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                                              DistributeD   to more than   3,100   homes by the allanDale      neighborhooD association
                                                                                                                                             Dec 2010
                                                                                                                                        Vol 25, Issue 6

ANA Forms Special Committee                                                                                   Issue Highlights:

on Home Hotels
Joe Reynolds
                                                                                               ANA President’s Letter. . . . . . . . . . . .2
                                                                                               Highlights from ANA EC Meetings .4

                                                                                               It’s That Time, Again! . . . . . . . . . . . . .4
            t the November 18 Executive Committee meeting,                                     The Northwest Little League
                                                                                               Complex at Gullett . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7
            the ANA Board voted to form a special committee                                    Tree Care is an Investment. . . . . . . . .8
            on Home Hotels.                                                                    Austin Neighborhood Council –
                                                                                               Focus on the Comprehensive Plan . .9
    The issue arose following an
                                                                                               2010 McCallum Football Season
article in the Allandale Neighbor
                                                                                               Wrap-up . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9
about vacation rentals. Previous-
                                                                                               Lamar Safe Routes to School
ly, the Board heard a presenta-
                                                                                               Service Austin Day . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10
tion by neighbors at the August
                                                                                               Gullett Students Benefit from
EC meeting.
                                                                                               Walking on Wednesday . . . . . . . . . . .10
    Home Hotels are called by
                                                                                               Why do Leaves Change Color? . . . .11
many names. They are located all
                                                                                               Allandale Veterans. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12
over Austin. They are often pre-
                                                                                               New Programs at Yarborough
sented as a homeowner doing a        Vacation rental on Whiteway Dr
                                                                                               Library . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
home vacation exchange, and
                                                                                               Destination: South America –
this view is aggressively promot-
                                                  Vacation rental units located in Condos      Allandale Residents Go Abroad . . . .13
ed by a trade organization. “It’s
                                               on 5th St and in apartment areas are not        Church is Home to Many
my property and I can rent it as I please.”
                                               in single family zoning. Some on Lake           Neighborhood Activities . . . . . . . . .15
Trouble is, the property owners are not
                                               Austin and Lake Travis are unzoned. But         Neighborhood Watch . . . . . . . . . . . .16
home owners doing a vacation exchange
                                               Allandale, Bouldin Creek, and other single      Gullett Good News . . . . . . . . . . . . .18
– they have purchased property with the
                                               family neighborhoods are being negatively       Dog Talk: Vaccinations! . . . . . . . . . .20
specific intention of providing sleeping
                                               impacted. Often, the units are advertised       Constable’s Notebook. . . . . . . . . . . .21
accommodations for a fee, with a 2-night
minimum stay, on a regular, recurring          to highlight the neighborhood setting –
                                               an attractive house in a quiet setting; just
basis. They thus meet the definition of a
motel, and those located in Allandale are      right for a football party. “Live like a rock     Time To Renew youR
operating on lots zoned SF2. SF2 zoning        star during SXSW.”
                                                  The special committee will report regu-
                                                                                                   AnA membeRship.
prohibits such commercial activity.
                                               larly to the ANA Board, and updates will
    A group of neighbors, those living next
to the hotels and others concerned about be presented in the Allandale Neighbor.
                                                                                                  please see enclosed
commercial activity in residential zoning,        The committee is charged with fact-
                                               gathering, including collecting informa-
                                                                                                 envelope. if you're not
are active in opposing the hotels. There is
commonly excessive parking, noise, and         tion about these properties. If you have         sure if your membership
                                               information of interest to the committee,
disturbance when the places are rented –
                                               I urge you to email Maurice Anderson,             is current, see page 2
just the reasons that they are banned
from single family zoning.                     the chair, at v                 for more information.
             The Allandale Neighbor                             ANA President’s                                      being rebuilt. Then I walked across the
                                                                                                                     street to ANC, where we grappled with
              is published bimonthly by the
       Allandale Neighborhood Association (ANA)                 Letter                                               the push for greater density in the Com-
                                                                Cynthia Keohane                                      prehensive Plan.
                                                                                                                        Are you wondering if your Allandale

             Editor Tom Linehan
                                                                     efore the October 27                                          membership is paid up?
      AdvErtising, Cathy Savage, 680-6281
                                                                     ANC meeting, I                                                There are two ways you can
    LAyout, dEsign                                                                 wondering if your
            PrintEr Worley Printing, 478-4064
                                                                attended the keynote                                               check with ANA about this.
                                                                speech at the National                                             You may call our new Gmail
             A sPEciAL thAnks to our                            Trust for Historic Pres-            Allandale membership is phone number and leave a
      AdvErtisErs And contributing writErs
                                                                ervation convention. Paul                                          message at 650-8343. Or,
               contAct informAtion                              Goldberger, Architecture             paid up? there are two you may email the existing
                 Allandale Neighbor,
         PO Box 10886, Austin, TX 78766-1886                    Critic for The New Yorker,                                         newsletter email, allandalere-
                           spoke about how Austin ways you can check. call, to ask your
            ANA Executive Committee
                                                                embodied the Next                                                  status. Please give us a day
            PrEsidEnt             Cynthia Keohane
                                                                American City. He said                   650-8343 or email         or two to respond.
       vicE PrEsidEnt             Peggy Jo Maceo                that Austin is both con-                                              The new storm drain con-
           trEAsurEr              Diane Swinney                 nected to history and
           sEcrEtAry              Karen Knight                                                           allandalereporter@        struction project increases
             mEmbErs              George Roman, Rob             “energetically forward-                                            the importance of block
                                  Robinson, Sara Sternberg,     thinking,” thanks to the                                           captains. The year-long con-
                                  Dan Diener, Jason Kloc, Mat                                      
                                  Thompson and Laura
                                                                presence of UT and the                                             struction project will neces-
                                  DiCarlo                       corporate headquarters                                             sarily bring workers into our
ANA General Meetings are held March and September               of Dell and Whole Foods. He pointed                  neighborhood. It could also provide an
on the fourth Thursday.                                         out that Austin’s not a city dependent on            opportunity for others with no business
                                                                the “meds and eds” solutions – health-               here to “scout it out.” The best informa-
     bEAutificAtion                 Linnea Lemon
                                                                care and education.                                  tion I have is that most work will take
            byLAws                  George Roman                   Goldberger compared Austin favorably              place on Bull Creek Road, White Horse
     communicAtions                 Tom Linehan                 to cities with the “new pseudo-urban land- Trail, and Nasco Drive, with some activi-
        mEmbErshiP                  Dan Diener
         nominAting                 (unassigned)                scape” of Tyson’s Corner, Virginia or the            ty near Rickey, Carleen, and Bullard. I
             sAfEty                 Laura DiCarlo               Galleria area of Houston. He cited them              encourage all residents in the immediate
zoning And PLAnning                 Paulette Kern
                                                                as “new places that aspire to urbanity but           area to be active in their block’s crime
             Allandale Police District                          don’t really possess much of it, and which watch. If your block has no block cap-
                 Representatives                                show us that a certain amount of density             tain, now’s your time to volunteer. Laura
                Josh Metteauer, 974-8124,                       and tall buildings alone do not a city               DiCarlo at will be glad
              Rolando Gutierrez, 974-5998,
                                                                make.” Most importantly, to this neighbor- to let you know if your block already has
                     hood activist trying to protect the quality          a block captain or to train you, if needed.
                                                                of our 50- to 60-year-old neighborhood,                 Is there something that you wish the
                                 An                             he spoke of the importance of preserving Allandale Neighborhood Association
                                        s           on
                                                         Lan    some design elements that provide the                would do? Are you willing to help make
      Allandale                                             e
                                                                “rich patina of age” even in an area that is it happen? Several Allandale homeowners
     Neighborhood                                                                                                    who are concerned about short term
      Boundaries                                                                                                     home rentals in their area recently
                                                                 The Allandale Neighbor is published and dis-        brought their concerns to the Allandale
                                                                 tributed bimonthly by the ANA. For more
                                                                 information contact Cathy Savage at 680-            Executive Committee. Hearing those

                                                                 6281 or                     concerns, the EC authorized a special

                                                                 Your Ad                Size     One time rate*      committee to look into the situation and
                    ay- c
                  ew oPa

                                      Burnet Road

                                                                                                                     report back on alternate approaches. The
                                                                 Full Page          7½ x 9¾”           $220

                                                                 1/2 Page             7½ x 5           $155          committee is supported by a board mem-
                                                                 1/4 Page            35/8 x 4½          $80          ber who is liaison between the committee

                                                                 Business Card        35/8 x 2          $50          and the EC. Several current and former
                                                                 Web Ad           160 x 160 pixels      $60
                                                                                                                     board members are assisting.
                                                                 Full page inserts (one issue) 1 side––$260,
                                    H                            2 side (same advertiser)––$360, 2 side                 Special thanks to all our volunteers
                                   Dr an                         (two advertisers)––$460. We prefer digital          who help make Allandale a great place.
                                     iv co
                                       e ck                      files, at least 350 dpi (TIFF or PDF are            With all our professional and personal
                                                                 best). We can create or alter your ad for a         commitments, everyone’s time is pre-
                                                                 nominal charge.
       th                                                                                                            cious. Thanks so much for taking time to
                                    ee l
                                  Cr hoa

                                                                 * a 10% discount is offered on three or more

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                                                                                                                      All Ages Welcome!
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Highlights from ANA                            tin Neighborhoods Council passed a
                                               resolution calling for the city to sus-
                                                                                         It’s That Time, Again!
                                                                                         Dan Diener
EC Meetings                                    pend the process. (See related article)

Cynthia Keohane                               Trees: Peggy Maceo is organizing a             o, it’s not turkey time, gift time, or
                                               seminar on tree care, including safe           champagne time. It’s time to renew
                                               pruning techniques. This would be         your Allandale Neighborhood Associa-
October and November 2010                      taught by a local arborist.               tion membership. Memberships run from
October                                    November                                      January 1 to December 31 (see sidebar).
 Safety: Laura DiCarlo reports that we
                                            Lamar Safe Routes to School: Donna          So, start your new year off right – rejoin!
  currently have 75 block captains or        Beth McCormick reported there will          Household membership is only $15, or
  alternates. National Night Out went        be a car count at Lamar Middle School       $7 for seniors.
  very well in Allandale.                    as part of a traffic assessment.               I think of my ANA membership as a
 Membership: Dan Deiner wants to
                                            Nominating Committee: Joe Reynolds          second insurance policy on my house. My
  provide an easy way for people to          reported there are two candidates for       primary insurance protects me against
  know if their membership is current.       the board.                                  weather, fire, and physical damage. My
  Two methods were agreed to. Sara          Short term home rental: The board           ANA membership helps to protect the
  Sternberg suggested and set up a new       authorized a special committee on           value of my home by keeping me
  Gmail phone number where people            short term rentals. This committee is       informed about increases in neighbor-
  can call and leave a message. Tom          tasked with investigating all aspects of    hood crime, changes in city regulations,
  Linehan agreed that people can email       short term rentals in the Allandale         commercial development, etc.
  the existing newsletter email, allan-      neighborhood and presenting possible           Do you know if burglaries are increas-, to ask their       courses of action, along with their rec-    ing in your immediate area? Do you know
  status.                                    ommendations, to the board. Maurice         if someone is planning to open a “tem-
 ANC: Cynthia Keohane reported that,
                                             Anderson, committee chair, can be           porary rental property” in the empty
  after months of working with the city      reached at v              house two doors away from yours? If
  to improve the planning process, Aus-

                    

someone builds an addition to their            family or home.
house that may affect your property, do           In addition, the ANA spon-
you know what your rights are? Do you          sors many events each year           The Allandale neighborhood Association by-
know if the city’s long-range plans might      that improve the neighbor-
affect your house? Most people don’t           hood and foster a closer rela-     laws set the yearly membership from Jan. 1 to
know the answers to these and other            tionship between you and your
questions that might affect the value or       neighborhood. Picnics, 4th of      Dec. 31 each year. if a household joins after
the livability of their homes. The ANA         July parade, outdoor movies,
keeps a constant watch on these things to      Night Out parties, and park        september 1 in any given year, they are consid-
insure that our neighbors’ know what is        cleanup are just a few of the
going on.                                      events the ANA sponsors to         ered a member for the following calendar year.
   We monitor crime statistics, have a         help neighbors get to know
very active neighborhood watch program         each other.                          if you are not sure whether you joined
and patrols, maintain excellent relation-         The monthly Allandale
ships with local police units, and much        Neighbor and the ANA Web           between september 1, 2010 and now, or for fur-
more to insure our members know what           site and blog provide you with
is happening.                                  the latest information about       ther specific information, please call (512) 650-
   We attend city, regional, planning, orga-   what’s going on.
nizational, and zoning meetings every             Those are just some of the      8343 and leave a message. one of our volun-
month to insure Allandale’s concerns are       things the ANA does. Now it’s
represented.                                   your turn to do something –        teers will call you back. or you can email a
   We provide a vast resource of knowl-        join. Our goal is to increase of
edge about what to do if you have prob-        membership in 2011 to over         question to and
lems with or questions about city regula-      500 Allandale households. Can
tions, zoning changes, or other govern-        we count on you to be one of       we will be back to you promptly.
mental activities that might affect your       them? v

Check out for additional articles and postings.

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The Northwest Little
League Complex at
Walter Brewer

A    t the Northwest Little League (NWLL) com-
     plex on a recent Sunday afternoon, four kids
were doing somersaults on Field 3, a large post-
church crowd enjoyed a little baseball fellowship
on Field 4, and a group of 20-something guys at
Field 2 looked like they were a few players shy
of a game. These images illustrate the beauty of
the Northwest Little League fields. The complex
is something the whole community can enjoy
when its not teeming with boys in helmets toting
bat bags.
   The baseball complex sits on land adjacent to     Northwest Little League Field
Gullett Elementary that is owned by the City of
Austin. The fields are operated by the NWLL          up in Fort Worth’s Masonic Home             There are a total of seven fields in
volunteer organization with the consent of the       and School and had a special affinity    the complex. While not every Allan-
Allandale Neighborhood Association.                  for youth sports. “It was the thing he   dale resident will cheer the growth of
   Right now, the 56-year-old league has around      liked to do with his money most of       NWLL and the traffic, noise, and
950 players, and its boundary stretches from the     all,” Forwood said.                      other concerns more players bring,
other side of Crestview near Interstate 35 all the      It was also a practical thing. “He    many local families have enjoyed sit-
way to Volente and Lake Travis. The league even      used to think that having a kid with     ting in the stands on a warm night
draws players from the Steiner Ranch area and        Louis Shanks on their shirt was better   watching kids compete.
has grown significantly in the past few years.       than ad in the Sunday paper,” she           “It’s a very social game to watch
   “We’ve had such a nice growth trend in the        said.                                    together,” Allen said. “The families
last six years,” said Dan Allen, president of           Steve Shanks Field is named in        that participate have created a great
NWLL. “We were around 750 players in ’06 and         memory her brother who died of           community.” v
’07. In the last three years we’ve grown a ton.”     cancer in 1974 when he was 27.
   That growth has necessitated several improve-
ments. Allen said in May, Field 3 got lights and                           Enjoy Allandale—
now they’re working on making the fence taller
so that older players can use it. A taller fence                      get to know your neighbors
means home runs are harder to hit, and the field
can play like a larger field without taking up
additional space.
   Numerous other improvements have been
made in recent years. More grass has been added
to several infields, two new batting cages have
been added, and a pitching bullpen was recently
installed near the cages.
   Money for all the improvements comes from
registration fees, advertising on the fences, and
generous donations. Allen said registration fees
cover day-to-day maintenance and major dona-
tions allow for big projects like the lighting and
covers for the stands. “For the lights we added
in the spring, a major donor stepped forward.
An angel donor allowed us to do that.”
   Louis Shanks has been a long time donor for
NWLL; in fact, Field 1 is Louis Shanks Field
and Field 2 is Steve Shanks Field. Louis Shanks’
daughter, Susie Shanks Forwood, said Shanks
supports teams all over Austin. Her father grew

Tree Care is an Investment                                          Don Gardner
Peggy Maceo
                                                                    Consulting Arborist

w      e are fortunate that
       Allandale is rich with
                                  cut has the potential to change
                                  the growth of the tree or
trees. As an older neighbor-
hood we have many mature
                                  cause damage to it. It is good
                                  to know what you are doing.       Basic
trees, but we also have some      Once a 5” diameter branch
that are newly planted and
some that were here before
                                  hits the ground there is no
                                  going back.
the Alamo. It is hard to imag-
ine a home without trees.
                                     How does pruning affect
                                  the structure of a tree? What     Workshop
Allandale’s trees enhance our     is the best technique for prun-
lives and beautify our sur-       ing young trees? How is decay
roundings and benefit us as a     introduced in mature trees?
                                                                    Shoal Creek Nursery
community. They also increase     How can we train young trees
the value of our property.        to have a strong form? These      2710 Hancock
   Our trees, particularly our    are topics that Consulting        Saturday Jan.22, 2011 10 a.m.-12 p.m.
mature trees, are the work-       Arborist Don Gardner will
                                                                    Don Gardner has consulted about trees in Austin
horses of the urban forest and    discuss at his Basic Pruning
                                                                    for over 25 years. He will share his knowledge of
their benefits go beyond quali-   Workshop on January 22, 2011
                                                                    proper tree pruning and how to maintain the
ty of life. They reduce storm     at Shoal Creek Nursery. Don
water run off, absorb air pol-    has been caring for trees for     health and structure of a tree.
lutants, and reduce heat with     over 25 years. Don will share     Sponsored by the Allandale Neighborhood
welcomed shade. They are          his enthusiasm, knowledge,        Association.
worth keeping. We should          and skills on pruning and
consider them an investment!      good tree care.                   Free for ANA Members. Others $5
   What is necessary to main-        Question and answer ses-
tain and improve the health,      sion to follow. Please don’t
appearance, and safety of our     miss this excellent opportuni-
trees? Pruning is a vital part    ty. v
of good tree care. But each
                                                                            
                                                                                                    

    Landscaping & Tree Trimming Services                                    
              For a quote call Rick Hall
                   512.297.4255                                      
                                                                          
     Elaine Benton
                                                                            
       Native Austinite                                                                             
    Allandale homeowner                                                                             
     Licensed since 1993                                                                
        (512) 636-6555                                                      

Austin Neighborhood                            spectrum of Austin’s geography and cul-     discuss follow-up on the above resolu-
                                               tures; and                                  tion. It will also engage in a dialog with
Council – Focus on the                            Whereas, participation will be greatly   Citizens Advisory Task Force Members
Comprehensive Plan                             enhanced by the development of geo-         and members of Neighborhood Plan
Cynthia Keohane                                graphic presentation on the council that    contact teams.
                                               is conditioned by the publishing of the

A    fter months of working with the city
     to improve the planning process, the
Austin Neighborhoods Council (ANC)
                                               2010 Census and the 2012 Charter
                                               Amendment Election;
                                                  Therefore be it resolved that the Aus-
                                                                                           2010 McCallum Foot-
passed a resolution calling for the city to    tin Neighborhoods Council calls for sus-    ball Season Wrap-up
suspend the process.                           pension or restart of the Austin Compre-    Erik Brewer
   Resolution to Suspend the City of           hensive Planning Project.
Austin Comprehensive Planning Project.
   Whereas, the City of Austin has allo-
cated $1.3 million and directed city staff
                                                  As the Allandale representative to
                                               ANC, I voted for this resolution after a
                                               number of conversations with other
                                                                                           m    cCallum got off to a slow start to the
                                                                                                2010 football season. Losses to
                                                                                           teams like Anderson, Vista Ridge, and
to initiate a project to develop a new         ANA members who participated in many        Hutto might have demoralized a lesser
comprehensive plan; and                        planning meetings. They were unanimous      team. They also lost the Battle for the Bell
   Whereas, the supportive data for the        in agreeing that the growth scenarios       with Travis High School, the first time
city’s planning effort is incomplete and       which formed the basis of the process       they relinquished the bell since 1998. With
should await the publishing of the 2010        were faulty.                                impressive fortitude they turned the sea-
Census and other essential data; and              ANC has not withdrawn from the pro-      son around by putting together a string of
   Whereas, the initial orientation of the     cess. There is too much at stake. The       big wins. Most important, those victories
planning effort has narrowly focused on a      ANC Executive Committee, on which I         came over district opponents. McCallum
questionable growth scenario which has         serve, has called a special membership      beat teams like LBJ, Crockett, and Reagan
alienated many citizens and reduced par-       meeting for December 8. This meeting        to win a piece of the 25-4A-district cham-
ticipation to represent only a self-selected   on the Imagine Austin Process will brief    pionship, a title they shared with LBJ.
group, not representative of the broad         members on the planning process and                                  Continued on page 10

McCallum Football                           Lamar Safe Routes to                           sidewalks and roads and avoiding parking
Continued from page 9                                                                      in bike lanes.
                                            School Service Austin                             For more information contact Jane
                                            Day                                            Herrin, Lamar Safe Routes to School
                                            Jan Herrin                                     Coordinator
                                                                                     or 940-3600 v

                                            L   amar Safe Routes to School partnered
                                                with the Rotary Club of Austin for
                                            Service Austin Day on Friday, November         Gullett Students
                                            19. Twelve community volunteers and
                                            parents participated in traffic data collec-   Benefit from Walking
The 2010 McCallum Football Team (Daniel
                                            tion at key intersections around Lamar         on Wednesday
                                            Middle School for two shifts. Compli-          Stephanie Schultz
Watson photo)                               mentary breakfast, snacks, and t-shirts

   McCallum earned a spot in the state      were distributed as a thank you.                     nd remember,” Gullett Principal
playoffs where they faced Lake Travis, a       Lamar Safe Routes to School formed                Janie Ruiz begins her weekly
team that won three consecutive state       November 2009. The SR2S Task group             reminder during the Tuesday morning
championships and has a chance to win       meets monthly. Hundreds of volunteer           announcements, “tomorrow is Walk-to-
another one this year. McCallum fought      hours have gone into formulating a plan        School Wednesday.”
Lake Travis to the bitter end, only to      that includes improvements such as side-         Gullett students are encouraged to
come up two yards short in the fourth       walks, cross walks, bike lanes, and more.      walk, bike, or scooter to school every
quarter. The loss ended McCallum’s sea-     This is just one more step toward finaliz-     Wednesday on Walk-to-School Wednes-
son, but showed the rest of the area that   ing the proposal for the City of Austin.       day. Many students set their alarms a few
the Knights were capable of hanging with    Our latest communication with the COA          minutes early, so they can get moving
the big boys. The Knights now look          has been encouraging.                          before the bell rings.
towards next year, hoping to improve on        Allandale residents can help make the         The program was kicked off on Inter-
their winning season as they bring back a   neighborhood more pedestrian friendly          national Walk to School Day on Septem-
majority of their starters. v               by keeping vegetation trimmed along the        ber 16. That day, a representative of Clif

             sewer & drain service l fiber optic drain line inspections
                    l free estimates l satisfaction guaranteed

                                 Steve Brougher
                                                  Master License M-39722
                                            1106 West Koenig Lane

Kids generously offered the school 16           Running improved test scores immediately       starts to cool off. Trees react to this
boxes of Clif Kid bars and Twisted Fruit.       afterward. Playing video games did not.        change by producing less chlorophyll and
Far more than the students who walked              So even without the lure of the Clif        eventually stop making it all together. Leaf
and biked to school could consume in            Bar (as supplies are dwindling), students      cells contain chlorophyll and carotenoid all
one day, the Clif treats have served as         benefit from walking by reducing traffic       the time during the growing season. How-
motivators every Wednesday.                     and – as the evidence suggests – jump-         ever, the chlorophyll covers the carotenoid,
   “I love to get the Clif bars,” said one      starting the brain. v                          so you only see the leaves as green. When
fifth grader as he biked in on a cold                                                          the tree has stopped making chlorophyll,
Wednesday. “I like to ride my bike, but on                                                     the carotenoid becomes visible and the
the days that I forget a snack or it’s a not-   Why do Leaves                                  leaves show the yellow, orange, and brown
so-great hot lunch, the Clif bars are great!”                                                  colors.
                                                Change Color?                                     The majority of anthocyanins (red col-
Get Moving!

   Gullett has around 50 percent transfer            ll summer long,                                                ors) are only produced
students this year, and the Walk-to-School           trees are working                                              in the fall under specif-
team suggests that they consider getting        very hard to create and                                             ic conditions but not
dropped off a few blocks away to take           store nutrients. Trees                                              by all trees. There
advantage of a short walk. That, combined       use light from the sun                                              needs to be several
with the increased number of neighbor-          to convert water and                                                warm, sunny days with
hood kids who walk on Wednesdays, helps         carbon dioxide into                                                 cool nights that remain
reduce the car traffic around the school.       sugar. This process is                                              above freezing in a row
   Karen Moore is Gullett’s Wellness co-        called photosynthesis.                                              to get a lot of red col-
chair, and met students near Northwest          The colors in the                                                   ors. Anthocyanins are
Park on kick-off day. The team will plan        leaves come from three                                              produced by the tree
another chaperoned walk when the spring         different pigments:                                                 to help get all of the
semester kicks off on Ground Hog day,              1. Chlorophyll is                                                nutrients out of the
February 2nd.                                   green in color and is                                               leaves before they fall
                                                the most important                                                  off.
Research Says Moving Improves                                                                                          A warm and wet
                                                because without it, trees would not be
Testing                                                                                        spring followed by a mild summer and a
                                                able to use sunlight to produce food.
   Childhood obesity and the importance                                                        fall that has plenty of warm days and cool
                                                   2. Carotenoid makes the bright yellows
of physical activity are the focus of many                                                     nights produce the best fall colors. v
                                                and oranges like in bananas and carrots
current studies, and all point to the posi-
                                                along with other fruits and vegetables. It
tive effects of even small amounts of aer-
                                                also helps capture
obic activity. According to the New York
                                                sunlight for photo-
Times, researchers at the University of Illi-
nois found that just 20 minutes of walk-
                                                   3. Anthocyanins
ing before a test raised children’s scores,
                                                make the red in
even if the children were otherwise unfit
                                                plants and fruits
or overweight. The same article noted
                                                like strawberries,
another study in which researchers com-
                                                cherries, and apples.
pared the cognitive impact in young peo-
ple of 20 minutes of running on a tread-          In the fall, the
mill with 20 minutes of playing sports-         days become shorter
style video games at a similar intensity.       and the temperature

                                                                        Allandale’s local source for moonwalk party rentals.
                                                                           Let us put some bounce in your holiday events.

                                                                           (512) 461-5040 •
                                                             Inflatable. Bouncing. Fun.

Allandale Veterans                           Tom Seay
                                             Branch of service: U.S. Army
                                                                                           Age: 76
                                                                                           Notable Awards: None
Tom Linehan
                                             Dates of Service: July 1968 - July 1971       Number of Years in Allandale: 33 (same

v    eteran’s Day, November 11th, will       Rank: E-5                                     address)
     have come and gone by the time you      Age: 64                                       Street in Allandale where you live: Yel-
receive this newsletter; however, it is      Notable awards/decorations: No notable        lowpine Terrace
never too late to acknowledge the men        awards, just usual: Good Conduct Medal,
and women who served our country in          etc.                                          Bert Crowson
the military. What follows is information    Number of Years in Allandale: Since           Branch of Service: USAF
on just some of the veterans in our          1985 (25 years)                               Dates of Service: 1951 - 1955
neighborhood. The information was            Street in Allandale where you live: Shoal     Rank: Senior Airman (E-4)
gathered from a posting to the Allandale     Creek Blvd                                    Age: 77
listserve. Thanks to the people who                                                        Notable awards/decorations: Usual
responded. More importantly, thanks to       Vernon Maxwell Arrell (goes by Max)           USAF citations including the Republic of
these and all of our Allandale veterans      Branch of service: U.S. Navy (submarine       Korea War Service Medal, the Korean
for your service to our country.             service)                                      Presidential Unit Citation, and the Kore-
                                             Dates of Service: 1952 - 1956                 an Service Medal with two bronze cam-
Charles Stanley Briggs                       Rank: Engineman lst class                     paign stars.
Branch of service: Army Air Corps            Age: 77 (July 23, 1933)                       Number of Years in Allandale: 40
Dates of Service: November 4, 1942 -         Notable awards/decorations: usual Kore-       Street in Allandale where you live: Shoal
November 4, 1945                             an War accommodations                         Creek Blvd.
Age: 90 years old on November 4, 2010        Number of Years in Allandale: In the
Number of Years in Allandale: 54             same house since l965.
                                             Street in Allandale where you live: Silver-
Street in Allandale where you live: Louise
                                             way Drive.
                                                                                           New Programs at
   He spent those three years overseas                                                     Yarborough Library
during WWII. He was in Australia, New        Lynwood C. Krause                             Cynthia Keohane
                                             Branch of Service: USAF (Strategic Air

Guinea, the Phillipines, the Reulke
Islands, Iwo Jima, and Tokoyo. His unit      Command)                                           he former Americana Theater site will
set up the airbase for General McArthur      Dates of Service: 1956 - 1959 (Active              once again show films, if only once a
to land in Tokoyo.                           Duty) – 1967 (USAF Reserve)                   month. Yarborough Library is launching
                                             Rank: Captain                                 a film series called “Based on Books.” I

                                                                                            eric m Dolin
                                                                                            financial Advisor

                                                                                            5720 burnet road, suite A
                                                                                            Austin, tX 78756
                                     Roberta Maleski                                        bus. 512-374-1639 fax 877-874-8672
                                                                                            tf. 866-374-1639
                                     (512) 296-5196                               

talked with Darren Tange, who is coordi-
nating the series. Beginning in January,
                                             2. “Stardust” novel by Neil Gaiman
                                             3. “Children of Men” novel by P.D.
                                                                                          Destination: South
films will be shown on the third Thurs-         James                                     America – Allandale
day of each month. The start time has
not been finalized; but it is planned for
                                             4. “The Thin Man” novel by Dashiell
                                                                                          Residents Go Abroad
                                                                                          Hanalei Lamar Myers
6:00 or 6:30. The series will run through    5. “The Princess Bride” novel by William

July, and may be extended if the series is      Goldman
                                                                                               y husband, Merritt, and I met on a
well-attended.                               6. “Big Fish” novel by Daniel Wallace
                                                                                               cruise. Our third date was in Madrid,
   Tange provided the list of films that     7. “The Last Picture Show” novel by
                                                                                          Spain, and we married on the island of
will be screened and noted that the order       Larry McMurtry
                                                                                          Kauai inHawaii. So, it was no huge sur-
has not been decided. Except for the first      Tange said that plans are also under-     prise to our friends and family when we
movie listed, all are based on a book with   way for a book club, with a possible Janu-   announced that we wanted to go back-
the same name                                ary start. It will meet on the third Tues-   packing across South America. At the end
1. “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” based        day of each month. Contact for the book      of 2008, we leased out our home on Ger-
   on Homer’s epic poem “The Odyssey”        club will be Meredith Watters. v             aghty Ave., shut off our cell phones, put
                                                                                          our lives in a storage unit, and began our
                                                                                              journey abroad. After hitting up REI
                                                                                              for a lot of gear, we hoisted our packs
                                                                                              on our shoulders and flew to our first
                                                                                              destination, Venezuela. We stepped
                                                                                              off the plane with pure excitement
                                                                                              only to find that NONE of our lug-
                                                                                              gage had arrived. Due to the busy sea-
                                                                                              son, it would arrive the next day!
                                                                                              Then we got ripped off exchanging
                                                                                              some U.S. dollars for Bolivares (Vene-
                                                                                              zuelan currency), our brand new cam-
                                                                                              era was stolen, and Merritt got food
                                                                                              poisoning. All of this happened in the
                                                                                              first few days of our trip, which left
                                                                                              me wondering if I could even survive
                                                                                              another six months of travel! But we
                                                                                              persevered. So many other challenges
                                                                                              would bring us closer together along
                                                                                              our journey, and the beauty of count-
                                                                                              less amazing experiences far out-
                                                                                              weighed the difficulties.
                                                                                                 Highlights of three weeks in Vene-
                                                                                              zuela included snorkeling in the crystal
                                                                                              blue waters of Los Roques Archipela-
                                                                                              go, trekking six days to the top of Mt.
                                                                                              Roraima in Canaima National Park,
                                                                                              and lingering in the sand dunes of
                                                                                              Coro. Colombia was magical! We
                                                                                              learned to scuba dive for the first time,
                                                                                              exploring the undersea wonder of
                                                                                              coral, fish, lobsters, and eels in Tayro-
                                                                                              na National Park. In Peru, we hiked
                                                                                              the Cordillera Blanca, the world’s sec-
                                                                                              ond highest mountain range, where
                                                                                              views of Huascaran Mountain were
                                                                                              quite literally breathtaking, like nothing
                                                                                              I’d ever seen. I’ll always cherish the
                                                                                              stunning moment we arrived at dawn
                                                                                              to the Sun Gate overlooking Machu
                                                                                              Picchu after trekking four days along
                                                                                                                  Continued on page 15
Respite Acupuncture
and Herbal Medicine
(512) 431-2287
Located on tisdale drive in Austin, texas
(near 183 & Lamar; call for address)
                                                                           cindy freeman, LAc mAom
                                                                           bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology 1992
                                                                           masters degree in Acupuncture and oriental
                                                                           medicine 2006

                                                                           Q: what conditions can be treated with acupunc-
                                                                           ture and herbal medicine?
                                                                           A: traditional chinese medicine (tcm) is a com-
                                                                           prehensive medical system that can be used
                                                                           effectively in the treatment of acute or chronic dis-
                                                                           ease, whether it is due to infection, trauma, or an
                                                                           internal imbalance. the use of tcm can preserve
                                                                           good health, prevent illness by keeping the body
                                                                           in balance, hasten recovery from or prevent
                                                                           advancement of illness, be used in conjunction
                                                                           with western medical treatments, and treat dis-
                                                                           eases for which western medicine currently has
                                                                           no effective treatment.
nestled in a quiet neighborhood, in a cottage surrounded by a beauti-
                                                                           Q: what conditions have you had success treat-
ful pond and lush courtyard, you'll find the perfect place to relax, re-
balance, and renew your health.
                                                                           A: i enjoy, and have had success treating: anxi-
                                                                           ety, depression, insomnia, palpitations, and

                                                                           stress; joint, muscle, and nerve pain; low back
                              off your first visit to                      pain, high blood pressure, eye disorders, head-
                              Respite Acupuncture                          aches, gastrointestinal and respiratory disorders,
                                                                           allergies, fatigue, Pms, geriatric issues, and
                              and Herbal Medicine                          symptoms of multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, and
                              coupon expires 2-15-2011

Destination: South                                                                           Church is Home to
America                                                                                      Many Neighborhood
Continued from page 13
the Inca Trail. I was a child again in                                                       Stephanie Schulz
Chile, sliding down the glaciated
side of an active volcano, laughing
all the way. I saw electric rainbows
flowing into aqua waters in Patago-
                                                                                             w      hat do a Girl Scout from Gullett, a
                                                                                                    basketball player from Paragon
                                                                                             Prep, an under-employed Austinite, and a
nia’s surreal landscape. In Los Gla-                                                         Jazzercise instructor have in common?
ciares National Park, we hiked in a                                                             They have all used the Fellowship and
forest of red and orange, and                                                                Education Building at Covenant Presby-
awoke to complete awe at the sun-                                                            terian Church for meetings and practices.
rise of hot pink on the towering                                                                Covenant Presbyterian Church has
peaks where we camped.                                                                       been on the corner of Mopac and 2222
   To celebrate an absolute dream-                                                           since 1964, serving as a western border
come-true of a first year married,                                                           for the neighborhood. The church
we headed to Bariloche, in the                                                               recently finished the hard-to-miss four-
lakes district of Argentina. We                                                              story Fellowship and Education Building,
splurged on a day at the spa at                                                              a 59,000-square-foot building that
Llao Llao, a world-class resort, and                                                         includes a gymnasium, a full kitchen, sev-
                                             guese, changing currencies, navigating
dined at Alberto’s, the best parrilla                                                        eral large gathering areas, and numerous
                                             new cities, and learning about different
(Argentine Grill/Steakhouse). I sampled                                                      classrooms. The space is an ideal place
                                             cultures. We truly lived each moment to
the finest Malbecs in Mendoza, and we                                                        for meetings, worship, fellowship, recre-
                                             the fullest and the challenges and beauties
spent two decadent weeks in Buenos                                                           ation, and gathering. The building is not
                                             of traveling strengthened our marriage
Aires learning Tango, visiting the fairs                                                     only an asset for church members but
                                             and taught us about patience and com-
with friends, seeing endless sights, and                                                     also to the local community.
                                             munication. People ask us where we’re
enjoying the incredible nightlife.                                                              Finished late spring of 2009, the addi-
                                             heading next and we simply smile
   Brazil was the finale to our trip. My                                                     tional building has enabled the church to
                                             because we are truly happy to be back
parents joined us in the waterfall wonder-                                                   open its doors to the community. Many
                                             home in our wonderful Allandale com-
land of Iguazu where we hiked by the                                                         neighborhood Girl Scout and Boy Scout
                                             munity. There’s no place like home.
light of the full moon to the rushing                                                        troops use the building; Jazzercize classes,
                                                Check out our neighborhood travel
energy of the falls. We loved kayaking                                                       Paragon Prep basketball practice, and
                                             agency at Northcross, B Barnes Travel, for
around Ilha Grande, dancing in Rio de                                                        Upward games all take place in the gym.
                                             travel resources. For more in-depth stories
Janeiro, and seeing amazing music in Sal-                                                    AA meets at the church. The church
                                             see our blog
vador. By the end, our minds were sharp                                                                                     Continued on page 16
                                             or email us at
from speaking Spanish, learning Portu-

                                                                                                           baptist church

                                                                                               Sunday School           Taizé Service
                                                                                                 9:30 a.m.               7:30 p.m.
                                                                                                                   (2nd Sunday each month)

                                                                                              Sunday Worship      Wednesday Weavings
                                                                                                 10:55 a.m.        5:30 p.m. (each week)

                                                                                                           We’ve Been

                                                                                                        5206 Balcones Drive
                                                                                                         Austin, TX 78731
                                                                                                          (512) 453-6603
                                                                                                   Senior Minister: Dr. Marcus McFaul

Church Home to                                ticipate. “Celebrating 50 years of God’s      burglary of residences (BOR), and five
                                              faithfulness” is the motto for the anniver-   thefts. For the month of November so far
Activities                                    sary celebration, which will culminate with   (this article is being written on 11/26) we
Continued from page 15                        two church services in March. The first       have had six BOVs and two BORs with
                                              one will be held at Highland Park Ele-        six thefts. A burglary occurs when some-
offers career transitions classes to the
                                              mentary School on March 20th; the sec-        one breaks into a locked car or house, a
community, and toddlers enjoy preschool.
                                              ond will be a high tech worship service at    theft occurs when an item is taken from
The first event held in the building was
                                              the Northland campus on March 27th.           an unlocked or open area such as from a
not a church function, but an AISD event.
                                                 For more information about the anni-       car port. There were many burglaries and
Holy MoPac!                                   versary, church activities, and community     thefts that occurred at commercial prop-
  In 1962, after spending two years wor-      involvement, call the church office. In the   erties on Burnet Rd. and a couple on
shiping in Highland Park Elementary           meantime, church leaders encourage            Anderson Lane, but I won’t go into details
School’s gymnasium, Covenant signed a         neighbors to check out all it has to offer    about these because most of them involve
contract to purchase a 2.5-acre plot on the   at the Fellowship and Education Building,     shop lifting, which doesn’t effect Allandale
east side of Balcones Trail for $32,500.      and the growing list of activities that       residents too much.
However, in August 1963, the Austin City      serve as a bridge from the church to             BOVs in October and November
Council made a trade with the church.         Allandale and the city of Austin.             occurred on Pegram, Nasco, W. North
Covenant got three acres of land on                                                         Loop, Bullard, Lawnmont, Shoalwood ,
Northland Drive. The church’s first plot                                                    Gena Court, Shoal Creek Blvd., and Twin
                                                                                            Oaks. There were two occurrences on W.
of land is now MoPac Expressway. In
August 1964, Covenant members broke
                                              Neighborhood Watch                            North Loop, Shoal Creek, and Shoal-
                                              Laura DiCarlo
ground for construction of the first unit                                                   wood. Shoal Creek and Shoalwood have

of Covenant Presbyterian Church. Less                                                       been hit often in the past, probably partly
                                                t’s been a fairly normal two months
than a year later, in June 1965, about 350                                                  due to the fact that they are long streets,
                                                since the writing of my last Neighbor-
people gathered for Covenant’s first wor-                                                   and are thus, statistically speaking, going
                                              hood Watch column in September except
ship service in the new building.                                                           to have more incidents than a short
                                              for the lockdown that occurred at Gullett
                                                                                            street. W. North Loop is not such a long
50 Years Strong                               Elementary and Lamar Middle School on
                                                                                            street, but the apartments appear to be a
  This holiday season, the church is kick-    October 13th.
                                                                                            target. We need more block captains for
ing off its 50th anniversary celebration         For the month of October we had
                                                                                            all three of these streets, especially in the
and is inviting the neighborhood to par-      seven burglary of vehicles (BOV), five
 Allandale 4                                                                                apartments. GPSs are a target of BOVs,


so please make sure yours is put away         rooms, close the shades, and get under         it in. I was also not able to get word
(cord too) when leaving your vehicle.         their desks for lockdown procedure. At         directly to the residents of Pinecrest as
Never let any valuables show when your        first people thought it was a drill, but as    well as I would like to because that street
car is parked, and always try to park in      parents were asked to take cover and wait      has no block captain. It is key to have a
your driveway, car port, or garage if you     for their children it was clear it was not a   block captain on every block so that
have one.                                     drill. The children were released approxi-     information about thefts and burglaries
   BORs in October and November               mately 15 minutes late, and all was back       can be shared. If you live on one of the
occurred on Bullard, Great Northern           to normal. I spoke with APD Detective          streets mentioned above but did not hear
Blvd., Daugherty, Shoal Creek, Bull           David Knutson to get details because the       about a BOV, BOR, or theft it is probably
Creek, Stardust, and Marilyn, most of         rumors were flying about weapons stolen        because you live in a block not covered
them during the day when people were at       and other possibilities. Knutson shared        by a block captain.
work. This has been the pattern in Allan-     with me that the lockdown was because a            That sums up the crime stats for the
dale for as long as I have been tracking      resident had called in a burglary when she     last couple of months. Please contact me
burglaries (about two years). Items stolen    saw perpetrators fleeing from a house at       at or 323-6929 if you
included computers, jewelry, bikes, etc.      the corner of Great Northern and               are interested in becoming a block cap-
   Thefts occurred on W. North Loop,          Pinecrest, and a police chase ensued.          tain or patrol.
Twin Oaks, Great Northern, Westfield,         Three people were caught and arrested,             With the holidays approaching, I’ll end
Greenlawn, Susie Court, Stardust,             but at least one was a juvenile according      with a few tips specifically related to hav-
Pinecrest, Bull Creek, and Northcross. I      to Knutson. I was surprised the news           ing a safe and happy season:
spoke to the block captain on Greenlawn       never picked up on this and I was thrilled         Record serial numbers of all new and
who said the theft there was of groceries     at what a great example it is of citizens           already owned electronics, and keep an
that had been delivered. Bikes were stolen    making a difference. For some reason the            inventory of all valuables including
from Westfield and Pinecrest.                 burglary never appeared on,           jewelry, china, electronics, etc. The
   The October 13th incident is still a bit   which is what I use to track police                 inventory (pictures, written list, etc.)
of a mystery. Just before Gullett was get-    reports in Allandale. Therefore, I never            should be kept in a fire-safe box some-
ting out for the day the teachers and stu-    was able to get an exact address or figure          where away from your home.
dents were told to stay in their class-       out if the victim was the one who called
                                                                                                                      Continued on page 18

                                                   New Branches Now Open
                                                 Taylor Branch Lakeway Branch
                                                  3705 N. Main Street Near Walmart               1603 RR 620 South Near Jiffy Lube

                                                     Happy Holidays
                                                20 AUSTIN METRO LOCATIONS
                                                        Free Business & Personal Checking - 250+ Free ATMs

Neighborhood Watch                                door.
                                                  Don’t hide keys
                                                                                              Gullett Good News
Continued from page 17                        
                                                                                              Stephanie Schultz
                                                  under doormats

                                                  or flowerpots or                              t’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it was the
   Secure all new electronics boxes in
                                                  in similar places.                            Gullett book fair landing at the school
    your recycling bin, so you are not
                                                 Let a neighbor                              the week of December 6th.
    advertising your new big screen TV or
                                                  (especially your                               “Reading saves the day” was this year’s
    computer. Note – Gullett will be hav-
                                                  block captain) know how you can be          book fair slogan. Super heroes brought
    ing a Styrofoam recycling day in Janu-
                                                  reached in case of emergency.               their super powers to Gullett, rescuing
    ary or you can take Styrofoam to
                                                 Let only those who need to know,            readers looking for their next book
    Cycled Plastics at 10200 Mckalla Pl.
                                                  know when you are going out of              adventure. Every Gecko’s favorite “Super
   Engrave property that doesn’t have a
                                                  town.                                       Heroine” (aka librarian Kay Gooch) man-
    serial number.
                                                 Report all crimes to the police immedi-     aged to guide Gullett students to the
   When shopping, hide all valuables in
                                                  ately, and post details on the listserve    books that they would enjoy and even
    your trunk before driving on to the
                                                  as well. If you are not on the listserve,   helped them find books that they could
    next store.
                                                  please consider joining and have your       give as holiday gifts.
   Protect yourself from identity theft by
                                                  block captain post the incident (no            Readers fueled up on two special days
    using a password to protect your
                                                  names need be used). The more infor-        during the week. On Tuesday, December
    phone if lost. Destroy all personal
                                                  mation we all have the better we can        7, Super Readers and S’mores were fea-
    information before throwing papers in
                                                  see patterns, prove to APD about the        tured during a “Holidays in Harmony”
    the trash or recycling.
                                                  need for more patrols, and in general       musical performance by the first graders.
   Give the appearance of someone being
                                                  better deal with crime in our area.         On Thursday, parents were invited to
    home when you are not. Leave lights
    on a timer and a car parked in the           If you are not already, become an            lunch with their super readers and then
    driveway.                                 Allandale Neighborhood Association              visited the library for dessert at the “Super
   When out of town, cancel all deliveries   member. The more community involve-             Sweets and Gullett Super Heroes” party.
    such as the newspaper, and have a         ment and connectedness there is, the               Business was brisk at the fair and while
    neighbor check for handbills on the       safer we all will be. v                         there is no final tally yet, the weeklong

event always brings in funds to help            showed their inventions, fourth graders         football game on November 20th to col-
sponsor an author visit in the spring.          revealed their science experiments, and visi-   lect a $500 check for the Longhorn
                                                tors could log onto computers to see the        Roundup. As the program intends, Gul-
Incredible Fun                                  fifth graders’ video blogs.                     lett will put the prize money toward cam-
   The November highlight for Gullett              On Decmber 9, the third graders got          pus environmental improvements.
students was the International Carnival.        another sweet treat, as they took a field
On a perfect Saturday afternoon, Gullett        trip to the Austin Ballet and got to see        Need a Family Night Out?
students, families, and friends were treat-     the Nutcracker. AISD buses every third             Gullett is partnering with many area
ed to music, food, games and fun from           grader in the district to the show. Half of     restaurants, making it possible for fami-
around the world. Kids enjoyed the pet-         the students from the city go in the            lies to enjoy a night of eating together
ting zoo, the magnetic climbing wall, for-      morning and see the first half of the per-      and helping Gullett at the same time. Just
tune telling, fishing, and more!                formance; the others see the second part        by letting the restaurant know that you
   “We raised about $4,000 for the Gullett      in the afternoon.                               support Gullett and dropping your
Parent Teacher Association, learned about                                                       receipt in a bucket, Gullett gets up to 20
different cultures, and most importantly,       Reduce, Reuse, Recycle                          percent of the proceeds. In December,
had a blast doing it!” said carnival co-chair      The Longhorn Recycling Roundup chal-         the nights are as follows:
Jennifer Swinton. “We had a hard time           lenges Texas fans to recycle plastic cups        Tuesday, Dec. 21: Snap Kitchen Night
closing down that afternoon, as everyone        and bottles at numerous UT athletics facili-        (Pick up healthy meals and eat them at
was enjoying themselves so much.”               ties, and also creates awareness for recy-          home.)
   The incredible fun didn’t stop there.        cling, litter prevention, and campus             Tuesday, Dec. 28: Gatti’s Night (Pick a
Gullett kids enjoyed a movie night on           improvement. The Longhorns extend that              topping or have it all at the Gatti’s buf-
chilly Friday in November, watching             challenge, holding a contest for area               fet.)
Dash and cast in The Incredibles.               schools every year. Gullett, a winner last       Friday, Dec. 31: Schlotzky’s Night (Cel-
   The movie night came on the heels of         year, was again named one of the city’s top         ebrate the new year with the Schlotz-
Gullett’s Thanksgiving lunch. The Geckos        recyclers. The awards are based on campus           ky’s original – or a pizza!)
hosted many, many families, serving lots of     recycling, conservation, and beautification
turkey and pumpkin pie. Lines were long,        initiatives. One recent recycling activity at   Gullet Calendar:
                                                                                                 Dec. 17: Winter break starts
and laughs were many as families got to         the school was the zero-waste lunch, in
                                                                                                 Jan. 4: School resumes
enjoy the tasty cafeteria lunch. After lunch,   which students were challenged to pack all
                                                                                                 Jan. 17: No School
many parents got a tour of the science and      recyclable materials in their lunches.
                                                                                                 Jan. 24: Bookspring Read-a-thon starts v
invention fair in the gym. Third graders           Gullett representatives attended a UT

Dog Talk:                                      from his previous vaccinations to protect
                                               him from these diseases. If he did, then
                                                                                              every five years is supported by scientific
Vaccinations!                                  no vaccinations would be called for.              I am not a veterinarian or a veterinary
Cheryl Silver                                  Remember, the only vaccination required        technician, but I do talk to lots and lots
                                               by law is the rabies vaccination.              of families about their dogs and I have

A    lmost nine years ago, one of my dogs
     was diagnosed with a relatively rare
kidney disease called Fanconi Syndrome.
                                                  I felt then, and still feel, that while I
                                               want my dogs to have all needed veteri-
                                               nary care, there is no benefit to be gained
                                                                                              been contacted way too often from folks
                                                                                              whose dogs are experiencing adverse
                                                                                              reactions to vaccinations, some of which
Many veterinarians never see a case of this    by overdosing on anything, so I jumped         are definitely life-threatening, where dogs
disease. It is found most often in basenjis,   at the chance to do titer testing – which      end up on dialysis and in intensive care
a breed that is not all that common any-       was quite reasonably priced. (I believe        for days. Sensitivity to vaccines can
way. I think it is fair to say that my won-    that each titer test was about $17 back        increase over time.
derful veterinarian and I learned together     then.) Well, the results came back indicat-       Of course, always talk with your veteri-
about the treatment of this condition, and     ing that the antibody levels for both dis-     narian, but do take time to inform your-
my beloved basenji continues to thrive.        eases were high, so no vaccination was         self, as well, as to current standards of
   Shortly after his diagnosis, the time       called for. I did the same for my other six    practice. The American Animal Hospital
came for his annual check-up and vacci-        dogs with the same results.                    Association published revised guidelines
nations. My veterinarian asked me if I            In the past nine years I have lost five     for vaccination protocols a few years ago;
wanted to go ahead and do the regular          of my dogs to old age, but I continued         they are available online. They make dis-
vaccinations or if I wanted to do titer        the annual titer testing, and to this day      tinctions between vaccines that are essen-
testing first. Well, that was a new term to    not one of my dogs has required a boost-       tial (core vaccines) and others that may
me – “titer testing.” She explained that       er! That’s right – no need for those           be optional and those that are not recom-
rather than just automatically doing the       booster vaccinations. Of course, we don’t      mended. Generally speaking, they do not
vaccinations, we could submit a sample         miss the rabies vaccination, which is          recommend core vaccines more frequent-
of blood to a lab – one sample for dis-        required every three years by law. (By the     ly than every three years (read guidelines
temper and a second sample for parvo –         way, there is a major project underway         for specifics). Some noted veterinarians
and the lab would run a test to see if my      called “The Rabies Challenge” to test          advise strongly against combo shots
basenji still had adequate antibody levels     whether changing that requirement to           (where more than one vaccine is given at

a time) and recommend spacing           keep only combo vaccines on
them out over a period of weeks.
Remember, typically the law only
                                          I realize this may be new infor-
                                                                                                                Tai Chi
requires that a veterinarian gives      mation to many readers, but do                                          Allandale
the rabies injection; techs may be      not be shy about talking with your                                      Far West
able to give the others, so the cost    veterinarian. Your pet is counting                                      Hyde Park
should be less.                         on you.                                                                 Downtown
   If you contact your veterinarian       Let me know if there is a topic                                       S. Lamar
and want single vaccines, let them      you would like discussed. csilver2@
know ahead of time since many , 512.454.7219 v               420-9412

Constable’s Notebook
Constable Bruce Elfant

“t     ell me about your military service,” Travis
       County Judge Michael Denton asks Joe, a
30 year old who was charged with criminal tres-
                                                           Exceeding Expectations!
pass and assault. Joe told the Judge that he
served tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.
His unit was responsible for deploying Navy
Seals and retrieving them from their assign-                                                                           11
ments. Joe was the first Veteran to participate
in a dry run of the newly formed Travis Coun-
ty Veteran’s Court that will hear mostly misde-
meanor cases involving Veterans who have
been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Dis-
order, Traumatic Brain Injury, or other similar
illnesses resulting from their service in the
armed forces.
    Veterans Administration officials estimate
that as many as 25% of returning combat                                       Avenue One Properties
troops suffer from some form of mental ill-                512-964-3434 Mobile   512-472-3336 Office
ness. Many Veterans who are suffering from
mental illness struggle to maintain family rela-
tionships or hold a job. Hundreds of thou-
sands of Veterans have lost everything and
sleep under bridges and an equal number are
incarcerated in correctional facilities. A study
published two years ago by the Travis County
Veterans Intervention Project (VIP) found that
an estimated 150 arrested Veterans are in the
Travis County Jail at any given time. Most
charges involved anger issues that include dis-
orderly conduct, assault, and domestic vio-
lence, and self medicating issues such as pos-
session, DWI, etc. While most Veterans are eli-
gible for treatment services offered by the Vet-
erans Administration (VA), about two-thirds
of them, for a variety of reasons, have not
sought help. The VIP study also found that
each Veteran has been arrested an average of
ten times a year.
    Last year the VIP initiated a pilot project led
by Travis County’s Pre-Trial Services Depart-
                             Continued on page 23

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ment to establish a linkage between the      and the first formal docket should occur      treatment and attending periodic court
Travis County Criminal Justice System        in early December.                            compliance reviews. “You risked your life
and the VA. For certain eligible Veterans,      “What do you want to do for a living?”     for your country, so we owe you this
one condition of being released from jail    asked Judge Denton. “I want to be an          opportunity to put this behind you, and I
on personal bond is that they be evaluat-    Austin firefighter, but they won’t accept     very much look forward to seeing you in
ed by VA professionals for diagnosis and     me if I have a criminal record,” Joe told     uniform as an Austin firefighter. Every-
recommendations for treatment. Last          the Judge. Veterans who are referred to       one in this courtroom is pulling for you,”
year state lawmakers passed legislation      Veteran’s Court will have the opportunity     Denton said as applause broke out.
that encourages counties to establish Vet-   to get charges dismissed if they fully           Lisa and I wish you and your family a
erans Courts. Travis County has done so,     comply with court orders that include         safe and happy holiday season. v

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