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					Pre Admission
WELCOME to Epworth HealthCare and thank you for choosing
Epworth Freemasons Maternity Unit located at our Victoria Parade

This booklet provides information that it is important for you to read
prior to coming to hospital. It also contains forms which must be
completed and returned to the hospital to confirm your booking.

At Epworth Freemasons, our doctors and staff work in partnership to
provide you with a high level of safe and effective care and we look
forward to making your stay with us as comfortable as possible.

Please feel free to discuss any issues with our staff and do not hesitate
to ask questions about anything you don’t understand.

              THE HOSPITAL ON (03) 9418 8300.

                                                                    t    ee

                                                               Smith Str

                                            Maternity Unit:

                                     Day Procedure Centre:

                                                                                       Freemasons 23 24 42
                                             Albert S

                                                                                                               Albert S


                                          Fitzroy Gardens

                                                                                   Grey Str


320 Victoria Parade, East Melbourne, Victoria 3002
Patient Rights & Responsibilities
       You have the right to:
           Receive courteous and appropriate care
           Privacy and confidentiality
           A safe and secure environment
           Respect for cultural and religious differences
           Receive an explanation from your doctor of your condition,
           anticipated effects of drugs, intended surgery and results of tests
           and examinations
           Full explanation of hospital and treatment costs
           Refuse treatment and seek a second opinion
           Make a complaint
           Discharge yourself from hospital after giving appropriate notice
           Appoint another person to be your Medical Power of Attorney
           Request the names and roles of the key health care workers
           involved in your care
           Refuse the presence of health workers not directly involved in
           your care

       You have the responsibility to:
           Provide the hospital with accurate information about your medical
           history and health insurance cover
           Follow the prescribed treatment or immediately inform your
           doctor of your intention not to do so
           Respect the rights of other patients
           Respect the rights of staff
           Pay your account promptly and provide accurate information for
           billing purposes
           Minimise the risk of loss of personal property
           Provide consent to treatment

Pre Admission Information
Your Doctor has notified us of your planned admission to Epworth Freemasons.
Please take time to read through this booklet and return the enclosed forms to
confirm your booking. Enclosed in this booklet you will find the following forms:
      Patient Registration Form
      Patient Health History Form
      Education Programs Booking Form
It is important that you complete and return your Patient Registration Form within
four weeks from the date of your letter to secure your booking. Receipt of this
form will confirm your booking and assist in preparing for your admission. Failure
to meet this requirement will result in your booking being automatically cancelled.
Deposit Required
A $7000 deposit is required for those patients who do not have Australian Private
Hospital Insurance or are covered by an Overseas Health Fund. Please see
information under payment of account for further details.

Options for returning forms:
In the self addressed envelope to:
Epworth Freemasons Maternity Bookings
320 Victoria Parade
East Melbourne 3002
By Mail       Please use self addressed envelope provided and allow
              4 working days for delivery
In Person     Maternity Main Reception desk 2nd Floor, 320 Victoria Parade
Fax           03 9418 8388 (Bookings will not be accepted without the original
              Registration form. Please do not fax unless overseas)
If you need to cancel this booking, it is important to contact us as soon as possible.
Please phone: (03) 9418 8300.

Before you come to Hospital
      It is your responsibility to check the following with your Private Health
  - Cost of hospitalisation
  - What exactly is covered by your level of cover
  - If you have any excess or co-payments applicable to your cover and what
    that additional cost will be
    We encourage you to have family cover. Should your baby require admission
    to Special Care Nursery and you have chosen to remain with single cover,
    you will incur significant out of pocket expenses
    Please ensure a method of payment for any excess or co-payment is

    On Admission
    On arrival report to Epworth Freemasons Hospital Maternity Unit, Main Reception
    (2nd Floor) 320 Victoria Parade, East Melbourne.
    Please make sure you bring the following items on day of admission:
         Private Health Insurance card
         Medicare Card
         Blood Group Card
         Your GP’S contact details
         Method of payment for any estimated out of pocket expenses

    Payment of Account
    An estimate of any out of pocket costs (if applicable) will be provided by the
    admission staff prior to your admission. On admission further details will be
    provided and staff will ask you to sign a financial consent form.
    Epworth Freemasons will submit a claim to your health insurance fund on your
    behalf for the cost of hospital related expenses for all privately insured patients.
    Please be aware that Obstetrician, Paediatrician, Anaesthetic and Medical
    Practitioners fees will be billed separately by these individual Practitioners.
    Epworth Freemasons accepts Visa, MasterCard, and Bankcard. American
    Express and Diners are not accepted. Cash, cheques, eftpos are all accepted
    methods of payments.
    Self-insured Patients
    If you do not have Australian Private Health Insurance cover you will be required
    to pay your $7000 deposit by no later than 8 weeks prior to your due date.
    If treatment costs exceed the estimated account you will be asked to pay the
    difference on discharge. Please note payment plans can be arranged. For further
    information please contact our Bookings Office on 9418 8300.

    Additional out of pocket expenses
    Antenatal Clinical Assessment
    Excess and co payments apply as per your health insurance cover, regardless of
    length of stay. These may include:
         Ante Natal Assessments
         BP checks
         False labour
         Query ruptured membranes / vaginal loss
    If the following extra services are requested additional charges will be incurred.
          Husband / family meals
          Queen size / fold out beds
          STD / mobile calls
    Special Care Nursery
    Admission of a baby to the Special Care Nursery incurs a separate bed fee of
    $975 per day for uninsured and single cover patients. If insured, bed fee co-
    payments and level of cover excess may apply. You are strongly encouraged to

4   contact your respective health fund to clarify the level of cover you have if your
    baby were to require admission to the Special Care Nursery.
Room Allocation
At the Epworth Freemasons Maternity Unit, we have no control over the timing
of our admissions. Therefore, you will appreciate that we cannot guarantee your
requested accommodation at the time of admission. If you have requested a
single room and there are none available at the time of admission, you will be
accommodated in a two bed room until a single room is vacant. This may be
overnight only.

Queen Size Beds
The demand for queen size beds is high. As there are only 10 queen size beds
they cannot be guaranteed during your stay. Queen beds cannot be booked in
advance. Please verbally request a queen bed with the midwife on admission
only. The cost of a queen bed is $53.00 per night which is not rebateable from
your fund.

Partner Accommodation
Partners are welcome to stay. If a queen bed is not available and your partner
wishes to stay, we have a limited number of fold away beds available. Partners
must wear adequate night attire and are requested to be out of bed by 7.30am.
The cost per night for your partner to stay is $21.00 per night.

Clarendon Street
We have three “queen sized” rooms at Clarendon Street campus which have a
hotel ambience with wonderful views of the Fitzroy Gardens. The nurses’ station
along with the nursery is only a short distance from these rooms should you need
any assistance or advice.

Park Hyatt
We are delighted to be working in partnership with the boutique Park Hyatt
Melbourne to provide our patients the option of our Hospital in the Hotel Program.
This program is an extension of our commitment to providing you with a positive
birthing experience.
Because each birth and situation is different, this program is not available
to everyone. A strict criterion supports the transfer of women to the Park Hyatt
Melbourne. Your obstetrician and maternity staff will discuss your suitability
following the birth of your baby.

Length of stay policy
If you have a vaginal birth you will be discharged on Day 5.
If you give birth by caesarean section you will be discharged on Day 6
At any time you may go home earlier if you and your doctor agree. Discharge
time is 9am and you will need to vacate your room by this time. A lounge area is
available if you need to wait for a late pick up.

    Preparing for your Hospital Admission
        Please bring all your current medications (including insulin) with you in their
        original packaging.

    Suggested Items to Bring into Hospital
    In your suitcase for Mother:
         Leisure wear
         Night gowns (3-4)
         Dressing gown (light) and footwear eg. sandals, thongs
         Comfortable bras
         1 box nursing pads
         3 packets Maternity (thick) sanitary pads (Kotex)
         Personal toiletries
         Pen and paper
         2 cold / hot Gel packs (available at pharmacies including Epworth
    For Baby: - For twins – increase baby requirements by 1/2
         6 Gowns / growth suits
         6 cotton singlets
         6 bunny rugs
         2 pair of mittens, booties, 1 bonnet / hat
         1 baby bath solution or baby soap
         2 cloth or disposable nappies for taking baby home
         Disposable nappies are supplied by the hospital
         Baby wipes
    Please ensure all personal items are clearly marked with your surname to avoid
    them getting misplaced.
    Do not bring any valuables or large sums of money into hospital. Epworth
    Freemasons does not accept liability for personal property that is lost, stolen or

    Early Discharge Packages
    Packages are available if you would like to return home earlier than your expected
    length of stay. The package contains a home visit by a midwife and the choice of
    any two discharge services. These include items such as:
         Mother / baby massage
         Home assistance
         Gift vouchers

Car Parking
Underground parking is available at competitive rates at Freemasons Medical
Centre located at 320 Victoria Parade (Phone: 9418 8155). For the collection
of patients, there is 15 minute free parking on Level 1 of the car park, which is
designated as the ‘patient pick-up’ area. The hospital is well served by metered
parking in Victoria Parade and the surrounding streets. Please not however, that
strict time restrictions apply.

No Lift System for Maternity Patients
Epworth HealthCare has implemented a system of safer work practices for staff
to use when caring for and mobilising patients. Known as the No Lift System
these practices aim to improve your care by ensuring you are moved in bed and
mobilised in the safest manner. These practices will also reduce the risk of injury
to staff.
The majority of maternity patients remain independent for their entire
hospitalisation. Some will experience a small period of time where they are not
independent eg. 1-3 hours after delivery following an epidural, or 12-24 hours
following Caesarean section. As part of the No Lift policy, staff will encourage
your assistance wherever possible, when it is safe for you to do so. This will
ensure your recovery will be facilitated, and you will return to independence as
soon as possible.
Overhead Monkey Bar
This is a metal triangle suspended from a chain attached to a metal pole at the
head of the bed. This can be grasped to assist you to move up the bed while your
knees are bent, digging your feet into the mattress.
Slide Sheets
These are thin sheets of slippery material (silicon impregnated) that will help you
move up and down the bed or delivery bed, and turn you onto your side for breast

Labour / Delivery
If you wish to squat whilst in labour, your husband or partner will be required to
support you. Staff are not permitted to assist you as this is considered “high risk”.
Similarly staff are not permitted to support your legs in any way during labour.

Breast Feeding
Every effort will be made to ensure your breast feeding experience is both effective
for your baby and enjoyable for you. You will be educated using a “hands off
technique”, and every support will be given to you. Any “hands on” assistance
with attachment will only be given in bed immediately post delivery, or the day of
delivery for Caesarean patients.

It is highly recommended that you do not overfill a large suitcase, making it
difficult and hazardous to handle. Two smaller suit cases would be easier to
handle. Assistance from your husband or partner when handling luggage would
be appreciated. Having a separate carry bag with your toiletries and a nightgown
would facilitate transfer from the delivery suite to the ward.

    Childbirth Education Programs
    Phone: (03) 9418 8314
    The education programs that we offer at Epworth Freemasons are extremely
    popular. As our classes are limited, we recommend that you return the enclosed
    Education Booking Form by 12 weeks of pregnancy to avoid disappointment.

    Midwife Conducted Child Birth Education Classes
    All classes are conducted in the Maternity Unit on the 2nd floor of 320 Victoria
    Parade, East Melbourne. There are two class schedules offered (outlined below)
    to suit your schedule and needs. Please note that the same content is covered
    for both programs.
          3 week program commencing 6.30pm – 9pm – Mon / Wed / Thurs – light
          supper provided
          Saturday or Sunday workshop 9am – 3pm – light lunch provided
    If you have any queries regarding our childbirth education program, please contact
    the childbirth education office on 9418 8314 between 9am and 1pm on Thursdays.
    The office is staffed on Thursdays; otherwise please leave all messages on the
    answering machine.

    Refresher Workshop
    This workshop is conducted once per month. It is recommended for couples who
    have previous childbirth experience.

    Fathers Session and Breastfeeding Video Night
    This session is conducted once per month. There is a cost of $10.00 per person
    for the father’s session (cash only please payable on the night).

    Grandparents Class
    This class is conducted once per month. This is an informative session discussing
    current infant and maternal health concepts such as SIDS. The cost is $10 per
    couple (cash only please payable on the night).

    Twins Video
    We offer a video session on the first Monday of each month between 1pm – 2pm.
    This is an excellent video explaining many aspects of birthing and parenting twins.

    Antenatal Interview
    Our role at Epworth Freemasons Hospital is to assist women in having a positive
    experience in birthing. If this is your first pregnancy please wait until after the
    conclusion of your Childbirth education classes to make an appointment, as often
    many questions are answered during the classes. Some women may have issues
    from previous birth, postnatal or feeding experience. We offer these women and
    other women the opportunity to discuss any concerns that they may have with
    one of our midwives in the form of a 20 minute interview. Please call 9418 8314
    after 30 weeks to schedule an appointment.

    Hospital Tours
    Tours are conducted every Wednesday at 6.00pm and at 12.30pm on allocated
    days. This is a short 10 – 15 minute tour of the unit. Please be aware if all post

    natal rooms or delivery suites are in use, rooms will not be able to be viewed.
    Please call 9418 8300 between 9am and 4pm week days to book tours.

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