The Eagle's Call by yaofenjin


									The Eagle’s                                                                                                                                              Call
                                                                                                                                                                        December 2010 

2010 Eagle Scout Class Honored at Recogni on Dinner                                                                                   Popcorn Sale Grows By Nearly 14% 
The New Birth of Freedom Council was proud to hon‐
                                                                                                                                The results of the fall popcorn and candle sale are 
or  its  Eagle  Scout  Class  of  2010  at  the  annual  Eagle 
                                                                                                                                in and the news is overwhelmingly good.  Overall, 
Recognition  Dinner  on  Tuesday,  November  23  at 
                                                                                                                                our gross sales total climbed to $916,428, which is 
Founder’s Hall at the Milton Hershey School. 
                                                                                                                                just  about  a  14%  increase  over  last  year’s  gross 
                                                                                                                                sales of $810,795 – that’s a growth of $105,633. 
There  were  205  Eagle  Scouts  in  the  Class  of  2010, 
which  included  young  men  from  both  the  former 
                                                                                                                                All of the  me and effort that went into the sale by 
Keystone  Area  and  York‐Adams  Area  Councils.  98 
                                                                                                                                all  par cipa ng  units  certainly  paid  off.  We  saw 
Eagle Scouts attended this year’s event, as part of a 
                                                                                                                                great results with the CampMasters popcorn brand 
total audience of more than 650 people, which also 
                                                                                                                                as  well  as  our candle  sales.   Many  thanks to  each 
included Eagle Scout parents, adult volunteer leaders 
                                                                                                                                of  our  unit  popcorn  kernels  and  all  the  parents 
and members  of the business community  who con‐
                                                                                                                                who helped this year’s sale an amazing success.   
tribute financially to the council. 
                                                                                                                                The  top  three  units  in  the  council  in  total  sales 
Michael S. Murchie, Senior Vice President and Presi‐
dent – Central  Pennsylvania Division  for M&T Bank, 
                                                                  Members of the 2010 Eagle Sco Class pose for a group photo-    
served as chairman for the dinner. William Lehr, Jr., 
                                                                  graph with Dinner Chairman Michael S. Murchie (seated le )     Pack 39, First Capital District ‐ $27,825 
Chief Executive Officer of  Capital BlueCross  was  the           and Honoree William Lehr, Jr.                                  Pack 25, First Capital District ‐ $24,223 
2010 Eagle Scout Class honoree. 
                                                                                                                                 Pack 28, Indian Steps District ‐ $23,865 
In addition to recognizing our council’s Eagle Scouts,            Special thanks to Dr. Anthony Colistra and the admin‐
the  Eagle  Recognition  Dinner  is  an  important  fund‐         istrative staff at the Milton Hershey School for being 
raising  event.  A  hard‐working  volunteer  committee            outstanding hosts for the event and for allowing the 
assembled  by  Mr.  Murchie  was  able  to  raise  in  ex‐        Boy  Scouts  the  use  of  such  a  prestigious  venue  in 
cess of $93,000 in support of Scouting in our council.            creating  a  memorable  night  for  our  council’s  Eagle 
Many  thanks  to  those  companies  and  individuals              Scouts.  
who generously supported this year’s event. 

                                                                  SILVER BEAVER NOMINATIONS                                                         INSIDE THIS ISSUE 
     Hello to All Our Scou ng Families! 
                                                                  The Silver Beaver is a special                                2 .................................................. Council Calendar 
This edi on of “The Eagle’s Call” is being distribut‐             award  presented  by  the  Boy                                3 ...................... Message from the Scout Execu ve 
ed not only to our council’s adult leaders, but also              Scouts  of  America  for  out‐
                                                                                                                                4 ................................................ Training Schedule 
to every Scou ng family.  We hope you’ll find the                  standing service within a local 
addi onal  content  included  in  this  issue  helpful,           council.  Award  details  and                                 5 ................. Eagle Scouts & Memorials & Tributes 
especially the 16‐page sec on on the New Birth of                 instruc ons  on  how  to  nomi‐                               6‐8 .................................................... District Pages 
Freedom  Council’s  summer  camping  programs  at                 nate  someone  are  available  at 
                                                                                                                                9‐24 ……………………………...Summer Camping Guide 
Hidden Valley Scout Reserva on and Camp Tucka‐            
hoe.                                                              All nomina ons are due by Febru‐                              25 ………………………………………………………Winterfest 
                                                                  ary  1.  The  Silver  Beaver  awards  will                    26‐30 ................................................ District Pages 
For even more informa on, please visit the council                be presented at a council‐wide cele‐                          31 ............................................. Day Camps & NYLT 
website  at                             bra on in April. 
                                                                                                                                32 ............................................................... Finance 
                                 NEW BIRTH OF FREEDOM COUNCIL CALENDAR
                                                                                  1/27               Venturing Roundtable, 7 PM
 12/6             Popcorn Payments Due                                            1/29               Good Turn for America Blood Drive
                                                                                  2/5                Good Turn for America Blood Drive
 12/16            Susquehannock LEC Mee ng with Holiday Feast, 7
                                                                                  2/6                Scout Sunday
 12/23—25         Council Service Centers and York Scout Shop
                                                                                  2/8                Council Commissioners Cabinet at Camp Tuckahoe, 7 PM
                                                                                  2/14               Proper es Mee ng
 12/24—25         Mechanicsburg Scout Shop CLOSED
                                                                                  2/15               Council Execu ve Board Mee ng, 6 PM
 12/29—1/3        Mechanicsburg Scout Shop CLOSED for Inventory
                                                                                  2/16               Camp Conewago Mee ng
 1/1              York Scout Shop CLOSED
                                                                                  2/21               Council Service Centers and York Scout Shop CLOSED
 1/2              Good Turn for America Blood Drive                               2/24               Venturing Roundtable
 1/3              Council Service Centers and York Scout Shop CLOSED
 1/4 5            York Scout Shop CLOSED for Inventory
 1/8              Good Turn for America Blood Drive
 1/8              OA Lodge Dinner
 1/11             Council Commissioners Cabinet at Camp Tucka
                  hoe, 7 PM
 1/12             Advancement Commi ee Mee ng

 1/15             Good Turn for America Blood Drive

 1/17             Council Service Centers and York Scout Shop
                                                                                         2011 FRIENDS OF SCOUTING
 1/18             Camping Commi ee Mee ng                                                   CAMPAIGN KICKOFF
 1/18             Council Execu ve Board Mee ng, 6 PM                             The success of the campaign will be the result of the willingness of hundreds of individ
                                                                                  ual families and business donors to share in paying the costs of Scou ng programs.
 1/21—23          Winterfest at Camp Tuckahoe                                     Because it is essen al to have broad support, it is very important that, from me, to
                                                                                   me we share how Scou ng is nanced.
 1/22             Good Turn for America Blood Drive
                                                                                  Our a empts to nd ways to support its growth while keeping the cost of service as
                                                                                  low as possible. A primary philosophy of Scou ng, which has been place for many
                                                                                  years, is the cost of Scou ng should be within the reach of a boy or his family’s ability
HOLIDAY HOURS                                                                     to pay. As mes have changed, this has become more and more di cult, but we re
Council Service Centers & York Scout Shop                                         main commi ed to this me proven principal. The central idea of Scou ng is that we
The council service centers are closed on the dates noted below due to holidays   must keep the cost low so it is available to all youth.
in December and January:                                                          We annually conduct the Friends of Scou ng (FOS) campaign so parents, alumni, busi
x   December 23 & 24 for the Christmas Holiday                                    nesses and other friends of Scou ng can provide nancial support to the program.
x   January 1 & 3 for New Year’s Day                                              Each year we need to generate about $148 per youth member to support the council
x   York Scout Shop Closed for Inventory January 4 5                              delivery system which includes: professional and sta support, training of adult lead
x   January 17 for Mar n Luther King, Jr. Day                                     ers, service center opera on, camping facili es, program development and insurance.
                                                                                  The bo om line here is simple, you can help to keep Scou ng strong and growing with
Mechanicsburg Scout Shop                                                          outstanding programs and facili es for the young people and adult volunteers in the
The Mechanicsburg Scout Shop will be closed on the following dates due to the     New Birth of Freedom Council, through your support of the Friends of Scou ng Cam
holidays and inventory.                                                           paign. Family presenta ons will be conducted over the next few months. Either a vol
                                                                                  unteer or your district execu ve will be contac ng your unit about scheduling a
x   December 24 & 25 for Christmas Holiday
                                                                                  presenta on. Let’s all work together to achieve our objec ve for 2011.
x   December 29 January 3, 2011 for Inventory
New Birth of Freedom Council                                             December 2010                                                                      Page 3

Everyone Knew That 2010 Was Going to Be a Truly Memorable Year for Scou ng
Over the course of the past few years, the Boy         Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Perry and
Scouts of America has been busy planning for a         York Coun es. Sounds like fun, right?
grand celebra on of the BSA’s 100th Anniversary in
2010 and by all accounts, it’s been a terri c party.   So back on April 1, 2010, we began the process of
                                                       coming together as one consolidated organiza on,
All year long, in councils all across the United       the fourth largest council in Pennsylvania behind
States, there have been endless varie es of events     Pi sburgh, Philadelphia and Allentown. A er going
of all di erent shapes and sizes marking the BSA’s     by the name “Keystone York Adams Council” for           are delivering quality programs that meet the
Centennial. And it’s been great to see the Boy         several months, we nally selected our iden ty as        needs of youth, who then choose to stay involved
Scouts ge ng the well deserved public recogni on       the New Birth of Freedom Council in late July, nd       in Scou ng as a result.
it has earned a er a century of service to young       ing inspira on for that choice in President Abraham
people.                                                Lincoln’s Ge ysburg Address.                            Sounds simple, doesn’t it? But it’s not.
Here in south central Pennsylvania, we could have      It’s been a remarkable personal experience for me       It’s ge ng more di cult all the me to nd the
gone that route as well. Sure, it would have been      to be serving as the council’s chief execu ve o cer     right people who have the necessary skills and the
so much easier to simply focus on pu ng together       during the start up of a new council. At mes, it’s        me to serve as adult leaders. Ge ng those vol
a few 100th Anniversary events … but no. That          been a frustra ng grind of a process, when it seems     unteer leaders trained for their role in working with
would be way too uninteres ng. But without even        nothing will ever go smoothly. At other mes, it’s       Scouts is another steep hill to climb. With busy
realizing it, those of us in the Keystone Area and     been absolutely inspira onal, to watch something        family schedules and lots of compe ng ac vi es,
York Adams Area Councils somehow came to the           happen that reveals our poten al to do truly great      it’s o en hard for Scouts to a end summer camp
conclusion that if there was going to be a celebra     things for young people we serve.                       and other important ac vi es the very things that
 on, we might as well do something completely                                                                  likely have most the most impact on a youth and
over the top.                                          One such moment for me came at the closing              make him want to remain in Scou ng.
                                                       camp re of the Wizard Safari held the rst week
We came to the conclusion that our celebra on of       end of October. When I stood “on stage” that night      It’s cri cal for our new council to spend more of its
the BSA’s rst century would need to be something       as part of the program and looked up at that huge       collec ve me on making all of our units stronger.
that would truly impact Scou ng in the communi         audience of nearly 3,000 Scouts and who knows           We must nd more of those right people to lead
  es we served. We chose to do something that          how many more visitors, I could feel that the New       those units and we need to do more help those
would forever alter the landscape for Scou ng in a     Birth of Freedom Council was des ned for even           leaders become be er prepared in their roles. It’s
major way … something quite di cult that would         brighter days ahead.                                    essen al that the council develop more e ec ve
likely take years to play out successfully. We decid                                                           lines of communica on about what’s happening.
ed that our 100th anniversary plans would include      As I write this, I’m thinking that many of the people   And we need to make sure more of our youth
crea ng a whole new BSA council by merging to          reading this message are the parents of Scouts and      members get to enjoy those inspiring “mountain
gether the Keystone and York Adams Area Councils       aren’t really up to speed on council mergers and        top” experiences at our council operated camps
into a brand new, much larger organiza on that         what it might mean for their son’s Scou ng career.      and elsewhere.
would serve in excess of 11,400 youth members in       It’s my sincere and enthusias c belief that once our
                                                       council works through how it does things, that will     Together, the combined strengths of the two lega
                                                       mean only good things for your son’s experience.        cy councils now melded into one, make these prior
                                                                                                               i es more a ainable now compared to before the
                                                       Every Scout council exists to provide service and       merger. That’s my hope for what this consolida on
                                                       support to the local Scou ng units. It’s that simple.   will mean for every Scout we serve.
                                                       That service and support may come in many di er
                                                       ent forms, but a council isn’t really doing its job     We have amazing resources within our reach to
                                                       well when it’s con nually focusing on its own           work with in building truly great Scou ng programs
                                                       nances. A council is truly successful only when the     for our young people. From top community lead
                                                       units it serves are doing well. Even if a council       ers and lots of dedicated volunteers, to spectacular
                                                       achieves short term success on paper by managing        camp proper es, to dedicated professional and
                                                       to balance its budget or squeaking out a small          support sta members … the right ingredients are
                 Ron Gardner                           membership growth, long term success is not as          all available to create those outstanding Scou ng
                                                       sured unless a vast majority of units in that council
                Scout Execu ve                                                                                 programs. Now let’s make it happen!
Page 4                                                                   December 2010                                             New Birth of Freedom Council

                                  COUNCIL TRAINING SCHEDULE
Council Training Commi ee Chair                          Council Training Commi ee Advisor                    Council Training Reserva ons
David Foster                                             Patrick Colvin                                       Cindy Trish
(717) 418 8532                                           W: (717) 843 4569                                    W: (717) 827 4660                                      patrick.colvin@scou                           cindy.trish@scou

                                                            DISTRICT TRAINING CHAIRS
 For training ques ons, please contact your district’s training chair as listed below. To make a reserva on for a course, please contact Cindy Trish
 at cindy.trish@scou or (717) 827 4660.
Adventure                         Blue & Grey                     Fron er                          Oliver Perry                   NYLT
Rick Wagner                       Jim Bollinger                   Reed Miller                      Jim Reed                       Tery Flinchbaugh
(717) 574 1464                    (717) 225 4392                  (717) 816 1583                   (717) 582 7593                 (717) 324 8234       

Blue Mountain                     First Capital                   Indian Steps                     Union Canal                    Wood Badge
Steve Loser                       Shelly Glock Diaz               Marty Zimmerman                  Evere Schol eld                Michael Abendschoen
(717) 329 0341                    (717) 873 9100                  (717) 993 2180                   (717) 566 4250                 (410) 977 1102                  eschol         kine

             COURSE                         DATE            TIMES                      LOCATION                                  ADDRESS
 So that we’re prepared for all of our par cipants, we ask that everyone RSVP for the training course they’d like to a end at least 1 week before
 the course is held. You may RSVP by contac ng Cindy Trish at cindy.trish@scou or (717) 827 4660.

 COR Training                              Dec. 8        6:30 8:30 PM       York Service Center                    2139 White Street; York

 BS Leader Speci c, Part 1 of 2            Jan. 8        9 AM 4 PM          St. Patrick’s School                   87 Marsh Drive; Carlisle

 CS Leader Speci c Internet Workshop       Jan. 8        9 AM 4PM           St. Patrick’s School                   87 Marsh Drive; Carlisle

 Unit Commissioner Basic Training          Jan. 18       6:30 8:30 PM       Freedom Valley Worship Center          3185 York Road; Ge ysburg

 BS Leader Speci c, Part 2 of 2            Feb. 5        9 AM 12 Noon       St. Patrick’s School                   87 Marsh Drive; Carlisle

   Remember the Online Learning Center is always open. All Scouters can strengthen their leadership skills and unit program by taking a course.
                                        Log on by clicking the “My Scou ng” tab at www.scou
New Birth of Freedom Council                                              December 2010                                                                    Page 1


     An spectacular Christmas tree welcomed visitors to Founders Hall.              Honoree William Lehr, Jr. (le ) is recognized by Dinner Chair Michael Murchie.

                    A view of a por on of the audience.                                                       The Pledge of Allegiance.

In Memory of Robert A. Pompa, Sr.                     In Memory of Horace W. "Bill" Tredway                 In Memory of John Francis Ounan
Mr. & Mrs. C. Borosh                                  Ms. June Sarge                                        Dickstein Shapiro, LLP
Mrs. Jamie Trybus                                     Ms. Lucre a Fake
                                                      Gla elter Insurance Group
                                                                                                            In Memory of Rev. Kenneth R. Arthur
In Memory of Jeffrey L. Gable                                                                                Mr. Donald C. Roseth
Robert & Patricia Deller                              In Memory of Allan W. Holman, Jr.                     Mr. Keith A. Clark
Ms. Diane Agee                                        Don & Alva Roseth
West Manchester Township Farmers & Sportsmens         Alyce & Morton Spector
                                                                                                            In Honor of Morton Spector
Assoc.                                                Linda & Webb Hersperger                               Linda & Webb Hersperger
Friendly's                                                                                                  In Honor of Eagle Scout Andrew Boynton
H.T. & Geraldine Funkhouser
                                                      To the John Keefer Memorial Fund
                                                                                                            Ms. Carol Roberts Leahy
                                                      The Keefer Family
David B. Funkhouser & Julie L. Wambaugh
Page 6                                                                December 2010                                               New Birth of Freedom Council

                                                        District Chairman:                         District Commissioner:         District Director
                 Adventure                              Mike Hassell                               Bob Badders                    Jonas Tenney
                 District                               (717)766 4601
                                                                                                   (717)774 3430
                                                                                                                                  B: (717)620 4528

               CALENDAR                              You can register at or 1
                                                     800 red cross. Last year, Adventure District made a
                                                                                                               2010 CUB SCOUT FALL ROUNDUP
   DECEMBER                                          di erence in the lives of over 120 people that re      Over 375 new Cub Scouts have joined a pack in
                                                     quired blood.                                          Adventure District since September 1 as a result of
   11 District Christmas Party                                                                              the 2010 Fall Roundup. That is nearly 12.1 new
   9 Roundtable                                                                                             Cub Scouts for each pack! Thanks for doing such a
   JANUARY                                                                                                  great job recrui ng, hundreds of families have the
                                                           DISTRICT PINEWOOD DERBY                          volunteers of Adventure District to thank for the
   5 District Commi ee Mee ng                                                                               start of their Scou ng Adventure.
                                                     The District Pinewood Derby will take place March
   8 Merit Badge College Part 1
                                                     5 at the American Legion 101 in Carlisle. The cost
   12 Commissioner Sta Mee ng                                                                                               2011 KLONDIKE
                                                     will be $5 per entry. Keep in mind that the entry is
   13 Roundtable
                                                     limited to 1 Cub Scout from each rank in each          The 2011 Klondike will take place the weekend of
   29 Blood Drive
                                                     pack. Ideally, the Cub Scout is the rank champion      February 23 25 at Hidden Valley Scout Reserva
   FEBRUARY                                          or his designee. If you have ques ons please con        ons. The event ier is available to troops by
                                                     tact the event Chair, Rusty Breitenbach at             emailing    Diane    Bollinger     at   Dlboling
   2 District Commi ee Mee ng               Details will be
   5 Merit Badge College Part 2                                                                   
                                                     available electronically in January. See you there.
   5 Blood Drive
   9 Commissioner Sta Mee ng                                                                                 2011 DISTRICT RECOGNITION EVENT
   10 Roundtable
                                                              2011 FAMILY FRIENDS OF
                                                                                                            This will take place the evening of April 30, 2011 at
   25 27 Klondike                                              SCOUTING CAMPAIGN                            Camp Hill United Methodist Church. Adventure
   MARCH                                             The planning stages of the 2011 Friends of             District will present the District Award of Merit,
                                                     Scou ng campaign are already underway thanks to        the highest award given out by a district. The Dis
   2 District Commi ee Mee ng                        Steve Funck (ssfunck@fron He and his       trict Recogni on Commi ee will also award the
   5 Pinewood                                        sta are busy scheduling presenta ons and train         Spirit of Scou ng Award to 1 youth from each unit,
   9 Commissioner Sta Mee ng                         ing presenters. Our goal is to complete this by May    and the Shield of Service to 1 adult volunteer from
   10 Roundtable                                     1, so if you haven’t scheduled a date for your unit    each Unit. All a unit has to do is submit their nomi
                                                     yet, look for a phone call soon. As in years past,     na ons by March 15. The district will also honor all
               BLOOD DRIVES                          there will be a commemora ve council strip availa      Scouts that earned the rank of Eagle Scout in the
Your pack, troop                                     ble for those who choose to support the program.       past year. Look for more informa on and nomina
or crew will                                                                                                  on forms in your inbox or mailbox in January.
have the oppor                                                  2010 POPCORN SALE
tunity to par ci                                                                                                    2011 CUB RESIDENT CAMP
pate in the 2011                                     By the me you read this, the 2010 Fall Popcorn
                                                     Sale will be over and 47 units in Adventure District   As you may or may not know, all 2011 Cub Scout
Good Turn for
                                                     will have raised approximately $60,000 to spend        Summer Resident Camping will take place at Camp
America on Jan
                                                     on ac vi es, camping and their program. The top        Tuckahoe. Since this is a bit of a change from the
uary 29 (Trinity Lutheran – Camp Hill and St. Jo
                                                     3 units were all packs; Pack 51 (highest seller),      past, Adventure District would like the opportunity
seph’s – Mechanicsburg) and February 5 (The
                                                     Pack 296, and Pack 190 (largest increases in sales     to speak to your pack about all the exci ng things
Point at Carlisle Plaza). We are looking for youth
                                                     over 2009). The highest seller among the troops        Camp Tuckahoe has to o er. Look for someone to
and adults to do 1 of 3 things:
                                                     was Troop 304.                                         contact your pack soon to set up a me to do so. If
  1) Donate blood if you meet the requirements                                                              you would like to learn more about Camp Tucka
  2) Help at the site the day of the Blood Drive     Thanks for all the enthusiasm and hard work that
                                                                                                            hoe, you can check out the site at: newbirtho ree
  3) Encourage friends and acquaintances to          went into making this year’s sale such a success.
    par cipate in the event
New Birth of Freedom Council                                              December 2010                                                                      Page 7

                                                           District Chairman:                         District Commissioner:         District Execu ve:
                                                           Todd P. Kennedy                            Ernie Finfrock                 John Blasius
                                                           (B) 717 637 2241                           (717) 451 7511                 (717) 827 4571
                                                           t.p.kennedy@mcclarinplas                  John.blasius@scou

                                                       trict Commissioner. Steve was the District Commis       for their Friends of Scou ng presenta on during
                CALENDAR                               sioner for the past three years and he will con nue     the months of January, February, and March. If
                                                       to serve on the District Commi ee and the District      your unit has not already submi ed a date for a
   DECEMBER                                            Commissioner sta . Thank you again Steve for a job      district presenta on, please contact the district
   2        Roundtable                                 well done!                                              Friends of Scou ng Chair Brian Sirois at (717) 633
   8        Recharter Turn in Night                                                                            9299.
   13       District Commi ee Mee ng                                  KLONDIKE DERBY
   27       Commissioner Sta Mee ng                                                                                            DISTRICT BLOG
   JANUARY                                                                                                     Looking for a way to stay up to date on what’s hap
                                                                                                               pening in the district? Problem solved—head on
   6        Roundtable
                                                                                                               over to the districts blog on the council website.
   10       District Commi ee Mee ng
                                                                                                               The direct address is www.newbirtho
   24       Commissioner Sta Mee ng
                                                                                                               bluegrey. The blog is full of great informa on your
   FEBRUARY                                                                                                    unit will nd useful. Some of the informa on you
                                                                                                               will nd on the blog is contact informa on, district
   3        Roundtable                                                                                         ac vi es and event informa on, and the district
                                                       The district will again be combining forces with the
   7        District Commi ee Mee ng                                                                           calendar. So head on over to the blog and check it
                                                       First Capital District for our annual Klondike Derby.
   15       Life to Eagle Seminar                                                                              out.
                                                       This year’s Klondike Derby will be held at Camp
   18 20    Klondike Derby
                                                       Tuckahoe on February 18 20. Mountain Man will
   28       Commissioner Sta Mee ng
                                                       be this year’s theme. All troops, crews, and We                          ROUNDTABLE
                                                       belos dens are encouraged to a end this exci ng
     NEW DISTRICT COMMISSIONER                                                                                 Are you looking for
                                                       winter event. So come on out and brave the cold to
                                                                                                               new ideas on what to
                                                       show o your unit’s Scout skills. Hope to see you all
                                                                                                               do with your unit or
                                                       there! For more informa on on the Klondike Derby
                                                                                                               maybe trying to nd a
                                                       please contact John Blasius by calling (717) 827
                                                                                                               solu on to an issue
                                                       4571 or emailing at john.blasius@scou
                                                                                                               you had come up in
                                                                                                               your unit? The district
                                                          BLUE & GREY DISTRICT EMAIL LIST                      has an answer for both
                                                       If anyone would like to be included on the district     of these problems—
                                                       email list which sends out important news about         a end      roundtables.
                                                       the district please forward an email address to John    Roundtable mee ngs are a great way to network
                                                       Blasius at john.blasius@scou Signing up for     with other unit leaders to see what they are doing
                                                       the email list is a quick and easy way to keep up       with their units. They are also a great place to learn
                                                       with what is going on in the district and each unit     about upcoming district events, and ac vi es. So
                                                       should try and have at least one person signed up       come on out and see what roundtable is all about!
The district would like to introduce a new key vol     for the list.                                           The district roundtables are held the rst Thursday
unteer. Ernie Finfrock is the new District Commis                                                              of each month at Freedom Valley Worship Center.
sioner. For those of you who may not know Ernie,                  FRIENDS OF SCOUTING                          The address for Freedom Valley Worship Center is
he has been involved on the district level for two                                                             3185 York Road, Ge ysburg, PA 17325. The
                                                       The district is looking
years as the District Popcorn Kernel. Ernie is also                                                            mee ngs start at 7 PM and end around 8:30 PM. If
                                                       for unit presenta on
the Cubmaster of Pack 77 in Boneauville. Let’s all                                                             you have any ques ons about roundtable mee ngs
                                                       dates for the 2011
welcome Ernie as he enters his new posi on!                                                                    please contact District Execu ve John Blasius at
                                                       Friends of Scou ng
                                                                                                               (717) 827 4571 or email john.blasius@scou
The district would also like to send a big thank you   Campaign. Each unit
out to Steve Ruck who has done a good job as Dis       should submit a date
Page 8                                                                    December 2010                                                    New Birth of Freedom Council

                                                           District Chairman:                     District Commissioner:                   District Execu ve:
                                                           Mike Proper                            Tom Lynch                                Andy Vazquez
                                                           (717) 545 1265                         (717) 712 4100                           (717) 877 9412

               CALENDAR                                                   FAMILY FOS                                             DISTRICT UPDATE
                                                        Thank you to Joanne Dreher, who has accepted             Want to be kept update on district news, notes
   DECEMBER                                             the posi on of Family FOS Coordinator. Thank you         and dates? Email andres.vazquez@scou
                                                        to the units who have commi ed to an FOS                 and we will get you added to our distribu on up
   9     District Roundtable
                                                        presenta on date. If your unit has not commi ed          date. The update is for everyone; den leaders,
   JANUARY                                              to a date for an FOS presenta on, please contact         commi ee members or other adult leaders.
                                                        Joann or Andy.
   6     District Commi ee Mee ng
                                                                                                                                   SAVE THE DATE:
   6     Commissioner Sta Mee ng
                                                               DISTRICT SERVICE CREW 333                                       District Pinewood Derby
   13    District Roundtable
   22    Merit Badge College 1                          As part of our con nued e ort to give older Scouts       The Blue Mountain District Pinewood Derby is
                                                        con nued opportuni es to lead, we formed Dis             schedule for March 12th 2011. Mark your calen
   FEBRUARY                                             trict Crew 333. Ul mately, the crew will help plan       dars now!
   3     District Commi ee Mee ng                       and coordinate the districts ac vi es, but Scouts
   3     Commissioner Sta Mee ng                        will also be able to earn venturing advancement.
   10    District Roundtable                            Scouts must be 14 or above to join. Please let your
   19    Klondike                                       Scouts know about this opportunity. For more in
         Merit Badge College 2                          forma on, contact andres.vazquez@scou

   MARCH                                                           KLONDIKE DERBY 2011
   3     District Commi ee Mee ng
   3     Commissioner Sta Mee ng
   10    District Roundtable
   12    Pinewood

                              Congratula ons to
                                                                                                                              SCOUTING FOR FOOD
                              all of the units in the                                                            Thank to all who par cipated in Scou ng for Food
                              district who par ci                                                                Collec ons! Although we are s ll tabula ng the
                              pated in the Popcorn                                                               results, we were able to provided thousands of
                              and Candle sale!                                                                   items to our local food banks.
                              Through all of your
                              hard      work     and
                              e orts, we were able
                              to grow the sale in       District Service Crew 333 is busy planning the Klon
                              the district by almost    dike Derby. This year’s theme is “At the Movies.”
$15,000 for a grand total of $85,121.50. This year’s    This year’s event will be on Saturday February 19,
top selling unit was Pack 77 with $10,795.              2011 at Hidden Valley Scout Reserva on. Book a
The biggest growth from last year was Troop 360,        cabin or campsite now and make a weekend of it.
who sold $5,538 more product than last year. This       We will have popcorn and movies Saturday even
troop of 22 Scouts, planned and conducted many          ing in the dining hall. If you would like to help plan
show and sells and saw the results.                     the Klondike or want to run a sta on, please con
                                                        tact: Kathy Perich, at or
Congratula ons to all!                                  call (717)652 8407.                                      Pack 27 drops of items at Calvary Food Bank
New Birth of Freedom Council                 December 2010                                    Page 9

                               NEW BIRTH OF FREEDOM COUNCIL
                           SUMMER CAMPING PROGRAMS

Two Great Camps, Lots of Cool Summer Adventures

                                                                       BOY SCOUTS - PAGE 12

                                                                       CUB SCOUTS - PAGE 20

Page 10                                                                December 2010                                             New Birth of Freedom Council

                                          NEW BIRTH OF FREEDOM COUNCIL
                            SUMMER CAMPING PROGRAMS
  Now’s the Time to Start Planning                          For Additional Information                            What Parents Need to Know
    For Summer Camp in 2011!                                                                                       About Our Council Camps
                                                      There’s lots to see and do at Hidden Valley and
As the year-long celebra on of the                    Tuckahoe during summer camp and we designed           Both Hidden Valley
BSA’s 100th Anniversary winds to a                    this special newsle er insert to provide our Scouts   and Tuckahoe annual-
close, every Scout can look forward                   and their families with lots of informa on about      ly undergo rigorous
to even more fun, learning and ad-                    our council’s summer camp programs for boys of        na onal inspec ons
ventures in 2011. An essen al as-                     all ages.                                             to ensure the safety
pect of every young man’s Scou ng                                                                           and well-being of eve-
experience is a great summer camp experience and      Addi onal informa on about our camps and pro-         ry camper, and to
the New Birth of Freedom Council is proud to wel-     grams can also be found on the council’s website      ensure that high-
come Scouts of all ages to outstanding summer         at h p://                  quality programs are
programs at two close-to-home camps.                                                                        provided. Addi onal-
                                                      Please feel free to contact our Camping Depart-       ly, on-site medical
These opportuni es will include programs at both      ment staff with any ques ons or consider schedul-      care is provided to
Hidden Valley and Camp Tuckahoe. The New Birth        ing a visit to Hidden Valley or Tuckahoe to check     campers by a full- me
of Freedom Council is one of few councils to boast    things out for yourself.                              Health Officer.
two excellent facili es, and this summer will pro-
vide the perfect opportunity for Scouts to enjoy a             Camping Services Staff                       Families and friends
variety of outstanding programs at both camps.                                                              are welcome to visit
                                                                New Birth of Freedom Council                their Scouts at camp
Hidden Valley, near Loysville, PA, spans more than                   Camping Services                       on scheduled Family
800 acres and includes nearly two miles of scenic                   400 Tuckahoe Road                       Nights to see their
streamline on the banks of Sherman’s Creek. Origi-                  Dillsburg, PA 17019                     campers in ac on, enjoy a great meal, and witness
nally opened in 1926, Hidden Valley features many                      (717) 432-5232                       one of our campfire shows.
updated facili es and will host both tradi onal
week-long and specialty programs for Boy Scouts.         Todd Weidner, Director of Camping Services         All camp menus are designed to be both appe zing
                                                               todd.weidner@scou                     and nutri ous. All meals are prepared and served
Camp Tuckahoe, near Dillsburg, PA, consists of                                                              by our dining hall staff.
nearly 1,300 acres and sits not far from the world-        Meghan Almodovar, Camping Assistant
famous Appalachian Trail. While a short drive from          meghan.almodovar@scou                    Camp staff members are carefully selected and
Tuckahoe will take you to the historic Ge ysburg                                                            receive specialized training to ensure that all as-
Ba lefield or our magnificent state capital in Har-               Take An On-Line Tour                        pects of the camping experience, including ad-
risburg, campers will s ll appreciate its wooded                                                            vancement instruc on, will be the best it can be.
peacefulness. With mountains to climb and a lake      You can visit Hidden Valley and Tuckahoe right
for fishing or boa ng, Tuckahoe provides camping                                                             Summer camp is the best opportunity for any
                                                      now without leaving the comfort of your home,
programs for both Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts.                                                                Scout to be immersed in a posi ve, reinforcing
                                                      office or wherever you are.
                                                                                                            environment based on the ideals and values of the
It’s o en said that a boy becomes a Scout to go                                                             Scou ng program.
                                                             You can visit any me on-line at:
camping, and anyone who a ends our camps will              h p://
surely agree it’s true. We’ll hope to see you – and                                                         The memories and friends your Scout will make at
serve you – this summer at our council camps!                                                               camp are sure to last a life me!
New Birth of Freedom Council                                            December 2010                                                                     Page 11

                                                       ALL NEW IN 2011!!
                      “TRAIL TO EAGLE” BOY SCOUT WEEK
                              AT HIDDEN VALLEY
         A Unique Opportunity                         Important Pre-Requisites for “Trail to Eagle” Camp Merit Badges
    for Older Scouts Nearing Eagle                    The following merit badge requirements MUST be          or start the web page development to access from
               June 19-25                             completed at home prior to arrival at Hidden Valley     camp. 8 requires securing approval from your
                                                      and will not be covered at camp. These require-         Troop’s Patrol Leaders’ Council.
                                                      ments will be strictly enforced and will require
x   Trying to figure out what you need to do to
                                                      Scouts do all listed pre-requisites prior to a ending   Cycling – All rides completed before camp, 8 and 9.
    achieve the rank of Eagle Scout?
                                                      “Trail to Eagle” Camp.
x   Wonder about your mo va on to become an
                                                                                                              Emergency Preparedness - 2c, 6c, 8a & 8c and First
    Eagle Scout?
                                                      Camping - Provide own equip-                            Aid merit badge, 9a and 9b (bring your plan to
x   Need some me to focus on your advance-
                                                      ment for 7b, plus a note from                           camp).
    ment requirements free of outside pressures
                                                      your Scoutmaster that you have
    while having fun with older Scouts at summer
                                                      completed 9a, 9b, and 9c.                               Environmental Science - 3a-f and 4
                                                      Ci zenship in the Community -                           Family Life - 2, 3, 4 and 5
“Trail to Eagle” Camp at Hidden Valley will provide
                                                      2a (bring a map of your town), 3a,
par cipants with opportuni es in each of these
                                                      7a, 7b and 7c (bring Scoutmaster note that you          First Aid - 1, 2d bring your kit with you
areas. Plus you gain valuable experience working
                                                      have completed eight hours of community service).
with older Scouts from other troops who are simi-
                                                                                                              Hiking – All hikes done before camp, 5, 6 and 7
larly focused on earning the Eagle Scout rank.
                                                      Ci zenship in the Na on - 2, 3 and 6 (come pre-
                                                      pared with the speech you will discuss), 8 (send        Lifesaving - 1a, you must already
“Trail to Eagle” is a week-long resident camp June
                                                      le er to congressman, bring a copy to camp).            have Swimming Merit Badge.
19-25, 2011 at Hidden Valley designed to help old-
er Scouts working toward the Eagle Scout rank.
                                                      Ci zenship in the World - Read pages 1-25 in the        Personal Fitness – 6, 7, 8 complete
You form a Troop in camp with other like-minded
                                                      merit badge booklet and be prepared to discuss 1-       12-week plan.
Scouts led by experienced adult leaders provided
                                                      3 during the first class. Complete 7 before coming
by the council. This program will not be a “merit
                                                      to camp.                                                Personal Management - 1, 2, 8b, 8c finish 13-
badge factory” - counselors will be rigorously fol-
                                                                                                              week plan.
lowing all badge requirements.
                                                      Communica ons - 4, 5, if you choose 7b and 7c
                                                      requires photos which you need to bring to camp         Swimming - 3, be able to pass the swimmer’s test.
“Trail to Eagle” Camp will also provide par cipants
with guidance on Eagle service projects, and the
process for properly comple ng the Eagle Scout                                               Here’s How To Sign Up
Leadership Service Project workbook and Eagle
Scout applica on, plus preparing for the Eagle        To Qualify: The week is limited to 150 Scouts, who have already completed First Class rank or higher and
Board of Review.                                      who will be at least 13 years old by June 1, 2011. Interested Scouts should sign up early to ensure their
                                                      space in the program. Par cipants must also submit a fully-completed Annual Health and Medical Record.
All Eagle-required merit badges will be offered dur-
ing this special camp week, along with Climbing,      To Register: Applica ons and Annual Health and Medical Record forms are available at both council ser-
Rifle Shoo ng, Archery, and Shotgun Shoo ng.           vice centers or can be downloaded at h p:// under the RESOURCES tab.
Par cipants will be responsible for comple ng all
necessary merit badge pre-requisites (see above)      Cost: The “Trail to Eagle” camp fee is $305 per camper if paid on or before May 1, 2011. The fee increases
before arriving at camp.                              to $330 if paid a er that date. A non-refundable $100 deposit is due at the me applica on is submi ed.
Page 12                                                                  December 2010                                       New Birth of Freedom Council

                                  BOY SCOUT SUMMER CAMP
                                               HIDDEN VALLEY & TUCKAHOE
Special Places Where Every Boy’s                       A Wealth of Summer Camp Merit Badge Opportunities For All Boy Scouts
Scouting Dreams Can Come True                          Archery                                            Leatherwork
                                                       Astronomy                                          Lifesaving **
Boy Scouts look forward                                Basketry                                           Mammal Study
to summer camp all
                                                       Bird Study                                         Metalworking
year long and Hidden
                                                       Camping **                                         Nature
Valley and Tuckahoe are
great places where eve-                                Canoeing                                           Orienteering
ry     boy’s   Scou ng                                 Climbing (Hidden Valley only)                      Personal Fitness**
dreams can come true.                                  Cooking                                            Pioneering
                                                       Emergency Preparedness **                          Rep le & Amphibian Study
During Boy Scout resident camp weeks, our well-        Environmental Science **                           Rifle Shoo ng
qualified and enthusias c camp staff members
                                                       Fingerprin ng                                      Rowing
consistently deliver first-rate advancement instruc-
 on and a wealth of other program opportuni es.        First Aid **                                       Shotgun Shoo ng
                                                       Fish & Wildlife Management                         Soil & Water Conserva on
Boy Scout summer camp offers special advance-           Fishing                                            Space Explora on
ment opportuni es for younger campers through          Fly Fishing (Hidden Valley Only)                   Swimming **
our first- me camper areas. Both Hidden Valley          Forestry                                           Weather
and Tuckahoe also offer a diverse selec on of chal-     Geocaching                                         Wilderness Survival
lenging and fun merit badges for Scouts of all ages.
                                                       Geology                                            Woodcarving
Troops can also easily arrange for conserva on
and service projects while at camp.                    Golf (Tuckahoe Only)
                                                       Hiking **
                                                                                                          ** Eagle-Required Merit Badge
Scouts can go swimming, fishing, canoeing, rowing       Indian Lore
and snorkeling. We’ve got rifle, archery, shotgun
and black-powder shoo ng programs. Our Scout-          Don’t Miss These Special Boy Scout Summer Camp Program Features
cra , Nature, and Handicra s areas offer a wealth
of merit badge opportuni es and other programs.
                                                       At our Boy Scout summer camp sessions, there are           x   Iron Man compe on
                                                       so many addi onal program opportuni es that                x   Kayaking BSA
Boy Scout summer camp makes it possible for
                                                       they are almost too numerous to list!                      x   Mile Swim BSA
Scouts to experience the ul mate Scou ng envi-                                                                    x   Mountain Biking
ronment, filled with more program possibili es                   x   Basketball and Volleyball                     x   Order of the Arrow recogni on
than can be accomplished in just one week at                    x   BSA Lifeguard training                        x   Paul Bunyan Award
camp. But Hidden Valley and Tuckahoe will also                  x   Campfire shows                                 x   Polar Bear Swims
help boys grow as individuals, not just in the num-             x   Camp-wide Games                               x   Scavenger Hunts
ber of merit badges they’ve earned.                             x   Cardboard canoe races                         x   Sharpshooter compe ons
                                                                x   Chess and checkers tournaments                x   Snorkeling BSA
At Hidden Valley and Tuckahoe, we’re commi ed                   x   Chili Cook-off                                 x   Trail runs
to making outstanding memories for every Scout                  x   Conserva on projects                          x   Trail hiking
that will last a life me.                                       x   Discover Scuba                                x   Troop shoots at all ranges
                                                                x   Geocaching                                    x   Water Carnival
New Birth of Freedom Council                                            December 2010                                                                  Page 13

      Visit Camp On Family Night                                                                                     2011 Boy Scout Resident
                                                                                                                      Summer Camp Fees for
 Spend an evening                                                                                                   Hidden Valley & Tuckahoe
 at summer camp
 with your son and
 see all the things                                                                                          Our goal is to provide outstanding camping adven-
 he’s been doing                                                                                             tures at affordable prices. We also offer significant
 during his stay at                                                                                          discounts for early fee payments.
 camp.         Each
 Friday     evening                                                                                              CAMP FEE IF PAID IN FULL BY MAY 1, 2011
 during all Boy                                                                                                           Boy Scout Fee - $250
 Scout camp sessions is Family Night. Visitors can                                                                           Adult Fee - $105
                                                        Scouts racing their troop’s homemade cardboard
 see a colorful flag ceremony, have dinner at                   canoes is always an exci ng event.
 camp, tour the camp’s program areas and enjoy                                                                     CAMP FEE IF PAID AFTER MAY 1, 2011
 the closing campfire show.                                                                                                Boy Scout Fee - $275
                                                                                                                            Adult Fee - $105
 All Scouts, their friends, and families are invited
 to a end the family night BBQ and closing                                                                   Free Adult Leaders: If a troop brings at least 8
 campfire program. Families should sign up                                                                    Scouts to summer camp, the first two adults are
 through their son’s unit for the meal. The                                                                  free. Then for each addi onal 8 Scouts, one addi-
 chicken barbecue is served just a er 6:15 PM.                                                                 onal adult is free.
 The cost is $7 per guest over age 12, $5 for
 children ages 7 to 11, and children age 6 and                                                               Provisional Camper Fee: For Boy Scouts not
 under eat free.                                                                                             a ending camp with their troop, the provisional
                                                                                                             camp fee is $285. Provisional camping applica on
 All barbecue reserva ons must be paid in                                                                    forms are available on-line at h p://
 advance. When parents arrive at camp, please                                                       under the RE-
 sign in at the camp office. Families should arrive                                                            SOURCES tab.
 at camp by 5 PM for evening programs.
                                                                                                             Limited Edi on Patches: A special summer camp
                                                                                                             patch will be given for each $60 per boy or adult
   Boy Scout Camp Medical Forms                                                                              non-refundable and        non-transferable deposit
                                                                                                             paid before April 1, 2011.
In order to a end any of the Boy Scout resident
camp sessions, all campers (boys and adults) must:     Learning tradi onal camping skills, such as proper    Second Week Discount: Scouts a ending a second
                                                             use of an axe, never goes out of style.         week of an in-council summer camp or other long
 1) Complete Parts A, B and C of the Annual Health                                                           term summer NBOFC-operated program will re-
and Medical Record (Form 34605), and bring it              Registering for Summer Camp                       ceive a discount of 25% off the higher fee program.
with them to camp. An evalua on by a licensed
physician (MD, OD), nurse prac oner or physi-          Most Boy Scouts a end summer camp with their          Camp Fee Refunds: A er April 1, 2011, the $60 per
cian assistant must occur within 12 months of          troop. All campers from your son’s troop will be      boy fees or $60 adult fees paid are non-refundable
a ending camp.                                         assigned to the same campsite. Each troop must        and non-transferable. Please remind your Scouts
                                                       have a minimum of two adults in camp at all mes.      and adults to be sure their plans to a end sum-
2) A ach a photocopy of both sides of medical in-                                                            mer camp are firm!
surance card. If your family has no medical insur-     Typically, troops announces to their members
ance, state “none” on Part A of The Annual Health      where and when the group is scheduled to a end        Camperships: Camperships are available for fami-
and Medical Record (Form 34605).                       camp. Summer camp is usually placed on each           lies with a need for financial assistance for up to
                                                       troop’s calendar. If your son’s troop has not yet     50% of the camp fee. Applica ons are available on
The Annual Health and Medical Record (Form             announced their summer camp plans for 2011,           line at h p:// un-
34605) is available at the council service center or   parents should check with their son’s troop leaders   der the RESOURCES tab. The campership applica-
on-line at h p://            and let them know of your interest in having your       on deadline is April 1, 2011 and must be strictly
under the RESOURCES tab.                               son a end summer camp.                                observed.
Page 14                                                                 December 2010                                            New Birth of Freedom Council

                                                     BOY SCOUT SUMMER CAMP
                               HIDDEN VALLEY & TUCKAHOE

                                                            First-Time Camper Program
                                                      A Boy Scout’s first year at summer camp is consid-
                                                      ered the most crucial, for it o en sets the tone for
                                                      the rest of his Scou ng career. Our goal is to make
                                                      that first summer camp a terrific success for every

                                                      For this reason, both Hidden Valley and Tuckahoe
                                                      have developed specialized program areas to meet
                                                      the unique needs of these novice campers, includ-
                                                      ing advancement programs to help these new
                                                      Scouts get a head start toward the First Class rank.
   One of the most popular areas at Boy Scout
    summer camp is always the rifle range.             A Scout par cipa ng in
                                                      the first- me camper pro-                                     Belly flop event at the Water Carnival
          Shooting Sports Ranges                      gram will tour the camp
                                                      and a end classes cover-                                           Aquatics Programs
Both Hidden Valley and Tuckahoe boast three ex-       ing a variety of Scou ng
cellent shoo ng ranges where Boy Scouts can           skills. With a li le prior                             Program features offered at the Hidden Valley and
learn safe handling methods and shoo ng accura-       planning and prac ce,                                  Tuckahoe swimming pools include instruc onal
cy in rifle, archery and shotgun.                      many first- me camper                                   swim, Swimming and Lifesaving merit badges, BSA
                                                      par cipants will complete                              Lifeguard training, Mile Swim BSA, Snorkeling,
Rifle Shoo ng, Shotgun Shoo ng and Archery mer-        many of the requirements                               open swim and camp-wide games like the weekly
it badges are offered during Boy Scout weeks.          for their Tenderfoot, Second Class, and even First     Water Carnival.
                                                      Class badges.
                                                                                                             On those hot summer days in the late a ernoon,
                                                      Accomplished swimmers may earn their Swimming          there’s nothing be er than being able to cool off at
                                                      Merit Badge, while others may choose to pursue         the swimming pool.
                                                      an alternate badge.
                                                                                                             The boa ng areas at both camps feature Canoeing
                                                      But not all of the first- me camper experiences are     and Rowing merit badge instruc on, as well as
                                                      geared toward advancement. Par cipants are able        daily open boa ng and Kayaking BSA.
                                                      to enjoy an exclusive rifle shoo ng program and an
                                                      overnight Wilderness outpost excursion.
                                                                                                                           Polar Bear Swim
                                                      Boy Scout Resident Camp at Hidden Valley and
                                                      Tuckahoe has plenty to offer Scout campers of all       Each day in the early hours of the morning, a
                                                      ages and it’s close to home and affordable, espe-       rugged crew of Scouts and leaders slowly make
                                                      cially when you compare the cost and value of the      their way to the pool to earn recogni on as a Polar
                                                      programs offered at Scout Camp with other youth         Bear. Jump in the pool two of the three days at 7
A Scout draws back his bowstring as he prepares to    summer camp programs.                                  AM and earn the Polar Bear swim ribbon.
       release an arrow toward the target.
New Birth of Freedom Council                                            December 2010                                                                    Page 15

                                                       The outdoor skills that have long set Scou ng apart
                                                       from other youth programs are highlighted in
                                                       Scoutcra program area.

                                                       Some have suggested that the way to judge a Scout
                                                       camp is by the quality of its Scoutcra program.
                                                       Our well-qualified staff of instructors will help
                                                       Scouts learn essen al and advanced outdoor living

                                                       Our Scoutcra merit badge offerings include Camp-
                                                       ing, Cooking, Orienteering, Pioneering and Wilder-
                                                       ness Survival merit badges, along with Paul Bunyan     Well-fed Scouts are a high priority at our camps.
                                                                                                              Enjoy Great Food and Plenty of It,
                                                                                                                 In Air-Conditioned Comfort
                                                                                                             The air-condi oned, spacious dining hall facili es at
                                                                                                             Hidden Valley and Tuckahoe were designed to pro-
                                                                                                             vide a comfortable meal me experience for all
                                                                                                             campers. There’s enough elbow room at each ta-
                                                                                                             ble for up to 10 people and there’s plenty of space
                                                                                                             between tables, even during those well-a ended
     At the Handicrafts Lodge,                                                                               camp sessions.
There’s Always Something Fun to Do
                                                                                                             Boys and adults a ending camp from your troop
In Handicra s, the staff teaches skills for a variety                                                         will all be assigned to sit together at one or more
of merit badges for hobby interests or just for the                                                          tables, depending on the size of your group. All
                                                        A group of Scouts get a close-up look at a turtle.
fun of knowing how to make use of nature’s                                                                   meals are served family style, which means you’re
materials. This program area answers the crea ve                                                             not wai ng in long, cafeteria-style serving lines
                                                                       Nature Lodge                          for your food.
urge to make something.
                                                       The nature program area offers a range of nature       One Scout from each table, called a waiter, is re-
Merit badges offered in this area include Basketry,     & ecology merit badges including Astronomy, Envi-
Indian Lore, Leatherwork, Metalworking, Space                                                                sponsible for se ng the table before each meal
                                                       ronmental Science, Fish and Wildlife Management,      and going to the kitchen to pick up the table’s food
Explora on and Wood Carving. Kits are available        Forestry, Geology, Mammal Study, Nature, Rep le
for all cra s from the camp trading post. Try one                                                            items. A er meals, the waiter clears the table and
                                                       and Amphibian Study, Soil and Water Conserva on       cleans off the table and benches for the next meal.
of the handicra s merit badges and you could find       and Weather.
a hobby for life.
                                                                                                             Menus are planned to be appealing to boys and are
                                                                     Astronomy Study                         reviewed by a die cian. The dining hall also has a
                                                                                                             well-stocked salad bar available and there’s always
                                                       Explore the stars. While required for Astronomy
                                                                                                             plenty of great food available.
                                                       Merit Badge, the astronomy program is open to all.
                                                       No pre-registra on is required to a end. All inter-
                                                                                                             We know that campers and leaders want meals at
                                                       ested Scouts are to meet at the Nature Lodge for a
                                                                                                             summer camp to be as hassle-free as possible, with
                                                       one-hour astronomy study. Scouts will have an
                                                                                                             plenty of well-prepared food served hot and on-
                                                       opportunity to learn about the night sky and differ-
                                                                                                              me. And that’s our goal every single day with
                                                       ent constella ons. A few telescopes will be on
                                                                                                             every meal we serve at Hidden Valley and Tucka-
                                                       hand for Scouts to share. No equipment or gear is
Page 16                                                                  December 2010                                              New Birth of Freedom Council

                               BOY SCOUT SUMMER CAMP AT HIDDEN VALLEY
                                                                ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

  2011 Boy Scout Summer Schedule                        The New Birth of Freedom Council is pleased to
                                                        invite your son and you to a end Boy Scout Sum-
                                                        mer Camp at Hidden Valley in 2011. Following the
          Session 1:        June 26 - July 2
                                                        merger of Keystone and York-Adams Area councils,
          Session 2:        July 3-9
                                                        we’re tossing around lots of ideas and planning a
          Session 3:        July 10-16
                                                        number of important changes at Hidden Valley to
          Session 4:        July 17-23
                                                        make every Scout’s summer adventure the best it
          Session 5:        July 24-30
                                                        can be.

 Open House and Pre-Camp Meeting                        Changes You’ll No ce at Hidden Valley In 2011:

Make plans now to visit Hidden Valley on Saturday,      x   First and foremost, we’re commi ed to hiring
April 2, 2011 for a tour of camp and pre-camp par-          a well-qualified (older and more experienced)
ents and leaders mee ng. Senior camp staff mem-              camp staff that will be prepared to deliver a        Come test your climbing skills on our 30’ high tower
bers will be on hand to answer ques ons and give            high-quality summer program to Scouts.
group tours of the camp.
                                                        x   You’ll experience a highly-engaged staff inter-
Tours will take place from 1-2 PM. The pre-camp             ac ng and having fun with the campers.
mee ng for Boy Scout Resident Camp for parents
and leaders will be held at 2:30 PM.                    x   We’ve lowered fees at Hidden Valley to make
                                                            summer camp more affordable.
Summer camp leaders and interested parents are
encouraged to a end the pre-camp mee ng to              x   We’re hiring our own “in-house” food service
obtain the latest informa on about summer camp.             staff and all meals will be served “family style.”
                                                            When your troop arrives in the dining hall,
Troop leaders will also be able to turn in merit            you’ll find hot food wai ng on your table.
badge schedule requests for their Scouts at the
Hidden Valley pre-camp mee ng.                          x   We’re star ng an all-new “Trail the Eagle”
                                                                                                                  Hidden Valley’s swimming pool with water slide
                                                            Camp session for older Scouts to take place
   Available Only At Hidden Valley -                        June 19-25, 2011 (see page 11 for details).
      Your “Must Do” Checklist
                                                        x   Rather than offering a number of merit badges
    Experience great stream fishing.
         er    e gr t r           s i .                     that are be er taught at home than at camp,
    Earn Fly Fishing merit badge.
        r Fy       n mer t       g                          we’re pu ng addi onal focus on providing
    Give the 30’ climbing tower a try..
       v h          imb g t           r                     quality counseling of tradi onal merit badges
    Earn Climbing merit badge.
        r C mbi          i b d e.                           that are best offered in a summer camp
    Ride the waterslide into the
      id     he      t sli e in o        e                  se ng.
      w      ng p l
    swimming pool.
             “Tr i he Ea
    A end “Trail the Eagle” Camp for older Scouts
                                  a      r der co s     x   A new program schedule will offer more daily
    (if you’re at least First Class and 13 years old)
        y ’ e ea F r C                      ear d)          open program and free me. This will give all
                                                            Scouts more opportuni es to visit and par ci-
                                                            pate in all camp program areas.
                                                                                                                Great stream fishing abounds along Sherman’s Creek
New Birth of Freedom Council                                                December 2010                                                                    Page 17

                                      ADDITIONAL INFORMATION
 Tuckahoe’s Project COPE Looks To Challenge and Thrill Older Scouts
                                                                                                                     2011 Boy Scout Summer Schedule
COPE is an acronym for Challenging Outdoor Per-
sonal Experience. It is comprised of a series of out-                                                                       Session 1:        July 3-9
door challenges, beginning with basic group ini a-                                                                          Session 2:        July 10-16
  ve games, and progressing to more complicated                                                                             Session 3:        July 17-23
low-course and high-course ac vi es.                                                                                        Session 4:        July 24-30

Some of these events involve a group effort, while
others test individual skills and agility. Par cipants                                                              Open House and Pre-Camp Meeting
climb, swing, balance, jump, rappel and think
through solu ons to a variety of challenges.                                                                       Make plans now to visit Tuckahoe on Saturday,
                                                                                                                   April 30, 2011 for a tour of camp and a pre-camp
Low-course ac vi es present a series of challeng-                                                                  parents and leaders mee ng. Senior camp staff
ing low ac vi es. These ac vi es require group                                                                     will be on hand to answer ques ons and give group
coopera on and problem solving to succeed. Be-                                                                     tours of the camp.
cause many of the obstacles are elevated, group
members work together to spot each other to pre-          Shotgun Shooting Merit Badge and                         Tours will take place from 1-2 PM. The pre-camp
vent falls and injury. Individual agility and commit-       Sporting Clays at Central Penn                         mee ng for Boy Scout Resident Camp for parents
ment are required to nego ate the events.                                                                          and leaders will be held at 2:30 PM.
                                                         Tuckahoe is pleased to
High-course ac vi es include eight aerial challenge      offer Shotgun Shoo ng                                      Summer camp leaders and interested parents are
elements. Par cipants nego ate a series of log,          merit badge - a great                                     encouraged to a end the pre-camp mee ng to
rope, and cable obstacles 35 feet off the ground.         badge for older Scouts                                    obtain the latest informa on about summer camp.
These ac vi es require effort beyond the rou ne           who have an interest in
and encourage par cipants to pursue new experi-          improving their shoo ng                                   Troop leaders will also be able to turn in merit
ences and exercise sound risk taking.                    skills. Tuckahoe features                                 badge schedule requests for their Scouts at the
                                                         an awesome new shotgun                                    Tuckahoe pre-camp mee ng.
At all mes while on the course, a par cipant is          range, complete with automa c clay-throwing
a ached to a belay line to prevent accidents. Eve-       traps. On average, a Scout will spend about $25 on                     Golf Merit Badge
ryone within the high course area must wear a            ammuni on while earning this merit badge.
safety helmet. Safety is most important for all as-                                                                Golf merit badge is offered just a short drive away
pects of COPE.                                           Tuckahoe is also pleased to be partnering with Cen-       at Range End Golf Course (an 8-minute drive from
                                                         tral Penn Spor ng Clays, located in nearby Wells-         camp). Last summer, 70 boys took the merit
Boy Scout par cipants must be a minimum of 14            ville, PA, for a challenging new ac vity that will test   badge. An addi onal $30 fee is required to take
years old and a First Class Scout at that me of          the shotgun shoo ng skills of all par cipants.            this merit badge. The fee includes two 9-hole
par cipa on. There is an addi onal $20 COPE fee                                                                    rounds of golf and a golf lesson by a PGA profes-
per par cipant.                                          Central Penn is a very popular venue for avid local       sional golf instructor.
                                                         shooters, with 20 different shoo ng sta ons on its
All par cipants will wear jeans or long pants, tennis    course. At each sta on, clay targets fly in all differ-     Parents and leaders are also welcome to register
shoes, clean or new leather gloves and a bandanna        ent direc ons, increasing the challenge and fun for       and play golf with their Scouts. Scouts can bring
or neckerchief each day as directed by the COPE          the shooter. There is an addi onal $30 fee for this       their own golf clubs or use the golf clubs provided
staff.                                                    ac vity (50 rounds of ammuni on).                         by the camp.
Page 18                                                                 December 2010                                                   New Birth of Freedom Council

                                       CUB WORLD AT CAMP TUCKAHOE
                                            “Where Imagination Comes to Life!”

  Why Summer Camp Is Important                                                                                    Open House and Pre-Camp Meetings
    for Cub and Webelos Scouts                                                                                              April 30, 2011

Ask your son if going camping is important to                                                                     Make plans now to visit Tucka-
him. Tuckahoe’s summer camp programs for                                                                          hoe on Saturday, April 30, 2011
Cub and Webelos Scouts will inspire your son,                                                                     for a tour of camp and pre-
teach him Scou ng’s values while he has fun                                                                       camp parents and leaders
with his friends, and par cipates in programs                                                                     mee ng. Senior camp staff will
that help him earn numerous advancements                                                                          be on hand to answer ques ons
toward his next rank badge.                                                                                       and give group tours.

While at Tuckahoe, boys enjoy an ac on-packed
                                                      Hey Mom and Dad! You can put your son in this picture       Cub and Webelos Scout Camp tours are from 9-10
                                                          come next summer at Tuckahoe’s Cub World                AM. A Cub and Webelos Scout pre-camp mee ng
adventure from arrival to departure. Each day’s
ac vi es are age-appropriate and include                                                                          for leaders and parents will be held at 10:30 AM.
archery, camping skills, shoo ng BB guns, fishing,    2011 Cub World Summer Schedule
swimming, boa ng, handicra s, nature, hiking,                                                                     Summer camp leaders and parents are encouraged
and games. No day at camp is complete without                                                                     to a end the pre-camp mee ng to obtain the lat-
                                                    Cub Scout Resident Camp                                       est informa on about your summer camp.
lots of singing and skits around the evening        (for current Tigers and Wolves)
campfire.                                                     Session 1:       June 16-18                            Cub and Webelos Scouts Tell Us What They Liked ...
                                                             Session 2:       June 19-21
Exper se like no other camp.                                 Session 3:       June 23-25                                  What Will Your Son Say?
Tuckahoe’s facili es were specifically designed to            Session 4:       August 13-15
support Cub Scout camping programs. Our                                                                           ● sleeping in a tent ● bb shoo ng ● swimming ●
enthusias c, highly-qualified camp staff is                                                                         fishing – caught two ● roas ng marshmallows ●
                                                    Webelos Resident Camp
carefully prepared to provide outstanding, age-                                                                   everything ● handicra s ● food ● nature trail ●
                                                    (for current Bears and Webelos I)
appropriate Cub Scout programs.                                                                                   archery ● boa ng ● learning to use pocketknife ●
                                                             Session 1:      June 27 - July 1
                                                                                                                  camp staff is awesome ● leatherwork, ● opening
                                                             Session 2:      August 1-5
The Program Facili es and Equipment                                                                               and closing campfires ● making ice cream sundaes,
                                                             Session 3:      August 7-11
Tuckahoe’s Cub Scout camping facili es are                                                                        ● staff skits ● games ● it was fun and relaxed ● all
world-class and few other council camps can                                                                       the different ac vi es ● camping under the stars ●
even try to compare.                                                                                              free me ● the me I spent with my dad ● picking
                                                                                                                  blueberries ● sleeping in the castle ● the turtles ●
Advancement Opportuni es are available as a                                                                       art ● first campout had a great me ● dressing up
part of all camping programs at Tuckahoe. All                                                                     ● leaders belly flop ● ge ng wet in the rain ●
campers can earn a wealth of advancements                                                                         camp challenge ● rope bridge ● carving s cks ●
while at camp.                                                                                                    hiking ● movie night ● laughing so much ● hanging
                                                                                                                  out with my friend ● smashing rocks ● stomping in
We Make Memories.                                                                                                 the creek ● sling shot shoo ng ● tree house ● go-
No young man will forget the memories and                                                                         ing to the mine ● playing games with staff ● wood-
experiences from summer camp, especially from                                                                     carving ● pioneering is the best ● cheese s cks ●
a truly special place like Tuckahoe.                                                                              mee ng new people ● sit down tag ● trading post
                                                    Imagine yourself in these seats for a great campfire program   staff
New Birth of Freedom Council                           December 2010                                                                         Page 19

                                      Tuckahoe’s Cub World - An Unmatched Facility For Younger Campers
                                     Cub World provides the se ng for an opportunity        trained staff. A slingshot range is also available for
                                     of extraordinary explora on and achievement.           an extra challenge.
                                     This facility, completed during a nearly $5 million
                                     renova on in 2003, hosts the majority of our Cub       Nƒãçٛ Tٛ› HÊçݛ: This three-story observa on
                                     Scout programs and, to add to the a rac on, vis-       deck rises around some of Tuckahoe’s tallest trees,
                                     i ng packs are invited to schedule an overnight        and here a Scout will be able to immerse himself in
                                     outpost in one of the sleeping facili es. We will do   the wonders that surround him. Plants, insects,
                                     our best to accommodate all requests for specific       rep les, birds – nothing will escape the observant
                                     sites, but due to the popularity of this program we    eye!
                  Medieval Castle
                                     encourage you to make your reserva ons early!
                                                                                            Cç WÊÙ½— A㫽›ã®‘ F®›½—: Cub Scouts seem to
                                     Every Cub Scout will want to explore the Tuckahoe      have boundless energy, and our ac vity field gives
                                     Cub World – a place where imagina on and adven-        them a great place to run and play.
                                     ture come to life!
                                                                                            Cç WÊÙ½— Pƒò®½®ÊÄ: This pavilion contains
                                     FÙÊÄ㮛٠FÊÙã: Crossing the great American plains      enough sea ng for any large gathering, making it
                                     was fraught with danger, and fron er forts were        the perfect place to meet and make new friends.
                                     welcome outposts of civiliza on. Your Scouts will
                                     love exploring the walls and towers of our fort as     M›—®›òƒ½ CƒÝ㽛: Our castle calls to mind the dis-
                                     they imagine themselves living life on the prairie.    tant days of kings, queens, and knights of the Age
                                     This year-round cabin can accommodate up to 40         of Chivalry. Scouts who scale its stonework walls
                                     Scouts and leaders, and includes a kitchen, wood-      will no doubt imagine raising the drawbridge and
                    Pirate Ship      stove, indoor rest rooms, and showers to make          flooding the moat to ward off barbarian hordes.
                                     your stay more comfortable.                            Behind the walls they’ll remain safe in a year-round
                                                                                            sleeping lodge, complete with 40 bunks, rest
                                     Nƒã®ò› AÛٮ‘ƒÄ V®½½ƒ¦›: Your Scouts will enjoy        rooms, showers, a woodstove, and kitchen.
                                     learning about the diverse cultures of America’s
                                     first inhabitants in the midst of our Teepee Village.   Só®ÃîĦ PÊʽ: In addi on to Cub World, Camp
                                     Each of our four teepees has nine ma resses for        Tuckahoe offers many other facili es for our camp-
                                     the comfort of overnight guests.                       ers’ comfort and enjoyment, including a spectacu-
                                                                                            lar 186,000 gallon swimming pool for fun and fit-
                                     MÊçÄヮÄãÊÖ M®Ä›: The cool, dark interior of our       ness. Whether swimming in the cool morning air
                                     mountaintop mine provides welcome relief from          or hot a ernoon sun, nothing beats a dip in our
                                     the summer’s heat. Brave Scouts will explore the       crystal-clear pool.
                                     mine in darkness before emerging on the other
                   Fron er Fort      side.

                                     P®Ùƒã› S«®Ö: No tour of Cub World would be com-
                                     plete without stowing away aboard our Pirate Ship
                                     for a taste of some swashbuckling fantasy! Scouts
                                     will man the sails, swarm the deck, and take a turn
                                     at the Captain’s Wheel while exploring the New
                                     World in their imagina ons. The lower deck con-
                                     tains 20 beds for overnight visitors – unless they
                                     prefer to spend the night stargazing on deck!

                                     BB ƒÄ— Aّ«›Ùù RƒÄ¦›Ý: Every Scout can imagine
                                     himself a sharpshooter when he visits one of our
                                     Shoo ng Ranges! Scouts will learn to safely shoot
                                                                                                    Enjoy a picture-perfect summer a ernoon at
                                     while prac cing under the watchful eyes of our                          Tuckahoe’s Swimming Pool
                 Nature Tree House
Page 20                                                                 December 2010                                                     New Birth of Freedom Council

                                         CUB WORLD AT CAMP TUCKAHOE
                                   Cub Scout Resident Camp
If your son is currently a Tiger                                                                                      2011 Cub Resident Camp Schedule
or Wolf Cub, then Cub
Resident Camp is the age-
                                                                                                                    Tuckahoe offers four different Cub Scout sessions
appropriate summer camp
                                                                                                                    throughout the summer, giving you more flexibility
experience designed for your
                                                                                                                    to schedule a visit at your convenience!
son to enjoy.
                                                                                                                             Session 1:        June 16-18
Cub Resident Camp sessions
                                                                                                                             Session 2:        June 19-21
are three days and two nights
                                                                                                                             Session 3:        June 23-25
in length and parents are
                                                                                                                             Session 4:        August 13-15
welcome and encouraged to a end camp with
their son.
                                                                                                                         Additional Program Features
While earning various advancements should not be         Take a ride on our Huck Finn ra on Memory Lake.
the only goal for boys at summer camp, Cub                                                                          This summer, campers will be invited to join in our
Resident Camp par cipants will complete                   Advancement Opportunities                                 Rodeo Round-Up – a Cub Scout carnival unlike any
requirements that will qualify them for rank                                                                        other! There will be games of both skill and chance
advancement. Leaders will be given a form to       Cub Resident Camp offers an incredible variety of                 to guarantee your Scouts will be tried and tested as
assist in tracking their boys’ advancement.        learning opportuni es, but all with an emphasis on               they a empt to outmatch the camp staff.
                                                   fun! Campers will a end sessions in eight different
Cub Scouts will travel in                          areas, focusing on swimming, archery, BB gun                     Our carnival games will be significantly expanded
groups to the various                              shoo ng, boa ng, fishing, nature, sports and                      from previous summers, so whether you are a sea-
program areas. The camp                            games, arts and cra s, hiking and outdoor living.                soned camper or visi ng us for the first me, pre-
staff provides the en re                            Scouts will also be able to a end special sessions               pare to have a rollicking good me!
program throughout the                             on Na ve American tribes and camp cooking.
day. Leaders and parents                                                                                            A brand-new feature at Tuckahoe will be this year’s
are asked to maintain                              All in all, Cub Scouts will be able to complete belt             Runaway Wagon Race! We invite each den to
discipline within the group                        loops and pins in nine different subjects! That’s in              bring an unfinished Pinewood Derby car kit to
and are always welcome to help in program          addi on to working on a number of arrow points                   camp or purchase one at the camp’s trading post.
sessions if they are so inclined. Some of the      and rank achievements.                                           Your kit will be modified to resemble a Conestoga
projects you work on may take more than one day                                                                     Wagon during your scheduled cra me and then,
to complete.                                                                                                        on the a ernoon of our last day in camp, will race
                                                                                                                    against the other Cub packs. Will you prove to be
Each boy learns a tremendous amount about both                                                                      the fastest wagon drivers in the West?
Scou ng and himself in the pris ne se ng of
Tuckahoe’s woodlands. Our top-notch staff ensures                                                                    The skills your Scouts will learn along the way, and
that there is never a moment without ac vity                                                                        the memories they’ll make, will guarantee this will
during a boy's stay at camp.                                                                                        be one terrific summer camp you won’t want to
                                                                                                                    miss! So join in the fun! All Cub packs are encour-
Not only will the Cub Scouts go home with great                                                                     age to work with their boys to prepare theme-
memories, they will also have earned plenty of                                                                      related costumes to wear throughout their stay at
advancements and made lots of new friends!                                                                          Tuckahoe.
                                                   Campers enjoy a game of tug of war for some old-fashioned fun.
New Birth of Freedom Council                                               December 2010                                                                    Page 21

    2011 Camp Theme - Gold Rush!                                                                                            Family Night at
                                                                                                                           Cub Resident Camp
America’s western fron er
has always held a special                                                                                      Spend an evening at
place in our collec ve imagi-                                                                                  summer camp with your
na on.                                                                                                         son and see all the things
                                                                                                               he’s been doing during
Not so long ago, a young man looking to make his                                                               his stay at camp. The
fortune could head out toward the untamed terri-                                                               final evening during all
tories in search of opportunity. Through hard                                                                  Cub Resident Camp ses-
work, determina on and a li le luck, those daring                                                              sions is Family Night.
se lers established themselves and brought order                                                               Visitors can see a colorful
to an otherwise “wild” west. Our na on grew                                                                    flag ceremony, have din-
through their prosperity.                                      A Cub Scout zips along on our slip and slide.   ner at camp, tour the
                                                                                                               camp’s program areas and enjoy the closing camp-
In 2011, Cub Scouts visi ng Camp Tuckahoe will              2011 Cub Resident Camp Fees                        fire show.
seize their own chance to bring that fron er spirit
back to life. Our camp theme, “Tuckahoe Gold           Our goal is to provide outstanding camping adven-       All Cub Scouts, their friends, and families are invit-
Rush,” recalls an era of limitless opportunity and     tures at affordable prices. We also offer significant      ed to a end the family night BBQ and closing
adventure while symbolizing the treasures of char-     discounts for early fee payments.                       campfire program. Families should sign up through
acter, ci zenship and fitness that Scou ng provides                                                             their son’s unit for the meal. The chicken barbecue
each boy.                                                  CAMP FEE IF PAID IN FULL BY MAY 1, 2011             is served just a er 6:15 PM. The cost is $7 per
                                                                    Cub Scout Fee - $105                       guest over age 12, $5 for children ages 7 to 11, and
For Cub Scouts, the year is 1849, and America is                        Adult Fee - $50                        children age 6 and under eat free.
wild with Gold Rush fever! The discovery of a few
gold flakes at Su er’s Mill has sent thousands of             CAMP FEE IF PAID AFTER MAY 1, 2011                All barbecue reserva ons must be paid in advance.
adventurers streaming westward, hoping to find                       Cub Scout Fee - $130                       When parents arrive at camp, please sign in at the
their fortune. Now you can join the excitement by                      Adult Fee - $50                         camp office. Families should arrive at camp by 5
rushing to Tuckahoe this summer!                                                                               PM for evening programs.
                                                       Free Adult Leaders: If a pack brings at least 8
You’ll be greeted upon your arrival and quickly in-    Scouts to summer camp, the first two adults are           Cub Resident Camp Medical Forms
corporated into the life of our fron er boomtown.      free. Then for each addi onal 8 scouts, one addi-
Cub Scouts will meet the many characters – cow-          onal adult is free.                                   In order to a end any of the Cub Resident Camp
boys, blacksmiths, miners, and more – who will                                                                 sessions, all campers (both boys and adults) must :
work with them throughout the week. We invite          Limited Edi on Patches: A special summer camp
you to come to camp with an appropriate costume        patch will be given for each $35 per boy or adult        1) Complete Parts A and C of Annual Health and
to join in with our theme!                             non-refundable and        non-transferable deposit      Medical Record (Form 34605) and bring it with
                                                       paid before April 1, 2011.                              them to camp.
But you’ll soon discover that all’s not well in our
li le town, as a gang of outlaws has been threaten-    Camp Fee Refunds: A er April 1, 2011, the $35 per       NOTE: FOR CUB SCOUT RESIDENT CAMP ONLY - A
ing to take charge! Perhaps the arrival of a new       boy fees or $35 adult fees paid are non-refundable      PHYSICIAL EXAM BY A PHYSICIAN IS NOT RE-
sheriff, and the help of his many Cub Scout depu-       and non-transferable. Please remind your Cub            QUIRED TO ATTEND CUB SCOUT RESIDENT CAMP.
  es, will bring peace and prosperity back to Tucka-   Scouts and adults to be sure their plans to a end
hoe!                                                   summer camp are firm!                                    2) A ach a photocopy of both sides of medical in-
                                                                                                               surance card. If your family has no medical insur-
                                                       Camperships: Camperships are available for fami-        ance, state “none” on Part A of the Annual Health
                                                       lies with a need for financial assistance for up to      and Medical Record (Form 34605).
                                                       50% of the camp fee. Applica ons are available on
                                                       line at h p:// un-            The Annual Health and Medical Record (Form
                                                       der the RESOURCES tab. The campership applica-          34605) is available at either council service center
                                                         on deadline is April 1, 2011 and must be strictly     or on-line at h p://
                                                       observed.                                               camps under the RESOURCES tab.
Page 22                                                                   December 2010                                                  New Birth of Freedom Council

                                            CUB WORLD AT CAMP TUCKAHOE
                                       Webelos Resident Camp
If your son is currently a Bear or Webelos 1 Cub
Scout, then Webelos Resident Camp at Camp                                                                                2011 Webelos Camp Schedule
Tuckahoe is the age-appropriate summer camp
op on designed for him. Parents are welcome and                                                                    Tuckahoe offers three different Webelos Resident
encouraged to a end.                                                                                               Camp sessions throughout the summer, giving you
                                                                                                                   more flexibility to schedule a visit at your conven-
As Cub Scouts grow older, they qualify for a whole                                                                 ience!
new level of outdoor experiences. Our Webelos
Resident Camp program provides a level of chal-                                                                             Session 1:         June 27 - July 1
lenge commensurate to their ability.                                                                                        Session 2:         August 1-5
                                                                                                                            Session 3:         August 7-11
Like our younger Cub                                    Webelos Camp is a great place to a end with your friends
Scout        campers,                                     and an even be er place to make a few new friends.
though, our Webelos                                                                                                     Additional Program Features
will enjoy the drama                                       Second-Year Webelos Program
and imagina on of our                                                                                              Webelos campers will have their own versions of
Wild West Gold Rush                                   Our more-seasoned Webelos II campers come to                 the Rodeo Roundup and Runaway Wagon Race,
theme.                                                Tuckahoe ready for a greater challenge, and the              but that’s just the start of our campwide programs!
                                                      Tuckahoe Rangers Program provides that chal-
This five-day, four-                                   lenge! Each pack has the choice of sending their             Explorers of the Wild West believed that El Dorado,
night experience fea-                                 second-year Webelos (and adult supervisors) to               the Lost City of Gold, lay wai ng to be discovered.
tures archery, camp-                                  par cipate in this op onal program and earn the              This legend lives on to inspire our Tuckahoe Treas-
fires, hiking, camping                                 dis nguished badge of a Tuckahoe Ranger. This                ure Hunt! This will surely be a race between packs
skills, fishing, boa ng                                opportunity will be scheduled so that everyone will          to see who will be first to find the prize!
and more. Webelos                                     s ll be able to enjoy their normal rota ons through
Resident Camp par ci-                                 our most-popular program areas.                              The Red River flows between Texas and Oklahoma
pants will able to earn                                                                                            on its way to the Mississippi, but watch out when it
a number of Webelos                                   So what makes this program more exci ng for se-              floods! Webelos will be washed away at our Water
ac vity badges during their stay at Tuckahoe, as      cond-year Webelos? Instead of hiking around base             Carnival unless they’re on their toes! Join us in a
well as other advancement items. Leaders and          camp, Tuckahoe Rangers will take a four-mile trek            variety of water sports and games that will refresh
parents will be given a tracking sheet to help keep   along the world-famous Appalachian Trail! Instead            and entertain you.
records on those advancements that each boy           of learning simple cooking skills, Tuckahoe Rangers
completes during camp.                                will prepare their own lunch me meal over camp-
                                                      fires at our outpost campsite! Tuckahoe Rangers
Each boy learns a tremendous amount about both        will also learn more advanced camping, wilderness
Scou ng and himself in the pris ne se ng of the       survival, and first aid skills.
Tuckahoe’s hilly woodlands. Our top-notch staff
ensures that there is never a moment without ac-      To top it all, Tuckahoe Rangers have the exclusive
 vity during a boy's stay at camp.                    opportunity to shoot paintball pellets on our Wrist-
                                                      Rocket Slingshot Range! Tuckahoe Rangers will do
Not only will the Scouts go home with great memo-     all of this and s ll return to base camp in me to
ries, they will also have earned advancements and     take advantage of our a ernoon open program
new friends!                                          period.                                                                       Daily flag ceremonies
New Birth of Freedom Council                                           December 2010                                                                  Page 23

      Advancement Opportunities                                                                                 Webelos Camp Medical Forms
Every Webelos Scout wants to hone his Scou ng                                                              In order to a end any of the Webelos Resident
skills, and Tuckahoe teaches a whole lot of the                                                            Camp sessions, all campers (both boys and adults)
things he needs to know. In 2011, our campers will                                                         must :
be able to awards in up to 16 different fields.
                                                                                                            1) Complete Parts A, B and C of Annual Health and
Belt Loops and/or Pins                                                                                     Medical Record (Form 34605) and bring it with
                                                                                                           them to camp. An evalua on by a licensed physi-
Fishing            Archery                                                                                 cian (MD, OD) , nurse prac oner or physician
BB Shoo ng         Astronomy                                                                               assistant must occur within 12 months of a end-
Hiking             Nutri on                                                                                ing camp.
Art                Music
Kickball           Volleyball                                                                              2) A ach a photocopy of both sides of medical in-
                                                          Na ve American Village in Tuckahoe’s Cub World
Swimming                                                                                                   surance card. If your family has no medical insur-

Webelos Ac vity Badges
                                                       2011 Webelos Resident Camp Fees                     ance, state “none” on Part A of the Annual Health
                                                                                                           and Medical Record (Form 34605).
                                                     Our goal is to provide outstanding camping adven-
Naturalist                                                                                                 The Annual Health and Medical Record (Form
                                                     tures at affordable prices. We also offer significant
Aquanaut                                                                                                   34605) is available at either council service center
                                                     discounts for early fee payments.
Sportsman                                                                                                  or on-line at h p://
Outdoorsman                                                                                                camps under the RESOURCES tab.
                                                         CAMP FEE IF PAID IN FULL BY MAY 1, 2011
                                                             Webelos Cub Scout Fee - $210
                                                                      Adult Fee - $90
                                                                                                                   Parents and Leaders -
                                                           CAMP FEE IF PAID AFTER MAY 1, 2011                  No Prior Experience Necessary
                                                              Webelos Cub Scout Fee - $235
                                                                     Adult Fee - $90                       Summer camp for Cub Scouts? No way! Many
                                                                                                           parents may think that bringing their Cub Scout
                                                     Free Adult Leaders: If a pack brings at least 8       sons to summer camp is too much work or that a
                                                     Scouts to summer camp, the first two adults are        lot of prior camping experience is necessary.
                                                     free. Then for each addi onal 8 scouts, one addi-
                                                       onal adult is free.                                 Many Cub Scout parents have never camped
                                                                                                           before and aren’t too sure how to even get
                                                     Limited Edi on Patches: A special summer camp         started. At Tuckahoe, we’ve designed things for
                                                     patch will be given for each $60 per boy or adult     the most inexperienced campers and we’ve made
         The BB range is always a big hit at camp
                                                     non-refundable and        non-transferable deposit    things as easy as possible.
                                                     paid before April 1, 2011.
                                                                                                           Just bring yourself and any pack gear you may
                                                     Camp Fee Refunds: A er April 1, 2011, the $60 per     want, along with the required medical forms and
                                                     boy fees or $60 adult fees paid are non-refundable    camping spirit and let us take care of the rest.
                                                     and non-transferable. Please remind your We-
                                                     belos Scouts and adults to be sure their plans to     All food, programs, camp staff, tents, bunks with
                                                     a end summer camp are firm!                            ma resses and even private modern hot showers
                                                                                                           and restrooms (including the ones that flush!) are
                                                     Camperships: Camperships are available for fami-      all ready and standing by for your pack at
                                                     lies with a need for financial assistance for up to    Tuckahoe.
                                                     50% of the camp fee. Applica ons are available on
                                                     line at h p:// un-          Last summer, 923 Cub and Webelos Scouts
                                                     der the RESOURCES tab. The campership applica-        a ended summer camp at Tuckahoe, along with
                                                       on deadline is April 1, 2011 and must be strictly   738 adult leaders and parents. Now, it’s your turn!
                   Archery is great fun              observed.
Page 24                                                               December 2010                                           New Birth of Freedom Council

What Parents Need To Know About
Their Son Attending Summer Camp                        EVERY ROAD LEADS TO SUMMER CAMP!
The camping experience found at either Hidden
Valley or Tuckahoe provides more than just fun.
Scouts say summer camp offers physically and
intellectually challenging ac vi es, new and
rewarding experiences, and suppor ve and caring
rela onships. In just one session of camp, youth

Strong personal values and character by
par cipa ng in thought-provoking ac vi es such as
making decisions and a ending flag ceremonies.

Posi ve sense of self-worth and usefulness
through helping others by serving meals and
cleaning, communica ng posi vely with others and
expressing their opinions.

Caring and nurturing rela onships with parents,
other adults, and peers through group ac vi es
with peers and adults they trust as they mentor
other Scouts, get advice from adults and form
strong friendships.

Desire to learn by exploring nature, doing things
they have never done before, tes ng their thinking                                                         Available Summer Camp Staff Positions
                                                     We’re Hiring for Next Summer!
ability and earning merit badges.
                                                     125+ Camp Staff Members Needed                        Must be at least age 21
Produc ve and crea ve use of me through both                                                               COPE Director (Tuckahoe only),
physical and intellectual ac vi es as they work      The summer camp staff consists of a dedicated
                                                                                                           Climbing Director (Hidden Valley
with others on merit badges or tasks, work on        group of older Scouts and adult Scouters who exert
                                                                                                           only), Program Director, Aqua cs
camp improvement projects and become more self       great efforts to make sure each unit’s stay at camp
                                                                                                           Director, Shoo ng Sports Director,
-reliant.                                            is the best that it can be.
                                                                                                           Camp Chaplain, Health Officer.

Social adeptness through team-building ac vi es,     Scouts who are 14 years of age are encouraged to
                                                                                                           At least age 18
including, mee ng new people, helping others         apply for staff posi ons as a Counselor-In-Training
                                                                                                           Camp Commissioner, Business Manager, Archery
accomplish something, par cipa ng in patrol/         when the unit leader feels they are qualified. Paid
                                                                                                           Director, COPE and Climbing Staff, Trading Post
troop decision making and par cipa ng in skits or    staff posi ons are available for individuals who are
                                                                                                           Manager, Nature Director.
songs.                                               15 years of age and older.
                                                                                                           At least age 17
Most important, both boys (78 percent) and           Camp staff applica ons may be obtained at either
                                                                                                           First-Time Camper Director, Assistant Ranger,
parents (96 percent) would recommend the Scout       New Birth of Freedom Council service center. You
                                                                                                           Kitchen Staff, Boa ng Director, Handicra s Direc-
camp they a ended to others.                         may also download an applica on by going on-line
                                                                                                           tors, Scoutcra Director.
                                                     at h p:// under
                                                     the RESOURCES tab.
                                                                                                           At least age 15
                                                                                                           Office Clerk, Quartermaster, Trading Post Staff,
                                                         For addi onal informa on, please contact:
                                                                                                           Lifeguards and Boa ng Staff, Ecology-Conserva on
                                                              Todd Weidner at (717) 432-5232
                                                                                                           Staff, Field Sports Program Staff, Handicra s Pro-
                                                                                                           gram Staff, Scoutcra Program Staff.
On January 21 23, 2011, Camp Tuckahoe will host                HOW CAN YOU ATTEND?
the sixth annual Winterfest Weekend. All par ci
pants will sleep indoors in one of the camp lodges     Winterfest is open to all Cub Scouts, Webelos, par
and enjoy meals prepared by the camp. Through          ents and leaders. Every boy must a end with a
                                                       parent or guardian. This event is limited to 225
out the day and evening, indoor and outdoor Polar
                                                       Scouts and parents, so sign up early.
                                                                                                                Parent & Son Winterfest 2011
Express themed ac vi es are scheduled for fun
and fellowship. Winterfest Weekend is a great way                                                                   REGISTRATION FORM
for parents to spend quality me with their son!                     THINGS TO BRING                            Please Print
Tuckahoe o ers age appropriate ac vi es for Cub
                                                       x   Sleeping bag or bed sheets and pillows              Pack Number__________
Scouts and Webleos at Winterfest.
                                                       x   Warm coat, boots, hat and gloves: 2 sets
                                                       x   Towels and toiletries                               Scout’s Name ___________________Age _______
        TOP REASONS TO ATTEND                          x   Personal non breakable mug and water bo le
x   All par cipants will sleep indoors in one of the   x   Changes of warm clothing: 4 sets                    Scout’s Name ___________________Age _______
    camp lodges.                                       x   Flashlight and hiking s ck
x   Enjoy great meals prepared by the camp.            x   Sled and favorite board game                        Parent’s Name_____________________________
x   Throughout the day and evening, indoor and
    outdoor ac vi es are scheduled for fun and                  WINTERFEST SCHEDULE                            Address___________________________________
x   Winterfest is a great way for parents to spend
                                                       FRIDAY                                                  City______________________________________
                                                       6 9:30 PM       Check in and drop your gear at the
    quality me with their son!
                                                                       dining hall. We’ll deliver it to your   State_______                Zip_________________
x   Evening Camp re and Cracker Barrel.
                                                                       cabin, while you enjoy the evening
            SAMPLE ACTIVITIES                                          ac vi es and snacks in the dining       Home Telephone ___________________________
                                                                       hall. There will be a glow s ck hike
Winterfest is a casual weekend to relax and have                       back to your lodge.                     Email Address______________________________
fun at camp. Ac vi es are open during the day for
you to come and go as you please.
                                                       8 9 AM         Breakfast is served                      Cell Phone Number__________________________
x   Shoo ng Sports                                     9:30 11:30 AM Morning Program areas open                          Camping fee is $49 per person
x   Movies and Board Games                             11:45 12:30 PM Lunch is served
x   Cra Projects                                                                                               Total Payment Enclosed______________________
                                                       1 4:30 PM      A ernoon program areas are
x   Outdoor sports                                                    open
x   Play with Model Train Sets                                                                                 Winterfest Weekend will be held regardless of
                                                       5 6 PM         Dinner is served
                                                                                                               rain, snow, or ice.
x   Awards Ceremony                                    6:30 8:30 PM Evening ac vi es
                                                       8:45 9:15 PM Camp re Program                            All payments are non refundable. Please make
                                                       9:15 PM        Cracker barrel snacks                    checks payable to and return registra on form to:
                                                       SUNDAY                                                                 New Birth of Freedom Council
                                                       8 9 AM           Breakfast is served                                   1 Baden Powell Lane
                                                       9 10:30 AM       Morning Vespers and Check out                         Mechanicsburg, PA 17050
                                                              ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS ?
                                                       If you have any addi onal ques ons contact: Todd
                                                       Weidner, Director of Camping Services, at (717)
                                                       432 5232 or email todd.weidner@scou
Page 26                                                                  December 2010                                               New Birth of Freedom Council
                                             District Chairman:      District Commissioner:          District Execu ve:              Urban Emphasis Coordinator:
                                             Jan Wagner              Michael Kiesinger               Patrick Colvin                  Jessica Yaden
                                             B: (717) 741 8338       H: (717) 432 3927               B: (717) 827 4569               B: (717) 827 4564
                                       red         patrick.colvin@scou      jessica.yaden@scou

                                                       and improved plans and ac vi es. Encourage other        unable un l now, it is not too late to donate to the
                CALENDAR                               leaders and parents to a end, take turns a ending,      2010 FOS campaign. Contact Patrick to make a con
   DECEMBER                                            and spread the wealth.                                  tribu on. Also, it is me to schedule your FOS
                                                                                                               presenta on date for 2011, start looking at your
   2      Roundtable
   7      Recharter Turn In
                                                               COMMISSIONER’S CORNER                           unit calendar to nd a night. A district volunteer
                                                                                                               will be contac ng you shortly to set up a day.
   8      COR Training                                 Who keeps track of what trainings have been com
   9      Commi ee Mee ng                              pleted by the adults in the unit? This is a task some
   16     Commissioners Mee ng                         one on the Unit Commi ee should be responsible
                                                                                                                                  DAY CAMP
                                                       for, a Unit Training Coordinator. You can check on      Thank you to all of the Cub Scout packs and their
   JANUARY                                             your training records by visi ng your MyScou ng         leaders, and to the won
   13     District Commi ee Mee ng                     account at myscou If you are not able to        derful volunteers who
   27     Commissioner Sta Mee ng                      get online, your training records can be requested      made First Capital Cub
   31     Life to Eagle Seminar                        from council. When you complete training, it is         Day Camp 2010 a suc
                                                       important for you to keep a copy of the cer cate        cess. All of our planning
   FEBRUARY                                            for your own records and provide a copy to your         and hard work paid o ,
                                                       Unit Training Coordinator.                              because the event went
   3     Roundtable
                                                                                                               o without a hitch.
   10    District Commi ee Mee ng                      The Unit Training Coordinator can also help new
   18 20 Klondike Derby                                adult leaders in recommending which courses to          The 2011 First Capital
   24    Commissioner Sta Mee ng                       complete rst. Maintaining these records within          Day Camp will take place
                                                       your unit will make you be er prepared for current      once again at the beau
   MARCH                                               and future training requirements. Remember, a           ful Brookside Park in
   March 1 Unit Recogni on Dinner                      fully trained leader is be er equipped to provide       Dover Monday July 25 to
                                                       the best possible program for our youth.                Friday the 29. Don’t for
                ROUNDTABLE                             Michael Kiesinger, District Commissioner
                                                                                                               get to sign up early, spots ll up fast!

                                                       See all of Mike’s great Commissioner’s Corner Mes              UNIT RECOGNITION DINNER
                                                       sages at www.newbirtho rstcapital
                                                                                                               The rst annual First Capital Unit Recogni on Din
                                                                                                               ner will take place Tuesday, March 1 at the Dover
                                                                         E MAIL LIST                           Community Center. This event will be a special
                                                       If you would like to be added to the district email     evening for Scouts and leaders from the First Capi
                                                       list to receive regular emails from Patrick, please     tal District to gather and socialize and enjoy a small
                                                       email Patrick.colvin@scou, or call (717) 827     program put on by the district ac vi es commi ee.
                                                        4569. Patrick sends out regular email reminders        Every unit will be honored. Please make sure your
                                                       about district events, business, and reminders of       unit is represented to receive your award!
                                                       upcoming due dates. If your unit does not have at
The First Capital District Roundtable takes place at   least one leader receiving these emails it is recom
7 PM the rst Thursday of every month, September
                                                                                                                              KLONDIKE DERBY
                                                       mended that you sign up.
to May, at Messiah United Methodist Church on                                                                  The First Capital and Blue and Grey Districts are
North George Street in York. Roundtable is for all                                                             joining forces once again to bring you an amazing
adult leaders and parents in Scou ng. On going
                                                                 FRIENDS OF SCOUTING                           Klondike Derby at Camp Tuckahoe February 18 20,
training and fellowship should be on every leaders     Thank you to all of the parents, Scouts, and volun      2011. John Hess, AKA the “Blizzard Wizard” has
mind, and that is why we hold roundtable each          teers who have donated to our 2010 Friends of           been banned from promising snow this year to
month. There is so much to learn by networking         Scou ng Campaign in the First Capital District. Your    avoid a repeat of last year’s blizzards. S ll, be pre
and mee ng with other leaders in your district to      contribu ons mean the world to all of the Scouts        pared, dress warm and come learn the ways of the
share ideas and experiences. Times and require         that are be er served because of your nancial           mountain man!
ments are constantly changing which requires new       support. If you have not had a chance or have been
New Birth of Freedom Council                                             December 2010                                                                      Page 27

                                                           Vice Chairman                             District Commissioner:          District Execu ve:
                                                           Mike Sandell                              Mike Wright                     Bill Tolleson
                                                                       B: (717)620 4525

                                                        God selling more than $8,000. I think next year we    take the me to add your name to our e list by
               CALENDAR                                 might see them on the Grand slam list when they       going        to        h p://bsafron
                                                        break $10,000. They did this without a Show and       p=subscribe&id=1 and registering your infor
                                                        Sell e ort this year—outstanding job.                 ma on. This list is only used to communicate with
   JANUARY                                              Our top selling Show and Sell order unit was Troop
                                                                                                              you and is not sold or distributed.
   6 District Commi ee, 7 PM                            186 with Good Shepherd Community United
   13 Fron er Roundtable, OA Chapter, 7 PM              Methodist Church in Carlisle. They sold almost              NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING
   20 Commissioner Sta , 7 PM                           $5,000 with their show and sell for a total of more   Within our new council the annual mee ng cycle
                                                        than $7,000.                                          adjusts to occur in the spring instead of the fall. As
   FEBRUARY                                                                                                   a result, the Fron er District of New Birth of Free
                                                        Other standout units with popcorn sales are Pack
   3    District Commi ee, 7 PM                         121 almost $6,000 and the top candle seller. Pack     dom Council will hold its annual mee ng on April
   5    District Awards Dinner                          138, a rst me Show and Sell unit who were very        7, 2010 at 7 PM at the King Street Church in the
   10   Fron er Roundtable, OA Chapter, 7 PM            crea ve in how they sold. Troop 127 sold almost       Elementary School mee ng room.
   17   Commissioner Sta Mee ng, 7 PM                   $5,000 of popcorn and had the 2nd largest Show        Those interested in nomina ng someone to serve
                                                        and Sell results.                                     on the District Commi ee should forward the
                                                        Use your earnings wisely to support your strong       name        and    contact   informa on     to
   4  District Commi ee Mee ng, 7 PM                                                                          Bill.Tolleson@scou
                                                        Scou ng programs. Again, thanks to everyone who
   5  District Pinewood Derby – Chambersburg
                                                        helped out and good luck to everyone next year.
      Mall                                                                                                              BIG THANK YOU TO OHL
   10 Fron er Roundtable, OA Chapter, 7 PM
   17 Commissioner Sta , 7 PM                                                                                 Scou ng requires the support of hundreds of vol
                                                                                                              unteers for everything we do. Some mes this is a
   APRIL                                                                                                      very visible thing like leading an event and other
   6  Fron er Breakfast, 7 AM                                                                                   mes most people don’t see it. We want to thank
   7  District Annual Mee ng, 7 PM                                                                            the team at Ozburn Hessey Logis cs for their help
      District Commi ee, 7:30 PM                                                                              and support with our popcorn sale. They gracious
   14 Fron er Roundtable, OA Chapter, 7 PM                                                                    ly allow us to use their space to sort and distribute
   21 Commissioner Sta , 7 PM                                                                                 the popcorn orders. Special thanks to Terri, Becky,
   29—May 1 Fron er Spring Camporee                                                                           Lori, Page and the whole team at OHL.

                                                                     COMMUNICATION                                 FAMILY FRIENDS OF SCOUTING
                                                                                                              We would like to introduce our new Family Friends
       POPCORN SALE HUGE SUCCESS                        As you know, communica on is the key for any
                                                                                                              of Scou ng Chairperson Tracey Cavins. Many of
                                                        successful organiza on and we have some tools to
Thank you to everyone who par cipated in the Fall                                                             you know Tracey from our Day Camp where she
                                                        help improve communica on. The rst is the coun
Popcorn sale. Not only did you sell a lot of popcorn                                                          has served as Camp Director. Currently, she serves
                                                        cil website. This contains excellent informa on to
but you sold a lot of candles too. This is great news                                                         as the Commi ee Chair for Pack 121 and will be
                                                        help answer ques ons and provide contact infor
for all of the selling units since now you have more                                                          taking over our Cub Roundtable from Chris Fields.
                                                        ma on, In addi
money to fund your program. As a district we sold         on, we have our own sec on on the council web       The Family Friends of Scou ng is an opportunity
more than $16,000 more popcorn than last year           site that operates as our website. This is accessed   for every family to par cipate in the funding of
and we had two fewer units selling. Over $9,000 of      at er. We list         Scou ng in our local community. Tracey and her
that was in candles so that seems to be a big hit       a lot of informa on there and we believe this is      team will be presen ng details about the program
for our community.                                      preferred to the mailing list since you can access    at your upcoming unit mee ng. We look forward
Everyone did a great job and we had a few units         the informa on without us lling up your inbox.        to a successful campaign. Please give Tracey your
that did an outstanding job. Our top selling unit       We will con nue to use the electronic mailing list    support.
was Pack 125 at the Chambersburg First Church of        so if you do not receive Fron er Updates, please
Page 28                                                                    December 2010                                             New Birth of Freedom Council

                                    District Chairman:                    District Commissioner:                           District Execu ve:
                                    Ma hew Blyth                          Lynn Bernhard                                    Brian Bramble
                                    (H) (717) 852 2776                    (C) (717) 880 8293                               (B) (717) 827 4572

                                                                  INDIAN STEPS KLONDIKE                         each par cipant and includes a patch. For more
                CALENDAR                                                                                        details on how to register your unit go to new
                                                         The theme for the 2011 Indian Steps Klondike is        birtho vi es/.
                    DECEMBER                             “Let’s Everyone Go Out Scou ng” or LEGOS. Every
   15    Friends of Scou ng Presenter Training at        one remembers those wonderful building blocks
         the York Service Center, 6:30 PM                that we played with as a child. Many of us have
   23 26 Service Center and Scout Shops Closed           even purchased them for our own kids. Did you
   31    New Years Eve                                   know that Legos’ is Danish for leg godt, which
                                                         means “play well” and the Lego Group mo o is kun
                     JANUARY                             det bedste er godt nok which means 'only the best
   1     Happy New Years!                                is good enough'.
   3     Service Center and Scout Shops                  Isn’t it funny how well the Lego theme ts into the
   6     Roundtable at Pine Grove UM, 7 PM               Scou ng Program? As a Cub Scouts we learned to
   8     OA Lodge Dinner                                 do our best, to do our duty to God and our Country               FRIENDS OF SCOUTING
   13    District Commi ee at Peoples Bank, 7            and to help other people, and to obey the law of
         PM                                                                                                     The 2011 Friends of Scou ng campaign will be kick
                                                         the pack. In simple words – to “play well”. As a Cub
   17    Service Center and Scout Shops Closed                                                                  ing o in the middle of January. This is the annual
                                                         Scout we lived by the mo o “Do Your Best”. Why?
   21 23 Winterfest at Tuckahoe                                                                                 opportunity for families to invest nancially in the
                                                         Because only the best e ort is good enough.
   27    District Commissioners Sta at Pine                                                                     New Birth of Freedom Council in its support of
         Grove UM, 7 PM                                  As we move into Boy Scouts we con nue to learn         packs, troops, teams and crews. The presenta ons
   27    Venturing Roundtable at Tuckahoe                how to “play well” by learning and prac cing the       are given by volunteers and are less than 15
                                                         patrol method. The 2011 Klondike will test Scout’s     minutes in length with postcards being sent in ad
                    FEBRUARY                             abili es to “Play Well” with team building sta ons     vance of the presenta on. When considering giving
                                                         and also allow the patrols to demonstrate their          nancially in 2011, please keep the support of the
   3     Roundtable at Pine Grove UM, 7 PM
                                                         Scou ng knowledge with skills building sta ons.        Scou ng program in mind!
   5     Mall Show at Galleria Mall
   6     Scout Sunday                                    Let’s Everyone Go Out Scou ng at Camp Tuckahoe
   10    District Commi ee at Peoples Bank, 7            on February 25, 26, and 27, 2011.                                 DISTRICT COMMITTEE
         PM                                                                                                     The following are the Indian Steps o cers for 2011:
   14    St. Valen ne’s Day
   21    Service Center and Scout Shops Closed                                                                  District Chair:          Ma Blyth
   24    District Commissioners Sta at Pine                                                                     District Commissioner:   Lynn Bernhard
         Grove UM, 7 PM                                                                                         Membership Chair:        Gina Kreh
   24    Venturing Roundtable at Tuckahoe                                                                       Round Up Chair:          Tom Powers
   25 27 Klondike Derby at Tuckahoe                                                                             Finance Chair:           Tom Olson
                                                                                                                Training Chair:          Marty Zimmerman
                ROUNDTABLE                                                                                      Camp Promo on:           Kevin Laughman
                                                                                                                Ac vi es Chair:          Terri Boyd
Don’t miss the January 6 roundtable at 7 PM with                                                                Advancement Chair:       Eric Foust
important informa on about the Mall Show, Win                                                                   Eagle Coordinator:       Teri Flinchbaugh
ter Klondike and much more! There will be a kicko
regarding the new Quality Unit Pla orm – the Jour                         MALL SHOW                                                      ISN
ney to Excellence. Come out and meet with fellow         The Annual Scou ng Mall Show will be held Satur        What in the world is the ISN? This stands for Indian
leaders from throughout Indian Steps District, catch     day February 5 at the Galleria Mall in York from 10    Steps News a service of Scou ng news from the
up on the latest details on upcoming events, and         AM to 4 PM. A fantas c way for your Scouts to          Indian Steps District. Simply send your email ad
earn commissioner cash! Roundtables are held             show o their stu . Past displays included a            dress and unit number to Brian Bramble at bri
monthly at the Pine Grove United Methodist               raingu er rega a, constella ons, geology, pioneer      an.bramble@scou to receive the latest in
Church in Leader Heights.                                ing, cra s, woodcarving, personal tness and a pin      forma on right to your inbox!
                                                         ewood derby race! The registra on fee is $3 for
New Birth of Freedom Council                                           December 2010                                                                   Page 29

                                                         District Chairman:                       District Commissioner:         District Paraprofessional
                                                         Dr. J. Craig Raisner                     Robert Nulton                  JoAnn M. Booth
                                                         (717) 957 2666                           (717) 713 9340                 (717) 991 8911

                                                      special thanks to our District’s Popcorn Kernels,    bles, and Wildlife Conserva on. We will have three
               CALENDAR                               Tom and Sue Comp, Lisa, Crystal, Ma hew and          (3) more to add. Scouts will be able to chose four
                                                      Libby Wyant, Steve Nulton, and Lydia Fehr. These     (4) of the seven being o ered. A registra on form
                                                      folks helped at the kick o , sorted popcorn, re      will be sent to each household in January.
   DECEMBER                                           turned popcorn and sorted your orders. All while
   9     District Commi ee, 7 PM, HVSR                only giving an hour a week! Ha Ha!                            KLONDIKE LET IT SNOW!
   9     Roundtable, 8 PM, HVSR                       We also can not forget the wonderful job Sarah
   9     Sub order and money turn in                                                                       This year’s Klondike is to be hosted by Troop 7,
                                                      Shea er provided at the Mechanicsburg service        Shermans Dale and Troop 105, Blain. The Klondike
   16    Sub pick up, 3 6 PM                          center. Sarah entered all of the council’s orders!   will be held February 18, 19 and 20. Webelos are
   JANUARY                                            Great Job Sarah!                                     encouraged to a end. There will be shotgun
                                                      Our top popcorn unit was Pack 56, Marysville with    shoo ng, BB gun, archery, cooking and plenty of
   13    District Commi ee, 7 PM, HVSR                                                                     other sta ons to challenge your inner Scout! Fami
   13    Roundtable, 8 PM at HVSR                     $10,802.50 in sales. Followed by Troop 7 with
                                                      $7,377.                                              lies are encouraged to come out Saturday to cheer
   20    Commissioner Sta , 7 PM,                                                                          on their Scouts. For addi onal informa on con
         LDS Church New Bloom eld                                                                          tact: Joann Booth at Joann.Booth@scou
                                                                   FALL ROUND UP!
                                                      Hats o to our unit leaders! We had a great fall             BIKE RODEO ANNOUNCED!
   10    District Commi ee, 7 PM, HVSR                recruitment. Thanks to your extra e orts and crea
   10    Roundtable, 8 PM HVSR                         vity at your unit’s two open houses, many more      This year’s Bike Rodeo will be hosted by Pack 56 at
   12    Cub Scout Belt Loop College, 8:30 AM 3       boys are going to learn core values and become       the Marysville Lions Club Park, Marysville. On Sun
         PM, HVSR                                     tomorrow’s leaders! As of November 1, 2010 our       day, May 1 from 1 4 PM. The rain date will be Sun
   17    Commissioner Sta , 7 PM,                     District has 262 Cubs, 202 Scouts and 9 Venturers.   day, May 15. The cost per youth will be $5. Each
         LDS Church New Bloom eld                     This is an increase of 473 youth over last year.     par cipant will receive a patch. The boys will be
   18 20 District Klondike at the Tree Farm                                                                working on the Biking Belt Loop. Families (siblings)
                                                                                                           are encouraged to register.
   10    District Commi ee, 7 PM, HVSR
   10    Roundtable, 8 PM, HVSR
   12    District Pinewood,
         Time and Loca on TBD
   17    District Commissioner, 7 PM,
         LDS Church New Bloom eld
   26    Oliver Perry District Breakfast, HVSR,
         7:30 AM

If you dared to be in Perry County during the
weekend of November 12 14, then you smelled                       BELT LOOP COLLEGE
the sweet scent of candles and the bu ery avor
                                                      BACK by popular demand! Our 2010 Belt Loop Col
of popcorn in the air. Our units sold $36,555 in
                                                      lege will be held at Hidden Valley Scout Reserva
popcorn and $7,167 in candles. WAY TO GO
                                                        on on February 12, from 9 AM 3 PM. Lunch will
SCOUTS! I would like to personally thank all of the
                                                      be included in the fee. Some of the belt loops and
Scouts who par cipated in this sale. It was a huge
                                                      pins to be o ered will be BB Gun, Archery, Mar
success for the units. I would also like to give a
Page 30                                                                   December 2010                                              New Birth of Freedom Council

                                                           District Chairman:                         District Commissioner:         District Execu ve:
                                                           Je Davis                                   Bob Wiley                      Kevin Gill
                                                           (717) 701 2082                             (717) 522 2296                 (717) 829 5380

                CALENDAR                                                  DAY CAMP                                       ARE YOU ON THE WEB?
                                                        As the snow season approaches, summer is proba         Union Canal is! Have you visited the district page
                    DECEMBER                            bly far from your mind, but it is never too early to   on our council website? It’s the virtual place to be.
                                                        plan! Held July 4 8, 2011 at beau ful Camp Cathe       Looking for the calendar? It’s there. Need the email
   1        Commissioners, 6:30 PM
                                                        rine in Hershey, PA, Union Canal’s Day Camp prom       of the District Commissioner? Yep, it’s there. From
   2        District Commi ee, 7 PM
                                                        ises fun and adventure for all of your Cub Scouts,     the latest events to what is going to be covered at
   9        Roundtable, 7 PM
                                                        even Tigers!                                           Roundtable, you can nd it all. Rumor has it your
                     JANUARY                            What be er way to con nue the Scou ng program
                                                                                                               District Execu ve even has his own “Kevin’s
                                                                                                               Korner” blog. Next me you’re sur ng the net,
   5        Commissioners, 6:30 PM                      in the summer, and work toward the Summer me
                                                                                                               check out newbirtho
   6        District Commi ee, 7 PM                     Pack Award, than to a end an organized day
   13       Roundtable, 7 PM                            camp? Allow our experienced sta to guide your
                                                        Scout through a week of achievements and fun!

                     FEBRUARY                              POPCORN CAMPAIGN A SUCCESS
   2        Commissioners, 6:30 PM                                                  Congratula ons to all             DISTRICT PINEWOOD DERBY
   3        District Commi ee, 7 PM                                                 of you who par cipat       Gentlemen, start your engines! Mark your calen
   10       Roundtable, 7 PM                                                        ed in this year’s pop      dars race fans, the checkered ag will wave on
   13       District Dinner, 3 PM                                                   corn sale. Star ng with    March 5, 2011. Returning to the Hershey Chapter
   18 20    Klondike Derby                                                          an exci ng and educa       of the An que Automobile Club of America, this
                                                                                      onal kick o , as well    year’s Pinewood Derby will be outstanding. Volun
                                                                                    as a new vendor, sales     teers are needed from each pack to help organize
                                                                                    plans and hard work,       the event. Please submit names of those interested
If you’re like most Scou ng families, you have ben                                  the Union Canal District   to Je Davis (tandje or 701 2082).
e ed beyond descrip on from you and your fami                                       sold a total of $85,284!
lies involvement in the Scou ng movement. Lead                                      This is more than               WELCOME VENTURE CREW 2010
ership. Character. Ci zenship. Fitness. Passing                                     $21,000 MORE than
along these core values is what the BSA is all about.                               was sold last year, and    A warm Scou ng welcome to the newest unit in
Well, that, and FUN of course!                          $11,000 over our goal. The campaign was a success      Union Canal District...Venture Crew 2010!
                                                        no ma er how you measure it. A big thank you           Sponsored by the Grace United Methodist Church
A program like this costs money. There are many
                                                        goes to District Kernel Chuck Prince and his team of   in Hummelstown, this group will be focusing on
sources of funding, including corporate dona ons,
                                                        Unit Kernels. Without these volunteers, this would     high adventure, including an ambi ous plan of
community events, and of course popcorn. Another
                                                        not have been possible.                                building their own canoes, then use them!
important source is you.
                                                        Based on an average of 30% pro t going directly to     Venturing is a co ed Scou ng program for youth
Soon, a representa ve from the district will be vis
                                                        the par cipa ng units, over $25,000 goes directly      ages 14 21. This year, the age requirement was
i ng you and asking you to donate to the annual
                                                        to you, allowing for be er programs, recogni on of     adjusted to include those young men and women
Friends of Scou ng (FOS) program. Please consider
                                                        accomplishments through awards, and the ability        who are 13 years of age and have completed the
suppor ng this crucial campaign so together, we
can ensure this outstanding program con nues, not       to a end camp.                                         8th grade. Scouts currently registered in a troop
just today, but for many years to come.                 Wish you par cipated this year? We don’t blame         may par cipate in a crew and even con nue work
                                                        you! Look for informa on on next year’s campaign       toward their Eagle, but the crew will emphasize the
For the last 100 years, others have taken measures
                                                        coming out in the coming months, but in the mean       need to remain ac ve in your troop as well.
to sustain the Boy Scouts of America. We are bene
                                                         me, talk with your counterparts who did par ci        If you are interested in joining this new crew, con
    ng from their stewardship right now. It is now
                                                        pate to learn more on how the sale of popcorn can      tact Advisor Tim Lehman at (717) 939 9283 or
our turn to pick up the baton!
                                                        enhance your program!                                  email
New Birth of Freedom Council                                              December 2010                                                                   Page 31

                                                                                                                              NYLT 2011
               DAY CAMP 2011                                                                                    Na onal Youth Leader
                                                                                                                ship Training is an ex
         WHY GO TO DAY CAMP?                                                                                    ci ng,    ac on packed
                                                                                                                program designed to
Cub Scouts and their packs will not want to miss                                                                provide Scouts with
out on the opportunity to a end day camp this                                                                   leadership skills and
summer!                                                                                                         experience they can
Cub Scout Day Camps are non residen al (ie: you                                                                 use in their home
don’t sleep there) camps that are held in many                                                                  troops and in other
communi es throughout the council. They are                                                                     situa ons demanding
ideal for younger Cub Scouts, and they o er                                                                     leadership of self and others.
everyone the opportunity for a week full of                                                                     The New Birth of Freedom’s NYLT Course will be
adventures!                                                                                                     June 19 25 at Hidden Valley Scout Reserva on.
                                                                                                                Cost will be $200.
                                                                                                                More informa on can be found on the council
Each Scout that a ends day camp will learn some         The New Birth of Freedom Council will be                website at www.newbirtho
new skills and have a lot of fun. Each camp is held     conduc ng ten day camps in loca ons throughout
                                                        the council.                                            The NYLT sta is also collec ng applica ons for
in the Scout’s community and gives the boy an
                                                                                                                Adult and Youth Cadre. Cadre are the group of
opportunity to enjoy the outdoors for the week.         x   In York City: June 13 17                            trained personnel able to assume control and train
Day camp allows Scouts to par cipate in non             x   In the Hershey area: July 4 8                       others. The Adult Cadre will serve as a mentor to
typical ac vi es. Special guests from the               x   In Penn Township (Cumberland Co): July 11 15        Youth Cadre while they train NYLT Par cipants!
community usually visit day camp to present             x   In the Hanover area: July 11 15
                                                                                                                The Cardre requirement and applica on can be
special events. The boys will be able to learn about    x   In the Chambersburg area: July 11 15
                                                                                                                found       at:     www.newbirtho
topics they may have never been exposed to              x   In Mechanicsburg: July 18 22
                                                                                                                training/2010/11/20/na onal youth leader
before. During the week, the ac vi es the Scouts        x   In Dallastown (Southern York
will be par cipa ng in will allow them to learn and         Co): July 18 22
advance in rank and earn belt loops all while           x   In Perry County: July 18 22                         For more informa on, please contact course direc
having fun. Day camp is one of the few places           x   In the Harrisburg area: July 25                     tor Teri Flinchbaugh at (717)324 8234 or sta ad
where a Cub Scout can learn to properly handle              29                                                  viser Andy Vazquez at (717)620 4529.
and discharge a BB gun. Scouts will be learning         x   In Dover (York Co): July 25 29
how to properly handle and re a bow and arrow.
                                                        Speci c     loca ons,     fees,   and
            PACK PREPARATION                            addi onal details will be announced

Each pack should appoint a parent to coordinate
                                                        in a council wide day camp mailer
                                                        which will be sent out in January.                                  SAVE THE DATE
their pack’s trip to day camp. This person will be in
charge of collec ng paperwork, sharing                        RESERVATION INFORMATION                                       University of Scou ng
informa on, and scheduling other parents to help                                                                The University of Scou ng will be held on Saturday,
with pack ac vi es while at camp.                       Reserva ons for day camps should be made by the         March 26.
                                                        pack for all their Scouts who would like to a end.
                                                                                                                This is a special, day long training event where
    DAY CAMP STAFF NEEDS                                Forms for this are in the “Day Camp Leaders’
                                                        Guide” which will be distributed to Cubmasters in       par cipants can chose courses from a number of in
Each day camp will need plenty of volunteers to         February. Individual Scouts, whose units are not         depth topics. Whether it be learning new tricks
help plan and sta the program. Training is              a ending day camp, should contact one of the            on how to run a Pinewood Derby or how to plan a
provided for key posi ons, and some posi ons            council service centers.                                big trip for your troop, the University of Scou ng
involve advance planning. Week long volunteers                                                                  has courses for everyone!
                                                        Scouts a ending day camp will need to complete a
can earn a credit toward their son’s day camp                                                                   Event details and course catalog will be announced
                                                        health form and some addi onal paperwork. All of
experience. For addi onal informa on, please                                                                    in January 2011.
                                                        the forms will be in the leaders’ guide and available
contact your District Execu ve.
                                                                                                                               UNITED WAY PROGRAM PARTNERS:
  New Birth of Freedom Council
                                                                                        Non Pro t Organiza on              In April 2010, the New Birth of Freedom Council was
  Boy Scouts of America
                                                                                           U.S. Postage Paid               formed as a merger of the former Keystone Area
  1 Baden Powell Lane                                                                        Permit No. 8                  (Mechanicsburg) and York Adams Area (York) Coun
  Mechanicsburg, PA 17050                                                               Mechanicsburg, PA 17055            cils. The new council currently serves more the
                                                                                                                           11,400 young people through a program lead by over
                                                                                                                           5,500 volunteers to more than 245 community or
                                                      CURRENT RESIDENT OR                                                  ganiza ons, represen ng educa onal, religious, non
                                                                                                                           pro t, civic, and business organiza ons which are
                                                                                                                           joined in partnerships with the New Birth of Freedom
                                                                                                                           Council by chartering 450 Scou ng units.
                                                                                                                           We annually receive over $425,000 of support from
                                                                                                                           all the United Way in our area. We encourage your
                                                                                                                           par cipa on in your upcoming United Way Cam
                                                                                                                           paign. You, your family and friends can help the many
                                                                                                                           important community agencies supported by the
                                                                                                                           United Way. We encourage you to support your local
                                                                                                                           United Way, Combined Federal Campaign and State
                                                                                                                           Employees Combined Appeal.
                                                                                                                           Again, thanks to all our local partners:
                                                                                                                           x    Big Springs Community Chest
                                                                                                                           x    Combined Federal Campaign
                                                                                                                           x    Shippensburg Area United Way
                                                                                                                           x    State Employees Combined Appeal
                                                                                                                           x    United Way of Adams County
FRIENDS OF SCOUTING                                                                                                        x    United Way of the Capital Region
                                                                                                                           x    United Way of Carlisle & Cumberland County
A Cubmaster’s Perspec ve                                                                                                   x
                                                                                                                                United Way of Franklin County
                                                                                                                                United Way of York County

Cub Scout Day Camp, summer camp the list goes on and on. All these bene t the New            Execu ve, Cubmaster and other leaders through skits and songs before we present the
Birth of Freedom Council’s boys and their families, thanks in part to the support re         FOS program. This helps make our district’s leadership seem more accessible to the
ceived through our annual Friends of Scou ng (FOS) Campaign. Are you doing your              parents of our pack. We u lize the presenta on of the FOS window s ckers at a spring
share to promote the FOS Program?                                                            pack mee ng to recognize those families that have decided to make a commitment to
                                                                                             the BSA and that, their son’s opportunity to grow in leadership of others. Finally for
Over the last few years I have been fortunate enough to be a Cubmaster of one of the
                                                                                             wrap up of the campaign, we have an assigned Pack FOS Coordinator follow up with
top FOS units in the council. Some leaders from around my district have asked me to
                                                                                             families not in a endance. Our overall objec ve is to provide an opportunity for every
share the secrets of our success. The formula goes back to a me honored acronym
                                                                                             family to nancially support our units
taught in the basic training: KISMIF! Keep It Simple Make It Fun!
                                                                                             FOS Campaign. I hope that I can count
In our pack we start to talk about FOS Campaign in September. We explain what the            on your support of this
community does for Scou ng as well as what Scou ng can do for our community. We              important
also make plans to include the FOS presenta on during the Blue & Gold Banquet in             program.
February. We have found this to be the op mum opportunity since we have most of the
parents and many extended family members, i.e. grandparents, aunts, uncles, who may
not realize what the costs are to running a “dynamic and successful” Scou ng program.
Another way in which we feel very strongly about is that we promote the campaign is to
lead by example. I enjoy the bene ts of what Scou ng has done for me as an individual
but also what it is doing for my family. I encourage all our unit leaders to be suppor ve.
Numerous parents ask the ques on about giving my me as a leader, so why support it
  nancially? I explain that the strength of Scou ng is the services provided by volunteer
leadership. It’s just like church; those that are closest and most ac ve best understand
the bene ts of the program and support it nancially.
How do we make it FUN? We take the opportunity to have some fun with our District

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