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2011 Libra Horoscope - Based on Moon Sign

2011 would be a positive year, as you will experience a dynamic & vibrant approach in career as well
as life in general. You will be active, inquisitive and ready to open up new channels in life.

It is period when you will experience an expansion in work, finances as well as a higher level of expenses. New
opportunities and freshness in various aspects of life will be present. Beyond 8th May 2011, you could find the
possibility of marriage or a lasting romance. Existing relationships would move towards commitment. New
partnerships could come up.

Public relations would become strong and bring in a high level of growth & gains for you. Beyond 2nd May, a
slow down would be felt in new areas, while the older areas would continue to grow and bring in higher level of
growth & financial gains. Your subconscious will remain active and disturbed at times. It would be useful to
remain calm & balanced in your outlook.

Expenses & travel would remain higher than normal. It is a period when losses due to error in judgment would
remain. New investments are avoidable, while a tendency for extravagant gifting should be avoided. A new cycle
of growth could come after 15th November 2011. Saturn, the most auspicious planet, for your moon sign, would
enter your first house. It will bring exceptional growth and hard work. Personal life will feel pressured due to a
sudden rise in opportunities & lack of bonding with family. Good period to grow professionally with the help of
partners & associates.

Broadly you will find the trends during the year broken up between the following periods:

1st January to early May 2011

May to 15th November 2011

15th November to 31st December 2011

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