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									You can’t buy a warning
system for breast cancer,
so self-check regularly.

 Help us raise HK$1.3 million
 What is Pink Revolution
 Pink Revolution is Cancer Fund’s annual breast cancer
 awareness and fundraising campaign. In accordance with
 the international month of breast cancer in October, Pink
 Revolution promotes the importance of early detection and
 raises funds towards Cancer Fund’s free breast cancer
 support services here in Hong Kong.
 Every year, more than 2,500 women are diagnosed locally
 with breast cancer. You can help empower women in our
 community by promoting the importance of early detection
 and making a valuable donation towards our free and
 valuable support services.
 Help us make life better for people touched by cancer,
 ensuring no one faces cancer alone.

 How your donation helps
 Funds raised from Pink Revolution will directly support                       Fast Facts on last year’s
 Cancer Fund’s long and short-term initiatives to minimize                     Pink Revolution
 the burden of breast cancer, and to provide comfort to                        • 108 corporates and over
                                                                                 2,600 participants supported
 those women and families touched by the disease. Find                           Pink Revolution
 out what you can do by visiting

 Pink Ambassador Vivian Chow

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer among women in Hong
Kong, and I am asking all women to be aware of its threat.
My mum always said that ignoring symptoms won’t make it go away, so
that’s why I always remember to examine myself regularly, no matter how
busy I am. Health is priceless. We must protect our greatest asset.
As a woman, I certainly understand the devastating affects that a
breast cancer diagnosis can bring. Yet with the support of families and
professional guidance offered by the Cancer Fund, cancer is not the end of
the world. There is a way forward.
This year, I invite everyone to pick a day in October to dress in Pink. Make
a donation and wear a Pink item to show your encouragement and support
to those touched by breast cancer.
                                 Jennifer Age 10
                                    daughter of cancer survivor

  In my
                                 My Mum’s Breast Cancer Story

                                 When my mummy was diagnosed             I got to chop the vegetables all by
                                 with breast cancer, my brother and I    myself. We made sure mummy was

                                 knew she had to go to hospital. But     doing her exercises to stop her arms
                                 we thought that when she returned       from swelling, and daddy gave us
                                 home, she would be better.              money to go to the supermarket by
                                                                         ourselves. Mummy even let me carry
                                 My mummy and daddy started to
                                                                         her handbag to the store. We were
                                 whisper a lot more at home, and
                                                                         so grown up.
                                 sometimes my mummy would cry.
                                 My brother and I started to feel left   Polly said that mummy might get
                                 out, and mummy was not as cheerful      tired or sometimes sad when she
                                 as she normally was. I really wanted    goes to have chemo because the
                                 to help mummy feel better but I         medication is quite strong. So she
                                 didn’t know how.                        put me in charge of drawing up a big
                                                                         poster with different pictures on it.
                                 A week after mummy returned from
                                                                         That way, mummy can put a sticker
                                 hospital, we all went for a tea party
                                                                         next to the picture that matches her
                                 at CancerLink where we met Polly.
                                                                         mood so we know how she is feeling.
                                 She said that my brother and I
                                                                         I like art a lot so I was really excited
                                 could play a very important part in
                                                                         to draw pretty pictures. Mummy said
                                 mummy’s healing process and we
                                                                         I can draw better than famous artists
                                 got to have very important jobs.
                                                                         like Renoir. I was so happy mummy
                                 My brother and I started to help
                                                                         liked my drawings.
                                 my daddy cook dinner at home and
                                                                                   When mummy started to
                                                                                   lose her hair, we got to go
                                                                                   with her and help her pick
                                                                                   a wig. We got to try on wigs
                                                                                   too. Mummy looks pretty in
                                                                                   a wig, but I like the colorful
                                                                                   scarf she wears at home. It
                                                                                   has pink and blue in it, my
                                                                                   two favourite colours.
                                                                                   My brother and I make
                                                                                   sure we give mummy a
                                                                                   hug and a kiss everyday.
                                                                                   She says it makes her
                                                                                   feel better and she will
                                                                                   get soon faster if we give
                                                                                   her more kisses. I can
                                                                                   tell it is working because
                                                                                   mummy’s hair has started
                                                                                   to grow back and she is
                                                                                   a lot happier these days. I
Jennifer and her mother, Karen
                                                                                   love being able to help.
                                          Karen Age 43
                                               breast cancer survivor

My story

When I was diagnosed with breast         “Just being able to share my worries and questions with
cancer at the age of 42, my first
                                         people who can truly understand how I felt provided me
thought was of my two children
and the effect that this would have      with so much more confidence.”
on their lives. There was and still
is, a sense of guilt attached to the
                                         of nurturing our relationship or
disruption and fear that is caused by
                                         communication. He wasn't very
all of the surgeries, treatments and
                                         good at expressing his emotions,
the unknown. I was terrified of my
                                         and days when I was beside myself
children losing me, and me of losing
                                         with worry, he failed to recognize
my children.
                                         I was in desperate need of a hug.
My children were 12 and 10 when          Perhaps he was scared. I think he
I was diagnosed, and they didn’t         wanted to place me in a protective
quite grasp the seriousness of my        bubble, which in a way is nice, but
illness at first. They still demanded    also extremely isolating for me.
all the things from me they were
                                         I don’t mind the fact that I lost a
accustomed to, like taking them to
                                         breast to cancer. To me it is nothing    counselling session with Polly at
friend’s houses, cooking, tidying
                                         compared to the possibility of losing    CancerLink in Central, who helped
up and so on. Being diagnosed
                                         my life and my kids. After I received    to explain things to my children and
with stage III breast cancer, I had
                                         Cancer Fund's recovery pack in           helped us all adjust to new roles in
to undergo a mastectomy, followed
                                         the hospital – which contained a         the home throughout my treatment.
by chemo and radiotherapy. It was
                                         guidebook on recovery - I called         It was such a great help to have a
painful and draining, both physically
                                         their CancerLink centre, where I         trained professional bridge the gaps
and emotionally.
                                         made an appointment with their           in communication and offer us all
But being a mum, I found inner           breast cancer nurse.                     encouragement. I also attended peer
strength. I wasn’t going to let cancer                                            group sessions with other women
                                         She helped to fit me with a prosthesis
take me away from my kids, and the                                                living with breast cancer.
                                         and advised me on after-surgery
challenge of treatment was minute
                                         care. I now wear a prosthesis in         People say that cancer doesn’t
compared to the anxiety and worry
                                         my bra, but my husband is taking         change your personality, but I
that manifested in my own mind.
                                         some time to adjust to my new            disagree. Cancer has been a real
Even though I knew many women
                                         appearance. We haven't broached          wake-up call to remind me just how
who had battled breast cancer, when
                                         the topic of sex yet, but I hope we      precious and fragile life is. Time
it happens to you, your sense of
                                         will resume being intimate after the     is short. I have become bolder in
control seems to fly out the window.
                                         stress of this experience subsides.      expressing my opinion, I don’t suffer
My husband was very practical and        The nurse at CancerLink encouraged       fools, and I’m determined to spend
matter-of-fact about my diagnosis.       us to join their ‘couples workshop’      my free time enjoying the things I love
He did a great job at re-organising      to talk through some of the changes      or have always wanted to pursue.
the way we worked at home to             that couples commonly experience
                                                                                  Cancer was a difficult journey, but
take up the lion’s share of cooking,     when one spouse has cancer.
                                                                                  not a bad one. Life is full of ups and
ironing and, managing the kids, on
                                         There were many times when I lost        downs, and I think it is true when
top of working full time.
                                         my patience with the kids. They          people say, “the worst things in your
But at the same time, his additional     didn’t understand the stress and         life can contain the seeds of the
workload left little in the way          worry I faced. We arranged a family      best.” I’m looking forward.
                                               Show Your Support and Get Involved
                                               this October by being Proud to be Pink.

                                                                                                        ur own
                                                                                              Create yo
                   ADVOCATE                                                                           g page w
                                                                                                         DIY tool
                Pick any day in October                                                       our online
               to dress in pink for breast
                   cancer awareness

                                                                     Perfect for Schools, Corporates and
                                                                     Sporting Groups!
Pick any day in October to dress Pink!                               This year, put the "fun" in fundraising and create your
                                                                     own unique fundraising event to raise funds for breast
Make a donation and wear a Pink item of clothing to help
                                                                     cancer services!
show your encouragement and support to those touched
by breast cancer.                                                    In just a few steps, you can create a unique webpage
                                                                     for a special event or activity, where you can invite
Dress Pink Month is a great way for you to help spread
                                                                     friends or colleagues to make a donation directly to
the breast aware message and communicate the
                                                                     Hong Kong Cancer Fund.
importance of early detection. Help us remind women
that early detection saves lives.                                    Donations will be received via the internet. A list of
                                                                     your donors and the total amount of funds raised will
                                                                     be shown on your webpage. After receiving donations,
                                                                     we will issue receipts and thank you letters to each
                                                                     of your donors.
                                                                     For details, please visit :

Corporates get in the spirit of pink by selecting a day in October   “We raised over HK$100,000 for the Cancer Fund using their DIY
to come to work dressed in pink! For information on corporate        website. It is fast, efficient and easy, and donations are made directly to
participation, please e-mail                         the Cancer Fund.”
                                                                     Cisco Head of Philanthropy, Michael de Haas
                                                Donate HK$100 or more
                                                  and receive a pink
                                                   photo-key ring
                                                     ( whilst stocks last )

How your donation helps
Funds raised from Pink Revolution will support both short
and long term initiatives to minimise the burden of breast
cancer, or to provide comfort to those touched by the
A groundbreaking study on the use of Accelerated Partial
Breast Irradiation (APBI) in Asian women. The advantage
of this treatment is that it can reduce radiation treatment
time from five weeks to five days
                                                                         Free Gift
Psychosocial research programme at Hong Kong University.                 For every donation of $100 or more, you will receive
The findings of this research will help therapists to better             one Pink Revolution 2009 Photo Frame Key Ring
understand the emotions experienced by women diagnosed                   (while stock lasts) and an informative breast cancer
with breast cancer, with the objective to improve emotional              education booklet as a token of our appreciation.
and practical support needed by patients throughout their                Make your donation now!
treatment                                                                Upon successful donation, we will send you a
Recovery packs for all women undergoing breast cancer                    “Pink redemption coupon” so you can redeem
surgery                                                                  your keychain at all city’super and LOG-ON
                                                                         locations in Hong Kong. Redemption period is
Supportive home care visits                                              from October 1 to November 21, 2009.
Peer sharing groups & rehabilitation workshops held at
CancerLink, Cancer Fund’s community support centres
                                                                         How to Donate
Lymphoedema care workshops
                                                                         • Donate online:
Breast cancer patient counselling
                                                                         • use the enclosed donation form
Breast cancer patient support groups
                                                                         • or call 3667 6333
Wigs for the “Look Good, Feel Good” programme
Nurse training
Post-surgery and post-masctectomy bras and supplies
for the Breast Centre at Kwong Wah Hospital
Enjoy a cuppa in style with Zojirushi’s
Pink glass vacuum handy pot (1.0L;
HK$148) and stainless steel vacuum mug                         The Shanghai Tang “Ru Yi” keychain is identical
(0.36L; HK$128). From September 2009                           in sound to the Chinese phrase, “everything
to March 2010, part of the proceeds                            as you wish”, symbolizing good fortune and
generated from these two nifty items will                      prosperity. Limited to 888 pieces and priced
be donated to Pink Revolution. Items are                       at HK$380, each keychain has a unique serial
available through all Zojirushi dealers.                       number engraved at the back of the “Shanghai
                                                               Tang” blessing charm. All profits from the sale
                                                               of this specially-designed gift of luck will be
                                                               donated to Pink Revolution.

                                                                            Homegrown fashion brand Jessica is
                                                                            supporting the community of women and
                     Sho                                                    families touched by breast cancer by taking
                             p                                              part in Pink Revolution. Echoing Cancer
        i n O with our
                                                                            Fund’s “Proud to be Pink” theme, Jessica is
              c         p                                                   introducing a sparkling crystal roller ball pen
       proc t o b e r, ink par
            eed         whe       tne                                       for sale as a ‘pink item’. The pen, retailed
           st ca
                 s be
                      n      r e p rs                                       at HK$100 is available in light pink and hot
                ncer efit our a r t                                         fuchsia from October 1st at all Episode,
                         ices free                                          Episode Studio and Jessica stores in Hong
                                                                            Kong. A portion of the sale proceeds will be
                                                                            donated to the Pink Revolution.

                                                                                            PizzaExpress have crafted
                                                                                            a special HK$168 8th
                                                                                            Anniversary set menu for
                     Salvatore Ferragamo                                                    the month of October,
                      has created a pink collection of bags,           with HK$8 of each set menu being donated to
                      shoes, T-shirts and accessories that             the Cancer Fund. PizzaExpress have also
                      pays homage to the brand’s heritage,             selected 10 October 2009 as dress pink day
                      using CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski                  throughout all PizzaExpress locations in Hong
                      Element as a key component of the                Kong. Join in the spirit of pink and frequent
                      design. A percentage of sale proceeds            PizzaExpress on October 10th, where all staff
                      in Hong Kong will be donated to Pink             will be dressed in pink and revenue generated
                      Revolution in support of their free              on that day will be donated directly to Cancer
                      breast cancer support services.                  Fund’s Pink Revolution.
                  Message from Pink Revolution’s Major Sponsor

                                                  The B o dy Sho p ®

                                           Breast cancer is the most common       support of charities such as the
                                           form of cancer amongst women in        Hong Kong Cancer Fund or through
                                           Hong Kong, and The Body Shop® is       its social campaigns in-store, The
                                           pleased to be able to fully support    Body Shop® celebrates the beauty
                                           the Hong Kong Cancer Fund’s            of individuality and diversity,
                                           annual breast cancer awareness         and promotes development of
                                           and fundraising campaign, Pink         self confidence and personal
                                           Revolution.                            empowerment.
                                           Contributing to this worthwhile        By working closely with the Hong
                                           campaign is part of The Body           Kong Cancer Fund, The Body
                                           Shop® Hong Kong’s commitment           Shop® hopes to be able to provide
                                           to its five core values, which         assistance and encouragement to
                                           include Activate Self Esteem and       women living with breast cancer.
Vivian Sun,                                Defend Human Rights. As the
                                                                                  Every woman has the right to feel
Head of Brand and Values                   original, natural and ethical beauty
The Body Shop (Hong Kong and Macau)
              ®                                                                   fabulous about the way she looks,
                                           brand, The Body Shop® has always
                                                                                  regardless of her age, weight, skin
                                           believed that businesses have the
                                                                                  colour, health and background.
                                           responsibility to use profit for
                                                                                  The Pink Revolution campaign is
                                           good. This mission has led the
                                                                                  a timely and powerful reminder
                                           retailer to continue to play an
                                                                                  to all of us that we can make a
                                           important role in the communities
                                                                                  difference to someone else’s life,
                                           in which it operates.
                                                                                  beginning with the way we treat
                                           Whether it is through the direct       ourselves.

                                      The Body Shop® International plc is a global manufacturer and
                                      retailer of naturally inspired, ethically produced beauty and cosmetics
                                      products. Founded in the UK in 1976 by Dame Anita Roddick, The
                                      Body Shop® now have over 2,400 stores in 61 countries, with a range
                                      of over 1,200 products. In Hong Kong & Macau, The Body Shop® stores
                                      span across 46 locations, and is proud to support this year’s Pink
                                      Revolution as a major sponsor.
                              A Reminder to Look, Feel & Compare

Early detection is your best protection against cancer. Hong Kong Cancer Fund reminds women to be breast aware and
self-check regularly in aid of early detection. Follow these simple guidelines in getting to know your breasts.

Look for....                         Feel for....                       Compare....                      Remember....
• Changes in the skin of the         • A lump, lumpiness or             • Compare the size, shape and    • Know what is normal for you.
  breast – such as puckering or        thickening that is not related     appearance of one breast
                                                                                                         • See your doctor about any
  dimpling, or unusual redness.        to your menstrual cycle and        with the other.
                                                                                                           NEW or abnormal breast
                                       occurs in one breast only.
• Changes to the nipple – such                                          • Compare your left and right      changes.
  as a change in shape, crusting,    • Persistent or unusual pain –       breast/nipple to spot any
                                                                                                         • If in doubt, check it out!
  a sore or ulcer, or inverting of     which is not related to your       unusual differences.
  the nipple.                          normal menstrual cycle.
• Discharge from the nipple that
  occurs in one breast and is


If you or your doctor has found a change in your breast, your doctor will examine
your breast and ask about your family history. If your doctor thinks the breast change
could be cancer, a number of tests will be done to confirm the diagnosis.

This is an x-ray of the breast. The breast is flattened between two
plates of the x-ray machine. You may find this uncomfortable and a
little painful.                                                                              Further Tests
Ultrasound                                                                                   If the breast change turns out to
                                                                                             be cancer, more tests may be
Uses sounds waves to help find lumps or other changes in the breast.
                                                                                             done. A bone scan, chest x-ray and
A gel is spread over your breast and a small transducer is moved over
                                                                                             blood tests maybe done to check
the skin.
                                                                                             that the cancer has not spread to
Biopsy                                                                                       other parts of your body.

If a lump is detected on a mammogram or ultrasound, a biopsy will be                         If you have any questions about breast
taken. Part of the lump from the area of change will be removed and                          cancer, please call our hotline on 3656 0800
examined under a microscope.                                                                 (KLN) or 3667 3000 (HK).
                             New in 2009
             Breast Cancer Recovery Packs Filled with Love

Hong Kong Cancer Fund developed a brand new
breast cancer recovery pack to comfort women who
have recently undergone breast cancer surgery and
Issued to more than 2,000 breast cancer patients every
year, throughout Hong Kong’s major public and private
hospitals, the bags contain comforting items like a
teddy bear and get well message, in addition to valuable
rehabilitation items such as a squeeze ball and a dumb
bell water bottle.

I was so touched to receive the breast cancer recovery pack when I was in hospital for
treatment. I want to thank everyone who supports the Hong Kong Cancer Fund and
presented me with such an unexpected gift. You made such a difference to my emotional
well-being, and I hope I can one day repay your generosity.

                                                                                                 Agnes Lim, age 39

                         Sisters are Doing it for Themselves

Under the Cancer Fund umbrella is a wide range of self-help
groups, where people living with the same kind of cancer can
get together, share their experiences and provide one another
with mutual support. For women living with or recovering from
breast cancer, there is a wonderful support group called the
Hong Kong Breast Cancer Alliance. This group consists of
three self-help groups, who help patients and their family
members overcome the hurdles of a breast cancer diagnosis
through mutual support.
                                                                  Members of the Breast Cancer Alliance build friendships
Members provide valuable tips and much-needed                     that last a lifetime.
encouragement to one another through social activities, new
friendships, and activities that help to boost self-esteem,
alleviate anxieties and restore confidence. Through the buddy
system, they also comfort newly-diagnosed patients by
                                                                  For more information on the Hong Kong Breast
conducting hospital visits and other offers of support that any
                                                                  Cancer Alliance or to seek peer support from
good friend would do to help their buddy in a time of need.       fellow breast cancer survivors, please contact
                                                                  the CancerLink hotline at 3656 0800 (KLN) or
                                                                  3667 3000 (HK).
Please complete the form below in BLOCK LETTERS and return to us by post to the Hong Kong Cancer
Fund, Freepost No. 10 (No stamps required) or by fax to 3667 2100
I would like to support the Pink Revolution and make a donation of:
a HK$2,000                        a HK$1,000                        a HK$500                    a HK$300             a HK$

Donations over HK$100 are tax deductible and will receive a Pink booklet & One Pink Photo Frame
Key Ring (while stocks last) as a token of our appreciation

Personal Information 1168
Surname (Mr / Mrs / Ms):                                                          First name:


Daytime Tel. No.:                                                                 Mobile phone No.:

E-mail:                                                                           Fax No.:

ID / Passport No. (for de-duplication purpose) :

Date of birth:                                                                                                           (DD/MM/YYYY)
We are privacy compliant. This is collected to help us verify your identity.

Donor No. (if applicable) :

Donation Methods
a Cheque (Payable to Hong Kong Cancer Fund) Cheque No. :
a Credit Card (Fax to 3667 2100)                                               a Visa                 a Mastercard            a Amex

Cardholder’s Name:

Card No.:

Card Issuing Bank:

Expiry Date (minimum validity two months):

Card Holder’s signature:

Please tell us how you would like to receive our latest news and developments
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Hong Kong Cancer Fund would like to assure you that information collected will be treated with the strictest confidence
and for internal use only. We are keen to share with you our latest news and development on an on-going basis. If you
still prefer not to receive mailings from us, please contact us.
All donations of HK$100 or above are tax deductible. Thank you for your generosity. If you have any enquiries please
call 3667 6387.

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