forced in a racist arrogant way do not be member of FQSF, ASA & CSA. I
appreciate the non racist American way; I am not American Citizen but I have American
Social Security Number, due to their open non racist way, also due to my personal
records and competencies I have from years the legal right to live and to work in US;
even in my old Romanian passport I have US visa good for 20 years ?! … but I am
Canadian ( I hope ) …& I want to live and give to the society = in Canada!
         Stealing soccer from my life, making me handicapped, throwing me in a racist
arrogant way out from a passion of 37 years, I was made half dead in my supposed
Country of adoption, but I continued to be a good citizen, son and father, with good
contribution in family, job, society, community, religion and … sport.
         Being out from soccer, also my application never being considered at the national
team of Canada as possible coach, to make a living and to bring my good contribution in
society and do not be a burden for our social system and also to be a good example for
my kid and for other immigrants, I kept working, this time & the last in Qc, at Softimage.
         At that place were created Casper, Jumanci and Titanic, I was working there
threw a company named Signature, but after I worked hard to organize in an impeccable
way all their needs, I received a nice letter of recommendation, my position it was
abolished and they hired 2 “pure laine” with half of my salary. Still today I am short 15
hundred my over time they never paid to me, but they paid to my team I had under
supervision, because they were born Canadians; bosses made discriminatory differences
instead of me, the non connected & non protected immigrant in a new Country! ( cause #
500-32-035-757 shows once more how it works in Quebec system of justice)
         I informed my self about several legal ways to petition as my legal rights do not
be abused, I followed the written society’s legal rules, I had confidence in our leaders
and their political affirmations, I started from down to up in polite fair and only on
facts based way to fight for my abused human rights & I received nothing as solution.
         I TRY ONCE MORE believing in You, the Accountability act, in the Chart!
         We have nice names of different commissions and committees, for job reasons I
relocated in 13 years 16 times, in every circumscription I lived I petitioned claiming for
my abused human rights, I contacted my MP, I wrote to very nice named but ineffective
offices as: BBB, ombudsman, human rights commission and even to the court and until
now all it was a circle with no exit. When I received an answer, if I received, it was not a
solution, it was something to throw me in somebody else’s yard. I found nice big names,
I saw big guns, nice talking but all it was only image and with no solution, it was
practical a legalization of discrimination and human rights abused.
         Mme. Michelle Falardeau-Ramsay from the Canadian Human Rights Commission
after she was nominated as big boss, she said in media : “I’ll do great efforts to protect
the most impoverished” and she did nothing during the years. It was a cheap bla! bla! bla!
I don’t know how it works, but what for real I know it’s the fact public speeches,
                                              - 11 -
decisions, have great impact in people’s lives. Also what for sure I know it’s the fact,
every body at his place of work receive salary which it have to be as a reflection of his
job performances under any accountability … it is called “ACT of”. Why only the small
people, mister and miss humble citizen it have to “play” with the sword of Damocles
above the head and the Accountability Act and the Chart are not applied starting also
with the leadership? What means leadership? One part of the basic definition means good
example to follow and if the leader will not deliver it have to be made accountable. Usual
what the leaders are doing up, it is …”as a Xerox copy” reflected in “monsieur tout le
monde” with no any doubt and the society it’s a reflection of any individual with no any
difference. In my humble polite opinion, without and far from the idea to look as a smart
a.s, or to insult somebody, also knowing my status of first generation Canadian, still I
can’t forget a basic simple principle, even knew every where: “Fish in all the time
become rotten … starting with the head”. … Also I know what it means … implosion!
        I understand we live in a consume society, I understand the burden on the tax
payer pocket, I accept taxes, but where & how it is the accountability Act APPLIED?

         Before to blame me, please ask yourselves: if you’ll be son, parent, if from a
healthy person you are made for life handicapped physical and emotional / mental,
if you’ll lose jobs in an unfair, racist arrogant way, if you’ll lose money, if you’ll lose
a passion of 37 years, if your pride & principles will be arrogant, racist insulted, if
your health will be eroded, if you’ll lose trust in your legal public representatives, in
the public servant, in political affirmations, if you’ll have Canadian Passport but no
Canadian identity, if you’ll see your young daughter pleasing you to change her
family name, please, talk with your conscience and let me know how you’ll react in
that situation? Which side will be stronger: ration, feelings, education, manners or …or?

Loving Quebec and in special Montreal as part of beautiful Canada United, having
strong desire to stay and to raise our kid in Montreal in a cosmopolite society,
bilingual and with more history and class – in the respect of all Canada, me and my
family we made tremendous efforts to keep up and, thru the unity of the family, we made
able to carry on ( with what price we do not want to wish even to our worst enemies), but
because of racist reasons, for job purposes, on October 1997, I relocated in Edmonton:
we sacrificed our family unity and for 9 months I didn’t see my family: even graduated
from Romania and with 17 years job experience, to be better Canadians, my spouse she
made a loan and I let her to finish UQAM and I couldn’t destroy my daughter’s
feelings letting her to finish her last year in Narnia kindergarten.

       After Softimage, on Friday, they gave me that nice letter of recommendation
but they abolished my position hiring 2 “pure laine”, practical type hypocrite
dictatorial worst than communists = firing me, only with 32 $ in my pocket, I was
next Monday in United Geo Com yard in Edmonton, Alberta, putting all my money
in an expensive ticket. My first address in Edmonton it was on Saddleback Road
and I was helped for 3 months not to pay rent by another immigrant, by chance, a
guy from Yugoslavia who studied with me in the same international university I met
him working for UGC, at that time joint venture Geoservices and Computalog.
                                               - 12 -
         In United Geo Com, actual Precision Drilling, which … it’s Weatherford, I
worked & trained with good performances, but as every where you find good and bad
people, and you can be in real troubles when you find uneducated violent red necks.
         I never generalize and I respect from Halifax to Vancouver the Canadians.
         It happened to me to find 2 persons: roy pixlly and murray hansen, both less
qualified than me, but very racist, both who came in 2 different situations with their
finger touching my nose and saying what them and many as them are thinking about us,
first generation here: “You mother fu…r, you came in OUR COUNTRY to steal best
Canadian Jobs”. How you’ll feel being You , I’m writing from years, in my situation?
What You’ll do it in this situation? How You’ll react in that moment of high pulse?
Will You be able to control some emotions, feelings, instincts, in special making as
doesn’t exist in You some special training sometimes, many years ago You received?
         In a fraction of second in my mind passed the full film of my entire life from
childhood to that moment and I was thinking at my grand grand parents, at my grand
parents, at my parents who put love, trust, education and hope in my self, I was thinking
at thousands of relatives, colleagues, friends, spectators they know me, I was thinking at
my baby and at my spouse, I was thinking at the Canadian Society who put trust in us
allowing me to Immigrate, I was thinking at Canadian Society who already has useless
born Canadians and also some useless Immigrants and we don’t need more and … I
didn’t look for physical combat, fight or any options, but I went outside and I asked to a
driller to give me a smoke and I started to smoke, me = a non smoker ???
          It is another prove of my behavior and who really I am in those moments when
may be some others, how we saw possible will react different: combat, threats, killing?!
         I spoke about these racist guys with my coordinator Steve Hill and with the
operational manager Ken Currie but, what to expect from them, racist too? In any
how after a while due to their substandard jobs, the Company, when they merged
with PD, found a non “significant” way & they wiped out these racist persons. Do
not take me wrong if I mention several true but ugly aspects, looking only as
criticizing. No! These people it doesn’t matter who they are and at what level they
are acting, they are deviant people and they are not the true image of the
magnificent people of our provinces united under the flag of the confederation.
         In any how in PD I had in all the time: truck, gas card, PPE (personal protective
equipment) for both seasons, H2S detector & SRBA(self rescue brethelasing apparatus),
gloves, expensive medical safety glasses, hard hat, boots, calipers, tapes, minimum kit
tools, computer, printer, yaggy antennae, phone, I received the minimum required
training to have all the field tickets to be able to be legal accepted on location and they
respected the pay, never putting me to use my credit card to do profit with my money, or,
when they put me to use my credit card they paid in time as this do not pay my self
interests, they used that fund of salary to pay in time monthly the salary, they used that
part of the profit to give me advances for expenses or they used several times in a decent
way the entertainment fund with the client, they sent me in US to train as specialist, they
used new tools having the legal permit from authorities, they used foreign workers in
Canada having for them the legal permit to work in our Country, in all the time they
respected the code of business conduct and very fast, right the way after they saw the
high standard I was working they paid as for every Canadian, never do not doing
                                               - 13 -
difference I was born outside Canada and to treat me in function of my place of birth, my
previous nationality, my ancestry or my race how are doing Schlumberger Canada
protected by unfair lawyers from Emery Jaimeison & Alberta Human Rights Commission
         From that time still today in that company there are some of my field processions
which are still respected, all my trainees are today top hands, I was the only one able to
drill in Canada out of the shoe with Em Tools with signal in underballanced drilling and
years on the row I had not have any failure; still today we keep good relations.
         In Saudi Arabia where I am working now in Sperry-Sun a division of Halliburton,
also for Aramco as client, using different contractors as Saipem, Sino, Neibors, Pool
Arabia, DPS, … etc …PD / now Weatherford, or with Backer, me being the person in
charge to take decision and make all of them to work well, we have very good respectful
professional relations even if we are different competitors; only with Schlumberger is
different because they pay their employees in function of their nationality for the same
type of job and they apply in the field a close type “Gestapo” policy, or black mail, or
bribe, they have the worst managers world vide and often their employees are
complaining of them! Schlumberger never ever it was a directional drilling company, it
was only a wire line company and they want only profit and control!
         In any how, in 1999, my self being one of the guru with Em MWD Tools and DD,
NorthStar Energy which want to develop Polaris technology needing only people as me,
they put more money on my plate and I went to work for them without to know which one
it is the game under the table. I never burned bridges with UGC / PD/ Weatherford.
         NorthStar, as the same as PD they give me all what a field hand it have to have to
be able to work safe for him and also for the client and it have to have to be able to
perform the job, or to be able to be accepted on location, they respected the code of
business conduct and they paid as for every Canadian, never do not doing difference I
was born outside Canada and to treat me in function of my place of birth, my previous
nationality, my ancestry or my race how are doing Schlumberger Canada; more, they
paid me in function of my high standards of competencies and performances giving me
more money than it was on the market for almost the same type of jobs at that moment …
         - Being as this = high paid, I attracted hate from some born Canadians as John
Campbell who, in a very ugly unfair way, when I was sleeping before picking up tools he
modified without my knowledge data in my computer used in that job and he was only
passing to my rig without to be assigned in that job: tooking my lesson of life in
democracy, I checked before to pick up tools, I checked as in an police investigation with
the other field hands including here the company man what it happened when I was
sleeping, I found the mistakes intentionally put in the job computer with the purpose to
compromise me, I fixed but I had a very bitter taste about some human behavior?!?!? …
In any how the well it was saved and we did a good job …as I am doing from over 29 yrs
         In any how, with NorthStar it was how I said: somebody did a dirty game under
the table. After we developed this Polaris Technology making from a tool able to drill
only hole in town under buildings, we made the tool to drill under and over balanced
holes for oil wells, we made able this new tool to work in high conditions of stress down
hole, the company it was sold and it happened many more things in the back of the stage.
         People doesn’t matter: “money talks bull s..t talks it’s what I learned in Canada”?
This it happened fast, after the winter of 1999 / 2000 I spent in Helmet, BC, it happened
                                              - 14 -
         in the spring; but my self I have a family to support, I don’t like to stay on
unemployment or, to be a burden for the Country who gave me the chance to live in, I
didn’t accepted to be part of the new deal with Navis & Black Max and I applied by
myself to the biggest service companies world vide: Schlumberger & Halliburton.
         I signed to the first one who offered job; it was Schlumberger in US thru head
hunter, but the “big shoulder” it was Canadian from Peace River, ex Sperry Sun hand, it
was a very honest man and Schlumberger in US treated me well also my self doing very
good for their profits. We did a written deal but exactly how it is in the oil patch in same
type of business and same type of activity of different companies, many aspects are also
part of a verbal contract additional to the written one. In my situation it was only to do
a few jobs, to learn their last technology and after to give me more money and to use
me in the latest type of difficult jobs, keeping me busy at least 250 days per year.
Right the way after I confirmed by phone to Schlumberger I accepted their offer of work,
even if it was threw head hunter and you know what it means when somebody use head
hunter to hire, I received offer from Halliburton, but, being a man of principles, I turned
down that offer apologizing very polite to Mr. Mark Swift Halliburton Middle East and
Caspian Sea Regional Manager. Mr. Swift he told me in any moment when I’ll be not
happy I am most than welcome to work for him. After years this gentleman was ready to
testify for me in front of H-R Panel but it was stopped by Ab H-R Comm.
Regarding Schlumberger, I do not have to repeat in detail what it happened: all it is
written in hundreds of pages in the File #: S 2002/11/0281 which it is in possession of
Alberta Human Rights Commission. In any how Schlumberger it is a very racist heart
less company: recently it happened with an Indonesian man working off shore and
waiting to go in days off to be with his spouse at the birth of their child: until the
end of the job, Schlumberger coordinators never told to the man his family tried to
reach him to go home because his spouse and unborn kid died at birth! How are You
feeling only reading this and putting yourselves in the skin of that small Indonesian. By
the way, in every Schlumberger office they have nice hypocrite advertising communist
type: “we value our people”. Let’s talk with our conscience and try to put ourselves in
these particular situations putting all the peaces of the puzzle together and let’s ask
ourselves what we feel and what emotions / reactions are developed due to their way to
… “value” their people, in special when with, … I’m sorry, lawyers and corrupted public
servants … they legalize discrimination and they are using discrimination for several
wrongdoings, small people being in all the time suffering.

         It doesn’t matter I was working in Canada, US, Gulf of Mexico, Europe,
Africa or, Middle East, in all the time me or, thru my spouse who it was in all the
time in Canada, my lawyer francois gottlieb he knew in any moment where it is may
address, he knew my phone number but, 10 years he did nothing to compare in the
court, in all the time buying time and saying the Govern of Quebec and Montreal
Court it is busy & more preoccupied with other problems ( motards criminalisés,
drugs, murders, etc ) that for the arm of an immigrant and I have to wait until he
will let me know when we will go in the court, luring me years on the row.
         In our culture the lawyer it an important person, honest and we trust honesty
and I believed several years francois gottlieb even I flew from Edmonton to meet
                                             - 15 -
with him and my 4 principal witnesses and I gave him new cash, but still no trial in
the court. When I saw as this, I started to contact the Lawyer’s house from
Montreal ( le barreau du syndic) I communicate several times by phone and letters
with Mr. Daniel Mandron, I came 3 times in Montreal to meet with him, we lost
again a few years and more money, but still it was not possible to do nothing:
francois gottlieb knew he is protected by contacts, connections and a very
interpretative system, his insurance it is connected with judges in the court !

       When I saw as this I started to sue him for professional mistake but I lost my
time and my money being in Montreal Court treated unfair, insulting, double
standard by: patricia timmons, well connected with judges as, dion, belanger, nadeau,
benoit morin, rené dusseau or, yves marie morisette.

        If we suppose this judges are not racist and morally corrupted, in a fair system of
justice these judges they have to compare same type of evidences and not to apply any
corrupted strategies hiding several wrongdoings, protecting wrongdoings of the faulty
lawyer francois gottlieb or patricia timmons and the insurance company from Faribeau
and Associates who is francois gottlieb insurance company it have to back up him.
        Me I introduced in the court all the possible necessary evidences, gottlieb has
nothing, but it is connected and without to have same type of evidences as me, having
these corrupted judges on his side, they did in the way to make me to be out financial.
        If they can not burry the true because mr. nobody do not bend over, they apply
other strategies, me I have the truth and the facts, they are expert well trained theft, it is a
local clique having friendship with judges, lawyers and we don’t know what more it is
behind the scenes, but locally wrongdoings … ARE LEGAL with these judges!
        I am convinced at several high levels I am writing now these aspects are not well
known because You are too busy to govern and Your personal advisers are not elected
and only nominated and we don’t know more, and that’s why, I take the humble
opportunity to present my situation, what it happened too me, based only on facts, and
next I will wait from You … and be sure I’ll have my lesson either way! but where it is the
true contribution for e better society, non racist:” DESIDERANTES MELIOREM
        In any how Montreal Court is acting under delay, deny, demagogue,
dissimulator, discriminatory, dictatorial, diverting, distracting, dupe, drifting from the
true , in their intention to make to look legal the lawyer’s wrongdoings, with
discrimination, they kept going adding batons in the procession’s wheels, killing me
slow. In this time they received salaries from tax payer’s money. May be that
Accountability act it has to have some amendments and people who didn’t deliver should
pay back the money as the penalties in professional sports. These persons with jobs at the
Government they believe if they add more burden and if in a more arrogant way they
deny the truth, they will make me to give up and they will compromise me, but they are
wrong: the truth it is in my side and they can not compromise me because I am a model
in society, I fight for principles and I’ll continue till the end. They take unfair advantage
from the fact nobody check on them, if they have no evidences against me, the only way
to win it is to use their strong point which it was corruption, connection, contacts,
                                              - 16 -
language manipulation & interpretation, twisting every think they can in their advantage;
To make me to give up they lured me under delay, deny, demagogue, dissimulator,
discriminatory, dictatorial, diverting, distracting, dupe, drifting from the true in their
true intention to make me to travel as much as often possible from KSA, Edmonton,
Montreal, well knowing I work in Saudi Arabia, with family in Edmonton, to Montreal
where I relocated to have my principal residence. Latter on, exactly how I told in the
Court to that corrupted judges & it’s registered on the tapes, of course if the tapes were
not yet cooked. On September 2, 2004 I relocated also my family in Montreal but in
2002/2003 I had to come also in Edmonton where it was my family and Sperry-Sun
Office, and after I was with them to return home in Montreal, also, after many days out in
KSA in the desert, instead to stay in my days off and to recover home, I had to spend
time and money for this joke of justice we have in Montreal Court as a kangaroo Court!

        This unfair servants of Justice in Montreal Court, morally corrupted and
connected, acting under delay, deny, demagogue, dissimulator, discriminatory,
dictatorial, divert, deceive, distract, defamatory, drift, dupe, in reality, racial motivated
under hidden agendas, they violate in a systematic way my human rights, producing in
my family’s life, in the last years, direct & indirect damages, emotional distress, my
immunity system being put often down, making me to suffer panic syndrome, adding at
my physical handicap, for life, also emotional and mental handicap, I never had before!

        In Montreal Court I was treated by these judges as a peace of frozen s..t: nobody,
in 2003 didn’t care I am in the Court due a lost arm in an aggression took place in 1993
with a cause started in 1993 and an unfair unprofessional lawyer did nothing in 10 years
to solve the situation being paid in advance in front of the witnesses, all of this judges
were only honey & milk in a very “souriante” and charming cooperation with patricia
timmons from Faribeau and Associates, but with me only arrogance, bad eyes ignoring
my written documents worst than in a communist banana court, but in the other hand,
taking very pleased in consideration the bla bla bla of patricia timmons. Investigators
who will check the folder will find only my evidences & nothing from the other side .

        Finally they decided to make me to put 51,000$ bail because I am not Canadian
Resident: how come I had the proof my principal address it is in Montreal, how come
patricia timmons didn’t have how to prove with nothing I am not non resident in Canada,
but being connected, her bla, bla bla it was more believed than my papers I had from the
Govern; it means when we have local cliques even the Govern it doesn’t matters!

        Who told me to choose a lawyer from the Jew Community was right. Now I can’t
find a lawyer to take my case to represent my interests in the Court for these matters of
professional mistake against francois gottlieb.
        That’s why I have to write in some other places to find a lawyer with balls to
accept to represent my self in these matters. I ask assistance from the Govern, too!
        Until that point I’ll represent my self because in my knowledge I believe a justice
system in democracy it was not created to scare people, or to create wealthy jobs for
connected judges with lawyers and insurance companies !
                                               - 17 -
       I still believe a democratic system of justice, if it is functional, it have to serve
equal and with no any difference any citizen, nobody being above the law, but in this
corrupted court in Montreal I saw different
       It is the only one time when I remember with pleasure about j. parizeau!
       I tried in several occasions to find a lawyer to sue another lawyer for professional
mistake! No success! Some of them, and in mode special I didn’t tell them the name of
francois gottlieb they agreed to mix in, but when I told them more details regarding
community, insurance, …names of certain judges … they backed off like some ghosts!
Why do You think such behaviour? Do you think some people are influent in Mtl/Cnd?

        My aggressor, a born Canadian, a very violent one who in 1993 on 14-th of
August made me handicapped for life, it was not a second in jail and even today he is
free, the process for civil damages being far late, françois gottlieb can not be sued for
professional mistake because he is protected. What a type of democracy we have?
        Pericles he said totally different: “ Democracy gives society its sobriety of
judgement and respect for wisdom, the price necessary for its economic energy and
generosity and even its respect for taste and responsiveness to beauty”.
      But we are engaged in a perpetual fight & its worst elements are
corrupted people, but well connected, they are unfortunately too many !
        The concept of democracy it was started from the 2 distinguish words: “ demos”
and “cratos” and it was created in old times when the society has not as in our days
precise rules and laws; that’s why in our days it is more dangerous when people paid and
promoted in the position to apply the law and the rules, morally corrupted they apply all
with double standards, as per Orwell “Animal Farm” when “ some people are more equal
than some others” If I will be treated equal as every Canadian things will be solved to
today, but it is not possible due to hypocrite, corrupted people from Montreal Justice!
        That’s why, due to them I am pushed to write any where possible asking for
true justice to be served it doesn’t matter I am first generation Canadian Citizen.

         Suppression of views contrary to their own cause intimidation, coercion and
retaliation, cause intimidation, the non respect of identity, with intention making serious
procedural errors, violating my basic human rights, in all the time treating me in function
of my origin, race, ancestry, nationality, name, denying my human dignity and with
fabrication and lies or, with interpretation, it was their way challenge my attempt to
please for a fair trial in the court in Montreal, in democratic Canada?!?!?
         They act local as a small governing class, untouchable, acting as a clique
united against the first generation in immigration.
         In unfair way they shape un true & aggressively the facts, distorting the truth,
acting in a discrepant way forgering the true, & the facts, them, in that position, are
guiltier than a common citizen who is not so versatile and educated instead of law.

All these ridiculous provocations are incitement to hate because people can’t be
happy when they are treated with double standard, when innocents, as me, they are
put in jail, when are attempts to be killed, or they lose physical integrity, or, when
their basic human rights and human dignity are not respected.
                                           - 18 -
       Canada’s identity it has to be in diversity, in social cohesion & not in racism,
double standard, discrimination, marginalization, distrust or, hate promoted by
these unfair people in power, public servants, connected and well positioned.

        Regarding discrimination and my 12 D’s, even if I mentioned also valerie
fabrikant, realistic we have do not ignore past chapters of this from centuries ongoing
struggle and it should be reviewed from facts of precedent history’s advises and reread,
so that mistakes not be pushed to be repeated!
        Let history to be the pedagogical guide to social cohesion and justice under
assertive Government true fair leadership, issues to be addressed equal for every body in
an honest, straightforward manner, fast and efficient, far from my mentioned 12 D’s.

        Probably it’s time to end with: ”Nice doggie = while looking for a stone” and
start to act in the words said in several speeches or, in election campaign or, in
opposition! Please let’s help to put an end of that cheap hypocrisy type: “we care about
any Canadian, but in reality let’s apply double standards” with first generation here?!

         Doing wrong is … wrong, but knowing what for real it happen & doing nothing
to fix the bad = is the worst ( faire du mal, c’est une faute, ne faire rien qui existe dans
tes pouvoirs pour corriger le mal, … c’est pire, malhonnaite et inacceptable);

Nowhere it will be not peace if it is not justice & it will be not justice if it will be not
peace.(Justice, equity, strong families & moral values, equality & democratic dialogue
could eradicate the violence – if reforms are delayed = the true democracy is stalled)

       DESIDERANTES MELIOREM PATRIAM / A l’oeuvre on connait l’artisan!

        We have to work hard for a better quality of person and stronger families in a non
abused interpretative system where, people in power, end with double speak.
        As this, to our kids, which I consider they are: “the artisans of the future” – the
true morals of family, society, culture, sport and religion, “reach young people before
their ideas and attitudes have fully crystallized”!
        Please, do not ignore the fact, in true life it is alike in the book: “All what I
know, I know from family and kindergarten”
        … And You have any where several facts = are proving I am 100 % right, please!

From years, I am writhing at different levels of people in power or, to very nice named
organisations or, to different political parties.

Several times, but with no answer I wrote to Mr. Mario Dumont, the chief of ADQ. Nice
name: “Action Démocratique du Quebec”, nice electoral speeches, nice promises. Now,
in this moment when by registered letter I please him once more, but the last time, to
support me for a democratic fait internal investigation, if his person and his public party
will treat me with dignity and fair as Canadian I hope I am, I still have the trust his nice
speaks are true and we can trust it, is not double talk & will materialize in facts, I hope!
                                             - 19 -
        During the years, as the same, I wrote to different Canadian POLITICAL
PARTIES; with hope, I do once more and after, by the way my issues will be
approached, I’ll be able to define my true identity: Canadian or “ mother … f…er” …
how I was several times labelled by born Canadians. I am sorry for my slunk, but, there
are their words, it’s not my shame the way they are able to think, to treat people & to talk
about people: IT’S THEIR LEVEL OF BEING, of manners & EDUCATION IN
DEMOCRATIC CANADA. Only with strong high up leadership in our Provinces United
we can build a better quality of person, of course, if at that level, is existing for real that

        I write to Police and to RCMP because I have nothing to hide and I insist as these
organisms created with the purpose to reinforce the law, at my polite and non violent
request, it is in their power to make internal investigation, in special when I was chased to
be killed, I was illegal put in jail. I already was checked several years ago by RCMP
when first I mentioned that ugly event with fabrikant, it came and can come again
officers as Bruce Thornton, from the RCMP Internal Commission of Investigation and
any body can see I am a non violent person, far from weapons, from violent materials, etc
         Every body if it’s honest can see in the way I reacted when I was violent
aggressed loosing my physical integrity, or when I was chased with knifes or, on HWY
40 to be killed in the name of democratic practices in our sport by FQSF representative
Luciano Gidari well connected at CSA, or in the way non violent I reacted when I was
named: “mother immigrant …” in the Canadian oil patch, or in the way I reacted
also non violent when Slb’s employees they bullied me, they threatened me, they
aggressed me physical and verbal, or even in the way I reacted peaceful when Mr. Scott
from Edmonton Police arrested me on false complains made hypocrite interpretative and
with hidden purposes by carlach mackintosh from Alberta Human Rights Commission.,
or even the way I reacted when françois gottlieb, as lawyer stole my money cheating my
credibility without to provide the service for what it was paid in advance, as, on corner
streets Ste Catherine & Ontario…if I can say like this … in a sarcastic way …
        It is legal and mandatory this internal investigation at these levels, please, to be
done; there are internal commissions created to find the reason what for real it is in the
back, because on the tax payers’ money it cost to cover the salary of the public.
        Put please yourselves I am writing now in my situation, please, and ask please
your conscience if you are able to carry this unfair heavy mental, psychological and
physical stress and in the mean time to be sharp in job performances for the greatest
drilling company world vide, for the greatest oil services company and in the mean time
to be a good son, father and citizen in family, society, sport, religion & community? …
and after please think for a SOLUTION FOR MY SENSITIVE SITUATION, please! Or,
think what you’ll feel if somebody will do this to You or, to Your kids?

I wrote to several offices of the ombudsman because that office it was special created to
do internal investigation in different places where the system and the law it’s abused by
public servants, but they threw me once more in a vicious circle with no exit.
It have a nice name this office but it is non functional; it was created only for IMAGES,
as the same as human rights commissions: we have offices to take care but it’s only a
                                            - 20 –
       special created cover to legalize wrongdoings for some cliques locally created.

        I received back my papers of Appeal & my cheque I sent to the Supreme
Court as per the model requested by the office of Mme. Justice Canada.
        I write again to the Supreme Court of Canada because I appeal until I’ll die
the cause against François gottlieb, lawyer guilty for professional mistake, but well
connected and protected in Montreal by unfair judges as Dion, Belanger, Nadeau,
Morisette, Dussault and Morin, I appleal because to have a little bit a hope for fair
trial, this cause it have to be moved from Montreal Court to Ottawa & be judged
equal and impartial in the Supreme Court.

Even if I have not special political training, as an intellectual who cares about my
adoption Country, I fully believe, now, after the elections were done, all the political
parties and political personalities, it doesn’t matter they are rulers or, opposition, they
will be able at least now, to act as a great Canadian Team.
        When I pronounced these 2 last words, I want to say I still keep my hope, All of
You I am writing now, You’ll be able for sure to put together based only on competencies,
results, with no discriminatory prejudices the true: specialist, economist, politician, all to
act together for our better quality of the person and society, as our written system to be
respected and also all of You’ll act under accountability, equal, from that high
leadership, sending down a clear message to every Canadian, born or, not born here! If
not, I am sorry but it will be again, something like: “après moi le deluge” …
        I am curious to see if : the Chart of Freedoms, the Accountability Act under nice
Government Ministers, Departments, Committees or Commissions as: Restructuring &
Government Efficiency, Community Development, Public Security & Safety, Government
Committee in Standing Policy, Justice and Govern Policy … and so on, are for real
respected or are ineffective in the situation of Non-Born Canadians?

       I read several nice articles and very honest written by many of You I address with
hope my credential and I am curious to find which one it is your opinion, which one is
your support and your solution, please; of course if it is true, media is free?!?!?

        I write to several people involved in public TV and radio programs fighting
against injustices and I am curious in the name of democracy how my situation it will be
approached, which one it will be the solution or, I’ll find if it’s only a partisan program?!

My self, I love Canada, I still believe the written system can work and I believe in
the last political affirmations of our leaders, in special of the complex act of
Accountability. That’s why I am writing again!

        I never threatened anybody in my life and, what it will follow, please take it as a
polite information and not as a threat: in the situation when in our Country nobody will
care to give consideration to my situation and to support my petition for a solution, one of
the ways I will act it will be based on my right at hunger strike, with assistance under
international support because in Canada I tried 13 -1/2 years to find legal support.
                                                - 21 -
         With media knowledge, thru my hunger strike as sign of peaceful protest, I’ll try
to inform people what it happened to me, a person without identity in Canada. Yes! If I’ll
be considered as full Canadian I will be treated fair, equal, based only on facts as born
Canadians! If I am treated different it means I am forever immigrant in Canada = this is
the identity public servants give me it doesn’t matter what is written in the Passport. If we
have to believe what it is written, let’s apply for every body how it is written, equal and
with no interpretation! NOBODY DO NOT BE ABOVE THE LAW, please!
         If the Canadian decision it will be to protect for ever the faulty lawyer francois
gottlieb and the corrupted judges, if I’ll be alive, I will respect any court decision, but
first I will take advantage of my human right to do hunger strike, already having my
answer how a democratic society is acting in reality. Either way I’ll have an answer, it
depends on many Born Canadians & not only, if my answer it will be a happy or, a sad
one. Still I didn’t lose my last hope in many things, please!
         Writing at this level, I keep my hope, me and my family, other relatives, friends,
colleagues or, my employer, who, all, they know world vide the true situation and they
wait too for an answer from You & Justice in Canada, we hope all we deal with honest
educated people and not with prejudices, or racist people, oriented on one way,
interpretative, with hypocrisy making sweet affirmations at human rights related, but, in
reality, ignoring the true facts, crushing anyone as me, who tries to show wrong sides of
an well written, but, abused system.
         The original system, how it was created is good, but several public servants, not
elected, only nominated in power, using 12 D’s: delay, deny, demagogue, dissimulator,
discriminatory, dictatorial, divert, deceive, distract, defamatory, drift, dupe, in reality,
racial motivated under hidden agendas, they violate in a systematic way my human
rights, producing in my family’s life, during the years, direct & indirect damages,
emotional distress, my immunity system being put often down, making me to suffer panic
syndrome, and generally speaking, at my physical handicap, public Canadian servants
adding mental and emotional more handicap & distress.
         I know it is not good & legal as too much power to be concentrated in one place
and in the legal processions, many of You I write now, You have to stay … so called
“neutral” & do not mix in different matters, but in the other way, when a citizen, in the
situation as mine is requiring from years Your support, in a polite, non violent way and
only on facts based, because that person is threw and intentionally kept in a circle with no
exit of 12 D’s of: delay, deny, demagogue, dissimulator, discriminatory, dictatorial,
divert, deceive, distract, defamatory, drift, dupe, in reality racial motivated under hidden
agendas, something more than a wall of silence or, a formal 2 lines letter answer, more,
please, it have to be done, of course if, in Your opinion some … citizens are not more
equals than the others.
         That’s why, by the diversity of the people I chose to write now at Your
distinguish attention, writing and e-mailing, it will be perfect legal and in your power, as
every of you to help for a solution; this it will happen only if you’ll accord respect to my
situation and if all what You said in public speeches or, in written materials are true and
are not double talk. I still affirm with the risk I repeat, I don’t ask anything preferential;
the only thing I please for it, and I please in a polite non violent way, it is SUPPORT
                                                - 22 -
FAIR, AS THIS, TO GIVE A FAIR CHANCE TO SAVE a good citizen, son, father,
hard worker, with good contribution in family, society, sport & community how I am!
       I know all of You are busy, but I hope a life of a human = adult of 49 years old,
50 years old in September, if still I’ll be alive, it is important, it doesn’t matter is guilty it
was born somewhere else than in Canada, person with an impeccable life, in these
moments when some public servants they try to ruin me and slowly to kill me, destroying
my family and my old parents, I hope You’ll do something to stop the cruel “carnage”!

         What to tell to my family, to my 14 years old daughter she already please us to
change her family name, what to tell to my old parents, to friends and people they know
me world vide: You know, in democratic Canada if somebody do not like you, if they
want to get rid of you with the purpose to hide the true, any body = in special, well
connected people in power, they can make a defamatory false interpretative complaint
about you and, as the same, or worst than the secret police of ceausescu, you can be in
jail, loosing ALL or, if they want to zip your mouth they can eliminate you financial ???
Because of my written complaint & plea for an internal investigation, due to very
ugly facts I am victim from years; it is legal in Your power to work for a solution,
please! That’s why I ask for internal investigation as support based on true facts,
evidences as the same as mines, please!

        I don’t know how long I can carry on my shoulders this burden and that’s why
I made 2 different power of attorney to my spouse: one is in Edmonton in a safe place
and the other one in Montreal and in case of my death, my spouse can represent post
mortem my interests based on the same principles. It is there also covered the
possibility if I will lose my mind and I will be not able to think & to take decision.

        Even if it looks as between David and Goliath, me I am not scared to be judged
based on my facts and my evidences; who is scared will lose, who is hiding the equal
type of evidences, if it is true justice in Canada, will lose!
        I need support for a new judgment in the court in these twisted matters, I need
support for internal investigation in Montreal Court, to be allowed in my appeal to
come in front of the judge and gottlieb with the 4 existing witnesses and to have a fair
trial based on papers and witnesses, not on hypocrite corruption it was ‘till now!
        I still believe in all of You I am writing, today! I wait for a solution, please!
        Thank you for understanding and for future cooperation and thank you anticipate
for a solution. With respect, best regards to you and families,

Liviu Popescu.- Petroleum Engineer & Soccer Coach at National Level.