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									Brick Ordering Instructions
•	   Orders for personalized bricks and memorial
     stones will be accepted and processed annually.
•    You will receive a confirmation and a thank-
     you letter. Please review your personalized
     message very carefully. If you do not receive a
     confirmation letter or if a correction is necessary,
     please call (910) 893-1569. Changes will not be
     permitted after the order is placed.
•    If you would like your brick placed next to
     that of a friend, then those orders must be
     placed together. Every effort will be made to
     accommodate these requests. However, the
     Office of Institutional Advancement and the
     Office of Alumni Relations can not guarantee
     they will be able to fulfill all requests.
•    Your message must fit within the spaces
     provided for the brick. Exceptions will

     not be permitted.
•    All text will be a standard size font and style.
     Customized styles and fonts including bold and
     italic are not permitted. Symbols not found on
     a standard keyboard may not be used.
                                                                                                    Student Brick Campaign
•    Messages will be centered automatically and
     may not be justified to the left or the right. The
     use of upper and lower case letters is permitted.
•    Campbell reserves the right to request engraving
     changes or deny a submission.
•    Bricks will be installed in the order they
     are purchased.
                                                            Alumni Relations and Annual Fund

                                                            Buies Creek, North Carolina 27506
•    Your gift towards the purchase of a brick or
     memorial stone is tax deductible.
•    For multiple payment plan options, please call
     (910) 893-1569.
                                                            Post Office Box 26
                                                                                                                   are priced at
                                                                                 Engraved bricks are 4” x 8” and                   a
                                                                                                                                                            Each engraved brick has room for three lines of copy with up to 20 characters including spaces. Campbell
                                                                                                                                                            University reserves the right to refuse any message deemed unsuitable and return payment to purchaser.
                                                                                 $60 ea ch for currently enrolled students. This is s.                      Campbell can not guarantee the location of your brick within the walkway. Bricks will be placed based in
                                                                                                                           d friend                         the order they are received. Please PRINT your message in the blocks below. To order more bricks, please
                                                                                 $65 savings over the price for alumni an                                   make additional copies of this form. You may purchase as many bricks as you would like.
                                                                                   Engraved bricks are 4” x 8” and are priced at $125 each.               Please print your message below. Leave blank boxes for spacing and use upper and lower case letters as desired.

                                                                                   ______ Yes, I would like to purchase ___________ brick(s) at
                                                                                   $60    $125 each for a total of $ _____________

                                                                                   ______ I do not want to purchase a brick at this time, but
                                                                                          I would like to make a tax deductible gift of
                   Student Brick Campaign                                                 $ _____________ to the Robert H. and Anna Gardner
                                                                                          Butler Chapel.                                                 Brick One

                                                                                   ______ In addition to my support of the Butler Chapel,
Pathways…each of us choose a path         sanctuary. Another focal point                  I would like to make a gift to the Campbell Annual
to follow and in life sometimes our       will be the beautiful stained glass             Fund of $ _____________
pathways change. For over 120             windows visible from the core of the                                                                           This brick is: _____ in honor of someone.
years, thousands and thousands of         campus and academic circle.              Name ________________________________________________
students have walked the pathways                                                                                                                                        _____ in memory of someone.
                                          The bell tower in the chapel complex     Address _______________________________________________
surrounding Campbell University on                                                                                                                       Please notify the following person:
their way to fulfilling their personal    will be the tallest point on campus
                                          and will house a series of melodious                                                                           Name _____________________________________________________________________________________
and spiritual goals.
                                          bells that will chime at times of        City ___________________ State _____ Zip _______________              Address ___________________________________________________________________________________
Throughout these many years,              celebrations and special events.
worship services have occurred on                                                  Daytime Phone _________________________________________               City _____________________________________ State ____________ Zip ____________________________
campus, but never in a University         The brick pathway surrounding the
                                          University Chapel will be a walkway      Home Phone ___________________________________________                For additional brick orders, please feel free to copy this form or simply attach a paper with the additional information.
Chapel. The Robert H. and Anna
                                          filled with the names of alumni,
Gardner Butler Chapel will reside
                                          students and friends who support the
                                                                                   Email Address __________________________________________              Brick Two
in the heart of campus on academic
circle. It will be a place for weddings   mission of Campbell University.          ______ My check, made payable to Cambell University is
and funerals, guest speakers and                                                          enclosed for $ _________________________________
                                          You can leave your mark by
musicians, worship and prayer. It will    purchasing a personalized brick          ______ Please charge my:______ MasterCard ______ Visa
provide both comfort and support,         for the Butler Chapel complex.
becoming a place where lives are                                                   Account Number _______________________________________                This brick is: _____ in honor of someone.
                                          Your tax-deductible contribution
challenged, encouraged and changed.       will reserve your brick. This is a                                                                                             _____ in memory of someone.
                                                                                   Expiration Date _________________________________________
The University Chapel will reflect        great way to recognize a friend,                                                                               Please notify the following person:
the Campbell mission and stand as         honor a loved one, congratulate a        Name as it appears on card
                                          recent graduate and/or leave your                                                                              Name _____________________________________________________________________________________
a reminder that worship is central
                                          mark. All proceeds go to support         ___________________________________________________
to the life of the University. The                                                                                                                       Address ___________________________________________________________________________________
Sanctuary will seat over 400 and will     the construction and maintenance         Security V-code (last 3 digits of the number generally found in the
feature a beautiful pipe organ that       endowment for the Robert H. and          signature block on the back of the card) ____________________         City _____________________________________ State ____________ Zip ____________________________
will be integrated into the design        Anna Gardner Butler Chapel.                                                                                    For additional brick orders, please feel free to copy this form or simply attach a paper with the additional information.
of the interior wood details of the
                                                                                                             Completed	forms	should	be	mailed	to:	Alumni	Relations	•	P.O.	Box	26	•	Buies	Creek,	North	Carolina	27506	
                                                                                                                               or taken to room 206 in the J.A.Campbell Administration Building.

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