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Transferring to IUP


									                                            Transferring to IUP???

                                          CCAC equivalents to IUP
                                        Liberal Studies Requirements

Disclaimer: Please note that the below is a guideline of how courses at CCAC transfer to IUP. Majors at IUP have
their own unique requirements regarding Liberal Studies courses. For example an Accounting student will have
different requirements than a student majoring in Elementary Education. Please refer to the IUP catalog at or the department website to view specific requirements for each major.

The courses that will be the same for all students would be the English, Literature, History and Health and
Wellness Requirements. All of the others differ somewhat between majors.

Also note that not all the classes that will transfer to IUP are listed here. For a complete record of how classes
transfer, please visit the IUP Equivalency website at

IUP requirement:                                                CCAC Course

English Requirement: Two classes
ENGL 101 College Writing                                        ENG 101 English Composition I
ENGL 202 Research Writing                                       ENG 102 English Composition II

Math Requirement: One class: (those going for teacher education need two math courses.)
* Restricted: Only for Elementary, Early Childhood and Special Education majors

MATH 101 Foundations of Mathematics                               MAT 102 College Mathematics I
MATH 105 College Algebra                                          MAT 111 College Algebra
MATH 110 Elementary Functions                                     MAT 142 Pre-Calculus Mathematics
MATH 115 Applied Mathematics for Business                         MAT 201 Calculus I
MATH 121 Calculus I for Natural and Social Sciences               MAT 201 Calculus I
MATH 123 Calculus I                                               MAT 202 Calculus II
MATH 151 Elements of Mathematics I *                              MAT 107 Mathematics for Elem. Ed.
MATH 217 Probability and Statistics                               MAT 161 Elementary Statistics or
                                                                  MAT 165 Probability and Statistics I
Humanities: three courses (one in history, one in literature and one in philosophy or religious studies)
HIST 195 History: The Modern Era                                  HIS 102 History of Western Civ II or
                                                                  HIS 213 Twentieth Cent World History
ENGL 121 Humanities Literature                                    ENG 115 General Literature

Philosophy or Religious Studies: one course
PHIL 101 Informal Logic: Methods of Critical Thinking           PHL 103 Logic
PHIL 120 Introduction to Philosophy                             PHL 101 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 222 Ethics                                                 PHL 155 Ethics or
                                                                PHL 201 Philosophy of Morality
RLST 100 Introduction to Religion                               PHL 104 Comparative Religion
RLST 110 World Religions                                        PHL 111 Religions of the World

Fine Arts: one course
ARHI 101 Introduction to Art                                    ART 100 Introduction to Art History or
                                                                ART 106 Art Appreciation
MUHI 101 Introduction to Music                                  MUS 101 Introduction to Music
THTR 101 Introduction to Theater*                               THE 101 Introduction to Theatre
  (Required for Elementary Education Majors)*
Natural Science
Option 1: Two-semester Laboratory Course Sequence
Two courses with laboratories (4 cr. each) paired together in a sequence, from the natural science laboratory course list.

BIOL 103/104 General Biology I and II                             BIO 151/152 General Biology I & II
CHEM 111/112 General Chemistry I and II                           CHM 151/152 General Chemistry I & II
PHYS 111/121 & 112/122 Physics I and II with labs                 PHY 141/142 Physics I & II

CHEM 101 College Chemistry I and                                  CHM 110/111 Intro Chemistry I and
CHEM 102 College Chemistry II                                     CHM 113/114 Fundamentals of General Organic

SCI 105   Physical Science I and                                  PHY100 Basic Physics
SCI 106   Physical Science II                                     No equivalent must take at IUP

GEOS 121/122 Physical Geology with Lab and                        GGY 203 Physical Geology
GEOS 131/132 Historical Geology with Lab                          GGY 202 Historical Geology

PHYS 131/141 Physics I (calculus based) and                       PHY 221 Phys. for Engr. and Sci. I and
PHYS 132/142 Physics II (calculus based)                          PHY 222 Phys. for Engr. and Sci II and
                                                                  PHY 223 Phys. for Engr and Sci III

Sequence for those interested in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education:

SCI 101 Fundamentals of Physics                                   PHY 100 Basic Physics
SCI 102 Fundamentals of Chemistry                                 CHM 109 Introduction to Chemistry
SCI 103 Fundamentals of Earth and Space Science                   PHS 101 Earth Science
SCI 104 Fundamentals of Environmental Biology                     BIO 133 Environmental Science

Option 2: One Laboratory plus Two Non-laboratory Courses
Natural Science Non-laboratory Courses:

BIOL 114 Environmental Science                                    BIO 133 Environmental Science
GEOS 105 Exploring the Universe                                   PHS 107 Introductory Astronomy

Social Sciences: three courses: use one to fulfill the Non-Western requirement
Prefix can not be used more than once
* Non-Western class

ANTH 110 Contemporary Anthropology*                               ANT 101 Intro to Anthropology*
ANTH 211 Cultural Anthropology*                                   ANT 102 Cultural Anthropology*
CRIM 101 Crime and Justice Systems                                CJC 101 Intro to Criminal Justice and Criminology
ECON 121 Principles of Macroeconomics                             ECO 102 Macroeconomics
GEOG 101 Introduction to Geography: Human Environment             GEO 101 World Geography
GEOG 102 Geography of US & Canada                                 GEO 103 Geography of US & Canada
PSYC 101 General Psychology                                       PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology
PLSC 111 American Politics                                        POL 103 American Government
SOC 151 Principles of Sociology                                   SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology
SOC 231 Contemporary Social Problems                              SOC 212 Social Problems

Health and Wellness: one course
HPED 143 Health and Wellness                                      HPE 171 Personal and Community
Liberal Studies Electives: zero to three courses: Some majors do not need this requirement.

   Prefixes may not be used more than once (except for foreign languages).
   Prefix of student’s major must not be used
   At least one course needs to be 200 level or higher
   (1) Students may use this course to fulfill either the Learning Skills Mathematics requirement or a Liberal Studies
    Elective Requirement, but not both
   (2) Higher-level language courses may be substituted by students demonstrating such ability on placement tests.

ARHI 205 Ancient to Medieval Art                                  ART 103 Art History- Ancient
ARHI 207 Renaissance through Modern Art                           ART 104 Art History- Modern
COMM 101 Communications Media in American Society                 JRN 103 Introduction to Mass Media
COSC 101 Computer Based Literacy                                  CIT 100 Introduction to Computers
IFMG 101 Computer Based Literacy                                  “
BTED 101 Computer Based Literacy                                  “
COSC 201 Internet and Multimedia                                  CIT 125 Web Development and Programming
IFMG 201 Internet and Multimedia                                  “
BTED 201 Internet and Multimedia                                  “
ECON 122 Principles of Microeconomics                             ECO 103 Principles of Microeconomics
FDNT 145 Introduction to Nutrition                                BIO 117 Nutrition
FRNC 201 College French I (2)                                     FRE 201 Intermediate French I (2)
FRNC 202 College French II (2)                                    FRE 202 Intermediate French II (2)
GRMN 251 German III (2)                                           GER 201 Intermediate German I (2)
GRMN 252 German IV (2)                                            GER 202 Intermediate German II (2)
HIST 212 Ancient and Medieval Europe                              HIS 101 History of Western Civ I
HIST 214 Themes in American History                               HIS 104 US History I or
                                                                  HIS 105 US History II
ITAL 201 Intermediate Italian III (2)                             ITA 201 Intermediate Italian I (2)
ITAL 202 Intermediate Italian IV (2)                              ITA 202 Intermediate Italian II (2)
MATH 121 Calculus I (1)                                           MAT 201 Calculus I (1)
MATH 122 Calculus II                                              MAT 202 Calculus II
MATH 123 Calculus I (1)                                           MAT 202 Calculus II (1)
MATH 124 Calculus II                                              MAT 250 Calculus III
MATH 214 Probability and Statistics for Business                  MAT 161 Elementary Statistics
MATH 216 Probability and Statistics for Natural Sciences          MAT 166 Probability and Statistics II
MATH 217 Probability and Statistics (1)                           MAT 161 Elementary Statistics (1)
                                                                  MAT 165 Probability and Statistics I (1)
MUHI 301 Music History I                                          MUS 121History of Music I
MUHI 302 Music History II                                         MUS 122 History of Music II
PSYC 310 Developmental Psychology                                 PSY 108 Human Growth and Development
PSYC 321 Abnormal Psychology                                      PSY 208 Abnormal Psychology
PSYC 330 Social Psychology                                        PSY 202 Social Psychology
PSYC 378 Death and Dying                                          PSY 113 Psychology of Death and Dying
SPAN 102 Elementary Spanish II                                    SPA 201 Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN 201 Intermediate Spanish (2)                                 SPA 202 Intermediate Spanish II (2)

Non-Western Cultures: one course
Students must fulfill this requirement by completing one course from the list. The courses below also fulfill a Liberal
Studies/Social Science requirement. (See Social Science requirements, above.)

ANTH 110 Contemporary Anthropology                                ANT 101 Introduction to Anthropology
ANTH 211 Cultural Anthropology                                    ANT 102 Cultural Anthropology

ACCT 201 Accounting Principles I                             ACC 101 Accounting Principles I
ACCT 202 Accounting Principles II                            ACC 102 Accounting Principles II
BLAW 235 Legal Environment of Business                       BUS 208 Business Law I
MKTG 320 Principles of Marketing                             BUS 104 Principles of Marketing
MGMT 310 Principles of Management                            BUS 103 Principles of Management

Note: Any 2 classes of Criminology, not listed below, can transfer in as Criminology Electives
CRIM 101 Crime and Justice Systems                            CJC 101 Intro to Criminal Justice and Criminology
CRIM 225 Survey of Corrections                                CJC 209 Community Based Corrections
CRIM 235 Survey of Juvenile Justice and Juvenile Law          CJC 124 Juvenile Justice and Juvenile Delinquency
CRIM 403 Dilemmas in Criminology Justice                      CJC 152 Ethics in Criminal Justice

COMM 103 Digital Instructional Technology                    EDU 202 Instructional Technology
EDSP 102 Educational Psychology                              PSY 201 Educational Psychology
ELED 221 Children’s Literature                               ENG 117 Children’s Literature
ELED 215 Child Development                                   PSY 210 Child Psychology

BIOL 150 Human Anatomy                                       BIO 161 Anatomy and Physiology I
BIOL 151 Human Physiology                                    BIO 162 Anatomy and Physiology II
                                                             Both 161 and 162 need to be taken at CCAC to get the
                                                             credit at IUP
BIOL 105 Cell Biology                                        BIO 216 Cell Biology
BIOL 241 Microbiology                                        BIO 175 Microbiology

                                                                                              July 17, 2006

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